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Amazon gift cards from Microsoft Rewards: do they work? Buying other gift cards with Amazon gift cards is illegal.




A Reddit user had their account banned after buying a Best Buy gift card.

The purchase was made with Amazon gift cards, which is illegal.

However, their account was restored. 

It seems that buying anything using Amazon gift cards from Microsoft Rewards can get your account banned. It happened to this Reddit user who was trying to buy a Best Buy Gift card using Amazon gift cards.

Amazon then sent an e-mail to the user, stating that their account is closed, but there are ways to get it back. As frustrating as this sounds, no one saw it coming, though. Officially, you can buy gift cards on Amazon using Microsoft Rewards points.

However, in situations like these, you need to ask: do Amazon gift cards really work? It is a tricky question considering only last week Microsoft Cashback was having problems. So maybe Microsoft Rewards is going through some problems as well.

Do Amazon gift cards from Microsoft Rewards work?

Well, according to Reddit users, they do work. In the thread we mentioned earlier, there are countless examples of users who managed to spend their points on Amazon gift cards. Some of them bought Amazon gift cards, right after the original Reddit made their post, and it worked.

Here’s what the users say

I purchased over $200 dollars worth of Xbox gift cards on Amazon this year and had no issues. My most recent Xbox gift card purchase was just a week ago and it went through just fine. And yes I used my Amazon gift card balance.

After reading OP, I just did the same thing last night for a $100 Xbox GC, and so far, no ban. I will continually start draining down my Amazon GC balance to the Xbox GC and redeem them as soon as I earn them just in case it becomes a problem in the future. It’s better to lose $10 than $200.

Update: I went ahead and bought a 10 dollar Xbox gift card code with my Amazon gift card balance and It went through and I got the code instantly and redeemed it no problem. Might just be retail cards that aren’t able to be paid with Amazon gift cards just Xbox/PSN Since they’re sold by Amazon LLC.

You can use the points from Microsoft Rewards to buy Amazon gift cards, Xbox goodies, and many other things. However, some users agree that if you spend too much too fast, the system might deem it suspicious. And you end up automatically flagged.

People been saying that if you reload using too many high value gift card that also could have trigger the flag. Honestly, it’s weird that you can use the balance to pay for things on Amazon, but you have to be careful about it.

And you should know that it’s against Amazon’s terms of service to buy other gift cards with your Amazon gift cards.

Ultimately, the user got their account back, but their Best Buy gift card order was canceled.

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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways: What Are They, And How Do They Work?

The truth is, if you can wrap your head around a fiat payment gateway, you’ll be able to understand the basics of how crypto payments processors work too — they both operate on similar principles.

A payment gateway is effectively an application as a service that taps onto online retailers, e-businesses and traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to authorise the processing of transactions. Visa is currently the largest payments gateway in the world, and without it, in many instances, there would be no connecting force between the services charging accounts and the merchants requesting the charge.

Similar systems operate in the crypto world, enabling merchants to accept crypto payments in addition to fiat currencies. This is incredibly important, as it reduces barriers to payment. After all, the number of businesses that weren’t willing to hop on the contactless credit card revolution is negligible – giving customers comfort in payment is a no-brainer, regardless of personal opinions on the kinds of payment methods that they use.

Diving deeper into the similarities and differences between crypto and fiat payment gateways, the inner workings of Bitcoin payment providers, integration types and best practices is key to our overall understanding of these connecting forces. Indeed, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing today.

What Are Crypto Payment Gateways?

While not identical to fiat payment gateways, there are some similarities. Crypto payment gateways are services that allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments as part of a general ethos of accepting online payments This could be on an e-commerce platform, a website, a mobile app or even an offline brick-and-mortar store. The gateway’s role here is to process and transfer the crypto payments, depending on the needs of the merchant, be it a ‘hands-on approach’ to crypto or a ‘hands-off’. At the moment, the biggest cryptocurrency payment system by volume in the world is CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid. With 9+ years of experience and a monthly transaction volume of over €1 billion, the platform takes first place as a market leader. However, many other platforms offer similar services, assisting their clients in accepting payments in crypto.

Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrencies for Businesses

Understanding the role of crypto payment gateways requires a deeper dive into the benefits that merchants are able to tap into via offering crypto as a payment method. Indeed, there are many.

