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5 Best Office Suites for Android in 2023 (Free and Paid) List of 5 Best Android Office Suites

1. Microsoft Office:

Pricing (Free)

Microsoft Office is available for free on Android Play Store. In addition to this, you can download individual applications like Microsoft Word for Android, Microsoft Excel for Android, etc. on Play Store.

Functionality (5-Stars)

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User-Interface (4.5-Star)

In the PC version of the Microsoft Office, there isn’t any better as far as I believe. The story isn’t too different in the Mobile version of the application as well. Microsoft has managed to pull the right mix of features and layout options on the dashboard. Only the most important features are present on the dashboard.

Though during my testing, there were a few features that I wanted to be present on the dashboard which I had to look for inside the options. Apart from me nitpicking, the app works great with most devices with decent CPU and RAM.

On the basis of the above given features and functionalities, I could factually declare Microsoft Office to be the best Office suite for Android.

Download: Microsoft Office

2. OfficeSuite – Office, PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Pricing (Free and Paid)

Functionality (4-Star)

User-Interface (4 Star)

The User-Interface of OfficeSuite isn’t as polished as it could be. Though it gets the work done, it doesn’t provide the sophistication and appeal like Microsoft Office. But to make it clear, it isn’t bad either. It is far better than what most Android applications have to offer.

Hence, if you are not completely satisfied with the Microsoft Office, the OfficeSuite is the application you would want to go with.

Download: OfficeSuite

3. Google Office:

Ah, Google. If there is an app by Google, you can almost be sure that it would make it to the top 5 list. Google Office isn’t available as just a single application, rather you will have to download three different one from Play Store – Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Pricing (Free)

Google Office is fairly simple when it comes to pricing. No Cost. Yes, there isn’t any premium version that would provide you with the extra functionality in the application. Google Office applications are available for free to download and use online.

Functionality (3-Star)

User-Interface (4.5 Star)

Can there be anything simpler and polished than Google Office Apps. Google Office has nailed it when it comes to user-interface. The interface offered by Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides is pleasurably minimalistic. You have all the required functionality right on the Dashboard. Loved it on this aspect.

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4. WPS Office:

Pricing (Free and Paid)

WPS Office is an awesome tool that offers great functionality at Zero cost. The free version of the WPS office offers anything and everything that one would require. Although, there is a paid version too, it only provides access to few other tools and 20GB of cloud storage.

The free version has enough options to make anyone stick to WPS Office forever and ever.

Functionality (5 Star)

User-Interface (4-Star)

Though the user-interface of WPS Office isn’t as minimalistic as Microsoft, it isn’t a bad thing. Microsoft Office showcases its minimalistic and old school design and color combinations of blue and green. On the other hand, WPS Office boasts its more vibrant color choice and bold design. Small icons give it a premium appeal. In terms of interface, WPS Office is nowhere less than the Microsoft Office and is one of the best UI available in any Android Office suite.

Download: WPS Office

5. Polaris Office:

Polaris Office is the last on our list. Though we have mentioned it in the end, it is nowhere less than any of its competitors. Polaris Android Office suite is a great tool that has great features and functions to offer. It holds all the functionality a person would require. From editing and creating documents to signing PDFs, it’s got everything.

Pricing (Free and Paid)

The paid version is a bit different from the paid versions of the similar applications. Instead of offering a subscription plan, it offers a life time access to the Polaris office with a one-time purchase. For most people, this would seem like a good deal, for some people it would be a point of worry relating to constant software and security updates.

Functionality (3.5-Star)

However, it falls short on a few fronts when compared to other Android Office Suites on the list. It doesn’t offer the functionality to scan documents and nor it has any option to take notes and create memos on the go.

Apart from these couple of features, it has everything one would require and is one of the best office suites for Android available in the market.

User-Interface (4 Star)

Download: Polaris Office

So, this was our list of 5 Best office suites for Android available in the market. Do let’s know your views and which one you like the most.

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Best Paid Games For Iphone In 2023

I’m sure all of us love free games. However, with microtransactions now a mainstay in gaming, most free games have a lot of content locked behind paywalls. Essentially, the initial download is free, but everything else needs to be paid. Due to this, I prefer iPhone games that ask for a payment outright.

These games unlock most (if not all content) right after the initial payment. This becomes a much more enjoyable experience. Here’s the list of the best paid iPhone games that are worth your every penny.

1. Minecraft – Editor’s choice

The amount of content that Minecraft offers you as a player is simply insane. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best paid iPhone games of all time.

While the graphics and aesthetics are different and almost retro, the gameplay will keep you hooked. You can play the creative mode with infinite resources and freedom. Build an entire town or the fanciest castles and let your imagination go crazy.

There’s a survival mode in which you have to survive each night while scavenging for supplies, building your base, and protecting yourself from the creatures of the night. Minecraft’s survival mode is surprisingly detailed and difficult.

There’s also a lot of mod support from the community, and you can apply the mods to change the in-game behavior and gameplay. This adds a ton of replayability.

The only issue I’ve found is that the game freezes and crashes frequently. Hopefully, the developers can iron this out in future updates.

Price: $6.99 (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


2. Plague Inc. – Best simulation game

Plague Inc. might hit a bit too close to home, considering the current situation. However, it’s still one of the best simulation games for iPhone you can play today.

In this game, you aren’t tasked as a fancy scientist or soldier who has to stop the virus. The roles are reversed – you have to control the virus and ensure it wipes out the world.

