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Getting your business up and running as a new Amazon seller can be daunting.

You must invest in top-notch Amazon marketing tools to get the most out of your online store.

To help you out, here is a list of the top Amazon seller tools currently accessible, both free and paid.

Amazon Marketing Solutions 1. Amazon Ads

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads.

Headline Search Ads.

Amazon Product Display Ads.

Outside Of Amazon 2. Helium 10

Among the many Amazon FBA seller tools available, Helium 10 stands out as a top choice.

Marketing itself as “The Industry’s First All-in-One Amazon Software,” it provides resources for:

Market Analysis.

Keyword Research.

Search Engine Optimization For Listings.





Black Box is Helium 10’s primary specialty research tool, providing you with all the specifics to find profitable product-selling prospects.

Rather than having to go through individual product listings on Amazon to find this information, Black Box provides:

The average monthly sales of a product.

What percentage of vendors offer it.

How well-received it is among its users.

Annually, Helium 10 costs somewhere from:

Starter: $29 per month.

Platinum: $84 per month.

Diamond: $209 per month.

Elite: $399 per month.

3. PPC Entourage

You should check out PPC Entourage.

It highlights essential elements for a successful PPC campaign.

Additionally, it includes resources for locating the ideal keywords for your Amazon listings.

4. Refersion

Refersion is a rapidly-growing affiliate management system with more than 500,000 clients. As recently as August/September 2023, its Amazon Affiliate Marketing Marketplace helps active Amazon Affiliates scale their offerings by promoting their Amazon Marketplace with publishers, influencers, and other third-party affiliate style channels.

Amazon marketers can work with Refersion to convert loyal customers into sales affiliates and monitor their real-time performance.

With its flexible settings and optimization tools, you can achieve the results you want in no time.

The Refersion platform functions similarly to other affiliate marketing tools.

5. Nautical Commerce

Nautical is the only fully-featured multi-vendor marketplace platform that integrates retail, financial technology, and supply chain management.

It’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for setting up and growing online marketplaces for B2B companies, brands, and merchants.

Nautical allows you to rapidly and cheaply create a marketplace that shoppers and dealers love.

6. Buy with Prime

Online stores can expand their consumer base by providing buyers with the same streamlined, hassle-free checkout experience that Amazon Prime subscribers enjoy.

You can use Buy with Prime at any online store, not just Amazon.

7. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an end-to-end solution for Amazon sellers, covering every step of the process, from sourcing products to marketing them.

Using Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database, you can easily track down a reliable supplier of the product you intend to market.

If you want to take your Amazon FBA business to the next level, then you can rely on the reliable statistics provided by Jungle Scout.

However, if you’re interested in trying out Jungle Scout before subscribing, you can do so for free for seven days.

Prices for Jungle Scout start at:

Basic: $29 per month.

Suite: $49 per month.

Professional: $84 per month.

8. EcomBalance

EcomBalance is the best accounting software you can find if you own an online store.

Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, two seasoned ecommerce professionals, started and currently lead the business.

They were high-volume Amazon sellers for six years before launching and scaling chúng tôi to eight figures and selling it in 2023.

EcomBalance takes care of all of your bookkeeping concerns. It integrates Quickbooks Online or Xero with your various sales platforms, financial institutions, credit card processors, and payment gateways.

Then, on the 15th of each month, it oversees all the bookkeeping tasks that need completion to have accurate financial statements.

When you sign up for EcomBalance, you get one month of service for free, and its prices are reasonable for companies of any size.

Consider using EcomBalance if you want to save time each month by automating your bookkeeping and better understanding your financial data.

9. Inventory Lab

Inventory Lab is a must-have tool for managing your stock, listing products, shipping orders, and calculating profits if you’re an Amazon seller.

With this software, you can track inventory levels by SKU (stock-keeping unit), analyze product profitability by SKU, and add unit expenses.

It simplifies your operations, allowing you to put more energy into expanding your business’s stock and customer base.

Bottom Line

Many resources are accessible for market analysis, discovering new products, optimizing listings, tracking sales, and more.

Whether you’re just starting or have been selling on Amazon for a while, this comprehensive list of the finest Amazon seller tools will help you make the perfect choice for your online store.

More resources:

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5 Useful Tools To Help You Plan Your Marketing Strategies

The right tools can make it easier to plan your marketing strategy but also improve the results you get from your activity

Leveraging tools can help you plan your marketing strategies more easily, but they can also help you improve your plan’s results.

But there are so many tools today that it can be difficult to pick the right ones. Meanwhile, picking the wrong tools would lead to waste of money – and precious time.

