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TradingView is online stock-picking software and screener for both beginners and experienced active traders. It helps you combine various types of cloud-based charting tools for research. It provides users the ability to share and collaborate with other online traders.

This online trade analysis software offers features like a stock screener, HTML5 charts, an extensive knowledge base, etc. However, this tool has some limitations like limited deep backtesting and also does not allow offline usage.

Here is a curated list of Top applications which are capable of replacing TradingView. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Best TradingView Alternative for Equity, Crypto & Forex Market

TrendSpider is the smartest chart analysis software that helps Crypto and Forex traders make more intelligent, more efficient and accurate trading decisions. It offers a wide range of charts related to automating manual technical analysis.

#1 Top Pick



Supported Platforms: Windows, Android, iPhone, Web.

Free: First 7 Days Free

Support: Phone, E-mail & Chat

Use Code GURU25 to get 25% off for 12 months

Visit TrendSpider


Specialized software tool for technical traders

Data can be sourced from 150+ crypto exchanges and 6500 trading pairs.

It supports line charts, Japanese candlesticks, raindrop charts, etc.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Android, iPhone, Web.

Use Code GURU25 to get 25% off for 12 months

Robinhood is a trading platform that allows you to access real-time market data. This strong competitor of TradingView allows you to customize your portfolio with pieces of different companies and funds.


You can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more.

You can access real-time market data.

Allows you to trade cryptocurrency by securing your personal information.

It allows you to complete buying, selling, or trading your assets with the help of a smartphone application.

You can also invest in Equity, Derivates, and other assets using the app.

Trades placed during market hours are executed instantly.

It helps you to invest commission-free from individual companies or bundles of investments.

Supported platform: Desktop, iOS, and Android.

Webull is a TradingView alternative that allows you to invest in thousands of companies using our trading tools and analytics to create your financial portfolio. It helps you to stay connected with markets and helps you to manage your investments wherever you are.


It provides a market view using various charts and graphs.

Allows you to analyze charts, place orders, and check your positions.

Supported platforms: Mobile, PC, and Web.


View prices & portfolio values in your preferred currency, save charts, and customize.

It offers many pre-built popular strategies and customizations to go live in minutes.

Allows you to save charts and customize your trading interface layout.

Coinigy is a crypto trading analysis platform that provides a paid trading terminal that allows you to integrate with all the major crypto exchanges. It allows you to do portfolio management 24/7.


No additional exchange fees when trading through Coinigy.

Allows you to trade anywhere, anytime.

You can access more than 75 technical indicators and trade directly from the chart on all your favorite exchanges.

It provides instant access to real-time API & historical data.

Supporting platforms: iOS and Android Apps.

6) Protrader

Protrader is a crypto trading and analysis platform. It is widely used by banks, brokers, and traders for their retail business. Protrader trading platform has a wide range of tools suitable for day’s traders and algorithmic traders.


It offers a trading environment on all major markets, including forex, options, CFDs, stocks, futures, etc.

It provides features targeted to Day traders and scalpers.

It provides a tool for charts featuring visual trading.

Supported platforms: Desktop, Web, Mac, and Android.

7) Tradelize

Tradelize allows you to trade faster and invest smarter. This TradingView replacement helps casual investors connect with experienced traders to copy their trading strategies using charts and graphs.


Direct access to the leading crypto exchanges.

Tradelize uses all the tools of charting for technical analysis.

Real-time data to make sure you get the latest quotes from your connected exchanges to have the right trading decision.

Supported platforms: Android, iPhone, and Windows.

8) Trade Republic

The Trade Republic is an open-source web application to track investments in stocks and cryptocurrencies. This TradingView alternative helps you to track your crypto investments in multiple currencies.


You can trade outside the system around the world.

This TradingView alternative helps you to execute your crypto order for just one Euro of external fees.

All assets are stored in a cold wallet, which means they are offline and protected.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, and Web.

9) SeekingAlpha

SeekingAlpha is one of the strong competitors of TradingView. It is one of the best websites that helps to get chart and crypto trade analysis to get profit in your trade.


It provides the best chart that helps you to trade with confidence.

It offers charts of the week, coins, and crypto stocks.

It offers the latest trade set-ups, including targets, support levels, and stop losses.

10) Stockcharts


It delivers charts, tools, and resources that you need to succeed in the markets.

Offers the industry’s best technical tools and resources at your fingertips.

It helps you to save and organize the charts you are watching with custom ChartLists.

