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Anime, a Japanese film in the form of animation, has grown to be very popular over time. People from across the world find this film very interesting, and its fans keep increasing rapidly as every day passes. With everything going on the internet, content is made available for people online so that you have easier access to them from your devices. 

Fortunately, there are still several apps to stream Anime that work very well, but you don’t know about them. Hence, we will discuss the nine best Anime streaming apps for Android and iOS in this article.

What Are The Best Anime Streaming Apps For Android and iOS?

Anime streaming applications for Android and iOS are not far-fetched and are as available as any other apps for your devices. Below are the best options you should use if you are looking for apps for streaming Anime on your Android and iOS:

1. Crunchyroll 

Anyone who has been an Anime fan for a while has definitely heard of Crunchyroll, but if you haven’t, now is your chance. Crunchyroll is one of the world’s largest Anime libraries with over 1000 titles, including old and fresh films. The newest Anime titles from Japan get added to Crunchyroll in just an hour, so you’ll have faster access to recently released Anime films.

Among the titles you’ll see on this Anime streaming app is Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest, In the Land of Leadale, and many others. Most of these Anime are translated into English, so if you don’t understand Japanese, you’ll still be fine with any film you watch on this app.

Download Crunchyroll: Android, iOS

2. Funimation 

Funimation is another popular and old Anime streaming app from back in 1994. It features an extensive collection of English-dubbed Anime and subtitled shows from Japan. The Sony-owned Anime distribution platform, Funimation, allows you to stream all-time classic Anime for free on Android and iOS. With this app for Android and iOS, you get most Anime within two weeks of their broadcast from Japan.

Funimation gives you full control of Anime shows with features like Favourite queue and all. Just like Crunchyroll, this option has a premium plan that allows you to enjoy more features like streaming your library from several devices simultaneously, among many others.

Download Funimation: Android, iOS

3. AnimeTV

When talking about the best Anime streaming apps for Android and iOS, Anime TV is a very well-featured option anyone should try. It includes the top-rated and popular Anime title, which will be an excellent fit for any Anime fan and anyone looking to get initiated into the Anime world.

Anime TV doesn’t require registration for you to have access to Anime films and has the option for tracking your watched progress by episode, just like one popular streaming service. On this Anime streaming app, you’ll get access to watch Anime trailers with details about any film available so that you can easily find out some things about the Anime you want to see or that you are seeing. 

This app is available for Android and iPhone users in each store and works without any issues. Besides, it has a Watchlist and Favorites option where you can better manage the Anime you want to watch. Overall, this app for streaming Anime performs so well.

Download Anime TV: Android, iOS

4. VRV

VRV is a home for Anime films being integrated with several other Anime streaming services. With VRV, you’ll have access to more titles, such as Anime from Crunchyroll, Boomerang, HIDIVE, Cartoon Hangover, Mondo, and a lot more. Besides, the application seems to have plans to add more providers like Funimation and all with time.

Download VRV: Android, iOS

5. RetroCrush

RetroCrush is another top Anime streaming app that features the most well-known classic Anime films unavailable on most other streaming services. This app literally makes it possible for you to relive those moments that turned you into an Anime fan.

Another exciting thing about RetroCrush is that you can watch Anime on the website if you don’t want to download the app on your phone.

Download RetroCrush: Android, iOS


HIDIVE offers most Anime TV shows and movies, including those you’ll hardly find on other streaming services. You will find the likes of Legend of Galactic Heroes, Tada Never Falls in Love and Gate, Domestic Girlfriend, The Promised Neverland, and a lot more.

Watching Anime on this app is subscription based, so you must opt for the premium plan to start enjoying interesting Anime on HIDIVE.

Download HIDIVE: Android, iOS

7. Hulu

Hulu is another popular streaming service that cuts across various genres, and one of these is Anime. Hulu is built specifically for Anime, so you’ll find a lesser collection of titles there. However, the video streaming app still features some old-school and well-known Anime, including Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, and a lot more. 

The only thing about this app is that it’s not available in most countries, but if you can find it on the App Store or Play Store, you can use it. Hulu is also based on a Premium plan, so you must make a payment before you can start using it.

