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2 Ways to Fix Your Chrome Theme when It’s Not Fitting You will enjoy all your Chrome themes after going through this guide




The Chrome theme not fitting issue can be caused by conflicting background and theme selection. 

Just know that you can fix the problem effortlessly by customizing your browser background. 

Another solution to get the themes to work normally again is restoring Chrome settings to default.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

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Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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readers this month.

Google Chrome is a typical modern-day browser with a simple and intuitive interface. In addition, it allows you to customize the appearance to your liking.

You can change the background and switch between the light and dark mode for varying browsing experiences. In addition, you can change the theme from the default, thanks to the series of options available in the Chrome Web Store.

While the store houses some of the best themes for Chrome, users are starting to have problems with them fitting with their browser. This makes contents appear scattered and disorganized.

If you have tried everything to fix this problem with no success, be at ease as this guide contains viable solutions to make sure it never occurs again. 

Why does my Chrome theme not show up properly?

As you would have expected, we have an answer for that as well. If your theme does not display after you installed it, it may not be built correctly.

Furthermore, if the theme just disappears, it may not be synced, or it could have been disabled by another user.

Can I change the theme of my Chrome browser?

Chrome allows you to change your theme from its default by installing new themes from the Chrome Web Store. These themes are applied automatically and can be easily removed too.

Also, you can change the theme color, background, and even the Chrome avatar. Hence, you are not short of customization options. 

Quick Tip:

If you keep having trouble with Chrome, try using opera instead. It’s a top-notch browser with an intuitive and fully customizable interface. It has a light/dark mode but an addition of a system mode for more options. 

Expert tip:


Easily customize your themes and organize your browsing activity using Opera’s wide range of options!

Free Visit website

How do I make my Google Chrome theme fit my screen? 1. Customize Chrome background

Sometimes, your Google Chrome themes do not fit or appear too small or big due to your background. This is especially common when you upload a background from your device, as it can have a contradicting size to your theme.

In some cases, it can cause the Chrome theme background not to show in a new tab. The easy fix here is to switch to the default background and relaunch your browser.

2. Restore settings to default

Google Chrome themes might not be fitting on screen due to some settings on your browser. If you find it hard to pinpoint the cause, this fix should help you restore all settings to their default.

After the restoration, you can now apply the theme you want to use.

The Chrome theme not fitting issue can make even the most eye-catching background look horrible. And this makes your browser contents appear scattered and broken.

Thankfully, the problem is easy to fix, as shown in this guide. So, if your Chrome theme is not full screen, you know exactly where to tweak it.

The Chrome theme background not showing is another annoying problem that users have been reporting, but we now know how to solve it together.

Do you want to know how to set up your own custom Google Chrome themes? Then, check our guide on how to do it with ease.

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3 Quick Ways To Fix Btroblox Extension When It’s Not Working

3 Quick Ways to Fix BTRoblox Extension when it’s Not Working The BTRoblox extension not working issue seems to be caused by an internal error




One of them is to update your current browser to make sure it does not cause any miscommunications between it and the extension.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

It is stated in the Privacy Practices that have been provided by the publisher that this extension will not collect or make use of any of your data in any way.

Is BTRoblox allowed on Roblox?

Downloading and using Better Roblox is completely risk-free, and it is allowed by Roblox itself. Because it is a piece of open-source software (OSS), the BTRoblox browser extension allows anybody to inspect the program’s source code. And thus confirm that it does not include any dangerous code.

There are a lot of individuals on BTRoblox, as the platform has well over 1,000,000 members. The Better Roblox internet browser extension would suffer irreparable damage to its image if even a single user had difficulties caused by the fact that the software was not secure.

Is BTRoblox an extension?

Which browser is best for Roblox?

The gaming-oriented web browser known as Opera GX is a variant of the Opera One browser that is perfect for Roblox.

Opera GX may be downloaded separately from your primary web browser if you so want. You can also set it as the default search engine. And the superb RAM and CPU limiter features allow you to choose how much of your computer’s capacity you want the browser to use.

On what browsers did BTRoblox stop working?

Not only did the BTRoblox stop working on let’s say Chrome, but it also proved to be malfunctioning on a plethora of other browsers. Some of which are the following:

BTRoblox extension not working on Firefox – Firefox users can try to update their browsers before giving up completely.

BTRoblox extension not working on Chrome – If you are on Chrome, the best solution is to uninstall and reinstall the extension on your browser.

BTRoblox extension not working on Opera One – Same goes for Opera One users. Moreover, we recommend that you switch to Opera GX since it is gaming optimized.