Allows you to monitor your open positions and track your portfolios with ChartLists.

Supporting platforms: Online, iPhone, and iPad.

11) Barchart

Barchart is a real-time market, charts, and trading analysis tool. This TradingView alternative helps you to execute trades from one platform. Barchart offers powerful chart studies and drawing tools for technical analysis.


It offers interactive real-time charts with customizable studies and drawing tools.

It helps you get real-time options pricing.

It provides real-time trading activity and historical data.

12) GoCharting


150+ built-in technical indicators and drawing tools.

It offers multiple chart layouts and multi-monitor support.

It provides the time of sale with alerts.

It offers market and volume profile charts.

It provides DOM charts and price ladders.

13) Tab-trader

Tab-trader is a charting tool that is so light and user-friendly that you may easily chart on your mobile device too. This TradingView alternative helps you to integrate with more than 20 popular crypto exchanges.


You do not require to constantly monitor charts.

Make charts, add trends, horizontal lines, and technical indicators with ease.

Trading instruments in your pocket.

It is a quick-access application that allows you to track your exchange accounts, trade, and analyze charts within one unified interface.

Supported platforms: iOS, Android, and web versions.

14) Metatrader

MetaTrader is a trading platform that is widely used for financial markets like Forex, stocks, futures, etc. It provides superior tools for technical and fundamental analysis of the market.


It offers an unlimited number of charts with 21 timeframes in one minute.

It provides technical analysis with over 80 built-in technical indicators.

It provides fundamental analysis based on financial news and an economic calendar.

This copy trading platform provides trading signals that allow you to automatically copy deals from experienced traders.


TradingView is an online stock-picking application and screener for both beginners and experienced active traders. It allows you to combine different types of cloud-based charting tools for research. It provides an ability to share and collaborate with other online traders.

Following are the best alternatives to TradingView:







No. TradingView has four account plans (1 free and 3 paid). Billing options are offered monthly or yearly, after every two years. However, all of this paid plan comes with a 30-day free trial period.

Some of the best free cryptocurrency charting software are:





Here are some basic tips which help you to read stock charts:

Observe the Price and Time Axes: You need to observe the price of your chart and time axes to analyze the stock or crypto you want to analyze.

Look for the trend line: You should look for the trend line and see that it is up or down, and according to the chart position, you should create your strategy.

Identify Trading Volume: Trading volume is another key factor to look at when reading a stock chart.

Identify Lines of Support and Resistance: You should examine a stock chart with support lines and their resistance.

Some of the best software to track your investments are:

Personal Capital: It helps you create budgets and track your expenditure to save for the future. It automatically tracks cash flow and investments.

Mint: It allows you to track your spending, budgeting, and financial goals.

YNAB: It helps you to gain total control of your money. It allows you to access real-time information from any device at any time.

Every Dollar: Helps you create a monthly budget so you can achieve your money goals. It helps you to add your monthly income and cost of expenditure.

Best TradingView Alternative for Equity, Crypto & Forex Market

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10 Best Crypto Extensions 2023

As more and more people embrace cryptocurrency, there’s a growing need for tools that make it easy to access and manage digital currency. One such tool is the crypto browser extension, a plug-in that allows users to access and manage their cryptocurrency directly from their browser.

The rise of crypto browser extensions has been driven by the need for convenience and security in cryptocurrency transactions. With a browser extension, users can quickly and easily view their balances, track their transactions, and even make purchases or trades without leaving their browser. Additionally, many extensions offer features such as price alerts, news updates, and real-time market data to help users stay up to date on market movements and make informed decisions.

In this listicle, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular extensions on the market and evaluate their features and functionality. Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or a seasoned trader, this guide will provide valuable insights into how browser extensions can enhance your digital currency experience.


With more than 30 million monthly active users, Metamask is one of the most popular crypto wallets that comes with a browser extension. More than 10 million users have downloaded the extension on the Chrome web store, and it is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge.

The wallet can be used to manage Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens, as well as interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum network. It provides a user-friendly interface for managing your crypto holdings, with secure storage for your private keys and encrypted communication with dApps. Recently, more than 7,000 MetaMask users’ email addresses were exposed in a third-party provider hack, and parent company ConsenSys has removed unauthorized access to the app to prevent future incidents.


Easy to use and intuitive interface.

Secure storage for private keys.

Provides access to a wide range of dApps and decentralized services.


