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There are many reasons as to why you would want a Timer app in Windows 11/10. Perhaps you are working out and want to see how long you have left? Or, like many people these days, you want to be sure that you are not spending too long doing a task. With a world full of distractions, getting productive in front of a PC screen has never been so difficult. These apps help to make it happen.

Countdown Timer apps for Windows 11/10

Timer apps help organize work and keep a tab on your schedule. Of the many countdown stopwatch options available in the market, here are the best timer apps & widgets available for Windows 10. This list of ten apps is a good snapshot of the apps available for Windows 10 today. You can use these apps to up your productivity and get in charge of your time. Some of the apps work on Windows PC or on a Mobile Phone – so please check before you download the one for your device.

Here is a list of some of the best Timer apps for Windows 10:

Round Workout Timer





Timer + Pro

Orzeszek Timer

Focus Booster

Perfect Timekit


1] Round Workout Timer

Round Workout Timer was certainly designed with exercise in mind and offers a vast array of options that are designed for people who are working out. Not useful for many other things. This app is excellent for exercise. This amazing timer app is available here.

2] SnapTimer

SnapTimer is a very adaptable timer app for Windows 10. It offers extreme simplicity with some very handy features such as starting a program after the timer runs out. A very useful timer app that is well worth your consideration. It is similar to many on the list and is worth trying out to see if you like it.

The beauty of this app is that it can be run in the background. For many users, it is the feature that will set it apart as the perfect timer app for them. It also works on Windows Mobile and is a plus if you want the same app on your PC and your phone. Like many others on the list, the app is also compatible with Cortana and can be used to set alarms etc. A very useful app for all users, but even more so for those who need it to run in the background. For more details about the MultiTimer app, please check its page here.

4] CoolTimer

CoolTimer gives a superb GUI for users and it has been around for years now with some excellent refinements. It remains compatible with Windows 10 and is well worth taking a look at as it has been a mainstay for many years. Download the CoolTimer app from here.

5] WakeupOnStandBy

This app is designed to wake your PC up from being in standby on a schedule that you set. For those who want their PC to be ready when they want it, this app is absolutely perfect. The WakeupOnStandBy app could be downloaded from here.

6] Timer + Pro

The app is a very simple timer and will suffice for the needs of most users. You can circle a dot and it is as simple as that to set the timer. There are several options for alerting you, you can have sounds, vibrations and pulses. It is one of the most basic apps on the list but also one of the most helpful. It is well worth looking at for those who like a beautiful GUI and a simple to use system. If you find Timer + Pro app worth your cause, try to download it from here.

7] Orzeszek Timer

8] Focus Booster

Struggle to focus and need to create time and space to complete an important task or project? Then you could do a lot worse than Focus Booster. In today’s world, it can be hard to focus, Focus Booster makes it much much easier and is beautiful to boot. Though the only catch is that a lot of the functions are not available for free and there are paid options.

Using pomodoro techniques, it understands that people usually work in spurts and not long periods of time and can help you to find your ideal working pattern. Check more about the Focus Booster app here.

9] Perfect Timekit

10 CookTimer

Is a beautifully simple app. It’s best function is in its name as a cooking timer. A very basic app that works extremely well for the purpose that it is required for. It will probably be more than enough for those who need nothing more than a basic timer. Get this useful app from here. It costs $2.5.

It supports custom playlists so that you can wake up to the music that you want. It also offers lots of potential for running apps at certain times. It’s a dream for those who like to tinker and automate their PC’s functions.

By no means a list of all the timer apps available for Windows 10, this represents the best available for the platform. Whichever you choose, there is something here for everyone.

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The 7 Best Weather Apps For Windows 10

The weather affects nearly every part of your life. It’s how you decide to dress when you go to work, whether to carry an umbrella, and what your weekend plans are going to be.

Do you really want to visit a weather site to check the weather all the time? A more convenient idea is to install a Windows app that displays the weather forecast and updates automatically.