Download Hulu: Android, iOS

8. Netflix

Another app that makes it to my list of best Anime streaming apps is Netflix, the top video streaming service on the internet at the moment. Like Hulu, Netflix is a comprehensive streaming service that features some Anime titles. On Netflix, you’ll have access to over 300 Anime while enjoying them with Netflix features like the Watchlist option, very high quality, and all.

However, Netflix is also a subscription-based streaming service, so you must opt for a plan before you can enjoy all these features. Netflix is available in most countries, so you’ll probably be able to use it, unlike Hulu, that’s limited to a few countries.

Download Netflix: Android, iOS

9. YouTube

Yes, YouTube features several Anime titles, and one of the Anime films I’ve personally been able to watch, thanks to YouTube, is Naturo. One interesting thing about this application is that it’s accessible to anyone and allows you to save your favorite Anime offline. 

Download YouTube: Android, iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Anime on Android?

Yes, you can watch your favorite Anime from your Android phone with the Anime apps discussed in this article. Some of them don’t require registration or subscription w, which also makes it easier.

What are Anime streaming apps better than Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is one of the best applications you can use to watch Anime online; however, many other options perform as best as Crunchyroll or even better, and a few of them includes:






Is there a free Anime app?

Most Anime applications that offer top-notch titles are always subscription-based, but there are still a few you can use without having to pay. Some of them are:




Final Words

If you are an Anime fan and looking for Anime streaming apps for your device, the options discussed above would be remarkable enough. Some of these apps are free, while others are subscription-based, so you’ll have to choose the one that suits you best.

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10 Best Ai Apps For Android And Ios

The best AI apps for Android

Pricing: Free / $29.99 per year

Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

What we like:

Uses a wide variety of filters to make your images look entirely different.

Among the better AI-generated filter apps.

While your mileage definitely varies, it made some pretty decent-looking images in our testing.

What we don’t like:

When it works, it works great. When it doesn’t work, it really doesn’t work well. There seems to be no in-between.

Pricing: Free / $4.99 per week / $39.99 once

Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

What we like:

Works in most languages.

Uses ChatGPT.

A rare AI app that has a lifetime license.

It actually works really well.

What we don’t like:

The weekly subscription is pretty expensive.

Like all AI chat apps, some inputs may not generate the expected output, so you may find yourself rephrasing some questions.

When AI chat apps first came out, they were universally bad. So, it was nice to finally stumble onto something that actually works pretty well. Ask AI does what it says. You ask the ChatGPT-powered AI bot a question, and it answers you. That’s about all it does. It’s fun to ask it various questions and get the answers. I fact-checked the 20 messages I sent, and they were all accurate. Granted, they were easy questions, but it’s still encouraging. Some questions may need to be rephrased to get the AI to respond as you like, but most AI chat apps are the same way. The premium options are a little weird as well. We don’t often see apps go straight from weekly subscriptions to lifetime licenses like that.

Pricing: Free / $4.99 per week / $38.99 per year / $109.99 once

Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

What we like:

The app generated most of the things we asked for without issue.

All of the images appear to be in relatively high quality.

What we don’t like:

You have to watch an ad for each image you generate, and the subscriptions are pricy.

Sometimes the results aren’t quite what you expect. As an example, I asked for Yoshi (from the Mario universe) with a samurai sword with the Realistic filter. It drew me a Yoshi beanie-style toy with a samurai sword behind it. Technically accurate, but not what I was hoping for.

Pricing: Free

Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

What we like:

The AI-chat search style actually works pretty well.

As a browser, it’s quick, has add-ons like ad blocker, and syncing with the desktop version.

We expect Microsoft to continually improve this technology moving forward.

What we don’t like:

Moving away from Google Search is a tough ask for many people who are quite comfortable with Google’s ecosystem.

Microsoft Edge is an underrated browser. It works rather well, and it lets you tie into a different ecosystem than Google or Apple. Microsoft made huge waves in 2023 when they introduced ChatGPT-powered search into Bing. It eventually integrated this tech into the mobile versions of Edge. It works like most chatbots. You ask it for something, and it’ll search the web for you. It’s not 100% accurate, so we recommend fact-checking, but it seems to be fairing better in its early days than Google Bard. We expect Microsoft to continue pressing its lead in the AI space, and you can be a part of it with this browser.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

It’s not a name-brand AI, but SwiftKey has long used AI to help with better predictions and stronger auto correct.

