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After the lockdowns and working from home, I bet you’re trying to spend as much time outside as possible. No matter what kind of outdoor activity you’ve got planned – a solo hike, a yoga session, or a road trip with friends – it’s best to bring your music with you. 

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The Best Music Gadgets to Take On Your Next Adventure

Price: $79.99

The first one on our list is Anker Soundcore Life P3 noise-canceling earbuds. Life P3 is the latest addition to the line of wireless earbuds from Anker, and they’re perfect for bringing along with your music wherever you go.

What we love about it

The main selling point of the Life P3 is its battery life. Life P3 lasts an impressive 7 hours on a single charge, which you can extend by another 35 hours by using the charging case. That means you can use them for extended periods on your trip. 

The Life P3 is extra portable. These earphones are one of the few pairs that fit people with smaller ears perfectly and don’t fall out when they’re moving around or running. The charging case is also compact and can fit easily in your jeans pocket. 

You don’t have to splash out on the Life P3 either. With a price tag under $100, they’re good quality and affordable earbuds. 

Verdict: Best All-Purpose Earbuds

Price: $149.95

The JBL Reflect Mini NC are truly wireless, waterproof earbuds with active noise canceling. 

What we love about it

IPX7 rating makes these earbuds waterproof and sweatproof. If there’s a chance of getting wet on your hike, you can take the Reflect Mini NC with you without worrying about ruining them.

These are genuinely “designed for movement.” The in-ear horns that cover the earbuds ensure that they don’t fall out no matter how fast you move. 

Active noise canceling helps you stay alert without interrupting your music. 

The sound quality brought by JBL is superb.

The Reflect Mini NC will surely motivate you to keep going and go that extra mile on your next run. 

Verdict: Best for a Solo Sports Adventure

Price: $89.95

The Gravastar Sirius Pro are gaming earbuds. And you can take it with you to impress your colleagues and friends. 

What we love about it

These earbuds look like something straight from Cyberpunk. If there are geeks around you, they’ll be impressed by the look and design of the Sirius Pro. 

Not only do they look great, but they sound great too. Thanks to the built-in DSP audio algorithms, they deliver strong bass and 3D surround sound. Depending on what you’re using them for, you can switch between the 3 play modes: Music, Gaming, and Movie.

Sirius Pro earbuds come with a HipHop necklace. If you don’t have pockets, you can still take them with you and wear the earbuds around your neck.

The charging case has a bottle opener integrated into it.

Verdict: Best for an Outing with Your Colleagues

Price: $69.95

What we love about it

JBL Clip 4 has an IP67 rating which means it’s waterproof and dustproof. You can take this speaker with you into the pool or throw it into the snow, and it will keep blasting your music. 

At 0.53lbs, the Clip 4 is extra light and portable. The speaker has convex rubber buttons that you can feel and use without looking at them. 

Clip 4 delivers much more volume, sound clarity, and bass than you would expect from a speaker of this size. 

Verdict: Best for a Solo Hiking Trip

Price: $109.99

If you’re looking for a bit more sound and bass than a small portable speaker can provide, the best Bluetooth speaker for you is the Anker Motion Boom. 

It provides distortion-free stereo sound, making it the perfect music gadget to take with you if you’re going on a road trip with friends.

What we love about it

Motion Boom is IPX7 waterproof, and it floats. You don’t have to panic if you accidentally drop it in a swimming pool.

Thumping bass & stereo sound guarantee you incredible sound quality. 

The 10,000 mAh battery delivers up to 24 hours of playtime on a single charge.  

You get all of these impressive specs for a bargain price.

The Anker Motion Boom is a great Bluetooth speaker all around, perfect for bringing to any sort of group gathering, whether it’s a camping trip or a picnic at the park. 

Verdict: Best for a Road Trip with Friends

Price: $24.99

If you’re going on a more extended trip, it might be wise to bring a power bank with you to keep devices charged. The Anker PowerCore 10000mAh Power Bank can be handy. 

What we love about it

The PowerCore power bank is small and light so that it won’t take up too much space in your luggage.

Thanks to the high-speed charging feature, you can charge your devices faster.

The 10000mAh is enough to charge 2 Android phones almost fully, or 1.5 new iPhones. 

Verdict: Best for Staying Connected on Your Trip

Price: $19.99

If you’re using a power bank or a power station, you might want to consider pairing that up with a lightning charging cable like the Anker Powerline III Flow. Using this cable, you can charge your devices 3 times faster than using your standard charging cable. 

