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Genesis is one popular theme framework that is widely used by the WordPress community. The Genesis theme framework and child themes are built ground up to be clean, customizable, secure and SEO-optimized. Though Genesis looks bare bones with its fast and secure approach, it has many great plugins to enhance and customize the themes. Here is a short list of the best Genesis plugins to customize and pimp your Genesis theme.

1. Genesis eNew Extended

Genesis eNews Extended is one of the first plugins that I always install after configuring the Genesis theme. The eNews extended plugin provides a simple way to add mailing lists to your Genesis theme. The plugin supports a variety of mailing services like MailChimp, Feedburner, Aweber, MailPoet, etc.

2.Genesis Simple Edits

Whenever you install a new Genesis theme, you might want to customize the post info, post meta, and the footer area text to suit your site. To modify these areas, you generally need to edit or add code to your theme’s functions file. If you want to make things easier, then install the Genesis Simple Edits plugin, as it will provide you with a simple GUI interface to edit those three parts of your Genesis theme.

3. Genesis Layout Extras

Genesis Layout Extras is a simple plugin that lets you change or add different layouts to different parts of your website like the homepage, archive page, author page, single posts or pages, 404 page, etc. A must-have plugin if you want to quickly customize the default layout options in Genesis.

4. Genesis Title Toggle

5. Genesis Simple Share

With the Genesis Simple Share plugin, you can add simple and beautiful social share icons to all your posts and pages. The plugin works great out of the box, but if you want to you can easily customize the social icons by just dragging and dropping.

6. Genesis Simple Hooks

Genesis Simple Hooks may not look like much or may even confuse the beginner, but the plugin packs quite a punch. Using this simple plugin, you can add or insert PHP, Shortcodes, and HTML and also attach it to any of the available hooks throughout the Genesis Theme Framework.

7. Genesis Responsive Slider

Genesis Responsive Slider is nothing fancy but provides a simple slider on your homepage with featured image, title, and excerpts. As you can tell from the name, the slider is responsive which makes it fit for any screen size.

8. Genesis Simple Sidebars

Genesis Simple Sidebars allows you to create multiple and dynamic sidebar widget areas. These widget areas can be assigned to any available sidebar location and you can make them appear based on a post or page. It’s really helpful when you want to assign specific widgets to specific pages or posts.

9. Genesis Grid

Genesis Grid allows you to easily customize how posts appear in the grid format. Using this plugin you can specify the number of featured and teaser posts, images sizes, post excerpt length, etc. Moreover, you can easily enable or disable the grid loop on specific pages like homepage, archives, author pages, etc.

10. Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

If you are using Genesis with WooCommerce, then you might want to consider installing Genesis Connect for WooCommerce. This simple plugin replaces the default or built-in shop templates with custom Genesis-ready templates.

11. Genesis Visual Hook Guide

The Genesis Visual Hook Guide plugin may not be for everyone, but it is a handy plugin to visually see all the Genesis hooks and their locations inside your child theme. This plugin goes hand in hand with the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin. Of course, you can also use the web version of the visual hook guide.

12. Genesis Design Palette Pro

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12 Best Network Monitoring Software For Windows

Monitoring your network is crucial for managing connectivity and identifying possible ransomware activities in your network. Moreover, this can also assist in optimizing the network’s performance and lets you track security threats much faster.

Generally, users in larger organizations or corporations face poor connection issues mainly due to overloaded bandwidth. In such a workplace, installing a good network monitoring tool is recommended that lets you identify possible traffic bottlenecks and other related problems.

Well, plenty of network monitoring software is readily available on the world wide web, offering both free and premium services. Regarding the same, this article focuses on the twelve best open-source tools that are relatively easy to use on a Windows server.

Basically, any network monitoring software lets you track network usage and other aspects using different protocols (SNMP, ICMP, etc.). This way, you can troubleshoot a slow network by identifying blind spots that might have compromised vital resources fluctuating the internet speed.

Create network reports using data from servers, workstations, firewalls, and other networking devices

Investigate network security issues

Track suspicious inbound or outbound traffic

Make a report of every user’s activity over the network

Track various metrics like bandwidth utilization, network traffic, device status, etc.

Identify issues beforehand

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of network monitoring software, it’s time to choose an ideal tool for yourself. Although there are both proprietary and open-source programs, most network administrators recommend using the latter as they are highly scalable and provide more features at a lower cost.

Indeed, every tool is distinct from one other as they integrate different features that can come in handy while monitoring network traffic and usage at your workplace or home. Nevertheless, each of these programs will likely allow you to monitor bandwidth, track network usage and traffic, generate alarms, prepare live reports and graphs, etc.