Pricing: Free

Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

What we like:

It works excellently, with good auto correction and decent word predictions.

There is a data backup system so you can bring what it learns with you to new devices.

The app is entirely free, with no in-app purchases.

Microsoft fully intends to add ChatGPT support.

What we don’t like:

Limited themes and lack of Material You make other keyboards more customizable.

It can be a bit clunky to use compared to the relatively smoothness of Gboard.

Pricing: Free / $7.99 per week / $59.99 per year

Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

What we like:

It works well and is reasonably quick.

The streamlined UI looks nice and makes responses easy to read.

Works in most languages and with most questions.

What we don’t like:

This is one of the more expensive examples of a ChatGPT-powered chatbot.

Some more complex questions may return errors.

Nova is another good example of ChatGPT in an app format alongside the previously mentioned Ask AI. It uses ChatGPT-3.5 to answer user questions, and it does so pretty well. We asked a few dozen different things and the answers were correct. While we didn’t have any problems with it, some other users have reported that overly complex questions may return an error code, so that’s something you’ll want to test for. Otherwise, it looks like most AI chatbot apps. It’s just a single conversation box where you ask questions and get answers. The free version is limited, and the premium version is fairly expensive. There is no lifetime access here like there is with Ask AI.

Genie (Google Play and iOS) is also pretty good in this space, and if Nova or Ask AI isn’t working, give that one a try.

Pricing: Free / $3.99 per month / $39.99 per year (add $3.99 per month for the AI chatbot)

Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

What we like:

One of the few apps that can do AI-powered image filters and also a ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot.

Hundreds of millions of people use it, making it a popular messaging service on top of its AI capabilities.

The filters vary widely and change consistently.

What we don’t like:

The added cost doesn’t make it any less expensive than other ChatGPT-powered chatbots.

If Snapchat isn’t your thing, then it isn’t your thing. The chatbot won’t change that.

Snapchat is a popular messaging service when you don’t factor in any AI stuff. However, the service has long been a bastion of AI-powered image filters, and the inclusion of its My AI chatbot with ChatGPT puts it ahead of most other services in terms of AI usage. By now, most of you know how Snapchat works. You take pictures or videos, send them to friends, and use that to communicate. Many people covert their Snapchat streaks, and the premium version can let you keep them even if you miss a day. We’re sure other services will catch up in the coming months, but for now, Snapchat sits alone at the top of the AI hill when it comes to messaging.

Pricing: Free

Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

What we like:

A unique use of AI. It lets you take pictures of your homework and then connects you to resources to help you do it.

It has a variety of resources for students trying to learn new things.

There is support for several types of math, science, history, and literature.

What we don’t like:

It’s not powered by a name-brand AI.

The iOS version of the app is more consistently updated than the Android version.

Socratic is an excellent educational app from Google. You take a picture of a piece of homework that you’re having issues with. The app then finds the resources to help you solve the problem. Its aim is to help teach you concepts, so it won’t do your homework for you. You can ask it questions about the subjects it supports, and it’ll use online resources to tell you the answer, much like how today’s ChatGPT bots do it. It’s ahead of its time, and we think Google will eventually migrate this over to Bard when it’s ready. It’s a prime candidate for it.

Pricing: Free / Bot prices vary

Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

What we like:

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps in the world. Tons of people use it.

There are a few ChatGPT-enabled bots that you can add to WhatsApp conversations.

They work just as well as the AI chatbot apps on this list, which means you can get the same functionality without another app.

What we don’t like:

Chatbot prices vary but are usually pretty expensive.

Competitors like Telegram also have plenty of chatbots, so this isn’t unique to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp (and Telegram) have several ChatGPT-powered chatbots that you can add to your app for the AI chatbot experience. They work a lot like the standalone AI chatbot apps on this list. You ask it questions or talk to it, and it answers you. They work about as well, which makes sense because they’re using the same ChatGPT to perform the work. The bots aren’t free, so you can only have limited interactions while using the free versions. Unfortunately, the pricing structures are a bit weird, with some limitations you don’t see in standalone apps. In either case, WhatsApp and Telegram users can try out ChatGPT without the need to download a separate app.

Pricing: Free / $9.99 per month / $89.99 per year / $134.99 once (iOS prices may vary)

Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

What we like:

It does what it says. You give it an image or some text, and it’ll generate some art for you.