Download our Individual Member Resource – Digital marketing strategy guide

By using the comprehensive, easy-to-follow strategies in this guide, you really will take your results to the next level.

Access the Digital marketing strategy guide

In this blog posts, I’ve compiled five useful tools that can help you plan your marketing strategies; you’ll not only find some useful planning tools that you can use for all of your marketing plans, but also tools that target specific marketing strategies:

1. Trello

Despite Trello being mostly known for its team collaboration tools, it can be your best partner for planning content marketing. With its simple kanban view, you can map out all the stages of your content marketing on a board.

These stages can be represented by lists which include:






Every team member is aware of their tasks and can post updates on cards when they’re through or have challenges. It’s also easy to move a card representing a particular piece of content through the different stages with the drag-and-drop feature.

With Trello, you can add a card for a particular piece of content, provide a detailed brief, add links, and attach all the necessary files needed to create a piece of content.

You can create lists that show the different stages, from the ideas stage and up until your content is published. As you move your card through these lists from left to right, you can tag different team members who need to work on your piece of content at a particular stage.

And this is just one way to use Trello – just like you’ve seen with content marketing plans, you can use Trello to plan pretty much any type of marketing plan you want. Plus, you might even find some ready-made templates; simply google your keywords + Trello template to see if there are any available that you can use for your plans.

3. Evernote

To plan your marketing campaigns effectively, you need to collate ideas and save all the documents you need in one place. If you’re looking for a tool that helps with this, look no further than Evernote.

While working on pieces of content with your team members, you can create a shared notebook where every member can add their ideas towards the tasks. You can also post briefs for some pieces of content.

Evernote provides a web clipper browser extension that allows you to save articles and ideas related to your content. With the context feature, you can find related ideas to those in your notes already.

This tool will go through reputable sources online to find similar ideas. It can also search through your past notes to find ideas.

Apart from collecting ideas in one place for your team, Evernote has other features that help to plan and execute some of your marketing strategies, such as content marketing. For instance, you can create a checklist of your content marketing process.

This will guide your team members from the idea stage right until you publish your articles. Along with this, you can also set reminders for different tasks.

If your team uses Google Drive, you can integrate it with Evernote and get access to your documents and other files in Google Drive.

3. Agorapulse

To achieve your goals on social media, you need to be consistent in terms of sharing content and engaging with followers. However, it can take a lot of time to do this manually.

But with a tool like Agorapulse, you can plan your social media activities ahead of a week or even a month. With this, your marketing team can spend just a little time, achieve better results, and have time for other marketing activities.

How does Agorapulse help you to plan your social media campaigns?

First of all, it has a scheduling feature that allows you to set up your social media posts ahead of time. On your account, you can see the social media calendar which shows all your posts and publication dates.

It even allows you to create a queue for different types of social media updates like blog posts, podcasts, curated content, etc.

Added to that, you can reschedule a particular post over a period. This is a good feature if you’re trying to draw more attention to an important page on your website.

If you have a CSV file of your social media updates, Agorapulse allows you to import it to schedule those posts according to your needs.

Apart from that, you can also import updates from a website, or import your images.

To run a social media team effectively, there must be a system in place for collaboration. With a tool like this, you have the ability to assign various tasks on your social media calendar to different team members.

Lastly, Agorapulse provides detailed analytics about your current performance and the type of content that are likely to perform well. As a result of this, you can shape your plans to get better results in the future.

4. CoSchedule

With a tool like CoSchedule, this process can become easier. This tool provides an email strategy template that helps to map out all stages of your email marketing campaigns.

You can enter the buyer persona that shows the details of your ideal subscriber. Added to that, you have the option to add details about your different drip campaigns and the content type for various segments.

Another useful detail to add is your email frequency and the schedule for sending these emails. You can also map out how to go about A/B tests for different parts of your emails. With all these details, you have a solid plan for your email campaigns.

But you even get more than that. Integrations with email service providers are available to help you send and manage your emails from CoSchedule dashboard.

You can then select dates to schedule your emails.

After going through the process, you have an overview of your calendar, when an email will be sent, and by who.

What’s more, you can use CoSchedule to plan all of your marketing strategies in one place; you can collaborate with your team, create team schedules, and even publish some of your content and monitor your results.

5. Ahrefs

These are:

Finding valuable keywords

Creating great content that can rank for them

Building backlinks to help the page rank

Using this tool, you can find details about a keyword you’re trying to rank for. This will provide insights into whether the keyword is worth ranking for.

After doing this, you can then see pages that are currently ranking for your target keyword. With this, you can see the level of competition for this keyword. You can go through the high-ranking pages to understand why they rank high.