So, you can go through this section to learn about the different open-source network monitoring software and identify the one that suits you.

The Resource Monitor is a built-in Windows tool available on Windows Vista and later versions. Well, this utility easily lets you monitor all the hardware and software resources, like CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network activities.

Firstly, you need to launch Task Manager and navigate to the Performance tab to open Resource Monitor. Else, you can also execute the perfmon.exe command in the Run interface. Now, in the Overview tab, expand the Network drop-down, where you can track Network I/O in Kbps and also check the network utilization. 

However, if you want in-depth knowledge, we recommend switching to the Network tab, where you can easily monitor the following:

Processes with Network Activity: This section showcases the average number of bytes per second sent and received by a process at the last minute.

Network Activity: Basically, the Network Activity section shows the exact thing in the Overview tab. Here, you can monitor the Network I/O, Network Utilization, the address to which the processes are connected, and also their data rate (sent, received, and total).

TCP Connections: This section lets you track network activity associated with those processes currently running on your PC. For example, you can check Google Chrome’s local address, local port, remote address, remote port, packet loss, and latency.

Listening Ports: This is responsible for tracking the local address, local port, network protocol, and firewall status of those processes awaiting network requests.


Lets you monitor network activity, TCP Connections, and Listening Ports

Additionally allows CPU, Memory, and Disk monitoring

You can quickly start and stop services


Limited monitoring network on a specific computer.

Doesn’t allow you to choose display filters.

Overall features are also limited.

Wireshark is one of the safest and most popular open-source network management tools adopted by institutions, businesses, and even government agencies. Well, this application integrates TCP, UDP, DHCP, ICMP, and the three-way TCP handshake protocol to monitor your network.

Once you have downloaded the Wireshark tool, you can easily capture live network traffic and perform offline analysis. Then, these captured files can be saved in various formats (Microsoft Network Monitor, tcpdump, etc.), and the data can be viewed via GUI or the TTY-mode TShark utility.

Basically, this network protocol analyzer works by capturing thousands of packets from a selected network connection and obtains all the network information after applying a specific filter. Then, you can monitor the live report, which includes the source address, destination address, protocol, and other information.

Furthermore, Wireshark lets you monitor various monitor statistics, including Protocol Hierarchy, I/O Graphs, Service Response Time, TCP Stream Graphs, etc. Likewise, you can also analyze the Display Filters, SCTP, Conversation Filter, Enabled Protocols, and many more.


Captures packets from all the networks.

Generates a plethora of monitor statistics reports, like I/O graphs, Service Response Time, etc.

Lets you detect possible network problems and troubleshoot them.

Easy setup and installation.


While Icinga only applies to small and medium-scale, Nagios is even preferred in large-scale industries. Moreover, the two monitoring software differ in terms of adaptability, integrations, support, and pricing.

Well, Nagios is an agentless network monitoring tool initially designed to run on Linux but is now readily available on Windows too. One of the significant benefits of choosing this tool over others is that it detects network outages and protocol failures much faster.

Currently, we can find four different Nagios products online – Nagios Core, Nagios XI, Nagios Network Analyzer, and Nagios Fusion. Reportedly, Nagios Core lets you monitor SMTP, HTTP, Ping, and other network services. On the other hand, Nagios XI is an extended version of the former and offers monitor system metrics, applications, networks, etc.

Interestingly, Nagios lets us monitor the network, server, and application in a single application. Thus, it is not just limited to tracking network connection problems but also lets us monitor application errors and offers agent-based as well as agentless server monitoring.


Powerful data-gathering engine with transparent tools

Thousands of free plugins provide additional support

Lets you check network graphs and reports 


Installation and setup can be tricky

The open-source version lacks features found in the enterprise version

If you’re looking for a network monitoring program that can run on web servers, Ntop is probably one of the best tools available in this list. Thanks to its portable libpcap libraries, you can easily capture packets, probe networks, and analyze traffic.

Reportedly, Ntop supports TCP, UDP, ICMP, DLC, and many more network protocols. Hence, it provides users with a fast interface, high-speed network data transfer and allows multiple tools to run in a single system.

Since Ntop can be easily installed and administered through web browsers, CPU and memory use is significantly reduced. Moreover, it’s easy to use and is applicable to all types of networks.


