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Apple is continuing the roll out of Apple Pay today with the addition of 20+ new US banks and credit unions supporting the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch-based payments service.

The total 23 new banks and credit unions include:

American Chartered Bank

Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union

Bellco Credit Union

EFCU Financial

First Federal

First National Bank

Health Care Systems Federal Credit Union

Keesler Federal Credit Union

Kemba Credit Union

Members 1st Federal Credit Union

NorthStart Credit Union

Parsons Federal Credit Union

Pinnacle Bank

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

Service Credit Union

SRP Federal Credit Union

SUMA (Yonkers) FCU

Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union

Tri County Area Federal Credit Union

Trona Valley Federal Credit Union

United Teletech Financial

Winthrop Area FCU

The expansion comes ahead of the international expansion for Apple Pay with a UK launch planned for later this month. Apple previously confirmed the UK would be the first country outside of the US to get Apple Pay, and we reported last week that the company is currently preparing for a July 14th launch date. The service is expected to go live with all major banks and card issuers in the UK with the exception of Barclays. Banks supported at launch later this month will include first direct, HSBC, NatWest, Nationwide Building Society, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and Ulster Bank followed by Bank of Scotland, Coutts, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, MBNA, M&S Bank and TSB Bank later in the fall. 

We’ve been keeping track of new banks and credit unions rolling out support for Apple Pay through the major card issuers since the US launch back in October. Here’s the full list:

1st Advantage Federal Credit Union

1st Financial Federal Credit Union

A+ Federal Credit Union

Affinity Bank

Affinity Federal Credit Union

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union

Altra Federal Credit Union

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

Amegy Bank of Texas

America First Credit Union

America’s Christian Credit Union

America’s Credit Union

American Airlines Credit Union

American Express

American Savings Bank

AmeriCU Credit Union

Andrews Federal Credit Union

Apple Federal Credit Union

Arizona Federal Credit Union

Associated Bank

Austin Telco Federal Credit Union

Bank of America

Bank of Hawaii

Bank of Springfield

Bank of Utah

Bankers Trust


Banner Bank


Baxter Credit Union

BayPort Credit Union

BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust)

BBVA Compass

BECU (Boeing Employees’ Credit Union)

Bellco Federal Credit Union

Bellwether Community Credit Union

Benchmark Federal Credit Union

Berkshire Bank

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Black Hills Federal Credit Union

Blackhawk Community Credit Union

BMI Federal Credit Union

BMO Harris N.A.

Box Elder Credit Union

C&F Bank

Cabela’s CLUB

California Bank & Trust

California Coast Credit Union

Cambridge Savings Bank

Campus USA Credit Union

Canton School Employees FCU

Capital City Bank

Capital One

Capitol Federal Savings

Centennial Bank

Centier Bank

Central Bank

Central Minnesota Credit Union

CFE Federal Credit Union

Changing Seasons FCU

Charles Schwab Bank


Christian Community Credit Union

Chrome Federal Credit Union

Citadel Federal Credit Union


Citizens Bank & Trust

Citizens Equity First Credit Union

City Employees Credit Union

City National Bank

Clearview Federal Credit Union

Coastline Federal Credit Union

Commerce Bank

Commonwealth Credit Union

Community America Credit Union

Community Choice Credit Union

Community First Credit Union (CA)

Community First Credit Union (WI)

