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Here at Make Tech Easier we can’t be all serious all the time. Following up on my article on Joke Extensions, I’ll be sharing some tech-oriented parody videos with you which you should hopefully find amusing. There are a few song parodies, some hardware buff things, and even an overly literal interpretation of certain computing technologies. It’s important sometimes to take a breath, relax and laugh at the little things in life. All that being said, let’s get right into the list!

SUSE Parodies Maroon 5’s “Sugar”

Now, if you’re reading this article and made it this far, you’ve already planted yourself into one of two camps. Camp One, you think this is silly and ridiculous and already went off to go do something else. If that accurately describes you, you’re lying. You already left!

So hopefully that means if you’re still reading you’re willing to bear with the bad tech jokes. Laugh and live a little – this next one’s a favorite of mine, and should be very educational for our laptop users out there.

Notebook Coolers and Noir

This video is basically about the problems faced by laptops and cooling performance but especially gaming laptops being run at full load. As I stated in my article about it, gaming laptops tend to have fairly poor thermals and therefore suffer from shorter lifespans. My point still stands with this video, but it should be noted that, yes, if you insist on gaming on a laptop, a cooling pad will help you. I still don’t think they make a very good purchase from a price/performance standpoint, nor practicality, but notebook coolers should do quite a bit to delay the inevitable.

Razer Debuts a New Mouse

Let’s be honest: A lot of people have been fooled by this one. It’s 2024, Back To The Future has come, and we’re still waiting on our hoverboards. So the idea of a hovering mouse (an expensive, hovering mouse from Razer) isn’t too far-fetched, and I would be legitimately surprised if we haven’t figured out something like that within the next decade. Of course, that being said, there are a lot more issues to think about, too. The kind of sensor that’s sensitive enough to react when that far off of a surface would be very expensive.

SUSE Parodies Uptown Funk

Okay, I know it’s terrible, but stick with it. You have to crack at least something resembling a smile at the enthusiasm and fun on display in this video from the folks over at SUSE. I mean, I definitely wouldn’t show it to people who don’t “get” the joke (they’ll just call you a nerd), but for those among us who understand what kernels and shells are, this should be something lighthearted that you can enjoy.

Google Takes Cloud Computing Very Literally

One of my favorites. People are confused enough as it is by “cloud” computing, so Google making a video about that is nothing short of hilarious to me. Unlike a floating mouse, however, I really don’t see us ever making computers in clouds. On a non-April Fools note, Project Loon is a very real thing Google is doing. Project Loon is Google essentially using balloons to provide Internet access to people, and I can’t even imagine who on the team was loony enough to come up with that one.

The Manliest Dust Removal Tutorial

My actual favorite. As I’ve covered before, proper dust removal procedures are vital to keep your computer healthy. What better way to learn how to keep your computer free of dust than the “Rugged, Manly Way?” I think it’s funny, at least. Don’t judge me.


Christopher Harper

I’m a longtime gamer, computer nerd, and general tech enthusiast.

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6 Essential Elements Of Great Homepages

Have we forgotten about homepages? It seems as if every article on web design, content marketing, or CRO focuses on landing pages. While these pages are certainly important, your homepage is essentially the flagship of your website. Give it the care and attention that it deserves by making sure that these 6 elements are present.

Relevant Images

It’s hard to determine which is worse, a homepage that has no images or one that uses images that have absolutely nothing to do with the products or services being offered. Your homepage is likely to be the first page on your website that people see if they find your site using a search engine. Why wouldn’t you use that space as a place to highlight whatever it is that you have to offer. Use high quality, up to date pictures that show visitors what you can do.

Contact Information

When people surf into your homepage, they should be able to do the following:

Contact you via phone or email

Find your brick and mortar location

Navigate to that location

Because so many internet users are on mobile, when they access web sites they are frequently looking for information that allows them to contact somebody or learn how to find you.