Limited support for non-ERC-20 tokens.

Vulnerable to phishing attacks if users are not careful.

Coinbase wallet extension

The Coinbase Wallet extension allows users to access the world of cryptocurrency, including decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and dApps, through their browser with the Coinbase Wallet extension. It gives users the ability to explore the decentralized web, collect NFTs, earn yield through DeFi, and trade thousands of tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEXes). 

The wallet extension also supports Coinbase Pay, which enables users to fund their wallets with cash from over 90 countries. The Coinbase Wallet extension supports Ethereum and all EVM-compatible networks, such as Avalanche, Polygon, and BNB Chain, and also supports sending and receiving Solana and SPL tokens.


Integrates with Coinbase Wallet for easy access to your funds.

Simple and user-friendly interface.

Provides secure storage for private keys.


Limited support for non-Coinbase assets.

Requires a Coinbase account to use.

Vulnerable to phishing attacks if users are not careful.


Developed by Ava Labs for Avalanche users, Core is a crypto wallet and NFT extension that supports Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all EVM-compatible blockchains. With the extension, users can buy, swap, and bridge crypto, access gaming, and DeFI dApps, and collect NFTs.

Core enables self-custody of assets, ensuring that users are the sole owners and not dependent on third-party entities. It provides an easy and quick way to buy AVAX using debit or credit cards and also allows for the seamless swapping of Avalanche, Bitcoin, and Ethereum assets.


Intuitive user interface.

Switch to different networks with ease.

Jump into the Avalanche ecosystem fast with preloaded Subnets.


Currently in beta.


Keplr is an open-source browser extension wallet that supports the Cosmos interchain ecosystem. It offers a flexible and versatile account management system and wallet functionalities for all Cosmos-SDK-based blockchains. One of its key features is its multichain account management, which allows users to manage multiple accounts across different chains in one place. Users can also stake to any validator and claim rewards, as well as vote on governance proposals. Keplr also supports adding new blockchains from web front-ends, allowing users to easily access new chains as they are added.

It offers hardware wallet support for Ledger Nano X/S and allows users to sync with their mobile accounts. To ensure safety, all Keplr transactions are signed offline on the user’s device, and private keys are encrypted and securely stored on their computer.


Manage multiple accounts across various Cosmos-based blockchains in one place.

Hardware wallet support.

Transactions are signed offline on your device, ensuring your private keys remain secure.


Only supports multiple Cosmos-based blockchains and may not be suitable for users looking to manage assets on other networks.

It may be overwhelming for users new to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Ledger Live

Ledger Live is a desktop and mobile application that integrates with Ledger hardware wallets, providing a user-friendly interface for managing your crypto holdings. 

It lets you securely store your private keys offline and provides real-time market data, portfolio tracking, and a built-in exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. You can also connect to NFT marketplaces and trade on the go. Note that there is no Chrome extension for Ledger Live yet, and any extension that bears the Ledger Live name on the Chrome web store is a phishing scam.


Requires a Ledger hardware wallet to use.

The extension only supports the Safari browser.

May be more complicated to use for beginners compared to other browser extensions.

OKX Wallet

OKX Wallet is a multi-chain platform with a Chrome extension that gives users access to more than 3000 tokens and many dApps in the web3 ecosystem. As it’s a non-custodial decentralized wallet, users are in complete control of their private keys. OKX wallet is compatible with EVM chains as well as non-EVM chains

The browser extension now supports BTC taproot addresses, enabling users to import their BTC wallets and view their Bitcoin ordinals through the OKX wallet.


Convenient access to your digital assets on your browser.

Private keys are stored on your device.

Support for a wide range of digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Ordinals and more.


Limited functionality compared to full-fledged wallets.

Only available on Chrome and Brave browsers.

Not as widely recognized as some other popular browser extensions.


Backed by a16z, Bitski is a web3 wallet extension that’s compatible with Ethereum and Polygon, allowing users to easily switch between dApps and explore the world of web3 via NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Magic Eden, Zora, Manifold, and more.

The wallet has a transaction simulation feature improves user safety and security by identifying malicious contracts and pulling verified OpenSea collection information into the signing screen. Its NFT management feature enables users to easily view all their NFTs and tokens in their wallet without the need to manually upload contract addresses.


Backed by hardware security modules.

Cross-platform support with seamless toggling between desktop and mobile.

Wallet activity feed and alerts, including floor price alerts for customized NFT collections.


