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Many users report getting the “Secure Boot State Unsupported” error when trying to upgrade their PCs to Windows 11. This post offers a series of fixes designed to remove the error from your system.

Tip: Just created a bootable USB drive? Here’s how to check if it works in Windows.

Why Are You Getting the Error

Secure Boot is a security feature that prevents untrusted programs from being installed during the boot process. By doing so, the tool keeps malware and other malicious programs away from your PC while it’s booting.

Most modern PCs ship with Secure Boot enabled by default. But if you’ve disabled it due to any reason, you will probably get the “Secure Boot State Unsupported Error” while upgrading your PC from Windows 10 to 11.

On top of Secure Boot being disabled, here are more reasons that might be behind this error:

Legacy BIOS mode

Absence of trusted program module support (TPM) or disabled TPM.

1. Check TPM Support

TPM is a technology designed to enhance your computer’s security at a hardware level. Your PC needs to have TPM 2.0 working when upgrading your PC to Windows 11.

Press Windows + R to open the Run window.

      Restart your PC and check to see if the error is gone now.

      2. Check Your BIOS

      If Secure Boot is disabled in BIOS, you will get the error discussed in this article. This is how you can enable it.

      Note: Depending on your PC model, steps to enable Secure Boot will vary. You should check with your PC manufacturer to know how to do it. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re using an HP Pavilion laptop.

      Press Windows + R to open Run.

      Type msinfo32 in the search bar to go to the System Information window.

        Scroll down in the right sidebar until you reach “Secure Boot State.” This should be “On” to avoid the error.

              Opt for “Troubleshoot.”

                    Press F10 key to open “BIOS Setup.”

                        Locate the “Secure Boot” and enable it. Press F10 to save and exit.

                          Restart your PC. The “Secure Boot Unsupported” error should be fixed now.

                          Tip: Upgraded to Windows 11 but you’re still nostalgic? Here’s how to make your OS look more like Windows 10.

                          3. Ensure Your BIOS Mode Is UEFI

                          Your PC has two boot options – one is Legacy and another is UEFI. You’ll need to switch to the newer UEFI standard if you want Secure Boot to be operational.

                          Go to the “System Configuration” menu on your PC once again as shown in the previous section.

                          Locate “Legacy Support” and disable it.

                          Save the settings and exit.

                            Restart your PC and try upgrading it. Check if the error is no longer showing.

                            4. Change Partition Style to GPT

                            Switching to UEFI mode in BIOS takes care of only half of the problem. UEFI mode supports GUID Partition Table (GPT), but if you’re PC was previously running Legacy mode, its partition style was set to Master Boot Record (MBR). This needs to be converted to GPT.

                            Press Windows + X and select “Disk Management.”

                                  Select the “Volumes” tab and check “Populate” to view your partition style.

                                    If your partition style is MBR, learn how to convert MBR to GPT and change Legacy BIOS to UEFI.

                                    5. Clean Install Windows 11

                                    If the above steps didn’t fix the error, perform a clean install of Windows on your PC. You’re likely to avoid the error if you do that.

                                    A clean boot starts with minimal startup programs and drivers. So, if you clean install Windows 11, your system will have nothing left from its Windows 10 installation. All of your data will be deleted, so consider backing up your data before you proceed.

                                    How to Bypass a Secure Boot Requirement

                                    When upgrading to Windows 11, it’s possible to bypass a Secure Boot requirement. Here’s how.

                                    Press Windows + R to open Run.

                                      Paste the following in the address bar of “Registry Editor” and press Enter.




                                          Rename the newly created key as “LabConfig.”

                                            Good to know: Get up to speed on how to safely bypass the TPM 2.0 Requirement in Windows 11.

                                            Frequently Asked Questions How can I disable Secure Boot on my PC?

                                            Yes, you can disable Secure Boot on your PC. But disabling Secure Boot is not recommended because it protects your PC from malware while you’re booting your PC. If you must disable Secure Boot, go to BIOS of your PC and disable Secure Boot in the “Security” tab of the Boot Options menu. The process of disabling or enabling Secure Boot can vary, deepening on your PC’s manufacturer.

                                            Are Secure Boot and Trusted Boot the same?

                                            No, Secure Boot and Trusted Boot are not the same. Secure Boot enables your PC to load only trusted operating system bootloaders when you boot up your PC, while Trusted Boot ensures the integrity of every component of the startup process. Both Secure Boot and Trusted Boot together help your PC boot up securely and safely.

