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As a part of AOFEX’s globalization strategy, AOFEX will officially establish the Taiwan branch on December 3, 2023, to enhance the global influence of the brand as well as to better serve its global users. The opening of additional regional branch will expand the global circulation of OT (platform token) and the adaptation of relevant applications within its ecosystem which will further promote growth in new processes and connections as well as new applications in the ecosystem.

AOFEX will launch an event day with a series of surprises and benefits on the same day and with a giveaway of 260,000 USDT to show gratitude to its loyal users as well as to welcome new users. For details, please refer to the official announcement below.

Taiwan Branch: Integrate local market development

Blockchain is considered an important driving force in fintech, and it has the opportunity to innovate the productivity pattern of society from the base layer. Led by the government, the Taiwan Parliamentary Coalition for Blockchain (TPCB) was formed in 2023, and the Asian Blockchain Summit, one of the leading blockchain conferences in Asia, was held by Asia Blockchain Alliance (ABA) in Taiwan. Taiwan’s financial regulator has indicated its intentions to maintain only limited oversight of cryptocurrencies. (the term used here is “limited”), and said it’s going to focus mainly on the enforcement of anti-money laundering policies while remaining open towards innovations like those coming from the crypto sector.

With favorable regulatory policies, Taiwan has become a hot marketplace with huge potential. It has attracted many institutional investors and global capital. With the launch of its Taiwan branch, AOFEX aims at providing local users with the fastest, safest, and more professional digital financial services possible.

Globalization Strategy: Achieve periodical results

AOFEX has established its branches in North America, Japan, Russia, and other countries and regions, providing a secure, fair, and efficient investment and trading experience for over 1.80 million users around the world.

The AOFEX team continues to operate with the mission to “include more people into digital finance.” While growing digital finance-related business, AOFEX is also dedicated to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. AOFEX is fully engaged in social welfare and charitable initiatives, which has been reported by many well-known news outlets, such as and Coindesk and Coinspeaker. AOFEX has been widely recognized in terms of platform security, transaction depth, financial derivative products, and its charitable initiatives.

Relying on the OT (platform token), AOFEX has built a complete token economic system to broaden OT’s applications and continue to promote the growth and improvement of the ecosystem. OT is an ERC20-based digital asset issued by AOFEX, covering all businesses of the platform on a global scale. The use of OT covers the full range of products and rights on AOFEX, including but not limited to deduction of fees, airdrop rewards, preferential purchase of investment products, bonus rebate, positioning and mining, AP integration center and etc.

With the growth of AOFEX, OT will be used in more areas to improve the ecosystem of AOFEX. To increase the ecological value of OT, the platform has established a sound deflation mechanism and adopted buyback burning before output to keep the burning amount no less than output. After the launch of OT, the circulating supply on secondary markets does not exceed 20% (20 million) of the total amount and any surplus amount will be burnt.

Through buyback burning and listing burning, the total amount of OT is under control to improve its scarcity, keep the supply stable and accelerate to complete the burning schedule, build a complete token economy system, and enable OT and AOFEX ecosystem to appreciate greatly. Till today, AOFEX has destroyed 9,610,891 OT in total.

Reward Users: 260,000 USDT giveaway

AOFEX’s rapid global expansion won’t happen without the support of new users and existing communities. To express our gratitude to our users, AOFEX will launch an event day with a series of surprises and benefits on the same day and with a giveaway of 260,000 USDT

Activity 1: Take tasks to share 200,000 USDT

Participants: All users of AOFEX

Entry: Telegram

Reward: It will be distributed within 3 working days after the activity ends.

Rules: During the activity, users can go to the Telegram bot via the link provided in our announcement or other social media platforms and complete the first 4 tasks sent by the bot to obtain 4 USDT, with up to 100,000 USDT in total. For more rewards, invite your friends to complete tasks and share up to 100,000 USDT. The more referral you bring in, the more rewards you get. 200,000 USDT in total!

Activity 2: Trade to share 60,000 USDT

Participants: All registered users on AOFEX

Reward: It will be distributed within 3 working days after the activity ends.

Rules: During the activity, new users who make spot transactions of any tokens with the effective trading volume (buy + sell) no less than 100 USDT (equivalent) will share 60,000 USDT according to their total trading volume*.

*Individual reward = a user’s total trading volume / total trading volume of users meeting conditions) * 60,000 USDT

Following the establishment of the branch, AOFEX aims to gradually implement their local development strategies in Taiwan, start diverse cooperations with KOLs and interact with communities and the media. AOFEX also plans to add more branches across the globe, each with customized behaviors based on that of its local users and inclusive to everyday users in digital finance.

