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Days are getting shorter. The hot summer has been anything but hot this month, at least in my neck of the woods. It makes it hard for me to want to stay inside and play with my iPad. It does not however stop me from bringing games with me on my iPhone for a quick game while waiting for friends at my local bar.

Days are getting shorter. The hot summer has been anything but hot this month, at least in my neck of the woods. It makes it hard for me to want to stay inside and play with my iPad. It does not however stop me from bringing games with me on my iPhone for a quick game while waiting for friends at my local bar.

If you are feeling creative, want to keep track of the weather, or need a game to pass the time, we’ve got a list of apps to keep you happy this weekend…

The popular security app has recently received a major update that includes lots of new features. To celebrate the retirement of the Dropbox API in version 3, 1Password is on sale for more than 50 percent off. The update added browser improvements that look good and work great. You can now copy to the Share menu clipboard so you can copy the current URL. The user interface has been updated with animations and more. You can share items through messages or email. 1Password also comes with its own browser, so you don’t even have to leave the security app in order to visit the sites on your list. This app is on sale for $7.99 for a limited time.

The new iOS 7 design may be a big hit with developers, but not everyone is on the path to turning to flat and white for their look. This game goes the opposite with a black background and glowing objects. It mixes a bit of puzzle challenge with old-school platform gameplay. The Gleamer collects stars, bouncing off of walls as it goes. The little yellow box will pick up speed, making it harder to control. Keep out of the way of the red platforms or you’ll lose everything. With 50 different puzzles, you won’t be able to rest until all of the stars are in your collection. This game is available for $0.99.


Mini movies are the new YouTube video. In fact, YouTube’s co-founders recently launched their own mini moviemaker that lets you record 16-second clips and then edit them together to make longer videos. A 16-second cut is about 11 seconds longer than any Michael Bay movie. After you’ve edited your clips, you can upload them to the MixBit website and share them with others. You can even use someone else’s clips, or let others use yours, to make their own mini movie. This app is available for free.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar


Weather apps that feature a flat, iOS 7 design are all the rage. More than just showing off a good look, an app has to be functional and accurate, as well. Not only does Aero let you see the weather in your current location, you can add an unlimited number of other cities to your list. Plus, you can check the hourly forecast for the next two days and see a pleasant animation for the current conditions. The best part is that Aero features a badge notification that shows you the current temperature so you don’t even have to open it. This app is available for $0.99.

Are you tired of showing up at a party wearing the same t-shirt as someone else? What you wear says a lot about who you are. Nothing is more mortifying than looking unoriginal. This app lets you design your own t-shirt using images that you upload and add to premade templates. You can even use Instagram images. Snaptee will turn your logo into a t-shirt and send it to your for only $19.99 each. You can even sell your design through Snaptee for a 10 percent commission. This app is available for free.

Reiner Knizia’s Kaleidoscope

Reiner Knizia is an A-list celebrity in the board game world. Anything with his name on it is likely to be a winner. With titles like Samurai, Tigris and Euphrates, and Ra under his belt, it is easy to see why the board game community admires him. Kaleidoscope is the newest iOS game with his name attached to it. Players match up similar symbols in a tranquil atmosphere that is part matching game, part puzzle game. Match all of the symbols on the board to move on. Just make sure you are using the right combinations or you’ll be left with blocks and symbols that don’t match. This game is available for $0.99.

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Apps Of The Week: Paper By Fiftythree, Deponia, Top Camera 2, And More

With Apple’s big announcement earlier this week, we have a lot of new content to look forward to with our new gadgets. Whether you plan on getting a new iPhone, the iPad Pro, Apple TV, or all of the above, we’ve got a list of apps and games that you’ll be happy to try out on your new devices. Too bad we have to wait so long to get them in our hands.

FiftyThree has been making waves for digital artists for quite some time. The company’s sketch-friendly note taking app has been a huge hit since it first launched. Now, the company has finally updated it to be compatible with your iPhone. You can also easily add your ideas to Paper with a one-button tap. You can turn your projects into PDF files for easy sharing with others, even if they don’t have the app, or an iPhone, at all. If you’ve always wondered what Paper was all about, but didn’t want to buy an iPad to find out, now is your chance. This app is available for free.

