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Preview is one of the stock apps that come preloaded on your Mac machine. For most users, it’s just an image viewer that allows them to open and view various types of images available on their Macs.

However, that’s not the case. The Preview app on Mac is capable of doing more than just letting you view your images. There are many features that this app has for you only if you’re willing to uncover and use them for your tasks.

Table of Contents

Some of these little talked about features of Preview include the ability to lock your PDF files, add a signature to your files, and even edit your images. Once you’ve learned to use these features, you’ll no longer need to use any third-party apps that you might have installed on your machine.

Modify Multiple Files At Once

One of the most time-consuming tasks you could ever come across is probably having to make the same change to many files on your Mac. Opening each file and making the change is simply a waste of time, especially when you have an app like Preview available on your Mac.

With Preview on your Mac, you can make changes like modifying the image resolution of multiple files at once. There are several other uses of it as well.

Enter in a new size for your multiple images and hit OK.

All of your selected images will now have your new resolution.

Add a Signature To Your Files

You no longer need to sign a white paper, scan it, crop your signature, and then place the signature on your digital document. With Preview, you can directly sign any of your files on your Mac.

You can then place your signature anywhere you want in your document.

Convert Files From One Format To Another

Tasks like file conversion often require you to find and install a third-party app on your Mac. However, if your file is one of Preview’s supported formats, you can have it converted to another format using Preview itself.

Your file will be saved in your chosen format on your Mac.

Add Password Protection To Your Files

You can protect your confidential files with a password using the Preview app.

Your file will now require a password to open.

Create a New File From Your Clipboard

If you have something saved in your clipboard, you can use that content to create a new file in Preview. The app will use your clipboard’s content for the new file you make.

It’ll generate a new file based on your clipboard’s items.

Add New Pages To a PDF Document

If you have an existing PDF document that you want to add new pages to, you can do that using Preview.

Select the new page on your Mac that you want to add to your file.

The page you just added is now a part of your existing PDF file.

Remove Pages From a PDF Document

Sometimes you may want to get rid of a page from a PDF document. Preview can help you with that as well.

Remove Background From Images

This one’s the least talked about feature of Preview but it does a great job at helping you remove unwanted backgrounds from your images. It works pretty much the same way as the Photoshop background removal tool.

Select your image background using the tool and press Delete to remove the background.

Access The EXIF Data For Your Images

If you haven’t removed EXIF data from your images, you can access this data in the Preview app on your Mac.

Select the Exif tab to view the available EXIF data for your image file.

Annotate Your Files

Preview lets you annotate your files as well so you can quickly add items that help describe your image in a better way.

You're reading 10 Tips To Make The Most Of Preview On Mac

10 Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Github

GitHub is an online hosting service for mostly computer code with version control. Think about Github as a cloud-based development service for code and other similar types of files. Github boasts over 30 million users who are all sharing, developing and working together to build tomorrow’s software.

It hosts source code projects in different programming languages and keeps tracks of every iteration and every change. Also, everyone on your team can work together on the same projects from anywhere in the world. 

Table of Contents

GitHub is most helpful for projects with multiple collaborators. It also means that software and app development teams can use a centralized repository where users can upload, manage code and make synchronistic edits.

When using other cloud-based systems such as Dropbox, changes can override each other. The first one to save their work takes precedence over another team member who might be trying to make changes at the same time.

Despite the fact that GitHub is mainly used by engineers and programmers, it can just as easily be employed by those with less technical experience as a way of sharing and collaborating on any file type.

1. Tracking Your Coding Projects

The bedrock of GitHub’s platform is the capability it has to trace projects by employing the distributed version control system Git (a program that tracks developments and alterations made to files.)

Team members can view a complete overview of any given project. A progress bar will show active tasks, a list of to-dos, and what has been completed.

GitHub also allows users to track project boards from other organizations by entering the URL of a project into the note field. If you want to, you can turn the tracking off for any given project.

2. Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of us are familiar with the use of keyboard shortcuts as a means of performing multiple or repetitive tasks more quickly.

Almost every page on GitHub includes a list of shortcuts that can be used on that specific page. You can access the shortcut by typing “?” into a dialogue box.

3. Explore Other Projects

Most developer teams use GitHub to host and manage their own projects. However, it also helps to see how others are using the platform and to browse their projects. You might get some new insights, ideas and inspiration to use for your own projects.