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How Apple Saved Taiwan And Turns On Tomorrow’S People

Nokia’s move to slam a lawsuit down against the Apple juggernaut’s profit phone hasn’t dented iPhone enthusiasm one little bit.

The device is impacting everywhere right now, with Apple’s iPhone component partners in particularly jubilant mood as millions of the devices shift every 13 weeks.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at a gaggle of small Taiwanese firms – Yageo, Cyntec, Polytronics Technology, Mag.Layers Scientific-Technics, Thinking Electronic and TXC – all of whom faced steep revenue decline in the current quarter in the generally depressed tech market.

As we know, Apple isn’t part of the “generally depressed tech market”, which is why those small firms are breathing a little easier following this week’s Apple results call, as they now know they’re going to see, “narrower revenue declines or flat revenues in the fourth quarter of 2009 thanks to the popularity of Apple’s iPhone”.

DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole thinks the worldwide mobile and portable games market will reach $11.7 billion by 2014, which includes the PSP and DS, with Apple’s devices pushing 24 percent of software sales. He does expect Nintendo and Sony to lead the pack, but what’s not to love about Apple’s elegant and simple direct route to consumers through the App Store.

Happy consumers equate to happy developers (particularly since they can now get creative with in-app purchasing), happy carriers (just swoon at AT&T’s recent turn-on of 3.2 million iPhones in the US in its last quarter) and happy hardware and component manufacturers.

All this success is creating its own brand awareness mindwave, with a generation of US computer users now seeing Apple as the company which offers the solutions they can most relate to.

Think about what came out of this week’s Web 2.0 Summit, where Piper Jaffray analyst Safa Rashtchy sat down with five US teens to find out what tomorrow’s people think about all this pervasive internet-connected social network-driven apps and taps milawakey…the upshot, of course, is “Teens love Facebook and Apple…and are confused by Twitter.”

“The kids also had good things to say about Apple. One said Apple had “won” with it’s “I’m a Mac vs. I’m a PC” television commercials, while another declared, “Windows would be a good prison guard, because it always locks up.””

Interestingly, the teens remarked that “all the hot girls use Hotmail”, and none of them owned an iPhone, which just goes to reinforce the notion that despite our excitement at the hottest and newest technologies, most human beings take time getting down to drink at the new tech pond.

So, where’s all this going? Quite plainly put – while Apple’s competitors seem engaged in an endless race just to catch up on where the company was yesterday, Apple is already in poll position to take on another apparition once today’s teens turn twenty and begin to invest in the gadgets they love once they start to pull in some of their own money.

And Microsoft? Microsoft, for all its anti-Apple-seeming ad campaign, is really engaged on a mission to convince Windows XP users (who let’s face it are customarily an older bunch of consumers than tomorrow’s people) that Win 7 (which has a few set-up problems in MediaCentre, we’re hearing) is as cutting-edge and cool as the Mac Redmond really really wants its existing veteran customers to avoid defection too.

No sense underestimating Ballmer’s boys and girls, however, they have succeeded in breaking some sales records with their new OS – but while Apple’s partners are currently seeing success, Microsoft’s wide collective PC industry continues to attempt to manage its way through a shrinking market, praying the software firm will make it rain with it’s all-new OS release.

Apple’s betting that rain falls over to the California coastline too, and so are those small and large component manufacturers way over there in China and Taiwan…

Hope you enjoyed this spattering of news, fact, and opinionated speculation.

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Asus Eee Pc 901, 1000 & 1000H Officially Official

ASUS Eee PC 901, 1000 & 1000H officially official

Although most of the specs and other details have already leaked, ASUS has finally pushed out the official press release for the new Eee PC 901, 1000 and 1000H.  The three machines will all be offered in Windows XP and Linux variants, with a choice of black or white casings.  While the Eee PC 901 has an 8.9-inch display, the 1000 and 1000H have 10-inch screens; their keyboards are also a claimed 92-percent of the normal keyboard you’d find in a standard notebook.  All three are powered by Intel’s 1.6GHz Atom processor, meaning aside from the display the main difference across the range is the onboard storage.

Where the XP 901 has 12GB of SSD capacity and the Linux 901 has 20GB, the Eee PC 1000 boosts that to a 40GB SSD.  The 1000H promises more capacity – 80GB in fact – but using a traditional platter-based hard-drive which lacks the shock resistance of SSDs.  Each will also come with 20GB of online storage, which could be used for remote backup or everyday access assuming you have regular network connectivity (for instance the WiMAX option ASUS have also been demonstrating).

