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3 Ways to fix Facebook if it Keeps Asking to Switch Accounts Efficiently solve any Facebook account issue with these tried methods




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Due to how bothersome Facebook Messenger adds account problem pop-up is, you may decide to look for an alternative.

The disruption caused by this pop-up may compel you to switch between accounts or even cause the app to freeze.

Most users recommend limiting the app to no more than two accounts, as the software will prompt you to switch accounts if it detects more than two connected accounts.

However, it would help if you tried several fixes to resolve the Messenger switch account problem forever.

Why is Messenger asking me to switch accounts?

The switch account issue in Facebook Messenger is most likely a bug reported everywhere, including in the Facebook official forum.

However, the leading cause is that your Messenger app has several accounts. Another common reason is that you are not using the same account on Facebook and Messenger. 

How do I fix the switch account problem on Facebook Messenger? 2. Reinstall the app

    Touch and hold the Messenger application icon, then press Uninstall or Remove.

    Visit the app store on your phone (Google play for Android and App Store for iPhone.)

    Search for Messenger in the search bar and install the latest version of the app.

    This procedure allows for the installation of new data on your device and guarantees that you have the app’s most recent version.

    To fix the Facebook Messenger add account problem, this will hard reset your app and update it to the most recent version.

      Go to the App Store/Google Play Store.

      Search for Messenger.

      Tap on Update.

      You must update the app if you’re having trouble with “Select an account.” Wait for a new update if you already have the most recent version of Messenger.

      There are issues in specific releases that need to be fixed in subsequent updates. If the most recent update contains a flaw, you must wait to correct it until Facebook releases the next update.

      Can you have 2 Messenger accounts?

      Like most other messengers, you can have several active accounts with Facebook Messenger. In addition, you can move between multiple Messenger accounts. There is a five-account limit, though.

      Here is how to add an account in Messenger without Facebook:

      First, tap your profile image in the Messenger app, then go to Switch Account, select Add Account, and now type in your information to add a Messenger account.

      Messenger’s problems are well-known to worsen with each new version, and many have long since given up on the app.

      However, users have discovered numerous workarounds or fixes for these issues. The official Facebook Forum is full of such holes that users have submitted over a long period.

      The fixes above are meant to assist you in getting rid of the messenger select. An account keeps popping up the issue, so you may use the app uninterrupted.

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      7 Ways To Fix Projecting To This Pc If It Keeps Disconnecting

      7 Ways to Fix Projecting to This PC if It Keeps Disconnecting Solve frequent disconnecting problems in no time




      Windows 11 allow users to mirror the display from a supported device to Windows PC.

      Due to poor wireless connectivity or any other reasons, it may often disconnect or may not work.

      Though updating the network driver may help, you also should try other methods mentioned in this article to solve this problem.



      To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

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      Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

      Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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      readers this month.

      If Projecting to This PC keeps disconnecting, don’t worry. This article will give you a clear insight into why it is happening and will also show you the ways to resolve this problem.

      Basically, this feature allows another Windows or supported device to cast a screen to a Windows PC via a wireless network. If there is any problem, it can create a very annoying situation.

      Why the Miracast on Windows 11 keeps disconnecting?

      Miracast or Projecting to This PC may go through frequent disconnect issues due to the following reasons:

      Poor Wi-Fi signal – If the Wi-Fi signal in your home is very weak, the host and remote PC will have difficulties in proper data exchange.

      Outdated network components – If the network components you are using are extremely old or outdated, they may not work with many modern features like Miracast properly.

      Outdated drivers – Outdated network and display drivers also can cause Projecting to This PC disconnecting issue.

      PC’s internal problem – Frequent disconnecting issues also may indicate that your computer has some internal problems which need to be sorted out.

      What can I do if Projecting to This PC keeps disconnecting on Windows 11?

      Before trying the actual troubleshooting methods to solve frequent disconnect issues with the Projecting to This PC feature, do the following things:

      Update Windows to the latest version.

      Use a 5GHz Wi-Fi band if your router and PC support it.

      Make sure you are not using a metered connection. Disable it if necessary.

      If it is a laptop, make sure you are using high-performance mode.

      After ensuring the above things, you can proceed to the methods featured below.

      The Device Manager often fails to detect the latest update. Else, it is also a bit tricky and lengthy process to update using this built-in tool, especially when you want to update multiple drivers.

      Expert tip:

      Solve multiple occurring errors by letting Outbyte Driver Updater automatically update your device drivers.

      Free Trial Download now

      2. Change power management

      Now, your network device will work properly, and Windows won’t interfere to save power. As a result, some problems related to it may get fixed.