Social Media Icons

Give visitors the opportunity to connect with you on social media channels by providing Icons and links that lead to your social media sites. In addition to using icons, so that visitors can follow you or like your page, you should also provide share buttons as well. If you are using WordPress or another CMS, consider using plugins that also make social sharing and follow-ups easier. Aaron Enright from HyperCube says, “Customers want to come to your website to learn about your products and potentially make a purchase. When it comes to bonding with your brand, they prefer to do that on social media.”

Intuitive Navigation

Here’s a great way to test out the user experience on your homepage. Find somebody who is entirely unfamiliar with your website and provide them with a list of things that they should be able to do from your homepage. If it takes more than ten seconds for them to figure out each step, there’s something missing in your UX design. Remember that people, especially first-time visitors are not going to spend much time figuring out how to make their way around your website, especially if they have other options. In most cases, they have other options.

A Subscription Form

Many web designers keep subscription forms on landing pages only. Why make people take an extra step to figure out how to subscribe if they are willing to do so from your home page. If people are willing to step into the funnel on your homepage, then, by all means, let them do that. Just be sure to follow best practices by keeping your form short and simple.

No Broken Links

Broken links anywhere on  your website are a real problem. When they are on your homepage things are even worse. Your homepage is essentially like the front room of your home. It doesn’t matter if the rest of your house is in order, people are going to remember that your front room was a mess. Even worse, broken links can give visitors the impression that your website is poorly maintained. This can cause issues with trust. Would you feel comfortable making a purchase on a website where upkeep was obviously lacking? Fortunately, there are many tools available that can help you identify broken links so that you can fix them.

A well-designed homepage is key for making visitors want to further their level of engagement with you. If you ensure your website contains all of the elements above, your customers will feel confident in your ability to serve them, and they will know what to do in order to further their relationship with you.

The Great Debate: Middle East Peace

The Great Debate: Middle East Peace COM event asks who stands in the way

Phillip Kisubika (COM’13) (left) and Justin Bourke (COM’13) will face off tonight at the Tsai Performance Center for COM’s Great Debate. Photos courtesy of Phillip Kisubika and Justin Bourke

Achieving meaningful peace in the Middle East has become one of the most contentious issues facing the international community. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, centered largely on issues of borders, control of Israeli settlements, and freedom of movement for Palestinians, remains a stalemate, despite efforts by the Obama administration to bring both sides back to the table for revived peace talks earlier this year. Just last week, attention was drawn to the region after Palestine’s bid to win full membership in the United Nations was set back when the Security Council’s admission committee announced it was deadlocked.

So what stands in the way of an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement? That question will be debated by students and well-known Middle East experts tonight when the College of Communication hosts its annual Great Debate, which poses an issue of national or international significance to a panel of experts and students for spirited discussion. Justin Bourke (COM’13) will be part of a team arguing that Israeli leaders are to blame for the political impasse, while Phillip Kisubika (COM’13) will be among those arguing that Palestinian leaders are at fault.

One proposal currently on the table calls for a two-state solution, creating an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel. Just last week, President Obama’s leading envoy to the Middle East, Dennis Ross, who has announced he is resigning at the end of the year, told the New York Times that neither Israel nor Palestine “can wish each other away. They have to live together, there’s no other option, and the only way they can live with each other is a two-state solution.”

Robert Zelnick, a COM journalism professor, former longtime ABC News reporter, and moderator of tonight’s event, says he chose the Israeli-Palestinian peace process as the topic for the 29th Great Debate because it is currently such a pivotal time in the relationship between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

“If things go wrong, the investment in peace taken by Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin could come very close to the Nasser-era hostilities,” Zelnick says, referring to the former Egyptian president and Israeli prime minister who signed an historic peace treaty in 1979. “Additionally, the upheavals growing out of the Arab Spring could push the parties towards more intense conflict rather than democracy and negotiation. The Arab Spring has unleashed a variety of emotions, ranging from a yen for democracy to a renewed commitment to Islamic fundamentalism and a desire to settle scores with Israel.”