Most interesting is battery life; ASUS are claiming up to 7.8hrs courtesy of a larger battery and its “Super Hybrid Engine” technology.  This system offers three GUI modes to easily adjust CPU frequency, voltage, and LCD brightness; both system noise and power consumption are apparently minimized, with potential savings on power demand of up to 15-percent. 

What we still don’t know is official pricing.  It’s obvious that they’ll slot in above the current Eee PC 900, which uses a Celeron-M processor and costs $549; that puts the machines into territory that cheap “normal” notebooks occupy.  We’ll let you know actual figures when we get them…

Edit: According to JKKMobile:

Eee PC 1000(H)with XP and 80GB HDD: NT$18,988 or about $625

Eee PC 1000 with Linux and 40GB SSD: NT$19,988 or about $658

Press Release:

Embrace Easy, Excellent and Exciting Computing with the New Eee PC™

Eee PC™ 901, 1000 and 1000(H) Unveiled at Computex 2008

Upon reaching the milestone of surpassing 1 million Eee PC™ sets sold in just 6 months after its launch, ASUS has provided yet another wave of anticipation with its release of the new Eee PC™ 901, 1000 and 1000(H) models. These new iterations of the ever popular electronic gadget add even more options to users. With its shockproof Solid State Drive (SSD) design, users will be able to enjoy stable and reliable computing on-the-go – making it the ideal and travelling companion for outdoor activities. This new range of Eee PC™ are also equipped with the exclusive Super Hybrid Engine technology that can provide longer battery lifespans of up to 7.8 hours*, exclusive web storage and high speed connectivity**, and large displays for easy viewing. Available on both Windows and GNU Linux platforms – this range expands upon the original 3 ‘E’s to further its “Easy” concept to cater to even more discerning users.

* Exact battery life subject to actual usage and model.

** 3.5G concept sample will be displayed at Computex 2008.

“With constant innovations and implementation of the latest technologies in the new Eee PC™ range, we have since expanded the original 3 ‘E’s into ‘Easy’, ‘Excellent’ and ‘Exciting’. ‘Easy’ will still encompass the core value of Easy to learn, work and play, ‘Excellent’will highlight the Eee PC’s™ role as an Excellent mobile Internet device and ‘Exciting’entails utilizing the Eee PC™ for Exciting multimedia enjoyment.” said Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUS.

Solid State Drive for Shockproof and Reliable Computing

With mobility being one of the key factors that contributed to the Eee PC’s™ overwhelming success, the new range of Eee PC™ continues in this trend and utilizes the built-in Solid State Drive (SSD) technology. This technology is shock proof, quiet, produces less heat and is energy saving for reliable and stable computing on-the-go. Traditional hard disk designs spin at 5400 RPM (Revolutions per Minute) – creating more chances of data loss or damage in the event of shocks or bumps. The Eee PC™, on the other hand, are able to safeguard against such incidents – making them the perfect solution for outdoor computing and ideally suited for reporters, wildlife photographers and other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

Exceptional Features for User Convenience

The new Eee PCs™ are also equipped an expanded battery that provides up to 7.8 hours* of battery life; while the exclusive Super Hybrid Engine technology provides three GUI modes to easily adjust CPU frequency, voltage, and LCD brightness to minimize system noise and power consumption to save up to 15% power consumption, or to maximize system performance according to individual needs. What’s more, the addition of exclusive 20GB Internet storage makes data backups simple and convenient.

* Exact battery life subject to actual usage and model.

Enjoy Easy Viewing with Large Displays

The new Eee PCs™ will integrate large 8.9″ to 10″ displays – allowing users to view more screenspace and enjoy easier viewing of A4 documents and online webpages – without the need to scroll left or right. Furthermore, the Eee PCs™ pair a built-in 1.3M Pixel webcam with high speed wireless Internet connection capabilities for easy web communications anywhere, anytime – increasing work efficiency or just making it easier to chat with friends and family. What’s more, the keyboard is 92%* the size of generic notebooks – making it more comfortable to type for more relaxed usage.

