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ChatGPT Chrome Extensions have emerged as a popular solution to enhance the capabilities of the already in-demand AI chatbot. Although ChatGPT faces challenges in expanding its features and services, Chrome extensions can overcome these limitations.

While we have already listed the best ChatGPT alternatives, today, we will dive into tools that further extend the functionality of this AI chatbot. These extensions boost ChatGPT’s functionality and enrich the user experience on other websites. This article presents the top 11 best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions that will elevate your AI chatbot experience.

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions (2023)

Here are the top 11 best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions 2023: 


Get AIPRM for ChatGPT

ChatGPT for Google showcases ChatGPT’s replies besides the Google search engine results. To operate this extension, you need to log in to OpenAI using this extension simply, and it’s done. Now every time you access google, the extension will be activated. 

Get ChatGPT for Google

    ChatGPT Writer – Write Mail and Messages with AI

    The main purpose of ChatGPT Ai Writer is to write emails and messages on websites. The previous extension focuses on bringing the ChatGPT alongside google searches, but this extension works on bringing it to your browser. 

    This extension is self-reliant; therefore, you only need to log in to OpenAI to operate it. Now, you need to open the extension and tap on it. Then the platform will request you to add input with content for which you want the mail/ message to be about. Once the prompt is received, the extension will answer in no time. 

    Even though this extension is built for emails and texts, you can also use it for talking to ChatGPT. ChatGPT Writer is one of the best ChatGPT chrome extensions in the market. 

    Get ChatGPT Writer


      ChatGPT lacks access to the most contemporary news and information on the web regardless of all the informative databases, and confident answers, as ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to 2023 data. 

      The extension WebChatGPt solves these restrictions and allows more access to the latest data. WebChatGPT augments the bot to add relevant and appropriate web results to your inputs. 

      The bot then showcases the search results and assembles the information and data based on the links. This makes WebChatGPT one of the best ChatGPT chrome extensions to get rid of limitation issues and get access to recent data in ChatGPT. 

      Get WebChatGPT

        Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT Powered Assistant

        If you want a ChatGPT chrome extension that works similarly to the ChatGPT google extension but in a wider browser way, then the Merlin chrome extension is perfect for you. Merlin is an OpenAI’s powered extension that can operate all across the browser on any webpage. As the extension works through Open AI’s GPT AI mode, it displays the same responses beyond various prompts. 

        To operate the Merlin extension, you need to press on the CTRL or CMD (if you are using a mac) + M keyboard to shortcut your browser. You need to tell your query in the search engine simply, and you will receive a reply from Merlin within a few seconds.

        Get Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant 

          ChatGPT Prompt Genius

          Now you can choose prompts of your wish and sort them by using the category dropdown. Once you have generated the input, tap on the yellow play prompt icon, and the ChatGPT window will appear with all the prompts pasted. This way, you can use this extension to try various inputs of your choice. 


            TweetGPT chrome extension combines ChatGPT with Twitter, allowing people to tweet and reply using the AI chatbot. To use this extension, you must install TweetGPt, and a robot icon with “New Tweet” will appear on your screen. 

            Get tweetGPT Chrome Extension


              Summarize extension provides a summary in the text of any article or content using OpenAI’s GPT. The extension is baked into Chrome; therefore, you don’t need to visit the ChatGPT website. 

              Try Summarize

                YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

                We often spend hours searching for videos on youtube that are suitable for us. The youtube summary extension basically provides a summary box next to the video. Tapping on this box provides you with a youtube transcript. 

                But since the website can function this, we look for an AI summary viewer, which functions by opening a new tab along with ChatGPT. Through this extension, you can summarize the youtube video and get the transcript of the entire video gets pasted and passes the command to showcase a quick summary of the video. This extension helps save a lot of time by showcasing the transcript of the video. 

                Get YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

                  Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

                  Through the Prometheus extension, you can add the ability to receive mic input and convert the chatbot into a voice assistant like google assistant or Siri to ChatGPT. Prometheus Chrome extension appears on the right side of the ChatGPT conversation window. 

                  Even though this is a simple add-on to the AI chatbot, it is still quite beneficial for some people as now you can command and interact better with the chatbox simply through your voice. To add the Prometheus extension, you must install and hold the spacebar to operate it. 

                  Get Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

                    Fancy GPT

                    Fancy GPT is a Chrome extension that adds various design elements to ChatGPT conversations. Regardless of the conversation type, it can export it all. The current extension contains neon and sketch styles. However, the styles might update and expand more in the coming years. Through Fancy GPT, you can highlight important segments and even cover SVG path images. 

                    To use this extension, you must first have an entire conversation with a bot. Now tap on the extension, and it will navigate to another page where you will see the full conversation will be in a new UI. You can change the ChatGPT conversations by changing the art style, removing a few texts, highlighting certain responses, and exporting the conversation to either an image or PDF. 

                    Try Fancy GPT

                    Try Out Cool ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

                    If you want to try out cool ChatGpt Chrome extensions to add extra features and make your AI chatbot more fun, you should consider using some of the ChatGPT chrome extensions we mentioned above, like FancyGPT. This extension allows you to add designs to your Chatbot. You can also go for ChatGPT Prompt Genius. This extension will allow you to add various prompts to your ChatGPT. 

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                    10 Best Crypto Extensions 2023

                    As more and more people embrace cryptocurrency, there’s a growing need for tools that make it easy to access and manage digital currency. One such tool is the crypto browser extension, a plug-in that allows users to access and manage their cryptocurrency directly from their browser.

                    The rise of crypto browser extensions has been driven by the need for convenience and security in cryptocurrency transactions. With a browser extension, users can quickly and easily view their balances, track their transactions, and even make purchases or trades without leaving their browser. Additionally, many extensions offer features such as price alerts, news updates, and real-time market data to help users stay up to date on market movements and make informed decisions.

                    In this listicle, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular extensions on the market and evaluate their features and functionality. Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or a seasoned trader, this guide will provide valuable insights into how browser extensions can enhance your digital currency experience.


