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A lot of people want to email web pages that they are viewing with a friend or colleague by sending him or her an email that references and displays the page that you are on. This is most commonly achieved by simply copying and pasting a web link into an email message, which may suffice for most purposes. Sometimes however, the exact contents of a page may change, so you may want to preserve it as it is. If so, you’ll have several options available to you.

Note: This tutorial is done on Mac and is specifically referring to the Mail app and Safari browser. The methods will work in any other app too.

1. Screenshots

The foremost and most easiest option is to simply take a screenshot of the page you are viewing. This can easily be done by expanding your browser winder to include the contents of interest, then keystroking “Shift + Command + 3”, “Shift + Command + 4” or “Shift + Control + Command + 4”. If you choose the first option, your Mac will automatically take a screenshot of your desktop and save it to the desktop. However, if you use the 2nd or 3rd option, you can select the region you want included in your screenshot. The extra Control key will let you save the resulting screenshot directly to your clipboard instead of as a file to disk.

The drawback of using this option is that the screenshots result in a static image, which limits interaction. Additionally, the image is also limited by the resolution of your display, which may become too grainy if one chooses to zoom in.

2. PDF

The second option that you can use is to create a PDF file of the page you are viewing by using the default OS X services. This option also has the benefit of preserving the current page as-is, and also have the benefit that text is selectable, image quality is preserved, and embedded URL links will work.

There are two easy ways to save a page as a PDF. The first one is to use the print dialogue, where you can use the PDF menu to open the page in Preview (for further annotation and editing), save it, or directly embed it as an attachment in a new e-mail message. 

The second option, exclusive to Safari, allows you to use the Share menu or to keystroke “Command + I” to capture the page you are currently viewing and open an email with the PDF embedded. Both of these approaches will allow you to send the PDF via email to anyone.

3. Web archive

The third option is to save the current page as a Web archive . This will preserve the page’s HTML, images and other resources into a single file that can be loaded directly from your disk in Safari. The main benefit of this option is that you have ability to preserve the page’s layout as it is, and makes it easily transferrable to others.

The drawback? The resultant archive might not be available to some, and might not work well with content that automatically updates. The same goes if the page being sent requires plug-ins to view content.

4. Embedded HTML

The fourth and final option is to embed the page you’re viewing as HTML in an email message. This approach takes more steps, and naturally more time, but, like a Web archive, it often allows the page to be viewed exactly as it is, with links, menus and other page elements working to show their content. Unlike the Web archive, this option allows you to render the page directly in the e-mail client instead of switching to the browser.

To do this, follow the given-below steps:

Open a new blank Mail message

Go to the desired web page in Safari

Press “Command + A” to select everything on the page (the contents will be highlighted in blue)

Which method do you use to send web pages to your friends?

Shujaa Imran

Shujaa Imran is MakeTechEasier’s resident Mac tutorial writer. He’s currently training to follow his other passion become a commercial pilot. You can check his content out on Youtube

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4 Best Ways To Bleach Your Hair

Consider looking up something like: “What hair products work best for bleaching black hair?” or “How to bleach red hair platinum blonde.”

Bleach powder: this comes in either packets or tubs.

Crème developer: choose this product according to the color of your natural hair. If your hair is already blonde or light brown, use a 10 or 20 volume (10V or 20V) developer. If your hair is dark brown or black, you’ll need to use 20V developer and give it more time to process. Talk with a sales clerk to get their opinion on what you should purchase for your hair.

Many professionals use 30V or 40V because it processes the bleach faster. Refrain from doing this alone at home because it can cause more damage than lower volumes.

Toners even out the color of bleached hair and neutralize unwanted tones and brassiness.[1] Buy this if you’re going for more of a platinum look. Some toners make hair white, and some give a silvery effect.

Add red gold corrector to the bleach powder to increase its effectiveness so you don’t have to bleach twice.

You can use “purple shampoo” to remove brassiness and yellow tones. Don’t use it often or it may stain your hair purple.

Buy a tint brush, a bowl, and plastic wrap.

Buy an extra package of bleach and developer so you have extra in case you run out midstream. Some people’s hair will absorb the bleach mixture more quickly than others, and having extra bleach mixture on hand will save you the trouble of running out. You don’t want to be halfway through your hair and find you don’t have any more bleach mixture.


Pre-condition your hair with a deep conditioner. Use a deep conditioner a day or two before bleaching your hair to help build up moisture in your hair. There are many types of deep conditioners, from less expensive ($5-$8) to more expensive ($30+) store-bought ones to more natural, DIY ones. There are recipes to make your own deep conditioner, which typically use foods as their base. Search online for “deep conditioner recipes” for suggestions using bananas, avocados, mayonnaise, yogurt, eggs, coconut oil, or other foods. This step will help minimize ending up with extremely dry and brittle hair after you bleach it by increasing your hair’s moisture and elasticity.