Bourke and Kisubika say they’ll bring starkly different interpretations to who is at fault for the stalled peace talks. “One of the big considerations in our argument is that it is a very asymmetrical relationship,” says Bourke, a broadcast journalism graduate student. “Israel commands a vast majority of the leverage, and given that fact, certainly there is plenty of blame to go around to either side, but I came to the conclusion that Israel’s position is a little unclear, and I think they have been a little heavy-handed in negotiations.”

Sports journalism graduate student Kisubika says he’ll argue that “Israel has to fight just to be a country, to be accepted. It hasn’t helped that Palestinians haven’t separated themselves from those who wish ill to Israel. The constant negative rhetoric directed towards Israel makes it hard for them to work towards peace.”

The two students will be joined on stage by leading policy experts. Hussein Ibish, a senior research fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, and Geoffrey Aronson, director of research and publications at the Foundation for Middle East Peace will argue with Bourke that Israel, more than Palestine, is responsible for the impasse. Taking Kisubika’s position will be Robert Lieber, a Georgetown University professor of government and international affairs, and Joshua Muravchik, a Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Foreign Policy Institute fellow.

This is the second time that Lieber has been invited to appear as a guest at COM’s Great Debate, an honor, Zelnick says, “infrequently bestowed,” but that reflects Lieber’s “elevated standing” among Arab-Israeli conflict scholars. Zelnick describes Ibish as a “rising young intellectual and gifted spokesman for the Palestinian cause. He is carefully followed by scholars and diplomats on both sides of the conflict for his reason, his moderation, and his intellect.”

The Great Debate is modeled after the famous Cambridge and Oxford University Union Societies’ public discussions, a fierce debating competition between the two universities. At the end of tonight’s two-hour event, Zelnick says, he will ask the audience to vote for who they believe has made the most persuasive argument by moving to one side or the other of the Tsai Performance Center.

For his part, Kisubika says, “I think I’ll really get nervous that moment when I walk into the Tsai Center, and I see all the people in the audience.”

The Great Debate: Israeli-Palestinian Peace: Who Stands in the Way? will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 15, at the Tsai Performance Center, 685 Commonwealth Ave. The event is free and open to the BU community.

How To Rotate Videos In Android

Why you want to rotate a video on your Android device can vary. Maybe it was recorded in the wrong way, or perhaps you just want to flip it for fun. Whatever the reason may be, flipping a phone on any Android device is easy and free. With the following tips, you’ll be able to rotate your video in various directions.

Rotate Your Videos with Google Photos

If you set up Google Photos to automatically upload any video you record, then your video is already in the cloud. If your videos are not uploaded automatically, go to your device’s gallery and upload it manually to Google Photos. Open Google Photos and locate the video you want to rotate.

You can either search for your video by going to the photos tab and swiping until you find it or use the search bar at the top and type “videos.”

Once you’ve found your video, open it. Tap on the icon to the right of the share icon, and the rotate option will be on the right. As long as you’re there, there are options also to trim and stabilize your video.

The more you tap on the rotate option, the more your video will rotate. If you keep tapping the rotate option, you can even turn your video upside down.

If you recorded the video in portrait mode, there is no way to change the orientation. Google Photos will only rotate it.

Rotate Your Videos with the Smart Video Rotate and Flip App

The app will have them available for you in a list that you’ll be able to see as soon as you open the app. It also gives you the option of getting your videos from your file explorer, and it’s    possible to record a video that will be saved to the app automatically.

Once you’re done rotating your video, tap on the Apply button, and give your video a name. The app allows you to choose where the video is saved as well. Tap on the grey Change button and decide where you want the app to save your video.


Rotating any video on your Android device doesn’t take very long. If you don’t have room to install another app, you can always use the rotating feature of Google Photos. What option are you going to try first?

Fabio Buckell

Just a simple guy that can’t enough of Technology in general and is always surrounded by at least one Android and iOS device. I’m a Pizza addict as well.