What we love about it

Thanks to the 100W max output, this cable can charge anything from your earbuds to a laptop.

The Powerline II Flow is super soft to touch and is tangle-free. 

This cable is also stronger than ordinary charging cables. It has a 25000 bend lifespan, meaning it can handle rough conditions.

Verdict: Best for Those Who Don’t Like Wasting Their Time

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12 Cool Gadgets You Should Buy For Your Pet

Pets are one of the most loveable members of a family. They put a smile on our face, play with us, protect us and overall, keep us happy. For all the happiness, they definitely deserve something in return, and food and shelter ain’t cutting it. If you are a loving pet owner, you should get a cool gadget specifically made for your pets. There are many smart gadgets available for your cute little friends. So, here’s our list of the 12 best pet gadgets you can buy for your pet or for you, as pet owners. These gadgets should make your pets happy or make it easier for you to take care of them. So, let’s take a look:

1. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle uses GPS to help you track your pets to ensure they never get lost. The device attaches to your dog or cat’s existing collar and lets you see their location using a companion app for Android and iOS. You can create a boundary around your house and if your pet goes outside that boundary, a notification email or text message will be sent to you.

Whistle itself is very durable and water resistant, so no matter how rough your furry friend goes is, it will still let you track their location. Apart from tracking location, it also lets your track their activity, eating habits, rest and other behaviors to keep them healthy. You will have to buy the device and buy a monthly subscription for tracking; costing $6.95/month.

2. iFetch Too Ball Thrower

We all know that a dog never gets tired of playing the fetch game, but we do get tired. iFetch Too is an automatic ball thrower that will automatically throw standard tennis balls for your dog to fetch. The device works on built-in batteries and lets you configure how far the ball should be thrown. After fetching the ball, the dog can put it at the top of the iFetch Too and it will throw the ball again (may require some practicing).

iFetch Too is shipped with 3 pet safe tennis balls and you can also use a standard tennis ball if you like. It is made for bigger dogs that can easily handle a standard tennis ball in their mouth. If you have a smaller dog, then you can get iFetch mini that supports smaller balls.

Buy on Amazon ($199.99)

3. FroliCat BOLT

It can either create patterns automatically or you can manually configure it to create specific patterns, like zigzag. Additionally, it comes with a 15 minute shutdown time, so that your cats won’t exhaust themselves in an endless chase.

Buy on Amazon ($10.87)

4. Petcube

Petcube is a monitoring system, specifically designed for pets. It is a two way audio/video communication device that will let you remotely talk to your pets. It offers a 720p HD video experience to ensure you get the best view of your pets, and the audio communication is very clear as well.

Additionally, it has a built-in laser pointer on top, to keep your cat busy (and maybe your dog as well), and the laser pointer also supports automatic movement. Petcube’ smartphone app also has a built-in social media feature specifically made for pet lovers. You can share your pet photos and videos with the whole community and interact with them.

Buy on Amazon ($149)

5. PetSafe Pet Door

Pet doors are perfect to let your cat or dog easily enter or leave the house, without you needing to open the door. However, they also allow any animal to get in, or any pet to go outside (a problem when you have more than one pets). This is where PetSafe smart pet door will help take full control over who goes out and who comes in.

Buy on Amazon ($151)

6. FitBark

You should care about your dog’s fitness, similar to how you keep yourself fit, and FitBark will help you with this goal. FitBark is a fitness tracking device for dogs, similar to Fitbit for humans. You can see the everyday activity of your dog using graphs and also compare them with other similar dogs. It will track rest times, activity times and play times and even when your dog isn’t feeling well.

FitBark works great with Fitbit and you can easily compare your stats with your dog. Furthermore, it is battery powered and can go on for 14 days with a single charge, and it is tough enough to survive bumps and water splashes. 

7. Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet is an automatic feeder for your pets that will surely give you some peace of mind. It can hold up to 5-7 lbs of food and will automatically serve food in the bowl, according to the time you specified. All you have to do is put the pet food in the SmartFeeder and specify when it should be served. Petnet will serve the food on time and your pet can eat it without any intervention from your side.

Furthermore, you can also remotely send commands to put food in the bowl, perfect for taking control over your pet’s food routine. Overall, Petnet is the best solution to automate pet food schedules.

