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$600 off these Best Black Friday RTX 3070 Laptop deals

We’ve found some epic Black Friday RTX 3070 laptop deals you won’t want to miss out on! Buy them before they go!

We’ve found the very best Black Friday RTX 3070 laptop deals, and we’ve got a couple that are true blinders. RTX 3070 laptops are one of the best options if you’re a dedicated PC gamer and want to level up your portable gaming PC option.

The two picks we’ve got for you are the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro, which comes with a 16-inch, 16:10 1600p 165Hz display for those looking after a bit more screen real estate and a lush picture when they’re gaming (or for creative purposes), and also a 15.6-inch Alienware m15 R5 laptop, that comes with a lighting fast 360Hz 1080p display for high-end competitive gaming.

Both of these are available for great savings, and which one is right for you really depends on whether your prioritizing immersion or performance. Both have exceptional build quality, that’s undeniable and come from very respected brands. The Legion 5i Pro also comes with a huge 32GB RAM and 2TB SSD, which probably will swing it for most buyers.

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All RTX 3070 Laptop Black Friday Deals

So what’s so special about the NVIDIA RTX 3070 Laptop? Well, it’s capable of high-end performance at an affordable price. Particularly with these great Black Friday savings attached to it. See below for our two top picks plus all other RTX 3070 laptop deals that will be coming through this weekend.









Editor’s pick

$560 off

Legion 5i Pro Gen 6 (16”) WQXGA (RTX 3070)

Legion 5i Pro Gen 6 (16”) WQXGA 165Hz Intel Core i7-11800H, RTX 3070, 32GB DDR4, 2TB SSD + 3 months Xbox Game Pass

Best Deals

$560 off @ Lenovo

$300 off

Dell Alienware x17 R1 360Hz FHD (Intel i7-11800H, RTX 3070)

Best Deals

$300 off @ Amazon

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED 4K (i7-10870H, RTX 3070)

Best Deals

View Deal

Indeed they do. A price reduction of $600 or $560 is not something to sniff at on these two great devices. That’s some serious savings, which results in a lot of spare cash which might be better used for other essentials this holiday season. This fantastic saving is even more unbelievable when you consider the high quality of these laptops and the incredible processing power of the RTX 3070 graphics card, which is one of the best in the business.

Is an RTX 3070 Laptop Black Friday deal worth getting on Black Friday?

Yes! The RTX 3070 laptop edition is capable of playing all the latest games, and offers high-end performance for an afforable price, particularly at these savings. It’s not quite up there with the likes of RTX 3070 Ti laptops, RTX 3080 laptop, or RTX 3080 Ti laptops, but it’s still damn good.

You probably will not see such a jaw-dropping price reduction again this year, and with Black Friday often being the most competitive sales event of the calendar. Remember, stock might run pretty low on this item due to the competitive nature of the Black Friday sales – so act quickly if you don’t want to miss out!

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Best Apple Black Friday Deals: 9.7

Black Friday is upon us, and despite the name, we’re expecting the deals to starting flying tonight at 12:01am. The team at 9to5Toys have been working around the clock compiling and sorting through all of this week’s best price drops.

For Black Friday 2023, this hub will serve as our main landing page for all of the hottest Apple deals. We’ve put together a list of what we know is coming down the line over the next 72 hours, and we’ll be updating it regularly in the meantime.

Before we jump to the deals, be sure to follow 9to5Toys on Twitter, RSS and Facebook now so as deals pop up you’ll be sure to see them. Sometimes offers only last a few minutes, so having our social feeds on-hand will ensure you’re prepared. We’ve rounded up all of the best Black Friday 2023 deals just below.

Like years before, most of the best Apple deals will be coming through third-party retailers. Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, eBay, Walmart, and Target will all be offering notable discounts.

We’ve divided up each of Apple’s product categories below so you can dive right into the deals. Each link currently goes to the product directly where the prices will eventually be shown when the deals are live.

This post will be updated throughout the next few days so be sure to check back regularly for the latest price drops.

We know that there will be multiple iPad discounts this Black Friday. The full-size 9.7-inch model will be marked down to $249, while iPad mini 4 will also get a price drop. If you’re after any of Apple’s tablets, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Like previous years, Best Buy is going to be your destination for the best Mac deals this Black Friday. You can see upwards of $250 off the regular price. We’re also expecting eBay and B&H to roll out discounts as the week goes on, as well.

One of the hottest Apple Watch discounts is already available. Series 1 is marked down to $179 at Macy’s, which is one of the best prices that we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately this time around, it will be difficult to find many deals on the latest models. Earlier this week we saw a hefty Kohl’s Cash offer on Series 3, but that deal sold out quickly. Look for it to come back in-stock on Friday.

