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3 Ways to Fix tModLoader Mod Browser Not Working The error might be due to having too many mods




Using the official version of the game can save the users from a lot of troubles such as tModLoader mod browser not working.

Server maintenance can be the cause of the issue thus patience is the best solution.

Heavy load of mods can interfere with game files thus causing software crashes and loading issues.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Terraria is a game full of entertaining mechanics, but when it comes to the game’s problems tModLoader mod browser not working error can be the most annoying.

Terraria, like many other games, allows users to download different skins and customizations for the in-game assets.

tModLoader is an open-source Terraria modification and expansion that allows players to create and play mods.

But recently, its users have reported errors and problems like the tModLoader mod browser not working, which we will resolve in this article.

Why is my tModLoader mod browser not working?

tModLoader mod browser may not work for a few reasons. Here are the two most common culprits:

Our solutions should be helpful regardless of your browser issue.

What mods to install on tModLoader to make the game interesting?

Calamity introduces a plethora of new weapons (melee, ranged, and magic), armor load-outs, items, accessories, and various new products and accessories.

If you’re experiencing Terraria packet loss, follow this article’s easy steps.

What can I do if the tModLoader mod browser isn’t working? 1. Use the Steam workshop

Because of Steam’s excellent assistance, getting the tModLoader from there is strongly recommended to avoid problems where the tModLoader mod browser is not working.

2. Check the forum for any problem reports

The next method is to check the Terraria forums to see if the servers are down.

When the servers are down for maintenance, players cannot view the game mods list or download files from the mod browser. Server maintenance may also lead to tModLoader not opening.

The best solution is to wait a couple of days until the servers are back up.

3. Remove some of the mods

Installing an excessive number of mods can cause the application to crash and interfere with game files, resulting in various issues such as tModLoader not working. In this case, the tModLoader will be unable to access the Steam workshop.

What are the other services of tModLoader?

tModLoader also provides the means of sharing user-created mods with hundreds of players worldwide.

This modding tool is designed to make updating to future Terraria versions and troubleshooting issues like the tModLoader mod browser is not working as simple as possible.

Server maintenance can be the main issue of this issue; thus, patience is the best solution.

Because many players or developers meet to exchange ideas and solutions, the forums are the ideal area to look for fixes.

While many users have reported that the mod browser encountered an error, there is still no official fix to this problem.

If you can’t connect to the Terraria server, follow the steps outlined in this article.

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3 Quick Ways To Fix Btroblox Extension When It’s Not Working

3 Quick Ways to Fix BTRoblox Extension when it’s Not Working The BTRoblox extension not working issue seems to be caused by an internal error




One of them is to update your current browser to make sure it does not cause any miscommunications between it and the extension.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

It is stated in the Privacy Practices that have been provided by the publisher that this extension will not collect or make use of any of your data in any way.

Is BTRoblox allowed on Roblox?

Downloading and using Better Roblox is completely risk-free, and it is allowed by Roblox itself. Because it is a piece of open-source software (OSS), the BTRoblox browser extension allows anybody to inspect the program’s source code. And thus confirm that it does not include any dangerous code.

There are a lot of individuals on BTRoblox, as the platform has well over 1,000,000 members. The Better Roblox internet browser extension would suffer irreparable damage to its image if even a single user had difficulties caused by the fact that the software was not secure.

Is BTRoblox an extension?

Which browser is best for Roblox?

The gaming-oriented web browser known as Opera GX is a variant of the Opera One browser that is perfect for Roblox.

Opera GX may be downloaded separately from your primary web browser if you so want. You can also set it as the default search engine. And the superb RAM and CPU limiter features allow you to choose how much of your computer’s capacity you want the browser to use.

On what browsers did BTRoblox stop working?

Not only did the BTRoblox stop working on let’s say Chrome, but it also proved to be malfunctioning on a plethora of other browsers. Some of which are the following:

BTRoblox extension not working on Firefox – Firefox users can try to update their browsers before giving up completely.

BTRoblox extension not working on Chrome – If you are on Chrome, the best solution is to uninstall and reinstall the extension on your browser.

BTRoblox extension not working on Opera One – Same goes for Opera One users. Moreover, we recommend that you switch to Opera GX since it is gaming optimized.

BTRoblox extension not working on Edge – Edge users might want to switch their browser to an alternative one. We have linked above, our post with 7 alternatives to try.

Expert tip:

How can I fix BTRoblox if it’s not working? 1. Reinstall it on your browser 2. Use an alternative browser

Thanks to other Roblox users, we found that changing your current browser before accessing the BTRoblox extension, proved to be one of the best solutions.