You can also see the pages that are linking to these top-ranking pages. Consequently, you have enough knowledge to form your link building strategy.

Furthermore, these pieces of information are available in CSV format if you want to keep a permanent copy. With the information you get from Ahrefs, it’s easier to plan your search engine optimization strategy.


To plan your marketing strategies successfully, you need the right tools to help first. The tools outlined here will assist in making solid plans for different aspects of your marketing campaigns.

Use these tools to plan your marketing strategies today and executing your campaigns will become easier. Consequently, you’ll be able to hit your marketing goals faster and more efficiently.

Top 9 Open Source Security Testing Tools (2023)

Security testing tools protect web apps, databases, servers, and machines from many threats and vulnerabilities. The best penetration testing tools come with API for easy integrations, provide multiple deployment options, wide programming language support, detailed scanning capabilities, automatic vulnerability detection, proactive monitoring, etc.

We have compiled a list of the 9 best security testing tools for you.

Top Open Source Security Testing Tools

“ Security testing tools can go a long way in helping you find vulnerabilities, improve reliability, prevent data breaches, and increase the trust of your customers. Choose the security tool that satisfies all your needs, integrates with your existing tech stack. An ideal security testing service should be able to test all your apps, servers, databases, and websites. ”

1) ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus – Best for enterprise threat and vulnerability management

Vulnerability Manager Plus is an integrated threat and vulnerability management solution that secures your enterprise network from exploits by instantly detecting vulnerabilities and remediating them. 

Vulnerability Manager Plus offers a plethora of security features such as security configuration management, automated patching module, high-risk software audit, web server hardening, and many more to secure your network endpoints from being breached.


Assess & prioritize exploitable and impactful vulnerabilities with a risk-based vulnerability assessment for multiple platforms, third-party applications, and network devices.

Automatically deploy patches to Windows, macOS, Linux.

Identify zero-days vulnerabilities and implement workarounds before fixes arrive.

Continually detect & remediate misconfigurations with security configuration management.

Gain security recommendations to set up web servers in a way that’s free from multiple attack variants.

Audit end-of-life software, peer-to-peer, insecure remote desktop sharing software, and active ports in your network.

2) Burp Suite – Best for integrating your existing apps

Burp Suite is one the best security and penetration testing tools that provide fast scans, robust API, and tools to manage your security needs. It offers multiple plans to quickly meet the needs of different business sizes. It provides features to easily visualize the evolution of your security posture by using deltas and many other modifications.

More than 60,000 security professionals trust this security testing tool for detecting vulnerabilities, defending against brute force attacks, etc. You can use its GraphQL API to start, schedule, cancel, update scans, and receive precise data with complete flexibility. It actively checks for various parameters to adjust the frequency of concurrent security scans automatically.


Automated OAST (Out-of-band application security testing) helps in the detection of many vulnerabilities

You can integrate with platforms like Jenkins and TeamCity to visually show all vulnerabilities in your dashboard

Offers tools to create a multi-user system and provide different capabilities, access, and rights to users

Integrate manually created Burp Suite Pro setups into your fully automated enterprise environment

Vulnerability Detection: Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, XML external entity injection, etc.

API: Yes

Automated Scanning: Yes

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Allows you to specify the maximum link depth for the crawling vulnerabilities Not beginner friendly and requires much time to understand its working.

Configure scanning speeds to limit the resource consumption

Built-in Repeater, Decoder, Sequencer, and Compare tools

Key Specs:

Open Source: Yes

3) SonarQube – Best for multiple programming languages

Its Issue Visualizer helps track the problem across multiple methods and files and assists in faster problem-solving. It offers full support for 25+ popular programming languages. It has 3 closed-source paid plans for enterprise and data server level security testing.


Identifies errors by continuously working in the background through its deployment tools

Displays critical issues like memory leaks when applications tend to crash or run out of memory

Provides feedback on the quality of the code that helps programmers to improve their skills

Accessibility tools to check the issues from one code file to another

Vulnerability Detection: Cross-site scripting, Gain privilege, Directory traversal, etc.

API: Yes

Automated Scanning: Yes

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Integrates directly with an IDE with the help of its SonarLint plugin Time-consuming initial setup, configuration, and management

Detects code issues and alerts the developers automatically for fixing the code

In-built support to set different rules for specific projects or teams

Key Specs:

Open Source: Yes

4) Zed Attack Proxy – Best for finding vulnerabilities in web applications

ZAP or Zed Attack Proxy penetration testing tool developed by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). It is easy to discover and solve vulnerabilities in web applications. You can use it to find most of the top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities effortlessly. You get complete development control using its API and Daemon mode.