There are multiple styles to determine how you want your art to look.

Images generated are typically of high quality in terms of metrics like resolution.

What we don’t like:

The pro version is among the most expensive, and the free version feels intentionally lackluster to help promote the full version.

Like most AI art generators, less specific inquiries may not give you the image you’re looking for.

How To Sideload Apps On Ios 9

As you’ve likely heard, iOS 9 allows you to sideload apps on to your iPhone or iPad using Xcode 7. This means that you can find an open source app, load it into Xcode, and deploy it to your device, bypassing the App Store in the process. All of this can be done without a paid developer account.

This essentially amounts to Apple “opening up” iOS to all apps. All it takes is a little knowledge of Xcode 7, an iPhone or iPad running iOS 9, and a little bit of time. Of course, there are always variations and one-offs that appear from time to time, but for the most part, sideloading apps is easy. In this post, we’ll show you how.

Note: Before we get started, be sure to only sideload apps that you trust. Since these apps are open source, look through the code if you wish to see what the app is doing. If you’re not comfortable wading through code, be sure that others have vouched for the app before deploying anything your device. Remember, these apps have not been reviewed by Apple.

This tutorial will serve as sort of a reference guide for all of our posts that involve sideloading an app. In this example I’m going to use GitHub as our source for apps.

Create a developer account

This isn’t a paid developer account, but it’s a developer account nonetheless. If you already have a developer account, you can skip this section, otherwise you want to create one now. Keep in mind that a normal Apple ID can be turned into a developer account.

Download Xcode 7

You’ll need Xcode 7 to sideload apps to your iPhone. There’s simply no way around this. Xcode 7 is a large download, so you definitely want to initiate the download as soon as possible. You can find Xcode 7 on the Mac App Store. Once you download it, launch the app and complete the setup.

Add your developer account to Xcode 7 Find the app you wish to sideload

GitHub is a great resource for open source apps. In this example, I’m going to show you how to quickly sideload an app called Gamma Thingy. This is an app that allows for changes to the iPhone’s screen gamma settings for comfortable viewing in low light settings.

Check Out the code in Xcode Connect your iOS 9 device

Connect your iPhone running iOS 9 to your Mac via USB. Select your device from the drop down box next to the project name near the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Keep in mind that it may take a while to fully process the symbol files needed for your connected device.

Build and deploy the app Untrusted Developer

) to begin the build process. Depending on the app involved, this may take a while. Once the app is built, it should appear on your iPhone’s Home screen. Unlock your device, and launch the app from your iPhone to verify that it works.

You may need to allow the app on your device before you can begin using it. To do so, go to Settings → General → Profile → Your Apple ID → and tap Trust.

Of course, there are numerous things that could potentially prevent you from successfully deploying an app to your iPhone. It could be bad code, the wrong version of iOS, the wrong version of Xcode, or any problem in between. Or, if you do get the app deployed, there could be logic errors in the code preventing it from working properly.

The point is, it may take some time for you to get this right, especially if you’ve never used Xcode before. But don’t give up, it’s very rewarding to be able to take an app that you see online, and deploy it on your own. Just be careful not to install anything that looks shady, or that hasn’t been vouched for via trusted sources or via us here at iDB.

What do you think? Do you have any additional tips or suggestions that might help our readers? Sound off and let us know.

10 Best Minecraft Apps For Android

10 Best Minecraft Apps For Android

Also Read: Best Games like Minecraft on Android

Best Minecraft apps that you can run on Android

1. Addons for Minecraft

Price: Free

Get It Here

Addons for Minecraft as the name suggests is an add on ap for Minecraft. This app features a variety of add-ons and allows you to do all types of things like you can alter how mobs look, the world appears and more. Not only this using Addons for Minecraft you can even add special items make changes to the complete world and do a lot more. Using this app is very simple. What you need to do is select the add-on you wish to use and tap install. Once you do so, the next time you run Minecraft it will be available. If you get stuck or face any problem Addons for Minecraft gives additional instructions. The best part you don’t need to pay anything to use these addons for Minecraft.