Given that Apple gave its iPhone lineup a hearty refresh in the fall, we were hopeful that the discounts would roll in this year. Thankfully, that’s the case. Walmart, Target, and Best Buy will all be offering gift cards with purchase which is going to be the strongest offer of the year.

Unfortunately, we’re not expecting many Apple TV deals this year. We know that Meijer will offer a $50 shopping coupon with Apple TV 4K purchases, but otherwise there isn’t much to offer here. Hopefully someone will surprise with an offer as the week goes on.

Black Friday is the time of year for Apple accessory deals. Like years past, this trend will continue in 2023. You can expect hefty discounts on headphones, iTunes gift cards and more throughout the week.

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Black Friday Ghostwire: Tokyo Deals 2023

Black Friday Ghostwire: Tokyo Deals 2023

Explore a spooky Japan with these Tokyo: Ghostwire Black Friday deals

Ghostwire: Tokyo will make its first appearance on Black Friday this year in 2023.

It is an original game from the developers behind games like The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2.

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Check out some of the best Black Friday 2023 deals out there!

Top Ghostwire: Tokyo Black Friday Deals

It does not matter if you are looking to play Ghostwire: Tokyo or any other title that was released in 2023. You’ll find something that’ll please you and fit your budget. We are here to help:

Check Out These Great Gaming Deals:

Ghostwire: Tokyo Gaming PC Black Friday Deals

There’s no point in buying the game, even at a good price, if you can’t actually play it, and enjoy it. If you’ve got a PC that’s a few years old, then you might need to get an upgrade to enjoy the game properly.

Luckily, we’re all about gaming PCs, so we have a list of the best deals on machines powerful enough to play Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Where to Find the Best Ghostwire: Tokyo Black Friday Deals

You can find some of the best Ghostwire: Tokyo deals on PC or PS5. If you want to purchase a digital copy of the game make sure to visit the PlayStation Store for the PS5 version of the game or Steam for the PC version.

You can also look for a physical copy. In order to do that you need to visit your local retail store or some of the bigger gaming websites out there. Here is a short list we collected to help you out!

Ghostwire: Tokyo Black Friday Sales Shortlist

Why Buy Ghostwire: Tokyo This Black Friday?

The standout here is the combat. It has a very unique style of shooting projectiles from your fingers. The animations are unlike anything else available right now.

The story and visuals are great, and for a low price, it is a great addition to your games library.

When Will Ghostwire: Tokyo Black Friday Sales Start?

Ghostwire: Tokyo will be featured as a part of the Black Friday 2023 sale. The event officially starts on November 25, 2023.

It will be the first appearance of the game on Black Friday. Ghostwire: Tokyo was released on March 25, 2023.

Other Black Friday Video Game Deals in 2023

Every gamer will have a chance of finding something that will suit their needs. There will be plenty of other offers and deals available in November. Check some of these gaming deals right here:

Ghostwire: Tokyo Black Friday Deals FAQs

Will Ghostwire: Tokyo Have a Black Friday Sale?

Yes, the game will most likely be featured on the Black Friday 2023 sales on PC and PS5.

Are Ghostwire: Tokyo Deals Any Good?

Yes. The game is very unique, and the city presented is worth diving into.

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If you’re interested in more Black Friday deals, you can check out some of our others deal pages. They’re stacked, full of deals on the best games of the year.

Airpods Max Black Friday Deals 2023

AirPods Max Black Friday deals 2023

Grab a massive pair of cans on the cheap

We’ve got the best AirPods Max Black Friday deals that you need to know. If you’re more a fan of headphones versus earbuds, but still love Apple’s AirPods, then you’re in luck. The AirPods Max is Apple’s answer to a proper set of headphones that have the same style and branding, not to mention quality, as the standard in-ear earbuds.

Best AirPods Max deals 2023

Black Friday has come back around and we’re just as excited as anyone. It’s just around the corner, so make sure you’re getting in here nice and early, just like us.

If you’ve got a desire for these great headphones then you need this complete list of all the cheapest deals you’ll find during this Black Friday season. As with a lot of other modern Apple products, the AirPods Max also come in various colors in case you want to have a set that matches your specific taste. 

Keep scrolling through the article and get ready to find yourself some fantastic offers on a high-end product!

Where to find the best AirPods Max deals

Like we always say, stay tuned to this page – this is where we’ll be posting all of out AirPods Max deals as and when they come to our attention. Our expert deals team don’t plan on missing a single sale, we’ll be doing some deep searching through the biggest retailers.

One of the biggest reasons to get the AirPods Max, apart from the fact they’re Apple’s only over-the-head headphones, is thanks to just how much care and attention has gone into every aspect of the design. Thanks to the extra space afforded by the device’s much larger form factor, the AirPods Max actually features spatial audio, so you can get an even more immersive experience than ever before. They also feature a very unique mesh-based headband that more evenly distributes weight across the head for a more comfortable wearing experience even over long periods of use.