For best performance, we suggest you get a browser that’s constantly updated. Also, if you regularly access in-browser games, it’s just as important to focus on how well the browser performs.

It’s well known that Chrome can use up a large number of system resources and be slow at times. Opera One on the other hand is lighter and supports Roblox and has its dedicated add-ons in its Web Store.

Opera One has tons of performance-oriented features that can improve your Roblox experience. These include a built-in ad blocker, a battery saver feature, and a free, unlimited VPN.

The browser is also great for quick access. Add your favorite social media platforms and use them directly from the sidebar. No need to open a different tab or window.

⇒ Get Opera One

Why is BTRoblox broken?

If Chrome still gives you headaches, check out our article on the seven best browsers to play Roblox on and choose an alternative browser to use instead of your current one.

Alternatively, take a look a the five best browsers for gaming if you don’t like any of the aforementioned options. These include gaming-oriented optimization features, so they’re certainly worth a shot.

We hope our guide proved to be helpful for you. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think as well as whether you have more solutions in mind. Thanks for reading!

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9 Ways To Fix Grammarly Not Working In Word

After adding Grammarly to Word, you should be able to use it to get suggestions as you type. However, it’s disappointing when it fails to work.

Generally, you face issues like Grammarly not showing up in the Word app or not showing suggestions. Furthermore, you may also get error messages like “The Grammarly add-in has stopped working.”

While restarting isn’t a silver bullet, it can solve common issues. So, try restarting both the Grammarly and the Word app.

And, ensure you meet all the requirements set by Grammarly for Microsoft Office, and then check if you are signed in to the Grammarly account.

On the other hand, Grammarly needs to be connected to the Internet to provide suggestions, so ensure you have a stable Internet connection.

Furthermore, check if it isn’t working for a specific word document. And if it is, copy all its contents and paste them into a new Word document. See if Grammarly works there.

Nonetheless, you can apply various other fixes mentioned below to solve your problems with Grammarly on Word.

Check if the Grammarly Servers Are Down

While it’s rare, Grammarly servers can go down due to the outages. As a result, some services are affected, such as Grammarly for Microsoft Word. 

In this case, you cannot do anything from your side to resolve this issue. 

However, you can check their status site to know which services are affected and inoperational. Also, you can subscribe to Grammarly updates to be notified whenever the services are up again.

Enable the Grammarly Plugin

Even if you have installed the Grammarly plugin, it might not be enabled yet or has been disabled in the Word settings. Therefore, it is inactive, and its sidebar with suggestions may not appear on Word. You can enable it as follows.

Check if Grammarly is working on Word now.

Disable the Word Plug-Ins

Some of the plug-ins installed on Word can conflict with the Grammarly plugin. As a result, Grammarly doesn’t work as expected. To resolve this issue, disable the other plugins as follows.

Open the Word application.

Check if the Grammarly plugin works. And if it does, remove the problematic plugin and re-add the other plugins.

Remove Word from the Grammarly Block List

While Grammarly initializes on almost every app, you might have turned off suggestions. Hence, the app is blocked/restricted from working in Word. So, you need to remove Word from the Grammarly block list to resolve your issue. Here’s how you can do it.

Disable the Antivirus 

While antivirus programs run to ensure the safety and security of your system, they can have false positives. So, sometimes they might be blocking the Grammarly app. 

Therefore, disable the firewall on your system for Grammarly to work properly in Word.

Press Windows + R and type control to open the control panel.

Note: While turning off the firewall may solve your issue, it’s not recommended. Therefore, you should do it temporarily and re-enable the firewall as soon as possible.

Run the Word App in Compatibility Mode

If you are using multiple monitors, Grammarly may not show any suggestions. You can change the Word settings to fix this issue.

Here’s how you can do it.

Launch the Word application.

Check if Grammarly works as expected.

Reinstall the Grammarly Application

If you haven’t installed Grammarly for all users or faced installation errors, it may fail to work on your PC. Also, you may get an error message like “Grammarly add-in has failed to load.” Therefore, remove the existing app and reinstall it to resolve such issues.

Here’s how you can do it.

On Windows

Press Windows + R, type appwiz.cpl, and press Enter.

Then, select Grammarly from the list of applications.

Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the rest of the uninstallation process.

On Mac

Open Finder from the bottom dock.

Go to the Applications tab.

After completing the uninstallation process, you can reinstall it for all users on Windows as follows.