BTRoblox extension not working on Edge – Edge users might want to switch their browser to an alternative one. We have linked above, our post with 7 alternatives to try.

Expert tip:

How can I fix BTRoblox if it’s not working? 1. Reinstall it on your browser 2. Use an alternative browser

Thanks to other Roblox users, we found that changing your current browser before accessing the BTRoblox extension, proved to be one of the best solutions.

For best performance, we suggest you get a browser that’s constantly updated. Also, if you regularly access in-browser games, it’s just as important to focus on how well the browser performs.

It’s well known that Chrome can use up a large number of system resources and be slow at times. Opera One on the other hand is lighter and supports Roblox and has its dedicated add-ons in its Web Store.

Opera One has tons of performance-oriented features that can improve your Roblox experience. These include a built-in ad blocker, a battery saver feature, and a free, unlimited VPN.

The browser is also great for quick access. Add your favorite social media platforms and use them directly from the sidebar. No need to open a different tab or window.

⇒ Get Opera One

Why is BTRoblox broken?

If Chrome still gives you headaches, check out our article on the seven best browsers to play Roblox on and choose an alternative browser to use instead of your current one.

Alternatively, take a look a the five best browsers for gaming if you don’t like any of the aforementioned options. These include gaming-oriented optimization features, so they’re certainly worth a shot.

We hope our guide proved to be helpful for you. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think as well as whether you have more solutions in mind. Thanks for reading!

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How To Fix Images Not Loading In Chrome

By default, Google Chrome is set to display images on the sites you visit in this browser. If you find the browser doesn’t display images for a site, that site may be experiencing problems serving pictures. If your issue persists with other sites, your browser may be the problem.

You or someone else may have disabled the image load option in Chrome, turned off JavaScript, or one of your extensions may be causing Chrome not to load your images. This guide will look at potential ways to fix your issue.

Table of Contents

Use a Different Browser to Access Your Webpage

When Chrome doesn’t display images on a site, switch to another web browser on your computer and see if you can load the pictures. You may try other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi, or Opera.

If your site images load in other web browsers, the Chrome browser has issues. In this case, read on to discover more fixes.

If your other browsers also fail to load images, the site has a problem. In this case, the site admin will have to enable picture loading or fix issues that prevent images from being served.

Allow Sites to Display Images in Google Chrome

Chrome offers an option to let you disable and enable the loading of images in your web browser. If you or someone else has set this option off, you’ll have to turn the option back on to see the photos on your sites.

It’s quick and easy to toggle on this option in Chrome. Here’s how.

Open Chrome, select the three dots at the top-right corner, and select Settings.

Select Privacy and security on the left and Site Settings on the right.

Scroll down the page and choose Images.

Activate the Sites can show images option.

Relaunch Chrome and open your site. Your site images should load without issues.

Enable JavaScript in Chrome to Show Pictures

Some sites use JavaScript to serve images, and if you’ve disabled this feature in Chrome, you’ll have to turn the option on to see your images.

You can turn on JavaScript in Chrome as follows:

Launch Chrome, select the three dots at the top-right corner, and choose Settings.

Select Privacy and security on the left and Site Settings on the right.

Scroll down and choose JavaScript.

Enable the Sites can use JavaScript option.

Reopen Chrome, and your issue should be resolved.

Use Incognito Mode in Chrome

Chrome’s incognito mode isolates your current browsing session from your other browsing sessions and your past browsing data. It’s worth using this mode to see if your browser data is causing interference with your site images.

Select the three dots at the top-right corner of Chrome and choose New Incognito window.

Open your site in the new window that launches.

If your site images load in the incognito window, Chrome’s browsing history or extensions may be problematic. In this case, follow the following methods to resolve your issue.

Turn Off Chrome’s Extensions

Chrome allows you to install extensions so you can get the most out of your favorite web browser. Sometimes, one or more of these extensions become problematic, causing various issues with the browser.

It’s worth disabling your extensions to see if that fixes the image not loading issue. You can toggle off one extension at a time to find the culprit.

Launch your site and see if your photos load. If they do, enable one extension at a time to find the problematic one.

When you find the culprit extension, remove that extension by selecting Remove on Chrome’s Extensions page.

Clear Chrome Cache and Browsing Data

Chrome stores cache and other browsing files to speed up and enhance your web browsing experience. When these files go corrupt or become problematic, your browser starts to suffer.

Therefore, it’s worth clearing your browser’s cache and other data to see if that helps fix your image loading problem.

Close and reopen Chrome, and your site pictures should load.