Supports a limited number of blockchains.

Not yet available on all popular browsers.

Less intuitive user interface than other extensions.


Exodus Web3 Wallet is a self-custodial wallet that provides users with complete control over crypto assets, as only the user holds the private keys. With the option to buy crypto using credit/debit cards, bank accounts, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, users can transition seamlessly from cash to crypto. They can also sell crypto for fiat and withdraw funds to their bank account.

Users can also swap crypto by scanning multiple DEXes and finding the best price for their on-chain crypto swaps and swap cross-chain with the most popular assets. Exodus also allows users to import their seed phrase from other wallets such as Phantom and MetaMask, and manage their digital collectibles in their own multichain NFT gallery.


User-friendly interface, making it a great option for beginners.

Multi-currency and multi-chain support.

Users can quickly and easily swap between supported cryptocurrencies without leaving the wallet.


The minimum swap amount for coins and tokens can be high for some.


via Blockfence

Developed by crypto security firm Blockfence, its open-source, community-driven browser extension offers end-to-end protection against crypto scams and frauds. Its unique protection layer combines complex analyses, machine learning algorithms, community data, and ecosystem partner input to safeguard users of Web3.

Blockfence’s ML algorithm and its partners at GoPlus Security previously detected a phishing scam that attempted to scam victims out of their crypto. The scammer created a fake website replicating the official website of ETHDenver, the largest and longest-running ETH event in the world.


It has no access to access to user wallets or funds.

Its GPT-based Smart Contract Transaction Interpreter allows users to understand what their crypto wallet is about to perform in plain English.

Supports Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum and more.


Only supports six blockchains.

Does not support other major browsers.


via CoinStats

Coin Stats is a free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app that provides real-time updates and market data to help users manage and monitor their investments. With over 8,000 cryptocurrency prices from more than 350 exchanges, Coin Stats is a comprehensive app that caters to both professional investors and first-timers. The app allows users to track and sync their entire cryptocurrency portfolio and view essential market data from a single location.

The crypto extension provides users with various features, including coin research, real-time tracking and following of live prices of cryptocurrencies, access to charts and analytical data, and portfolio sharing. Additionally, the app brings all crypto-related news from over 40 sources to a single screen, and it is updated each week with more features and improvements for users.


Track and sync your entire cryptocurrency portfolio, all centralized in a single app. 

User-friendly interface for professional investors and newbies.

Coin Stats Insights feature allows users to see how much others hold, buy or sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


Crypto browser extensions can offer a variety of features, including:

Wallet integration: allowing you to manage your cryptocurrency holdings directly from your browser

Anti-phishing protection: warning you of known phishing sites and protecting against fake URLs

Smart contract verification: ensuring that smart contracts you interact with on the blockchain network are legitimate and secure

Real-time price tracking: providing up-to-date information on the value of your cryptocurrency holdings

Transaction automation: automating the process of filling out transaction forms and executing transactions

Can I use multiple crypto browser extensions at once?

Yes, it is possible to use multiple crypto browser extensions simultaneously. However, it is important to ensure that the extensions do not conflict with each other and are all reputable and secure.

What should I do if I encounter issues with a crypto browser extension?

If you encounter issues with a crypto browser extension, the first step is to check the extension’s documentation and user forums to see if there is a solution. If the issue persists, it is recommended to contact the extension’s developer or support team for assistance. In some cases, it may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the extension or to use an alternative extension.


While crypto browser extensions provide numerous benefits, they also come with risks. As with any online tool, there is always the possibility of security vulnerabilities, such as hacking, phishing scams, or malware. It’s essential to choose a reputable extension and follow best practices for online security, such as using strong passwords and two-factor authentication. It’s also important to be aware of the extension’s privacy policy and how your data is being used and shared. By being vigilant and informed, you can minimize the risks and enjoy the benefits of using crypto browser extensions.

Read more:

10 Best Microsoft Excel Alternative Tools

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular program with over a billion users. It is being used for creating charts, tables, reports, identifying trends, and arranging data, etc. Though, it comes with some brilliant functions that enhances productivity and after learning some useful tricks anyone can master Microsoft Excel, it has its own drawbacks as well. It is quite expensive and not available on all the platforms. Furthermore, it doesn’t have reliable collaboration and sync features, and it also lacks many customization options. Fortunately, Microsoft Excel is not the only worksheet creation tool available in the market. There are many other Office suites with Excel alternatives available both free and paid that can be a good replacement to Microsoft Excel in certain situations. You will find both online and offline tools, with unique features.