Download the Grammarly add-in from the official site. 

Follow the on-instructions and complete the installation process.

Open Word, and check if Grammarly is working as expected.

On Mac:

Launch the Word app and open a blank document.

Next, search for Grammarly for Microsoft Word, add it, and open Word.

Furthermore, you can install Grammarly for Windows or Mac, which also works on Microsoft Word. 

Update the Word Application

If it has been a while since you updated the Word app, it may be the cause behind the Grammarly not working. Therefore, update it to resolve Grammarly issues.

Here’s how you can update your Word app.

Open the Word app.

Select the Account option in the bottom left corner.

Install the available update and see if it resolves your issue.

Repair/Reinstall the Office Application

While Grammarly may have its issues, sometimes the Word app prevents it from working. You can repair or even reinstall the Word app to resolve your issues.

Press Windows + X and select the Apps and Features option.

Open Word and check if Grammarly is working now.

If repairing doesn’t work, you can reinstall the application. First, uninstall it from the control panel and install it from the Microsoft Office official site.

Imessage Not Working On Iphone: 13 Ways To Fix

Do you keep running into issues while using iMessage on your iPhone? Despite how great Apple’s instant messaging service is, various things can stop it from working properly. Server-side complications, connectivity hiccups, improperly configured iMessage settings, and bugs, can all contribute.

If iMessage takes ages to send your messages, fails to deliver them, or syncs conversations incorrectly, working your way through the troubleshooting methods that follow can help. Not every fix will work for your particular problem, so feel free to skip those that don’t apply.

Table of Contents

1. Check iMessage System Status

iMessage routes your messages through the Apple servers. If you had no issues using the service just a moment ago but iMessage is not working now, then it’s worth checking that there aren’t any problems on the server side. 

Head into the Apple System Status page and scroll down to iMessage. If you see a known issue listed next to it, you must wait it out until Apple resolves it. If there are no problems, you should see a green-colored dot or an Available tag instead.

2. Check Wi-Fi/Cellular Data

Check that there’s nothing wrong with your internet. Try opening a few websites in Safari, playing some videos on YouTube, etc. If they load normally, skip ahead. If not, here are a few quick things that you can try.

Restart your Wi-Fi router.

Connect to a different Wi-Fi network.

Renew Wi-Fi lease.

Open the iPhone’s Control Center and toggle Airplane Mode on and off.

Confirm that you haven’t used up your daily or monthly quota of cellular data.

Disable VPN (Virtual Private Network).

There are other connectivity-related issues that can lead to iMessage not working.

3. Resend Message

If iMessage fails to deliver a message due to a momentary connectivity issue, either on your side or the recipient’s end, it may still go through if you resend it again after some time.

To do that, tap the red-colored exclamation point next to the undelivered message and select Try Again. In case of an emergency, you can also send it out as a regular text message. To do this, tap the Send as Text Message option instead.

4. Enable/Disable Send as SMS

You can also configure the Messages app to send regular text messages (which are denoted by green text bubbles) automatically in instances where iMessage fails to work. To do that, open the Settings app on your iPhone, select Messages, and turn on the switch next to Send as SMS.

5. Turn iPhone Off/On

Try turning your iPhone off, and then back on. That alone can resolve random bugs or glitches that prevent apps—such as Messages—from functioning normally.

If your iPhone uses Face ID, quickly press and release the Volume Up button, press and release the Volume Down button, and press and hold the Side button. Then, swipe to the right on the Slide to Power Off prompt to turn off your iPhone. Wait for a few seconds, and press and hold the Side button again to power it back on.

If your iPhone uses Touch ID, press the Side button to bring up the Slide to Power Off prompt. After turning off your iPhone, press and hold the Side button again to turn it back on.

6. Check iMessage Settings

If iMessage is still not working and your iPhone isn’t sending or receiving messages from a particular set of iMessage contacts, check if the service is set up properly. 

Open the Settings app, tap Messages, and select Send & Receive. Then, ensure that you’ve selected your phone number and the relevant email addresses that you want to receive and reply to iMessages with. You can set this under the You can receive iMessages to and reply from section.  

Also, make sure to select the correct phone number or email address that you want to initiate iMessage conversations with via the Start new conversations from section.

7. Turn iMessage On/Off

Turning iMessage off, and then back on, is another fix that can help resolve issues with slow or undelivered messages. Open the Settings app and select Messages. Then, turn off the switch next to iMessage.

Note: Your iPhone may take up to a few minutes to reactivate iMessage.