                    With more than 30 million monthly active users, Metamask is one of the most popular crypto wallets that comes with a browser extension. More than 10 million users have downloaded the extension on the Chrome web store, and it is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge.

                    The wallet can be used to manage Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens, as well as interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum network. It provides a user-friendly interface for managing your crypto holdings, with secure storage for your private keys and encrypted communication with dApps. Recently, more than 7,000 MetaMask users’ email addresses were exposed in a third-party provider hack, and parent company ConsenSys has removed unauthorized access to the app to prevent future incidents.


                    Easy to use and intuitive interface.

                    Secure storage for private keys.

                    Provides access to a wide range of dApps and decentralized services.


                    Limited support for non-ERC-20 tokens.

                    Vulnerable to phishing attacks if users are not careful.

                    Coinbase wallet extension

                    The Coinbase Wallet extension allows users to access the world of cryptocurrency, including decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and dApps, through their browser with the Coinbase Wallet extension. It gives users the ability to explore the decentralized web, collect NFTs, earn yield through DeFi, and trade thousands of tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEXes). 

                    The wallet extension also supports Coinbase Pay, which enables users to fund their wallets with cash from over 90 countries. The Coinbase Wallet extension supports Ethereum and all EVM-compatible networks, such as Avalanche, Polygon, and BNB Chain, and also supports sending and receiving Solana and SPL tokens.


                    Integrates with Coinbase Wallet for easy access to your funds.

                    Simple and user-friendly interface.

                    Provides secure storage for private keys.


                    Limited support for non-Coinbase assets.

                    Requires a Coinbase account to use.

                    Vulnerable to phishing attacks if users are not careful.


                    Developed by Ava Labs for Avalanche users, Core is a crypto wallet and NFT extension that supports Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all EVM-compatible blockchains. With the extension, users can buy, swap, and bridge crypto, access gaming, and DeFI dApps, and collect NFTs.

                    Core enables self-custody of assets, ensuring that users are the sole owners and not dependent on third-party entities. It provides an easy and quick way to buy AVAX using debit or credit cards and also allows for the seamless swapping of Avalanche, Bitcoin, and Ethereum assets.


                    Intuitive user interface.

                    Switch to different networks with ease.

                    Jump into the Avalanche ecosystem fast with preloaded Subnets.


                    Currently in beta.


                    Keplr is an open-source browser extension wallet that supports the Cosmos interchain ecosystem. It offers a flexible and versatile account management system and wallet functionalities for all Cosmos-SDK-based blockchains. One of its key features is its multichain account management, which allows users to manage multiple accounts across different chains in one place. Users can also stake to any validator and claim rewards, as well as vote on governance proposals. Keplr also supports adding new blockchains from web front-ends, allowing users to easily access new chains as they are added.

                    It offers hardware wallet support for Ledger Nano X/S and allows users to sync with their mobile accounts. To ensure safety, all Keplr transactions are signed offline on the user’s device, and private keys are encrypted and securely stored on their computer.


                    Manage multiple accounts across various Cosmos-based blockchains in one place.

                    Hardware wallet support.

                    Transactions are signed offline on your device, ensuring your private keys remain secure.


                    Only supports multiple Cosmos-based blockchains and may not be suitable for users looking to manage assets on other networks.

                    It may be overwhelming for users new to the Cosmos ecosystem.

                    Ledger Live

                    Ledger Live is a desktop and mobile application that integrates with Ledger hardware wallets, providing a user-friendly interface for managing your crypto holdings. 

                    It lets you securely store your private keys offline and provides real-time market data, portfolio tracking, and a built-in exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. You can also connect to NFT marketplaces and trade on the go. Note that there is no Chrome extension for Ledger Live yet, and any extension that bears the Ledger Live name on the Chrome web store is a phishing scam.


                    Requires a Ledger hardware wallet to use.

                    The extension only supports the Safari browser.

                    May be more complicated to use for beginners compared to other browser extensions.

                    OKX Wallet

                    OKX Wallet is a multi-chain platform with a Chrome extension that gives users access to more than 3000 tokens and many dApps in the web3 ecosystem. As it’s a non-custodial decentralized wallet, users are in complete control of their private keys. OKX wallet is compatible with EVM chains as well as non-EVM chains

                    The browser extension now supports BTC taproot addresses, enabling users to import their BTC wallets and view their Bitcoin ordinals through the OKX wallet.


                    Convenient access to your digital assets on your browser.

                    Private keys are stored on your device.

                    Support for a wide range of digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Ordinals and more.


                    Limited functionality compared to full-fledged wallets.

                    Only available on Chrome and Brave browsers.

                    Not as widely recognized as some other popular browser extensions.


                    Backed by a16z, Bitski is a web3 wallet extension that’s compatible with Ethereum and Polygon, allowing users to easily switch between dApps and explore the world of web3 via NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Magic Eden, Zora, Manifold, and more.

                    The wallet has a transaction simulation feature improves user safety and security by identifying malicious contracts and pulling verified OpenSea collection information into the signing screen. Its NFT management feature enables users to easily view all their NFTs and tokens in their wallet without the need to manually upload contract addresses.


                    Backed by hardware security modules.

                    Cross-platform support with seamless toggling between desktop and mobile.

                    Wallet activity feed and alerts, including floor price alerts for customized NFT collections.


                    Supports a limited number of blockchains.

                    Not yet available on all popular browsers.

                    Less intuitive user interface than other extensions.


                    Exodus Web3 Wallet is a self-custodial wallet that provides users with complete control over crypto assets, as only the user holds the private keys. With the option to buy crypto using credit/debit cards, bank accounts, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, users can transition seamlessly from cash to crypto. They can also sell crypto for fiat and withdraw funds to their bank account.

                    Users can also swap crypto by scanning multiple DEXes and finding the best price for their on-chain crypto swaps and swap cross-chain with the most popular assets. Exodus also allows users to import their seed phrase from other wallets such as Phantom and MetaMask, and manage their digital collectibles in their own multichain NFT gallery.


                    User-friendly interface, making it a great option for beginners.

                    Multi-currency and multi-chain support.

                    Users can quickly and easily swap between supported cryptocurrencies without leaving the wallet.