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22 Brands With Awesome Instagram Videos

Informal survey: How many of you have agonized over your 15-second Instagram video? For the most part, unless you’ve mastered hyperlapse or crop video square (where your video gets landscaped or your great aunt Millie is #croppedout), you probably aren’t thinking too hard about it. You hop on Instagram, snap a pic, and call it a day.

But when Instagram announces they are going to give you 60-seconds of video-editing freedom, you drop everything and take it. And, that’s just what brands are planning to do. I’m sure you’ve all seen the T-Mobile extended video by now?

We’re in the #BigGame with @ChampagnePapi. #YouGotCarriered

Anyways, on March 29, 2024, Instagram shared it will transform their 15-second videos to 60-seconds videos “to bring fun, flexible, and creative, ways to create and watch video on Instagram.” This 60-second video update came right after the massive announcement that Instagram will be changing its algorithm.

Instagram stated: “You may be surprised to learn that people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds. As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most. To improve your experience, your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.”

What does this mean for brands? eMarketer stated in their Instagram Mobile Ad Revenues report, net mobile ad revenues for Instagram worldwide are expected to reach $2.81 billion by 2023. More than likely, content creators will be focusing on telling their stories to people on the go. So, even though you’re getting 60-seconds of video, brands need to utilize this timespan in whatever timeframe they need to tell their story: 15, 30, 45, you get it! Now, marketers will be able to explore other avenues of video formats (think Q&A), build anticipation, and create more narratives.

Soon, we’ll all be able to embrace longer videos of Target and Oh Joy Studio brand collaborations or see the launch of new photo packs from Death To Stock Photography. Since 15-second videos won’t stand a chance as in the coming months, it’s time to bulk up your arsenal with video-enhancing finds, and get inspired by brands delivering a slew of video-packed Instagram power.

So, I scoured the latest Instagram video offerings to bring you fresh ideas from brands currently killing it with Instagram videos. From plant-powered farms to great escapes, scroll down to peep my favorite finds. Let’s take a look.

Califia Farms knows their audience (as evidenced by their popular mango kiwi chia pudding recipe shown below). They rep plant-powered foods from California-grown fruits and nuts, from household products like their ready-to-drink cold coffee brew to new darlings, like Matcha Almondmilk. The brand also shows some love to bloggers close to their heart — like Oh Lady Cakes.

They first won us over with their easy green monster smoothie breakfast. Since then, Califia Farms has been introducing us to new products and store locations through video and animation. I’m loving it.

Waking up to a nutrient-packed breakfast? It’s simple with this set-and-forget recipe, up on the blog. (Link in bio.)

Ever wonder how to cop FedEx’s long-term status as a trusted brand? With 11.5 million shipments each day, FedEx has created a strong corporate identity by living up to its promises and giving their customers a reliable experience. In this collaboration below with Cafe Devocion  —  they tell a story from the customer to the end-user.  As true storytellers, FedEx is aiming to reimagine classic marketing pieces — think contests, cute puppy videos, and user-generated content. These videos fall right in line with the brand’s tagline “The World On Time.” We see people, planes, and trucks which convey FedEx’s dedication to the speed of delivery. And, with the new 60-second videos, I believe we’ll start to see this global organization take on that perception even more.

Here’s a little ☕ to get you through the rest of the week. #Bogota to #Brooklyn via FedEx. #humpday @devocionusa @cafedevocion

GoPro is certainly winning over the extreme sports crowd. You may know skater, Andrew Brophy, or surfer, Bianca Buitendag. The young business started in 2002 in San Mateo, California, and their Instagram is most recognizable for its user-generated content. If you look at their feed, 95% is content submitted by their community.  And it has a strong music following: Musical collaborations include De Lux, Lily Meola, and Ghostface Killah from WuTang. So, when you’re hurling down a mountain or surfing a big wave, GoPro will be there taking leaps of faith with you, but also giving you good musical vibes to put you into a flow state.

General Electric knows what their audience likes when it comes to Instagram videos. From jet engines, turbines, locomotives, factories and all things innovation, GE is visually telling their story. The always-stellar-123-year-old company inspires young engineers wind turbines while giving the aviation geeks what they want with this 18 unique carbon-fiber composite fan blades video close-up.