AirPods Max sales shortlist

Our shortlist is here and ready to be filled with some amazing deals this Black Friday event. Make sure you keep coming back for more:

Last year’s Black Friday deals for AirPods Max

Apple’s range of premium products are expected to be as popular as ever, these deals from last year will give a good indication of what to expect in 2023:

When will AirPods Max Black Friday sales start in 2023?

First off, let’s drop the main answer. Black Friday 2023 lands on November 25th.

This doesn’t mean that you only have 24 hours to scramble for deals though! Black Friday deals will be popping up at big retailers and across our website at least a couple of weeks prior to that date. There will be so many amazing deals ready for you to go nice and early so there’s no need to think that you will miss out. To ease the effort, make sure you are calling back here for the latest deals.

How much are AirPods Max on Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday AirPods Max FAQs

When do Black Friday sales start in 2023?

The Black Friday sales for 2023 start a week before November 25th, which is the day of the event itself.

Should I buy Apple AirPods Max on Black Friday?

AirPods Max, Apple’s premium over-ear headphones will be a very popular pick for consumers, especially at this time of year. We suggest you take all of the options into consideration and grab yourself a bargain.

More Black Friday Deals

Interested in other technology deals this Black Friday? Here are the best Black Friday deals on the internet.

Check out all our Black Friday deals here.

Black Friday Nintendo Switch Games Deals 2023

Black Friday Nintendo Switch games deals 2023

The best deals on Nintendo Switch games Black Friday 2023

There are a lot of options for games now on the Switch, so we bring you the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch games deals in 2023. The ever-growing library of software on the Switch is a great thing, but Nintendo isn’t known for running any deals or lowering its prices.

So with a $60 price tag on games, Black Friday is a great opportunity to get a better deal on them. With some much better deals that you may only see in a Switch Bundle and go well with a choice of some new Joy Cons. The event offers cheaper deals on most things but is especially useful for electronics.

The past couple of years has been tough on the markets. With shortages and shipping struggles, there wasn’t much on the shelves. This has led to some disappointing events, but now that is likely to change. There is a lot more stock available around and so it’s likely to give us some good new deals.

Best Nintendo Switch game deals 2023

It might not yet be Black Friday but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t any deals around. If there’s something out there you may want at a discount you can still buy it without anything stopping you. So we bring you a few of those deals that may be of interest to you. With even some new titles out there for your Nintendo Switch.

Where to find the best Nintendo Switch game Black Friday deals

When you’re prepping yourself for the big day there may be a lot of retailers hoping for your attention. So to limit the confusion and searching around we bring you a quick list of where best to look for those great Switch game deals.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday sales shortlist

Black Friday Nintendo Switch game deals









In stock

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond – Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite

Best Deals

View Deal

In stock

Pokémon Shining Pearl – Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite

Best Deals

View Deal

Black Friday is set for 25th November 2023. But although conventional physical retailers may retain their sales for that day in particular, whilst online retailers may vary. With plenty of sales starting at least a week beforehand, so the 18th of November. Meaning you can start searching early and save yourself some time and effort.

Even though Black Friday is a yearly event it can easily change how it works. There is a lot of change from the pandemic and how much in-store stuff is compared to online. Whilst also a difference in stock so this year is set to a much more normal and easy time.

How to get the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch games deals in 20232?

When it comes to the event you may be wondering how to save yourself some time and grab the best options for you. Well, it comes down to being prepared and ready to buy yourself some new games. Sometimes Black Friday events may start early and so you can have a good opportunity to in fact buy some new Switch games without having to wait.

But otherwise, you want to compare between retailers, if you have a particular title in mind check where it’s available. Then as the day comes by check which of the stores have it for the better price, as there isn’t going to be much difference between them. And so it’s best to find the cheapest option.

You should also be aware of spot deals or something like an Amazon lightning deal. As those can pop up here and there and can offer even better pricing. So although it can be hard to be patient it may pay off to wait just a little bit longer.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday Nintendo Switch games deals

When looking for your next Nintendo Switch game Black Friday deal there may be a few features to consider. Firstly is if you want a physical or digital version. Both will likely be available but its more if you have the space to download the digital there and then. Or you want to wait to have something to use and display.

Another consideration is what version to get. In the current gaming market, you might find a load of different versions around. They may offer some extra DLC on top or some extra in-game content for you to enjoy. Or maybe some physical versions come with some additional physical objects. Which then means you get some good pricing overall and some good deals to grab a lot more for cheaper.

Black Friday Nintendo Switch games FAQs

When is Black Friday 2023?

This year Black Friday is set for 25th November 2023.

How much are Nintendo Switch games?

Pricing will vary across titles, but they can easily reach the $60 mark. Although there will be some cheaper alternatives at around $20.