Firstly, crypto is a borderless, instant medium of payment. There are 180 currencies in circulation, each limited to the jurisdiction of mint. Great British Pounds may not be used in the United States without a conversion to US Dollars and vice versa. With cryptocurrencies, payment becomes universal, borderless and instant. International transfers can often take up to five working days and can be incredibly expensive on the customer’s side. This reduces their willingness to spend – hardly a good outcome for the merchant.

For instance, UK-based private jet service, Mirai Flights, was able to increase its revenue by 30% since partnering with CoinsPaid to accept cryptocurrencies. Due to instant nature of digital asset transactions, over 10% of the company’s fliers now pay in crypto.

How Do Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways Work?

Cryptocurrency payments integrations can look quite different to that of fiat payments on the merchant side. This is mainly because there is an ‘instant conversion’ mechanic at play which converts the crypto into a fiat balance such as EUR. There are usually familiar processes when it comes to both deposits and withdrawals – after all, with an online gaming business, there is often the option to ‘top up’ some kind of balance which can then be withdrawn at a later stage.

When depositing crypto, a user will likely see a “crypto deposit” option on the merchant’s site, being invited to choose the kind of crypto that they choose to pay in;

According to the input information, an address with a QR code will be presented to the user;

Depending on the user’s preferences, they may choose to either scan the QR code using their phone, which will then open the installed crypto wallet on their smart device, or copy and paste the address manually into the built-in interface of their crypto wallet application;

The user will then initiate the transaction, during which the payment processor will make an automatic exchange of the received crypto into the desired fiat balance;

The merchant’s system then receives an API callback with the information about the deposit including the transaction’s status, currency pairs, amount, fees and so on;

Lastly, the amount is added to the user’s EUR balance on the merchant’s site.

Withdrawals are just as simple, and they start with a fiat balance on the merchant’s portal and a user request to withdraw in crypto.

The user will interact with a ‘crypto withdrawal’ option on the merchant’s site, being invited to choose the kind of crypto they wish to be paid in;

They will then be invited to insert their address for payout;

According to the input information, the site makes a request to the processing party;

The payment processor makes an automatic exchange from the selected fiat currency, such as EUR, to an indicated cryptocurrency, such as BTC;

The merchant’s system receives an API callback with transaction parameters, including the transaction’s status, currency pairs, amount, fees and so on;

Lastly, the user’s EUR balance is decreased as per the transaction amount.

With every cryptocurrency payment processing gateway, there is a certain degree of flexibility as to the way in which users will input their information and confirm transactions. A big element of that flexibility relates to payment methods. CoinsPaid, for instance, offers a variety of options to fit any business model:

Invoices without restriction of payment time. Here, the user chooses a currency of payment themselves without a time restriction. The rate will be fixed when the user confirms their payment currency.

Invoices with payment time restriction. Here, the user chooses a currency of payment themselves, but the time restriction will be 15 minutes starting from the creation of the invoice.

Payment Channel Networks. These are blockchain-based systems that allow for numerous, fast and cost-efficient transactions between two parties for a set amount of time.

Plugins. These are pieces of software that integrate into an existing program as a pop up or an embedded payment portal, for example.

Payment links. Simply, a link is generated and sent to the client over email or an instant messenger such as Whatsapp.

Integrating Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Crypto payment providers, such as CoinsPaid, tend to integrate via API. If you’ve ever integrated another service’s API onto your platform, such as that of an automated KYC vendor, this will be a familiar process to you.

If you’re unfamiliar with what an API is, it’s effectively an interface that allows the merchant’s website to ‘talk’ to a platform’s server.

Before you commit to a service, the team behind a crypto payment platform will aim to provide you with a demo account so you can get comfortable beforehand. Here, you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the merchant dashboard and test all the tools, but some pre-test steps are usually required from you. As is the case with CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid, you’ll be invited to download a testnet Bitcoin wallet, before acquiring testnet coins by visiting a designated website and entering your address, generated in the testnet Bitcoin wallet.

If you choose the hands-on approach and hold cryptocurrency on your books, you can choose which digital assets you want to store the funds in and set up automatic conversions of the incoming crypto revenue into this currency. You can set up withdrawals from the CoinsPaid account to an external crypto wallet. Often, merchants have a cold wallet, like a Ledger or Trezor, and store larger amounts there for extra security.

Alternatively, if you choose the hands-off approach, then in the dashboard you can set up automatic conversions into fiat, like USD or euro, when using the processing API. Also, you can make a withdrawal of fiat to a bank account, you’ll just need to link the account to your CoinsPaid dashboard. Also, in the dashboard you can set up the access roles for different people in your company – for example, who can just view the transactions, and so on.