Community First Credit Union of Florida

Connections Credit Union

Connex Credit Union

Consumers Cooperative Credit Union

Consumers Credit Union

Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union

cPort Credit Union

Credit Union of Denver

Credit Union of Southern California

Customers Bank

Cyprus Federal Credit Union

Denver Community Credit Union

Denver Fire Department FCU

Deseret First Federal Credit Union

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

DFCU Financial

Digital Federal Credit Union

Dupaco Community Credit Union

DuPont Community Credit Union

Education First Credit Union

Educators Credit Union

Educational Systems FCU

Electro Savings Credit Union

Elements Financial FCU

Ent Federal Credit Union

ESL Federal Credit Union

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

F&A Federal Credit Union

Fairfax County Federal Credit Union

FAIRWINDS Credit Union

Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach

Fifth Third Bank

Financial Partners Credit Union

First City Credit Union

First Community Bank & Trust

First Community Credit Union

First Credit Union

First Entertainment Credit Union

First Fidelity Bank

First Financial Credit Union

First Hawaiian Bank

First National Bank of Omaha

First National Bank of Pennsylvania

First Niagara Bank

First Premier Bank

First Tech Federal Credit Union

First Tennessee Bank


Foothill Credit Union

Founders Federal Credit Union

Frankenmuth Credit Union

Freedom Credit Union

Fremont Bank

Glenview State Bank

Global Credit Union

Golden 1 Credit Union

Goldenwest FCU

Granite Credit Union

Great Basin Federal Credit Union

Greater Nevada Credit Union

Greater Texas FCU

Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

GTE Financial

Guaranty Bank & Trust

Gulf Winds FCU

HAPO Community Credit Union

Harvard Universities Employees Credit Union

Hilltop National Bank

Hiway Federal Credit Union

Hoosier Hills Credit Union

Hughes Federal Credit Union

Huntington Bank


IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union

Idaho Central Credit Union

Ideal Credit Union

Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union

Independent Bank

INOVA Federal Credit Union

Interra Credit Union

iQ Credit Union

J.P. Morgan

JSC Federal Credit Union

Jordan Credit Union

KEMBA Financial Credit Union

Kern Schools Federal Credit Union


KeyPoint Credit Union

L & N Federal Credit Union

Lafayette Federal Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union

Landmark Credit Union

Langley Federal Credit Union

Legend Bank

Lister Hill Credit Union

Logix Federal Credit Union

Los Angeles Federal Credit Union

Mayo Employees Federal Credit Union

M&T Bank

Meijer Credit Union

Members First Credit Union

Mercantile Bank of Michigan

Merrill Lynch

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

MidFirst Bank


Mission Federal Credit Union

Missoula Federa Credit Union

Morgan Stanley

Mountain America Credit Union

Municipal Credit Union

NASA Federal Credit Union

National Bank of Arizona

National Institutes of Health FCU

Navy Federal Credit Union

NBT Bank

New England Federal Credit Union

Nevada State Bank

North Country Federal Credit Union

North Shore Bank

Northrup Grumman Federal Credit Union

Numerica Credit Union

Nusenda Credit Union

Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union

Old National Bank

ORNL Federal Credit Union

Partners Federal Credit Union

Patelco Credit Union

PenFed Credit Union

People’s United Bank

Peoples Bank

People’s Trust Federal Credit Union

Pima Federal Credit Union


Point Loma Credit Union


Premier America Credit Union

Premier Members Federal Credit Union

PremierOne Credit Union

Prestige Community Credit Union

Prosperity Bank

Provident Credit Union

Publix Employees Federal Credit Union

Purdue Federal Credit Union

Quorum Federal Credit Union

RBC Bank

Redwood Credit Union

Regions Bank

Rivermark Community Credit Union

Robins Federal Credit Union

Royal Credit Union

Sacramento Credit Union

SAFE Credit Union

Salem Five Bank

San Diego County Credit Union

San Francisco Federal Credit Union

San Francisco Fire Credit Union

San Mateo Credit Union

Sandy Spring Bank

Savings Bank of Danbury

Schools Financial Credit Union

Schools First Federal Credit Union

Scient Federal Credit Union

Security Service Federal Credit Union


Silicon Valley Bank

Simmons First National Bank

SkyOne Federal Credit Union

South State Bank

Spokane Teachers Credit Union

Star One Credit Union

Star USA Federal Credit Union

State Department Federal Credit Union

Staley Credit Union

Stockman Bank of Montana

Summit Credit Union

Suncoast Credit Union


Synchrony Bank


TCF National Bank

TD Bank N.A.