Test for allergic reactions. This step seems time-consuming, especially when you want to get started on bleaching your hair. But it is an important step that will save you a serious skin rash (or worse) if you happen to be allergic to the bleach or any of the other ingredients. To do a patch allergy test, apply a dab of bleach solution on a patch of skin behind your ear. Leave the bleach on for 24-48 hours and check for any allergic reaction, such as a rash, itching or burning on that spot. If you do have an allergic reaction, however mild, you should try a different method for bleaching your hair.

Add the red gold color corrector if you’re going for a more platinum look. Pay close attention to the instructions on the label to ensure your measurements and proportions are exact.

Never apply bleach without gloves; the chemicals can burn your skin.

Depending on the style you’re going for, you can use the tint brush to apply the bleach in different ways, including: roots to tips, tips to roots, etc.

Don’t rub the bleach into your head, since the chemicals can burn your scalp.

To get salon quality highlights, separate out small sections of your hair that are less than an inch wide. Place foil squares under these sections to protect the rest of your hair from receiving any of the peroxide spray. Spray these sections and wrap them in the foil sheets to keep them from touching the rest of your hair while you let the peroxide sit in your hair. Highlighting your hair is probably easiest to do with a friend helping you.

It can be a good idea to just apply bleach to the front section of your hair, allow it to process, and rinse, before doing the back section. Putting the bleach mixture over your whole head takes time, and you may not have enough time to finish the back section before the front section needs to be rinsed out.[4]

Several factors, including the volume of your developer and the darkness of your hair, influence how long it will take for the bleach to lift your hair color to the lightness you desire.

Take care of your hair. Your hair will be brittle and dry after this treatment and will need deep conditioning to restore some moisture and elasticity. Use a deep conditioner (store-bought or natural) at least once a week, leaving it in your hair for 20-30 minutes and then rinsing it out. Results can be improved by heating up your hair with a hair dryer while the deep conditioner is in place. If you have made your own deep conditioner with food, check to make sure it hasn’t gone bad. If it’s been mixed up for longer than a few days (or a week if kept in the refrigerator), throw it away and mix up a new batch.


4 Ways To Force Non

When installing a WordPress site, you can choose to install on primary domain, subdirectory or in a subdomain. However, the missing point here is that www is actually a subdomain which many hosting companies do not consider. For example, when you install WordPress from SiteGround Site Tools section on your domain, it will by default consider non-www version of your site. The good part is that you can easily change this to force non-www to www version of your WordPress site.

Non-www and WWW Versions  

Before moving ahead, first let us explain about www and non-www versions and why you should use a proper version.

When you compare the above URLs, it is easy to understand that www and tools are actually subdomains of the primary domain chúng tôi Therefore, search engines consider www and non-www versions of the same site as two different sites.

Problem with WWW and Non-www versions

By looking at the outset, both www and non-www versions may look similar and will not create any problems. This is true when you always use one single version for all your subdomain and subdirectory WordPress installations. Otherwise, you will see the domains appearing separately in all your reporting like AdSense and Search Console.

Your XML Sitemap should belong to the correct version you use on the site. Otherwise, it will fail to process and your pages will not be crawled properly.

In AdSense, Analytics and wherever you add the domain name, make sure to add the correct one with or without www version.

You need www version for using certain options like Cloudflare setup with SiteGround hosting. This is funny as you can add www and non-www versions in Cloudflare directly while SiteGround force you to use www version.

You need to install SSL on the correct domain to avoid not secure warnings in browsers.

Search engines may also consider that you are trying to trick them by showing different content in www and non-www versions. Otherwise, it will end up in duplicate content when both www and non-www versions are accessible.

Force Non-www to WWW Version in WordPress

In summary, it will create a big mess unless you are careful at the beginning to install WordPress properly on your preferred domain and follow the same domain for submitting to search engines. If you choose to use WWW but your default WordPress installation is setup on non-www versions, here are the options for you.

1. Change Site URLs from WordPress Admin Panel

This is the super easy option which you can do as an administrator of your site.

Change to WWW Version

2. Using chúng tôi to Update WWW Version

If you are not able to access admin panel, or comfortable in working with hosting panel then you can follow this option.

It will look like below in the File Manager.

Add Code in chúng tôi File

3. Change WWW version with phpMyAdmin Tool

WordPress stores the site address and WordPress address URLs in wp_options table. You can directly edit these values in your database to update the www version for your site.

Change Site URL in phpMyAdmin

4, Force WWW with .htaccess Redirect

The last option is to use .htaccess redirect and force all URLs on your site to use www prefix.