                    The minimum swap amount for coins and tokens can be high for some.


                    via Blockfence

                    Developed by crypto security firm Blockfence, its open-source, community-driven browser extension offers end-to-end protection against crypto scams and frauds. Its unique protection layer combines complex analyses, machine learning algorithms, community data, and ecosystem partner input to safeguard users of Web3.

                    Blockfence’s ML algorithm and its partners at GoPlus Security previously detected a phishing scam that attempted to scam victims out of their crypto. The scammer created a fake website replicating the official website of ETHDenver, the largest and longest-running ETH event in the world.


                    It has no access to access to user wallets or funds.

                    Its GPT-based Smart Contract Transaction Interpreter allows users to understand what their crypto wallet is about to perform in plain English.

                    Supports Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum and more.


                    Only supports six blockchains.

                    Does not support other major browsers.


                    via CoinStats

                    Coin Stats is a free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app that provides real-time updates and market data to help users manage and monitor their investments. With over 8,000 cryptocurrency prices from more than 350 exchanges, Coin Stats is a comprehensive app that caters to both professional investors and first-timers. The app allows users to track and sync their entire cryptocurrency portfolio and view essential market data from a single location.

                    The crypto extension provides users with various features, including coin research, real-time tracking and following of live prices of cryptocurrencies, access to charts and analytical data, and portfolio sharing. Additionally, the app brings all crypto-related news from over 40 sources to a single screen, and it is updated each week with more features and improvements for users.


                    Track and sync your entire cryptocurrency portfolio, all centralized in a single app. 

                    User-friendly interface for professional investors and newbies.

                    Coin Stats Insights feature allows users to see how much others hold, buy or sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


                    Crypto browser extensions can offer a variety of features, including:

                    Wallet integration: allowing you to manage your cryptocurrency holdings directly from your browser

                    Anti-phishing protection: warning you of known phishing sites and protecting against fake URLs

                    Smart contract verification: ensuring that smart contracts you interact with on the blockchain network are legitimate and secure

                    Real-time price tracking: providing up-to-date information on the value of your cryptocurrency holdings

                    Transaction automation: automating the process of filling out transaction forms and executing transactions

                    Can I use multiple crypto browser extensions at once?

                    Yes, it is possible to use multiple crypto browser extensions simultaneously. However, it is important to ensure that the extensions do not conflict with each other and are all reputable and secure.

                    What should I do if I encounter issues with a crypto browser extension?

                    If you encounter issues with a crypto browser extension, the first step is to check the extension’s documentation and user forums to see if there is a solution. If the issue persists, it is recommended to contact the extension’s developer or support team for assistance. In some cases, it may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the extension or to use an alternative extension.


                    While crypto browser extensions provide numerous benefits, they also come with risks. As with any online tool, there is always the possibility of security vulnerabilities, such as hacking, phishing scams, or malware. It’s essential to choose a reputable extension and follow best practices for online security, such as using strong passwords and two-factor authentication. It’s also important to be aware of the extension’s privacy policy and how your data is being used and shared. By being vigilant and informed, you can minimize the risks and enjoy the benefits of using crypto browser extensions.

                    Read more:

                    15 Best Edge Extensions To Use In 2023

                    15 Best Edge Extensions to Use In 2023 [Ranked by Features] Extensions can boost performance and reduce the loading speed




                    Microsoft Edge is a solid web browser, but you can improve it with the best Edge extensions.

                    Our list of Edge’s best extensions starts with a tool that will improve online security.

                    We also included some tools meant to make browsing easier, like a mouse gesture management app.

                    Instead of fixing issues with Edge, upgrade to a better browser: Opera One

                    You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

                    Here’s what Opera can do:

                    Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Edge;

                    Enhanced privacy: Free and unlimited VPN integrated;

                    ⇒ Get Opera One

                    Many web browsers support extensions that allow you to enhance them with new features.

                    All major web browsers support extensions, but that wasn’t the case with Microsoft Edge.

                    The latest updates changed that and Microsoft finally brought extensions to Edge. Today we’re going to show you some of the best Edge add-ons.

                    Quick Tip:

                    By now, you might have heard that Microsoft Edge is built on top of Chromium. Just like Chrome. There are other similar browsers as well such as Opera One.

                    What’s the difference between them? The extra features and functionalities. And also the user interface can be different.

                    The Opera One browser has a neat, multifunctional sidebar on the left of the screen. There you can find integrations with all your favorite networks: Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram.

                    Opera One

                    Thousands of extensions, themes, and keyboard shortcuts are available for the ultimate customization.

                    Free Visit website

                    Do extensions slow down Edge?

                    That’s not always the case. Some extensions are meant to boost Edge’s performance and reduce the loading speed. However, if you have several extensions installed, there is a good chance that Edge will slow down.

                    So, it’s not extensions, in general, that slowdown Edge but only the ineffective, problematic, or conflicting ones. Though too many of these will affect the performance.

                    What are the best Edge extensions that you should install?

                    Making sure you are not targeted by trackers and cyber-attacks is one of the first things to consider when browsing the web.

                    Browsers have come a long way. They can access to a basic level how secure the web pages you visit are. Unfortunately, cyber threats evolve too and become harder to detect.

                    For this reason, it is recommended you take extra precautions. chúng tôi is an Edge browser extension that is perfect for this job.

                    It works under similar principles as an antivirus would. Instead of scanning your system for infections, it detects and blocks attacks before they reach your computer.

           excels when it comes to anti-phishing. Whenever you get a suspicious request to fill in data, either from a website or via email, chúng tôi will block it.

                    This will prevent you from revealing payment information, your address, your real name, and other sensitive data that you don’t want to be known to cyber attackers.

                    Not only that, the app is able to clean your browser. When you first install Guardio, it scans your browser and removes all trackers, suspicious scripts, and malicious apps.

                    The tool also has a built-in ad blocker. It can also stop intrusive notifications so you can enjoy the web without interruptions.

           monitors data breach events and alerts you in case any of your accounts are vulnerable.

                    The application is very easy to set up. You can install it from the Microsoft Edge Addons page. Creating an account takes 5 minutes tops, and then you can start setting it up.