Rename Chrome’s Data Folder

One way to fix many issues with Chrome is to rename the browser’s data folder. Chrome stores your browser’s configuration in this folder, and renaming the folder forces Chrome to recreate the configuration.

That helps resolve many issues with Chrome.

Open Chrome, and your browser will reconfigure the options.

If you use a Mac computer, your Chrome data folder is located at the following path:

On Linux, you’ll find Chrome’s data folder here:

Update Google Chrome

An obsolete version of any app can cause various issues. If you haven’t updated Chrome in a long time, Chrome’s older version is why your site images aren’t loading.

Chrome receives and installs any browser updates automatically. If that doesn’t happen for some reason, you can run a manual check to find and install the latest updates.

Close and reopen Chrome to bring your updates into effect.

Make Chrome Graphical Again

Chrome’s image loading issue isn’t too difficult to fix. The error usually occurs when you’ve misconfigured an option in the browser or your browser data has gone corrupt. Once you’ve fixed these items, your browser will start displaying your site images as usual.

2 Ways To Dislike Things On Facebook (Firefox And Google Chrome)

Ever since Facebook has introduced its “Like” functionality, many people have been wondering why there is no way to “DISlike” things there.

I am not that kind of a person that likes to “thumb-down” stuff when sharing at social media sites. When I don’t like things, I just ignore them. But still I was curious to see how the community powers social media networking: despite the fact that Facebook hasn’t introduced the “dislike” feature as if today, there are still browser-based ways to vote negatively while sharing.

1. Dislike Buttons

FaceMod is one option to dislike things on Facebook using FireFox.

The syntax: Dislike / Undislike

The philosophy:

“The Dislike Button is not for the haters! It was made to be the “yang” to facebook’s “yin”. We made this for the millions of folks who use Facebook and who, like ourselves, wanted the ability to “Dislike” things to express our sympathy or shared resentment for the distasteful, the disgraceful, and the downright rotten! “

Features include:

Very fast;

Language automatically switches based on your Facebook language settings

Facebook Dislike is another option for FireFoxers.

The syntax: Dislike / Undislike

Features include:

For Google Chrome find it here.

2. I Don’t Care Button:

Fbosf is a Chrome Extension as well as the FireFox addon (find it at the plugin developer’s site – it seems to be nowhere found in FireFox official directory) that adds a link “I don’t care” next to the link “I like” on Facebook.

The syntax: I don’t care / I care

The philosophy:

Features include:

Available languages: en, fr, ar, bg, ca, de, he, it, pt, sv, tr

Do you feel like using any of those?

Dhcpcsvc6.Dll: How To Download & Fix It When It’s Missing

dhcpcsvc6.dll: How to Download & Fix it When it’s Missing Explore easy ways to fix this DLL error on Windows 10




DHCPCSVC6.DLL is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file that stores instructions and info for .exe files.

It is one of the most vital components ensuring that Windows apps work correctly.

If the chúng tôi file gets corrupted in any way, a runtime error message comes up.

Encountered a chúng tôi error while opening apps or performing some action on your Windows 10 computer? This issue could occur if you accidentally deleted a shared DLL file or the file got corrupted.

This guide has mentioned all the essential information to eliminate this annoying missing DLL error. Let’s get started!

What causes the chúng tôi error? 

There could be various reasons for chúng tôi is either not designed or contains an error issue. Some of them are listed here: 

Damaged Windows Registry – Registry files are corrupted primarily due to power failure, faulty hardware, virus, or malware infection, and damaged registry file can cause this issue.

Misplaced or deleted DHCPCSVC6.DLL – Sometimes, when deleting associated files of uninstalled apps, we remove the DLL file as well, causing the deleted or missed chúng tôi error.

DHCPCSVC6.DLL corrupted by malicious software – If there is a virus or malware on your computer, it could cause this error. You can use real-time protection tools to remove the malware.

A faulty application – If an application is not working correctly or is corrupted, it can cause an issue. It is essential to check the installed apps and remove unwanted and faulty ones.

A program not correctly installed – Uninstalling and reinstalling the program can help you eliminate the issue.

How do I fix the chúng tôi error?

Before performing complex troubleshooting steps, try these quick fixes to see if any of them helps: 

Restore your PC to the Last known good configuration.

Try reinstalling the app that shows the error.

Check for Windows Update.

If you have already tried these options, let us move on to the detailed troubleshooting steps.

1. Download & Register DHCPCSVC6.DLL 1.1 Download DHCPCSVC6.DLL 1.2 Register DLL

Press the Windows key and type CMD and choose Run as Administrator.

Now in the Command Prompt window, paste the following command and hit Enter: regsvr32 chúng tôi for the process to complete, then restart the computer.