The company that created Inferno 2 is back with another epic dual-stick shooter. In this neon nightmare, players control a double-barreled tank as chaos flies across the screen. Radiangames is calling this one “one of the most intense and difficult twin-stick shooters to grace the iPhone.” If that doesn’t tempt you, then you clearly don’t care for these types of games. There are 50 levels and 12 difficult enemies to fight. Collect power ups and use your special abilities at just the right time to clear the screen of the impending attack. Good luck trying to get through this one. This game is available for $1.99.

Did you know that synthesizer music has been around for more than 45 years? With such electronic technology as the vocoder and Moog, forward-thinking bands were experimenting with sounds that are still thought to be futuristic today. With AnalogKit, musicians can piece together a number of different components to create their own pedalboard of sorts. Combine a variety of analog synthesizers, as well as digital components. There are more than 50 core components that you can connect together to create unique sounds. Connect to a compatible adapter to turn AnalogKit into your keyboard or guitar’s effects pedal. This app is available on the iPad for $9.99.

In this updated second version of the popular camera app, the interface has been cleaned up to leave more room for getting a great shot. There are five photo modes, including Slow Shutter, Night Photo, and Superfast Bursts, plus three video modes, including slo-mo and time lapse. Record in 30 or 60 fps. The photo editor includes a variety of adjustment features, like exposure and contrast, as well as some fun filters. This app is available for $4.99.

Alien Robot Monsters

If you have trouble deciding which genre you love more, aliens, robots, or monsters, why choose? In this game, players fight all three in one in a sci-fi tower defense action game. But, you aren’t just stuck with stationary turrets. You can also send out troops to tackle the enemy on the ground. You can upgrade your towers with laser firepower, or outfit your troops with the toughest gear in the galaxy. With 23 different towers and 60 unique upgrades, the invading enemies won’t know what hit them. This game is available for free.

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Best Free Android Apps Of The Week: Nipto, Good Timepass, Kitty Letter And More!

In this edition, we have managed to find some useful applications that you might really appreciate. Of course, there are one or two games as well as few apps for customization freak in you. Enough with the introduction, let’s jump right into the treat.

Best Free Android Apps and Games of the Week

We have skimmed through the Android Play Store to find some of the best free Android apps and games for you. Here’s let check it out.

Nipto: split household chores & cleaning tasks


There are a plethora of apps that allow you to split up expenses in an effective and easeful manner. Developer House & Home has managed to combine the essence of that with household chores tracking app. The result is an application that goes by the name – Nipto. Since the moment I’ve found it on Play Store, I’ve been using it extensively.

The key idea behind this app is to divide household chores and make sure that it is done but in a fun manner. Players will receive in-app points for each chore they will do and every Sunday, a winner will be announced. For instance, if you live with your family or friends, then you can easily divide household chores and cleaning tasks. Every Sunday, you’ll be able to check who scored the highest point and ultimately won the contest.

Here are some of the key features of this free android apps that we found worth mentioning:

Personalize household chores

Ability to choose between competition and personal goal

See the participation of each player and reward the winner

Manage children account and customize points goal

Of course, Reminders for important household chores

App page: Download the Nipto app on your Android device from Google Play Store

Tongo – Learn English


This one is for all those readers who are looking to improve their English proficiency. Since our readers are from all over the globe, we decided to cover this amazing app as well. The app is an all-in-one package that allows you to practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing. All of these combined will improve your grammar and vocabulary skills.

Tongo has a very fun and unique user interface that uses illustrations to help you better understand the word and its meaning. You can even listen to some audiobooks and if that’s not your jam, then you can simply read books, all in the app itself. The developer claims to offer more than 40,000 flashcards for you to learn. In fact, all you need to do is spend 10 minutes a day using this app and you would see improvements in your English proficiency.


Personalized learning plan

Offline mode to consume lessons without internet

Price: Free (but in-app purchases are there as well)

App page: Download the Tongo Learn English app on your Android device from Google Play Store

Bitwarden Password Manager


Recently, I started using password manager applications since I wanted to keep my credentials a bit more secure and not easily guessable. I have nearly tried all the popular password manager solutions out there but decided to settle down with Bitwarden. What’s special here is the fact that it is completely free and has no restrictions whatsoever.

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager meaning the build code is public and anyone can contribute to making the experience better. Since the app is open source, you don’t need to worry about the security and privacy of your data. Of course, there are few downsides here as well such as lack of folders in folders and autofill feature.

Considering the service is completely free, these two should hardly be a deal-breaker. If it is, then you can always switch to some other options out there.