Find out what is trending in the GitHub community, connect with other members, and search by labels or topics for more insights.

For a platform that is primarily about coding, Github is incredibly “people-friendly” and shines as a user and community-centric environment. Their emphasis on user-focused development is embedded in the culture of Github itself which holds a top twenty position among the world’s most employee-friendly workplaces.

4. More Than Just Coding

Many assume that GitHub is only useful for developers. However, it is also a resource for many other niches. Two of the main collaborative features of GitHub that are helpful to anyone are branching and forking.

Forking allows users to create a copy or clone of someone else’s work if they have access to it. The primary hyperlink to the source can be preserved while the developer tests the content, performs edits and revisions.

With the branching tool, users can create a temporary copy of a resource. This prevents different users working on the same content simultaneously from applying incompatible changes to the project.

Branching and forking are valuable tools for users working on synergetic projects. Below are several ways teams of any type, not just coders, can benefit:

Travel logs

Legal documents

Musical compositions

Data visualization for journalists

Blogging and content marketing

Recipe sharing

5. Create a Repository

A repository is a fancy way to describe the space where your project lives. Your options of where to store your data are:

Any online host

A folder on your computer

GitHub storage space

You can store any type of file in your repository including images, text, and code files. Getting underway with your first repository is not difficult. First, you will need to create your own GitHub account.

found in the top right-hand corner while logged in. Select “new repository”.

You will then see a screen that looks like this:

Take note that repositories are public by default. If you would rather that access was restricted and you don’t want everyone to view your progress, you can select only those you want to see your content. If you prefer to maintain some privacy, you will have to upgrade to a paid service..

6. Use READMEs Effectively

The purpose of a README file is to get users interested in your project. You can add your file while you begin to build a dedicated repository.

Those who use the WordPress platform are familiar with README files. Prior to installing plugins, your work team can read this file to get a clearer idea of what the plugin is likely to do and how best to use it.

Don’t make your file long and boring as it will more than likely turn users away rather than have them stay around to read more. Some suggested best practices for README files include:

Descriptive titles

Header images

External links to additional documentation

Short feature lists

Clear and concise summaries

7.    Follow Others

Interact with others on GitHub by following their profile. You will be able to monitor what others are working on from within the public repositories and will also receive notifications about their activity on your own personal dashboard on Github.

You will find a plethora of great ideas for your own development projects, you can collaborate with team members in your niche or work team and share your knowledge and expertise.

To follow someone in GitHub, you can search by

8.    Join the Conversation

One of the many benefits of open source platforms is the ability to collaborate, learn, share, and communicate with others.

There is no cost to use Github and explore its potential. The purpose of open source is to help make solutions better using contributions from the masses.

Learn or improve your skills or help others learn from your experience and expertise.

By meeting up with a community on GitHub, you will be able to follow the development of projects that interest you, make duplicates of those projects and experiment in your own private repository.

To find a community you are interested in joining, use the “explore” function to search for collections related to your field of interest.

9.    Showcase Your Best Work

If you are an active social media user, you understand the power of pinned posts. For example, if you pin a new post to your Twitter profile, it will stay at the top of your feed and be viewable by anyone viewing that profile.

Facebook pages have the same feature. By pinning posts to your social media profiles, you are making sure that your visitors will see your favorite post first rather than having to search through your entire feed.

GitHub also allows you to pin your favorite or most relevant repositories to your profile page. Users with a free account can pin up to six repositories that will remain on the top of their profile.

10.   Know Who to Blame

Yes, there is a button in GitHub called “blame”. It might not be a kind word, but it’s a useful feature. If you want to see who made a specific change in a file, play the blame game.

From the blame view of a file, you will be able to see the entire revision history line-by-line. Or you can examine the changes made or a version history of any line.

If something is broken or not working correctly, this function can help to identify which team members need to work together towards a solution.

If you are looking for a centralized, cloud-based platform where you can collaborate, share, store, test, and publish

How To Make The Most Of Enterprise Phones, Tablets With Knox Configure

In today’s digitally transformed enterprise, mobile devices have become essential business tools, capable of supporting virtually every worker in their daily tasks. But for IT leaders, this has created a new challenge of managing and optimizing smartphones and tablets to efficiently serve such a diverse set of business roles.

