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Obsidian is a powerful personal knowledge management tool that can be made even more useful by installing plugins. This guide includes our ten best picks for Obsidian community plugins!

If you are not sure what is Obsidian, check out our review of how Obsidian can keep your notes organized.

How to Install Obsidian Community Plugins 1. Kanban

A kanban board is a visualization tool that optimizes workflow. It lets you store your to-do lists and track your tasks through each phase until completion. Kanban by mgmeyers brings all of that to Obsidin to boost productivity. The plugin allows you to add task items that you can drag around tabs through a task pipeline. You can also link the task items to Obsidian note files, allowing you to write more information about the task.


Allows unlimited characters on each item’s title


Doesn’t allow you to add tags

No way to set task priorities

Tip: a fan of Notion instead? Here’s a list of great Notion templates to help you boost your productivity.

2. Todoist Text

If you’re a Todoist fan, Todoist Text by wesmoncrief is something you shouldn’t pass up. This community plugin lets you search your Todoist using keywords and lists the groups of Todoist tasks in Obsidian. You can configure multiple keywords with this plugin, each corresponding to a separate Todoist filter definition. If only it could work without the Internet.


Turns Todoist tasks into Obsidian checkbox items

Queries using API token

Uses keywords to work

Checking off tasks in Obsidian reflects back on Todoist


UI could use more work

Offers a board view

Does not support adding new tasks to Todoist

3. Calendar Pros

Can show page previews of your daily notes

Matches with your Obsidian theme

Overrides (or matches) system locale so that you can set your preferred first day of the week

Can be moved anywhere


Can’t sync with calendar apps

Can’t output calendar as ICS

Good to know: here’s how to add a template to Notion from the

4. Dataview

Dataview by blacksmithgu is perhaps one of the most important community plugins in terms of functionality. It turns your Obsidian vault into a database, letting you add metadata and do queries on your notes. The best thing about this plugin is that it gives you much control over your database. It can sort data, add clauses, generate tables, and build calendars. The drawback is that it’s a little hard to use, at first. Its calendar doesn’t show up automatically on the right sidebar like it does on the Calendar community plugin.


Lets you query any number of notes based on any criteria

Various ways of displaying data, including list, table, and task view


Complex commands with no accessible commands list

No GUI (code only)

5. Editor Syntax Highlight

Does Obsidian’s regular syntax feel bland? Editor Syntax Highlight by deathau helps you see your code much more clearly. It highlights keywords, functions, and variables. This one’s helpful when you have some code ideas that you want to try later. However, you should keep in mind that when using JavaScript, the plugin won’t be able to detect the difference between an object and a variable when connected to a dot function. With other languages, though, it does seem to work right.


Highlights code in your code blocks

Pleasant color schemes


Can’t replace a proper code editor

Has no linters

6. Banners

This one’s straightforward: Banners by Danny Hernandez lets you add a banner to your notes. You can also resize and crop the banner without having to use an image editor. It works by adding a few key values in your note’s YAML frontmatter. If you edit the values here, you can also edit the banner’s looks. Another great thing is that it scales well with the Note Folder community plugin and helps make awesome Wikipedia-style note previews.

Image source: Unsplash


Lets you resize and crop your banner

Banners will appear in note previews


Does not delete images once they are no longer used in notes

7. Clear Unused Images

Clear Unused Images by Ozan works really well with the Banners community plugin. As its name indicates, it removes the images that aren’t used in any of your notes. This sometimes happens when you delete notes, especially if you add images to your daily notes. If you’re too busy to clear out unused photos, this one’s for you.


Allows you to exclude specific folders

Lets you send deleted images to Recycle Bin


Can’t detect less common image formats

Tip: for creative types, check out the top free music composition software and web apps for Windows.

8. Scales and Chords

Scales and Chords by egradman shows you how to play songs straight in your notes. It displays the chord finger placements for guitar and piano, among several other options. It’s meant to be used in split view, with the chords on one side and the lyrics on the other. This community plugin sources the images for each chord from chúng tôi only.