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Hp’s Latest Black Friday Deals On Windows Devices

HP’s Latest Black Friday Deals on Windows Devices




Looks like HP is following in Dell’s footsteps as has revealed a huge discount on their range of Windows computers along with a bunch of miscellaneous devices as well.

HP’s  Christmas Hub is now available and it looks like a delightful opportunity for folks who are planning to shop for a brand new HP appliance to bring home before Christmas. But exclusively for Windows enthusiasts, the sale is the time of the year they surely would not want to miss.

HP will offer consumers up to 50% off storewide, and free shipping is a cherry on top, BFAds reports. “The biggest deals of the season” start on Thanksgiving, the flyer notes.

Have a look at the entire range of HP appliances that are put up for sale below:


Deals are subject to change. Sometimes, some of the deals listed in our guides may no longer be available by the time you hit the buy button. So, hurry up and grab them while they’re hot.

Laptops and Desktops

Starting at $2,304.35 HP ZBook 17 G3 Mobile Workstation laptop (save up to $410)

Starting at $2,211.00 HP Elitebook Folio 1040 G3 laptop (save up to $729)

Starting at $2,083.20 HP ZBook 15 G3 Mobile Workstation laptop (save up to $520)

Starting at $1,612.26 HP Z440 Workstation desktop (save up to $454)

$1,599.99 HP Omen X 900xt desktop (save $200)

Starting at $1,551 HP ZBook 15u G3 Mobile Workstation laptop (save up to $665)

Starting at $1,521 HP Elitebook Folio 1040 G3 laptop (save up to $774)

Starting at $1,299 HP Elitebook 1030 G1 (save up to $1,143)

$1,299.99 HP Omen-120st (save $500)

Starting at $1,091.35 HP Z240 Workstation desktop (save up to $303)

Starting at $1187.49 HP EliteOne 800 G2 All-in-One (save up to $533)

Starting at $1,080 HO Elite X2 1012 G1 2-in-1 laptop (save up to $980)

Starting at $1,026.72 HP Z240 SFF Workstation desktop (save up to $400)

Starting at $999 HP Elitebook 850 G3 laptop (save up to $607)

Starting at $949.00 HP Elitebook 820 G3 laptop (save up to $706)

$999.99 HP Envy 27-b050 All-in-One desktop (save $300)

Starting at $895.05 HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Tower (save up to $482)

Starting at $887.84 HP EliteOne 705 G2 All-in-One (save up to $544)

$849.99 HP Envy 750-420qe laptop (save $150)

Starting at $845.60 HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Tower Small Form Factor (save up to $354)

$829.99 HP Pavilion 27xt All-in-One desktop (save $170)

Starting at $819.00 HP ProBook 470 G3 (save up to $465)

$799.99 HP Envy X360 15t convertible laptop (save $250)

$799.99 HP Pavilion 24se All-in-One desktop (save $200)

Starting at $779.88 HP EliteDesk 400 G2 Mini PC (save up to $384)

$749.99 HP Pavilion 24qe All-in-One desktop (save $180)

Starting at $712.62 HP Elite Slice desktop (save up to $250)

$699.99 HP Pavilion X 24t All-in-one desktop (save $150)

Starting at $669.00 HP ProBook 450 G3 (save up to $428)

$649.99 HP Envy 17th (save $250)

$599.99 HP Pavilion 15t laptop (save $250)

$599.99 HP Envy 15t laptop (save $230)

Starting at $583.51 HP ProDesk 400 G3 Small Form Factor (save up to $415)

$549.99 HP Envy 750-405t (save $150)

$429.99 HP Pavilion x360 13t 2-in-1 laptop (save $50)

$399.99 HP 24z All-in-One desktop (save $150)

$379.99 HP Pavilion 510t desktop (save $120)

$329.99 HP 17z laptop (save $290)

$299.99 HP Pavilion 510z desktop (save $200)

$299.99 HP All-in-One PC (save $30)

$249.99 HP 15z laptop (save $120)

$249.99 HO Slimline 260z PC (save $100)

TV and streaming sticks

$849.99 HP 34-inch Envy 34c curved media display (save $150)

$429.99 HP 32-inch Omen Display

$399.99 HP 32-inch Envy 32 monitor with Bang & Olufsen Audio (save $100)

$349.99 HP 32-inch Pavilion 32 (save $50)

$139.99 HP 24-inch 24uh LED monitor (save $110)

Starting at $119.99 HP er monitors available in four sizes ($ (save starting at $30)

Starting at $99 HP Pavilion XW monitor (save up to $80)

Accessories and Miscellaneous

$129.99 HO Sprocket portable photo printer

$89.99 HP 1TB External Portable Hard Drive (save $10)

20% HP Roar Mini Speakers

Up to 20% off HP Keyboards and Keyboard Combos

You can find the deals here from HP Store.

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