Each action you take in the game has consequences, and humanity will try to adapt and defend itself against each variation and update of your virus. Your goal is to infect the world before the virus is killed.

The game teaches us about health safety, hazards, and how international collaborations could work in such scenarios. Additionally, the game is fun, and you’ll have to strategize with each move you make.

The game has inconsistent difficulty spikes, however. So be wary of that when playing it.

Price: $0.99 (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


3. Monopoly – Best board game

The classic board game that has occupied most of our childhood is now available for mobile devices. Thankfully, it’s one of the best iterations of a board game that you can find.

You can play this game against the AI, but I’ve found it much more enjoyable as a family game. Moreover, there’s an in-game video chat integration feature that allows you to play face-to-face with friends in different areas.

You have to become the wealthiest property tycoon amongst other players. You can play this game with the classic rules. However, if you want to make things more interesting, you can select your own house rules to make the gameplay unique.

There’s also a Season Pass that adds a ton of content to the already huge game. It adds different locations, themes, and pieces as well.

However, the game requires a strong internet connection as it can frequently disconnect in the middle of online games.

Price: $3.99 (In-app purchases start at $4.99)


4. Dead Cells – Best action game

I’ve played Dead Cells on the PC before it was released to the mobile audience. I’m happy to state that the finesse of the PC version has been brought to the iPhone with this port.

Dead Cells is an incredibly difficult game. However, it’s also equally rewarding. The game has a roguelike structure and also features a permadeath. If you die on any level in the game, you will have to replay the game from the beginning.

Moreover, the levels are procedurally generated. Each playthrough is different than the other. You can also find the best elements from action and role-playing games in Dead Cells. Besides, all the DLCs released on PC are available in the mobile version.

I recommend you to play this game on a bigger screen, though. The control scheme doesn’t go very well with smaller screens. An even better option would be if you could use a good gamepad.

Price: $8.99 (In-app purchases start at $3.99)


5. Crashlands – Best paid iPhone game without in-app purchases

Crashlands might not seem like much at first glance. However, it is an expansive role-playing game worth your time (and money).

The story follows a galactic trucker whose shipment is stolen, and they find themselves stranded on an alien planet. Your mission is to retrieve your packages. While you do so, you’ll become a part of a dangerous plot of domination.

Ultimately, as the player, you have to thrive on the planet. This means you have to engage with NPCs, fight deadly bosses, and learn the secrets of the planet itself. Moreover, there are over 500 craftable items in the game. So, let your imagination run free!

The game suffers from some issues with in-game navigation, however. So you’ll have to bear this when you’re playing the game.

Price: $6.99


6. Townscaper – Best casual game

Townscaper is one of those games that will make you dive into nostalgia. It’s got very simple gameplay, and it’ll also help you relax.

There’s no goal to the gameplay as such. Townscaper lets you choose colors, blocks, and design your city, town, or hamlet.

This may sound boring, but in reality, the gameplay is pretty addictive. You can play this for hours, building the best town with the right arches, bushes, and backyards for different houses.

Moreover, the game’s aesthetics aren’t difficult on the eyes, and the audio is mild enough to help you concentrate on your building efforts.

I feel the construction options need to have more diversity and freedom. But otherwise, the game is spot-on.

Price: $4.99


7. Exploding Kittens – Best card game

When it comes to card games, very few have captured my attention as much as Exploding Kittens has.

This is a multiplayer card game in which the objective is to be the last person standing. You’ll have to keep drawing cards until a person draws a card with an Exploding Kitten. After the kitten explodes, the player who drew the card is out of the game.

You can even diffuse the kitten with laser pointers and belly rubs, available on some cards. The rest of the cards are simply used to keep the game flowing and change the order of draws.

The game can be played with up to 5 players, either locally or online. Considering the simple yet elegant premise of the game, there’s no doubt why this is one of the most funded games in Kickstarter history!

If you play against the game’s AI, it can get challenging on any difficulty level. I’d recommend you to play this only with your friends or online.

Price: $1.99 (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


8. Playdead’s LIMBO – Most underrated puzzle game

Playdead has always made some hauntingly beautiful games. LIMBO is one of their first hits.

It is one of the best paid puzzle games for iPhone. You have to solve multiple puzzles as you progress through the narrative. The audio and graphics create an eerie atmosphere that grips you instantly.

This is a difficult game; make no mistake. You will die multiple times in an attempt to complete a puzzle. However, the effort that you put into the game is worth it.

One of the caveats of this game is that there’s only one way to solve the puzzles. I wish that the developers had added more variety to the solutions.

Price: $3.99


GRIS is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played. While this sounds like an exaggeration, it isn’t. GRIS will tug at your heartstrings and leave you in awe at the beautiful artwork and noteworthy story.

The game’s story is also highly relatable. The protagonist experiences a traumatic event and learns to deal with the pain. As you play through the story, you’ll realize that the game is actually about her journey to the other side of that experience and how she learns to deal with the trauma in a better way.

The intro section of the game is a bit buggy, though. So you may encounter some glitches when you first boot the game.

Price: $4.99


Bang for your buck?

Paying for games can be a tricky affair, especially if you’re unsure which game would suit your play styles and choices. Hence, I’ve curated this list of the best paid iPhone games to make your search easier.