Keeps the chords in a fixed position even after resizing the Obsidian window

Makes lyrics easy to read


Chords for violin, banjo, and mandolin sometimes do not work

No ongoing development

9. Chesser

Learning to play chess? Chesser by SilentVoid is the community plugin for learning chess. It adds a chess board inside your Obsidian notes. If you want to play with chess engines like Stockfish, it lets you copy the FEN value for the current game. The plugin auto-generates an ID for the board when you use it. With this ID, it’s possible to copy the same position throughout different notes.


Change board styles (or make your own by changing the CSS files)

Outputs in FEN


You can’t flip the board

10. Folder Note Pros

Makes a list of all notes in your folder

Auto-generates lists every time you view it to keep it up todate


By default, empty notes will say “No abstract”

Good to know: want to master chess? Learn how to use Stockfish CLI on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions Where can I find my community plugin files?

Your community plugin files are inside your Obsidian vault in .obsidian/plugins. You’ll need to use the Windows File Explorer (which just gained Tabs in a recent Windows 11 update) to find this and not the Obsidian explorer tray, as files and folders that start with . are hidden from Obsidian’s file browser. For Android and Linux users with distros that automatically hide folders that start with a period, you’ll need to find the “Show hidden files” option in the file manager that came with your distro or what you are currently using.

Is there a limit to how many plugins I can activate?

There is no built-in limit to how many plugins you can activate. In fact, you can activate as many plugins as your computer can possibly handle.

All screenshots by Terenz Jomar Dela Cruz

Terenz Jomar Dela Cruz

Terenz is a hobbyist roboticist trying to build the most awesome robot the world has ever seen. He could have done that already if he wasn’t so busy burning through LEDs as a second hobby.

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Top 10 Chatgpt Plugins That You Shouldn’t Miss

Uncover the ultimate collection of the top 10 ChatGPT plugins you can’t afford to miss

Welcome to the ultimate guide for ChatGPT enthusiasts! If you’re looking to take your ChatGPT experience to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive compilation, we present to you the top 10 ChatGPT plugins that are absolute game-changers. These plugins are carefully selected to enhance and optimize your interactions with ChatGPT, providing you with a seamless and enriching conversational AI experience. From productivity boosters to creativity catalysts, these plugins offer a wide range of functionalities, allowing you to unlock new possibilities and make the most out of your ChatGPT sessions. Don’t miss out on this curated collection of must-have plugins that will revolutionize the way you engage with ChatGPT!



The MultiLanguageChat plugin is a game-changer when it comes to reaching a global audience. This plugin enables ChatGPT to converse fluently in multiple languages, breaking down language barriers and expanding your user base. Unlock the power of multilingual conversations and connect with users from around the world.


Looking to enhance your ChatGPT’s knowledge base? KnowledgeLinker is the answer. This plugin seamlessly integrates external databases and APIs, enabling ChatGPT to retrieve real-time information, provide accurate answers, and cite reliable sources. With KnowledgeLinker, your ChatGPT becomes an intelligent conversational assistant with access to a wealth of knowledge.


Understanding user sentiment is crucial in providing personalized and empathetic responses. The SentimentAnalyzer plugin equips your ChatGPT with the ability to recognize and analyze emotions in user input. This allows ChatGPT to respond appropriately, adapt to different moods, and create a more engaging and empathetic conversational experience.


Boost productivity and streamline workflows with the TaskMaster plugin. TaskMaster enables ChatGPT to perform a wide range of tasks, from setting reminders and managing to-do lists to scheduling appointments and sending notifications. With TaskMaster, ChatGPT becomes a versatile virtual assistant, simplifying your daily tasks and keeping you organized.


With the CodeWizard plugin, developers and tech enthusiasts can save valuable time and streamline their coding workflow. Say goodbye to tedious debugging sessions and endless searches for code examples. CodeWizard empowers you to harness the full potential of ChatGPT for code generation, enabling you to focus on what truly matters: building innovative software solutions. Embrace this game-changing plugin and witness a new level of coding efficiency, accuracy, and creativity.


Curious about the performance of your ChatGPT interactions? The ConversationAnalyzer plugin offers valuable insights into the quality and effectiveness of your conversations. It provides detailed analytics, sentiment analysis, and suggestions for improvement. Leverage ConversationAnalyzer to optimize your ChatGPT interactions and provide a seamless user experience.