Buy on Amazon ($149.99)

8. Regent Heated Spa Bed

Additionally, it has turned feet and removable cushions to comfort your pet, with the total size of cushion being 25.5″ x 22.5″. The size is big enough for small to medium dogs and all types of cats. You will have to plug the bed in an outlet to use the warming feature, and it will require to be assembled first before using it (may require some guidelines).

Buy on Fancy ($550)

9. Halo Mini LED Collar

Halo Mini LED Collar, as the name suggests, is an illuminated collar for your dog or cat to make it easier to detect it in dark. Of course, it will help you find your pet in dark, but it focuses on protecting your pet and you (if you’re out for a walk with him) from car accidents. The collar is totally illuminated, so anyone can see it from any direction.

Halo Mini comes with two modes, Flashing mode and Glow mode, that make it easier to see it from distance. It comes in small, medium and large sizes to easily fit cats and dogs of all sizes.

Buy on Amazon ($32.87)

10. Auggiedog Pet Waste Shovel

It’s really fun to have long walks with your canine friend but cleaning up the mess they make isn’t the best moment. Auggiedog shovel is the answer to this problem and it claims to solve all the nuisance that come with dog poop and cleaning. It’s a shovel with a big stick, and all you need to do is put it on the poop and press a button to automatically scoop it. Auggie also comes with a cleaning station to dispose off the poop.

Buy on Amazon ($110.90)

11. Wigzi Dual Dog Leash

Its ropes are also reflective, so anyone can see it in the dark, making it perfect for night walks. Best of all, the manufacturer offers 2 years of warranty on ropes and hardware, which should be enough to ease your mind.

12. My Fun Fish Tank

Having a goldfish in your room is very soothing, but it can be a pain to clean its tank every now and then. If you love fish but not the cleaning that comes with it, give My Fun Fish Tank a try. It is an affordable, self-cleaning fish tank that will automatically clean itself as you pour clean water in it. No need to take the fish out in another container and clean the tank. Simply pour clean water and dirty water will pour out from the side. The tank isn’t that big in size and you can only put one or two small fish in it.

Buy on Amazon ($10.50)

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Buy these cool Pet Gadgets to make your pet happy

The Best Gadgets To Track Your Fitness

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Living in today’s information-based society can have its perks. Fitness trackers function as handy assistants to give you up-to-the-second information on things like your heart rate, the number of steps you’ve taken today, and how much sleep you’re getting. Having all that information at your fingertips helps you optimize workouts, track your progress, and hold yourself accountable without paying for a personal trainer to guilt you into action. Some models feature hyper-specific workout settings to track your hikes and swims.

Here are a few of the best fitness trackers currently on the market.

The latest iteration of the Apple Watch has some fantastic features for fitness fiends. You’ll be provided with your blood oxygen levels and heart rhythm, thanks to a built-in ECG. You’ll be encouraged to get out of your chair and move around, and you’ll have whatever activity you choose to do tracked down to the smallest detail. A handy calorie tracker will keep you going until you’ve hit your desired burn and you’ll be connected to everything the Apple universe has to offer, including Apple Music, so you can soundtrack your workouts.

Fitbit has long dominated the fitness market, and the Charge 4 is a great example of why. With up to 7 days of battery life, swim-proofing, and built-in GPS, the Charge 4 is built for workouts that take you outside the gym. Track your workout intensity, steps walked, and time in your ideal heart rate zone. With a subscription to Fitbit Premium, your device will also help monitor your stress levels and sleep quality. You can also stay plugged into the real world, thanks to call and text alerts, and you can DJ your workout, thanks to Spotify controls.

Adventurous athletes are in for a treat with the Garmin Fenix 6X, as it can guide them through the most grueling activities. Tracking both your wrist pulse and Pulse Ox to help monitor sleep and altitude acclimation, this thing provides hikers and mountain climbers with an edge. Add to that topographical maps, maps of over 2,000 ski resorts, multiple global positioning systems, a compass, a barometer and a gyroscope, and you’re ready to go anywhere. The rechargeable lithium battery provides 21 days of battery life with an additional 3 with solar charging, so you won’t find yourself stranded.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active fits seamlessly into both your Galaxy universe and your exercise routine. With the ability to automatically recognize up to 6 exercises and track 39 others, the Active is a breeze to use. It will also alert you to your sleep patterns and heart rate highs and lows so you can achieve optimal health. You can take the watch with you on a swim with no worries. A single charge will get you about 45 hours of use, but you’ll be able to use the Power Share feature to use your Samsung phone to give it extra charges.