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Best Office Printer In 2023

Best Office Printer in 2023

We look at the best office printers to buy in 2023

Andrew Unsworth

Office printers are essential to keep your workplace productive and efficient. They do much more than printing, too, as you’ll likely use them for scanning, copying, accessing cloud services and more.

In this article, we suggest four of the best office printers to help you buy the best office printer in 2023.

Products at a Glance

Features and considerations

Office printers are typically multi-function printers these days, which combine a printer, scanner, copier and fax in one unit. You can still get single-function printers (SFPs), but they’re not as common as multi-function printers (MFPs).

Many people use office printers so network connections are important whether Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Look for devices with large, graphical screens, as these will impart more info directly, so you won’t have to use a PC to get it. This makes the device easier to use and resolves issues more easily.

You also need to consider:

Print speed in pages per minute (ppm)


Ink or toner yield (how many prints you’ll get from a cartridge)

Network connections

Consumable costs

How we picked the best office printer in 2023

The best printer for you depends on how much you print, its extra features and your budget. We’ve chosen four office printers that provide the best combination of specs, features and price, which should satisfy the needs of most owners. It’s worth using a printer before purchase if possible so you can be sure it meets your needs.

Our Recommended

Best Office Printer in 2023



Integrates with Xerox Workflow Central for useful, time-saving tools

Good mobile device support, including Chromebooks


The Xerox C315 is a four-colour multifunction printer that gives you all the print, scan and copy functionality you’d expect. However, it also provides the best of new technology and cloud connectivity.

You can access Xerox Workflow Central, for example, which provides features such as redaction, text to audio conversion, translation and file conversion to Microsoft Office formats. This saves you time, increases your productivity and increases your efficiency.

You can connect your iOS and android devices to the Xerox C315 via AirPrint and Mopria, and connect Chromebooks too. All this gives your staff the flexibility to use whichever device they need to use, which increases convenience and efficiency.

The Xerox C315 comes with PCL5, PCL6, PostScript 3 and XPS drivers which provides added flexibility when sending your document to print.

Optional high-capacity toner cartridges provide up to a claimed 8,000 black pages and 5,500 cyan, magenta and yellow pages. The paper input tray is only 250 sheets, but you can buy an optional 550-sheet paper tray.

This is the best office printer in 2023 if you need a colour MFP that makes the most of cloud technology.



Good support for mobile devices

Scan workflows that automate scan jobs


Only a 250-sheet paper input tray so can’t take a full paper ream

The HP LJ Pro M479fdw is a four-colour laser MFP that lets you print, scan, copy and fax documents. You can connect it to your network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, or even via USB for use as a personal printer.

The HP LJ Pro M479fdw is compatible with Apple AirPrint and Mopria, so you can print from iOS and Android mobile devices. Various HP apps also help you get the most from the device. Plus, you can print to the device via the cloud, and print from or scan to a USB drive.

The 4.3in colour touchscreen lets you perform various functions right at the MFP without need of a PC. You can also use it to scan to network locations, email addresses and even Microsoft SharePoint, which increases your speed and productivity.

You can even create workflows to automate scan processes so that you scan an invoice with one button press and have it sent to a folder or email address for archiving or further processing.

This is the best office printer in 2023 if you need a sophisticated all-in-one colour laser MFP.



Four-colour ink tank device

Access to cloud services


Only a 250-sheet input tray so can’t take a full paper ream

The Canon MAXIFY GX6021 is a high-end colour ink tank MFP that lets you print, copy and scan documents. The ink tanks let you print more pages compared to cartridges, which saves you money and time spent changing them. Indeed, you can get page yields of up to 14,000 for colour inks and up to 6,000 for black ink.

The MAXIFY GX6021 has a 250-sheet input paper tray and a 100-sheet rear paper tray, giving a 350-sheet input capacity, so you can’t put a full ream of paper in it, unlike the Canon MAXIFY GX7021.

Mopria and Apple AirPrint support lets you print to the MAXIFY GX6021 from your Android and iOS devices. This means your staff can use a variety of devices with it, which increases their productivity and efficiency. Meanwhile, Cloud Link lets you connect to cloud services.

The Canon MAXIFY GX6021 is compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart assistants, which increases convenience and efficiency.

You can connect the MAXIFY GX6021 to your network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and to your PC via USB, which lets you position the device where you want and gives you plenty of connection flexibility.

You interact with the MAXIFY GX6021 using a combination of a 2.7in touchscreen and physical buttons, which gives you quick access to info without looking at a PC and increases efficiency.

This is the best office printer in 2023 if you need a consumable-efficient and multifunction colour device.



Fast printer

Built-in HP Wolf Pro security


Only prints black and white documents

The HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdwe is a fast monochrome multi-function printer that has many business-focussed features. The HP LJ Pro MFP 4101fdwe is designed for teams of up to 10 people, making it ideal for offices.

It can print up to 42 Letter-size pages per minute (ppm) and up to 40 A4 pages per minute, whcih is ideal if your office regularly prints large documents and needs them printed quickly. You can also use the MFP 4101fdwe to scan, copy and fax documents, which increases convenience for your staff.

The LJ Pro 4101fdwe’s 2.7in colour touchscreen lets you interact with and use the device in a more natural way, so you can use some features independently of a PC, which speeds up tasks and increases your productivity.

The LJ Pro 4101fdwe has a 250-sheet input tray and 100-sheet manual feed, but you can buy an optional 550-sheet input tray. This gives the printer a combined 900-sheet input capacity, which means fewer trips to fill the printer with paper.