Table of Contents

Many weather apps for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store or desktop apps available online aren’t worth installing or include malware.

So, here are the best Microsoft Store and desktop apps available to install now for free so you can monitor the weather at all times.

Weather Apps for Windows 10 in Microsoft Store

We’ve installed and tested only the best weather apps that are available, so you can choose from the best.

The MSN Weather app has been the most popular weather app on the Microsoft store for a long time; for good reason. It has the cleanest user interface, a beautiful layout, and it’s easy to use.

From the main page you’ll see your current local temperature and weather details below it. Beneath this, you’ll find a 9 day forecast at a glance. Underneath this is a weather timeline from your current time through the next 24 hours.

Select the Maps icon on the navigation bar to the left to see a 2hr radar observation animation.

Navigation links at the top let you switch this view between several maps, including temperature, radar observation, radar forecast, precipitation, satellite, or cloud.

Another useful tab on this navigation panel is Historical Weather.

This will provide the last 12 months of past weather, including Temperature, Rainfall, and Snow days.

Select Favorite Places to see what location you’ve added to the app to view weather there. 

You can add more new places so you can switch between locations whenever you like.

Select the Layers icon to add from an assortment of layer choices, including:








Air Quality (AQI)


Orbital Tracking



You can also tap the Forecast icon on the far bottom right to see a detailed forecast panel on the right side of the page. 

This forecast display is one of the most data-filled formats, including temperature highs and lows, air quality, precipitation forecast, hourly temperature forecast, and a weekly review of temperature and precipitation.

The Simple Weather app from the Microsoft Store is aptly named, because quite frankly it’s simple. But simple doesn’t mean ineffective.

When you first launch the app, you’ll need to add a location for it to monitor the weather for you.

Next, choose the temperature units, update frequency, and whether or not you want to enable desktop notifications.

When you’re done, you’ll see a clean and simple display of your local weather, temperature, and barometer and temperature trends.

Select the radar icon from the left navigation menu to see a radar map over your selected area. 

Select earth at the bottom to select radar details like mode (air, ocean, particulates, and more), animation type, overlay, projection, and more.

Select the Locations icon from the left to review the weather locations you’ve added, and to add any additional locations you’d like to see.

A little known weather app on the Microsoft Store is Weather Notify. It’s actually one of the more beautiful weather apps for Windows 10, with a transparent dashboard that’ll look good no matter where you place it on your desktop.

It does include an ad bar at the top, but it’s fairly unobtrusive, and the weather data provided on the main page is detailed and useful.

It includes your local location temperature and details (your location is detected automatically). 

Below this you’ll see a 7 day forecast, and a 48 hour hourly forecast. You can scroll left and right through each timeline to see more.

Select the Settings icon to adjust location auto-detect, temperature metrics, and the background mode (you’ll have to restart the app to see these changes).

Strawberry Weather is a Microsoft store app with a bold design. The default interface has a bright red background and a very simple display that shows your local weather information in a straightforward way.

You’ll see local temperature (defaults to Celsius but you can change it to Fahrenheit). The dashboard will also show you:

Moon phase

Current weather

Weather alerts

Wind speed and direction


Air pressure

Sunrise and sunset

If you select tomorrow or any day of the week, you can see the forecast over several hour blocks.

Select the settings icon to adjust things like what data gets displayed on the first live tile, the dashboard refresh rate, whether to display the name of the city for your location, and whether to set Strawberry Weather as your lock screen.

You can change your default location, units, time format, and more on the core tab.

Weather Desktop Applications for Windows 10

While Microsoft Store apps are convenient and easy to install, they aren’t always as functional as full desktop apps. Many desktop apps let you do things like dock the display to the side or integrate with the task bar.

The following are two of the best desktop weather apps for Windows 10 that are actually worth installing.

WeatherBug has been a popular weather website for years. Its website itself is a great source for weather information and news. But WeatherBug offers a desktop app to help you get that information on your desktop without having to use the browser.

Once you install it, you get mostly all the same weather information in a tidy desktop page.