To maximize productivity and ensure security, administrators need greater control over how devices operate, which apps are installed and which networks they connect to. Samsung’s Knox Configure gives them exactly that.

With granular device configurations, your IT team can ensure that corporate-liable devices won’t leak information or expose the company to security vulnerabilities. Whether you’re deploying a few dozen devices or a few thousand, Knox Configure can make the job easier.

What exactly does device configuration mean? With Knox Configure, it means being able to control and customize almost every aspect of the device.

Seamless, out-of-the-box setup

Knox Configure gives you full control over the features your employees can and can’t access on their corporate-liable devices. You can set up each device according to the employee’s company role or security clearance. You can also provision content and apps, disable other preloaded apps or bloatware and even rebrand your devices with a custom boot animation.

Get your ultimate guide to Knox Configure

White Paper

Learn how to optimize tablets for your unique business needs using Samsung Knox Configure. Download Now

Essentially, Knox Configure allows the mobility manager to create a gold master image that’s automatically applied to end users’ devices. In the Knox Configure portal, admins can upload a list of deployed devices and assign them predefined profiles, tailoring the devices to various business needs. Rather than going through setup wizards or other complicated steps, employees get mobile devices that are automatically provisioned and configured as soon as they’re powered on and connected to a network. And IT managers don’t have to sink time into manually configuring each device one at a time.

Advanced device configuration

On any mobile device, one of the most important settings is how the device connects to the world. Connectivity is necessary for improving employees’ productivity, and, for standard usage, there’s rarely reason to disable this access. But in circumstances where employees are accessing highly sensitive information, you may have to limit connectivity to ensure data security.

By using Knox Configure, you can control Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, and even set up mobile network Access Point Name (APN) configurations. You can turn off GPS, Bluetooth and near-field communication (NFC) or enable Flight Mode. These are especially vital controls for specialist industry use cases or employees handling sensitive data.

However you configure your devices, Knox Configure prevents your employees from reversing these settings, even with a factory reset. You maintain stronger control over how data flows in and out of your network — and more importantly, who can access it.

Building on these capabilities, the Knox Configure Dynamic edition makes it easy for you to keep corporate-liable devices on the latest settings, so they’re always up-to-date.

Create purpose-built appliances

Almost every feature on your mobile devices can be customized with Knox Configure according to your unique business needs. You can help minimize employee interference with device settings, or eliminate interference altogether for customer-facing devices like a self-serve kiosk. You can further customize the UX by modifying the standard UX and locking down the device to a single app, transforming mobile devices into tailor-made business tools.

By preventing certain features from being tampered with, you also limit potential security vulnerabilities. If a configured device is lost or stolen, you can reset the device remotely, and you can prevent data leaks by disallowing files from being copied to an SD card or USB storage.

For devices that are being used in highly sensitive areas, you can use Knox Configure to limit the devices’ recording capability by disabling the microphone, camera or screen capture. You can also limit communication by locking SMS and MMS message access.

Customized to your brand

The employee experience can make all the difference in improving your business performance. You can add a personal touch to their mobile devices by using Knox Configure to create a fully company-branded experience from the moment an employee powers on their device.

You can further personalize their devices by preinstalling specific business apps over the air or adding shortcuts, like an icon that goes straight to the company’s homepage. For customer-facing devices, a shortcut to customer support can help ensure a smooth transaction.

Flexibility for multiple users

When enterprise smartphones and tablets are used by multiple people, IT usually faces a number of issues around device configuration. But with Knox Shared Device, IT can let multiple users access the same device without sharing data. Individual settings, accounts, apps and policies are exclusively applied to a single user account. Data doesn’t pass between accounts and is cleared when a user logs out. Each user logs into the device with a separate account (with their Active Directory credentials) and only manages their own files and apps.

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous and increasingly diverse, but they don’t have to be hard to manage. Knox Configure offers you the dynamic capabilities you need to meet your unique business needs, whether you pair it with an MDM solution or not. With Knox Configure, you can enjoy the benefits of standardized, consistent and secure mobile devices — and plenty of room to innovate.

Pairing an MDM solution with Knox Configure can extend your management capabilities. Find out how to choose the right MDM solution for your business needs. One such solution, Knox Manage, allows your IT team to manage devices from an intuitive cloud-based console.