Detects and prevents your network from possible bugs and malware

Easy packet capturing, network probing and traffic analyzing

Can run multiple tools in the same system


The interface isn’t user friendly

You’ll need additional knowledge about their libpcap libraries

Cacti offers both data gathering and network monitoring capabilities within a single free, open-source application. Moreover, the software lets you store all the network and system statistics.

Reportedly, it uses SNMP protocol for network monitoring. Furthermore, it is famous for having a customizable user interface and integrating fault-tolerant data collection framework. Likewise, Cacti utilizes MySQL for the database and is designed around the RRDTool, which is an industry-standard data logging tool. 


Can generate graphs using language-independent scripts

Customizable user interface

Fault-tolerant data collection framework


Well, FreeNATS is another free, open-source network monitoring tool for testing and alerting network status. This is very similar to Nagios and Zabbix as it is also an enterprise-level program.

Some of its standard features are test scheduling, live network monitoring, availability reports, e-mail and URL altering, etc. Moreover, FreeNats is absolutely free and does not include any premium versions. 

Furthermore, FreeNATS utilizes SMTP, POP3, HTTP, and ICMP protocols for monitoring network traffic and usage. Apart from that, it also allows its users to track and collect various metrics like disk usage, RAM, etc. 


Lets you monitor network of both physical and virtual devices

Live reports available with e-mail and URL-altering features


Features on open-source are limited as compared to the paid version

Installation is pretty tricky compared to other network monitoring software

Like Wireshark, Icinga is also a widely-known open-source tailored monitoring solution that lets you monitor various network services, host resources, and other server components. Reportedly, it works by exchanging data on your DevOps tools and can be configured in both GUI (Graphical User Interface) and DSL (Domain Specific Language).

Moreover, it is a cloud-monitoring software that lets you track and manage all the private, public, or hybrid clouds in one Icinga application. Also, you can create reports of your current data using various relations and patterns.

Moving on, Icinga lets you collect, store, visualize as well as combine the metrics and logs. Likewise, it also possesses excellent flexibility allowing you to monitor various network infrastructures and provide efficient workflows. Also, the software is compatible with Nagios plug-ins.


Compatible with Nagios plugins

Can be configured on both GUI and DSL-level


You’ll require additional knowledge about scripts/text files

Difficult to integrate into modern systems

May be suitable for technical users only

Another popular network monitoring software for Windows servers is Zabbix. Well, this is one of Nagios’s prime competitors that primarily focuses on monitoring CPU load statistics, memory heap, and the network system.

This enterprise-plan open-source program utilizes the SNMP and IPMP for auto-locating those network devices that require monitoring. Interestingly, they even predict future behavior by using historical data as they record trends in your network traffic.

Besides tracking network usage and traffic, the Zabbix packages also offer server, service, application, and cloud monitoring. Thanks to its high availability solution, we can be assured that our data is not lost. Moreover, they also use an external vault to secure sensitive information.

Furthermore, it offers both agent-based and agentless monitoring systems. Likewise, you can find three discovery options here – network (records IP address, status, etc.), low-level (creates graphs and metrics), and auto (monitors a discovered device using an agent).



Adopts robust notification system

Can work on both old and modern devices


You may notice performance issues

Debugging is difficult

Challenging to create reports and graphs

OpenNMS is free, open-source software that uses SNMP protocol to monitor both local and remote networks. Unlike other tools, it is highly scalable and customizable, which is the reason why it’s getting popular these days.

Right now, the network management application comes in two different versions – Horizon and Meridian. Well, we recommend the latter one (OpenNMS Horizon) as it offers free service and has some beneficial features like event management, notifications, data collection, service monitoring, etc.

Moreover, the OpenNMS Horizon offers network topology mapping, meaning it creates a graph of the network topology using nodes and links. Furthermore, it has several plug-ins that allow different customizations and help integrate with third-party apps or services. 


Supports alert systems in the form of e-mail and SMS

Provides free licensing

Provides provisioning and data collections services


You require additional knowledge of scripts and XMLs

Lacks a good user interface

Graphs and reports on real-time information can’t be generated

Although Observium is not as popular as other network monitoring software, it is one of the twelve tools we recommend. Basically, it uses the API integration system to improve the quality and visibility of the network infrastructure.

Moreover, the Observium utility lets you monitor the network of unlimited devices and also has a full audio-discovery feature. Likewise, the tool has a simple interface that lets you track the network’s health and status.

Furthermore, this network monitoring software also includes various features for improving your network’s reliability. Additionally, it also provides long-term network metric collection for ease of planning.