                                            What happens if I install Windows 11 without Secure Boot?

                                            You can install Windows 11 without Secure Boot but doing so may result in the instability of your PC. And it can put your PC’s security at risk. Also, you may not receive updates from Microsoft. Secure Boot is officially required to install Windows 11 on a PC.

                                            Will Secure Boot delete my files?

                                            No, Secure Boot will not delete your files. Secure Boot only prevents unwanted software programs from loading when you boot your PC. The process doesn’t affect the files saved on your PC.

                                            Image credit: Geralt via Pixabay. All screenshots by Sandeep Babu

                                            Sandeep Babu

                                            Sandeep Babu is a tech writer. He loves writing on Windows, cybersecurity, privacy, and internet. Earlier, he was working as a publisher of QuickScream

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                                            Unhandled Exception Error: 5 Quick Fixes

                                            Unhandled Exception Error: 5 Quick Fixes Check out the solutions that worked for other users








                                            Fixing an Unhandled exception has occurred error is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, given you have access to the right resources.

                                            The unhandled exception error arises when the software code can’t manage exceptions.

                                            To fix things, use the dedicated .NET Framework repair tool, scan for malware, or go with the other methods here. 


                                            INSTALL BY CLICKING THE DOWNLOAD FILE

                                            To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

                                            Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

                                            Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

                                            Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

                                            Fortect has been downloaded by


                                            readers this month.

                                            An exception is a known type of error. Normally, the Windows operating system is designed to deal with this type of issue. But, several users have reported receiving the Unhandled exception error in Windows.

                                            The error can be encountered on a wide range of applications, including games, streaming apps, and other apps. Some users also saw the error message as soon as they turned on the computer, indicating that a startup program is most likely affected.

                                            What is an Unhandled exception?

                                            This error appears when the code of an application or program is not adequately equipped to handle exceptions. As previously mentioned, the unhandled exception is one of the most common Microsoft .NET Framework errors.

                                            Some of the reasons you may see the error message are as follows:

                                            Corrupt system files – Corrupt system files are one of the most common reasons behind the Unhandled exception error and running the DISM tool, and SFC scan should fix things.

                                            Conflicting program – If the error arises due to conflicts triggered by third-party programs, simply uninstall that application.

                                            Issues with the .NET Framework – Oftentimes, corruption or improper installation of the .NET Framework can lead to issues.

                                            System infected by malware – In many cases, users found out that it was malware or a virus on the computer that triggered the error.

                                            Where does the Unhandled exception error occur?

                                            There are plenty of apps and environments where you can encounter the error. Let’s quickly review some of them:

                                            Unhandled exception in Potplayer

                                            Unhandled exception in Flutter

                                            Toolkit got an Unhandled exception

                                            Unhandled exception error in JavaScript (A Javascript error occurred in the main process uncaught exception)

                                            Unhandled exception in NodeJS

                                            Inputmapper base error Unhandled exception

                                            Unhandled exception error in AutoCad

                                            3dxvirtuallcd Unhandled exception error

                                            Unhandled exception error in GTA Vice City

                                            Unhandled exception error in C++ (Visual Studio)

                                            Krnl Unhandled exception

                                            Unhandled exception error in HBO Max

                                            Unhandled exception error in Outlook

                                            How do I fix the unhandled exception has occurred error?

                                            Before we head to more complex solutions, here are a few quick tips and tricks to get things running:

                                            Restart the computer.

                                            Disable any third-party antivirus or firewall software installed on the computer.

                                            Try running the affected application as an administrator.

                                            If these didn’t work, the solutions listed next definitely would.

                                            1. Run the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool

                                            7. Restart the computer, and you shouldn’t encounter the Unhandled exception error with the concerned app anymore.

                                            The first fix you need to try when you encounter the unhandled exception has occurred in your application error is run the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool.

                                            It is available for download on the official Microsoft website and should fix any errors in no time.

                                            2. Re-enable NET Framework 3. Run the SFC scan

                                            After running the SFC scan, restart the computer, and the Unhandled exception error should be fixed. This has resolved the issue for some users, and we recommend you try it.

                                            4. Scan for malware

                                            Possible malware interference is a viable reason for the Unhandled exception error. Making sure that your PC is protected from the effects of the malware presence is of utmost importance. In this case, we recommend a full scan.

                                            You can do so with the built-in protective software Windows Security, or with a third-party antimalware solution.

                                            There are many great antivirus tools on the market, but if you’re looking for a security solution that won’t interfere with your system, you might want to consider using ESET Internet Security.