As you can probably tell, the integration process on chúng tôi is pretty convenient and straightforward– this is why we’ve chosen to analyse their integration procedure in our article today.

What to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Cryptocurrency Payment System?

Firstly, a risk scoring system should be in place. In other words, one needs to be sure that a provider conducts ongoing transaction monitoring to stamp out any possibility of money laundering, terrorist financing or other criminal activity;

Secondly, the provider should support fiat conversions. Regardless of whether a company is looking for a ‘hands-on’ or ‘hands-off’ approach, instant fiat conversion is commonplace in the industry and one should have questions for Bitcoin payment gateways not interested in its provision. For example, CoinsPaid makes sure that their clients don’t need a background in crypto;

Next, make sure to check the setup fee. The fine print will often reveal hefty setup fees under the guise of ‘API integration fees’. The truth is, crypto payment processing is fairly easy to set up, which is why the largest player on the market, CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid, doesn’t have any setup fees; 

SWIFT and SEPA are the two most widely used forms of cross-border transfers. If a cryptocurrency payment processor doesn’t support either one of these, you should have questions relating to their scalability and ability to handle cross-border payments; 

As an honourable mention – one should investigate the frills of a company’s offering. What can they offer your company to sweeten the pot? Often, channels, invoices, e-commerce plugins and a large number of payment options can be welcome bonuses.

It’ll come as no surprise that CoinsPaid offering checks each of these boxes. For that very reason, we’re convinced of its title as the best cryptocurrency payment gateway on the market.

Summing up

As with most things in life, getting your head around crypto processing is easy, but understanding it on a technical level is much harder. Alas, we arrive at the aim of today’s article – to provide a crypto-curious audience with a comprehensive guide on crypto payment providers.

Everything You Want To Know About Itunes And App Store Gift Cards

While iTunes is no longer around in its original format, iTunes and App Store gift cards remain a hot commodity. Used on a number of Apple’s products and platforms, gift cards can be used to purchase music, movies, applications and more. Redeeming a gift card as a credit enables you to use that money anywhere in the App Store, iTunes store or the Book Store. The choices are almost endless with millions of songs, books, and software available at your fingertips. This article covers everything you need to know about iTunes and App Store gift cards.

How to Purchase

Purchasing an iTunes gift card is incredibly easy and can be done almost anywhere gift cards are sold. The easiest method is to purchase it at the Apple Store online. You can choose to snail mail a purchase or digitally deliver a gift card via email. iTunes and App Store gift cards can also be purchased at thousands of online retailers, including big box staples like Best Buy, Target, Walmart and more.

Amazon is another smart place to purchase the, and it frequently runs discounts on purchases with digital delivery. Even grocery stores tend to sell iTunes and App Store gift cards by their registers. In other words, finding a physical gift card to buy will take no time at all if you don’t like the idea of email/digital delivery.

How to Redeem

To redeem your gift card on iOS or iPad OS:

1. Launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Now select “Redeem Gift Card or Code” from the menu options that pop up.

4. Choose to redeem using your camera, and your phone will recognize the gift card number on a physical card. If you enter manually, you can type in a code or copy and paste from an email.

To redeem on macOS:

1. Launch the App Store (hopefully located on your dock).

3. Locate “Redeem Gift Card” at the top right of the App Store screen.

4. Now use your Mac camera to scan the code off a physical card or enter it by copying and pasting from an email. Note that you may be required to enter your Apple ID and password to enter this screen.

In the event you cannot redeem a card, make sure that the physical card is entirely scratched off or the sticker is removed completely. If that does not work, Apple’s website has a list of help topics to figure out the issue.

Checking Current Balance

Locating your current balance is really easy and can be done from either your iPhone or iPad as well as directly on your Mac.

On your iPhone:

2. The current balance is listed right below your username/Apple ID. If no balance is available, it will show $0.00.

On macOS

1. Launch the Mac App Store and look for your name in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

2. Right beneath your username should be the available balance or $0.00. The Mac App Store tends to refresh balances slower than iOS, so close and reopen the app to see the refreshed balance.

Whenever a new iTunes or App Store gift card is added, balances are reflected immediately.