ZAP is an ideal proxy between the client’s web browser and your server. You can this tool to monitor all communications and intercept malicious attempts. It provides REST-based API that can be used to integrate it with your technology stack easily.


ZAP records all requests and responses through web scans and provides alerts for any issues detected

Enables Integration of security testing into the CI/CD pipeline with the help of its Jenkins Plugin

Fuzzer helps you to Inject a JavaScript payload to expose vulnerabilities in your app

Custom Script Add-on allows running scripts inserted into ZAP to access internal data structures

Vulnerabilities Detection: Security miss-configuration, Broken authentication, Sensitive data exposure, etc.

API: Yes

Automated Scanning: Yes

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Customizable parameters to ensure flexible scan policy administration Difficult to use for beginners due to lack of GUI-based Interface

Traditional and AJAX web crawlers scan every page of web applications.

Robust Command Line Interface to ensure high customizability

Key Specs:

Open Source: Yes

5) w3af – Best for generating data-rich security reports

w3af is an open-source security testing tool ideal for identifying and resolving vulnerabilities in web apps. You can use this tool to detect 200+ vulnerabilities in websites effortlessly. It provides an easy-to-use GUI, a robust online knowledge base, highly engaged online community, and a blog to assist beginners and experienced professionals.

You can use it to perform security tests and generate data-rich security reports. It helps you to defend against various attacks, including SQL injection attempts, code injection, and brute force attacks. You can use its plugin-based architecture to add/remove features/functionality based on your needs.


Provides solutions for testing multiple vulnerabilities, including XSS, SQLI, and CSF, among others

Sed plugin helps modify requests and responses using various regular expressions

GUI-based expert tools help in the effortless crafting and sending of custom HTTP requests

Fuzzy and Manual Request Generator feature eliminates problems associated with Manual Web Application Testing

Vulnerability Detection: LDAP injection, SQL injection, XSS injection


Automated Scanning: No

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Supports a variety of file types, including console, email, HTML, XML, and text No in-built API to create and manage integrations

Specify a default username and password to access and crawl restricted areas

Helps detect PHP misconfigurations, unhandled application errors, and more.

Key Specs:

Open Source: Yes

6) Wapiti – Best open-source vulnerability detector


Generates data-driven vulnerability reports in HTML, XML, JSON, TXT, etc.

Authentication of login forms using the Basic, Digest, NTLM, or GET/POST methods.

You can pause any active security scans and resume them later

It crawls your websites and conducts “black-box” scans for proper security testing

Vulnerability Detection: Shellshock or Bash bug, SSRF, XXE injection, etc.


Automated Scanning: No

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It creates data-driven vulnerability reports in various formats like HTML, XML, JSON, TXT, etc. It lacks support for automated vulnerability scanning.

Provides complete control over the frequency of concurrent HTTP requests

You can effortlessly import cookies with the help of the wapiti-get cookie Tool

Key Specs:

Open Source: Yes

7) Snyk – Best security platform for protecting code

Snyk is an ideal tool for detecting code vulnerabilities even before deployment. It can be integrated into IDEs, reports, and workflows. Sync uses logic programming principles to spot security vulnerabilities as code is written. You can also utilize their self-learning resources to improve application security testing.

Snyk’s built-in intelligence dynamically adjusts scanning frequency based on various server-wide parameters. It has pre-built integrations for Jira, Microsoft Visual Studio, GitHub, CircleCI, etc. This Tool provides multiple pricing plans to meet the unique needs of different business scales.


Allows bulk code testing to discover patterns and identify potential vulnerabilities

Automatically keeps track of deployed projects and code and alerts when new vulnerabilities are detected

Provides users with the ability to alter the security automation feature

Direct dependency fix suggestions to improve triaging of transitive vulnerability

Vulnerability Detections: Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, XML external entity injection, etc.

API: Yes

Automated Scanning: Yes

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Multiple plans to meet your varied business needs Poor documentation that is not ideal for beginners

Allows filtering and reporting options to get accurate security information

Provides intelligent, actionable steps/recommendations to fix all vulnerabilities

Key Specs:

Open Source: Yes

8) Vega – Best for monitoring server-client communications

Vega is a powerful, open-source tool f security testing on various platforms. It helps identify vulnerabilities and potential threats by providing valuable warnings. You can use it as a proxy to control communication between a server and a browser. It protects your servers from various security risks, such as SQL injections and brute force attacks.


Performs SSL interceptions and analyzes all client-server communications.