* Only available on the Eee PC™ 1000 models

Exciting New Covers to Suit Your Trendy Lifestyle

The new range of Eee PC™ also makes its mark with trendy and colorful Infusion cover patterns inspired by various elements. The Infusion technology utilizes a unique manufacturing process that is inlaid into the chassis itself – forming an integral part of the Eee PC™. It is also extremely resilient – resisting scratches and scrapes, and thus will not fade with time. Additionally, these new cover designs are tastefully designed and provide vibrant colors to suit the user’s individual personalities – making the new Eee PC™ the ideal companion for your computing needs.

ASUS will also be showcasing several new Eee Family products like the Eee Box and the Eee TV at our Computex booth. This new range of products embody the “Easy” concept synonymous with the Eee PC™, and will provide allow users to easily enjoy new digital experiences.

ASUS Eee PC™ Achievements

ASUS has sold more than a million Eee PC™ sets since the official launch in October 2007. On April 19th 2008, at the Eee PC™ 900’s official launch in Hong Kong, ASUS sold 1,000 sets in 1 day. In Taiwan, the Eee PC™ 900 was placed on Yahoo’s front page on the 16th of April, and in just 1 hour achieved 20,000 hits – creating a brand new blogging record.

ASUS at Computex 2008

For more details about our highlighted products, please come visit us at TICC (Taipei International Convention Center), Booth no. TF1L & 101B from June 3 – 7!

About ASUS

ASUS is a leading company in the new digital era. With a global staff of more than 8000 and a world-class R&D design team, the turnover for 2007 was 6.9 billion U.S. Dollars. ASUS has been ranked in Business Week InfoTech 100 for 10 consecutive years, and has been ranked No.1 by the Wall Street Journal Asia for best quality products in Taiwan.

How To Use Laravel Observer With Its Model?

Introduction to Laravel Observer

The laravel is a PHP web application available for free to ease the user’s complex tasks. The framework of Laravel has many attractive features, one among which is Laravel observer. It is used to club the event listeners for a substantial model eloquent. The Laravel observer has the listener even to the model eloquent like delete, create and update. Moreover, if the user listens for multiple events on the defined model, the observers can use all the groups for a single event class in Laravel.

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The observers in Laravel help declutter the controller to clean up codes executed before or after the implementation model event. It provides the plugin for the lifecycle of the model event and can execute all the suitable logic. If the user requires many events for a single model, the observers are implied to group all the listeners into a unique and single class. The observer class follows the method names that reflect the formal events the user prefers to imply. Every method has a model with a single argument. The make: the observer is the simple method to initiate a new observer class.

How to Use Laravel Observer?

To create an observer class and execute it, follow the below steps.

For other observer classes, replace the observer name with the appropriate model’s name, which the user is observing and has yet to implement. The folder is created in the application directory known as observers, and the user saves the observer class. From there, the user can populate the class with different methods to match the events which are listed above and can attach the model of the observer when creating a new observer, like as below,

It is used to create the observer class with the standard method in which the model action is triggered and what the observer action is viewed.

Create the Class Laravel Observer

The observer in Laravel is created using the following syntax and can be implied accordingly.

Retrieved is the observer method implied when the record of the model is fetched from the database.


Model: findorfail ($id);

Creating is the observer method with a model record of executing in the creation process and is not still saved in the database. It is the process before the model’s id and timestamp is generated. The user can check dynamically at this step and allocate a common value to the missing column.

Created is the observer method applied after the model record is developed successfully. If there is any error during process creation, it explains the missing column data and doesn’t get called.

Model:: create (); it is triggered when creating the method and the first time after the created process in the observer class.

Model:: update (); it initiates the updating method, which implies the updated method in the observer class.

The saved and saving methods are applied in the model observer class, which is familiar to the swiss army blade, and it gets called after and before any event that needs tenancy of data in the database. So if the user creates a new model and the saving method is executed first, it goes for creating method and stops with the saved method. It follows the same routine when the model is updated, saved, updating and saving.

Deleting is used when any model record works in the deletion process, and here the record is not yet deleted from the database, and the id is used to fetch it from the database to return the relevant data. Instead, the deleted method is executed after the model record is deleted completely, and now, the record is deleted from the database.

Model:: destroy ($id)

Restored and restoring are used when the record of the deleted model is restored.

Laravel Observer Model

Configure the model for laravel with the model file, controller, and migration file.

Develop a view and store the data.

The different types of model observers are fed to the data, which are called model events. The updated and updating methods execute at the time when the update is changed from the column to the model in the database. If the update request doesn’t impose any changes, the updated and updating observer doesn’t get triggered, and then the saved and saving techniques get executed.

If a restoring a deleted model, or series of the process gets executed one after the other like retrieved, restoring, save, updating, then updated, again saved, and finally restored.