Teachers Credit Union

Technicolor Federal Credit Union

Technology Credit Union

Telhio Credit Union

The Bancorp Bank

The Bank of Greene County

The Citizens Bank of Clovis

The Northern Trust Company

TIB-The Independent BankersBank

Town & Country FCU

Town Square Bank

Transportation FCU

True North Federal Credit Union

Truity Federal Credit Union

TruMark Financial Credit Union

Tucson Federal Credit Union

U.S. Bank

U.S. Trust


UMB Bank, n.a.

UMe Federal Credit Union

Union Bank & Trust Co.

United Federal Credit Union

United Nations FCU

University Federal Credit Union

University First Federal Credit Union

US Federal Credit Union


USAlliance Federal Credit Union

USC Credit Union

Utah Community Federal Credit Union

Utah First Federal Credit Union

Utah Power Credit Union

UW Credit Union

Uwharrie Bank

Valor Credit Union

Vantage Credit Union

Vectra Bank

Veridian Credit Union

Vermont Federal Credit Union

Vermont State Employees CU

Virginia Credit Union

VyStar Credit Union

Wanigas Credit Union

Waukesha State Bank

WECU® ( Whatcom Educational CU)

Wells Fargo

WesBanco Bank

Wescom Credit Union

West Community Credit Union

Western Federal Credit Union

Wings Financial Credit Union

Wood & Huston Bank

Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union


Zions First National Bank

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Bat Researchers: Please Pay Attention To Us After Halloween

This is probably the only weekend of the year when people think about bats. Their mysterious, dark nature makes them essential Halloween decorations, and this perennial association with creepiness ensures most people think of them as scary and unwanted.

Hoping to shift that perception, bat conservation groups and the United Nations Environment Programme designated 2011-2012 as the “Year of the Bat,” and kicked it off this week.

Andreas Streit, executive secretary at the UNEP and Eurobats, said the initiative will raise awareness for bat conservation. Biologists and educators can order stickers, postcards and other material with pictures of cute, fuzzy bats.

“In many parts of the world, the term ‘bat conservation’ is totally unknown. In many countries, bats have a very bad reputation, out of superstition and prejudices,” Streit said. “One of the goals of this project is to spread the news on a global level that bats are a very important species, a very fascinating species and very important for any terrestrial ecosystem.”

In Italy, a partnership with the Walt Disney Co. is already helping shift that perception. The Natural History Museum of Florence has been selling bat boxes since 2006 and trying to get the public excited about bats. In 2010, Disney Italy joined the project and created a new cartoon character, Kiro the bat, who is pals with Donald Duck. It’s a chubby blue bat that chases mosquitoes in a series of comic books for kids. Interest grew substantially, and more families erected bat boxes; about 25,000 have been erected in the past four years.

Kiro the Bat

Streit said some countries lack any wildlife research organizations, and in others, there are no groups that work on bats. He hopes the Year of the Bat project will spur interest from non-governmental organizations to get involved. He recently talked to a researcher in Iran, which has no suitable non-governmental organization that would be interested in bat research and conservation, Streit said.

Researchers say international cooperation will be especially important for studying white-nose syndrome, which most biologists believe came to the US from Europe in 2006. The fungus that causes the syndrome, Geomyces destructans, has been found in caves in France, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland, but those countries have not seen the mass mortality experienced in North America. The US Fish & Wildlife Service is funding a project to conduct genomic level phylogeographic analysis of the fungus, hoping to help biologists understand why North American bats are more susceptible.

With or without white-nose, Streit said bats around the world need help.

“Here in North America you are suffering this terrible crisis with white-nose syndrome, but many other bat species in the world are pretty critically endangered, and need attention,” he said.

20 Memes That Got Us Through 2023

20 Memes That Got Us through 2023

Social Media

20 Memes That Got Us through 2023 Is this year over yet?

With this year finally coming to a close, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. As we look toward the new year, let’s give thanks for what really got us through 2023—the memes. Here’s our list of 20 memes that did the trick.