What to Buy

With the gift card purchased and redeemed, it’s time for the fun to begin. With an available balance, there is a whole host of things you can buy from Apple. The App Store, with its millions of apps, is the foremost place to start spending your credit. Within millions of those applications are in-app purchases that can be used for buying additional themes, points, powers, tokens and so much more. Your App Store balance will help with those purchases.

When it comes to subscriptions like Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ or Apple Music, Apple defaults to using your App Store balance first before using a credit card. If you have an available balance, make sure it accounts for those subscription services in the event you were hoping to use it to buy new apps.

Want to purchase movies or TV shows from Apple? Your App Store balance works for these as well. The same goes for books from Apple Books and even iCloud storage space upgrades. In summary, if it’s something you want to buy that is software-based, your gift card credit will work.

What You Cannot Buy

This is easy and it pretty much relates to Apple devices. Your App Store balance will work fine to purchase apps, but you cannot use the same balance to purchase the iPhone. Instead, you need an Apple Store gift card which is completely different from iTunes and App Store gift cards.


Once you purchase a gift card and add it to your iTunes or App Store account, the sky is the limit. With millions of applications available and almost as many shows and movies, there is more entertainment available than you can possibly hope to ever experience. Whether it’s a subscription to Apple Arcade or a book to read, an App Store gift card is the ultimate gift.

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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Hearing Aids In 2023: Why Do They Cost So Much?

To improve your hearing ability, particularly in noisy environments, it is recommended that people with hearing loss use hearing aids. You’ll be able to participate in conversations and the world around you more easily and attentively. The exorbitant price of hearing aids is, unfortunately, the primary reason many individuals choose not to have them.

Find out the facts regarding hearing aid prices and how to save money on them below.

What Exactly Is Included in the Cost?

These costs are additional to the price of the hearing aid equipment and are usually linked with visits to a hearing clinic or audiologist. However, if you acquire them from a business that caters directly to consumers, the price may not include anything except the actual hearing aid itself. Some customers choose to pay more by purchasing extras like a warranty or additional accessories.

Collectively Bearing Expenses

A more significant price tag might also be the result of the audiologist or hearing clinic choosing to “bundle” services. When you bundle, you just have to make one payment for all of your hearing aids −

Maintenance and Installation

Repaired and Loaner Hearing Aids

The actual hearing aid machine

You may avoid paying for extraneous services if you seek to have the price of your hearing aid separated from them. It’s up to the individual to decide whether they’d instead bundle or unbundle. There are many who like the stability that comes with a package deal, while others would rather pay as they go.

Causes of Increase in Hearing Aid Prices

Many individuals are perplexed by the wide price range of hearing aids, ranging from $300 to over $5,000. This is by no means a complete list, but it does include some of the most regular variables.

Technology − The price of a hearing aid goes up with more high-tech features, such as Bluetooth, smartphone applications, wireless parts, a telecoil, and separate volume controls for different frequencies.

Types of Hearing Aids − The bottom line might be impacted by your preferred aesthetic. For instance, in-ear hearing aids tend to cost more than their behind-the-ear counterparts.

Power source classification − The purchase price of a rechargeable hearing aid is usually more than that of a disposable one. However, a rechargeable battery might save you a lot of money.

Functional elements − The price increases with features like feedback management, noise reduction, directional microphones, wind noise management, AI, and tinnitus masking.

Types of Hearing Aids − Regarding hearing aids, certain manufacturers’ older versions may be purchased at a reduced cost while still providing comparable functionality. Look for a previous generation and evaluate its functions before making a purchase. There are occasions when it’s best to choose the cheaper option since the differences are negligible.

Sustaining attention and care consistently − The cost of a hearing aid may be increased by the need for an audiologist or hearing center consultation, fitting, adjustment, and maintenance services. The greater the quantity of assistance required, the greater the price tag.

Advantages of Insurance − Hearing examinations and equipment might be less expensive because of the restricted coverage certain private health insurance companies give.

Buying Hearing Aid Online

Many buy hearing aids online. Online device purchases offer various options. Walmart sells hearing aids online. An online bargain network offers hearing aids up to 35% off retail. These internet providers partner with local hearing centers or audiologists to provide affordable, high-quality hearing aids.

Consumer-Directed Hearing Aid Companies

Eargo and MDHearing sell hearing aids online. These firms do not need a hearing test, although many provide online hearing tests to assist you in deciding. Some direct-to-consumer providers offer phone or online consultation with an in-house audiologist before and after the purchase to aid with programming.

OTC Hearing Aids

Over-the-counter hearing aids are not currently available in drugstores or big-box retailers.