In the next few months, I’ll be excited to see how GE capitalizes on these new opportunities from Instagram.

Happy Pi Day, everyone. From our GEnx jet engines to the massive ecoROTR, circles and spheres are fundamental to the #GE family of machines. And what better day to celebrate the beauty and utility of circles than today. #PiDay #aviation

Starbucks is a name that comes up a lot when researching brands that dominate the hashtag realm — this video  #StarbucksForLife proves it. The Seattle-based brand has been around since 1971 and has created a brand identity centered around a holistic, word-of-mouth approach. (Its fans’ paper crafting art is pretty impressive).  If you’re like me, you’re probably ogling over a spring-inspired hot coffee clip or daydreaming about a slow pour. Either way, I’m looking forward to what Starbucks will dish out next.

Keep your pencils sharp and the free refills flowing. Green & Gold Rewards members enjoy free in-store refills on brewed coffee, iced coffee, and tea. ☕⭐⭐ 

fun fact: milos is a master of yogic breathing. (among other things.)

As an ex-athlete, I divide my workout clothes into two categories: Clothes I actually wear and ones I don’t. Adidas always achieves MVP status, and I often find myself stalking, watching, and replaying their Instagram videos before every gym workout. Have you seen this one yet? #Heretocreate.

Take for instance this #SpeedTakes Instagram video— it’s a motivating, inspiring, 15-second video for female athletes across the world. Or, this major brand announcement that appeared first on Instagram.

For herself. For her team. For her country. She reinvents herself at all costs. @Jaque1212 is #heretocreate.

To compare these drool-worthy standout donuts for grown-ups to regular ol’ donuts would be a crime. Most donuts do not contain fried chicken or slow fired creme brulee. But, hey! I’m not complaining. This incredibly unhealthy circle of heaven has built an engaging following with over 20k Instagram followers and averaging over 500 likes per post. How? My guess is it has to do with the slow jams incorporate on videos. Or, the fact that their dough takes 18 hours to make and is made from scratch every day. Ready for a road trip to Portland? Let’s go!

This is where the magic happens. 🙈 #doughnuts #donuts #madefromscratch #handcrafted #donutsforgrownups #letsgetiton #venicebeach #instavenice #losangeles

With uniquely structured layouts and perfectly synced postings (including pics from Wood and Faulk and The Athletic), this creative agency, Julietzulu, seamlessly blends seamlessly strategic thinking with creativity. However, their behind-the-scenes travels are what makes their Instagram extra special. This culturally-crafted video from Cuba shares insights into what it’s like to train for the Cuba National Boxing Team.

Though we couldn’t seem to find a baseball diamond, the boxing culture was strong. On multiple days we visited a local training gym and then were able to watch the Cuban National Boxing team dominate Mexico in the ring. #cuba #havana

Don’t even think about it. #Boomerang

These Instagram videos correlate well with the brand’s personality and target audience. Imagine what they will do with 45 more seconds of video footage.

@ontheroofs live on the edge, you ready to take the climb? Link in bio. #ChuckII #readyformore

I can’t guarantee a Red Bull will give you wings, but at least, I can share some of the Red Bull Instagram video moments with you. Their video success formula feeds my need for extreme sports with a slew of cliff diving, snowboarding, windmill weaving, and so much more. These 15-second spots have been permanently engraved into my digital marketing library categorized in the awesome sauce section.

A triple quadruple back flip spin …ahhh you get the idea. Watch this season of @redbullcliffdiving live on @redbulltv #redbullcliffdiving #cliffdiving #diving

Cookies never looked (or tasted) so good. Pairing Oreo with Instagram is a winning combination.  But, when you combine these really yummy cream-filled cookies with doodles, flowing coffee creamer, and illustrator collaborations with artists like Timothy Goodman and Jeremyville, you’ve pretty much got Instagram video gold. And, let’s not leave out Oreo’s creative fan base. Artist (and Oreo self-proclaimed lover) Tisha Cherry is the Picasso of Oreo cookies.