On the main page you’ll see your local weather information including current temp as well as high and low temps.

Other information includes:

Dew point



Sunrise and sunset

Wind speed and direction

Current weather conditions

Weather alerts

Select the menu to see other views like a 10 day forecast, hourly weather breakdown, and more. Select Maps to see map view options like radar, drought, flu maps, or a hurricane tracker.

Whichever you pick stays centered on your given location. The radar map lets you switch between US Radar view, satellite view, humidity, pressure, temperature, or wind speed data maps.

The only drawback with this desktop weather app for Windows 10 is that it includes a large ad panel as a border.

If you can tolerate this, then you get a very useful desktop weather app that you can keep open on any screen while you’re using your browser to do more productive things.

WeatherMate is one of the most useful desktop weather apps, because it stays out of the way until you need it.

Once you launch WeatherMate, it’ll dock to the top of your screen and hide itself. Place your mouse near the app window to slide the dock down.

Use Settings to add one or more locations to the app’s current weather display. 

When opened, the app shows you tabs for each location you’ve added. You get the current temperature and weather conditions, as well as more textual details about the weather.

The app looks almost too simple, but you can add a lot more weather details in the Settings section as well.

Select U.S. Maps to add all of the map types you’d like to see in the window whenever you open it. Map types are categorized into forecast, precipitation, severe weather, and more.

Now, whenever you open the app again, you’ll see the weather types you selected for the locations you added to the app.

You can add multiple maps to each location display if you like.

The Settings menu itself lets you customize display options, the position where the window docks, how and when it runs, desktop alerts, and much more.

This deceptively simple-looking app is probably one of the easiest ways to keep weather information right at your fingertips without even taking up any desktop space at all until you need it.

Using Weather Apps on Windows 10

Browsers tend to use a lot of memory with every tab that you open. Reducing the number of open tabs is a useful way to keep that memory consumption down. If you tend to check the weather often, install one of these apps and you’ll never need to open a new browser tab to see the weather forecast again.

Windows 10/11 Default Apps Are Missing

Windows 10/11 default apps are missing [Fixed]




Windows has come a long way adding and removing features to provide a tailored, user-focused experience.

The update feature is a big part of this customization process, but sometimes it does not work as smoothly as intended.

For instance, Windows 10 Apps were reported missing after performing an upgrade. Here’s how to restore them.

Check out more in-depth information about your favorite OS from our Windows Settings Hub.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Windows is what fueled this era of computing – at least for the general consumers – it made enough money to make Bill Gates the richest man alive, and from there it has traveled a long journey adding and removing features.

Over the decades, it has added a multitude of features and removed several others in the pursuit of staying ahead of its competition and always innovating.

Its users have been loyal to it – mostly because it is the most used operating system around and therefore the most familiar and easy to use. However, it has also bloated itself with its legacy at the same time.

Windows comes with hundreds of features that you might never use but are required to just be there for legacy support – making Windows is an extremely complicated operating system to build and maintain.

These complexities only get in the way when you try to upgrade to the latest and great version of Windows – something that would result in loss of data if it was not for the amazing upgrade feature of Windows.

It isn’t perfect though – one of the examples of its failures is when the upgrade process fails to install the default Windows 10 apps during the upgrade. This guide will help you attempt to fix the issue – it is not hard to do.

What can I do if Windows 10 default apps missing?

Many users reported that their default apps are missing on Windows 10. This can be a problem, and speaking of app problems, here are some of the most common issues that users reported:

Windows 10 apps missing from Start Menu – According to users, sometimes your apps can become missing from the Start Menu. This can happen if you have God Mode enabled, so be sure to disable this feature and check if that solves the issue.

Windows 10 default apps not working – Sometimes your default apps won’t work at all on Windows 10. If this happens, you might have to reinstall them in order to fix this issue.

Windows 10 default apps won’t open – Many users reported that default apps won’t open on their PC. This can be a big problem, but you can fix it by repairing or resetting your apps.