An open-source password manager that is completely free

No restrictions whatsoever

cross-platform support

AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256

Price: Completely free (an open-source project)

App page: Install the Bitwarden Password Manager app on your Android smartphone from here

ProtonMail – Encrypted Mail


Since we’re on the subject of privacy and security, it’s a good time to talk about another application that I love. Based in Switzerland, ProtonMail is an application that offers free encryption email with the aim to protect your privacy. Since the data servers are located in Switzerland, all the user data is protected with strict Swiss privacy laws.

Without spending any back, you can get yourself a secure email address that you can then use for all your communication. Even though the service is free, it is still available on all platforms – Android, iOS, and web version. ProtonMail directly competes with Gmail which is known for accessing data since it survives on the ad-revenue model.


Here are some of the key features of the ProtonMail service:

End to end encryption

Anonymous email

open source

easy to use

modern inbox design

Price: Completely free (an open-source project)

App page: Get yourself an encrypted email address from Proton Mail

Good TimePass


For those who’re looking for an app instead of a game to kill the time, then we have something interesting for you. Good Timepass is an app that is a complete package for a healthy timepass. For those who’re unaware, timepass is an act of passing the time and the word is quite popular in India.

The app offers knowledge bytes that are divided into several categories such as Knowledge, Motivation, Brain Games, and English Games. The developer claims to offer 7000+ interesting facts, 3000+ general knowledge, 3000+ lifehack tips, 3000+ motivation quotes, and much more.


Basically, you’re in for a treat if you’re looking to spend your extra time in a productive manner. Here’s a quick look at some key features of the app.

Learn English with games, quiz and improve your vocabulary

Word Wizard, Word Box, Vocab Builder – some of the in-app games

Interesting facts, inspiration quotes,  life lessons, lifehacks, motivation, and more

App page: Get Good Timepass for your Android smartphone from Google Play Store

Pika! Charging show

Pika! Charging show is quite an interesting app that brings a cool charging animation to your smartphone. Thanks to some cool options, it has managed to make its way to our best free Android apps column. The app offers a bunch of cool charging animations to choose from. The app will automaitcally kickstart the animation when you will start charging your device. There’s no need to manually open it again and again.

It is worth mentioning that the list of animations are limited for a free user and to enjoy the entire library, you’ll have to shell a couple of bucks. Alternatively, you can also invite users to the app in order to receive coupons. You can then use these collected coupons to unlock some charging animations.


Here are some of the notable key features of the app that you need to know:

test the charging power of the equipment

personalized animations

check charging status along with charging speed

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

App page: Get Pika! charging show for your Android smartphone from Google Play Store

Mini-ism for KWGT

If you’re new to the world of Android customization, then you might have no idea about KWGT. Well, it is a ‘kustom’ widget maker that allows you to add some custom widgets to your homescreen or launcher. You can either create your own or use the ones created by the community. We’re going to talk about a widget pack for KWGT that goes by the name mini-ism.

As the name suggests, the app offers minimal widgets for your Android smartphone. The app offers a plethora of widgets to choose from and all of that for free. There is no hidden charges or in-app purchases – it’s completely free. Persoanlly, I love the calender widgets that this app offers. Again to use this, you’ll need to have a Pro version of KWGT widget maker app.

While you might have to tweat the widgets a bit to make it suitable as per your setup, but hey! it’s free so no complaints. It is worth noting that this app is currently at version 6.8 which is the final version meaning no new widgets in future. The app has 200 widgets that you can choose from which is a lot. Overall, a must checkout for those who’re looking to spice their homescreen up.

Price: Free

App page: Download Mini-ism for KWGT from Google Play Store

Kitty Letter


No! It’s not Kitty Litter – it’s Kitty Letter. As you might have already guessed, it’s a word game in which you use your power of vocabulary to beat the opponent. From the gameplay experience to visuals, the developers have managed to excel at everything. You can play the game with stranders or friends online. If that’s not your jam, then there’s a single player campaign as well.

There’s no concept of coins or leveling up in the game so it would be like simply playing and destroying the opponent. One thing to note here is the lack of individual level as it makes harder to find a good opponent since you can be matched with a newbie. This would not only ruin the experience for the newcomer but also for the experienced player as well.