When you are in the hosting account, find and open File Manager app.

Navigate to the root location of your site and edit .htaccess file.

Paste the following code at the end and save the changes.

#Force WWW Version: RewriteEngine on

It should look like below in .htaccess file in the File Manager app:

Add Redirect Code in htaccess

Final Words

After using one of the above options, you should be able to use www version of the site. You can use .htaccess directive and one of the other options to make sure your non-www version is always forced to www version. This will help if you have already mixed the version for different WordPress installation on primary domain, subdirectories or on subdomains. If you want to force non-www version, then make sure to use one of the first three options and change the URLs with non-www version.

How To Share Your Steam Games Library With Friends And Family.

The ability to share your Steam games library has been around for quite some time and is a great way to allow family and friends to share games between each other. This concept might sound a little risky or difficult to set up but it’s actually the complete opposite and an official service offered by Steam. So what are you waiting for?

How to Increase Steam Download Speeds.

Expanding a little more on the introduction, Steam Family Library Sharing is an official Steam service that allows family members and their guests to play each other’s games. Whilst playing shared games users can earn their own Steam achievements, with game progress saving to their own Steam cloud account. Basically, it grants all other users of a computer access to each other’s games. There are some restrictions though, you can only allow Family Library Sharing on up to 5 accounts and 10 devices, which is quite generous in all honesty.

Note: Region restricted games will remain region locked regardless of their original purchase location.

Now you are probably wondering if Family Sharing will work for users that are not accessing Steam from the same household, computer or even geographic location. The answer is yes it does! However, it is a little more complicated and you will need to have a very trusting relationship with the person/persons you are sharing with. Before we show you how to share your library with friends, it’s important to know exactly what you can and can’t do, as well as what works and what doesn’t.

Related Content: How to Create Your Own Custom Steam Client Skins. 

First up, the most important thing is that as the official owner of the game, you will always have priority access to it. This means that as soon as you log in and start a game another shared user is playing, they will receive a message letting them know they have 5 minutes to save and quit or purchase the game and continue playing.

This brings us to the next question. Can two users share a library and both play at the same time?. The answer to this question is no. A shared library can only be accessed by one user at a time including the original owner, even if you decide to play different games. (playing games from your own libraries at the same time when account sharing is active is fine)

Note: Steam libraries are shared in their entirety, you can’t just choose to share 1 or 2 games. There are also some games that cannot be shared for technical reasons, most commonly games that require an additional third-party key, account or a subscription in order to play, MMO’s generally fit into this category. DLC content is also restricted, for example, if you both own a particular game but only one of you has the DLC, the DLC content won’t be shared. However, if only one person has the game and all the DLC, the entire game and DLC will be shared.  

How to Share Your Steam Games Library With Friends and Family. How to Play Shared Steam Games.

Note: Shared games will show as unavailable if the account owner is currently playing on another computer.

How to Stop Sharing and/or Remove a Previously Authorized Account.

Important Note: If any of the people you are sharing your library with gets caught cheating, your family sharing privileges will be revoked and your account will also be VAC banned. For more information regarding this, check Steam’s official VAC ban section.

9 Funny Chrome Extensions To Prank Your Friends

You don’t need to wait until April Fool’s Day to be a complete nuisance and play pranks on your friends. One of the many ways in which you can celebrate the art of mischief is by sneaking onto your friend’s/enemy’s/colleague’s computer and barraging their browser with all manner of funny prank extensions. Here are our top picks that will leave you laughing at the expense of your poor victims.

1. Edit Anything

This one’s a gem. Using the Edit Anything extension, you can modify the text on any website you visit – from news sites to Twitter. This offers endless opportunities, whether it’s customizing your friend’s Twitter feed so that it looks like Ryan Gosling is tweeting them to say “hello” or, as demonstrated in the picture, changing news stories.

2. Cornify

If you’re feeling particularly mean, you can pretend like it’s a symptom of the dreaded “Unicorn” virus. (Maybe after fabricating a “Unicorn virus” news story using the previous extension?) Refresh the page to stop the unicorns.

3. Prank ’em

The Prank ’em extension offers a wide variety of tools to prank your friends, such as a blur screen, black and white, hidden cursor, and more. The extension lets you customize the time and area of the screen you want to affect. Your unfortunate friends will wonder just what the heck is going on.

My personal favorites are hiding the cursor and blur; they aren’t obviously pranks, and they’ll more than likely result in a lot of confusion and frustration. Just don’t let the joke go on too long! Pranks like these could make someone really mad.