How To Take A Screenshot On Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Knowing how to capture screenshots on your phone is arguably as important as understanding how to text or place a call. It’s essential for quickly and easily recording details or information displayed on your device. For Samsung users, there are several ways to take screenshots.

Whether you just bought a Galaxy S23 series model, own last year’s Galaxy S22, the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 4, or a more affordable Samsung phone, there are at least five ways to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy devices. How do you take a screenshot on these popular handsets? Let’s help you figure it out.

Editor’s note: These methods for taking a screenshot work on most popular Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S23, S22, S21, S20, S10, Note 20, Note 10, Samsung’s foldables, and other recent handsets. Steps might be slightly different on other devices, especially older ones.

Use your phone’s buttons

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Like other Android devices, you can use the buttons on your Samsung Galaxy phone to quickly capture a screenshot. This is the most immediate and well-known way to take a screenshot of the content displayed on your screen.

Briefly hold down the power and volume down keys simultaneously.

Once the screen flashes, let go of both buttons.

It’s worth noting that this is the universal way to take screenshots across Android devices.

Use Palm swipe

Samsung Galaxy devices also pack a smart gesture feature to capture a screenshot if you can’t quite reach the buttons. This method is convenient if your phone is resting on a flat surface. Notably, you’ll first need to ensure the gesture is enabled.

How to enable Palm swipe

Open the Settings app.

Go into Advanced features.

Select Motions and gestures.

Toggle Palm swipe to capture.

How to use Palm swipe

Once the feature is enabled, find the content you wish to capture.

Swipe the edge of your palm across the screen to capture a screenshot.

Use Bixby Voice (or Google Assistant)

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

If you haven’t disabled it and have it active, Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby can also capture screenshots if all the above methods are unavailable. This solution is also handy if you’re unable to handle your device for some reason.

Once Bixby is active, find the content you wish to capture.

To wake the assistant, press the side button and say, “Hi Bixby.”

Say, “Take a screenshot.”

If you don’t use Bixby, Google Assistant can also snap screenshots for you:

Find the content you wish to capture.

Instead of saying “Hi Bixby,” say “Hey Google.”

Say, “Take a screenshot.”

You can also type in the command if you wish, but arguably this is less efficient than the other listed methods.

Find the content you wish to capture.

Hover your S Pen over the Samsung Galaxy phone to access the Air command menu.

Tap Smart select.

Select the rectangle icon (or any shape you prefer).

Drag the S Pen over the area you want a screenshot of.

Select Save.

Use Scroll Capture to grab an entire page

Some websites and other smartphone content require scrolling, making it hard to capture a whole page. We usually have to take a slew of screenshots to capture it all, but not with Samsung. The company’s Scroll Capture feature scrolls and clips a whole page into a single, long screenshot. This will save you time and make organizing screenshots much easier.

First, check if the Screenshot toolbar is enabled.

Open the Settings app.

Go into Advanced features.

Select Screenshots and screen recorder.

Make sure the Screenshot toolbar option is toggled on.

To take the screenshot:

Take a screenshot using any of the methods above.

When the Screenshot toolbar shows up, tap the Scroll capture button. It has two arrows pointing down.

Let your Samsung phone work its magic.

Capture screenshots in Flex Mode

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Only available on Samsung’s foldable phones — the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series — Flex Mode lets you fold your phone halfway, using one side to view content. Interestingly, if you are using this particular mode but still wish to capture a screenshot, you can.

First, check if Flex Mode is enabled.

Open the Settings app.

Go into Advanced Features.

Select Labs.

Select Flex mode panel.

Finally, toggle on the apps you wish to use in Flex mode.

To capture a screenshot:

Open the app or screen you wish to capture.

Fold your device halfway to enable Flex mode. A selection of options and tools should appear on the screen’s bottom half.

Find and tap the Screenshot icon.

How to crop a screenshot

The Screenshot toolbar also helps you quickly crop images right after capturing them. This is helpful if you want to show only a section of your screen.

Take a screenshot using any of the methods above.

When the Screenshot toolbar shows up, tap the Crop button. It’s the one with squared lines and a pencil.

Select the area you want to capture.

Additionally, you can write on the image.

Hit the Download button. It’s an arrow pointing down.

Your screenshot will be stored.


Quickly access your Samsung screenshots by opening the Gallery app, navigating to Albums, and finding the Screenshots folder. In Google Photos, the folder will be located in your Library. You can also access them immediately after capturing them from the clipboard.