                                            This antivirus software is a next-generation security solution that is designed to be fast, lightweight, and keep your digital life safe.

                                            This great tool blocks malicious activity, stops any spamming or data theft attempts, and warns you immediately.

                                            ESET Internet Security

                                            With this proficient security tool running on your device you never have to worry about cyberattacks that cause Windows 10 unhandled exception errors.

                                            Free trial Visit website

                                            5. Perform a clean boot

                                            Your PC will now boot in a Clean boot environment. This will ensure that Windows starts with only a minimal set of drivers and programs.

                                            If the unhandled exception error doesn’t appear now, it’s likely that one of the things you disabled earlier had to do with it.

                                            We recommend first enabling the Startup apps disabled earlier one by one until the problematic one is found. In case that’s not to blame, start enabling the services next. Identifying the underlying cause may take time, but it will ensure that the problem is fixed forever.

                                            Once you are done fixing the error, do not forget to check out the ways to quickly boost the performance of your Windows 10 PC.

                                            Still experiencing issues?

                                            Was this page helpful?


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                                            Fix : Bad_Module_Info Error In Windows 10/11

                                            When the computer is low on resources, like physical and graphic memory, the error “bad_module_info” can pop up, crashing your application. Due to this, you might lose any progress on the application/games.

                                            To fix the crash, you should know the error that is displayed in the crash-dialog box. If the error says “bad_module_info has stopped working”, you can find a few of the causes and their solutions below.

                                            Bad_module_info is a type of error that can show up while running games or applications. Low memory on the graphics card can lead to these crashes while running some graphics-heavy tasks. Corrupted files can also cause your applications or games to crash mid-session.

                                            The main reason we see the “bad_module_info” is if the computer is low on primary memory (especially RAM) and graphics memory. Now, let us get to some reasons your computer is low on resources. 

                                            Multiple graphics-heavy tasks in the background

                                            Full-screen optimization enabled

                                            Problems with Windows update

                                            Outdated graphics driver

                                            Application not compatible with the Windows version

                                            Game mode and Xbox game bar enabled

                                            First, make sure that the computer has enough primary and graphics memory to run the application. Check the minimum system requirements for the applications. If the application still crashes despite having enough resources, you can opt for any of these solutions.

                                            When any game runs on maximum FPS (Frames Per Second), it uses a lot of physical and video memory. Try limiting the in-game FPS for less resource consumption. For most games, you can limit the maximum FPS in video settings. 

                                            The Fullscreen Optimization feature in Windows allows you to improve the FPS and performance of your game when it runs on full screen. This option is on by default for any games that run on full screen. However, this can also be one of the reasons for the error message. So, to disable this feature, you can follow these steps.

                                            The executable file will be a .exe file with no shortcut sign on the icon. To find the executable file follow these steps.

                                            A file explorer dialog box will now appear. Some games will have the .exe file on this dialog box. If you cannot find it, search inside the folders for the file.

                                            Note: Your in-game FPS will decrease once you disable this feature.

                                            While you are on this screen, enable the run as administrator option. Running a program as an admin gives the computer more resources to run the application.

                                            If the application is old, it might not be compatible with the latest Windows. The Compatibility Mode allows older applications to operate on newer versions of Windows. To run a program on different compatibility modes, follow these steps.

                                            Sometimes a bad Windows update can cause some incompatibility issues between the OS (Operating System) and the application. You can use the Windows Update Troubleshooter to find and fix any issues with the Windows update.

                                            Restart the computer once it finishes the troubleshooting process. If the game still crashes with the error bad_module_info, you can revert to the previous stable version.

                                            If the Windows Update Troubleshooter did not fix your issue with the update, you can always uninstall the recent updates. Follow these steps to uninstall Windows updates.

                                            If you have some graphic-heavy process running in the background, the computer can run out of physical and graphics memory. To close the background applications, you can follow these steps.

                                            Some applications may not be compatible with your Windows, which can cause the bad_module_error. The Program Compatibility Troubleshooter checks and repairs your program that is incompatible with the version of your windows. Follow these steps to run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. 

                                            Game Mode is a feature in Windows that boosts your in-game performance by limiting the resource used by the background process. Xbox game bar is a tool that streams your gameplay, captures your gameplay with a press of a button. 

                                            Sometimes, a Windows update or any driver update can cause the Game mode or Xbox game bar to malfunction which causes the error. You can follow these steps to disable the Windows Game Mode and Xbox Game Bar.