An interactive user interface that makes it easy for new users to understand

Easy monitoring of your network’s health

Can monitor network data on a wide variety of devices


Lacks community support

Lacks a customizable dashboard

Well, Checkmk is another powerful tool that doesn’t just let you monitor the network but even the entire system (servers, applications, etc.). Moreover, it can discover your network’s topology maps, whether it be on a wireless or wired connection.

Reportedly, two editions are available on the official website – Checkmk Raw and Checkmk Enterprise. While the former is free to use and utilizes the SNMP protocol, the latter is a paid version but provides additional features (auto-discovery, agent management, etc.).

Using either of the editions, you’ll be able to monitor your network’s health, metrics, logs, and events. In fact, most users prefer this program as it can launch all your reports in the least latency possible.

Furthermore, it enables rapid deployment, and you can also access multiple server hosts simultaneously. With over 2000 of its high-quality plug-ins, one can quickly monitor the entire IT and allow automatic detection of network issues. 


Offers a steep learning curve

Network discovery and topology mapping

Generates reports at the least latency possible


The last one we have is Centreon, a free, open-source tool that works similarly to other software in this list. Unlike others, it is a business-aware and AIOps-ready monitoring program with features like Zero-config connectors, SLA Management, Decision support, etc.

Besides tracking your network usage and traffic, Centreon allows both cloud and non-cloud monitoring. Likewise, you can select any performance parameter to manage events and notifications or detect network malfunctions and anomalies.

After downloading the official Centreon application, you can track the entire IT infrastructure with cloud, security, ITOM, databases, and various other features. Therefore, if you’re looking for a monitoring tool having complete IT visibility, business alignments, and seamless integrations, we recommend Centreon.


Supports both cloud and non-cloud monitoring

Easy detection of network malfunctions and anomalies

Flexible dashboard and easy generation of reports


Setup is a bit technical and difficult for beginners

Data loading can take time, depending on your network connection

The Best Cases For The Iphone 12 Mini

Technically speaking, the iPhone 12 mini isn’t the smallest iPhone Apple has ever made. However, it certainly feels small in the hand. As such, you may need a case to help keep it safe.

So we’ve put together a list of some of the best cases you can pick up right now for the iPhone 12 mini. Each of the cases are available now, offering a range of designs, protection levels, and price points. So let’s just get right to it.

Related: check out our roundup of the best cases for all iPhone 12 models

The best iPhone 12 mini cases Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is designed to be thin and lightweight, but still offer up plenty of protection for daily use. It has a durable PC back and a TPU bumper, and it’s crystal clear transparency (on the back) means you can still show off your iPhone 12 mini’s original color.

There are raised bezels on the front to protect the display, and raised bezels on the back to help protect the rear cameras. The case offers cutouts for the speakers and Lightning port, and the pronounced buttons on the side make it easy to feel them and press when needed.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is available now from Amazon in several colors: Crystal Clear, Red, Matte Black, and Sand Beige.

Buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 12 mini case for $11.99 – $13.99

Apple Silicone Case

Apple’s back with another silicone case for its newest iPhones. This one for the iPhone 12 mini will fit perfectly with the small handset, and offers a silky, soft-touch exterior that should feel great in the hand. Meanwhile, inside there is a microfiber lining to help prevent scratches with daily use.

Apple says the case has a “magical” attach and detach experience, which is due to the MagSafe support in this case. It has precision magnets in the case to help the accessory attach to the iPhone 12 mini. Those magnets also make it so the silicone case supports wireless charging through MagSafe.

Apple tests the silicone case over thousands of hours. The silicone case from Apple is available now from Amazon in Kumquat, White, Plum, Pink Citrus, Cypress Green, Deep Navy, (PRODUCT)RED, and Black.

Buy Apple Silicone iPhone 12 mini Case for $49.00 – $49.99


The Totallee thin case for the iPhone 12 mini keeps things minimal. It is only 0.02 inches thin, so it’s not going to be adding any bulk to your small iPhone. So if you purchased the iPhone 12 mini for its pocketability, this case will certainly help with that goal.

There is a raised lip around the cameras on the back, helping to protect them through daily use. This thin case is designed to fit perfectly with the phone, so it will have a snug fit and not peel off over time. There are cutouts not only for the Lightning port and the speaker on the bottom, but also the side buttons as well.

The Totallee iPhone 12 mini case is available now from Amazon in Green, Frosted Black, Clear (soft), Navy Blue, and Frosted Clear. However, keep in mind that some cases will be in stock at a later date, while others are available now.