The PersonalAssistant plugin is designed to make your life easier. With this plugin, ChatGPT becomes your digital companion, assisting with day-to-day tasks, recommending personalized content, and providing relevant information tailored to your interests. From news updates to entertainment recommendations, the PersonalAssistant plugin ensures that ChatGPT caters to your specific needs.


Privacy and security are paramount in today’s digital landscape. The SecurityGuard plugin reinforces the security measures of your ChatGPT implementation. It detects and filters sensitive information, ensuring that user data remains confidential and protected. Trust in SecurityGuard to maintain a secure and trustworthy conversational environment.


Unleash your creativity with the CreativeStoryteller plugin. This plugin transforms ChatGPT into a master storyteller, generating captivating narratives, plot twists, and immersive storytelling experiences. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or simply want to explore the depths of imagination, CreativeStoryteller will ignite your storytelling prowess.

5 Aliexpress Gadgets You Have To Own

From kitchen implements to outdoor watches, there isn’t a single piece of equipment or accessory that’s unavailable on AliExpress. So, let’s see what it has to offer. Here’s our list of top 5 AliExpress gadgets you simply have to own.

Would it shock you if we said that this sports watch costs no more than $35? We know. It’s crazy. If you are looking to treat yourself with a cool-looking gadgety outdoor watch, but you’re overwhelmed by how much they usually cost, why not try out the Xiaomi Mi Band 3? There’s nothing to lose.

It comes with a 0.78-inch OLED touchscreen, heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity, pedometer, sleep monitoring, and other nifty features. Look, you don’t even have to touch it to turn it on. Just raise your wrist and the screen will light-up!

The BYINTEK SKY GP70 has its own multimedia system, 1800 LUMENS, and supports full-HD resolution of 1920×1080. The contrast ratio of this device is 1000:1-2000:1 and the projected dimensions are 30×120 inches. All in all, everything you could ever need from a home projector, you get with the SKY GP70.

Check this out. BYINTEK promises that if you don’t use the projector more than 5 hours per day, it will last you an astounding 10 years! If by any chance this sounds average to you, how about a retail price of $80? You’re welcome.

When the battery is fully charged, you can get around 16 hours of playing time out of them. For a headphone set that costs no more than $45, there isn’t much more you could ask for. In the box, apart from the headphones, you also get a flocking bag, user manual, USB Type-C charging cable, and a 3.5mm audio cable.

Okay. We’ve included this moon lamp just because it looks incredibly cool. It isn’t actually a gadget per se, we’ll give you that one. However, it’s touch-activated. That has to count for something, right?

All jokes aside, this really is an unusual, yet very romantic-looking lamp. It will set you back a decent $23 if you decide to opt for the largest 5.9-inch version. What you get is a touch-activated Lithium Ion battery powered lamp. Depending on which brightness option you set it to, it can last anywhere between 4-20 hours per one full charge.

The package includes a moon night lamp, USB charging cable, user manual, as well as a little wooden mount to hold your lamp on. We agree. It’s very seductive.

Believe it or not, but you can get a 4K action camera for less than $50! GoPro? We don’t think so. SJCAM SJ4000 is a perfect solution for those of you who are on a very limited budget but are yearning for a multi-functional action camera.

SJ4000 comes with a 2-inch LTPS screen, 170-degree wide angle lens, Wi-Fi control, up to 32GB storage extension, 4K recording format, and a water-resistant casing which enables you to film underwater.

It’s worth mentioning that there are different bundle options to choose from. For example, if you decide to buy the full package which costs around $8o, with the standard package you’d get an extra battery, dual charger, car holder, car charger, 32GB memory card, monopod, floating bobber stick, and a carry bag. We think that’s a pretty good deal. Wouldn’t you agree?

How To Create Autogpt Plugins

How to create AutoGPT plugins

You can also read How to install AutoGPT plugins.

Download or clone the plugin repository: Clone the plugin repository or get it in zip format.

Install any dependencies for the plugin: In your terminal, navigate to the plugin’s folder and run the following command to install any needed dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Package the plugin as a Zip file: If you cloned the repository, zip the plugin folder.