Windows 10 default apps not installed – This is another common problem that you can encounter. If this happens, you just need to download the affected applications again, and the issue should be resolved.

Windows 10 default apps corrupted – Sometimes your applications can get corrupted. To fix the problem, you might have to create a new user profile or roll back to the previous Windows build.

1. Use PowerShell to reinstall the missing applications

This simple 3 step process should install and register the default Windows 10 apps for you.

When you press Enter it might look like it’s not doing anything but you must give it some time to download the applications and install them once again.

You might need to restart your computer in some cases for it to affect – but it should work without a restart in most cases.

2. Disable God Mode

However, many users reported that God Mode can also cause Windows 10 default apps to become missing.

3. Perform a Clean boot

If this problem occurs after installing a new build, first you need to go back to the previous build. After doing that, you need to perform a Clean boot. This is quite simple and you can do it by following these steps:

Once your PC restarts, all third-party applications, and services will be disabled. Now you just need to wait for Windows to install the new build again. Once the new build installs, check if the problem is resolved.

If needed, you can install the update manually using the Media Creation Tool. To do that, just follow these steps:

Expert tip:

4. Turn of your antivirus before upgrading

This issue can appear if you install a new build of Windows 10 while your antivirus is still running in the background.

Sometimes third-party antiviruses can interfere with your files and that can cause Windows 10 default apps to disappear after the upgrade.

Keep in mind that you can go back to the older build only 10 days after the upgrade. If this option isn’t available, you might have to use System Restore to go back to the previous build.

Once you roll back to the previous version you should disable your antivirus and try to upgrade again. Several users suggested that you might have to uninstall your antivirus in order to fix this problem.

Once you uninstall it, the upgrade process should be completed smoothly and without any issues.

If everything works after the upgrade, you should install your antivirus again or consider switching to a more well-balanced security solution.

We thankfully have access to plenty of good options for Windows 10 compatible antivirus software that use up-to-date technology to protect your PC.

You can find good third-party antivirus software that can fit your specific security requirements. There are very many powerful options regardless of your budget or system resources.

5. Create a new user account

If default apps are missing on your PC, you might be able to fix the problem simply by creating a new user account. This is quite simple and you can do it by following these steps:

After creating a new user account, switch to it, and check if your apps are still missing. If not, you might have to start using the new account instead of your main one.

Several users are also suggesting to switch back to the older build, create a new user account, and use that account while upgrading to a new build.

6. Repair the application

If certain applications are missing, you might be able to fix the problem simply by repairing them. Applications can get corrupted, but you can fix them by doing the following:

Now repeat these steps for all affected applications. Keep in mind that some applications don’t have the Repair option available, so your only option might be to reset them.

Missing apps can be a problem, but we hope that you managed to solve this issue by using one of our solutions.

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Best Android Emulators For Windows 11/10 Pc

In this post, we list some of the best Android emulators for Windows PC that let you run Android apps on your PC.

Android is the leader when it comes to mobile operating systems. One in 3 smartphones runs Android – different versions. Naturally, most of programmers and developers tend to create apps – messaging, communications, office automation, and games, etc. – for Android phones.

Before releasing an app, it has to be tested properly. For users, phones may become slow and destroy their app experience. In such cases, both developers and users can use the Android emulators. While developers can test their apps on a bigger screen, regular end users can enjoy Android apps on computers that have a high-end configuration.

Android Emulators for Windows 11/10

This post lists three of the best Android emulators for Windows 11/10/8/7 PC that both developers and regular users of the Android operating system can use.

1] Bluestacks Emulator

We had covered Bluestacks Android Emulator earlier when it was just a concept. Four years later, it is the most preferred Android emulator for Windows computers. It takes a while to install, so you have to be patient. It installs a special service that you can see in Windows Services and the Task Manager. That is to say that once installed; it will be running continuously in the background. But I did not notice any slowdown in speed for my other (Windows-based) applications like Word etc.