                                            When a game runs on full-screen windowed mode, it doesn’t use high resources. Therefore, you can run your games with a slight decrease in performance.

                                            To enter a full-screen mode in any game, go to video settings and select display mode to Windowed Fullscreen.

                                            If a computer running an application runs low on memory, you might get the bad_module_info error. If you have an outdated driver, updating it might help with resource management. To update your GPU drivers, you can follow these steps.

                                            If you face the bad_module_info crash on Fortnite, you can disable the full-screen optimization of the Epic Games launcher. As Epic Games runs in the background while running Fortnite, disabling this option can solve the issue.

                                            To go to Epic Games Launcher executable file, follow these steps.

                                            When the crash error pops up, check if the game still runs in the background. If it does, you can follow these steps.

                                            Go to video settings once the game opens. 

                                            Change the window mode to windowed fullscreen. 

                                            Apply the settings and close Fortnite.

                                            Open Fortnite. (the crash will pop up again. Ignore this and set the crash message dialog box to the side)

                                            Again change the Window mode setting from Windowed Fullscreen to Fullscreen.

                                            This will put Fortnite in the foreground and the crash message in the background. This will make your game playable even with the crash.

                                            Validating any steam games will repair any corrupted files and check if all files are up-to-date. These corrupted files can cause errors, like loading screen glitches, crashes (bad_modle_info). To validate your steam games, please follow these steps.

                                            Windows 11 Not Printing In Color: 6 Quick Fixes

                                            Windows 11 Not Printing In Color: 6 Quick Fixes Learn to print in color and bypass any existing issues




                                            If Windows 11 is not printing color copies through your printer, it’s likely an incompatibility issue or a bug in the OS.

                                            First, update the printer driver to the latest version.

                                            Also, you can run the built-in troubleshooter, uninstall the recent Windows update, or try the other methods here.


                                            INSTALL BY CLICKING THE DOWNLOAD FILE

                                            Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

                                            This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

                                            Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

                                            Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

                                            OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


                                            readers this month.

                                            A printer is an important device in most offices as well as some homes. Though many offices are making a transition to a paper-free workspace, the printer must work effectively until then. But several users have reported that Windows 11 is not printing color copies.

                                            Whenever you upgrade the OS, there’s a good chance of encountering compatibility issues. Maybe the installed printer driver or the relevant applications are not compatible with Windows 11.

                                            Also, there are a few critical services that must be running for the printer to work effectively. Other than that, it could be a conflicting background process or problems with the cartridge behind the issue.

                                            Now that you have a basic understanding of the causes, it’s time to find out what to do if Windows 11 is not printing in color.

                                            What can I do if Windows 11 is not printing in color? 1. Restart the computer and the printer

                                            Before we delve into the complex troubleshooting methods, first, restart both the computer and the printer. Also, make sure to disconnect the power supply to turn off the printer rather than pressing the dedicated button.

                                            This method has worked for a lot of users, particularly in situations where the problem lies with a background process or some minor malfunction with the printer. Once done, check if the printer is now printing color copies in Windows 11.

                                            2. Run the Printer troubleshooter

                                            Another quick way to fix the Windows 11 not printing in color issue is to run the dedicated Printer troubleshooter. It will automatically identify what’s causing the problem and remove it.

                                            Windows will now scan for the best available driver on the system and install it for the printer. Though the method is simple and quick, a major drawback here is that it only scans the drivers available on the computer, and not the online sources.

                                            In case a better driver couldn’t be found, try the other ways to update the driver in Windows 11. Or you could check our dedicated guide that explains how to install printer drivers in Windows 11.

                                            Expert tip:

                                            ⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater 

                                            4. Run the Print Spooler service

                                            The Print Spooler service is critical for the effective functioning of the connected printer. It stores the tasks in the system’s memory until the printer is ready to execute them. Also, if the service is not running, you may not be able to access or see your printer.

                                            If you started encountering the Windows 11 not printing in color problem after installing a particular update, there could be a bug in that particular version causing the problem.

                                            To fix it, uninstall that update, and wait for the next version to release. In all likelihood, Microsoft would release a patch for the bug in the subsequent updates, and you shouldn’t face any more trouble.

                                            6. Reinstall the printer

                                            After you have removed the printer, and uninstalled all related programs and drivers, reinstall it just like you did last time. And once it’s set up, you would be able to print color copies in Windows 11.