                    In case you alternate between multiple browsers, you should know that Guardio is compatible with Chrome and Firefox as well. You can use the same account to protect your data.

                    If you want to quickly perform certain actions in your browser, you might be interested in an extension called Mouse Gestures for Microsoft Edge.

                    This extension allows you to perform certain actions simply by holding the right mouse button and performing the correct gesture.

                    For example, simply by holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse to the right, you can go to the next page.

                    If you want to go back, press and hold the right mouse button and move your mouse to the left.

                    There are 30 default gestures available, and by performing them you can navigate through different tabs, or close specific tabs. If you don’t use certain actions, you can easily replace them with the ones you use.

                    When you perform a gesture you’ll see a blue trail, and if you make the correct gesture you’ll get a small window showing you what it does.

                    If you perform a non-existing gesture by mistake, another window with all available gestures will appear. This allows you to see all available gestures and quickly find the one you need.

                    Mouse Gestures is a great extension, especially if you like performing gestures while using your PC. The extension is available for download from the Microsoft Edge Addons Store.

                    ⇒ Get Mouse Gestures

                    If you use Pinterest you might be interested in the Pinterest Save Button extension. This is a simple extension that allows you to pin your favorite websites right from Microsoft Edge.

                    After doing that, a new window will appear that lets you choose your board and your Pin’s name.

                    As you can see, this is a simple extension that will make using Pinterest on Microsoft Edge faster and simpler than before.

                    ⇒ Get Pinterest Save Button

                    If you’re familiar with OneNote, then you might be interested in the OneNote Web Clipper extension. This extension allows you to easily save websites you visit OneNote.

                    You can save the full page as an image, or you can save the page as an article. If you choose the article option all images will be removed and you’ll be able to read the article later without any distractions.

                    We also have to mention that you can highlight certain sections of the page and save them to OneNote.

                    This extension also allows you to change font and font size if you decide to save a page as an article. You can also highlight important parts right from OneNote Web Clipper.

                    OneNote Web Clipper is an amazing extension, especially if you use OneNote frequently. If you’re a OneNote user, be sure to download this extension from Windows Store.

                    ⇒ Get OneNote Web Clipper

                    This is another simple extension that will improve your Reddit experience. Bear in mind that this extension only works on Reddit, so it won’t work on other websites.

                    In addition, the extension will also add support for night mode which can be useful during the night. Reddit Enhancement Suite also brings keyboard shortcuts for browsing, simpler ways to switch accounts, and the ability to tag users.

                    These are some of the basic features, and this extension has a lot more to offer. If you use Reddit frequently, be sure to download this extension from Windows Store.

                    ⇒ Get Reddit Enhancement Suite

                    In addition to instantly adding the current page to Pocket, you can also assign tags in order to organize your saved pages.

                    If you want, you can also archive or remove saved pages from Pocket right from the menu.

                    This extension also allows you to add a keyboard shortcut, so you can save your favorite websites quickly.

                    If you want, you can also add Pocket to Reddit or Twitter from the settings menu. If you read a lot on the Internet, Save to Pocket might be perfect for you.

                    ⇒ Get Save to Pocket

                    If you frequently visit websites that aren’t in your native language, you might want to consider using Translator for Microsoft Edge extension.

                    If you want, you can use the option to automatically translate any webpage that isn’t in your native language.

                    You can also translate segments of the page simply by selecting them and choosing the Translate option from the context menu.

                    Translator for Microsoft Edge is an extremely useful extension, and it will be perfect for you if you visit websites that aren’t in your native language.

                    ⇒ Get Translator for Microsoft Edge

                    Office Online is an extremely useful extension for all Office Online users. Using this extension you can easily open any recent Office Online file, but you can also create a new document right from the extension.

                    Bear in mind that the extension doesn’t come with a built-in editor, so all available options work as Office Online shortcuts.

                    This is a simple and useful tool, and if you use Office Online frequently, be sure that you try it out.

                    ⇒ Get Office Online

                    You can save the page as an article, and this option will remove unnecessary elements such as sidebars and keep only important information.

                    The simplified article option will remove all styles from the page which makes the page easier to read. If you want to save the complete page with all its elements, you can use the Full page option.

                    Lastly, there’s a Bookmark option that will save a small excerpt of the page. You can also select certain parts of the page and save them.

                    If you have an Evernote account, Evernote Web Clipper is an extension that you need to try out.

                    ⇒ Get Evernote Web Clipper

                    TamperMonkey is an extension that allows you to add user scripts to certain websites. By doing so, you might be able to enhance the functionality of certain websites.

                    You can download all sorts of third-party scripts and add them to a website thus altering its functionality. All these scripts run on your computer, so you won’t be affecting the website in any way by using user scripts.

                    The tool allows you to view all added scripts, and if you’re not pleased with a script you can easily disable it right from the extension.

                    If you’re a developer, you can even add your own code and create your own custom scripts.

                    This is a great tool for developers and computer enthusiasts, but if you are an average user, you might want to skip this extension.

                    ⇒ Get TamperMonkey

                    If you frequently watch videos online, you might be interested in Turn Off the Lights. This extension will focus on the video that you’re watching by covering other web elements with a black overlay.

                    Even though this is a simple extension, it comes with extensive configuration. For example, you can configure the color or opacity of the overlay.

                    If you want, you can also use a gradient instead of a solid color for overlay. There’s also an option to use a background image or dynamic background as an overlay.

                    Turn Off the Lights supports extensive configuration for YouTube, and you can even set which elements will be visible while watching YouTube videos. You can even set player size, quality, and other options regarding YouTube.

                    This extension also supports certain visual effects, so you can set atmosphere lightning effects for videos.

                    If you wish, you can also toggle fade-in and fade-out effects or use the reflection effect.

                    If you want, you can also turn on the video toolbar or eye protection feature.

                    Turn Off the Lights also supports various keyboard shortcuts, and you can even add support for the context menu or change how the mouse works with the extension.

                    You can also turn on this extension for all open tabs and you can even use password protection so that others can’t disable it.