The only drawback is that it is a bit slow to start. It took almost 10 minutes for the first run. But once started, the games go smoothly. There are other problems such as promotions of Android apps and push notifications from the makers of this emulator. Also, it won’t show you all features of an Android phone as other emulators do – such as settings, etc. It just serves as an Android app launcher.

TIP: MEmu is a fast and feature-rich Android emulator for Windows

2] LDPlayer Emulator

LDPlayer is one of the best Android emulators you can have on PC. The emulator works on Intel, or AMD powered computers, offers game optimization, supports keyboard and mouse, and more. All this makes the emulator stand out and turn your PC into an Android gaming system.

LDPlayer comes in two flavors, one which supports Android 7.1, and the second supports Android 5.1. So, if you have old games that the latest version of Android is not supporting, LDPlayer has got you covered.

3] Andy Android Emulator

There is good competition between Andy and Bluestacks. The features of the Android phone are absent in the latter due to which, some people prefer Andy as it gives you a complete look of the Android phone. Read our review of Andy Emulator on The Windows Club. This serves a better purpose for developers who wish to test their applications on a wider screen. And it also makes it fun for the regular Android apps users by making their apps run faster and smoother.

Read: Best Sega Dreamcast Emulators for Windows PC.

4] Genymotion Android Emulator

This seems as if built upon the faults of Bluestacks – to eliminate them. Though there is a regular Android SDK that most developers use, I won’t mention it here as it requires much technical knowledge to configure and use it. Coming to Genymotion, it is focused on the developers but is much easier to use compared to standard Android SDK. It is faster compared to Bluestacks and does not have the problem of installing random applications.

Genymotion also provides you all the features of an Android phone and hence may be preferred to regular Android SDK for Windows. Genymotion also keeps on running in the background but is not heavy on resources. While most features are present in the paid versions, the free download still allows you to test Android apps and use them on Windows PC. It is, however, not free.

5] Nox Player

Nox Player is another awesome free Android Emulator for Windows PC to play games like Clash of Clans, PUBG Mobile or Ragnarok M Eternal Love by having a bigger screen and full support over your keyboard or controller. If you have a decent PC rig, you will be able to tweak CPU, RAM, switch between DirectX and Open GL graphics. All this delivers an experience as if the Android was built for Windows.

AMIDuOS, Droid4x, Windroy and Xamarin Android Player are some of the other Android Emulators for Windows 11/10 that are available.

Go here if you are looking for iOS Simulators & Emulators for Windows PC.

10 Best Minecraft Apps For Android

10 Best Minecraft Apps For Android

Also Read: Best Games like Minecraft on Android

Best Minecraft apps that you can run on Android

1. Addons for Minecraft

Price: Free

Get It Here

Addons for Minecraft as the name suggests is an add on ap for Minecraft. This app features a variety of add-ons and allows you to do all types of things like you can alter how mobs look, the world appears and more. Not only this using Addons for Minecraft you can even add special items make changes to the complete world and do a lot more. Using this app is very simple. What you need to do is select the add-on you wish to use and tap install. Once you do so, the next time you run Minecraft it will be available. If you get stuck or face any problem Addons for Minecraft gives additional instructions. The best part you don’t need to pay anything to use these addons for Minecraft.

2. Builder for Minecraft PE

Get It Here

This one is a very popular app for Minecraft as it allows building things inside the app like buildings, structure houses and similar things. Builder for Minecraft PE allows players to port these things directly into your Minecraft: Pocket Edition game. Moreover, to make things quick players can select from pre-built creations. Builder for Minecraft PE even takes a backup of your map so that if things get messed up it can be restored.  Pro version of Builder for Minecraft PE offers other additional features and is ad-free.

3. Maps for Minecraft PE

Price: Free

4. Master for Minecraft

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Get It Here

This one works as a launcher for Minecraft and is one of the most powerful and popular Minecraft apps. Using Master for Minecraft a lot of game component modifications can be done within the app. Things like making yourself invincible, giving yourself the ability to fly, and more can be done via Master for Minecraft. Moreover, using Master for Minecraft you can do more than you can imagine, and we can explain here like you can change the time, weather, add mods, maps, textures, etc. Master for Minecraft is a free app but it does have in-app purchases.