      3. Run the network troubleshooter

      If necessary, restart your PC. Then, see if it has fixed the Projecting to This PC disconnecting problem or not.

      4. Reset the network 5. Tweak Unicast response 6. Change network profile to private 7. Run the hardware troubleshooter

      Open the Start Menu, type cmd, and hit Enter.

      Type the following command and press Enter to open the Hardware troubleshooter: msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

      Go forward and run it to solve your problem.

      Hardware troubleshooter is not available in settings on modern Windows. So, that command prompt method is the only way right now. It is very helpful to fix problems with Miracast.

      Ensuring a better Wi-Fi connection is also necessary in order to solve our problem. So, we suggest you check out these Wi-Fi routers if your current one is not that powerful.

      These above methods will help you to get rid of Projecting to This PC keeps disconnecting issue on Windows. You will need to apply these methods on both the host and remote PC.

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      Microsoft Office Keeps Asking To Sign In

      Are you receiving a sign-in prompt every time you open Microsoft Office programs? If yes, the suggestions in this article may help you fix it. This issue can occur on any Microsoft Office application, including Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. Different Microsoft Office users have experienced this issue on different Office applications. According to them, Microsoft Office keeps asking them to sign in when they open Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, or another Office application.

      Microsoft Office keeps asking to sign in

      If Microsoft Office keeps asking you to sign in, you can try the following solutions to get rid of the problem.

      Update Microsoft Office

      Disconnect and reconnect your Work or School account

      Check whether the “Always prompt for logon credentials” option is disabled or not

      Delete your credentials

      Change OneDrive settings

      Reset OneDrive

      Create new values in Registry

      Delete the Identity folder in Registry

      Delete the cached files from Office Upload Center

      Run an online repair

      Let’s see all these fixes in detail.

      1] Update Microsoft Office

      First, check whether you are using the latest version of Microsoft Office or not. The following steps will help you with that:

      Open the Microsoft Office application you are experiencing the issue with.

      After updating Office, check if the issue persists.

      2] Disconnect and reconnect your Work or School account

      Disconnect and reconnect your Work or School account and see if it helps. To do so, you have to open Windows 11/10 Settings. The steps for the same are listed below:

      Open Settings.

      This will remove your Work or School account from your Windows 11/10 computer. Now, add your Work or School account again.

      3] Check whether the “Always prompt for logon credentials” option is disabled or not

      If you are receiving this issue on Outlook, check whether the “Always prompt for logon credential” option is disabled or not. Follow the steps written below:

      Open Microsoft Outlook.

      Select the Security tab and uncheck the “Always prompt for logon credentials” option under the User Identification section.

      If the option is already unchecked or greyed out, you have to delete your credentials in the Credential Manager.

      4] Delete your credentials

      Deleting the Microsoft Office credentials from the Credential Manager has helped many users. You should also try this. We have listed the steps below:

      Open the Control Panel.

      Change the View by mode to Category.

      Delete all the credentials with the name MicrosoftOffice.

      After deleting the credentials, open the Microsoft Office application. You will get the sign-in prompt. Enter your credentials and sign in. Now, close the Office app and then open it again. It should not ask you to sign in again.

      Read: Fix Access denied to installation source Office error.

      5] Change OneDrive settings

      The sync for Office files option in OneDrive lets you work on Office files with other people and share documents at the same time. In some cases, users may experience issues with the Office applications like crashing or closing unexpectedly, asking for the sign-in prompt again and again, etc. due to sync conflict.

      Change OneDrive settings to disable this feature and see if this fixes your problem. Follow the below-listed instructions:

      Select the Office tab.

      Uncheck the “Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open” checkbox.

      6] Reset OneDrive

      Reset OneDrive to fix OneDrive problems. Before resetting the OneDrive, you have to clear the OneDrive credentials from the Credential Manager.

      7] Create new Values in Registry

      This is a registry fix for the problem you are experiencing with Microsoft Office applications. Therefore, before you begin, we recommend you create a system restore point and backup your registry.

      Copy the following path and paste it into the address bar of the Registry Editor. After that, hit Enter.


      Now, check if you receive a sign-in prompt again and again. If the issue still persists, go to the following registry path and create one more DWORD (32-bit) Value there.


      This should fix the problem.

      8] Delete the Identity folder in Registry

      If creating the new Values in Registry does not fix your problem, deleting the Identity folder may help. Many users have accepted that this solution has fixed their problem. Before making any changes to the registry it is always better to create a system restore point and back up the registry.

      The steps are as follows:

      First, clear MicrosoftOffice credentials from the Credential Manager. We have already talked about this previously in this article.