Copy the Zip file containing the plugin: Place the plugin’s Zip file in the Auto-GPT repository’s plugins folder.

Allow the plugin to be listed (optional): To prevent being presented with a warning while loading the plugin, add the plugin’s class name to the ALLOWLISTED_PLUGINS in the .env file:


If the plugin is not allowlisted, you will be warned before it’s loaded.

To create AutoGPT plugins for Twitter

A plugin that integrates the Twitter API with Auto GPT.

Now, in this article, we create a Twitter AutoGPT plugins that helps you to tweet within Auto GPT. Please find more about this in Github.

Feature: Post a tweet using the post_tweet(tweet) command

Create your AutoGPT plugin

As directed in the main repository, clone this repo.

Include the following code in the .env file along with your twitter API details:

################################################################################ ### TWITTER API ################################################################################ # Consumer Keys are also known as API keys on the dev portal TW_CONSUMER_KEY= TW_CONSUMER_SECRET= TW_ACCESS_TOKEN= TW_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET= TW_CLIENT_ID= TW_CLIENT_ID_SECRET= """Twitter API integrations using Tweepy.""" from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional, Tuple, TypedDict, TypeVar from auto_gpt_plugin_template import AutoGPTPluginTemplate import os import tweepy PromptGenerator = TypeVar("PromptGenerator") class Message(TypedDict): role: str content: str class AutoGPTTwitter(AutoGPTPluginTemplate): """ Twitter API integrations using Tweepy """ def __init__(self): super().__init__() self._name = "autogpt-twitter" self._version = "0.1.0" self._description = "Twitter API integrations using Tweepy." self.twitter_consumer_key = os.getenv("TW_CONSUMER_KEY") self.twitter_consumer_secret = os.getenv("TW_CONSUMER_SECRET") self.twitter_access_token = os.getenv("TW_ACCESS_TOKEN") self.twitter_access_token_secret = os.getenv("TW_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET") self.tweet_id = [] self.tweets = [] chúng tôi = None if ( self.twitter_consumer_key and self.twitter_consumer_secret and self.twitter_access_token and self.twitter_access_token_secret ) is not None: # Authenticating to twitter chúng tôi = tweepy.OAuth1UserHandler( self.twitter_consumer_key, self.twitter_consumer_secret, self.twitter_access_token, self.twitter_access_token_secret, ) chúng tôi = tweepy.API(self.auth) = tweepy.Stream( self.twitter_consumer_key, self.twitter_consumer_secret, self.twitter_access_token, self.twitter_access_token_secret, ) else: print("Twitter credentials not found in .env file.") """This method is called to check that the plugin can handle the on_response method. Returns: bool: True if the plugin can handle the on_response method.""" return False """This method is called when a response is received from the model.""" pass """This method is called to check that the plugin can handle the post_prompt method. Returns: bool: True if the plugin can handle the post_prompt method.""" return True """This method is called to check that the plugin can handle the on_planning method. Returns: bool: True if the plugin can handle the on_planning method.""" return False def on_planning( self, prompt: PromptGenerator, messages: List[str] """This method is called before the planning chat completeion is done. Args: prompt (PromptGenerator): The prompt generator. messages (List[str]): The list of messages. """ pass """This method is called to check that the plugin can handle the post_planning method. Returns: bool: True if the plugin can handle the post_planning method.""" return False """This method is called after the planning chat completeion is done. Args: response (str): The response. Returns: str: The resulting response. """ pass """This method is called to check that the plugin can handle the pre_instruction method. Returns: bool: True if the plugin can handle the pre_instruction method.""" return False """This method is called before the instruction chat is done. Args: messages (List[str]): The list of context messages. Returns: List[str]: The resulting list of messages. """ pass """This method is called to check that the plugin can handle the on_instruction method. Returns: bool: True if the plugin can handle the on_instruction method.""" return False """This method is called when the instruction chat is done. Args: messages (List[str]): The list of context messages. Returns: Optional[str]: The resulting message. """ pass """This method is called to check that the plugin can handle the post_instruction method. Returns: bool: True if the plugin can handle the post_instruction method.""" return False """This method is called after the instruction chat is done. Args: response (str): The response. Returns: str: The resulting response. """ pass """This method is called to check that the plugin can handle the pre_command method. Returns: bool: True if the plugin can handle the pre_command method.""" return False def pre_command( self, command_name: str, arguments: Dict[str, Any] """This method is called before the command is executed. Args: command_name (str): The command name. arguments (Dict[str, Any]): The arguments. Returns: Tuple[str, Dict[str, Any]]: The command name and the arguments. """ pass """This method is called to check that the plugin can handle the post_command method. Returns: bool: True if the plugin can handle the post_command method.""" return False """This method is called after the command is executed. Args: command_name (str): The command name. response (str): The response. Returns: str: The resulting response. """ pass def can_handle_chat_completion( self, messages: list[Dict[Any, Any]], model: str, temperature: float, max_tokens: int, """This method is called to check that the plugin can handle the chat_completion method. Args: messages (Dict[Any, Any]): The messages. model (str): The model name. temperature (float): The temperature. max_tokens (int): The max tokens. Returns: bool: True if the plugin can handle the chat_completion method.""" return False def handle_chat_completion( self, messages: list[Dict[Any, Any]], model: str, temperature: float, max_tokens: int, """This method is called when the chat completion is done. Args: messages (Dict[Any, Any]): The messages. model (str): The model name. temperature (float): The temperature. max_tokens (int): The max tokens. Returns: str: The resulting response. """ return None """This method is called just after the generate_prompt is called, but actually before the prompt is generated. Args: prompt (PromptGenerator): The prompt generator. Returns: PromptGenerator: The prompt generator. """ if self.api: from .twitter import ( get_mentions, post_reply, post_tweet, search_twitter_user, ) prompt.add_command( ) prompt.add_command( "post_reply", "Post Twitter Reply", post_reply, ) prompt.add_command("get_mentions", "Get Twitter Mentions", {}, get_mentions) prompt.add_command( "search_twitter_user", "Search Twitter", { "number_of_tweets": "<number_of_tweets", }, search_twitter_user, ) return prompt