Open up with Oreo and share a new view on the world together.

Reason Number 3 you should live on an island:  Because you always wanted to be on Survivor. That is, if Survivor was less about competition and more about lounging beachside with a frozen drink. $100 off all island listings. Book now!

Raise your hand if you played with LEGO’s as a kid. That’s what I thought: EVERYONE PLAYED WITH LEGOS. And I’m no exception. A few days ago, I was invited to see the new Batman v  Superman: Dawn of Justice movie (read: not excited) and attached was this hilarious LEGO Batman Instagram video that had me ROFL. While LEGO’s Batman trailer was better than the actual movie in my opinion, LEGO’s Instagram videos have been nailing it! Just take a look at any of the LEGO Star Wars videos created. On point, indeed.

Get ready for a whole lot of #LEGO #Batman… Here’s a teaser for the @LEGOBatmanMovie! #LEGOBatmanMovie

Thanks to the space-invading wizards of NASA and the persuasive powers of Facebook-owned Instagram, NASA Instagram followers were able to get the first pictures of Pluto before it hit anywhere else. NASA released a video series highlighting Pluto for all of us space lovers to enjoy.  Through the astronauts video footage and high-tech tools, NASA allows us to discover and explore space as if we’re in the shuttle with them.

There’s a certain way you chant Daytona 500 when you’re from Georgia. You’ve got to have a little southern twang in your Day-tona. So, when I see Ford’s Instagram video with #Daytona500, you can guess how my southern drawl comes out. From announcing the Ford supercar to testing pothole mitigation tech for the 2023 Ford Fusion Sport,  there’s something to be said for the way Ford reigns supreme on Instagram. They’re engaging, informational, and compelling. And, let’s not forget about Ford’s epic “liking and driving” campaign to raise awareness about distracted driving.

Teva has harnessed the power of cross-promoting with other brands, like Refinery29, to host Instagram contests to build their following. And, it’s working.

Ready to kick off an epic festival season? We are. Shop our handpicked guide to the best of festival style. (🎥 @nathangary)

If there’s one cold, hard fact you should know about me it’s that I take my ice cream very seriously. On any given day, you’ll find me scanning the grocery aisles for the newest sweet-treat havens. My personal favorite:  Ben & Jerry’s. Not only did they teach me how to make my first bacon breakfast sandwich but they are helping to save the planet.

With Free Cone Day (on April 12) and so many new flavors to try (Cookies & Cream, Cheesecake Core, Coconuts and Carmel, and nondairy!), Ben & Jerry’s is taking over our Instagram feeds with cups, cones, and pints.

Ice cream + bacon = breakfast mastery. Recipe link in profile.

Some things never go out of style, like denim. Fans of the classic brand, Gap, will fall for their Instagram videos, that caters to — you guessed it — all things denim. This sophisticated take on the iconic brand is much different from the previous 12-film micro series Gap launched in 2024 that told a love story between a comedian and “Marcel the Shell”.

To make Gap cool again and win over the millennial generation, Gap is gaining inspiration from what the brand once was: A brand that represented individuality, spirit, and simplicity. The new Instagram video series collaborates with musicians, artists, and creators to target the millennial generation while still giving us that Americana mood.

“Denim is really just classic American.” — Guitarist @daisyclementine #nothingbutdenim

Dirty water is a bully that keeps women from working, children from learning, and families from living long healthy lives. It’s time to stand up to it. It’s time to #FightDirty. Link in bio to join the fight.

Instagram released the 60-second video option to all accounts (not just brands) on March 29, 2024. I believe this isn’t the end of the video updates we’ll see from Instagram for 2024.

Image Credits

8 Best Tech Christmas Gifts

8 Best Tech Christmas Gifts [Latest Gadgets] Dive into the latest tech devices of this year’s holiday season




If you’re wondering what are the latest tech articles this Christmas, find out here. 