                                            For most users, the first couple of methods should help fix the problem. And for the others, the last method is bound to get things up and running, provided there is no hardware issue. The fixes should also work if Windows 11 is not printing double-sided copies.

                                            Also, find out what to do if your printer stops working in Windows 11. In case you are looking to purchase a new one, here’s our curated list of the best printers for Windows.

                                            Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


                                            Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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                                            Kb5020044 For Windows 11 22H2 Finally Fixes Gaming Performance Issues

                                            KB5020044 for Windows 11 22H2 finally fixes gaming performance issues




                                            In case you didn’t know, Microsoft has released KB5020044 for Windows 11 version 22H2.

                                            This new cumulative update tackles some pending issues, including gaming performance ones.

                                            There’s also a Task Manager bug that comes with this build, so make sure you check that out.

                                            You are here, which means you are surely keeping up with everything that happens with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11.

                                            Lately, we’ve presented the latest Dev Channel Insider Preview Build 25252, and also KB5020035, which was intended for Beta Channel Insiders.

                                            Today, however, it is time to talk about KB5020044 and all the benefits it brings to Windows 11 version 22H2 users.

                                            We will also add the full changelog, so you can get a better idea of what Microsoft has changed and tweaked via this cumulative update.

                                            Build 22621.900 is packed with bug fixes

                                            Indeed, Microsoft has released its new Windows 11 KB5020044 update (build 22621.900) and it is probably one of the biggest updates we received in quite a while.

                                            This latest cumulative update finally fixes the gaming performance issues that have plagued Windows 11 22H2 ever since its release.

                                            Furthermore, the new update also brings features that we are expecting with the Moment 2 release, just in case you didn’t know.

                                            Expert tip:

                                            You should also know that users who have picked Dark or Light mode in the Settings app shouldn’t be impacted by the Task Manager display bug that comes with KB5020044, according to Microsoft.

                                            You will find information about this problem in the Known issues category of the article. Microsoft is currently working on a fix to address this known issue and says it will provide an update in an upcoming release.

                                            That being said, until a resolution is available, the tech giant has provided a temporary solution that should mitigate the issue on impacted systems.

                                            To workaround this annoying bug, you are required to choose either Dark or Light for the Choose your mode setting.

                                            Before we get into the changelog, know that this non-security update also fixes an issue linked to GPU performance debugging features that affect some games and applications’ performance.

                                            Improvements and fixes

                                            It gives Microsoft OneDrive subscribers storage alerts on the Systems page in the Settings app. The alerts appear when you are close to your storage limit. You can also manage your storage and purchase additional storage, if needed.

                                            It provides the full amount of the storage capacity of all your OneDrive subscriptions. It also displays the total storage on the Accounts page in the Settings app.

                                            It combines Windows Spotlight with Themes on the Personalization page. This makes it easier for you to discover and turn on the Windows Spotlight feature.

                                            It adds a new mobile device management (MDM) policy for organizational messages. It gives your company the option to enroll tenant devices so that they receive custom messages from you. For example, you can use Intune to write the messages. They will render within Windows.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects some modern applications. It stops them from opening.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects some devices that are managed by an enterprise. We improve the reliability of app installations for them.

                                            It addresses the suspension of daylight saving time (DST) in the Republic of Fiji for this year.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) authentication hardening. We will automatically raise the authentication level for all non-anonymous activation requests from DCOM clients to RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY. This occurs if the authentication level is below Packet Integrity.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects Unified Update Platform (UUP) on-premises customers. It removes the block that stops them from getting offline language packs.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects process creation. It fails to create security audits for it and other related audit events.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects cluster name objects (CNO) or virtual computer objects (VCO). Password reset fails. The error message is, ” There was an error resetting the AD password…

                                            It addresses an issue that affects transparency in layered windows. This occurs when you are in High Definition remote applications integrated locally (RAIL) mode.

                                            It addresses a known issue that affects the Input Method Editor (IME). Certain applications might stop responding. This occurs when you use keyboard shortcuts to change the input mode of the IME.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects microphone streams that use the Listen To feature to route to the speaker endpoint. The microphone stops working after you restart the device.

                                            It addresses an issue that might affect applications that run on the Windows Lock Down Policy (WLDP). They might stop working.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects Microsoft Defender when it is not the primary antivirus. Microsoft Defender fails to turn off passive mode. This issue occurs when you turn off Smart App Control (SAC). 

                                            It adds .wcx to the list of Dangerous Extensions that some app control policies do not allow.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Automated investigation blocks live response investigations.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects printing in landscape mode in Microsoft Edge. The print output is incorrect. This issue occurs when you use Microsoft Defender Application Guard.