      After clearing the credentials, open the Registry Editor and go to the following path.


      Expand the Common key and look for the Identity folder. Once you find it, delete it. After deleting the Identity folder, restart your computer.

      9] Delete the cached files from Office Upload Center

      The problem might be occurring due to the corrupted cached files in the Office Upload Center. Office Upload Center is a part of Microsoft Office and gets installed on your system automatically when you install Microsoft Office. The Office Upload Center lets users keep track of their files getting uploaded to the server. If the cached files in the Office Upload Center get corrupted due to any reason, you will experience issues with Microsoft Office applications.

      Delete the cached files in the Office Upload Center and see if it works. The steps for the same are written below:

      10] Run an online repair of Office

      If none of the above solutions work for you, run an Online repair for Microsoft Office. To run the online repair, you should have an internet connection.

      Why does Office keep asking for my password?

      Microsoft Office keeps asking you for your password when the Logon network security setting under the Security tab of the Microsoft Exchange dialog box is set to a value other than Anonymous Authentication. This issue is generally associated with the older versions of Microsoft Office but can occur rarely on the latest versions.

      To fix this issue, you have to select the Anonymous Authentication in the Logon network security setting. Users with the newer versions of Office may not find this option. Hence, they can try other fixes like deleting their credentials, deleting the Identity folder in Registry, etc.

      You can also try the solutions described above in this article.

      How do you get Microsoft to stop asking me to sign in?

      If Microsoft Office keeps asking you to sign in, first, you should update it. If updating Office does not fix the problem, you can try other fixes like, deleting your credentials, resetting OneDrive, deleting the cached files from office Upload Center, etc.

      We have explained all these fixes in detail above in this article.

      Hope this helps.

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      Instagram Not Sharing To Facebook? 6 Ways To Fix

      Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012. Since then, the company worked hard to bring the two social media platforms together. They remain separate platforms, but cross-posting and sharing stories simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram is possible. It is even possible to link your Instagram account to Facebook.

      You don’t need multiple apps, and you don’t need to copy and paste your posts manually. Since you can link the social media accounts, it is easy to post on multiple platforms, but sometimes a link might glitch, and cross-posting becomes impossible. In this article, you’ll learn several ways of fixing the issue and allowing Instagram to share with Facebook again.

      Table of Contents

      1. Re-logon to Instagram and Facebook

      Let’s start with the simplest solution on the list. If your Instagram account is not sharing to Facebook, it doesn’t necessarily mean the issue is complex. An easy solution is often enough to solve it. Try logging out of your Instagram and Facebook accounts and logging back in. Here is how to do it on both iOS and Android devices.

      1. Open your Instagram app and go to your profile.

      2. Tap the hamburger menu on the top right corner of the screen.

      3. Open Settings.

      4. Scroll down to the Log Out option.

      5. Logging out of Facebook is the same as from Instagram. Just follow the same steps in the Facebook app.

      Once you are successfully logged out, log back in and try sharing an Instagram post to see if this fixed your problem. If you’re having problems because you forgot your Instagram password, check our detailed guide on what to do.

      2. Clear the App Cache

      The cache is where your Instagram or Facebook app keeps files that will help them run faster the next time you use them. Sometimes, these files get corrupted and the app can’t work properly. Cache files are not necessary for the App to run but are helpful. There will be no consequences if you delete them as the apps will create new cache files for future use. If you think this might be your main issue, try deleting the app cache. Here is how to do it.

      How to Clear App Cache on Your Android

      1. Go to the phone’s Settings app.

      2. Navigate to Apps and then Manage Apps. Depending on what Android device you have, “Manage Apps” could be missing, and instead, you would see a list of apps you have on your phone. Either way, this is where you should be.

      4. Other models of Android phones might have a Storage section in the App. When you enter Storage you will be given two options: Clear Data or Clear Cache. Tap the second option.

      How to Clear App Cache on Your iPhone

      iPhone users don’t have the option to clear the app’s cache. Instead, you will have to completely reinstall the app to get rid of the cached files.

      1. Go to the phone’s Settings and tap on General.

      2. Select iPhone Storage and find Instagram or Facebook on the list.

      3. Tap the app and select Delete app. You can also tap on Offload App if you want to keep any data from the app.

      4. Now go to the Apple Store and simply install the app again.

      It doesn’t matter if you have an Android or iOS device, you will have to follow these steps to delete the cache or reinstall, for both Instagram and Facebook.