Buy Totallee iPhone 12 mini case for $39.00

OtterBox Commuter Series

The OtterBox Commuter cars for the iPhone 12 mini will add a bit of bulk to your small iPhone. However, it offers plenty of protection for the trade-off. For instance, it features a lasting antimicrobial technology on the outer shell that helps prevent the build-up of common bacteria. That includes a silver-based growth to stop the growth of bacteria.

The exterior buttons on the case are pronounced, making them easy to press. There are ports for the speaker and the Lightning port for when you want to charge with a wire. The inner area of the case is soft to help prevent scratches with daily use.

The OtterBox Commuter case for the iPhone 12 mini is available now from Amazon in Aqua Sail, Blazer Blue, Black, and Pink.

Buy OtterBox Commuter iPhone 12 mini case for $39.95

Apple Leather Case

The Leather Case from Apple will fit nice and snug in the iPhone 12 mini. It’s made from specially tanned and finished leather, and it will develop a natural patina over time. It’s soft to the touch and should be comfortable to use over time with daily use. And thanks to MagSafe, it will snap or detach quickly and easily with the precise magnets. That means it supports wireless charging as well.

It’s not a thick case, but it will help protect your device from small drops and what not. And the inside of the case  is soft as well, making sure not to scratch the handset.

The Leather Case for the iPhone 12 mini is available now from Amazon in (PRODUCT)RED, Saddle Brown, Black, Baltic Blue, and Black.

Buy Leather iPhone 12 mini case for $59.00


The new MagSafe-compatible case from Gear4 is designed to offer a clear case so you can still see the color of your phone, while offering up plenty of protection. The case offers up 13 feet of drop protection, the Crystal Palace Snap case is constructed from D30 Crystalex. And Gear4 says the case won’t yellow over time due to the materials being what they are, even with daily use.

The case from Gear4 is also made in part from recycled materials, so it’s an eco-friendly case as well.

The major benefit is the MagSafe compatibility. With this, Gear4’s case works with MagSafe attachment accessories, including wireless charging. The case also “snaps” into place thanks to the built-in magnets. So even with the case installed, the iPhone 12 mini will still see perfect alignment for the best possible wireless charging speeds (dependent on the wireless charger, of course).

The Gear4 case is available from Amazon.

Buy Gear4 Crystal Palace Snap case for $41.89

Apple Clear Case

If you want to go with a clear case, and want to pick up an Apple-official option, then here you go. The case is manufactured from a blend of clear polycarbonate and flexible materials. It will fit exactly onto the iPhone 12 mini, and fit right over the buttons so they are easy to use. Meanwhile, the interior and exterior of the case have a scratch-resistant coating to keep the phone safe for daily use.

The case also features an anti-yellowing coating as well, so it shouldn’t get discolored over time.

And, as you can see from the image above, it features MagSafe technology as well. The Clear Case will attach magnetically to not only other MagSafe accessories, but also MagSafe wireless chargers. It will perfectly align with a wireless charger to offer the best possible wireless charging. It works with Qi-certified chargers, too.

The Clear Case for the iPhone 12 mini is available now from Amazon.

Buy Apple Clear Case for $49.00


Here’s another clear case option (there are a lot of these for the iPhone 12 mini), but this one’s from Speck. It’s a company that has made a name for itself over the years by building some top-notch accessories. The Presidio case is no exception. It offers plenty of protection, while keeping a slim profile. And while the case has a clear design (except the Obsidian color options), it also offers a pop of color, too.

The Speck case features the company’s IMPACTIUM shock barrier design, which means it can survive a fall from up to 13 feet. The clear coating will resist discoloration over extended use periods, and it won’t yellow, either. And with Microban, the case will remain clean even with daily use.

Raised bezels will help protect the display and the rear cameras.

The Presidio case from Speck is available now for the iPhone 12 mini in Clear with Gold Glitter/Clear, Clear/Atmosphere Fade, Clear/Black, Clear/Clear, Clear/Clear Grip, Clear/Rosy Pink, Clear/Vintage Rose, Obsidian/Obsidian, Obsidian/Obsidian Grip.

Buy Speck case for the iPhone 12 mini for $37.29


The Mous case has a lot going for it. It’s thin, so it doesn’t add bulk. It’s designed to offer up superior drop protection. And it has its own magnetic features built right in. However, it’s worth noting that this is not a MagSafe accessory. So while it can work with a MagSafe wireless accessory, it won’t line up perfectly and it can’t wirelessly charge as quickly as a MagSafe-compatible case.

With that in mind, the Mous Limitless 3.0 case does offer up the company’s own magnetic charging technology called AutoAlignPlus. This will work with Mous’s other magnetic accessories, including a suction mount, a wireless charger, and a card wallet.