Price: Free (with some in-app purchases)

App page: Download Kitty Letter from Google Play Store 

And, with that, we’re now done with yet another edition of our weekly best free Android apps and games. If you haven’t checked out the previous edition, then you can find some useful apps and games there as well. Well, we’ll be back with some more free android apps and games next week so make sure to stay tuned.

Roundup: The Best Iphone Apps Of The Week


One of the most ingenious apps we’ve seen, RulerPhone ($2.99), available here, lets you measure anything even without a tape measure. Simply place a credit card, gift card, or driver’s license next to the item you want to measure, then use the app to take a picture of the item.

The app computes the scale based on the included card, letting you drag your finger along the object you want to measure to get your results. The app was amazingly accurate in our testing, and fun to use, as well.

chúng tôi

Want to know what’s on tonight or when a favorite movie is showing next? chúng tôi available here, is a couch potato’s must-have. The ultimate TV and movie guide, this fab freebie lets you quickly and easily find out when your favorite movies and TV shows are playing.

We love how simple it is to select the right cable or satellite service, and that chúng tôi lets users write and submit reviews while they’re watching a show. It also lets you view nearly 6,000 TV previews and movie trailers, so you can get a quick sample to see if a program looks as good as it sounds.

Holiday Countdown

Holiday season is here, and if you’re a shopping procrastinator you’ll love having Holiday Countdown ($.99) on your iPhone letting you know how many days to have until each celebration. The app, available here, shows multiple countdowns at once, and lets you choose which holidays you want displayed. You can also customize the look by adding your own background image.


Looking for a burrito joint open now? An Irish pub nearby? A gas station you can drive to before your tank hits empty? Yelp, available here, is here to help. Use it to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax, and play, then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know.

Snow Report

Ski season is almost here, and Snow Report ($2.99) is an essential tool for skiers and snowboarders. The app, available here, give you access to hourly ski and snowboard reports for over 1,200 resorts in the U.S., Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Austria, Chile, and Argentina. Use it to check ski conditions while driving to the mountains and improve your chances of riding first chair at the resort with the most fresh powder.


Keep Trapster open while you drive to avoid a costly ticket. This app, available here, keeps track of your current location and warns you when you approach a speed trap, red light camera, or other traps. Also, if you know of a speed trap that isn’t in Trapster’s database, you can easily send it in.


Here’s a fun and simple program for a fall day. Autumn ($.99) lets you watch the leaves fall right on your iPhone. Choose a background image from your photo library or from one of the included backgrounds, then tap to watch the autumn leaves fall. You can customize the number and size of the leaves to get just the right look. Check Autumn out here at the App Store.

Crazy Pumpkin

We all face the same problem every year: how to carve the Halloween pumpkin? Sketching out ideas beforehand is time-consuming, and not everyone is good at sketching. Instead, let Crazy Pumpkin, available here, help you. The app lets you try out facial features by sliding them into place. With over 1,000 eyes, nose, and mouth combinations, you’ll find something you like.


There are several good radio apps for the iPhone, but after trying WunderRadio ($5.99) we may never touch AOL Radio or FlyCast again. Wunder Radio, available here, links to thousands of streaming stations, and makes it simple to find local content or stations from anywhere around the world.

WunderRadio is clearly the best choice we’ve seen for radio lovers so far with the iPhone


Flight Status

Frequent fliers, this one is a must-have. Flight Status ($4.99) lets you check the status of thousands of flights worldwide from your phone, using data from 1143 airlines and 4246 airports.

Check status either by route, flight number, or airport. The app provides gate and terminal info, estimates for arrival and departure, baggage claim info, and more.

We like the Trips section, which lets you track all of the flights for a trip on one screen. Rather than scrambling to learn how much time you have between flights, you can find out with just a tap. We also appreciate the option to search an airport’s flights for a given time period, to see if flights are leaving on time or if there are massive delays.

Check out Flight Status here at the iTunes App Store.


This shopping app isn’t just great for cheapies, but for anyone who has trouble thinking of holiday purchases. Start your planning now with Cheapskate, available here at the App Store.

It lets you create lists of people you’ll be shopping for, then take photos of gift idea while you’re out shopping. The app keeps track of where each idea was found. We love the simplicity.

When you’re ready to buy, just use Google Maps to find your way back. It’s the perfect app for shoppers (like us) who see great gift ideas while browsing through stores, but then forget all about them once we’re home.

Wine Pad 2

Use’s 5 million track library to get personalized radio on your iPhone. You can create custom stations based on any artist or genre, then listen commercial-free. The more you listen, the more it learns what you like and recommends new music. The app, available here at the App Store, even provides artist bios and concert information.