Best Excel Alternatives 1. Google Sheets

Key Features: Collaboration tools, Auto save and sync and Completely free to use.

Pricing: Free.

Get Google Sheets

2. Numbers

There are no rows and columns when you start a sheet, instead you are given different templates to choose from (created by Apple itself). You can create amazing charts and tables catered for every need.

Key Features: Collaboration tools, great customization ability and free to use.

Compatibility: iOS and Mac OS X.

Get Numbers

3. Microsoft Office Online (Excel)

If you are really looking for a copy of Microsoft Excel for free, then Microsoft Office online could be a great alternative. It is a Microsoft Office suite (Including Excel online) that is just online with minor addition of features, and lacks some power user features of the desktop app such as, macros, mail merge, Format Painter, shading, borders and the ribbon, etc.

It offers really good collaboration tools (may be not as good as Google Sheets), and saves all the documents to OneDrive or Dropbox. The saving and syncing is in real-time and you get some added search tools as well.

The main drawback is that it doesn’t have any kind of offline version. If you don’t have access to the internet, the app is pretty much useless. Apart from that, the programs works great and gives you similar feeling of Excel 2013. As it is web based, loading huge data can lead to lags and frustration.

Key Features: Give you similar feeling of the Desktop Microsoft Excel, real-time save and sync to OneDrive, Free and reliable collaboration tools.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.

Get Microsoft Office Online

4. Zoho Sheets

It has some robust set of collaboration tools; it saves and syncs sheets to Zoho’s cloud storage. Although, it has a free version, but it is limited. The free version will get all the required features along with 1 GB of storage. If you want more space and some other security and collaboration freedom, you will have to pay.

Key Features: Simple interface, reliable collaboration tools and both web and desktop clients.

Pricing: Free with limitation, and $5/month with 50 GB storage and $8/month with 100 GB storage and all features unlocked.

Get Zoho Sheet

5. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is an amazing online alternative to Excel with features for power users and companies specifically. However, just like Excel this is not a free tool. You will just get a 30 days trial and after that, you will have to pay on monthly or yearly basis. Smartsheet can do almost anything Excel can do, but it adds some extra control and customization options.

Just like Apple’s Numbers, you will start with a blank document and you can use a template to start your work. The tool can be a bit complicated for some novice users, but there are tips and video instructions provided with each step. You can easily customize rows and columns with complete control over their visuals.

Key Features: Online access to sheets, Tons of customization options and great collaboration tools.

Pricing: Basic $16/month with 3 GB storage, Team plan $50/month for 3 users with 45 GB storage and Customized plan with up to 25 users and 375 GB space for a price of $270.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.

6. Apache OpenOffice Calc

However, it is not a head-to-head competitor to Microsoft Office or Excel due to its limited features and a bit complex instructions. The interface is not that bad and shows easy to gulp information, but the options are explained quite poorly. It does offer many features like templates, mail merge, style manager, headers and footers, frames and many others.

Key Features: Free and Open-source, Desktop client just like Excel and comes with a clean interface.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Get OpenOffice

7. LibreOffice Calc

The interface is quite similar to old version of Microsoft Office like Office 2003, but the features are powerful enough to fight against the latest versions. It has some amazing import and export features and is said to import almost any document format. It is also known for opening obsolete versions of Microsoft office documents that people don’t even use now.

Some of its unique features include, Portable version, different macros language, multi-platform support, extensions and import graphics formats.

Key Features: Open-source and free, powerful features for a free software, Desktop client for easier offline working.

Pricing: Free.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and a viewing app for Android.

Get LibreOffice

8. Gnumeric

Gnumeric is another addition of free to use Open-source tool in this list. As the name suggests, Gnumeric works best for handling numeric data and doing all the calculations. If you use Excel for managing accounts and other similar things, then Gnumeric might be a better and faster choice.

Its calculations are tested by the professionals and they are as accurate as Excel with much faster results and processing. If you are looking for a free and fast alternative to Excel calculations, Gnumeric should be a happy replacement.

Key Features: Light and Accurate, Simple interface and Open-source.

Pricing: Free.

Get Gnumeric

9. PlanMaker

PlanMaker is actually designed to be a cheaper alternative to Excel, so if you need something similar to Excel but at a cheaper rate, PlanMaker is all open. Although, it is still not better than Microsoft Excel, but it is very close and interacts quite well with Excel documents.