Do Hearing Aids Count as a Medical Expense?

You could be eligible for hearing aid coverage via your private health insurance, whether it’s through your work or a self-funded plan for you and your family. A hearing test or a part of the price of hearing aids may be covered by specific private health insurance policies. Many, however, do not provide any kind of support for hearing aids. Before acquiring a set of hearing aids, be careful to read the tiny print in your benefits booklet.

It’s a good idea to research whether or not your health insurance covers hearing aids since some states require health insurance plans in the state to cover hearing aids for children, while others have adult-specific requirements.

Hearing aids and hearing aid fitting tests are not covered by Medicare Parts A and B. Part C enrollees who have questions about their Medicare Advantage plan can contact their insurance company. Some Medicare Supplement Insurance (Part C) plans to provide services beyond those provided by basic Medicare.

If you want to save money, it’s crucial to simply purchase what you need, negotiate for separate items rather than packaged bundles, compare prices, and consider paying over time or with financing. Also, see whether your health insurance provides coverage for hearing aids.

How Do Variables Work In Xslt With Examples?

Definition of XSLT Variable

XSLT variable is defined as special tags used to declare a local or global variable that we make use of to store any values. The declared variables are referenced within an Xpath expression. Once it is set we cannot overwrite or update the variables. The scope of the element is done by the element that contains it. While we are setting a variable it could be done as global and local variables. The top-level element declared in the file is named as a global variable and the local variables are assigned within the template section.

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Following is the syntax declaration of the variable element.

How do variables work in XSLT?

The following templates assign the variable which includes both text and parameter values. The output is generated by referring to the value of the variable.

A variable takes a lot of types of values like integer or declared within XPath type expressions.

With Integer

With String

With Input document

For instance, let’s take a scenario like we need to output the book title of a respective Document in various places. We can do with the XSL variable and the book title is changed provided the changes done in one preferred location in the XSLT file. For example, we may need to use the value of current-time twenty times. Instead of passing a call to current-time(), we can call once and the corresponding value is stored in a variable.


Below example create a demo on two files  XSL and XML  with their elements and their child elements in the XML file and matches them with the XSL variable name. Let’s get started with the first demo.

Example #1 – Here is our XML file taking Book details

Following this file we have XSL style sheets with a template match by assigning a variable name to the values.


Here an XML file is converted into a new XML file by assigning a variable name simultaneously  I have incremented the variable many times when need with the new variable.  The above code uses a global variable and could be accessed throughout the chúng tôi supports three modes of Output methods XML, HTML and Text. Here I have used HTML to show. Well, we can see the output like this:


Example #2

XML file

Xslt file


As a result of adding this stylesheet and applying this rule of variable assignments, the output is generated. The resulting Output is given as follows:


Example #3

Xml file

XSL file

Here is a page


The above code uses three variable names and all the values are been assigned.



XSL variables are very useful in many circumstances.

Variables help in avoiding long typing of XPath expression in case of complicated instructions.

XSL Being a Formatting language used for many XML Applications by providing elements and variable names with local or global declarations where they exclusively focus on formatting Objects.


XSLT is gaining much importance in business logic and produces a few best practices in achieving a good result in XSL. Therefore in this article, we have seen how variables are declared with the example.

Recommended Articles

This is a guide to XSLT Variable. Here we discuss the definition, syntax, How do variables work in XSLT? examples with code implementation. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

What Are All The Asus Beep Codes? What Do They Mean

Getting beep code on your PC is seldom a sign you should ignore. It usually indicates that the system has run into a issue. But, having said that, the plus point is we can address and fix the issue with the help of beep codes.

If your PC suffers from a system crash or a malfunction that halts the startup process, you can use the beep code speaker on your motherboard to determine the cause of the error. Since the beeps are generated from the speakers on-board motherboard, the information is usually very reliable and should be given attention to.

You will need to analyze the sequential beep codes to determine potential error. These error could mean PC not being able to boot properly or, may indicate other severe issue with the PC. Depending on the motherboard manufacturer, each sequential beep code may have a different meaning. 

This article explains all the beep codes for ASUS motherboards and laptops and their meaning.

When you turn on your computer, it performs a series of POST(Power On Self-Test) tests that check whether the computer hardware required to run the PC is functional. Once complete, this test will make one short beep indicating that the computer has passed POST.

The system will only boot once it passes the POST. However, if the PC fails this initial test, the speaker connected to your motherboard will make a series of beep codes to inform users that there is some malfunction in the system.