Provides a tactical inspection tool that includes an automatic scanner for regular testing

Automatically log into websites when user credentials are provided

Proxy feature enables it to block requests from a browser to the web application server

Vulnerability Detections: Blind SQL injection, Header injection, Shell injection, etc.

API: Yes

Automated Scanning: Yes

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Built-in support for automated, manual, and hybrid security testing The relatively high number of false positives

Actively scans all pages requested by the user through proxy

Flexibility to manually enter the base URL or select an existing target scope

Key Specs:

Open Source: Yes

9) SQLMap – Best for detecting SQL vulnerabilities

It automatically recognizes passwords with a hash and supports coordinating a dictionary attack to crack them. You can secure various database management systems like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, etc.


Periodically searched for vulnerabilities using stacked queries, time-based, error-based SQL queries, etc.

It automatically obtains the current database information, the session user, and the DBMS banner

Testers can easily simulate multiple attacks to check system stability and discover server vulnerabilities

Attacks that are supported include enumerating users, and password hashes as well as brute-forcing table

Vulnerability Detections: Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, XML external entity injection, etc.


Automated Scanning: Yes

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It provides an ETA for every query with immense granularity It is not ideal for testing web pages, applications, etc.

Secure DBMS credentials allowing direct login without needing to inject SQL No Graphic User Interface is available.

Efficient bulk database operations, including dumping complete database tables.

Key Specs:

Open Source: Yes

10) Kali Linux – Best for injecting and password snipping

Kali Linux is an ideal security penetration testing tool for load testing, ethical hacking, and discovering unknown vulnerabilities. Active online communities can assist you in solving all your issues and queries. You can use it to perform sniffing, digital forensics, and WLAN/LAN vulnerability assessment. The Kali NetHunter is a mobile penetration testing software for Android smartphones.


In-depth documentation with relevant information for beginners as well as veterans

Provides many penetrations testing features for your web application, simulates attacks, and performs vulnerability analysis

Live USB Boot Drives can be used for testing without interfering with the host operating system

Vulnerability Detections: Brute Force Attacks, Network Vulnerabilities, Code Injections, etc.


Automated Scanning: Yes

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Stays active all the time to detect and understand common patterns in hacking attempts No API is available.

Kali Undercover works in the background being unnoticeable in daily usage.

Network Mapping can be used to find loopholes in network security.

Key Specs:

Open Source: Yes


The best tools for security testing are:

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

Burp Suite


Zed Attack Proxy



Here are essential features of Security Testing Tools:

Language Support: The best security tools must be available in all the programming languages you might need for your technological needs.

Automated Scanning: It should be capable of automatic scans and adjusting scan frequency based on external parameters.

Penetration Testing: Your selected Tool should have proper built-in penetration testing software to perform a penetration test and discover vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities Analyzed: It must be capable of discovering all vulnerabilities in your particular use case, like web security, app security, database security, etc. To find tools that suit your needs, consider exploring these top 5 penetration testing tools.

Open Source: You should opt for a security testing tool with entirely open-source code to ensure easy detection of security flaws inside the Tool

Best Open Source Security Testing Tools

9 Funny Chrome Extensions To Prank Your Friends

You don’t need to wait until April Fool’s Day to be a complete nuisance and play pranks on your friends. One of the many ways in which you can celebrate the art of mischief is by sneaking onto your friend’s/enemy’s/colleague’s computer and barraging their browser with all manner of funny prank extensions. Here are our top picks that will leave you laughing at the expense of your poor victims.

1. Edit Anything

This one’s a gem. Using the Edit Anything extension, you can modify the text on any website you visit – from news sites to Twitter. This offers endless opportunities, whether it’s customizing your friend’s Twitter feed so that it looks like Ryan Gosling is tweeting them to say “hello” or, as demonstrated in the picture, changing news stories.

2. Cornify

If you’re feeling particularly mean, you can pretend like it’s a symptom of the dreaded “Unicorn” virus. (Maybe after fabricating a “Unicorn virus” news story using the previous extension?) Refresh the page to stop the unicorns.

3. Prank ’em

The Prank ’em extension offers a wide variety of tools to prank your friends, such as a blur screen, black and white, hidden cursor, and more. The extension lets you customize the time and area of the screen you want to affect. Your unfortunate friends will wonder just what the heck is going on.

My personal favorites are hiding the cursor and blur; they aren’t obviously pranks, and they’ll more than likely result in a lot of confusion and frustration. Just don’t let the joke go on too long! Pranks like these could make someone really mad.