80 Most Useful Chat Gpt Prompts For Students To Make Most Out Of It

So, buckle up and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of limitless creativity by using these Chat GPT prompts that will help you a lot as a student.

Note: These prompts can help anyone, whether they are in high school, college, or even trying to get a PhD. To get the most out of Chat GPT, follow these prompts.

S.No.Prompts For School Students1“Explain the concept of photosynthesis in plants”2“How does Newtons Third Law of Motion apply in reallife situations”3“Discuss the causes and effects of the Great Depression of 1929”4“Outline the structure of DNA and its role in genetic information”5“What are the key features of Baroque music”6“Describe the circulatory system and its functions in the human body”7“Explain the impact of the Civil Rights Movement on American society”8“Analyze the role of enzymes in biological processes”9“Discuss the major themes in William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet”10“Define the concept of equilibrium in chemistry and its applications”11“Evaluate the significance of the French Revolution on global history”12“Describe the process of cellular respiration in plants and animals”13“Discuss the causes and consequences of World War I”14“Analyze the symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter”15“Define the laws of thermodynamics and their applications”16“Evaluate the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the economy and society”17“Describe the structure and functions of the nervous system in humans”18“Discuss the role of the United Nations in maintaining international peace and security”19“Analyze the themes in John Steinbecks The Grapes of Wrath”20“Define the properties and behavior of light including reflection and refraction”21“Can you help me solve this math equation? It’s for my algebra class and I’m struggling to understand it22“I need to complete a math project for my geometry class23“I have a test tomorrow in calculus and I need to review some formulas24“I have a math homework due tomorrow and I’m stuck on a problem25“I need to practice my math skills26“Can you help me prepare for a math quiz I have next week? I need to practice my mental math skills27“I’m having trouble understanding the concept of vectors in my math class28“Can you help me write a 3-page essay on the causes of World War II?”29“Help me summarize the events of the American Revolution in 5 sentences”30“Can you give me some study tips for understanding ancient Greek history?”31“Help me write a persuasive speech on why the Civil War was necessary”32“Can you help me understand the differences between the Renaissance and the Reformation?”33“Help me create a timeline of the major events of the French Revolution”34“Can you explain the concept of feudalism to me?”35“Help me analyze the impact of the Industrial Revolution on society”36“Can you help me compare and contrast the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire?”37“Help me write a research paper on the causes of the American Revolution”38“Can you help me explain the significance of the Magna Carta?”39“Help me write an essay on the role of women in medieval Europe”40“Can you help me understand the impact of the Scientific Revolution on modern society?” S.No.Prompts For College Or University Students41“Can you help me write a research paper on the history of the Roman Empire?”42“Help me find credible sources for my psychology essay on the effects of stress on the human brain”43“Can you assist me in creating a presentation on the economics of renewable energy?”44“Help me write a short story for my creative writing class on the theme of time travel”45“Can you help me solve this complex math problem on vector calculus?”46“Help me understand the basics of market analysis for my finance class”47“Can you assist me in writing a persuasive essay on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle?”48“Help me write a critical review on the impact of globalization on developing countries”49“Can you help me with my programming project on building a chatbot using Python?”50“Help me create a study plan for my upcoming exams in history and political science”51“Can you assist me in understanding the theories of evolution for my biology class?”52“Help me write a personal statement for my university application in engineering”53“Can you help me solve this complex physics problem on quantum mechanics?”54“Help me analyze a case study on the impact of technology on the music industry”55“Can you assist me in writing a poetry analysis essay on the works of William Wordsworth?”56“Help me create a budget plan for my personal finance class”57“Can you help me understand the concept of machine learning for my computer science class?”58“Help me write a book report on the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee”59“Can you assist me in understanding the theories of quantum physics for my physics class?”60“Help me analyze a primary source for my history class on the American Revolution”

We have a post on how you can write better Chat GPT prompts, so do check that out too.

What Kind of Topics Can Chat Gpt Assist Me With?

Chat GPT can assist you with a wide range of topics, from scientific concepts to writing assignments. It can help you understand complex theories, write research papers, and even help you solve problems.