2. Builder for Minecraft PE

Get It Here

This one is a very popular app for Minecraft as it allows building things inside the app like buildings, structure houses and similar things. Builder for Minecraft PE allows players to port these things directly into your Minecraft: Pocket Edition game. Moreover, to make things quick players can select from pre-built creations. Builder for Minecraft PE even takes a backup of your map so that if things get messed up it can be restored.  Pro version of Builder for Minecraft PE offers other additional features and is ad-free.

3. Maps for Minecraft PE

Price: Free

4. Master for Minecraft

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Get It Here

This one works as a launcher for Minecraft and is one of the most powerful and popular Minecraft apps. Using Master for Minecraft a lot of game component modifications can be done within the app. Things like making yourself invincible, giving yourself the ability to fly, and more can be done via Master for Minecraft. Moreover, using Master for Minecraft you can do more than you can imagine, and we can explain here like you can change the time, weather, add mods, maps, textures, etc. Master for Minecraft is a free app but it does have in-app purchases.

5. Minecraft

Price: $6.99 with in-app purchases

Get It Here

Minecraft is a game with which most of the listed apps work with. It helps the game to receive updates and Minecraft now works with PC and Xbox One as the Pocket Edition moniker was dropped in late 2023. AS it is now compatible with PC and Xbox One you can play the same world across all three platforms.

You can get Minecraft at a very basic cost and can keep on buying different items via in-app purchase. Plus, stuff like downloadable content, renting Minecraft servers, extra stuff, is also available.

6. Mod-Master for Minecraft PE

Price: Free / $0.99

Get It Here

7. Mods Installer for Minecraft

Price: Free

Get It Here

Yet another Minecraft app for modders. This Mode Installer for Minecraft boasts the ability to install a bunch of mods and add-ons. Using this app you can search for mode by category and can install them on your own without facing any problem. To make things run smoothly you will need to install BlockLauncher.

8. Skins Editor 3D

Price: Free

Get It Here

9. Toolbox for Minecraft PE

Price: Free

Get It Here

A free app with a bunch of tools and other items that will let you heal yourself, switch from survival to creative and back again. Toolbox for Minecraft PE is a popular app that gives you the ability to teleport. A few people don’t like it because of the rapid build mode but otherwise, Toolbox for Minecraft PE is an excellent app and the features it has to offer without any cost are amazing.

10. chúng tôi for Minecraft PE

Price: Free

Get It Here is a great Minecraft app for texture pack fans. This app is not limited to texture packs, using it you can download mods, maps, and skins. However, the biggest feature for chúng tôi for Minecraft PE is the texture pack editor. Using it almost all the textures can be edited to make things look more pleasing. It’s easy to use chúng tôi for Minecraft PE but you may take a while to get accustomed. This app comes with a texture pack creator, skin creator, and an in-game tuner to tweak the actual mechanics.

Quick Reaction:

About the author

Preeti Seth

9 Best Android Applications For Web Developers

As web developers we often find the need to do some work from locations where a computer is not available or just inconvenient to use. Here are nine mobile applications that would certainly make your life easier and give you freedom to work on the go if you have an Android phone or tablet.

1. DroidEdit Pro

When it comes to text editors on Android, DroidEdit is simply the best. The application packs a lot of useful features including syntax highlighting for several popular languages, code indentation, SFTP/FTP support and code completion. A fine addition to any web developer’s mobile toolkit.

Price: $2.21 (Free version available)

2. AndFTP

Many times you just need to upload or access your files on a remote server, and there’s not a computer in sight. AndFTP allows you to do just that right from your Android smartphone. Like any typical FTP client, you can manage multiple servers and download, delete, rename or move your files. It also has support for SFTP, SCP and FTPS protocols.

Price: Free

3. VT View Source

VT View Source brings the functionality of examining the underlying code of any webpage to your phone. The application supports HTML, CSS, XHTML and JavaScript sources and can be configured to render the source code in mobile and desktop browser modes. Once you enter a URL, you are presented with the page’s source which you can save to a file for later use. You can also open source code via your browser’s “share page” functionality.

Price: Free

4. Ksweb Server

Price: $2.99 (six-day trial available)

5. Google Analytics

If you want to view analytics of your website on the go, Google Analytics for Android is a convenient way to do just that. It provides you with all of the important statistics from your account and also offers great graphical visualizations which could come in handy. This app is optimized for usage on phones and tablets, so you can practically get your analytics from anywhere.