5. Minecraft

Price: $6.99 with in-app purchases

Get It Here

Minecraft is a game with which most of the listed apps work with. It helps the game to receive updates and Minecraft now works with PC and Xbox One as the Pocket Edition moniker was dropped in late 2023. AS it is now compatible with PC and Xbox One you can play the same world across all three platforms.

You can get Minecraft at a very basic cost and can keep on buying different items via in-app purchase. Plus, stuff like downloadable content, renting Minecraft servers, extra stuff, is also available.

6. Mod-Master for Minecraft PE

Price: Free / $0.99

Get It Here

7. Mods Installer for Minecraft

Price: Free

Get It Here

Yet another Minecraft app for modders. This Mode Installer for Minecraft boasts the ability to install a bunch of mods and add-ons. Using this app you can search for mode by category and can install them on your own without facing any problem. To make things run smoothly you will need to install BlockLauncher.

8. Skins Editor 3D

Price: Free

Get It Here

9. Toolbox for Minecraft PE

Price: Free

Get It Here

A free app with a bunch of tools and other items that will let you heal yourself, switch from survival to creative and back again. Toolbox for Minecraft PE is a popular app that gives you the ability to teleport. A few people don’t like it because of the rapid build mode but otherwise, Toolbox for Minecraft PE is an excellent app and the features it has to offer without any cost are amazing.

10. chúng tôi for Minecraft PE

Price: Free

Get It Here is a great Minecraft app for texture pack fans. This app is not limited to texture packs, using it you can download mods, maps, and skins. However, the biggest feature for chúng tôi for Minecraft PE is the texture pack editor. Using it almost all the textures can be edited to make things look more pleasing. It’s easy to use chúng tôi for Minecraft PE but you may take a while to get accustomed. This app comes with a texture pack creator, skin creator, and an in-game tuner to tweak the actual mechanics.

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4 Best Lossless Audio Converters For Windows 10/11

4 best lossless audio converters for Windows 10/11




Audio conversion is something many users need to do for a variety of reasons.

Software tools can be used to perform an audio conversion, but most result in a loss of quality.

We’ve compiled a list of the best lossless audio converters on the market.

The list is comprised of software that also offers free trials, so go ahead and try them.

The digital media boom has created hundreds of file formats for audio and video content and a plethora of various files compatible with desktops, smartphones, tablet or audio players.

When music is being recorded in a studio, besides mastering and editing, the sounds go through a process called compression.

It allows the artists/record label to compress the size of the audio file into smaller pieces for burning it on CD’s and other optical data storage systems.

One of the best known and most used audio format is MP3 . It is very versatile, it’s compatible with different peripherals and doesn’t require much storage space.

This allows you to easily store your MP3 files in small sized cointainers – MP3 Players, CD’s, etc.

The main issue to using the MP3 format is that the quality of the audio file is drastically reduced (at the same time reducing the file size) in the process of compressing.

Sounds are distorted because a machine believes the human ear can’t perceive the change. Listeners often can pick up on these subtle differences and that gives you the feeling that you’re listening to low-quality music.

This is where ‘losless’ files come into play offering you the possibility to listen to every single bit of detail from the original recording while still reducing file sizes considerably – high bit-rate audio.

Even if your files are not lossless files(FLAC), the market offers a considerably wide array of software that can transform MP3 files into lossless audio.

In this article, we will explore the 4 best options on the market to do just that. Use these tools to get a high-quality audio experience no matter what the base format of your files is.

This software allows you to easily convert audio files into various formats and helps you transfer them to various portable devices.

Stellar Pheonix Audio Converter has a user-friendly interface and allows you to convert entire music labraries in a batch, saving you time in the process.