8. Update iOS

If you recently upgraded to a new version of iOS, it’s important to keep installing the latest incremental updates. That allows you to rule out any known software-related bugs preventing iMessage from functioning properly.

To do that, open the Settings app, select General, and tap Software Update. If there’s a software update listed, tap Download and Install.

9. Delete Conversation/Retry

If iMessage fails to work with a specific contact only, try initiating a new conversation from scratch. Start by deleting the current thread—swipe it to the right and tap the Trash icon. If you have any important attachments, you may want to save them before you do that.

Then, tap the New Message icon to the top-right of the Messages app to start a new conversation.

10. Check Date and Time

Do you have the correct time zone selected on your iPhone? If not, iMessage may not work properly.

11. Change DNS (Wi-Fi Only)

Are your iMessages failing to go through while connected to a particular Wi-Fi connection only? Changing the DNS (Domain Name System) servers to a popular DNS service such as Google DNS can help.

1. Open the Settings app and tap Wi-Fi.

2. Tap the i-shaped icon next to the active Wi-Fi connection.

3. Tap Configure DNS.

4. Select Manual, and then delete the existing DNS servers.

5. Add the following DNS servers.

6. Tap Save. 

Open the Messages app and try resending any failed iMessages.

12. Reset Network Settings

If you still have issues with iMessage, you may want to reset your network settings. Open the Settings app, tap General, tap Reset, and tap Reset Network Settings. Then, tap Reset Network Settings again to confirm.

Note: The reset procedure will delete all saved Wi-Fi networks, so you will have to rejoin manually afterward.

13. Sync Messages with iCloud

You must repeat this on other Apple devices as well. The process works the same on the iPad. On the Mac, however, you must first open the Messages app, select Messages on the menu bar, select Preferences, switch to the iMessage tab, and then check the box next to Messages in iCloud.

Start Using iMessage Again

Skype Screen Sharing Not Working: 13 Ways To Fix It

When it comes to interacting with others in a large-size organization, Microsoft offers its Teams service for real-time collaboration. But even with Teams’ ever-increasing userbase, the company continues to host and support its older and more established video calling service – Skype for regular users who don’t need all the features of the newer offering. 

Skype includes all the major features that Teams offers including the ability to share your screen with others during an audio/video call. In case you’re unable to use Screen sharing on Skype, the following post should help figure out what’s causing the problem and how you can solve it. 

Solution #1: Make sure you’re doing it right

Before you point out that there’s something wrong with Screen-sharing on Skype, you must make sure that you’ve set it up rightly and you know how to use the feature. For sharing all of your content from your screen to others on a Skype call, 

On Android: Open Skype on your device and join a call. Inside the call screen, tap on the 3-dots icon and select the screen sharing option on the screen. 

On iOS: Launch the Skype app on your iPhone and enter a video call. In the call screen, tap on the ‘More’ button and select the screen sharing button from the list of options. You will be asked to confirm the function which you can do by selecting Skype from the next screen and then tapping on ‘Start Broadcasting’. 

Although screen-sharing is an already-existing feature on Skype, sometimes bugs in software can cause the software to misbehave. It’s thus important to update the Skype app on your device to its latest version.

To update Skype on your device:

On iOS: Open the App Store on your iPhone, tap on your profile picture at the top right corner, and tap on the ‘Update’ button adjacent to the Skype app on the screen. 

If you don’t have the Skype app installed on a device, you can visit the links below to download it. You can also use this method as an alternative method of updating the Skype app on your device. 

Solution #3: Check if Screen Sharing Button is grayed out

Solution #4: Understand whether your device supports Screen-sharing

For screen sharing to work on your device, you need to make sure that the device you’re using Skype on is supported by the service. We have listed the devices below that are supported by Skype for using Screen-sharing:

Android: All phones and tablets running Android 6.0 or above. 

Solution #5: Verify that Skype has been granted Screen Recording access on macOS

macOS’ recent versions allow users control over which apps and websites can record Mac’s screen. If you aren’t able to share your Mac’s screen with others during a Skype call, then you might not have allowed the app access to screen recording inside Mac’s privacy settings. 

Inside Security & Privacy’s Privacy screen, select the ‘Screen Recording’ tab from the left sidebar and check the box next to Skype to allow it to access to recording your screen.

Check if Skype now allows you to share your screen with others. 

Solution #6: Use a compatible web browser to make Skype for Web calls

Skype officially supports only two web browsers for using the Screen sharing feature on the web client. 