Price: Free

6. Hackers Keyboard

Coding with the usual variation of Android keyboards could be a real hassle, especially when you are doing something intense. Hackers Keyboard brings a more traditional desktop keyboard layout to your Android device which could come in handy if you’re into shell scripting or working with the command line. Some of the apps on this list, such as Droid Edit, recommend Hackers Keyboard for the best experience.

Price: Free

7. ConnectBot SSH Client

ConnectBot is a powerful SSH client that allows you to connect to Secure Shell servers from your Android phone or tablet. It can manage simultaneous SSH sessions, create secure tunnels, and copy/paste between other applications. Linux administrators who need to administer their servers from a remote location will find this application very useful.

Price: Free

8. WebMaster HTML Editor Lite

WebMaster Lite is another very good text editor available for free on the Google Play store. It’s ideal for web developers who work with HTML, CSS JavaScript or PHP and supports code completion and syntax highlighting for those languages. It also has built-in preview features as well as multiple text encoding options.

Price: Free (Pro Version available for $4.99)

9. Terminal IDE

Terminal Ide is a complete command line application that brings a full JAVA, C++, C, HTML and Android development kit to your device. It also comes with bash, tmux, nano and git pre-installed and works with vim as well. Perhaps its best feature is the ability to log in via telnet/ssh. The only downside is its lack of support for android 5.0 Lollipop and above at the moment.

Price: Free

Ayo Isaiah

Ayo Isaiah is a freelance writer from Lagos who loves everything technology with a particular interest in open-source software. Follow him on Twitter.

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The 9 Best Sports Streaming Sites In 2023

In this article, we’re going to help you pick the best sports streaming service. We’ll analyze the most popular sports streaming sites and weigh their pros and cons. So cut the cord and cheer for your favorite teams without having to pay for multiple services.

Table of Contents

Apart from sports channels, a YouTube TV subscription includes several news and entertainment channels, making it a great overall streaming platform. And if that’s not enough, you can opt for optional add-on channels that cost extra. You can subscribe to the NBA League Pass, Fox Soccer Plus, NFL RedZone, and other sports and entertainment channels.


Live streaming in 1080p/60FPS.

Free DVR cloud storage with unlimited space and rewind/pause controls. YouTube TV saves your recordings for nine months.

Stream on up to 3 different devices simultaneously.

Create up to 6 user accounts with one subscription.

4K streaming with the optional 4K Plus add-on.

Like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV is a cable replacement streaming service that offers diverse sports channels. For a $64.99 monthly subscription, you get access to major sports channels like CBS Sports, ESPN and ESPN 2, BTN, NFL Network, and the Olympic Channel. For an additional $9.99/month, you can get the Sports add-on that expands your options with NFL RedZone, Sportsman Channel, Outdoor Channel, and more.


A mix of live and on-demand content. You get all of Hulu’s library plus more than 75 live channels.

Up to 2 devices are supported simultaneously. Optionally, you can upgrade to the Unlimited Screens plan.

Create up to six user profiles with customizable preferences.

DVR cloud storage is included but limited to 50 hours’ worth of content. For an additional $9.99 you can increase it to 200 hours.

4K Ultra HD streaming is available but limited to specific channels that support it.

FuboTV is one of the best sports streaming sites because it covers most sporting events. If you want to subscribe to a single service specifically for sports, FuboTV has you covered. Pricing starts at $64.99 per month and goes up to $79.99, but the price is worth it for sports fans. It covers a considerable number of local, national, and international events and leagues. Unfortunately, most streams are limited to 720p frame rates, and that might be a dealbreaker for some, considering other streaming services offer 1080p at least.

Nonetheless, FuboTV offers the most diverse range of sports channels. You’ll find local matches on popular broadcasting channels such as CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC, and national events on NBA TV, FS1, NBC Sports Network, The Golf Channel, and NFL Network. You can also watch live streams on international channels like TUDN and GOL TV. So whether you’re interested in basketball or horse racing, fuboTV is an excellent choice for national and international sports fans.


More than 100 channels with the starter plan and 150 channels with the elite plan.

DVR cloud storage is included but limited to 250 hours of content. The elite package extends that space to 1,000 hours.

Stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Many add-ons to choose from based on the type of sports you’re interested in.