10 Of The Most Underrated Pc Games From 2023

The sheer amount of titles released each year makes getting to every single one a mammoth task for any gamer. While you may have found the time to finish the biggest AAA games, such as God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring, in 2023, there are countless other interesting titles that you may have missed. This list features the best underrated games of 2023. You won’t have to do the research and can instead devote that time to playing some of the more offbeat but standout titles.

Tip: looking for your Steam ID? Learn how to find and customize it.

1. Tinykin

Image source: Tinykin


Overall pleasant experience

Satisfying navigation

Beautifully-designed and rendered levels

Plot mostly works, considering the length of the game


Lack of challenging puzzles

Plot can feel a little obtuse

2. Redout 2

In 2023, Redout arrived on the gaming scene as a self-proclaimed Wipeout and F-Zero tribute. Six years later, Redout 2 attempted to expand on what worked the first time around. With an impressive roster of vehicles, visually stunning tracks, and most of all, driving at ridiculous speeds, Redout 2 manages to retain and build on all of the fun from its prequel. Its punishing mechanics are not for everyone. Players hoping for casual gravity-defying whooshing and vaulting without nailing precise inputs may want to abandon the game from the get-go. But Redout 2 is not trying to please everyone. It’s clear about what it wants to be but may require another sequel.

Image source: Steam


Breakneck racing that never gets dull

Gorgeous and varied locations, each with its own backstory

Huge career mode for players to sink their teeth into

Vehicle upgrades as you progress

Satisfying gameplay for those willing to stick with it


AI assist still needs work

No online multiplayer

Difficulty is needlessly high at times

Good to know: learn how to install OptiFine for Minecraft and get access to the additional goodies.

3. Midnight Fight Express

Image source: Steam

The combat never gets boring, with the incredible variety of weapons and context-specific moves you have access to, making Midnight Fight Express a treat to play. The game also sprinkles in some pop culture references and the occasional satire, but it mostly just interrupts the combat and doesn’t add anything valuable to the experience.


Authentic and incredibly satisfying combat

Addictive, techno-bassy soundtrack

Diverse locales that provide context-specific fighting styles

Mo-capped animations keep things fresh, especially the finishers


Weak writing provides a protagonist with no personality

Dialogue appears as lines of text in the absence of voice acting

4. Norco

Image source: Steam

The protagonist is modeled after some of the developers’ real-life experiences living in the actual city of Norco. This is masterfully used to tell a tale of how capitalism and climate change affect the lives of real people.


Complex themes and a thought-provoking narrative

Genuine moments of connection with NPCs and side-mission stories

Amazing soundtrack that elevates the story

Can be an emotionally-charged gaming experience


Lack of voice acting may put off some players

Too short

5. Rogue Legacy 2

Roguelikes are pretty common when it comes to indie games, but the Rogue Legacy games have managed to put a popular spin on the genre while excelling on all of the roguelike trappings. Rogue Legacy 2 was a hotly-anticipated title after the first game’s stellar success. The initial gameplay loop of traversing a dangerous and ever-changing castle and amassing riches for your next generation of warriors was highly rewarding. Yet, Rogue Legacy 2 enhances that formula and gives players more classes, weapons, and movement abilities to make playthroughs even more action-packed and rewarding.

Image source: Steam


Doesn’t change the core elements of previous game

Tense and chaotic combat with satisfying boss fights

Still as visually arresting

Well-designed levels and enemy challenges

Awesome soundtrack keeps the player engaged


Difficulty can hinder gameplay

Backtracking on some levels can become a grind

Tip: want to have all of your games in one place? Learn how you can add non-Steam games to your Steam library.

6. Hyper Demon

Hyper Demon is a weird, unusual, and trippy experience that is technically a first-person shooter. Hyper Demon is best experienced firsthand, as the way it decides to present its world, enemies, and combat is both wondrous chaos and unintelligible pandemonium at the same time. There’s no story here – only the knowledge that you need to kill every “skull and bone” jumping at you. Your vision is always a swirling mess of rainbow-infused oil spills, and your remaining senses are assaulted with the haunting soundtrack.