Copy this code and paste it in the Twitter plugin directory. You can also customise this code as per your wishes.

"""This module contains functions for interacting with the Twitter API.""" from __future__ import annotations from . import AutoGPTTwitter import pandas as pd import tweepy plugin = AutoGPTTwitter() """Posts a tweet to twitter. Args: tweet (str): The tweet to post. Returns: """ _tweetID = plugin.api.update_status(status=tweet_text) return f"Success! Tweet: {_tweetID.text}"

To know more about AutoGPT plugins read this.

How To Manually Install Windows 10 Anniversary Update

How to manually install Windows 10 Anniversary Update






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Microsoft has finally started rolling out the Anniversary Update to all eligible Windows 10 users. However, since a huge number of computers needs to get the update, the company decided to roll it out gradually, so not everyone is going to get the Anniversary Update immediately.

It could even take a few days for some users to finally receive the update via Windows Update. However, if you’re not so patient, and you don’t want to wait for the update to come through Windows Update, there’s actually a way to upgrade your Windows 10 to version 1607 manually.

Upgrading Windows 10 manually is actually a simple action, and it requires just one tool. So, let’s see how to upgrade your computer to the Anniversary Update, even if you still haven’t receive it from Windows Update.

Method 1 – With Media Creation Tool

So as we said, the process is pretty simple, you just create a bootable image, and upgrade your system the way you do when clean installing. Of course, none of your files will be lost during process, so don’t worry about that. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

First, download the Media Creation tool from this link, and install it

The download process will start automatically, and your computer will be updated. You just need to follow some on-screen instructions, and you’ll be good to go

That was just a one way of installing the Anniversary Update, that allows you to update only a computer you’re currently using. However, if you want to create a bootable media, and install it on another computer, follow these steps:

Download the Media Creation tool

Save the ISO file anywhere you want, and wait for the tool to download it, and create a bootable image

 Once you’ve created a bootable image, just run in to a computer you want to update

Follow further on-screen instructions

Finish the installation

Method 2 – With Windows Upgrade Assistant

If you don’t like the Media Creation tool, you can use another Microsoft’s tool for upgrading to the Anniversary Update called the Upgrade Assistant. Using this tool is actually easier than using the Media Creation tool, therefore you might prefer to use it. Here’s how to install the Anniversary Update using the Upgrade Assistant:

Download the Upgrade Assistant from this link

Open it, and just choose Update now

Follow further on-screen instructions, and wait for the Anniversary Update to get installed on your computer

If you have trouble finding proper files for your version of Windows 10, we gathered ISO files for each version in one place, so you might check them out, if needed.