Configure the service providers for the observers.

If users want to deploy a model event without any execution or observer method, they can save it without using observer events. It can be done in the app provider service class.


The user can dispatch the customized events from the observer and imply them from other application services. The user can apply the observer class even if he does not know of it, as it is simple and effective.

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Watch Nasa Launch Its Next Rover To Mars

Update 7/30 at 9:06 am EST: Perseverance launched from Cape Canaveral and successfully separated from its Centaur rocket. It’s on its way to the Red Planet, set for arrival in February.

This month, a flotilla of spacecraft is set blast off into space with a one-way ticket to one of the solar system’s most mysterious objects: Mars. Two launches have succeeded, and on Thursday, it was NASA’s turn. All three missions are tasked with helping answer a question that has puzzled scientists for decades—is there, or was there ever, life on the red planet?

Mars is a dead, cold desert world with a wispy atmosphere. But that wasn’t always the case: Decades of exploration on our planetary neighbor have made it clear that in its early history, Mars was vastly different. Growing evidence from previous missions to Mars—including NASA rovers Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity—have shown that the planet could once have been lush with liquid water oceans.

Still, “we haven’t found the proverbial dinosaur bones sticking out of the Martian surface,” says Katie Stack Morgan, deputy project scientist for NASA’s Mars 2023 mission.

Earth and Mars are approaching prime orbital positions for interplanetary travel. So with the duo lined up, the Red Planet’s launch window has opened. A Japanese rocket launched the United Arab Emirates’ Hope orbiter on July 21—marking the first time any Arab nation has launched an interplanetary mission—and on July 23 China launched Tianwen-1, an ambitious mission that includes an orbiter, lander, and rover. NASA’s Mars 2023 mission, which was scheduled for launch on July 30 at 7:50 am EDT, that will eventually deliver a rover called Perseverance.

If all goes well, Perseverance will land on the Martian surface in February of 2023 after a seven-month, 34-million-mile journey and an elaborately choreographed descent through the scant Martian atmosphere. The van-sized rover will carry a suite of cutting-edge tools geared for poking and probing the Martian surface and atmosphere while hunting for the carbon building blocks of life and other signs of past microbes.

It will land “right in the promised land for science” as Kenneth Farley, Mars 2023′s project scientist and a geologist at the California Institute of Technology, puts it. Jezero, a 28-mile-wide crater just north of Mars’s Equator, was once home to an ancient river that fanned out into a lake between three and four billion years ago, depositing mud, sand and sediment. According to Stack Morgan, this is the best place to look for evidence of ancient life on Mars. “When you think about ancient lakes and ancient deltas on earth, those environments are just dripping with life,” she says. “They are very habitable.”

The rover can conduct a number of experiments on-site, but it will also collect rock samples as it trundles across the crater and leave them in caches to be collected, in several years’ time, by another (as yet unbuilt) rover. NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are designing two follow-up missions to retrieve the samples, which would be the first-ever sample return from Mars. Then, scientists can study these samples using an arsenal of fully-equipped terrestrial labs.

Science aside, the mission will also be an incredible show of engineering. Tucked under the Perseverance lander, the Ingenuity helicopter will hitch a ride along with the rover to the red planet. “This is more of a feat than you might imagine,” says Farley. It may be an extremely intricate piece of engineering, but it still tugs at some nostalgic heartstrings. “Many people immediately think of their son’s drone.”

For the engineers that built Ingenuity, it’ll be a Wright Brothers moment: If Ingenuity takes to rarified Martian air, it could become the first vehicle flown on another planet. The hope is that Ingenuity will provide a bird’s eye view that will enable better exploration in different worlds that are “either too dangerous or too far away to easily explore on their own,” adds Farley.

The risks are numerous. Mars is particularly good at destroying our robotic explorers: Of humanity’s dozens of attempts to orbit or land on the rusty red planet to date, only about half have succeeded. Perseverance will use a slightly modified version of the same system that got Curiosity to the Martian soil, but that’s not a guarantee. “Engineers still tell me this is their biggest moment of concern: Don’t assume that because it has worked once, it will always work,” says Farley. “It’s a good lesson to be a little humble about it going in.”

Expected to enter the Martian atmosphere in 2023, the same year that the UAE celebrates its 50th anniversary, the launch comes just six years after not only the announcement of the orbiter but the creation of the UAE’s space program itself.