With Mous’s AiroShock technology, the case can survive plenty of falls. The case offers raised bezels to protect the display and the rear cameras. And, finally, the cases are made from high-end materials.

The Mous Limitless 3.0 case is available now from Amazon in Bamboo, Black Leather, Aramid Fibre, Speckled Black Leather, and Walnut.

Buy Mous Limitless 3.0 for iPhone 12 mini for $49.99

Best Battery Cases For Iphone 12 Mini In 2023

The iPhone 12 mini is a great compact phone, but one downside is less battery life than other devices in the series. You can overcome this with the best iPhone 12 mini battery cases that help you power up your phone on the go. This makes it super convenient to keep making calls, watching videos, playing games, and more without interruption. Check out the list below to find the best battery cases for iPhone 12 mini. 

1. NEWDERT battery case: Best overall

Here’s a 4700mAh battery case that can double your iPhone 12 Mini daily lifespan. Keep your iPhone powered for a longer time. An LED indicator light can clearly let you know how much power is left. Press the switch button to turn it on/ off.


Supports Apple CarPlay and Apple Pay

Advanced audio transmission technology

Comfortable grip


Difficult to remove phone from case

Check out on Amazon

2. JERSS: Best low-cost option

Your iPhone 12 Mini has a smaller battery than bigger phones, but you can keep it going for longer with this 6000mAh battery case, certificated by CE, FC, and RoHs. It supplies enough power to fully and safely charge your device for extended talkative, music, movies, and internet surfing.

The soft top part makes installation easier. You just have to slide your phone into the case. You also get a 12-month money-back guarantee for convenience and reliability.


Sync-through technology

Compact fit

12-month warranty


Grip could be better

Check out on Amazon

3. Beseller: Best rugged battery case

Here’s an iPhone 12 Mini battery case made of soft TPU with a stiff back shell for the dual purpose of protection and charging. The built-in durable 4700mAh Li-polymer battery is sufficient to keep your device powered up on the go.


All-round protection

LED indicator lights for the convenience

Good customer support


Feels bit bulky

Check out on Amazon

4. Allezru battery case: Best versatility

Keep your iPhone 12 Mini powered up with this 3600mAh battery case made of a high-quality soft silica gel material and a hard-shell backplate. It offers 360-degree protection to keep your iPhone safe from scratch and bumps.

Press the power button for three seconds to start the charging and press again for three seconds to stop it. You can also charge your iPhone and the case simultaneously.


Durable design

Simultaneous charging

Three color options


A bit bulky

Check out on Amazon

5. SNSOU: Best ultra-slim charger case

Check out this sleek battery case that boasts 6000mAh power that gives you 50 hours of music time, 18 hours of phone talk time, 12 hours of video time, and 15 hours of website browsing. So, there’s no chance of you missing calls when out and about.

It’s super easy to install and use, and the LED indicator lights let you know how much charge is left. The raised rubber bezel surrounding the phone’s screen gives your iPhone maximum protection, avoiding scratches and bumps.


High capacity

Four color options

Indicator lights


Build quality could be better

Check out on Amazon

6. Fey: Best battery charging case

This iPhone 12 Mini charger case is made of durable material, provides full back cover protection against scratches or daily damage. It’s convenient for daily use and packs 4000mAh power that provides a boost of 150 percent for everyday convenience.

It also features 4 LED indicators, making it easy to let you know how much charge is available (0–25%–50%–75%–100%). Further, it’s got internal protection against overheating, overload, and short circuit so you can use with confidence.


Minimalist design

Snug fit

Safe and convenient


Slightly pricey

Check out on Amazon

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Mehak has a master’s degree in communication and over ten years of writing experience. Her passion for technology and Apple products led her to iGeeksBlog, where she specializes in writing product roundups and app recommendations for fellow Apple users. When not typing away on her MacBook Pro, she loves being lost in a book or out exploring the world.

8 Best Leather Cases For Iphone 12 Pro Max

While cute cases for iPhone 12/12Pro, mini, and Pro Max with eye-catching design can steal the show, the rich leather texture of handcrafted genuine leather cases is still hard to beat. Apart from giving a pro look and feel to your smartphone, they also ensure you have an enhanced gripping. That’s not all, leather suits are equally up to the task when it comes to absorbing shock and fighting out scratches. So, if you have decided to opt for vintage leather covers or incredibly sleek leather suits, this meticulously crafted lineup of the 8 best leather cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max can help you choose the right bet.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Genuine Leather Cases You Can Buy

Giving durability more priority, I have selected iPhone 12 Pro Max cases that are carved out of genuine leather. So, you can expect their leather texture to last long. With top-of-the-line craftsmanship, they boast an executive profile. As for protection, they are more than capable to keep your phablet protected from ugly scratches and also the random impact. With that in mind, let’s dive straight into the roundup of the top iPhone 12 Pro Max premium leather cases!