                    The extension also supports Night Mode, and thanks to the Camera Motion feature you can easily turn on Turn Off the Lights by performing a hand gesture.

                    We have to mention that this feature requires a front-facing camera on your device.

                    Another feature that this extension supports is Speech Recognition, so you can control the extension and video playback with your voice.

                    ⇒ Get Turn Off the Lights

                    Page Analyzer is a tool designed mostly for web developers. The tool will scan any website and check if it follows the correct practices.

                    For example, it will check if you use CSS fallbacks, HTML5, and modern doctype. You can expand any of the warnings and see the detailed information along with the problematic code.

                    This tool is designed for web developers, and if you want to ensure that your website is using the best practices, be sure to download Page Analyzer.

                    We have to warn you that the tool can be a bit sluggish depending on the complexity of your website, so keep that in mind.

                    ⇒ Get Page Analyzer

                    If you frequently buy products online, you might be interested in Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant extension for Edge.

                    This extension will list all recently browsed products and allow you to save your favorites. Regarding saving, you can add products to different categories so you can organize them better.

                    The extension allows you to sort the products by price, reviews, or price change. You can even get notifications when a price for certain product changes.

                    In addition, you can also easily filter all your saved products. Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant is a great extension if you shop online frequently.

                    The extension allows you to keep track of all recently viewed products, so it will be rather helpful while making a purchase online.

                    ⇒ Get Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant

                    If you frequently buy on Amazon, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a dedicated Amazon extension for Edge.

                    Amazon Assistant will allow you to quickly search for any product on Amazon right from the extension.

                    In addition, this extension allows you to add products to your lists or to view daily deals right from the extension. This is a simple extension, and it will surely be helpful to all Amazon users.

                    ⇒ Get Amazon Assistant

                    Which are the best Edge VPN extensions?

                    There are several VPN extensions available for Edge and these can easily be downloaded from the Add-ons store. But not all of them are effective, and as is generally the case with VPNs, some considerably reduce the Internet speed. That’s why you need to install only the best.

                    Here are the best VPN extensions available on the Edge Add-ons store:

                    Surfshark VPN (paid VPN)

                    NordVPN (paid VPN)

                    ZenMate (both free and paid versions available)

                    chúng tôi (both free and paid versions available)

                    Also, you can use an effective VPN app that will work just as well and not affect the speed or performance of the device.

                    Why are my extensions not working in Edge?

                    In many cases, the extensions were not installed properly or a recent update broke them. Here, it’s best to reinstall the extension from the Edge Add-ons site.

                    It’s also likely that you are running an outdated version of Microsoft Edge, and as a result, the extensions are not working. Updating the browser should do the trick here.

                    If you notice that some of the extensions stopped working after installing a new one, there’s a chance that the recently installed extension is conflicting with the others and preventing them from working. Just remove it and things should be fine.

                    Extensions allow you to customize and add new features to Microsoft Edge. If you’re looking for the best Microsoft Edge extensions, be sure to try some extensions from our list.

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                    9 Funny Chrome Extensions To Prank Your Friends

                    You don’t need to wait until April Fool’s Day to be a complete nuisance and play pranks on your friends. One of the many ways in which you can celebrate the art of mischief is by sneaking onto your friend’s/enemy’s/colleague’s computer and barraging their browser with all manner of funny prank extensions. Here are our top picks that will leave you laughing at the expense of your poor victims.

                    1. Edit Anything

                    This one’s a gem. Using the Edit Anything extension, you can modify the text on any website you visit – from news sites to Twitter. This offers endless opportunities, whether it’s customizing your friend’s Twitter feed so that it looks like Ryan Gosling is tweeting them to say “hello” or, as demonstrated in the picture, changing news stories.

                    2. Cornify

                    If you’re feeling particularly mean, you can pretend like it’s a symptom of the dreaded “Unicorn” virus. (Maybe after fabricating a “Unicorn virus” news story using the previous extension?) Refresh the page to stop the unicorns.

                    3. Prank ’em

                    The Prank ’em extension offers a wide variety of tools to prank your friends, such as a blur screen, black and white, hidden cursor, and more. The extension lets you customize the time and area of the screen you want to affect. Your unfortunate friends will wonder just what the heck is going on.

                    My personal favorites are hiding the cursor and blur; they aren’t obviously pranks, and they’ll more than likely result in a lot of confusion and frustration. Just don’t let the joke go on too long! Pranks like these could make someone really mad.

                    4. Nicolas Cage Replacer

                    Nicolas Cage Replacer is an extension that replaces every image in Chrome with a picture of Nicolas Cage. Your friends will likely immediately realize they’re being pranked or will think they have a virus related to Nicolas Cage. While this prank may not last long, its brief life will boggle minds and make them think like art is meant to do.

                    To use the extension, install it and open a new tab with the website containing pictures you want to replace with Nicholas Cage. Similar extensions to try: Caged and Ncage.

                    5. Cenafy

                    Cenafy is an extension that rolls a 1/100 chance for the user to be hit with a face full of unexpected Cena every time they load a new web page. If you don’t know about this meme, stop reading right now and watch this video.

                    This extension is completely ridiculous; it’s hidden deep in Extensions, and nobody will ever see it coming. It’s not an extension you can install and immediately see the fruits of, but it is an extension you can install on your roommate’s laptop. It’s an extension you can hear blaring “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA” from the other room while your roommate shouts in confusion, just wanting to watch Netflix.

                    6. Awesome Prank Extension 7. Web Prank – Replace the Internet

                    As the name suggests, the Web Prank extension replaces any word with its substitute. You can create fake screenshots, rename friends on social media, change celebrity names, and much more with this extension.

                    Similar word substitute extensions to try are Millennials to Snake People and Millennials Begone.

                    8. Crazy Page

                    The Crazy Page extension will make the web page go bonkers. Your friend will be surprised to see the web page turn into an animated, rainbow-colored page with a weird cursor. Be careful! It may freak them out too much.

                    9. Hair on Screen

                    Who doesn’t hate it when they see random hair or a dust particle on their screen? With the Hair on Screen extension, you can add digital hair to your friend’s laptop. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to remove it (because it doesn’t exist). This extension works best on pages with a white background.