Image source: Steam


Singular experience that’ll stay with you long after you put the game down

Psychedelic graphics verging on incomprehensible

Soundtrack adds to the tension

Near-unstoppable gameplay encourages learning the game’s tricky mechanics


Constant failures can make even the best players give up

Visuals can be disorienting for some players

7. FAR: Changing Tides

Image source: Steam


Chill, atmospheric tone that invites you into the narrative

Stunning visuals based on the oil painting aesthetic

Brilliant soundtrack acts as an able wingman to the visuals

Deeply detailed soundscape helps the ocean come to life

Intuitive gameplay won’t make you frustrated


Puzzles may feel too easy to some players

Unexplained environmental elements can hurt gameplay on occasion

8. Saturnalia

Saturnalia is a horror game by an Italian developer and is set in the fictional village of Gravoi in 1989. Inspired by Sardinian folklore, the game sets out a lofty objective for the player: explore the eerie village with an ensemble cast and try to uncover the truth before the village shapeshifts each time all of your characters die. Saturnalia’s art design is as unique as its premise. Stop-motion and rotoscoping-based visuals combine to paint an unsettling, dream-like world filled with cryptic mazes and an evil entity.

Image source: Epic Games Store

The roguelite gameplay mechanics let you use what you learn in every iteration to stop a malevolent ritual before the village overpowers your characters. Equipped with only a handful of matches, your ensemble cast needs to solve challenges deeply linked to the mystery at the heart of the narrative.


Nails the visual aesthetic for a horror experience set in an isolated village

Great soundscape


Doesn’t live up to its scariness potential

Can seem too obscure at times

Tip: want more horror in your life? These are the best free games that will give you the chills when you play.

9. Cultic

Cultic is a first-person shooter game (and kind of in the horror genre) created with retro-style pixel art and many 2D assets. It also borrows from ’90s classics like Blood to deliver a gory, crispy, skull-crunching experience with plenty of movement flexibility and weapon variety. Your character is a guy hellbent on rampaging hatchet-wielding and machine gun-toting cultists. Cultic is meant to be an action game with gratifying cultist-killing mayhem but often borders on being terrifying, especially in its more claustrophobic locales. The game’s first chapter is currently out, with plans for the next in full swing. If you’re feeling an itch for some good ol’ FPS goodness that evokes a bit of nostalgia, give Cultic a try.

Image source: Steam


Compelling tribute to retro FPS games

Beautiful and creepy retro visuals aided by modern elements

Great soundtrack

Impressive variety of weapons

Plenty of level variety


Some movement aspects are broken and need to be fixed

Only the first chapter is currently available

10. Grapple Dog Pros

Gorgeous pixel art visuals bring the colorful levels to life

Grapple hook feels deeply satisfying to use

Plenty of challenging levels to keep platforming fans hooked

Well-balanced mechanics help keep the momentum going


Same soundtrack within worlds gets boring

Some mechanics are not as well-implemented as the grapple hook

Tip: are you a new game developer? These are the best game engines for noobs.

Frequently Asked Questions Are these games available only on Steam?

All of these titles (except Saturnalia) are available on Steam, with some of them, such as Norco, Redout 2, and Rogue Legacy 2, also available on the Epic Games Store. Steam is still the place to find the most unknown and offbeat games, with Epic Games Store stocking some of the more well-known indie games. In terms of AAA games, both stores have similarly stocked libraries.

Where can I bargain shop for indie games?

Steam is known to run various sales throughout the year, and you can grab popular indie games for a bargain. But if you’re looking for sites dedicated to stocking games at bargain prices, check out our list of the best sites to buy cheap PC games. You may not find each of the titles listed above on these sites, but sites like Humble Bundle often have popular games at discounts.

Do I need a powerful computer to play these games?

No, the bulk of the titles on this list will work on any PC from the past 10 years. However, some of the more modern titles may require you to turn down settings to achieve playable framerates. You can always refer to the Steam/Epic Games Store links of the games to check out the specific system requirements before purchasing. If you’re thinking of upgrading your PC or building a new one, check out our guide on things to consider before building a gaming PC.

Image credit: Steam

Tanveer Singh

Tanveer hunts far and wide for PC Hardware, Windows, and Gaming ideas to write about. An MBA in Marketing and the owner of a PC building business, he has written extensively on Technology, Gaming, and Marketing. When not scouring the web, he can be found binging on The Office, running for his life in GTFO, or wrecking karts in Smash Karts.