4. Nicolas Cage Replacer

Nicolas Cage Replacer is an extension that replaces every image in Chrome with a picture of Nicolas Cage. Your friends will likely immediately realize they’re being pranked or will think they have a virus related to Nicolas Cage. While this prank may not last long, its brief life will boggle minds and make them think like art is meant to do.

To use the extension, install it and open a new tab with the website containing pictures you want to replace with Nicholas Cage. Similar extensions to try: Caged and Ncage.

5. Cenafy

Cenafy is an extension that rolls a 1/100 chance for the user to be hit with a face full of unexpected Cena every time they load a new web page. If you don’t know about this meme, stop reading right now and watch this video.

This extension is completely ridiculous; it’s hidden deep in Extensions, and nobody will ever see it coming. It’s not an extension you can install and immediately see the fruits of, but it is an extension you can install on your roommate’s laptop. It’s an extension you can hear blaring “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA” from the other room while your roommate shouts in confusion, just wanting to watch Netflix.

6. Awesome Prank Extension 7. Web Prank – Replace the Internet

As the name suggests, the Web Prank extension replaces any word with its substitute. You can create fake screenshots, rename friends on social media, change celebrity names, and much more with this extension.

Similar word substitute extensions to try are Millennials to Snake People and Millennials Begone.

8. Crazy Page

The Crazy Page extension will make the web page go bonkers. Your friend will be surprised to see the web page turn into an animated, rainbow-colored page with a weird cursor. Be careful! It may freak them out too much.

9. Hair on Screen

Who doesn’t hate it when they see random hair or a dust particle on their screen? With the Hair on Screen extension, you can add digital hair to your friend’s laptop. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to remove it (because it doesn’t exist). This extension works best on pages with a white background.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. How do I access Chrome extensions quickly? 2. How do I remove a Chrome extension? Joke Around

After pranking your friends with these funny Chrome extensions, learn how to speed up Chrome with extensions and check out the best Chrome extensions for productivity and students.

Mehvish Mushtaq

Mehvish is a tech lover from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, she’s always been happy to help anyone who finds technology challenging. She’s been writing about technology for over six years, and her favorite topics include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media, and web apps.

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9 Ways To Record Gameplay On Your Pc

Why not share your epic gaming moments with friends by recording your gameplay? You might even discover a love for creating gameplay content and end up becoming a streamer.

The PC vs. console gaming debate is almost as old as gaming itself, but PC gaming remains popular. You can go on a nostalgia trip playing Windows 95 games on a new PC. You have a massive selection of affordable games thanks to platforms like Steam and GoG, and you can create pro gaming YouTube videos. These are just some examples that keep PC gaming in such high graces, but you probably don’t need any convincing. That’s why you’re here.

Table of Contents

1. Xbox Game Bar

Your Windows 11 PC comes with a simple gameplay recording tool called Xbox Game Bar. Despite the Xbox branding, this feature works great on your gaming PC and lets you record gameplay at 1080p resolution and 60 FPS. Also, you can change the video quality to 720p and 30fps.

Price: Free

2. Nvidia Shadowplay

Shadowplay lets you record your gameplay footage at your monitor’s native resolution. Just press the record button. If you have an HD monitor, it will record at 1080p, and if you have a 4K monitor, it will record at 4K. It’s straightforward and beginner-friendly, plus you can use it to stream your content as well. Additionally, it relies on your GPU, so your CPU will have more resources available for the game and other processes.

Read more on using Nvidia Shadowplay to record and share game videos. 

Price: Free

3. Radeon ReLive

AMD created its own free game recording software, just like Nvidia. So if you have an AMD graphics card, you can use Radeon ReLive. The principle is the same as with NVIDIA’s Shadowplay. It uses the GPU for recording instead of the CPU, and it can record up to 4K resolution.

It even handles video upscaling well, allowing you to record footage at 4K despite having a 1080 monitor. The only downside is the lack of features you find in a dedicated recording tool.

Price: Free

Bandicam is one of the best game recording apps out there. It’s been used for many years by beginners and professionals alike. It’s not free, but there is a trial available, so you can decide if it’s the right screen recorder for you. 

With a one-time license purchase of $39.95, you get a dedicated video recording tool. Bandicam records at high frame rates and 4K resolution, but it gives you a lot of control over the quality of the video. It includes compression features that let you reduce the file size without affecting the quality too much. It’s more than just a gameplay footage recorder. It’s a great overall screen capture tool.

Bandicam allows you to resize the screen capture area however you want. You can use it for activities other than gaming. It even comes with “around the mouse” recording mode, so you can track your cursor while recording a tutorial or an instructional video. Overall, Bandicam remains one of the top screen capture tools for PC gaming and general use.  