                    Frequently Asked Questions 1. How do I access Chrome extensions quickly? 2. How do I remove a Chrome extension? Joke Around

                    After pranking your friends with these funny Chrome extensions, learn how to speed up Chrome with extensions and check out the best Chrome extensions for productivity and students.

                    Mehvish Mushtaq

                    Mehvish is a tech lover from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, she’s always been happy to help anyone who finds technology challenging. She’s been writing about technology for over six years, and her favorite topics include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media, and web apps.

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                    15 Best Uses Of Chatgpt

                    ChatGPT is fun and has several practical uses to integrate into your daily routine.

                    Did you know ChatGPT is being rampantly adopted in claims and customer service because it substantially reduces the risk of human error and time lag?

                    The best uses of ChatGPT include providing virtual assistance, assisting with creative writing and translations, conducting research, and handling complex tasks such as claims support, debugging coding, playing games, and learning languages.

                    Therefore, this Chatbot is more than you may imagine; it has many daily applications.

                    Continue reading to learn about some of the best and worst uses of ChatGPT.

                    15 Best Uses of ChatGPT [Unleashing AI’s Potential]

                    ChatGPT has become a one-stop virtual assistant with its vast neural network and parameters, supervised and reinforced learning from available texts.

                    Like commanding a genie for a wish, you can command ChatGPT to create almost anything.

                    But a Genie only offers three wishes, whereas chatGPT will fulfill your limitless desires.

                    Let us look at a few compelling examples and best uses of ChatGPT.

                    1. Write and Debug Code

                    Did you know that you can create complete software using ChatGPT?

                    However, the software would only be a miniature version of games or applications but a robust office program.

                    Nonetheless, you can create, debug, and explain Codes with ChatGPT to narrow down the problem within your Code.

                    You can ask ChatGPT to write a block of functional Code snippets from scratch. Here is an example.

                    However, examine them before copying or deploying them in your software Codes.

                    In fact, it knows over 20 different programming languages, including Python, Java, C++, PHP, etc.

                    Similarly, you can ask the Chatbot to debug your Code and spot vulnerabilities whenever in doubt.

                    2. Use ChatGPT as a Linux Terminal

                    You can use the ChatGPT interface as a Linux terminal, a text interface, or a terminal where you input commands and check the result as text.

                    If you wonder, you can use complex Linux commands, create files and directories, or even compile and execute Codes.

                    Those familiar with Linux terminals can try different Linux commands in the ChatGPT.

                    Here is an example.

                    3. Play Tic-Tac-Toe With ChatGPT

                    Did you know you can play Tic-Tac-Toe with ChatGPT?

                    Simply type let’s play tic-tac-toe in ChatGPT and be ready to play against ChatGPT.

                    Although the gaming UI is not intuitive like the computer games, you can send custom commands to direct your next move.

                    Here is an example:

                    Similarly, you can create the entire Tic-Tac-Toe program in ChatGPT itself.

                    As a part of language learning, it can create viable products based on any programming Codes.

                    You can ask ChatGPT to write the Tic-Tac-Toe Code in Python. Here is a snippet from the same.

                    4. Creative Writing Jobs

                    You can use the ChatGPT well for creating anything from essays, resume and cover letter, articles, blogs, and academic papers.

                    The supervised and reinforced learning model can quickly generate distinctive texts for various contexts.

                    If you are currently job hunting, consider creating a quick resume through ChatGPT.

                    You can simply input your requirements, such as the type of job applied, years of experience, special skills, etc., and the system will generate a relevant resume on the go.

                    Similarly, you can create a cover letter by submitting your requirements. Here is an example of the cover letter created with ChatGPT.

                    It also comes in handy for creating articles and essays, but creating academic papers would require scrutiny as it is likely to copy from genuine and false sources.

                    5. Write and Tell Jokes, Poems, Songs

                    ChatGPT is a wholesome content creator who can come up with anything from jokes, news pieces, inspirational speeches, songs, and poems.

                    Do you not trust? Here is an example: I asked ChatGPT to create a joke about love.

                    Similarly, you can command it to write original poems and lyrics as well that too in any of your preferred languages.

                    Here, I asked ChatGPT to write a four-line poem on “Courage” that too in Spanish.

                    Therefore, if you need anything creative, ChatGPT is your safe bet.

                    6. Prepare for a Job Interview

                    Did you know ChatGPT can help you prepare by providing assertive answers to all possible questions that might be asked in an interview?

                    You can use the platform to generate hypothetical scenarios to raise possible questions and their intelligent replies.

                    ChatGPT’s huge knowledge base and natural language learning ability will retrieve the most knowledgeable answers to any possible question.

                    In fact, you can use ChatGPT for both scenarios. As an interviewer, you can use ChatGPT to create unique questions.

                    Here is an example of the same.

                    Another handy feature of ChatGPT’s creative content tool is that you can generate news pieces and updates on the go.

                    If you want a news piece, of any length, about any event occurring, accidents, products, etc., you can do so with ease.

                    Here is an example of a news piece ChatGPT generated for “Rising Covid-109 cases in a single paragraph.”

                    8. Create Viral Social Media Post

                    Like creating unique and sellable news pieces, you can generate social media posts for your marketing Campaign.

                    The best thing about ChatGPT is that it can generate a niche social media post about anything within your desired word limit.

                    Here is an example of a social media post about a kebab roll stand that recently opened in the Bronx, NY, in 50 words and 25 words simultaneously.

                    9. Get Personalized Recommendations

                    ChatGPT works like Google, Siri, and Alexa to provide personalized recommendations about almost anything.

                    You can ask it for recommendations on the nearest cafeteria, pizzeria, tourist spots, or shops.

                    Here is an example:

                    Make ChatGPT your virtual tour guide or assistant by asking for information about the popular place you visit.

                    The information can range from historical background, exciting facts, and relevant details.

                    However, remember that ChatGPT does not retrieve the latest information, and the recommended place may not exist anymore.

                    10. Dictionary, Spell, and Grammar Check

                    Did you know ChatGPT is your go-to dictionary, thesaurus, and spell and grammar checker?