It also has HP Wolf Pro security built into it, so security settings are already configured for peace of mind. You can set the device up so that print jobs are only released when you’re at the device for extra security. Plus, you can use HP Smart Admin to manage one or more MFP 4101fdwe printers.

The HP Smart app lets you print from and scan to the MFP 4101fdwe, check the toner level and more. This provides ease of use and convenience to you and your employees.

You can subscribe to HP’s Instant Ink programme so that toner is delivered automatically when you need it so that you never run out.

This is the best office printer in 2023 if you need a fast, business-focussed and monochrome laser device.

Our Verdict

Editor’s Choice

Xerox C315

Shop on Amazon

Check Price 

All the devices featured here are great office printers. However, the Xerox C315 just pips ahead of the others due to its combination of features and cost, so it’s our best office printer in 2023.

Best Lightroom Alternatives For Mac & Pc (Free + Paid)

Although Adobe Lightroom has ranked at the top of the industry standard, it is certainly not the end-all-be-all editing software. For photographers and artists considering something a bit different, there are various Lightroom alternatives for Mac and PC users! These options range from free for those dabbling or cutting overhead costs to paid programs that may offer something worth investing in. 

Best Free Lightroom Alternatives

With Lightroom being a subscription program, the cost increases over time. Creatives looking to dabble in photo editing or save costs can consider these free alternatives to Adobe’s program. 

1. Darktable (Best Free Lightroom Alternative)

Familiarity is certainly the easiest way to transition from one program to another, and Darktable has quite a recognizable interface. Appearing very similar to Lightroom Classic on the surface, Darktable is arguably the best free Lightroom alternative out there. You can even customize the workspace to fit your needs and preferences, making the program fully adaptable.

Darktable is an open-source platform developed by photographers dabbling in programming. The program continues to grow and improve as a result. Because the creators were in the photography world, the developers translated many of Lightroom’s most beloved features into Darktable. These features work just as well as in Adobe’s software. 

These features include file management and organization, photo editing capabilities with sliders and various tools, RAW image processing, mapping, printing, and even tethering your camera for instant image previews. Most importantly, Darktable does non-destructive edits in the same fashion as Lightroom. The original file is never altered. You simply export a new file when done! 

Where Darktable finds its faults tends to lie in performance. However you spin it, Lightroom is a lighter and faster program. Users that don’t have a Lightroom-based frame of reference will find Darktable fast and efficient, so long as it doesn’t crash (which is often reported)! Equally, some of the tabs and their names aren’t as logical as Lightroom, so utilizing the interface for the first time can confuse new users. 

One of the best aspects of Darktable is its compatibility with almost any operating system (from Mac and PC to lesser-known Solaris 11 / GNOME and BSD). 


Many similar features to Lightroom, including file management and editing 

Camera tethering is an available feature

Non-destructive edits on the files 

Fully modular workspace 


Lacks in performance speed and power when compared to Lightroom 

Crashes are common

Confusing interface for first-time users 

2. Adobe Bridge (Best Free Image Organizer)

Adobe Bridge is one of the company’s slightly lesser-known offerings, typically overshadowed by Lightroom and Photoshop. Adobe Bridge shares many of the same useful organizational tools as Lightroom does in a cost-free package! Bridge is a program that (depending upon the user’s priority) can step above Lightroom in its ability to organize non-image assets such as PDF files and documents.

Bridge and Lightroom Classic have the same functionality for organizing images; the only difference is in the user interface. But with Bridge’s ability to manage more than just image files, users considering Lightroom solely for its organizational capabilities will be thoroughly happy with Bridge. Bridge is also fully compatible with more programs than just Photoshop and can work within workflows of Adobe Portfolio and Adobe Stock. 

As such, the most common uses of Bridge are to batch-alter file metadata quickly and efficiently, mark and flag files, automate export workflows, integrate files into Adobe products rapidly, and preview files.

On the downside, there is no built-in editing functionality in Adobe Bridge. You must export the file(s) to other software. Adobe Camera RAW, which has an interface similar to Adobe Lightroom Classic, is the standard program accessible for image editing export over Bridge. However, Adobe Lightroom Classic still offers many extra editing tools and features that Camera RAW doesn’t have.

Available for both Mac and PC, Adobe Bridge can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website or included with any Photoshop subscription. 


Thorough, powerful, and extensive file management and organization system (including non-image files)

You can program custom workflows and automate tasks

Easily import files into additional programs 

Camera RAW software for image editing works well for most types of edits 


No image editing directly in the program. Photos must be exported to Camera RAW or another program

Complicated layout for those not familiar with Adobe software 

3. Apple Photos (Best Alternative For Mac + iPhone)

Mac users rejoice. There is a free photo app available exclusively to you! New updates to Apple Photos allow the processing of RAW photographs captured through various Apple products, such as the iPhone and iPad Pro. Although you can’t expect a massive library of features, Apple Photos does the trick for everyday editing work (for free!). 

The interface is simple, intuitive, and great for beginners. The workspace will look rather familiar if you’ve used any mobile editing software before. Importing photographs in Apple Photos is easy, whether the files are local on the device or through plugging in a memory card. With the program’s ability to handle RAW files, you can also process those now. 

What’s also of note for Apple Photos is that the program’s auto-editing is quite intelligent. Most AI editing decisions tend to brighten images (even if they don’t need brightening), but Apple Photos is superb at determining which images could use a bit of darkening instead. The app also has plug-in support, facial recognition, GPS for photos, and more. 