4. Nicolas Cage Replacer

Nicolas Cage Replacer is an extension that replaces every image in Chrome with a picture of Nicolas Cage. Your friends will likely immediately realize they’re being pranked or will think they have a virus related to Nicolas Cage. While this prank may not last long, its brief life will boggle minds and make them think like art is meant to do.

To use the extension, install it and open a new tab with the website containing pictures you want to replace with Nicholas Cage. Similar extensions to try: Caged and Ncage.

5. Cenafy

Cenafy is an extension that rolls a 1/100 chance for the user to be hit with a face full of unexpected Cena every time they load a new web page. If you don’t know about this meme, stop reading right now and watch this video.

This extension is completely ridiculous; it’s hidden deep in Extensions, and nobody will ever see it coming. It’s not an extension you can install and immediately see the fruits of, but it is an extension you can install on your roommate’s laptop. It’s an extension you can hear blaring “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA” from the other room while your roommate shouts in confusion, just wanting to watch Netflix.

6. Awesome Prank Extension 7. Web Prank – Replace the Internet

As the name suggests, the Web Prank extension replaces any word with its substitute. You can create fake screenshots, rename friends on social media, change celebrity names, and much more with this extension.

Similar word substitute extensions to try are Millennials to Snake People and Millennials Begone.

8. Crazy Page

The Crazy Page extension will make the web page go bonkers. Your friend will be surprised to see the web page turn into an animated, rainbow-colored page with a weird cursor. Be careful! It may freak them out too much.

9. Hair on Screen

Who doesn’t hate it when they see random hair or a dust particle on their screen? With the Hair on Screen extension, you can add digital hair to your friend’s laptop. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to remove it (because it doesn’t exist). This extension works best on pages with a white background.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. How do I access Chrome extensions quickly? 2. How do I remove a Chrome extension? Joke Around

After pranking your friends with these funny Chrome extensions, learn how to speed up Chrome with extensions and check out the best Chrome extensions for productivity and students.

Mehvish Mushtaq

Mehvish is a tech lover from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, she’s always been happy to help anyone who finds technology challenging. She’s been writing about technology for over six years, and her favorite topics include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media, and web apps.

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4 Ways To Resize Your Videos For Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter

One of the easiest ways is chúng tôi .

Just go to the EZGif website, and upload your video clip or just paste the video URL.

Once the video gets uploaded, you’ll see a few options to convert, crop, resize, rotate, etc. (as shown in the image)

You can edit the video as per your choice. And can download it.

Advantage: No watermark in the final clip.

Drawback: There are no pre-defined aspect ratios available. You need to enter them on your own.

Another platform to resize your video is Clideo. Here you get some social media presets, additionally you can also set custom sizes for your video. Along with this, there are more options like, changing the background color and making the video vertical/horizontal, plus you get to choose from more than 20 video codecs for different video platforms. You must be concerned about your data privacy, well the Clideo Website is protected with an SSL certificate, which means you’ll see the website’s URL will start with an HTTPS where “s” stands for Secure.

There are a couple of options to upload your video from Browse, Google Drive, DropBox, and Paste a URL (opening up end number of possibilities).

You just need to pick an option and upload your video. (The video needs to be longer than 3 seconds)

Once your video gets uploaded, you’ll be greeted with this screen. Where you can find Video resolution and codec at the bottom bar, the resizing options are located towards the right.

Advantage: 20+ video codecs, and social media presets.

Drawback: The only drawback is, it adds a little watermark towards the bottom right, but worry not the site offers an option to remove the watermark as well, by signing in with your Facebook/Google Account. (in case you don’t want the watermark)

Adobe Express is another online tool to resize your videos.

On the next page, you can sign up with any of these options.

After the signup process, you can pick any of these pre-built templates, or just create a new one.

Once the template is picked or created, you are re-directed to an online video editor screen as shown in the pic.

You can find the Layout, Theme, Resize, and Music tab on the top-right pane.

Advantage: Once you’ve edited your video, you can share it on Google Drive, Invite People with a link, or just download the clip.

Drawback: The final clip comes with a watermark at the bottom right, plus there’s a pre-defined Outro clip attached to your video as well. Which can be of course removed for the price of a premium plan.

The last but not the least option is chúng tôi .

Here you get the option to upload a video or paste a URL.

Once the video gets uploaded, you’ll get to the main editor. Where most of the editing options are on the right pane.

You can adjust the export settings from the top right corner.

Once you’ve edited the video as per your liking, you can export the video or just save the draft.

There’s a processing page that can make you a little tense, but there’s nothing to worry about, you just need to wait for the processing to finish.

Once done, you can download the video.

Advantage: There are some pre-defined aspect ratios available.

Drawback: There’s a watermark in the final video.

Update the detailed information about 4 Ways To Embed And Email Web Pages To Your Friends on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!