For only $6.99/month or $70 annually, you get a lot of live sports to choose from. ESPN+ is one of the best sports streaming sites if you’re particularly interested in contact sports like MMA and boxing. It’s also probably the best option if you follow college sports, including baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and much more. Unfortunately, it somewhat lacks national and international sports compared to other streaming sites on our list.

It’s important to mention that ESPN+ doesn’t include ESPN’s core library. Its own platform that covers a wide range of sports and various in-house ESPN+ productions. However, ESPN+ had recently made a deal with the NHL to get exclusive rights to stream out-of-market NHL games. From 2023 onwards, the platform will also get NFL coverage, which it currently lacks.

Take note that ESPN+ doesn’t offer DVR cloud storage options. This is a huge downside for a streaming service. However, it’s not surprising when you look at the monthly subscription price tag.


Full HD streaming at 60 fps.

Supports up to 3 streams simultaneously.

Offline content can be downloaded on the mobile app.

If you’re already familiar with CBS All Access, you’ll know what you can expect from Paramount+, its successor. Paramount+ has one of the most diverse sports programming lineups you can get for the low $9.99 premium subscription. It’s probably the best budget-friendly deal you can get.

Paramount+ streams live football, basketball, golf, soccer, and more. Watch local NFL games, the NCAA Basketball Championship, UEFA Champions League, and Europa League, and you also get access to CBS Sports HQ as part of the subscription.


Full HD streaming at 60 fps.

Some events and shows are available in 4K with HDR and Dolby Vision support.

Supports up to 3 simultaneous streams.

Create and customize up to 6 user accounts.

Download content for offline viewing.


Full HD streaming for all tiers

Supports 3 simultaneous streams

Supports multiple user profiles that can be customized  

Sling TV is a cable replacement service that offers extensive programming options. It offers two different packages, Orange and Blue, that you can combine. There are also add-ons you can subscribe to for more variety. 

The Orange plan is $35 per month, but it only offers ESPN sports coverage. You’ll have to pay $50 for both packages if you also want full NFL coverage and another $10 for the Sports Extra plan for the MLB Network, NBA TV, Golf Channel, and NHL Network. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of regional and local sports channels.

Sling TV may seem expensive at first for sports fans, but if you combine all three plans to unlock all the sports programming you want the price comes close to YouTube TV’s offer. The downside is 4K live streams are unavailable.


Full HD streaming.

Up to 3 simultaneous streams for Sling Blue. Orange is limited to 1 device.

DVR cloud storage for up to 50 hours. You can extend it to 200 hours for $5. The content is saved indefinitely.

Formerly AT&T TV, DirectTV is a viable sports streaming site, although there are some limitations. The subscription starts at $69.99 per month, and it covers the big broadcasting channels, but there are no regional sports networks included. To access RSNs you need to pay for the $84.99 plan. 

That said, DirectTV allows 20 simultaneous streams, which is unheard of on other sports streaming sites. Additionally, you get 3 simultaneous streams outside of your home network. So if you have lots of people to share your account with, the cost of a subscription is worth it.


Full HD streaming but no 4K.

Up to 20 simultaneous streams at home and up to 3 streams away from the home network.

DVR cloud storage for up to 20 hours. Can be extended to unlimited storage space for a fee. Data retention is limited to 90 days.

If all you care about is the NFL, you should subscribe for an NFL Game Pass plan. Until July 2023, you can even opt for a free plan that gives you access to the NFL Network Live. But that’s not the real reason why we recommend this sports streaming site to football fans.

NFL Game Pass is the only streaming service that gives you full access to replays of every single NFL game in the country no matter where you live. Also, there are no regional broadcasting restrictions.

If you aren’t a huge fan of replays, you can also follow the 2023 Super Bowl live, and you get access to NFL RedZone as well. Additionally, you can watch 5-minute game highlights and previews.

The only major downside of NFL Game Pass is the price for the premium subscription. To unlock all the NFL games you want, you must buy the $205.99 annual subscription plan. Fortunately, you can opt to pay it in four installments.  

Features What About Free Sports Streaming Sites?

The only free sports streaming sites worth your time are those that are included with a certain streaming service package. For example, Fox Sports is a free service, but it’s only available as part of other networks. 


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