Stellar Audio Video Converter key features:

Converts audio/video files into popular formats playable on different media players and devices

Supports audio to audio, video to video, and video to FLAC conversion

Facilitates ripping an audio CD to extract specific audio tracks

Converts multiple audio or video files simultaneously through batch processing

Exports files to MP3, WAV, ACC, Flac, Etc

Cost-effective conversion

Step by step guide to the best optimization of your converted files

Adjusting bitrate and sample rate

Conversion of stereo audio track to mono

Stellar Audio Video Converter

Just add files, preview, and convert them into your desired format at one go.

Free trialVisit website

This software from Xilisoft has a very intuitive layout and can import and export all the important audio formats.

It can also extract audio files from a wide range of video files – MPEG, WMV and MP4. However, keep in mind that both the exporting and extracting of your audio files take longer than the best programs we tested.

Expert tip:

Xilisoft Audio Converter key features :

Allows batch processing of audio files

Add effects like chorus, normalize the volume, etc

You can use it to convert files taken from vinyl recordings or cassettes

Compatibility with many HD video files but also audio files – MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC; FLAC, APE, etc.

Processing of audio segments

Splitting of audio files

Option to output files to exact sizes

Editing ID3 info

Adding and adjusting audio effects

Multithreading support

Multi-core CPU processing

Xilisoft Audio Converter

Convert almost all audio formats and also extract music files from various video files.

Check priceVisit website

Switch Plus is the most comprehensive and stable audio file converter on the market. It allows you to easily convert your sound files to an endless variety of formats in order to suit the type of experience you want to have.

Switch Plus is very vast. Many users confirmed that this tool is almost twice as fast compared to similar tools.

Of course, the results depend on the type of files used as well as your machine hardware configuration.

It doesn’t seem like a big-time difference but when you need to transform an entire library of music, a few seconds add up to minutes of your precious time.

Switch offers a batch-converter feature that can transform thousands of files without you needing to supervise the operation. It is compatible with 40 audio formats and can convert audio files to 26 output formats.

Switch Plus Audio Converter also gives you the feature of extracting audio from DVD and other video formats like AVI, MPEG and more but also allows you to easily record audio from popular streaming services like Spotify and Pandora.

Key features:

Automatically normalize audio while converting

Access to an online database to add song information as you convert

Import multiple file formats at the same time and convert to one output format

Ability to play tracks prior to conversion

Import and convert a playlist (m3u and pls)

Import video files and extract audio (avi, mov, mpeg)

Convert audio from DVDs

MP3 encoder supports constant or variable bit rates from 8 to 320kbps with optional error correction and stereo modes

WAV encoder supports sample rates between 6000 and 196000Hz in PCM as well as a number of other audio codecs

Allows up to 32000 files to be converted in one batch

Optimized CPU usage and efficient code allows for the fastest conversion times

Switch Audio File Converter

Convert between over 40 audio file formats now with the most comprehensive audio file converter on the market!

Check priceVisit website

AnyMP4 Audio Converter is one of the simplest programs to use and offers you a wide array of options to convert and process both audio and video files.

AnyMP4 is compatible with tens of audio file formats. At the same time, the tool can convert these audio files to 14 different output formats. This is a very nice feature and places AnyPM4 among the best audio converters.

This simple yet powerfool tool also allows you to efficiently extract audio data from different formats of videos: M4V, MOV, MP4. MPG and WMV.

The official site of AnyMP4 Audio Converter offers you a comprehensive FAQ section  and you also have the option to contact the company directly via email with a guaranteed answer within 24 hours.

AnyMP4 Audio Converter key features:

AnyMP4 Audio Converter

This audio converter will let you easily cut audio clips or merge them in a new audio file.

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This article covers 4 of the most efficient audio software converters the market has to offer. The choices provided here allow you to make an informed decision about the best options available on the market.

Use these tools when you need to convert any audio file format to lossless (FLAC) or any other format, extract audio from video files, batch process and editing of your audio library, and add effects in order for you to get the finest and fastest results possible.

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