Microsoft Edge based on Chromium

Google Chrome version 72 or higher

Solution #7: Know that you can either share screen or video when using Chrome

Google Chrome only lets users have one output at a given time. This means, if you’re using Skype for Web, you won’t be able to share your camera’s feed at the same time as sharing your screen’s content with others.

So, if you wish to video call with another person on Skype, you need to know that you cannot share your screen at the same time as your camera. Similarly, starting a Screen share will convert a video call to an audio call and you can only turn your camera back ON when you’re finished sharing your device’s screen. 

Solution #8: Check if you meet minimum bandwidth for screen-sharing

All the things you do on the internet are dependent on the speed of your internet connection or simply bandwidth. On its support page, Skype clarifies that screen sharing requires you to have the following download and upload speeds and also recommends a higher speed connection for best performance when sharing your screen’s content.   

  Minimum Recommended

Download Speed 128kbps 300kbps

Upload Speed 128kbps 300kbps

Solution #9: Close all apps that are using the internet

Audio calls on Skype won’t take much of your bandwidth as your connection is only transmitting your voice to others and others’ microphone output to your system. It is when you’re video-calling a person that you need a higher bandwidth since you’ll be sending your camera’s recording as well as receiving the video feed of other people in a call. 

That’s why for sharing your screen recording in the best possible quality, you should make sure that all the apps and software that consume a chunk of your internet bandwidth are closed prior to a call. These apps include web browsers, music and video streaming apps, and games that are connected online. 

Solution #10: Ensure there aren’t any file transfers in progress

Just like how you’re supposed to allow Skype all or most of your bandwidth for video calling and screen sharing, it’s also important that there aren’t any ongoing file transfers happening on your device locally and definitely not over the cloud.

This is because, any program running on your computer or smartphone needs resources in the form of storage and processor and if there’s an existing load like a file transfer on the system, it might also hinder with screen sharing process on Skype. Clear any file transfer that is in progress before using Screen sharing on Skype. 

Solution #11: Check Skype Service Status for any disruptions

Sometimes the reason for something not working properly on your device might not have anything to do with an issue on your computer or smartphone. Most features of Skype are dependent on how good their servers are for transferring data between different devices. 

Fortunately for you, Skype offers a status page of its own where you can see for yourself whether there’s an outage or interruption that’s causing the Screen share feature to not function. 

To check for disruption from Skype’s side, go to the Skype Service Status page on your web browser and check for the status labeled “Media Sharing”, which is what you should be concerned about when sharing your screen’s content. 

Solution #12: Close Skype on your device and restart it

Although this might be the first thing you would do when any app misbehaves, we’d understand if this one slip by you. When an app is not working the way it’s supposed to, you can simply close it to clear all the temporary files that are generated by the app on your system. This might be enough to make the app function properly again.

So, if screen sharing isn’t working on Skype, quit (Force-close) the app on your computer/phone and then launch it back again. 

Solution #13: Reboot your device

Modern devices rely on RAM to store your system and app caches as well as other temporary files generated in the background. When you restart these devices, all of this data (now unnecessary) will be cleared off and solve most of the issues within the system or the apps installed on it. 

If you’re facing problems sharing your screen on Skype and none of the solutions above worked for you, then you should definitely try restarting your device to get it resolved. You can restart your devices by following the methods relevant to you:

On Android: Hold the Power button on your Android device and tap on ‘Restart’.

On iOS: Press and hold the side button (and any volume button on iPhone X, XR, Xs, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max) until the power off slider shows up and then drag the slider to the right to reboot.


11 Ways To Fix Airdrop Not Working Problem On Iphone

AirDrop has long been one of the most celebrated features of the Apple ecosystem. Every Apple device in the market supports AirDrop and it is almost impossible to imagine life without this lightning-quick file exchange service. As you would expect, iOS 15 also carries this “life-altering” service. However, some are not having an easy time getting it to work. 

So today, we will be taking a look at some known AirDrop issues, telling you how to fix them. Now, without further ado, let us get to it.

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How to check Airdrop compatibility between devices

Before we get into the solutions, we must figure out whether the devices that we are trying to connect are capable of running AirDrop. Compatibility is key when it comes to such deeply-integrated features, and not all Apple devices are blessed to run AirDrop. 

If you are transferring or receiving from an iPhone, make sure the other device is running at least iOS 7. Anything older than that will not be able to make AirDrop transfers work. 

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How to solve AirDrop not working issue on iPhone in 11 ways

Now that you have checked for compatibility, we can get down to finer details and give you the top ten tips that might help you use AirDrop again.