Price: Free with watermark and limited recording time. $39.95 for the full version.

Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS for short, is a free open source video recording tool that includes streaming capabilities. It’s one of the best ways to record PC gameplay if you want some premium features for free.

OBS Studio is a professional screen capture tool, despite being free. That means it also comes with a learning curve, so it’s not as straightforward to use as the programs above. The main reason why it’s not the most user-friendly option is because of the number of settings and features, as well as the UI.

That said, you have complete control over what you’re recording and how. And if you get bored of the default features and settings, you can download one of the many plugins that will boost your experience. As the cherry on top, it also lets you add your unique watermark to the video, which is usually a premium feature with other professional gameplay recording tools.

Price: Free

Action! developed by Mirillis is a professional gameplay recording software with many features. In addition to the modern, user-friendly interface, streaming capability, and 4K recording, Action! offers Greenscreen mode and the Time-Shift feature to give you more gameplay capture options. 

As you probably guessed, Greenscreen mode will automatically remove the background while you record. But what makes it interesting is that it works well with any color as long as it’s solid and even. You don’t necessarily have to buy an actual green screen. All you need is a camera or even a webcam, and the recording software will do the rest.

The Time-Shift feature is probably the coolest addition to gameplay recording. Did you ever experience a truly epic moment in your favorite game and wished you recorded it? Well, now you won’t miss those moments anymore because Time-Shift will let you go back and capture everything that happened up to 10 minutes ago. The only downside is that you’re limited to HD recording in this case. 

Price: Free 30-day trial and $29.95 for a lifetime license

That said, Movavi Screen Recorder is an excellent choice for recording gameplay because of the many post-processing options you get. You can instantly convert your video into a GIF, you can cut and combine videos without any video-editing experience, and you can add a wide variety of special effects, including animated text. And if that’s not enough, Movavi has an effects store where you can buy packs of unique transitions, sock videos, gradients, and even YouTube packs. 

Price: Free with a watermark or $44.95 for a 1-year license

If you want an easy-to-use gameplay recorder without spending time customizing any features or playing with the video editor, D3DGear might be the right tool for you. Install it and record your PC gameplay. That’s pretty much it. D3DGear will automatically detect your game, so you just need to hit the record key without fiddling with the settings.

The user interface looks somewhat outdated, you don’t get any cool post-processing options, and there are barely any features to play with. That said, D3DGear does its job by recording video and compressing it in real-time. It saves a lot of room on your hard drive, and it also relies on GPU acceleration not to put any strain on your CPU.

Price: Free 15-day trial and $29.85 for the full version

Fraps is a blast from the past that is still alive and kicking. It’s one of the best game recording tools for Windows because it’s a straightforward program that has stood the test of time. If you played World of Warcraft at its peak, you already know about Fraps because it was used to capture so many epic moments.

That said, Fraps is a simple game recording software without any bells and whistles. Its user interface looks outdated, and it doesn’t have any cool features. Like D3DGear, its job is to record gameplay and take screenshots. Also, you can record your voice or audio separately to add it later to the gameplay video. The only major downside is that it lacks video compression.

Price: Free with watermark and record time-limited or $37 lifetime license

Record Your Epic Video Game Moments!

With so many free and premium game recording options, you don’t have to lose the most fun and epic moments in your favorite games. Start recording your gameplay and take screenshots using one of the above tools and share your videos with your friends. You can even stick to the built-in Windows, Nvidia, and AMD software because they’re more than enough for this purpose.

If you want to create gameplay tutorials or creative gameplay videos, try one of the professional options on our list, like Action! and Open Broadcaster Software. With video editing features and special effects integrated into the video recording software, you can create entertaining videos for your YouTube channel. You can even use these tools to stream your gameplay on Twitch.

9 Mobile Apps To Easily Share Your Location With Your Family

There are times you don’t want others to know your whereabouts, but there are also times when it’s a good idea. For those times when you do, you can share your location using one of the specialized apps that are currently available to download and install. This post rounds up some of the best apps you can get on your phone to share your location with your family.

1. Life360

Price: Free / $11.99 per month

The app also has an option that lets you check in so that everyone else in the group knows when you’ve made it to a safe location. You can also set up an SOS button to alert the group if you are in danger. Once a person has agreed to join your circle, you’ll be able to view their current location and have access to other relevant information, such as battery status and driving reports. You can enable “Crash detection,” too, so that you can be notified if a family member gets into an accident.

The app has a paid version, which unlocks even more options, like the ability to forward your distress signal to a 24/7 emergency dispatcher, ID theft protection, 30-day location history, and much more.