Moving documents from Excel to PlanMaker will never lead to change in data structure. It supports even older versions of Microsoft Excel docs, like .xls sheets. The interface is also quite similar to Excel, so you will not get stuck with learning new things.

Key Features: Interacts well with Excel Sheets, a cheaper alternative to Excel and makes Excel users feel like home.

Pricing: Free 30 trial, and Standard version for €69.99 and Professional version for €89.95.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.

10. WPS Office Suite

If you are big on editing sheets on your smartphone, then you might like to try out WPS Office Suite. It is an Excel alternative for your Smartphone that makes editing a zippy. Of course, it can’t really compete directly against the desktop app, but it makes it very simple to make minor to average edits from your phone for free.

It integrates with Dropbox to save all your documents and sync them over all your devices. Best of all, it doesn’t require any kind of account, unlike Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for smartphone.

Pricing: Free.

Compatibility: Android, iOS and Linux.

Get WPS Office Suite

10 Best Microsoft Teams Alternative In 2023

Are you looking for Microsoft Teams alternatives for seamless communication? Here are the best alternatives to Microsoft Teams you should try in 2023.

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive communication app for teams that has to stay in touch with each other.

However, you may want to use some alternatives to Microsoft Teams for different reasons. Read the best MS Teams alternatives to find the ideal option for your needs.

Best Microsoft Teams Alternatives 1. Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the best alternative to Microsoft Teams if you’re a Google Workspace subscriber. It offers an array of communication tools for personal and business purposes.

Teams can always stay in touch with each other through Google Chat which they can use from Gmail.

Google Meet is here for you with the screen-sharing feature for video calls and conferences. You can use Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets for seamless file sharing and collaborative work.

Google Jamboard is another Google Workspace app that offers an online whiteboard collaboration facility.

2. Zoom

Zoom is arguably the most popular MS Teams alternative people use for business communication.

It’s known as a platform for video calls and conferences, but it can do a lot more than that. You can start a call from the chat and collaborate with others using the whiteboard tool.

Several integrations and APIs are available in the Zoom marketplace that you can use with this app for better workflow.

This platform is also available for online webinars that you can use to reach more audiences with video, reaction, and polling.

You can get additional features from this application: captioning, screen-sharing, and Zoom dashboard analytics.

3. Slack

Slack is another popular app that people use as an alternative to Microsoft Teams. Here, both one-to-one and group communication are possible.

Using Slack Channel, you can put all team members together where they can share their views with others.

Besides real-time chatting, it lets you participate in audio and video calls with one or more people.

It lets you create audio and video clips to share with your colleagues. Also, you can share attachments and mention others using @.

Besides organizational communication, you can also collaborate with teams from other companies using Slack Connect. You can also enhance its functionalities with plug-ins and add-ons.

4. Flock

Flock has been one of the Microsoft Teams alternatives in this business for many years.

Besides video conferencing and channel messaging, you can leave people voice notes and perform integrated searches across the channels.

It lets you create private channels to include selective people working on a particular project. It also offers you the option to add new members automatically to channels.

There is a one-way announcement channel that you can use to broadcast messages to every member of your organization.

Flock emphasizes security, which is why it offers features like user authentication, data retention, and admin control.

5. Chanty

Chanty is a communication and collaborative tool for efficient teams. This alternative to Teams lets you send unlimited text for free.

Its “Teambook” is a single hub for all tasks, communications, shared content, and pinned messages.

You can mention a colleague using @ for immediate attention or share a voice message for quick communication.

Finding people and any message from history becomes super-easy with this MS Teams alternative.

Chanty supports voice and video calls to one or more team members. You can also start a context-based discussion with others in a separate thread.

6. Webex

Webex is one of the best Microsoft Teams alternatives for remote and distributive teams. This one application is enough for messaging, calling, and meeting for all organizations.

It allows you to include up to 1000 people in a video call. This could be helpful if you run an event or webinar.

Moreover, you can use this application to share files among your teammates and share screens with others. Integrating it with Google and Microsoft Calendar is also possible.

For brainstorming sessions, Webex also offers the whiteboard tool. Additionally, you can get the live transcripts of a meeting and record the meetings for future reference.

7. Pumble

Unlike many Microsoft Teams alternatives, you get unlimited users and messaging history in the Pumble app.

Users can make voice and video calls to their teammates or external stakeholders. Screen sharing for presentation and other purposes is also possible on this platform.