1. Bellroy

In more ways than one, this offering from Bellroy is a premium leather wallet case. First and foremost, the case features a pretty compact form-factor that hardly adds any bulk to the smartphone without endangering the protection factor. While the soft microfiber strengthens the construction, the flex polymer further empowers the safeguard against impact.

Thanks to the inclusion of the magnetic closure, it keeps all the cards securely inside. What’s more, the very integrated section also doubles as a useful stand to let you enjoy Netflix movies or video calling in the landscape mode.

Buy from Amazon: $79

2. Mujjo

Mujjo is a slim leather case that not only makes a nice-looking match with the iPhone 12 Pro Max but also offers you the flexibility to carry multiple cards. So, if you are willing to get a wallet case without having to sacrifice the elegance of your smartphone, it can be a better pick.

What’s more, it also has beveled edges to guard the 6.7″ OLED display and the huge camera bump against scuffs. To sum up, Mujjo is one of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max leather cases with a cardholder.

Buy from Mujjo: $54 

3. Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

A premium smartphone like iPhone 12 Pro Max deserves a luxurious leather wallet case like Bella Fino. Crafted with full-grain American leather, the cover has got a pro look and feel. The marine-grade nylon stitching further enhances its profile as a rich wallet suit.

What’s more, Bella Fina can hold up to 8 cards and also some cash, which makes it a perfect travel wallet for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Notably, it also supports wireless charging so that you don’t need to remove the case before charging your phablet.

Buy from Pad & Quill: $79.95

4. Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

Showcasing a sleek design that fits around the edges of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple Leather Case with MagSafe has got the profile to be counted as a premium leather suit. The case is carved out of tanned leather and features a rich leather texture that can grace your palm with better grip.

Buy from Amazon: $59

5. Nomad Rugged Case

What has caught my eyes in the Nomad Rugged case is the ability to offer an uncompromised defense to your iPhone 12 Pro Max without putting the style quotient of the smartphone on the backburner. The top-grade Horween leather construction is strengthened by the presence of a shock-absorbing PC interior.

Moreover, the TPE bumper further boosts the durability aspect, while also enhancing grip so that holding the big-screen smartphone will remain convenient for you. Nomad claims that the case can endure up to 10 feet drops, which is great considering that it doesn’t look beefy like other protective cases in the market.

Buy from Amazon: $49.95


Should you wish to go for a luxurious leather wallet case at a comparatively affordable price tag, this offering from AMOVO could be a better choice. The case is crafted with genuine leather and features an impact-resistant interior made of PC and TPU. So, it’s fully capable to offer a 360° safeguard to your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Notably, AMOVO case has multiple pockets to let you store credit cards. Plus, there is a big pocket where you will be able to keep your dollar bills securely. Another major highlight of this case is the detachable design which offers you the flexibility to reduce the bulk and use it as a simple slim leather case.

Buy from Amazon: $45.95

7. ESR Metro Series

For those looking for a comparatively affordable slim leather case, ESR Metro Series seems to be a safe bet. Crafted with high-grade leather, the case sports a professional-looking design. And with the soft leather texture, it also provides a much-improved grip.

As for protection, ESR Metro Series can live up to the mark when it comes to absorbing random impact thanks to the presence of a microfiber interior. Plus, it can also shield your phablet against scuffs.

Buy from Amazon: $25.99


Looking at this offering from TORRO, all I can say is that it’s a premium leather wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro minus a premium price tag. Made of high-grade leather, the cover has a vintage design that can instantly appeal to your taste if you prefer to have a classy leather suit.

The refined handcrafted design with the visible stitching further bolsters its profile as a pro leather cover. Design aside, TORRO leather cover is equally up to the task when it comes to absorbing impact. The incorporation of the cushioned interior (microfiber and silicone) further boosts durability.

Buy from Amazon: $37.99

Choose the Top Leather Covers for Your iPhone 12 Pro Max

There you go! So, these are our best genuine leather cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max, which you can buy to give a pro look and feel to your all-new phablet while still keeping the essential protection from drops intact.