Unfortunately, all image-sharing features are exclusive to the Apple ecosystem and incompatible with other operating systems. The editing program lacks chromatic aberration and lens corrections as well. 


Very beginner-user-friendly interface

Great features such as facial recognition, GPS mapping, and support for plug-ins

The auto-editing function is surprisingly brilliant and capable 

Able to edit RAW format


Lacks professional features such as chromatic aberration and geometry correction

Exclusive to the Apple ecosystem 

A lesser-known program on the list, RawTherapee, can be described as a mixture between Lightroom and Photoshop with the interface shell of Camera RAW. Basically, a fusion of Adobe programs. Similar to Darktable in that RawTherapee is open source, both programs have the same perks of being consistently updated and refined by passionate programmers. 

This program touts itself as being an excellent blend of file management and RAW editing, helping those photos become their final versions. Many of the editing tools are those you’d expect (and demand) in editing software, such as noise reduction, tonal adjustments, histograms, and various exposure sliders.

RawTherapee works on PC, Mac, and Linux but is best optimized for PC. For those operating on Windows, the program is designed to be able to function with weaker computers. RawTherapee is well-programmed for all consumers, so your computer doesn’t have to be perfectly optimized and built for editing to work great with this software. 

There are a few caveats to this free program, which you’d only notice when beginning to integrate RawTherapee into an editing workflow. Previewing changes such as noise reduction only works when you zoom into an image at 100% rather than seeing a general application on the whole frame. Presets and masking features are also missing in this program.  


Free and open source 

Works well on weaker PCs 

Excellent color grading and management capability

A decent combination of file management tools and photo editing tools 

A nicely designed interface that is reminiscent of Adobe programs 


Some odd caveats, such as being unable to live-preview specific edits on a full frame (requires zooming to 100%)

Optimized best for PC despite being compatible with Mac and Linux 

Cheaper Alternatives To Lightroom

There are a handful of alternatives to Lightroom that do cost money but tend to be less expensive in the long run. 

With subscriptions taking over the creative industry, finding a subscription-free program is rare. Luminar NEO (read my in-depth review here) is one of the best standalone software, requiring just one solid payment! Created by Skylum, this company is frequently recommended as an Adobe alternative, with a roster of programs to compete against various editing software. 

Because of the AI inclusion, Luminar NEO is excellent for beginner photographers as the program is designed to make the best decisions on the user’s behalf. Professionals seeking to save time in their workflow can also benefit. But, for those still wanting to hold more significant editing control, NEO does feature a relatively comprehensive toolbar of edits and sliders similar to Lightroom. 

Luminar NEO falls short in its limited organizational and management tools, lack of detailed export options, and lacks of a proper mobile app. However, whether or not these features impact the user depends on where the priorities lie in using Luminar NEO! 

Priced at $120 for a lifetime-use license (for one computer), Luminar NEO is far less expensive in the long run than Adobe’s subscriptions which renew every month or year (depending on your plan). Luminar NEO is available for both Mac and PC. 


A beautiful software design with an easy-to-use interface 

Very realistic and flattering presets 

Regular photo editing features, such as a vast amount of tools and sliders 

Subscription-free one-time purchase for unlimited use 


Lacks organizational tools that Lightroom has 

Limited exporting options 

The mobile app needs lots of improvement 

For the professionals reading this article, ON1 Photo RAW is geared toward you. Full of detailed editing adjustments, presets, and a slew of AI tools to help make that workflow expertly efficient. This being said, the program is geared towards professionals and requires a powerful computer to utilize, so this isn’t something for beginners. 

Editing in ON1 is fully non-destructive, just like in Lightroom. The Snapshot feature adds, even more, acting like a History tool that allows you to go back to previous stages of the edit. File management and organization are also present in ON1, another competitive fact. 

ON1 Photo Raw is compatible with Mac and PC and requires a one-time payment (not a subscription program). At only $99.99, this is a steal for such a powerful program. 


Potent editing system 

Brilliant AI edits as well that far surpass Lightroom

One-time purchase at a far less expensive price than Lightroom 

Non-destructive editing, with the Snapshot tool acting like a History panel

RAW compatibility with an extensive array of cameras


Not very user-friendly for beginners

Requires a powerful computer to run; otherwise, the program will not work

Recognize the name or not, kids from the 80s may find the name vaguely familiar. This is the same company that created CorelDRAW, which was once the earliest computer-based graphic design program. Today, most renditions of Corel Aftershot Pro still appear a bit outdated in the interface, but the newest Corel Aftershot Pro 3 attempted to remedy this. 

Designed recognizably to Lightroom’s interface, Corel Aftershot Pro 3 tries to compare itself to Lightroom CC on its website. However, Corel’s specific comparison to Lightroom CC shows that it cannot thoroughly compare to Lightroom Classic because some features are missing. Adding features such as layers is quite nifty, as Lightroom does not have layers (only masks). 

The primary feather in Corel Aftershot Pro 3’s hat is that this program can run on weaker computers more easily than Lightroom Classic. That’s because Corel made the software as lightweight as possible, allowing computers to save much of their processing power when necessary. This is a big plus for those dabbling in photo editing and getting frustrated with slower processing times of Adobe software on computers not built for such renders. 

With a one-time fee of $63.99 for a perpetual license, Corel Aftershot Pro 3 is significantly cheaper than Adobe’s Lightroom. The program is compatible with both Mac and PC. 