Onboard Hope will be three cameras for studying the Martian atmosphere at visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths. From its high orbit, Hope will give scientists their first global view of Martian weather at all times of the day. Over its two-year mission, it will investigate how dust storms and other weather phenomena near the Martian surface speed or slow the loss of the planet’s atmosphere into space.

China is also ready to make its Mars debut, though the country has been tight-lipped about its efforts. The mission—called Tianwen-1 or the ‘quest for heavenly truth’—is ambitious, involving an all-in-one orbiter, lander and rover packed with 13 scientific instruments to examine the Red Planet from orbit and on its surface. When it arrives, Tianwen-1 will examine how water ice is distributed on Mars, as well as the planet’s physical evolution and its habitability over time.

A fourth mission, Europe’s Rosalind Franklin rover, was supposed to join this Martian fleet. But it was delayed until 2023, in part because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The thought that we’re now going to have company in space and on Mars is so exciting,” says NASA’s Stack Morgan. “My colleagues and I cheer on these other efforts and are really pulling for them knowing that great science is going to come out of the missions. Here’s hoping that we’ll all be exploring Mars together in not too long.”

Galaxy S10 Series Gets Its January 2023 Update, Which Could Be Its Last

Current stable version: Android 12

Will the Samsung Galaxy S10 series get Android 13? No

Latest Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e updates

January 17, 2023: The Samsung Galaxy S10 family is getting what could be its final regular update, according to SamMobile. Owners of the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 Plus are getting firmware version G97xFXXSGHWA3 for January’s update. This update contains security fixes and nothing else

Previous Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e updates

December 23, 2023: December’s update has come for the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 Plus in the US, according to SamMobile. Firmware version G97xUSQS8IVL1 will only bring security patches to known vulnerabilities this time around. This update addresses issues such as improper access to messages, a vulnerability that allowed hackers to remotely disable network traffic encryption, and a loophole in RCS messaging.

November 4, 2023: On the heels of October’s scheduled security update, Samsung is pushing out another patch to improve Bluetooth, stability, and the camera (per SamMobile). This latest update is available for the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10 Plus for owners in Europe and the Galaxy S10 5G in Switzerland. These phones will get firmware version G97xFXXUGHVJ5, while the S10 5G will get firmware number G977BXXUDHVJ5.

October 18, 2023: Samsung is rolling out the October security update for the Galaxy S10 series (per SamMobile). Specifically, the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus will get firmware version G97xFXXUGHVJ1. The update addresses over 47 vulnerabilities.

October 3, 2023: The security update for September is hitting the US, two weeks after it came out for international markets (per SamMobile). The Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus are getting firmware version G97xUSQU7IVH3. This update will fix 24 security issues.

August 18, 2023: Samsung is in the process of rolling out a new security update patch with the firmware build number G97XFXXSGHVH2 (per PhoneArena). The update will address over 60 privacy and security vulnerabilities. Android OS is responsible for half of these issues, while the other half are “Galaxy exclusive” bugs. At the moment, the patch is only releasing to certain countries in the EU including Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, and the Nordic region. However, it will eventually find its way to the rest of the EU and the US.

July 28, 2023: It’s time for another security update. July’s update is headed to the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus and will fix over 50 privacy and security vulnerabilities according to SamMobile. The firmware update is listed as version G97xFXXSFHVG3.

April 13, 2023: Samsung started rolling out the April 2023 security patch to the Galaxy S10 trio earlier this month. Per Droid-Life, that update is now available globally, including here in the United States. Since the March 2023 update brought One UI 4.1, there’s not much else to this update aside from the patch. Do note that the Galaxy S10 5G is one month behind, so this update includes the March patch instead.

March 22, 2023: Samsung is rolling out a One UI point upgrade to the Galaxy S10 trio. Per GSM Arena, One UI 4.1 is rolling out now in select areas. This update brings along with it numerous photography features that first debuted with the Galaxy S22 series.

January 17, 2023: Samsung is rolling out the first update of the year to the Galaxy S10 trio. Per SamMobile, firmware version G97xFXXUEGVA4 brings the January 2023 security update and seemingly little else to the former flagship lineup. The update is currently available in Germany, but expect it to land in more markets in due course.

December 29, 2023: Android 12-based One UI 4 made an early appearance on the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e (h/t SamMobile). The rollout starter in Germany and bore firmware version G97xFXXUEGULB. The December 2023 security patches were also included.

If you’ve spotted a Samsung Galaxy S10 update that we haven’t, tip us! Looking for another update? Be sure to visit our Android 11 update tracker.

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