You get notifications for every message, so you don’t miss any important communication. Moreover, it lets you collaborate with people from other organizations.

It also provides a file browser and seamless searching for the information you need. Pumble also allows you to create public and private channels for internal communication.

Admins can readily manage the roles and permission of the users through guest invitations and channel posting permission.

8. Workplace From Meta

Workplace From Meta is an all-in-one communication platform that works as a Microsoft Teams alternative to bring your workforce together.

This application lets you communicate with your teammates through chat and video calls. It also supports broadcasting any events through Live Videos.

You can create groups and connect your intranet with other business applications you use.

The app supports integration with Microsoft 365, Google Calendar, Dropbox, SharePoint, and many more.

Workplace From Meta also offers insights into how your teammates use this platform. It even has a news feed that functions like Facebook for your workspace.

9. Discord

Discord might be a popular gaming platform, but others can make the most of this free platform.

Companies can use this platform to communicate with employees. It offers you features for text, audio calls, and video conferencing.

Discord could be your best MS Teams alternative if your communication involves sensitive and mission-critical data.

You can create separate channels on this platform for different teams. It also supports file sharing and third-party tool integration.

It lets you preview images, screenshots, and GIFs others share. It can be accessed from the web or through applications.

10. Skype

If you’re searching for Microsoft Teams alternatives to communicate with your family and friends, Skype is always a viable option.

This free app can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux through the downloaded app for online access. It lets you make high-quality audio and video calls with other Skype users.

You can also use it for smart messaging, which includes reacting to a message with emojis and using @mentions.

Its screen-sharing feature lets you collaborate better with others. You can also record the calls and view live subtitles of what others are saying.

Skype could also work as a Google Voice alternative where you can make national and international phone calls at a cheap rate.

Microsoft Teams Alternatives: Final Words

Microsoft Teams comes with many essential features for business users, but it’ll stop its operation for Microsoft Teams’ free (classic) application.

If you’re looking for Microsoft Teams alternatives for this reason or others, check out this article to find the right one.

What Crypto Wallets Are Best For Teens?

Money is stated as the essential requirement of people for getting different purposes to buy other things, for investment, etc., in the physical form. A cryptocurrency is also a currency but is not available in physical forms. It is a digital and virtual currency. It is a binary data set used as a medium of exchange for goods and services.

It’s undoubtedly simple to become overpowered by the many choices out there. Fortunately, with a touch of comprehension of the various types of wallets and the ideal choices for every, you ought to have the option to find something a solid match for your necessities.

Types Of Crypto Wallets Best For Teens

We will talk about the most popular ones −

Exodus Movement − is a self-custodial wallet. This implies that you are the spirited proprietor of your resource wallet.

Coinbase − wallet can store famous coins, for example, bitcoin, Litecoin, and Wave.

Electrum Wallet − is an exception among the wallets evaluated by Geek Wallet in that it just works with one cryptographic money.

Atomic Wallet − is a hot stockpiling wallet with a lot of benefits.

MetaMask − this is a crypto wallet stage that offers a key vault.

Bitcoin − is the wallet that allows the clients to store just bitcoin and no other digital forms of money.

What are Bitcoin wallets?

A Bitcoin wallet is a computerized wallet that can hold Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

With a crypto wallet, you can store, send and get various coins and tokens. Some help fundamental exchanges, while others incorporate extra elements, such as inherent admittance to blockchain-based decentralized applications generally known as apps. In addition, these may permit you to credit your cryptographic money to procure revenue on your possessions.

How Does a Bitcoin Wallet Work?

As another client, you can get everything rolling with Bitcoin without figuring out the specialized subtleties. Whenever you’ve introduced a Bitcoin wallet on your PC or cell phone, it will produce your most memorable Bitcoin address, and you can make more at whatever point you want. You can reveal your addresses to your companions so they can pay you or the other way around. This is like how email works; then, Bitcoin locations ought to be utilized simultaneously.

The blockchain is a common public record on which the whole Bitcoin network depends. All affirmed exchanges are remembered for the blockchain. It permits Bitcoin wallets to work out their spendable equilibrium with the goal that new exchanges can be confirmed, consequently guaranteeing the high-roller possesses them. The trustworthiness and the sequential request of the blockchain are authorized with cryptography.