An inexpensive one-time fee 

Lightweight program that works on weaker computers

Extremely fast rendering and editing processes 

Beneficial inclusion of layers in the editing workflow 


Lightroom is much better at processing shadows and highlights than Corel 

Missing some editing features 

Photoshop users will instantly recognize the layers, masks, and smart object tools in conjunction with beloved Lightroom adjustment sliders and RAW image processing options. That being said, one of the biggest perks to Affinity is that this program has layer-based adjustments, which are useful for layering effects, organizing your adjustments, and making it easier to refine your edits. You can also undo your edits an unlimited amount of times. 

It sounds like this program is the perfect all-in-one solution, except for a few caveats. For starters, it is important to note that Affinity is a powerful program that does require a powerful computer to operate efficiently. The interface design is pretty confusing, with relatively small text to read, which may discourage beginners from this option. There is also a lack of organizational structure that Lightroom is known for. 

That being said, at a one-time fee of $50, you can’t beat this price for the feature-full program that Affinity photo is. Affinity is also compatible with both Macs and PCs. 


A brilliant fusion of Photoshop and Lightroom 

At $50 for a lifetime license, the low price is a significant benefit

Editing tools are precise 

The inclusion of Layers, Masks, and Smart Objects adds an even more refined editing capability 

Images process fast on well-equipped computers 


A powerful computer is required to run the program properly 

The interface design could use a lot of work 

Not beginner friendly 

DxO Photolab is easily boasted as one of the most powerful RAW photo processing engines! Photographers in message boards can often be seen picking DxO over Lightroom for this reason alone. 

RAW images may be fully edited utilizing various global and local correction tools, with the ability to make precise changes. When you begin viewing a folder of RAW files, the application immediately does all the usual processing modifications and adds lens corrections without any manual effort. DxO can also automatically hunt for any missing camera and lens correction profiles. 

Although the photo management side of this program is not as detailed as Lightroom Classic, you can still conveniently organize your images. Many features are shared between the two programs, like non-destructive editing, the same sliders, and even the familiar interface. 

DxO Photolab requires a powerful computer, as running the RAW processor significantly impacts the computer. Available for both Mac and PC, DxO Photolab has a one-time fee of $219 for the Elite version, which is the only version you’ll want to look at if you are a photographer. The Essential version (which is limited) is a flat fee of $139. 


One of the most powerful and efficient RAW processors out there 

Will automatically apply RAW corrections upon loading the folder 

Very similar features as Lightroom, including in the image organization front and non-destructive edits

A similar interface makes this program easy to switch over to from Lightroom


Requires a powerful computer to run properly

A bit on the pricey side for the Elite version (with the Essential version not being worth it for photographers) 

Photographers perusing job boards may come across Capture One knowledge being a requirement for certain companies. This program is often used as a replacement for Adobe software in professional environments. As much as Affinity Photo above is a closer replacement for Photoshop than Lightroom, Capture One is a closer replacement for Lightroom than Photoshop. 

Capture One excels in a slew of capabilities beyond Lightroom Classic and even offers the ability to import Lightroom files and customize the interface to mimic Lightroom and make the transition smoother. 

Available for both Mac and PC, Capture One is quite pricey but may be more worthwhile in the significant long term. Your options include a lifetime license at about $299 or a subscription paid for monthly or annually. 


Absolutely brilliant handling of RAW photo files 

Incredibly detailed color grading platform, including a color picker to remove the eight-color limit of the Lightroom HSL panel 

The camera tethering is highly reliable 

Able to import Lightroom files for seamless transfer


Expensive, but at least it is a one-time fee 

Not beginner friendly at all, the interface is complex and challenging, and the program is exclusively geared toward professional users 

In conclusion, Darktable is the best free alternative to Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC, having been created by program-savvy photographers. The result is pretty great when software is developed specifically by the intended users. Adobe Bridge is an excellent cost-free option for those needing to use Lightroom for organization, as Bridge far exceeds Lightroom’s capabilities in that department. 

For paid programs, Luminar NEO is a definite favorite, with AI features that help speed up the workflow tremendously. To get a more in-depth view of NEO in action, check out my Luminar Neo review here.

13 Best Plagiarism Checker Software (Free & Paid)

Plagiarism is intellectual theft and fraud that involves using someone’s content without permission. It does not provide any credit (either accidentally or deliberately) to original author of the work. Plagiarism also involves unauthorized reuse of previous content and passing it off as new work.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Plagiarism Checker, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software. Read more…

Top Pick

Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism checker X is easy to use an accurate plagiarism scanner. It is one of the best plagiarism checkers for research papers that allows you to effortlessly compare contents in bulk.

Learn More

Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker X is easy to use an accurate plagiarism scanner. It is one of the best plagiarism checkers for research papers that allows you to effortlessly compare contents in bulk.

#1 Top Pick

Plagiarism Checker X


Database: 20+ billion

Support Document Formats: DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, PDF, ODP, etc.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Version

Visit Plagiarism


It one of the best plagiarism checker for research papers that can detect plagiarized information through multiple search engines.

The application allows you to compare the content side by side without any hassle.

Plagiarism checker X keeps your data private.

It allows you to import DOCX, DOC, PDF, HTML, and RTF.

This application supports multi-language, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and more.

You can get color-coded density-based results.