      3. Change Your Facebook Password

      Sometimes Instagram won’t share the posts to Facebook due to a corrupted session. This happens when either Instagram or Facebook malfunctions during data processing when sharing. When you change your Facebook password, the app automatically logs you out of all other sessions. This might fix your problem.

      But you need to learn how to change your Facebook password first.

      2. Tap the wheel icon to go to Settings.

      3. Go to Security, choose Security and login. You can also opt to simply type “Security” and login in the search bar inside Settings.

      4. Next, find the Login section and tap Change password. It should have a key icon next to it.

      5. You will have to type in your current password in the first field, your new password in the second, and repeat the new password in the third bar. To finish the process tap Update Password.

      Keep in mind that once the password is changed, the app will log you out of Facebook, and you will have to log back in using the newly created password.

      4. Check the Link Between Facebook and Instagram Platforms

      Instagram and Facebook accounts need to be linked to be able to share posts from one platform to another. However, a bug can randomly break this link.

      Here is how to check if the accounts are still linked:

      1. Open your Instagram app and go to your profile.

      2. Tap the hamburger icon to enter Settings.

      3. Go to Account.

      4. Tap on Sharing to Other Apps.

      5. There will be a list of social platforms to which Instagram can be linked. Find Facebook and check if it’s blue and has a blue checkmark next to it. This means the accounts are linked.

      5. Re-establish the Link Between Instagram and Facebook

      If you checked the link between your Instagram and Facebook accounts and it seems to be fine, but you are still unable to share the posts, maybe the link between the accounts is malfunctioning. This may happen if you recently changed the password on one of the platforms. The password change logs you out of the app, but the other app keeps the existing link with the account that no longer uses the old password.

      This means that if you changed Facebook, your accounts are still linked but Facebook won’t let Instagram in. Cross-posting is then impossible. Try re-establishing the link and see if this fixes the problem.

      1. Open Instagram and go to your profile. Enter Settings through the hamburger menu.

      2. Go to Account, and then Sharing to Other Apps (just like you did in the previous section).

      3. Find Facebook on the list and tap it to unlink the accounts.

      4. If the apps display as if not linked, tap Facebook and log in using your Facebook login credentials.

      5. Tap the Facebook profile you want to be connected to Instagram, and the link between the accounts will be finalized. However, if you never linked the accounts before, a new pop-up window will appear saying Turn on Facebook Sharing? Tap yes.

      You should do these steps each time you change the password to Instagram or Facebook. Re-establishing the link between the two accounts will secure the platforms working properly.

      6. Remove Instagram from Facebook

      This is the last resort to fixing your Instagram not sharing with Facebook issues. You should do this only if you believe nothing else will help. Removing Instagram from Facebook will delete all the previous posts that you shared from Instagram to Facebook.

      1. Open the Facebook app and go to Settings.

      2. Navigate to Apps and Websites in the Security section.

      3. Find a menu named Logged in with Facebook. This is the place where you will find a list of apps and websites to which you logged in using your Facebook account. Keep in mind that some models of Android phones won’t have this section but will automatically display the apps and websites to which you connected through Facebook. If Instagram is on that list, remove it.

      Now you will need to re-link the accounts by using the previous method.

      If the problem persists you won’t have any other choice but to contact customer support. Do it for both apps through their help centers which can easily be found online.

      3 Quick Ways To Fix Error A101 On Zelle

      3 Quick Ways To Fix Error A101 On Zelle The A101 error on Zelle occurs if your connection is not trusted




      Zelle error A101 can occur because of a corrupted app installation, a changed mobile number, or a moved SIM card.

      Some users may be able to fix Zelle account error A101 by changing to a mobile data connection.

      Reinstalling Zelle also resolved the error A101 for some of our readers so you should try it out.



      To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

      Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

      Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

      Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

      Fortect has been downloaded by


      readers this month.

      Zelle is a mobile finance app for making electronic fund transfers that’s usually reliable. However, some users see this error on Zelle when they try to log in or make transfers with it: An error has occurred. (A101).

      If you’re seeing the same A101 Zelle error on your mobile device, then try applying the potential resolutions for that issue in this guide.

      Why is my Zelle saying an error has occurred?

      The A101 often error means that Zelle doesn’t trust or can’t verify your device. Such an issue can arise when you start using a different phone number than the one registered with Zelle.

      However, that’s not the only reason this issue can occur. Here are some other potential causes for error A101:

      Moving your phone’s SIM card into a different slot – This action may lead to an error on Zelle.

      A faulty Zelle app installation – Apps can become corrupted and Zelle makes no exception.

      Zelle app security measures for Wi-Fi connectivity – If you log in from a public Wi-Fi, the Zelle app can block itself.