You can discover the latest Samsung TV or brand-new iPad devices. 

Dive deep into our list below to find various tech gadgets for this holiday period. 

Just a couple of weeks to go for Christmas and it’s raining deals already. It’s that time of the year when shopping is in full force, for their loved ones and so, Christmas deals on tech gifts are too hot to resist.

Tech gifts are high on the priority list due to their versatility. From gaming deals to the latest smartphones and other devices, there is an attractive deal for each of them.

Online or offline, Christmas tech deals are pouring in and so, this is the opportunity to grab the festive bargain.

We have handpicked some of the hottest Christmas deals on tech gifts and created a list just for you.

The new-age Samsung QLED Smart TV is the desired device for anyone who enjoys the Christmas spirit watching holiday movies in 4K resolution with an AI processor and blasting sound.

You can benefit from lively motion due to its fluid display that has 120Hz with the Motion Xcelerator Plus feature. Plus, the new speakers model gives crystal-clear sound.

A worth mentioning feature is the Quantum Dot for glowing colors, plus HDR and Dual LED backlights to enhance your visual experience.

In addition, this Samsung Smart TV is the new wave in terms of image quality. You have the Quantum 4K processor that turns anything into 4K. Even more, you have multiple voice assistants to choose from like Alexa, Bixby, or Google Assistant.

Get it here on Amazon

The next massive acquisition you can have this Christmas is the new iPad with a colorful aspect and redesigned architecture, including the Liquid Retina display and 10.9 inches.

You can use this Apple device for numerous activities like business tasks, drawing your art and sketches, and multitasking on different projects. All of that is due to its A14 bionic chip with 6 core processor and 4-core GPU.

In terms of camera quality, you have 12mp front and back wide cameras with a center stage tool for impeccable calls and pictures.

Get it here on Amazon

A camera is just the right gift for those who love to shoot. This digital camera is perfect for video capture that records in different resolutions. It offers easy field use for professionals due to its compact size.

Expert tip:

It features Leica DC Vario-Summilux 10.9–34 mm f/1.7–2.8 ASPH lens that offers a super-fast aperture. Along with it, is the dynamic zoom range that’s almost equal to 24mm- 75mm on a 35mm type sensor. Wireless connectivity, Image Shuttle app, and the NFC module are some of the other significant features that make it a must-buy.

Get it here on Amazon

— Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in other gift ideas and tools to get your PC ready for Christmas, check out our wide collection of guides.

Smart speakers are in and the Echo Dot is just what you want this Christmas as a gift. The latest version comes with a massive improvement in audio quality. It sports a smart new design without a price hike.

Although it’s not the smartest, it offers a great experience with basic questions like music, news updates, light switching, and jokes.

Get it here on Amazon

Nokia Steel Watch makes for a perfect Christmas Tech Deal for 2023 for the fitness freaks. It’s a simple, yet sleek looking watch that’s doing pretty good in the wearable category. It flaunts a minimalistic design and comes with a step-counting dial to keep a track of your sets.

Excellent battery life with no charging required for eight months. Moreover, it works with regular watch batteries. It comes with a user-friendly Nokia Health Mate App that displays all the stats.

Get it here on Amazon

When it comes to gifting phones from Christmas tech deals of 2023, no one can miss Samsung. Get the unlocked and sim-free version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 with the 12MP front camera to impress. Perfect for selfies, this phone offers a shiny metal body with a 5.8-inch screen.

64GB inbuilt storage, 3000mAh battery, and 8MP rear camera are some of its other specifications. S9 runs on Android 8 Oreo and is available in three color variants – Black, Blue, and Purple.

Get it here on Amazon

This is an innovative gadget that allows users to enter a well-lit home even while they are away. It allows users to have a smart light control using the app from any location, anytime.

While it makes the existing bulbs to act smart, it also allows users to control the app with voice or touch. It’s a perfect Christmas gift for the gadget freaks who love to experiment with something new.

Get it here on Amazon

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