You can edit Samsung screenshots immediately after capturing them by tapping the pencil icon in the screenshot dialog. You can also add text by tapping the capital T icon.

Quickly share screenshots directly after capturing them by tapping the Share option in the screenshot dialog.

You can also use these screenshot apps to capture screenshots on your Samsung phone.

Those are a lot of ways to take a screenshot. Samsung has comprehensive features and settings, but the company can often overcomplicate things. You should change some settings on any Android phone to improve your experience.

7 Apps To Fake Your Gps Location On Android

Thanks to the wonders of satellite technology, it’s never been easier to pinpoint your exact location than it is today. GPS technology, combined with apps like Google Maps, make it incredibly easy to find your coordinates or get accurate directions to your home, workplace, or to the nearest store.

Unfortunately, this level of accuracy has one big downside: privacy. Unless you want your friends and family to track your location, you may want to fake your GPS location on Android devices using third-party apps, as this isn’t possible on iPhones. To help you, here are seven of the best apps for GPS spoofing on Android.

Table of Contents

If you want a quick, easy-to-use GPS spoofer for Android, then the Mock GPS with Joystick app could be the app to use. This free GPS spoofer talks you through the steps you’ll need to take to set up location spoofing on Android as soon as it starts, including providing the app with the required permissions. 

Like most GPS spoofing apps, the interface is simple. It offers a Google Maps viewfinder, allowing you to find and pinpoint the spot for your fake location. Once you’ve found it, the app’s joystick mode allows you to move to that spot in real-time—or so your device thinks.

All-in-all, this is a travel spoofing app as well as a location spoofer. You can move from the spot you drop on, or you can stay in position. The choice is yours.

You can use it to create timings to pause on your fake route, alter the speed of travel, and even break around road bends to simulate real speeds during transportation.

Of course, if you want to move to an entirely new location instantly, Mock Locations will allow you to do that too. Like Mock GPS with Joystick, Mock Locations will also talk you through the steps you’ll need to take to set up GPS spoofing on Android.

This app offers a 24-hour trial period before you’re required to pay for unlimited access with an in-app purchase.

The simply-named Fake GPS is exactly that: it’s a simple-to-use GPS spoofer for Android devices that uses the Google Maps viewfinder to help you find and spoof different locations on your device.

With over 5 million installations, this app makes it extremely easy to fake your GPS location with your Android. You can save regular locations to your favorites list or randomize your movement using the app’s built-in settings.

If you’re having trouble getting things running, you can even use ADB commands to control the app and make your location even more accurate, directly from your PC or Mac.

Don’t let the confusing name confuse you, because the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer app is one of the best GPS spoofing apps you can use on Android. As the name might suggest, this is perfect for users who want to try and fake their GPS location for Pokemon Go and other Android apps and games where your location is used.

This app is offered for free, with features to match the others on this list, including direct location spoofing and location history and favorites lists. For paid users, things get a lot more interesting.

If you upgrade to the Pro version, you’ll be able to fake entire journeys, with customizable speeds and a joystick control for manual movements. Like Mock Locations, you can also set stopping points on your fake route for more realistic location spoofing.

For the Pokemon fans, this app also includes the locations of Pokemon Go Gyms and Pokestops to find your favorite characters. You’ve gotta catch them all, after all, but who said you had to leave the house to do it?

If you need a simple GPS spoofer for Android, then the GPS Emulator app could be an option if other apps on this list aren’t working. This totally free app allows you to fake your GPS location on Android using a built-in Google Maps viewfinder, with a handy search bar to help you search for locations you recognize.

The interface is simple to use, with buttons at the bottom of the app to drop a pin on your fake location or to stop spoofing entirely. You can switch your map view to different modes, including satellite or terrain, to help you discover new places outside of typical urban areas.

There are no extra settings or features to worry about—this is a simple location spoofer that should help you move your location from A to B on your device.

If you want to go all-in on hiding yourself, you could combine a GPS spoofer with a VPN app to hide your IP address. Fake GPS Location is an app provided by a VPN provider itself—Hola VPN.

Like the other GPS spoofers on this list, this app gives you the ability to spoof your location using an easy-to-use search bar or map viewfinder. If you want to hide the places you’ve searched for, you can quickly wipe your location history in the app for extra security.

This app could work well if you’re a Hola VPN customer, but it’s also entirely free to use for other users. You could also combine it with another VPN provider to give you that extra protection against anyone snooping on your privacy.