      Not verifying your email address with Zelle – This error may also occur if your email address is not verified within your Zelle account.

      Now that we know the potential issues that may cause this issue, let’s see how we can fix this error quickly.

      How do I fix error Zelle A101?

      Before getting into any tweaking, there are some basic actions we can perform and get out of the way:

      Make sure that you have steady data or Wi-Fi connectivity.

      If you’re relying on Wi-Fi, connect to a trusted hotspot instead of a public one.

      Verify your email address with Zelle.

      Close all the apps, including Zelle, and open Zelle again.

      Log out of the app and log back in.

      If you checked all these prerequisite methods, let’s see how we can fix this problem quickly.

      1. Use the mobile data connection

      Make sure the Zelle app is closed on your mobile.

      Swipe down from the top of your mobile device.

      Disable Wi-Fi by tapping it.

      Go to Settings, on your mobile, tap Connections, go to Data usage, and toggle on the Mobile data option.

      Expert tip:

      However, you may also protect your privacy by using a VPN for mobile data on your device.

      2. Reinstall the Zelle app

      The above steps are for reinstalling Zelle on Android devices. You can apply the same resolution on iOS devices, but the specific steps will be slightly different.

      3. Insert your mobile’s SIM card into an alternative slot


      This solution is recommended if you’ve moved the SIM card into a different slot after registering it with Zelle.

      Different banks that offer Zelle have variable sending limits. You’ll need to contact a bank to check what its transfer limits are for Zelle.

      If your bank doesn’t offer Zelle, the sending limit for each week will be $500. That’s a fixed limit users can’t request to increase or decrease.

      Those quick fixes for Zelle’s error A101 are worth a try. It’s also recommended to check your linked bank card hasn’t expired and that its billing address matches up with the one input for the Zelle app.

      If those solutions aren’t sufficient, try reinstalling the app and creating a new Zelle account. You can also contact Zelle’s customer support by filling out the email form on this Contact Us page.

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      3 Ways To Fix Tmodloader Mod Browser Not Working

      3 Ways to Fix tModLoader Mod Browser Not Working The error might be due to having too many mods




      Using the official version of the game can save the users from a lot of troubles such as tModLoader mod browser not working.

      Server maintenance can be the cause of the issue thus patience is the best solution.

      Heavy load of mods can interfere with game files thus causing software crashes and loading issues.

      True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

      Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

      CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

      Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

      Built-in sound controls and custom music

      Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

      Free VPN and Ad blocker

      Download Opera GX

      Terraria is a game full of entertaining mechanics, but when it comes to the game’s problems tModLoader mod browser not working error can be the most annoying.

      Terraria, like many other games, allows users to download different skins and customizations for the in-game assets.

      tModLoader is an open-source Terraria modification and expansion that allows players to create and play mods.

      But recently, its users have reported errors and problems like the tModLoader mod browser not working, which we will resolve in this article.

      Why is my tModLoader mod browser not working?

      tModLoader mod browser may not work for a few reasons. Here are the two most common culprits:

      Our solutions should be helpful regardless of your browser issue.

      What mods to install on tModLoader to make the game interesting?

      Calamity introduces a plethora of new weapons (melee, ranged, and magic), armor load-outs, items, accessories, and various new products and accessories.

      If you’re experiencing Terraria packet loss, follow this article’s easy steps.

      What can I do if the tModLoader mod browser isn’t working? 1. Use the Steam workshop

      Because of Steam’s excellent assistance, getting the tModLoader from there is strongly recommended to avoid problems where the tModLoader mod browser is not working.

      2. Check the forum for any problem reports

      The next method is to check the Terraria forums to see if the servers are down.

      When the servers are down for maintenance, players cannot view the game mods list or download files from the mod browser. Server maintenance may also lead to tModLoader not opening.

      The best solution is to wait a couple of days until the servers are back up.

      3. Remove some of the mods

      Installing an excessive number of mods can cause the application to crash and interfere with game files, resulting in various issues such as tModLoader not working. In this case, the tModLoader will be unable to access the Steam workshop.

      What are the other services of tModLoader?

      tModLoader also provides the means of sharing user-created mods with hundreds of players worldwide.

      This modding tool is designed to make updating to future Terraria versions and troubleshooting issues like the tModLoader mod browser is not working as simple as possible.

      Server maintenance can be the main issue of this issue; thus, patience is the best solution.

      Because many players or developers meet to exchange ideas and solutions, the forums are the ideal area to look for fixes.

      While many users have reported that the mod browser encountered an error, there is still no official fix to this problem.

      If you can’t connect to the Terraria server, follow the steps outlined in this article.

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