An exchange is an exchange of significant worth between Bitcoin wallets that gets remembered for the blockchain. Bitcoin wallets leave well enough alone a piece of information called private key or seed, which is utilized to sign exchanges, giving a numerical confirmation that they have come from the wallet’s proprietor. The mark likewise keeps the exchange from being modified whenever it has been given. All exchanges are communicated to the organization and, as a rule, affirmed within 10-20 minutes through an interaction called mining.

Mining is a disseminated agreement framework utilized to affirm forthcoming exchanges by remembering them for the blockchain. It upholds a sequential request in the blockchain, safeguards the lack of bias of the organization, and permits various PCs to settle on the condition of the framework. To be affirmed, exchanges should be stuffed in a block that fits exceptionally severe cryptographic principles that the organization will check. These principles keep past blocks from being adjusted because doing so would nullify every one of the ensuing blocks.

Mining likewise makes what might be compared to a cutthroat lottery that keeps any person from effectively adding new blocks successively to the blockchain. Along these lines, no gathering or people have some control over what is remembered for the blockchain or supplant portions of the blockchain to move back their spending. There is a heap of wallets accessible; however, we urge you to give two or three a shot that takes your extravagance and see which one or which one suits you best. Look at our scope of handmade cowhide wallets or our nylon assortments. We have a wallet reasonable for everybody in our store! We trust this guide has been valuable.


There is a heap of wallets accessible; however, we urge you to give two or three a shot that takes your extravagance and see which ones suit you best. Look at our scope of handmade cowhide wallets or our nylon assortments. We have a wallet reasonable for everybody in our store! We trust this guide has been valuable.

Step Up Your Crypto Games By Using The Best Crypto Trading Tools

Crypto trading tools are driving crypto games with diverse strategies towards growth

The cryptocurrency market as well as the new digital world and Metaverse are helping thousands of

Best Crypto Trading Tools for Crypto Games in Crypto Wallets Limit orders

Crypto investors should restrict the number of orders to invest in or purchase a cryptocurrency for less than the ongoing cryptocurrency price or sell for more than the price showing at the moment. It is more about the strategy of holding and selling


Charting is one of the top crypto trading tools to step up the crypto game in the risky venture of the cryptocurrency market. This trading tool of

Stop-loss orders

A stop-loss order is a popular trading tool of cryptocurrency that helps to exchange a particular cryptocurrency or crypto asset at a pre-determined price. When the current price reaches the benchmark, it forces the stop-loss order for the execution of crypto trading. It helps to eliminate the anxiety of young crypto investors for yielding profit or incurring huge losses in crypto wallets.  

Dollar-eating averaging

The cryptocurrency market as well as the new digital world and Metaverse are helping thousands of cryptocurrencies to flourish across the world. Crypto investors and players are highly interested to play with cryptocurrencies for their seamless transactions within a short period of time. Few of them have the idea on the availability of multiple trading tools of cryptocurrency to raise the crypto games and earn revenues in crypto wallets efficiently and effectively. Thus, let’s explore more about crypto trading tools to step up the crypto games in 2023 and beyond. Crypto trading is dominating the highly volatile cryptocurrency market from beginner as well as professional crypto investors. Every day, new cryptocurrencies are entering the market besides the popular ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin, and many more. There is also a crypto day trading to earn profit efficiently in crypto wallets with the analysis of current prices. There are multiple strategies and tools for effective crypto investing. Thus, crypto investors have started using multiple crypto trading tools to raise the game of crypto investing.Crypto investors should restrict the number of orders to invest in or purchase a cryptocurrency for less than the ongoing cryptocurrency price or sell for more than the price showing at the moment. It is more about the strategy of holding and selling cryptocurrencies while placing a limit buy order at the current price.Charting is one of the top crypto trading tools to step up the crypto game in the risky venture of the cryptocurrency market. This trading tool of cryptocurrency helps crypto investors to analyze the previous cryptocurrency prices as well as market volumes. There are certain patterns to research to have effective risk management decisions for driving profit.A stop-loss order is a popular trading tool of cryptocurrency that helps to exchange a particular cryptocurrency or crypto asset at a pre-determined price. When the current price reaches the benchmark, it forces the stop-loss order for the execution of crypto trading. It helps to eliminate the anxiety of young crypto investors for yielding profit or incurring huge losses in crypto wallets.Crypto investors can follow this crypto trading tool known as dollar-eating averaging for investing a specific amount of money on a cryptocurrency at regular intervals to reduce the stress of frequent price fluctuations in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.

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