1. “I am once again asking for…”

No matter your political leanings, this meme was one of the most entertaining of 2023. The seemingly endless different mashups that people created had us rolling all year. Some of the variations hit a little too close to home though. 

2. Anything Tiger King

Yeah, we can’t believe that Tiger King was released this year either. It feels like it was forever ago that our timelines were filled with Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic memes. We’re just slightly ashamed that we were in Joe Exotic’s one percent of fans on Spotify.

3. Mike Pence fly

While the election was a terrible experience, we can at least look back at some of the memes and laugh. The Vice President Pence Fly meme took the internet by storm after his debate with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. During the debate a fly landed on Pence’s head for a solid minute—so Twitter went off. And we loved every second of it.

4. Participation trophies for everyone!


5. Silver lining of 2023?


6. The Last Dance

Similar to Tiger King, The Last Dance helped us get through the initial first wave in the beginning of the year. So it should come as no surprise that the internet made a bunch of memes about the documentary. You might be surprised how many things Michael Jordan took personally.

7. Karens

Maybe it’s something in the air this year, but 2023 has seen a huge rise in “Karens”—someone who acts superior and insists on seeing the manager. While Karen memes are by no means new, this year they exploded. And with all the people refusing to wear masks, there’s been no shortage of Karen incidents going viral this year.

8. Nevada

Who would have ever thought we’d talk about Nevada so much? With the state being particularly slow to give out election updates, the home of Las Vegas became the butt of many jokes.

9. Titanic

With 2023 being a complete and utter mess, many associated the year with the Titanic sinking, and the meme creators being the musicians keeping everyone calm as the world sinks into oblivion.

10. Dark mode

While 2023 brought us dark times, our favorite tech companies gave us dark mode. Appropriately matching our moods.

11. True friendship

In a world of nonstop video calls, true friendship is when the call disconnects and you both decide not to call back.

12. Back to the future

Dystopian movie? Nope, just 2023.

13. TikToks everywhere

Literally, everywhere you look, there’s someone randomly dancing in front of their phone.

Psst…don’t forget to follow us (@BostonU).

14. So toxic meme

It’s 2023, this was bound to resurface.

15. Leonardo Dicaprio laughing

Whether it was laughing at the absolute absurdity of this year or the funny text you just sent your roommate, this meme says it all.

16. Artoo, our new favorite Boston terrier

Artoo 2023.

17. When the murder hornets arrived

Remember April, when we thought: “It can’t get much worst than this, right?” LOL!

18. “Hope this email finds you well”

Hint: an email hasn’t found anyone well since 2023.

19. The January—September decline

Imagine how this meme would look now that it’s December. 🙃

20. It’s not going well

Remember a time when everything wasn’t an absolute dumpster fire?

To all of the meme-ers out there—we thank you. Your wit and creativity have helped us laugh our way through this crazy year. Here’s to a promising 2023 (fingers crossed)!

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Apple Only Accepting Credit Cards For Iphones?

Engadget this morning pointed us to the news that Apple was now only selling iPhones to people with credit cards – no Cash/Check money order.  In addition, the limit on phones is now down from 5 to 2 per purchase.


According to Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris, the official Apple Line is, um:

“Customer response to the iPhone has been off the charts, and limiting iPhone sales to two per customer helps us ensure that there are enough iPhones for people who are shopping for themselves or buying a gift,” Kerris said. “We’re requiring a credit or debit card for payment to discourage unauthorized resellers.”

YEOUCH!  The 1st 1/2 of that statement would seem to be untrue – there are plenty of iPhones out there no one is complaining of store shelves being bare – in fact, Apple will have to ramp up sales (Europe/Asia help) to meet its 10 million by the end of 2008 forecast.  

The second half is a bit more genuine.  Apple has a very real problem with unauthorized resellers.