2. Scan your PC for malware

Note: You can also look for drivers using Windows Update.

Sometimes, malfunctioning drivers can cause multiple system errors.

If this happens to your PC, you may need to update or reinstall certain drivers entirely. As the process is not quite straightforward, we recommend using a reliable driver updater for the job. Here's how to do it:

Download and install Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch the software.

Wait for the app to detect all faulty drivers.

Now, it will show you all the malfunctioning drivers listed to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Secure your Windows PC with Outbyte from various errors caused by problematic drivers.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: this program needs to be upgraded from the free version in order to perform some specific actions.

4. Create a new user profile

Press the Windows key and type CMD and choose Run as Administrator.

Paste the following command and hit Enter. Instead of the account name, mention the preferred name for the new user profile. net user "account name"/add

Now paste the below command and hit Enter. net localgroup administrators "account name"/add

Exit Command Prompt and go to the new user.

5. Use the System File Checker (SFC)

Press the Windows key and type CMD and choose Run as Administrator.

Paste the command mentioned below and hit Enter after every command:

sfc /scannow

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

How do I replace DHCPCSVC6.DLL?

You can run the sfc/scannow command to replace the DLL file. It will replace all the missing and damaged DLL files related to your operating system.

So, these are the fixes that can help you download the DLL file and get rid of the chúng tôi missing error quickly.

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5 Ways To Fix Pr_Connect_Reset_Error On Firefox & Chrome

5 Ways to Fix PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR on Firefox & Chrome Here some quick fixes to resolve the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR




PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR is one of the most common errors that users come across on Firefox.

This error appears as ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on Google Chrome.

In this guide, we have listed some of the best solutions that will help you quickly resolve the problem.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are some of the best and most widely used web browsers on the market.

While there are other feature-rich browsers, users still prefer either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for their robust performance and simple-to-use features.

One of the common things between most web browsers is the errors that you would come across.

Notably, several Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users have reported coming across PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR.

This could be annoying since it comes out of nowhere and people have no idea what triggers the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR on Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you are also one of such users and are looking for solutions to fix the error, then you have landed in the right place.

Because in this guide, we will give you 5 of the best solutions that have helped users tackle the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR on both browsers and get back to web browsing. Let us check it out.


When a browser fails to connect to a server, then you would come across multiple errors one of which is the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR.

While it may seem like it is your regular connection error such as error 400 or 500, the error is mainly shown in Mozilla Firefox.

In other browsers, such as Google Chrome, or other browser based on Chromium, such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave, you will see the same error as ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

Both errors are the same and Chrome and Firefox users have reportedly complained about coming across this problem.

After some research, we have found a list of probable reasons that would trigger the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR on Chrome or Firefox:

There must be some firewall or other security issue

You might be trying to access content that is restricted in your geography

There might be some extensions that could be conflicting with the browser

There could be an error with the VPN that you are using

TCP Protocol filtering can also trigger this problem

A corrupt browser cache is also the root cause of many problems

Expert tip:

Quick tip:

Switching to Opera One Browser can be a safer choice in this situation. This browser has a built-in ad blocker feature that helps you save data and load websites faster. In private browsing mode, once you close out the window, your history, cookies and form data are automatically deleted.

Connecting to webpages through Opera’s VPN means that the shared data is encrypted and routed through a remote server. The encryption helps secure your data while the remote server diguises your IP address and location for more privacy.

1. Clear browser cache Firefox Chrome 2. Uninstall any firewall or antivirus

We have explained the steps for Windows Defender Firewall. But if you have installed a third-party antivirus software then you can open it and disable the program and check if this fixes the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR or not.

Also, if you are confused about which antivirus software to go for, you can refer to our guide which lists some of the best antivirus software that you can select for your Windows PC.

3. Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN of any sort then you should try disabling them and check if this PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR or not.

Notably, we use a VPN in order to hide our IP address and online whereabouts as well as access the restricted content that is not available in your region.

However, often VPN apps can conflict with the web browser server route and cause multiple issues, one of which is the problem at hand. Disable the VPN and check if this fixes the issue or not.

4. Disable extensions

If you are using extensions on your Firefox or Chrome browser, which you might be to enhance the features, then you might want to check in on them and try disabling them to see if this fixes the issue or not.

Firefox Chrome Can the firewall block my browser?

A firewall literally acts as a wall between your browser and the malicious content that is trying to enter your PC via your browser.

It protects you from everything malicious that would hamper your overall user experience. A firewall blocks everything suspicious, so there is a high chance that your firewall is blocking your browser.

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