Provides 24/7 supports.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Multi-language support Limited free version

Extensive database  

User-friendly interface  

Visit Plagiarism checker X

Grammarly is a widely used tool for checking grammar and plagiarism. This application can detect plagiarism from numerous web pages. It helps you to know whether your text contains duplicate content or not.




Database: 16+ billion

Support Document Formats: DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, PDF, ODP, PPT, PPTX etc.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Version

Visit Grammarly


This application allows you to search the content in batch.

Grammarly provides plagiarism alerts when text matches with online text or in the database.

It helps you to detect plagiarism by checking your text against over eight billion web pages.

It offers numerous writing styles, suggestions for grammar, vocabulary, and syntax.

Grammarly instant report lets you know how many duplication issues are there in the content.

The tool calculates the overall originality score for your document.

This plagiarism tool keeps your writing private.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Check wide range of errors Requires to upload documents

supports multiple writing modes  

Multiple integration options  

ProWritingAid is a tool that enables you to check your content against many web pages, academic paper, publish work to ensure uniqueness. It allows you to run a plagiarism report online or through add-in.


It helps with self-editing.

ProWitringAid provides more than 20 in-depth writing reports.

You can integrate it with word, Chrome, Google Docs, Gmail, and more.

The tool is easy to use.

Supports a wide range of files.

It helps you to find instances of your work that includes data, questions, ideas, wording, and more.

ProWritingAid enables you to maintain the governorship of your words.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Offers suggestions to enhance clarity Potential technical issues

In-depth analysis of text  

Integrate with a range of platforms  

#4) CopyScape

CopyScape is a cloud-based tool that allows you to search for plagiarism and find various instances of content theft. It can be easily used by typing the URL of the original content. It is one of the best free plagiarism checker that allows you to perform unlimited scans for web page copies.


Search the content in batch.

It allows you to compare two content side by side.

This plagiarism tool provides a private index to check for duplication within your content.

Allows case management or tracking facility.

This website to check plagiarism allows you to filter out the result from the other site you already know.

This Grammarly alternative app offers a user-friendly environment.

Supports offline content indexing.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Offers batch search capability Not suitable for offline checks

Flexible pricing options  

User-friendly interface  

Paraphraser is one of the best plagiarism checkers that helps you to find the percentage of matched text in the document. This application provides easy to analyze the report in PDF or word document. It is one of the best plagiarism software that enables you to collaborate with friends. Paraphraser allows you to quickly whitelist or source you like.


This application can highlight all matches in the documents, including web and internal sources.

It allows you to work offline.

You can share a plagiarism report with other people.

Paraphraser allows you to upload the document.

Compare documents with matched sources side by side.

You can upload a document to check from your cloud drive, computer.

It allows you to share or delete your documents.

#6) Copyleaks

Copyleaks is one of the best plagiarism checkers that allows you to work with more than 100 languages online. This application can perform an extensive search across the internet and various databases to find duplicate content.


It offers comprehensive reports.

This professional plagiarism checker provides an automated grading tool.

You can integrate with MS Word, Google docs, and more.

It helps you to protect your content your team has written.

Offers code plagiarism checking feature.

You can compare two files.

This plagiarism checker for students can crosscheck documents against online resources and private databases.

#7) Unicheck


Provides notification about suspicious content.

Offers customizable search settings.

The tool can calculate a score in real time.

Unicheck provides privacy using encrypted text.

Offers bulk data processing system.

Provides personalized dashboard.

You can check plagiarism in google docs.

It allows you to find duplicate content using Google Chrome extensions.

#8) Quetext

Quetext is one of the best plagiarism checkers that use word placement and smart algorithms to find duplicate content. This plagiarism checker for thesis identifies text in webpages, news sources, online textbooks, citation generators, and more. This application easily spots exact matches with the corresponding color.


Quetext provides a comprehensive plagiarism score.

This online free plagiarism checker for teachers offers easy to use user interface.

It keeps your data private.

#9) BibMe

BibMe is easy to use tool that enables you to check plagiarism in the document. It allows you to input content from your computer or Google Drive.


Offers instant grammar and style suggestions.

It helps you to check for unintentional plagiarism and the missing source reference.

This online plagiarism checker allows you to create citations for multiple score types and styles.

Provides 5 suggestions to improve your writing.

It has a user-friendly environment.

#10) SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is a tool for checking plagiarism in any content. It is one of the best plagiarism checker free tool which allows you to upload .rtf, ex, .doc, .pdf,.txt, .docx, and .odt files. This software can check numerous web pages for the duplicate text. SmallSEOTools enables you to effortlessly exclude specific URL.


This online plagiarism checker supports Dropbox and Google drive.

Allows you to integrate web site URL.

It enables you to download a plagiarism report with ease.

The generated report can be shared with other people.

Supports multiple languages like French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and more.

This software for plagiarism check offers a highlighted document view.

This free anti plagiarism checker helps you to compare the result with ease.

#11) DupliChecker

DupliChecker is an easy to use tool that enables you to find the content online. It supports varieties of file formats, including, .rtf, .txt, .tex, .docx, .doc, and more.


This free plagiarism checker software allows you to search for content with a maximum of 1000 words at a time.

It enables you to copy-paste text directly into the search box.

This plagiarism software online shows the result in a percentage.

Offers paraphrasing tool to rephrase the content and remove plagiarism.

It offers a user-friendly environment.

#12) Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports is one of the best plagiarism checkers that enables you to upload files from Dropbox and computer. It is one of the best plagiarism remover that shows plagiarized content in percentage. You can download the search report.