                                            It addresses an issue that causes File Explorer to stop working. This occurs when you close context menus and menu items.

                                            It addresses an issue that might cause certain apps to stop responding. This occurs when you use the Open File dialog.

                                            It addresses an issue that sometimes affects File Explorer when you open a file. Because of this issue, there is high CPU usage.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects protocol activation of the Settings app. The app fails to open a page under the Accounts category.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects a computer account. Use of non-standard characters can stop the cleanup of the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) accounts.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects the CopyFile function. It might sometimes return error 317: ERROR_MR_MID_NOT_FOUND.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects the Windows Firewall service. It does not start when you turn on the Override block rules option.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects the performance of some games and applications. This issue is related to GPU performance debugging features.

                                            It addresses an issue that affects cumulative update installations. They fail, and the error code is 0x800f0806.

                                            Known issues What can I do if I can’t install KB5020044?

                                            Also, make sure to report any other issues you might come across, in order for Microsoft to address and improve the overall OS experience for us all.

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                                            0X80248007 Windows Update Error On Windows 11

                                            0x80248007 Windows Update Error on Windows 11 [Fix] Note that corrupt system files may cause this error





                                            INSTALL BY CLICKING THE DOWNLOAD FILE

                                            Repair all Windows Updates Errors with Fortect:

                                            Windows update failures can be annoying! With Fortect, you will get rid of errors caused by missing or corrupted files after an update. The utility maintains a repository of the original Windows system file versions, and it uses a reverse algorithm to swap out the damaged ones for good ones.

                                            Download Fortect and install it on your PC

                                            Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of the issues

                                            Fortect has been downloaded by


                                            readers this month.

                                            Microsoft releases updates for the Windows operating system and other components like drivers to improve performance and resolve bugs affecting them. Users can download and install these updates on their devices by updating their OS.

                                            However, the process can encounter issues, resulting in the error code 0x80248007 and other errors. Also, you may be interested in the Windows Update Error 0x80073701 and ways to fix it.

                                            What causes the error code 0x80248007?

                                            The error code 0x80248007 on Windows is an update error that occurs when there’s an interference with the download process. Some factors that may be responsible for the error are:

                                            Buggy or missing update packages – When the update you’re trying to install is buggy or corrupt, it can cause your system to run into errors during the process. Also, an essential component may be missing in the update package, causing issues with the update process.

                                            Issues with Windows update services – The error can occur due to issues with Windows Update services not running correctly on your device. The services involved may have a pending process running, causing it not to interact with the needed components.

                                            Unidentified Microsoft Software License Terms – You can run into the error when the update cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms. It makes it impossible for the update to identify the necessary documents needed for the update process.

                                            Corrupt system files – Corrupt system files can cause the update download error to occur on your computer. They impede the smooth installation process.

                                            How can I fix the error code 0x80248007?

                                            Fix network congestion on your PC.

                                            Temporarily disable antivirus software.

                                            Restart Windows in Safe Mode and check if the error code 0x80248007 persists.

                                            If you can’t fix the error, proceed with the following solutions.

                                            Resetting the Windows update process helps fix problems causing the Windows update services not to download updates.

                                            The troubleshooter will find and repair issues causing the Windows update error code 0x80248007 on your PC.

                                            If you can’t use the steps above, check other ways to run the Windows Update troubleshooter in Windows 11.

                                            3. Verify that the Windows Installer is running

                                            Expert tip:

                                            Disabling Windows Update services and clearing the distribution directory will clear the cache file.

                                            The above steps will help verify and fix issues with Windows Update Service and the Background Intelligent Transfer Service if they aren’t working.

                                            6. Run an SFC scan

                                            An SFC scan will find and repair corrupt system files prompting the error code 0x80248007. You can check how to fix the run-as-administrator option if it’s not working on your PC.

                                            Another simple but more efficient option to repair corrupt files is a specialized tool, such as Fortect, that can perform this task automatically by detecting malfunctioning files and instantly replacing them with brand-new ones.

                                            ⇒ Get Fortect

                                            7. Disable Windows Firewall

                                            Disabling the Windows Defender Firewall will fix any problems the firewall is causing in the Windows update process.

                                            8. Run System Restore

                                            System Restore backdates your PC to the Restore Point and fixes issues affecting it. Check how to fix Restore Point if it’s not working and if you have any issues running it.

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