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Two Alums Make Time’s List Of Most Influential People Of 2023

Two Alums Make Time’s List of Most Influential People of 2023

Alexander is also a much lauded poet and essayist, while Zaslav is known for philanthropic work outside the industry. Photos courtesy of Andrew Harnik and Willy Sanjuan via AP Photo


Two Alums Make Time’s List of Most Influential People of 2023 Mellon Foundation president Elizabeth Alexander (GRS’87) and media executive David Zaslav (LAW’85) among 100 artists, innovators, and leaders honored

They share the spotlight with Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky, Tim Cook and Oprah Winfrey, Kris Jenner, and Vladimir Putin.

Two BU alums were named to this year’s Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People 2023, a list populated by many household names and more than a few less-famous influencers.

David Zaslav (LAW’85) is the chief executive officer and president of Warner Bros. Discovery, the vast multimedia conglomerate formed from the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc., which was completed in April and reported at more than $40 billion. Previously he was CEO of Discovery Inc., a position he assumed in 2006.

Elizabeth Alexander (GRS’87) is an award-winning poet, essayist, and biographer—and the president of the Mellon Foundation, which has an endowment reported at more than $8 billion.

Both were named to the Time list in the Titans category, which also includes Apple’s Cook and Winfrey, as well as Irish novelist Sally Rooney, European Central Bank president Christine LaGarde, and the Indian billionaire Gautam Adani.

In Time’s format, each of the honorees receives a short tribute from a colleague or peer. Zaslav’s was penned by Chip and Joanna Gaines, whose success as founders of the Magnolia lifestyle empire began with the show Fixer Upper on HGTV and now thrives on Discovery’s Magnolia Network.

“There’s something about the feeling David imparts when he believes in you, that has the ability to change circumstances,” they write. “To change the outcome. To change you and the world for the better. And now, as he takes on the role of CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, that opportunity becomes even greater.”

Zaslav earned a bachelor’s degree at Binghamton University and went on to get a law degree from BU, practicing in New York before joining NBC Universal in 1989, overseeing cable and new media distribution of channels that include Bravo, Sci Fi, and the USA Network. He became CEO of Discovery in 2006, and notably oversaw its acquisition of Scripps Networks Interactive in 2023, which brought Food Network, HGTV, and others into the company. Now he’s tasked with leading Warner Brothers Discovery in the streaming media era.

Outside the corner office, he is known for charitable work, including on behalf of Jewish charities and Holocaust awareness efforts, where he has appeared with Steven Spielberg (Hon.’09) and the late Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel (Hon.’74), a longtime BU professor.

“David is a trailblazer but still grounded in what matters most,” the Gaineses write, noting his love for his family. “He’s a visionary who boldly predicts what’s ahead, but is the first to get behind other people’s dreams.”

“Elizabeth Alexander is many things,” Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright Lynn Nottage writes in Time. “She’s a poet, a philanthropist, an educator, and an intellectual, but most of all, she’s a visionary.”

Alexander received a bachelor’s degree from Yale and a master’s degree from BU, where she studied poetry under the late Derek Wolcott (Hon.’93), another BU professor and Nobel laureate, in the Creative Writing Program. She also earned a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and has taught at Yale and Columbia. She has published six books of poetry and wrote “Praise Song for the Day” to recite at President Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration. She has been a Pulitzer Prize finalist in poetry and memoir.

Her 16th book, published in April, is The Trayvon Generation (Grand Central, 2023), examining how race in America interacts with the arts and humanities, and the impact on young people like Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and others whose names have recently been etched in tragedy.

She became president of the Mellon Foundation—the largest funder of the arts and the humanities in the United States—in 2023. 

“Having a poetry insider at the head of a big grant-making institute does not mean, however, that poets have moved to the front of the line for funding. Alexander has a much more ambitious vision for the role that the arts and culture play in the formation of society,” Time wrote in 2023.

Among other things, Time noted, that means the Monuments Project, the biggest initiative in the Mellon Foundation’s history, a $250 million five-year plan to make America’s public monuments better reflect the complexity and diversity of our history. 

“I am thrilled to receive this distinct honor from Time magazine and to be included in a cohort of such visionary artists, thinkers, and leaders,” Alexander says. “To be recognized for the power of the word and devotion to multicultural community and justice feels especially wonderful.”

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