Still experiencing issues?

Was this page helpful?


Seo Community Support For Ukraine & How You Can Help

with Brock Cooper

Ukrainian streets once filled with the laughter of children and hurried walks of people heading to work are now abandoned.

Workers of all kinds have had to abandon their posts to flee their homes or worse – to take up arms and defend their families.

Russia’s invasion has ground life as they knew it to a halt for millions of Ukrainians.

Outpourings of support from the search engine optimization and digital marketing industry abound as many companies and employees hail from the besieged country.

Tech is a $6.8 billion business in Ukraine and thousands of its 4.4 million residents work in the sector.

This invasion hits very close to many of us, even here at Search Engine Journal where the family of Loren Baker, SEJ’s Founder, is currently fighting to defend the people and the land of Ukraine.

The digital marketing and SEO community is a family. And when members of our family are hurting, we provide support in the best ways we know how. We will be adding to this list with updates and additional ways to help.

Google Donating $15 Million & Fighting Disinformation

Google and its employees are donating a combined $15 million in money and in-kind support to aid relief.

“In this extraordinary crisis, we are taking extraordinary measures to stop the spread of misinformation and disrupt disinformation campaigns online,” Google President of Global Affairs Kent Walker wrote in a March 1 statement.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and take additional actions as needed — and we join the international community in expressing sincere hope for a return to a peaceful and sovereign Ukraine,” he added.

Google’s announcement also notes that YouTube channels from RT and Sputnik are now blocked across Europe.

Walker also notes that products like Google Pay may become unavailable in some countries as Google strives to comply with government sanctions.

Canceled Conference Event Donates $35,000

The cancelled LRTcon can donate $ 35,102.62 for Ukraine.

who made this astonishing amount possible.

Speakers, Guest and Friends from Ukraine.

I am very proud about being able to help to so quick and so big.

— Christoph C. Cemper 🇺🇦 🧡 SEO (@cemper) March 1, 2023

Organizer Christoph Cemper added, “We had speakers from Ukraine. LRTcon was headlined by some amazing speakers from Ukraine. We had guests from Ukraine. LRTcon was visited by many competent and nice people from Ukraine… I am very proud about being able to help to so quick and so big. And with this, the story of LRTcon ends.”

Conductor To Pay Salaries Of Drafted Employees To Family

Seth Besmertnik of Conductor provided updates on LinkedIn this week on employee Oleksander Lytvyn, who was risking his life patrolling the streets while his family hunkers down in a parking garage.

“Our Ukraine team has over and over proved to be loyal, dedicated, proud, and open to always getting better.” Besmertnik wrote.

Conductor saw the writing on the wall more than a month ago as Russia provoked and threatened the country, Besmertnik wrote. They provided assistance and incentives for their Ukrainian team to escape.

Half of them chose to flee, but the other half stayed.

They message team members in Ukraine every 12 hours offering monetary and other assistance.

“For those who have stayed, we let them know what if they get drafted, we will provide income to their families as long as they are in service,” Besmertnik wrote.

SERPstats Sends Blog Editor To Volunteer Journalists Initiative

All-in-one SEO platform SERPstat, based in Ukraine, tweeted March 2 that Taras Prystatsky, its Blog Editor, had joined the Ukrainian Volunteer Journalists Initiative.

Today, the company tweeted:

— Serpstat (@serpstat) March 3, 2023

WebCEO Donates over $150,000 to the The Armed Forces of Ukraine Fund

During the first days of the Russian invasion to Ukraine, the WebCEO team donated more than $150,000 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine Fund. Since many WebCEO team members have connections with Ukraine, they keep on donating to the Armed Forces of Ukraine Fund as well as several humanitarian funds which provide help to the civilian population of Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees abroad.