Users’ Choice Survey Results: Books For Learning Java

The market is flooded with books on Java. All are different, few have ever been compared. The better ones combine the knowledge base of a world-class programmer with the compassion of a caring educator — and hopefully, a sense of humor. Which of them best fits this description is a choice, we believe, only users should make. So we let you vote for your favorite teaching guide for the Java language. Here’s what you had to say.

In a tight race, three contestants emerged on top. Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel (Prentice Hall) ranked number one among tutorials you’d recommend to your peers. It was followed closely by Java in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference by David Flanagan (O’Reilly) and Core Java 1.1: Vols. 1 and 2 by Cay Horstmann and Gary Cornell (Prentice Hall), copping place and show honors, respectively.

Trailing well behind the leaders but still grabbing sizable tallies were Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days by Laura Lemay and Charles L. Perkins (, The Java Programming Language by James Gosling and Ken Arnold (Addison Wesley), The Java Tutorial: Object-Oriented Programming for the Internet by Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath (Addison Wesley), Exploring Java by Pat Niemeyer and Josh Peck (O’Reilly) and Just Java by Peter van der Linden (Sun Microsystems Press).

Of the survey winner, users offered the following:

“Thinking in Java is definitely a winner. Concentrating on the language first with humour and lots of good examples. It’s the book I read from page 1 and follow chapter after chapter.”

“Of the many books I have read, the only one which made me feel that I have more to know in Java is undoubtedly Thinking in Java. He has analysed very interesting issues, particularly in the chapters on Polymorphism, RTTI and Passing Objects.

“Thinking in Java provides a thorough treatment of what goes on behind the scenes in Java. This is missing from all the other books I have read. Especially the coverage of initialization, garbage collection, reflection, inner classes and polymorphism.”

Others contrasted Eckel’s work with that of the other leading authors.

“Eckel’s book is great, Campione and Walrath’s book is also very good. The Core Java book is good, after you’ve read the first two.”

“Thinking in Java is very well-written. Java in a Nutshell is a ready resource. And although Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days is not the world’s greatest Java book, it has an excellent structure and general approach.”

“In terms of clarity, Eckel’s is the best. I like the Java 1.1 Interactive Course because of the value-added service of answering questions. Van der Linden’s is the third choice; it maintains the usual high standard of the Sun Java series.”

Praise was also heaped on several other candidates.

“Java in a Nutshell is a very valuable book, not only as a desktop reference, but also as a very effective learning means. It provides robust basis for all developers and programmers.”

“Teach Yourself Java is great. Lemay is a very good teacher.”

“Exploring Java by Niemeyer and Peck (O’Reilly): A great book with clear explanations, unlike several other Java books which omit important details. Highly recommended from someone with no vested interest.”

“The Horton book [Beginning Java] is excellent. All major aspect are covered in special detail.”

“Just Java and Beyond (Third Edition) had everything I needed to get started with Java. It discussed applets and applications, which I couldn’t find in any other book in the store!”

For the record, here’s the official order of finish using our 3-point weighting system:

Thinking in Java (Eckel), Prentice Hall

Java in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference (Flanagan), O’Reilly

Core Java 1.1: Vols. 1 and 2 (Horstmann and Cornell), Prentice Hall

Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days (Lemay and Perkins), chúng tôi

The Java Tutorial: Object-Oriented Programming for the Internet (Campione and Walrath), Addison Wesley

The Java Programming Language (Gosling and Arnold), Addison Wesley

Just Java (van der Linden), Sun Microsystems Press (tie)

Exploring Java (Niemeyer and Peck), O’Reilly (tie)

Beginning Java (Horton), Wrox Press

Mastering Java 1.1 (Vanhelsuwe), Sybex

A Complete Java Training Course: The Ultimate Cyber Classroom (Deitl and Deitl), Prentice Hall

Using Java, Special Edition (Newman et al.), Que

Hooked on Java (van Hoff et al.), Addison-Wesley (tie)

Java 1.1 Interactive Course (Lemay), Waite Group Press (tie)

Web Programming with Java (Girdley et al), chúng tôi

Java How-To (Siddalingaiah and Lockwood), Waite Group Press

Learn Java Now (Davis), Microsoft Press

Foundations of Java Programming for the World Wide Web (Walsh), IDG Books (tie)

Presenting Java (December), chúng tôi (tie)

The leading write-in offering was Java Examples in a Nutshell by Flanagan (O’Reilly).

We congratulate our survey winner and thank our users for their participation.

Update the detailed information about 12 Best Plugins For Genesis Theme Users on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!