                    You can retrieve meanings, synonyms, and antonyms for a word existing in any language.

                    Here is an example:

                    ChatGPT uses natural language processing technology like Grammarly to provide a quick spell and grammar check.

                    If you provide any sentence or paragraph to ChatGPT for proofreading, it will do so quickly and provide feedback for improvement.

                    However, ChatGPT is not a substitute for Grammarly, which boasts robust tools and resources focused on improving writing quality.

                    11. Generic or Specific Research

                    ChatGPT is a one-stop solution for researching almost anything.

                    The Chatbot provides prompt responses and assistance based on training data and programming.

                    If you are wondering about its information, it is limitless, so you can ask about almost anything related to academics, movies, business, history, etc.

                    Here is an interesting question about medieval history.

                    Here is another question about stem cell research.

                    12. Create Travel Planning

                    ChatGPT is a free travel planner that you should undertake to plan your next trip to any popular destinations or attractions.

                    It is pretty good at amassing information about different places and summarizing them to create a custom itinerary.

                    Here is an example of a custom itinerary for two days trip to Cape Cod.

                    Besides you can also ask ChatGPT to maximize your budget by planning a trip within limited expenses.

                    13. Explain Complex Topics

                    If Googling complex topics or reading academic papers does not give a clear understanding, you should ask ChatGPT the same thing.

                    However, please make a point to explain it to you in simpler terms.

                    For example, I asked the ChatGPT to explain momentum and gravity like I was five years old.

                    Similarly, you can ask ChatGPT to summarize any article, topic, or video you like.

                    14. Solve Tricky Math Questions

                    Are you a math geek or failing to get good grades in mathematics?

                    Why not ask ChatGPT to solve tricky math questions in a way you would understand?

                    Moreover, it shows how each equation works and gives helpful explanations, so you can learn how to solve the problem yourself.

                    Here is an example.

                    15. Language Learning and Translations

                    ChatGPT is equally trained in many different languages, where it can respond in the language of your choice.

                    You can learn a foreign language using ChatGPT’s assistance as a tutor.

                    Here is an example.

                    Otherwise, you can ask the Chatbot to create sentences, articles, or poems in a foreign language.

                    An exciting thing about ChatGPT is its conversational skill, where it can rephrase everything in a sentence.

                    Some of the Worst Examples of ChatGPT Uses

                    As an AI language model, ChatGPT is designed to assist with various tasks, but specific uses could be considered inappropriate or unethical.

                    Here are some examples of the worst uses of ChatGPT:

                    Creating fake news or propaganda to post on social media.

                    Generating hate speech or discriminatory content against any religion, culture, or group.

                    Engaging in phishing or other forms of online fraud

                    Generating automated spam or unsolicited marketing messages.

                    Developing bots, malicious Code, and malware for inappropriate uses

                    Cheating on school assignments and academic papers.

                    Producing plagiarized content or academic papers with inauthentic references.

                    Engaging in cyber stalking or other forms of online harassment

                    Misrepresenting the capabilities or intentions of ChatGPT to deceive or manipulate others.

                    It is essential to understand that ChatGPT has the potential to be used in both good and bad ways.

                    Read on to learn why it is unethical to bypass ChatGPT filters.

                    Final Thoughts

                    There are many beneficial daily applications of ChatGPT, which makes it quite a useful AI tool.

                    In fact, you can use the Chatbot’s assistance to reduce human effort and get complex things done in the shortest time possible.

                    However, you must always be aware of possible fake and plagiarized information that may come your way, requiring further research.

                    Frequently Asked Questions Are ChatGPT Results Accurate?

                    OpenAI ensures to provide accurate information almost all the time.

                    However, the Chatbot may retrieve information from sources that may be compromised, which even OpenAI may fail to monitor.

                    You, as a user, must scrutinize the ChatGPT responses before applying.

                    Is ChatGPT a Life Coach?

                    It becomes your therapist if you give it the appropriate prompts, but you must carefully use them without analyzing them beforehand.

                    Can ChatGPT Become a Full-Fledged Developer?

                    Nope, ChatGPT is not a replacement for experienced developers.

                    Although the AI tool is trained to Code snippets from scratch, it may fail to create a complete, robust program or software.

                    Continue reading to learn about some of the best ChatGPT chrome extensions and ChatGPT alternatives.

                    Best Web Browser 2023: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, And Opera Go Head

                    The web browser is by far the most important piece of software on your PC. Unless you’re at a workstation crunching numbers or editing Hollywood blockbusters, you probably spend the majority of your computer time staring at a webpage.

                    There are tons of browser options out there but real choice is limited. With Edge now using Chromium, three of our four browsers in this showdown are based on Google’s open-source project. Even the two most talked about “alternative” browsers, Brave and Vivaldi, are based on Chromium.

                    We won’t get into the argument here, but suffice to say, from our point of view this is bad. The web thrives when multiple engines adhere to independent web standards, not when developers target a single browser engine. We’re not quite returning to something like the age of Internet Explorer 6. Apple’s Safari browser (based on Webkit) is really the only choice on iOS, for example. Still, it’s concerning.

                    Let’s take a look at the four major options—Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera—to see how they stack up in 2023. Last time around, Opera topped our charts as the best browser to get. This year, Edge (yes, Edge) is our top pick, but don’t get too excited. You’re not losing much, if anything, if you stick with Chrome instead. Read on to find out why.

                    (If none of these internet browsers strike your fancy, head over to PCWorld’s roundup of 10 intriguing alternative browsers.)

                    Browsers in brief Chrome


                    A perennial favorite, Google Chrome tops the metrics charts of both StatCounter and NetMarketShare by a huge margin. Google’s browser has built a dedicated fan base thanks to its massive extensions library, and the fact that it just gets out of your way to put the focus on web content, not the browser’s trimmings.



                    Where Firefox has really stood out in recent years is with the browser’s incognito mode. All browsers have a private mode that lets you browse without any of your activity being logged in your saved history. But most of the time these private modes still allow websites to track your activity for that specific session. Firefox does away with this by including ad and tracker blockers when using incognito mode. It also supports an optional Facebook Container extension that prevents the social network from tracking you across the web.