Since March 4th, the WebCEO internet marketing platform has restricted access to its online services for Russian users.

SEJ Has Donated $10,000 to Help the Ukrainian Effort & Humanitarian Relief

The Search Engine Journal team has huddled together to donate to both the UNICEF initiative for helping, feeding & clothing children in Ukraine and also Ukraine’s Come Back Alive program. As we’ve stated throughout this post, this war hits very close to home both for us – on the family front and within the search marketing community. We’re here to help … and here are some more examples of how those in the SEO world are also helping our partners in Ukraine.

How SEO Pros Can Help Our Colleagues In Ukraine Hire a Ukrainian Remote Worker

Olesia Korobka has organized a makeshift database of Ukrainian SEO and digital marketing professionals who are currently looking for remote work.

SEO consultant Alexis Rylko has compiled a post of ‘Awesome SEO & Digital Marketing Tools Made In Ukraine‘ for those who might like to support the cause with their business.

Support Ukrainian Businesses

Julia Nesterets, CEO of crawler and log analyzer tool Jet Octopus, sent a tweet from her vehicle as she and her newborn baby delivered medical supplies, fundraised, and gave demos from the road as she works remote:

— Julia Nesterets (@JNesterets) March 3, 2023

Ahrefs’ CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko is Ukrainian and offered to double subscriptions of anyone that donates to organizations that support the peace in Ukraine.

If a person donates the amount of a six-month plan, Ahrefs will support them with an entire year of service.

SE Ranking has a message on their website supporting Ukraine and provides links to how people can help.

One points to chúng tôi a resource created by Tumblr’s head of product, Bohdan Kit. There, he shares a form for one-time or monthly donations, a list of ways to donate or volunteer in other ways, and a feed from #StandWithUkraine on Twitter.

SERanking’s head of content Svetlana Shchehel, also an author at Search Engine Journal, recommends that people donate to Unicef to provide much-needed emergency relief for Ukrainian children.

Olga Andrienko, VP of brand marketing at Semrush, tweeted, “We strongly oppose any act of war, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Prowly, our Polish entity, is coordinating an effort to provide some direct relief to people in need within Ukraine via NGO support.”

Digital marketing agency Switch out of Malta has a page on their website dedicated to Ukraine support and every team member is donated one hour per day to humanitarian causes. There is also a contact form where people can request or offer services to help the people of Ukraine.

Make A Pledge To Support Animal Shelters

Duda’s Head of Influencer Marketing Anton Shulke, who is based in Kyiv, is gathering donations to help Ukrainian animal shelters get through this difficult time.

All proceeds from his Buy Me A Coffee site will go directly to different dog and cat shelters in need, keeping these sanctuaries running with much needed pet food and supplies.

Every pledge counts, and no donation is too small.

As of March 17, Shulke has raised approximately $19,310 for animals in Ukraine.

Fact-Check Everything

Information and misinformation about the Ukrainian conflict are everywhere, but a band of public relations specialists located in Kyiv wants to make sure the world hears only the truth.

More than 100 PR professionals created a Google form where media can ask for first-hand accounts from experts, volunteers, and eyewitnesses, according to a press release. They can also receive pictures and videos of the war.

Before making any donations or services to support Ukraine, make sure the charity is trustworthy.

If you are looking for the most trusted place to donate, visit the Support Ukraine page from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

There are also requests circulating for people to participate in DDOS attacks to take down Russian sites.

It must be noted that not only is this illegal, but a well-intentioned person could easily end up participating in something else entirely.

Hope For Quick Resolution

The hearts and minds of the world are on the people of Ukraine as they continue to fight for their freedom against overwhelming odds.

Acrid smoke permeates from the husks of bombed-out buildings and gunfire rings out in the streets as Russian forces take on not only the Ukrainian military but citizens as well.

Search Engine Journal fully supports the people of Ukraine in their time of need and encourages everyone to do what they can to help the thousands of innocents caught in the middle.

With research and notes from Brock Cooper, News Writer.

Featured Image: DOERS/Shutterstock

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