For instance, you can combine it with the automation app Tasker to generate fake locations automatically. If you’re nearing a certain location, you could set this app to spoof your location to hide where you’re going.

Like the other apps on this list, you can search for locations, drop a pin on the built-in viewfinder manually, or consult a list of past fake locations. No cost required for this one—this spoofing app is totally free to use.

Keeping Your Location Safe On Android Devices

With a fake GPS location app installed, you can hide your location from anyone bothering to look. Whether it’s your family you’re hiding from, or if you’re just trying to keep your location hidden from data-hungry apps on your phone, these apps make GPS spoofing on Android a simple process.

7 Ways To Use Hosts File On Your Computer – Webnots

The web is a giant network. There are many things happen in the backend when you type a domain name (website address) on the browser’s address bar and hit enter. One of the first things is that your browser will check the mapping on your computer’s hosts file. In this article, let us explore more on hosts file, where you can find, how to edit and how to use it properly for different reasons.

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What is Hosts File?

A hosts file is a computer system file that maps human-friendly hostnames (domain names) to their IP address. It uses IP address in IPv4 or IPv6 format to resolve the hostname and the browser can quickly connect to the hosting server.

Where to Find Hosts File in Windows 10?

By default, you can find Windows 10 hosts file using the path C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts.

Example Hosts File

Where to Find Hosts File in Mac?

Follow the below instructions on macOS to find hosts file.

Hosts File in Mac

How to Modify Hosts File in Windows 10?

To modify the hosts file;

Open File in Notepad

You can make changes at the end of the text and save the file. The changes will take effect immediately.

You can modify the Windows hosts file for different reasons as listed below.

How to Use Modify File in Mac?

In order to edit hosts file on Mac, you need to open Terminal app.

Type “sudo nano /private/etc/hosts” and hit enter.

Enter the password and hit enter.

You will see the hosts file opens within Terminal app.

Use keyboard keys to move the cursor to the last line and start entering your details.

Modify Hosts File in Mac

When done, press “Command + X” keys to quit the editor.

Press Y to save your changes and then hit enter to return to Terminal app.

7 Ways to Use Hosts File on Your Computer

While the DNS remains the standard domain name resolution service over the internet, the hosts file overrides the DNS servers. Therefore, you can use the hosts file for various reasons including redirecting or blocking websites, creating local domains and sites shortcuts among other purposes.

1. Editing Hosts File to Block a website

To block any site from hosts file, you only need to map the hostname to the localhost IP ( or a full-zero’s IP address ( followed by the sites domain name.

For instance, to block users from access Twitter, add one of the following entries at the end of the hosts file:

Block Websites in Hosts File

Note: ensure there is a space between the IP address and the hostname and no ‘#’ before the IP as this would

2. Re-directing a Website Using Hosts File

You can also redirect the website to a particular domain. For example, you may edit the hosts file such that whenever a user tries to access Twitter, they are redirected to the company’s site or any other website.

Redirect Site in Hosts File

3. Create Shortcuts for Websites or Intranet Services

You can also modify Windows hosts file to create shortcuts for public or internal sites or web services.

4. Testing Network / Web Servers

When you are running a web development server on your local network, it will be safe to test its functionality before publishing it live.

For instance, if you are running a web server (IP:, hosting two sites file:

Save the file and try to access the two sites from the browser.

Testing Sites in Hosts File

If you can access the two sites, then the server is working properly. Thus, you can now deploy the server online.

5. Content Filtering and Ads Blocking

You can block Ad networks or unwanted sites by mapping the site to the localhost IP (

This will point back to your own PC blocking access to known malicious or Ads sites.

6. Adding Websites to Hosts File to Improve Browsing Speed

Add a site to the hosts file can increase the browsing speed. This is simply because the computer doesn’t need to query DNS server for IP and waste time waiting for a response.

Just enter the sites IP address and the domain name separated by a space and save the file.

However, making it impossible for you to connect to the site.

Additionally, blocking adds speeds up the browsing speed as you don’t have to wait for Ads to load.

7. Preventing Malicious Attacks

The hosts file can be a target for malicious attack. Attackers can use viruses, PUPs and malware to modify the hosts file, redirecting you to malicious sites or hijack your sites.


A hosts file is one of the powerful and useful tools for Windows users, allowing you to improve your online experience through the above uses. When editing the hosts file ensure that you have administrative rights.

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