It shows unique content in the form of a percentage.

You can check the plagiarism by pasting the URL of your website.

This tool can compare duplicate content with similar ones available on the web.

It provides Sentence wise results.

This software for checking plagiarism allows you to view matched results.

This anti plagiarism tool has a Highlighted document view.

It helps you to rewrite plagiarized content.

Search Engine Reports allow you to check more than 200 words.

#13) Plagium

Plagium is a tool that helps you to make sure the originality of content by identifying algorithms. You can perform a quick search by simply pasting text into the window.


The tool can analyze text, URL, and file.

It offers Google Docs add-on.

Plagium provides an interactive dashboard.

This plagiarism checker software enables you to perform a quick and deep search.

It enables you to find plagiarism for 1000 characters.


A Plagiarism Checker is application available online that can check a document or some portion of it for plagiarized or duplicate content. These applications scan the internet for other copies of content or documents. Many such tools allow you to check web site URL or add content from documents (.rtf, ex, .doc, .pdf,.txt, .docx, and .odt).

Following are some of the best plagiarism checker software:

👍 Plagiarism Checker X







A Plagiarism Checker detects and exhibits plagiarized content. These tools break your document into small chunks and phrases then search each and every phrase in search engines. Such applications scan the internet for other uses of content or documents to find similar content.

Plagiarism checkers use complex proprietary algorithms to detect similar content in paragraphs, sentences, or ideas. If any page contains the same text, the sentence becomes plagiarized. The plagiarism detection software scans documents in real time provides a precise result.

There is a high chance that the content you create may contain inspirations from previous authors. If you do not check your content in a plagiarism checker, then it will be violation of the author’s right. In that case, criminal charges can be filed against the violator. If your content breaches copyright laws, then there are high chances you will attract legal action as somebody guilty of plagiarizing. Hence, using the best plagiarism checker for students is highly recommended to avoid such situations.

Most plagiarism checkers comply with data privacy laws. They have strict policy and checks to ensure employee do not have access to the content you create. You can anytime delete the content stored on their servers.

The accuracy of plagiarism depends on the Plagiarism software you use. Some plagiarism detectors provide accurate results while some tools offer less accurate results. The accuracy of plagiarism is determined by two factors: algorithm and the size of the database used by Plagiarism software. Some plagiarism checkers, including software for plagiarism detection, are only able to identify direct plagiarism, while a good plagiarism detector also identifies instances where similar sentences or words are used.

Best Plagiarism Checker (Free & Paid)

5 Best Emergency Apps For Android And Other Tips Too

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Bad things happen to good people. It’s been that way for the entirety of human history and that won’t change long into the future. Thoughts and prayers are nice, but they don’t help in the event of an emergency. Your smartphone, on the other hand, can help. In most cases, nothing beats the power of a phone call or text. It’s the fastest way to get a hold of authorities or loved ones in the event of an emergency. However, there are some apps and other methods to help as well. Here are the best emergency apps and other emergency things your phone can do. Your first step in any emergency situation is to call your country’s emergency line and request assistance immediately.

We’d also like to recommend PulledOver (Google Play link) for folks who may need to get a hole of someone important after being pulled over by the police.

Emergency by American Red Cross

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Medical ID

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ICE by Sylvain Lagache

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Offline Survival Manual

Zello Walkie Talkie

See also: The best walkie talkie apps and PTT apps for Android

Android and iOS built-in emergency apps Whatever your family decides to do

We could drone on and on about various tactics and ideas. However, the best bet is to sit down with your loved ones and concoct your own plan. The best plans for families are ones that integrate well with whatever services and devices they already use. Why make everybody download a new messenger app when the one you have works fine? It’s easier to implement new things if it doesn’t change the way your family behaves on its own anyway. Having a family unit that is well educated in emergency services may save their lives or, someday, maybe even yours.

General tips and tricks

There are some useful tips and tricks that are useful in almost any emergency situation. This is also an excellent list of ideas for stuff you can teach and plan with your family:

Enable battery saving mode for elongated emergencies. You don’t know how long the power will be out after a hurricane or how long it’ll be before you reach another power outlet. Don’t blow your battery load on silly things like syncing your email. Power save modes turn that stuff off to keep your battery from draining too quickly.

Additionally, we can’t recommend external battery packs enough. They’re relatively inexpensive and can provide some much needed power. Most of them fit in a backpack or even a pocket in some cases. It’s not difficult having one around at all times.

In case of violent situations, put your phone on silent or use Android’s native Do Not Disturb mode. You don’t want a phone call, text message, or other notifications alerting attackers to your presence. 

Use other tools on your phone. Every phone these days has a camera flash that is usable as a flashlight. GPS can help authorities or loved ones pinpoint your position or help you navigate to safe spots within your city.

Find apps that help with basic stuff. An offline survival guide for wilderness emergencies, a knot-tying guide on YouTube, etc. There many first aid apps on Google Play with basic procedure for choking and other such issues. These are fringe cases, but why not cover as many bases as possible while we’re here?

Use your camera to take images and send them to authorities (or emergency contacts) so they know what’s happening and where. However, we only recommend you do this if you can do it safely.

Use common sense. Emergencies can be frightening. People get amped up on adrenaline and do all kinds of dumb stuff. Don’t be like them.

Update the detailed information about 5 Best Office Suites For Android In 2023 (Free And Paid) on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!