We’ve been saying all along that iPhone hacking isn’t just a niche market devoted to crazy hackers.  Here in Paris, SIM unlocked iPhones are all over the place.  London too.  The plummeting Dollar has made an Apple Store visit a requirement for every iPod loving European over the past few years.  Now, iPhones are on the shopping list.  My wife has been hit up numerous times for iPhones on her current trip to New York (hehe).

So what about the MBA’s at Apple who came up with the revenue sharing plan?  They are obviously falling all over themselves trying to correct course with things like the 1.1.1 (codename: bricksville) update and this current plan – which will surely stop the problem…  Seriously though (see picture – this isn’t going to slow), it is kinda getting scary – the lengths to which Apple is willing to go to to keep people from changing carriers – one shutters to think of what happens next.

What about the analyst’s predictions?  Hacking was not a concern for Apple?

Shaw Wu of American Technology Research described the number as “immaterial,” representing “only a small group of users, namely hackers.”  He is 100% wrong – yet again (who hires/listens to these guys?).  The phone hacking IS a problem for Apple.  The recently announced quarter of a million SIM unlocked iPhones was probably a low “guess”.  We use quotes because Apple knows the exact number.  How?  Take Apple’s iPhone total sales, call AT&T ask their total iPhones activated, then ask someone in finance to subtract one from the other.  That’s how you come up with your “guess”.

Obviously, not only is Apple losing their cut (10-20% of iPhone owner’s wireless revenue over 2 years), but AT&T is not pleased.  While most of these phones are heading to Canada/overseas, many more are being used in the States on Tmobile or on AT&T without the 2 year plan.  As we’ve said before, hacked iPhones are blanketing Europe ahead of their official (more costly) release next month.  The O2s, Oranges and T-mobiles have got to be getting pretty pissed off and want to see some action…schnell!

Hence, today’s action.  Apple, you know you could just call the whole thing off right?

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Difference Between Fintech And Banks

What is Fintech?

Fintech refers to emerging technologies that improve and modernize the provision of financial services. The term “financial technology” is shortened to “fintech.” It’s used by individuals, business owners, and companies alike to keep track of their finances and run their businesses and daily operations more smoothly. This is achieved through the use of algorithms and specialized software on desktop computers and mobile devices (including smartphones). As a subset of the banking sector, the development of cryptocurrency is also included.

Besides the obvious use in the financial sector, fintech is also finding its way into retail banking, academia, the investment management industry, and even philanthropic groups. As fintech has progressed, there has been a shift toward a focus on end users. Fintech encompasses a wide range of activities that previously required the intervention of a human being but now can be performed entirely digitally, including the depositing of checks via a mobile device, the management of investments, the application for credit, and any assistance that does not require the intervention of a human but makes use of technology.

These are some others −

Platforms for crowd financing such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter enable app and internet users to send and receive monetary contributions.

Budgeting apps

Electronic currency and cryptographic currencies

Intelligent connections that can automatically carry out the execution of contracts between buyers and sellers

Open banking

Insurtech is an initiative that strives to improve efficiency and reduce complexity in the insurance sector.

Opportunities for consumers, B2B clients, and B2C clients to gravitate toward financial technology services have arisen due to the rise of more information, mobile banking, decentralized access, and accurate analytics.

What are Banks?

These establishments are authorized to accept customer deposits and provide loans. Even though there are several kinds of banks, such as investment banks, retail banks, and corporate banks, all of them are ultimately subject to the authority of the national government or the central bank.

No one can deny the crucial role that banks play in any economy. Depending on the type of account they choose, customers can engage in a wide range of financial transactions. Withdrawals, deposits, and bill payments are all examples of such humdrum banking activity. Customers may invest, save, and borrow money, all while earning interest on their savings and investments. Banks also provide other services such as foreign currency exchange, asset management, and safe deposit boxes.

Differences − Fintech and Banks

Both Fintech and Banks share the common goal of giving their clients a unified view of all the financial options available to them. The following table highlights how Fintech is different from Banks −

Characteristics Fintech Banks


“Fintech,” short for “financial technology,” refers to the use of digital tools to improve the delivery of financial services.