2. GeoZilla – Find My Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Price: Free / $14.00 per week

If you want even more options, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid subscription, which unlocks even more monitoring alerts, lets you create to-do lists and provides you access to driving reports for people in your circle.

3. My Location – GPS Maps, Share & Save Locations

Price: Free

My Location (Android) is a straightforward location-sharing app that doesn’t require making an account (unless you want to, of course). As you open the app, it will pick up your coordinates immediately. You can then select the “Share Live Location” option, which will generate a link to send to friends or family members.

Like with the other apps we included in this post, you can set up a list of places you visit frequently and even access your own location history. There’s also a Night mode which you can switch to.

4. Family Locator – GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone App

Price: Free / $21.99 per month

Family Locator (Android) is a nice app with a modern-looking interface that lets you create Groups to which you can add family members and other people you wish to keep track of. Once someone has agreed to be added to your group (via a code), you can enable real-time tracking for them and receive movement notifications. Interestingly, Family Locator also includes a Flights option, which allows you to track the progress of a flight. (You’ll need the flight number for that.)

In addition, you have an SOS distress button you can activate from the app, as well as the option to chat with your group from within this app. While all of this sounds good, keep in mind that the Family Locator’s free tier is pretty limited. If you wish to access what the app has to offer in full, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium.

5. Messenger

Price: Free

Just open a chat in Messenger (individual or group) and press the four dots in the lower-right corner of the display. Select Location, and after granting the necessary permissions, the other party will be able to view your whereabouts as long as you keep the session active.

6. Snapchat

Price: Free

You can select which friends get to see your whereabouts, and there’s also a quick toggle which lets you go off the grid (Ghost mode) whenever you wish to keep your location private.

7. Google Maps

Price: Free

In the app, simply tap on your profile picture and select the “Location sharing” option from the menu that pops up. Once the feature is enabled, your location will be updated even when the app is not in use. You can then share your real-time location via popular apps, including Gmail, WhatsApp, Telegram and more.

8. Built-in Options

The majority of Android phones these days feature an Emergency mode which can be activated by long pressing the device’s power button. Depending on the device model, this mode may allow users to share their location, place an emergency call or trigger an SOS sound or the flashlight. On OnePlus models, you can even make a list of emergency contacts.

Some phone models come with additional safety measures incorporated. For example, the Pixel devices bundle the Personal Safety app. Here you can add one or more trusted contacts. The app also asks you to enable Location sharing in Google Maps.

Once you’ve done this, you can go ahead and create a Safety Check. When the time comes for the Pixel to perform the check, you’ll see the options to confirm that you’re okay, start emergency sharing or go straight to 911.

What’s more, you can add your medical information to the app as well as set status updates for events, such as placing a phone call or your device being on low battery. Google also bundled a car crash detection system into the app as well as the crisis alerts option.

As for iPhone users, they can share their locations with a contact by going to the specific contact card and selecting the “Send My Current Location” or “Share My Location.” Read our complete guide on location sharing on iOS. In addition, iOS devices also have an emergency call feature that can be activated by holding down the power button together with one of the volume buttons.

9. Most GPS Apps

The majority of GPS apps feature a location-sharing feature of some sort. However, they lack other tracking features that some of the apps in our list boast. If you’re looking for a simple but worthy GPS app, check out our list of the eight best choices.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. How does GPS work?

If you’ve ever wondered how GPS works, we have you covered with a full article which explains this modern wonder in great detail.

2. How can you improve your location’s accuracy?

Sometimes these apps have trouble pinpointing your exact location. If your location is inaccurate or missing, you may want to try things like tapping the “Your location” button in the app, checking your Wi-Fi connection, calibrating your device or restarting it. On iPhones, you should also enable “Location services” under “Content & Privacy”

3. Are there any other gadgets that can help me remain safe?

There are instances when carrying a phone is not convenient, for example, when going out for run, in which case a smartwatch like the Apple Watch is the better option. The wearable lets you easily place a call to local emergency services. There are also other alternatives, such as, InvisaWear, a company that specializes in jewellery that can keep you safe. It sells everything from keychains and necklaces to bracelets and other matching accessories. These items have hidden panic buttons that when pressed will immediately text your trusted contacts.

Along with sharing your location, you can also stream on Discord to your friends or watch Netflix together. While technology can keep people apart, there are also many ways it can bring people together.

Alexandra Arici

Alexandra is passionate about mobile tech and can be often found fiddling with a smartphone from some obscure company. She kick-started her career in tech journalism in 2013, after working a few years as a middle-school teacher. Constantly driven by curiosity, Alexandra likes to know how things work and to share that knowledge with everyone.

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