Beep codes are first and most reliable guide in troubleshooting a hardware issue in a system. Referring to the data from POST, beep-sound are generated by the motherboard providing exact identity of the failed component. Since these beep-sounds are a cryptic code in real, they are referred as codes: Beep Codes.

Now that we have a clear understanding of beep codes, let us look at the meaning behind each type of beep code in your ASUS device and things you can do to fix the issue.

Once your PC get past POST, it will likely make one short beep. You do not need to worry if the PC makes one small beep during startup. This beep indicates that the system has passed Power On Self-Test and will turn on smoothly without any interruption.

In ASUS products, one long beep followed by two short beeps means the system has faced issues detecting the memory. Most of the time, the system makes this sequence of codes if it does not detect the memory installed on your system.

A system may have issues detecting memory if it is not secured into the motherboard or if the memory module itself is corrupted or damaged.

To check if this is true, you can try using one memory stick at a time.

Once you have determined the faulty memory, we recommend replacing it immediately.

One long and three short beeps means the system has run into issues regarding the graphics card. The problem could be the system not detecting the card due to connection issues, or maybe the PSU is not supplying enough power to the graphics card.

If you hear one long and three short beeps from your motherboard, reseat the graphics card and all its cables. And turn on the PC. This will eliminate all the errors that might have occurred due to loose wires or any connection issues with the graphics card.

If this does not work, completely remove the GPU from the board and run the system using the integrated GPU. However, if your CPU does not have an integrated GPU, you will need a separate graphics card to display anything on the monitor.

A hardware component failure, for example, the CPU fan, triggers this specific type of beep code. Besides this CPU reaching extreme temperatures or the CPU getting over voltage could also cause the motherboard to give such an error message.

To fix this, we recommend that you perform the following steps to stop the beep error codes.

Lower high CPU usage

Change thermal paste

Reseat CPU fans

Change PSU

If the system runs into an error where it cannot detect the CPU, the speaker on your motherboard will beep five short beeps. Bent pins on the motherboard/CPU, or a DOA CPU, could be why you are getting the error codes.

You can try fixing bent pins if you only have a few bent ones. However, it is bad news if there are several bent pins on your CPU, and you likely need to replace the CPU. If none of the pins are damaged, there is a high chance that the CPU itself is DOA.

You can also check the power cable that supplies power to the CPU. This is an 8-pin cable that connects the PSU to the motherboard and supplies power to the CPU. If this cable is damaged or not connected properly, the motherboard may have issues detecting the processor. Try reseating this power cable to fix the problem.

Two short beeps usually mean a parity error has occurred when recording data in memory. Parity errors in some critical system files could also cause the entire system to crash. One common reason a system suffers from parity error is due to corrupted or faulty memory modules. 

To fix this, we recommend you use one memory stick at a time to determine the faulty one.

If reseating specific component does not fix the beep code error, you can try a few generic steps.

You can disconnect and reconnect your entire PC components to check if it fixes the beep code error. Sometimes, loosely connected hardware components could be the reason your system is not detecting them. Therefore, try reconnecting your hardware component.

BIOS or the Basic Input Output System, has access to the entire motherboard and all the hardware components connected to it. You can also change BIOS settings to enable or disable most hardware component. If you have changed wrong setting in the BIOS, it could cause the system to give error codes

Resetting BIOS reverts all BIOS setting to its factory state, fixing any beep code error message.

All the beep codes mentioned above are dedicated to ASUS motherboards and laptops. However, most motherboards in the market use AMI BIOS. American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) has a dedicated set of beep codes that have separate meanings.

Beep CodesMeaning1 BeepMemory refresh timer error2 BeepParity bit error3 BeepMemory read/write error4 BeepSystem timer failure5 BeepProcess Error6 BeepKeyboard controller error7 BeepGeneral Exception error8 BeepDisplay memory error9 BeepROM BIOS checksum error10 BeepCMOS shutdown read/write error11 BeepBad cache memory

All these errors are likely due to corrupted or faulty RAM, you can try using one memory module at a time to determine if that’s the case. If your system only has a single memory stick, we recommend that you get a separate RAM to determine if the previous one is faulty.

However, System timer failure, or 4 beep codes could also mean that “The System clock/timer Integrated Chip has failed or there is a memory error in the first bank of memory”. If the memory module is not causing the issue, there is a possibility that the motherboard is dying.

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