                    Before Chrome, Opera was a popular choice among power users.

                    Opera is really one of the more under-rated browsers around. It comes with a built-in VPN—though we don’t recommend using it. It also has built-in ad and tracker blocking, a snapshot tool, a unit converter for time zones and currency, and the mobile versions of Opera come with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

                    Microsoft Edge


                    Microsoft Edge is dead, long live Microsoft Edge. Edge is now a Chromium-based browser. The new version isn’t bundled with Windows 10 at this writing, but installing it from Microsoft’s site will automatically replace legacy Edge with the new Chromium browser on the desktop.

                    We expect Microsoft to continue to push the Microsoft Store with extensions for Edge. These efforts are most likely in vain, however, as the Chrome Web Store is available to Edge users if they want it, and developers have little incentive to add their work to Microsoft’s store.

                    Right now, Edge is fairly plain, but that’s normal for a new browser. As Chromium Edge matures we expect to see Microsoft extend the browser’s capabilities.


                    With the overview of our four contestants out of the way, let’s get down to business. To find out which browser is worthy of your bandwidth in 2023 we used a variety of testing tools.

                    We largely stuck to our typical testing regimen, but that is set to change in upcoming browser showdowns. A number of the tests we use have been unsupported for years, and it’ll soon be time to shake up our testing approach. 

                    Finally, we took a look at CPU and RAM usage by loading a set of 20 websites in a single window in quick succession. Once all tabs began loading, we waited 45 seconds, and then checked the CPU and RAM usage. The idea was to see the amount of system resources the browser used during a heavy workload.

                    For the tests we left each browser in its default state. There are no extensions running, no account sign-ups, nor was there any deliberate tinkering with settings. It’s just raw browser action.

                    The performance picture

                    Firefox came out of this showdown a browser of extremes. As we’ll see, it either wins a particular performance test or comes in dead last. This is most likely a result of our current browser monoculture. When a Chromium browser wins a particular category, its two cousins aren’t far behind. Nearly every Chromium-based victory was one of degrees between the three amigos, which inevitably pushes Firefox towards the back.

                    For all of the benchmarks, we ran the test three times in succession, except for WebXPRT 3 and our homegrown 20-tabs torture test. Each time we ran the test we relaunched the browser window. We then took the average score from the three runs.  

                    Let’s start with JetStream 2, the newest addition to our testing regimen. Our top winner for this round was Edge, but as we said it’s hardly a resounding victory with Chrome and Opera not that far behind. Firefox performed abysmally in this test compared to its counterparts.

                    Katherine Stevenson / IDG Katherine Stevenson / IDG

                    Firefox’s JetStream 1.1 score (higher is better) wasn’t any better this time around than its previous runs, but the other browsers either didn’t improve enough (Chrome and Opera) or changed browser engines (Edge). That puts Firefox at the top spot for not sucking as much as Chromium.

                    Katherine Stevenson / IDG

                    For Octane 2.0, which is also no longer supported, Edge grabbed another victory. Notice, however, that it’s only marginally better than Chrome. Opera, meanwhile, was out to lunch compared to its brethren, and Firefox was pushed towards the back. Mozilla’s score is about the same as it’s always been, but the Chromium browsers improved significantly compared to the 2023 outing. 

                    Katherine Stevenson / IDG

                    Moving on to the more modern Speedometer test, which quickly iterates through a set of HTML 5-based to-do lists. Chrome came out on top, with Edge a close second and Opera nearly three points behind the leader. Firefox, meanwhile, was way behind team Chromium. It’s worth noting, however, that Speedometer scores for Chromium browsers were much higher just two years ago with 90+ scores being common.

                    Katherine Stevenson / IDG

                    WebXPRT uses a wide number of web apps, from photo collections to online note-taking to data sets to score performance. This test is kind of like a PCMark for browsers, and to our mind, one of the most significant tests. Firefox came out on top here by a solid margin, with Edge coming in second followed closely by Chrome and Opera—the latter two tied for third. Again we’re seeing the Chromium effect on these scores. 

                    Katherine Stevenson / IDG

                    Finally, we come to the memory and CPU tests. Slamming an average PC with 20 tabs of mostly media-rich sites all at once is going to chew up a good chunk of CPU and memory. Most of these browsers did not disappoint in that respect. 

                    Edge was the best performer in CPU usage by a good margin. Opera came in second, followed hot on its heels by Chrome. Mozilla’s performance was a little better than last time, but still nowhere near what it needs to be. 

                    Katherine Stevenson / IDG

                    Edge took the crown for memory as well, but Chrome wasn’t that far behind. Interestingly Opera was only marginally better than Firefox. Again, mostly different outcomes for each browser. The Chromium underpinnings matter less here.

                    Katherine Stevenson / IDG

                    And the winner is…

                    So who wins? Here’s how we see it.

                    Chromium Edge wins our top spot for a good showing in the stress test, as well as Octane 2.0 and JetStream 2. Chrome is a close second since its showing was consistently good and not far off of Edge. Really, this could’ve been called a tie as well, but the margins in some of the tests, while not wide, were enough to hand the crown to Edge. 

                    As the only non-Chromium mainstream browser it simply has to do better—especially in CPU and memory management. The new Quantum versions of Firefox are dramatically better than their predecessors, and as we said last time, if the stress test had gone better it might have taken the top spot or at least second place. PC users need a strong alternative choice to this Chromium soup we’re swimming in, and for that reason Firefox must up its game. To borrow a quote from Princess Leia, “Save us Mozilla, you’re our only hope.”

                    Opera comes in last for scoring either third or fourth place in every test we ran, save one. Granted, those losses were almost all a matter of degree, but it shows a consistent pattern. 

                    To sum up: Edge is the best browser available right now, though Chrome’s performance is very close to it. Firefox is still a solid option if you want something that isn’t built with Chrome DNA. Finally, if you love Chrome but want something with a little more novelty then Opera is for you.

                    Update the detailed information about 11 Best Chatgpt Chrome Extensions 2023 on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!