1. Make sure you have enough space

This is less of a solution and more of a prerequisite, which is why it comes in even before the first solution. Before you start an AirDrop session, make sure the file you are sharing is not exceeding the space you have left on your mobile. If the file being shared is bigger than the permitted space, the file transfer will not succeed. 

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2. Restart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

To turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you must go to Settings and tap on Bluetooth/Wi-Fi.

Now, turn the toggle off.

You might have noticed that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be turned off from the Control Center itself. However, those are only temporary measures and only suspend the services for a day. They are turned back on again the next day.

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3.  Restart your iPhone

If simply turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off does not do the trick, the next course of action is to restart your iPhone. You cannot just press and hold the side key to do it. You must also press and hold the Volume Down button simultaneously while pressing down. Now, when you get the power off slider, slide it towards your right until the screen goes dark. After a few seconds, your phone is turned off.

Now, press and hold the side key to turn the phone back on again. Try AirDrop again and see if it works.

4. Turn off Airplane Mode

The Airplane Mode comes in pretty handy when you are trying to dodge people or are literally on a plane. However, when establishing a connection with a device, Airplane Mode does a lot more harm than good. Since Airplane Mode pretty much messes with your network connections, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you are not going to have any luck using AirDrop while Airplane Mode is engaged. 

To turn off Airplane Mode, bring down the Control Center and tap on the Airplane Mode button at the top.

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5. Turn off Low Power Mode

When you want to make your iPhone last a little bit longer, you might be tempted to turn on the Low Power Mode. And while it is indeed an excellent tool to maximize screen or standby time, it does sacrifice a couple of functionalities. AirDrop depends on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect your device to another.

With Low Power Mode turned on, you will only have access to essential services. As useful as AirDrop is, it is not considered to be an essential service and hence turned off when Low Power Mode is turned on. 

To turn off Low Power Mode, first, go to Settings and then tap on ‘Battery.’

At the top of your screen, you will find the ‘Low Power Mode’ toggle at the top of your screen.

Turn it off and try AirDrop once again. 

6. Make yourself and the device you are sharing to Discoverable

If the person you are sharing with is not in your Contacts list, AirDrop’s default settings will not allow you to exchange files. Thankfully, all you have to do is turn off the filter and you should be good to go. 

First, access the Control Center and press and hold the area that highlights the network connections. This will open up all the available connections, one of which will be AirDrop. Tap on it to access its options.

Select ‘Everyone’ instead of ‘Receiving Off’ or ‘Contacts Only’ to make your iPhone ready for AirDrop exchange.

7. Sign-out and sign-in to iCloud

iCloud is one of the most reliable services on an iPhone, but it is surely not immune to rogue bugs or longer response times. These issues generally resolve themselves. However, if they do not for some reason, you could reset the process by signing out and then back into iCloud. First, go to Settings and tap on the banner at the top of your screen, where your name is written.

Now, scroll down and tap on ‘Sign Out.’

You will need to enter your Apple ID password to sign out completely from iCloud. After you do, tap on the ‘Turn off’ button at the top-right corner to disable iCloud. 

Retrace your steps to log back in again.  

8. Reset network settings

Resetting your iPhone’s network settings is a surefire way to solve general issues related to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirDrop. So, to get rid of AirDrop issues be sure to give the good-old reset a shot. First, go to Settings and tap on ‘General.’

Now, tap on ‘Transfer or Reset iPhone.’

Next, tap on ‘Reset.’

Then, tap on ‘Reset Network Settings.’

Finally, enter your passcode and your iPhone’s network settings will be reset.


Since iOS 15 is a relatively new OS, it is bound to have its fair share of bugs, even after rounds of beta testing. Apple will be rolling out software updates periodically, hoping to squash known bugs.

So, to make sure you are having the best iOS 15 experience, you must make software updates a habit. Yes, they consume a lot of time, but they are important for your device’s well-being. 

To get the latest version of iOS 15, first, go to Settings and tap on ‘General.’

Next, tap on ‘Software Update’ at the top of your screen.

Tap on ‘Download and install’ if an update is available. 

10. Reset your phone

Resetting is a painful process, we know, but it might be necessary if none of the previous eight solutions works for you. To reset your iPhone, first, go to Settings and tap on ‘General.’

Now, tap on ‘Transfer or Reset iPhone.’

Next, hit ‘Erase All Content and Settings.’

iPhone will tell you exactly what will be removed from your mobile and how. Tap on ‘Continue’ to begin.

Finally, enter your passcode to confirm. 


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