Banks are defined as financial institutions that are authorized to accept deposits from customers and provide loans to those same customers.


Streamlining the customer experience is a top priority for fintech companies. This means making their goods and services more user-friendly, convenient, and accessible.

Safety and the responsible management of possible financial losses are two of the banking industry’s top priorities.

Potential coverage

Since it leverages modern technology developments like smartphones, FinTech reaches a wider audience than more conventional forms of financial services.

The availability of banks is limited in this sector.


Companies in the financial technology sector are more likely to innovate because their organizational structures are more flexible.

The rate at which new ideas are implemented in banks might be slowed by their sometimes rigid organizational structures.

Technological reliance

Technology plays a crucial role in the growth of fintech companies.

Financial institutions have a poor rate of adopting new technology.

Target customers

Customers with low credit ratings or other banking barriers are a prime target for fintech companies.

In general, banks prefer to work with consumers that have a solid credit history and a proven track record.


In FinTech dealings, collateral requirements are low and may be adjusted to suit the situation.

Financial institutions have extremely high demands for collateral.


A bank, on the other hand, is a specialized kind of financial organization that may accept deposits from customers and lends money to those who need it. It is legal for banks to conduct other types of business as well. Given their emphasis on security and careful risk management, their reach in the market is limited.

Apple Most Profitable Company In China, Thanks To Us Sanctions And Cook’s Diplomacy

Apple is now the most profitable company in China, thanks to a combination of US sanctions against Huawei, and CEO Tim Cook’s corporate diplomacy with the government, says a new report today.

The iPhone maker has escaped the Chinese government crackdown on other tech companies in the country, thanks to a symbiotic relationship between the two …

A Financial Times analysis indicates that Apple now makes more profit than local tech giants Alibaba and Tencent combined. It says this is in part because Apple has enjoyed a double win.

Impact of US sanctions on Huawei

Huawei was once almost the default choice for Chinese consumers when it came to buying a premium smartphone.

“It was like a ‘national factory’ – Chinese citizens wanted to show how much they loved the country and they went out to buy Huawei smartphones,” said Counterpoint analyst Archie Zhang.

This changed dramatically when the US government imposed sanctions on Huawei, banning US companies from selling key technology to the Chinese telecoms giant. The action followed allegations of the company fitting spyware to mobile infrastructure products sold to US carriers, and claimed financial support to Iran.

The sanctions proved devastating to Huawei by making it difficult for the company to buy key technology like 5G chips, but most dramatically by the smartphone company losing its Android license. Without this, it could no longer sell new phones running Android.

Apple escaping tech crackdown

The Chinese government has been imposing tough restrictions on most tech companies – both domestic and foreign – over concerns that they were becoming too powerful, and a threat to the government.

However, Apple has been almost unique in escaping these restrictions. The FT suggests that this is a mix of corporate diplomacy by CEO Tim Cook, and a symbiotic relationship between Apple and the Chinese regime.

Cook, whose regular visits to Beijing in pre-pandemic times, including meetings with Xi along with other tech executives, have helped avoid the fate of other Western tech companies.

That has included Apple’s compliance with a range of draconian laws, from banning VPNs, multiple news apps, and more – to requiring user data to be stored on servers run by government-owned companies. The Cupertino company says it has no choice but to comply with local laws in each of the countries in which it operates, but many have criticized it for putting itself in a position where it needs to act in direct conflict with its claimed values.

The mutually beneficial relationship between the two companies also means that neither wants to put it at risk. Apple is of course hugely dependent on China as a production hub, as well as its second-largest market. The Chinese government benefits from hundreds of thousands of comparatively well-paid jobs that benefit the economy as a whole.

“It is clear to Beijing that this is a two-way street. They get a great return – a lot of it employment, and prestige,” said Brian Merchant, author of The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone, “Salaries, standards are better for companies that contract with Apple. This has helped raise salaries for the middle class.”

Photo: Apple Store Sanlitun/Apple

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