If you bill by the hour, you’re going to appreciate having TimeLogger ($4.99) on your iPhone. Simply start a timer when you begin a job and stop it when you’re done. The app, available here at the App Store, runs in the background even when you’re using other apps and it lets you run as many timers as you want.

A Personal Assistant

If passwords are too much of a hassle for you, install A Personal Assistant and get all your data in the palm of your hand. You can monitor bank accounts, credit card transactions, track cell phone usage, and even view your Netflix queue. The program uses 128 bit SSL encryption and offers a remote destruct option, should you lose your iPhone. Check it out here at the App Store.


Anglophiles, take note. Monarchy ($.99) is a one-of-a-kind app that give you instant access to everything there is to know about the English monarchy from 1066 to the present day. The easy interface gives an overview page (with picture) for each king and queen, plus a detailed biography. Check it out here at the iTunes App Store.

Google Mobile

When you open up the browser on your iPhone, you’re probably looking for quick information, so download this app from the king of quick information and save yourself a few steps. Google Mobile, available here, not only lets you run fast searches, but also offers suggestions as you type.

Color Expert

If you work in design, you’ll find it handy to have Color Expert ($9.99) on your iPhone. This is an interactive color wheel and swatch library that helps artists and designers identify, capture, and showcase color. Use Color Expert, available here at the App Store, to pick colors from photos, slides, and swatches, then create matching color schemes. You can search Pantone libraries, Web safe colors, and HTML colors.


Securly store your credit card numbers, bank accounts, and passwords safely with LockBox. This app protects your data with a PIN so that it’s always close at hand, yet completely protected. Get it here at the App Store.


Phone calls, music, directions… and even inner peace. Who knew an iPhone could deliver so much? Meditator ($3.99), the best meditation helper in the App Store, available here, makes it easy to sit quietly and look inward anywhere you go.

Set how long you’d like for a session, and how much time you need to get settled before you begin. You can even set interval timers, so that you know when a certain amount of minutes has passed.

We love the versatility of this app, which lets you save three mediation configurations, so that you can start up a session with just a tap. We also love the alert sounds, which include bell, gong, and thunder sounds.

The controls let you set different beginning, interval, and ending sounds, so that you don’t need to use the same sound each time. Use it for silent mediation, or choose one of four natural ambient sounds (forest, ocean, river, and storm) for a peaceful backdrop.


If you want to keep an extra close eye on your investments in these days (and who wouldn’t?) you’re going to want Bloomberg on your iPhone. Leave it to the market news source that’s become the Wall Street standard to deliver an incredibly useful and detailed financial app

Bloomberg offers news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders and laggers, price charts, market trends, and more. You can even use it to create customized lists of stocks to track.

Election ’08

Election-junkies, you’re going to love having this app on your iPhone. Election ’08 ($.99), available here, gives you up-to-the-minute knowledge of which candidates is currently leading in the polls in each state. Advanced features include a section on just the battleground states, a list of poll sources, and historic polling data for all of 2008.

Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio offers a new way to get current broadcasts to your iPhone, delivering free personalized news and entertainment radio streams right to you. Start by choosing a topic you’re interested in and Stitcher will “stitch” together the best, up-to-the-minute shows on that topic from sources such as NPR, BBC, ESPN, and CNN. Check it out here at the App Store.


Not a tool for finding a nearby bar, PubSearch ($.99) is a fast and efficient research tool for medical professionals and students. It lets you access the millions of research papers indexed in PubMed. By combining a simple, efficient user interface with fast access to the database, it lets you concentrate on finding the research articles you need without getting in your way. The app, available here at the App Store, includes EZProxy support, so that even when you’re away from your institution’s network, you can (if your institution uses EZProxy) access the full text of articles in any journal your institution subscribes to.


Sure, the iPhone includes a weather app, but the information it offers is pretty limited. If you need a little more information to plan your day, download WeatherBug . It puts live, local weather conditions from over 45,000 locations at your fingertips. View severe weather alerts, weather cameras, detailed forecasts, current radar, and satellite maps. Check WeatherBug out here at the App Store.


Delivery Status Touch

Delivery Status Touch ($1.99) lets you track packages from UPS, FedEx, USPS, and even foreign services such as Canada Post, Posten Sweden, and Royal Mail. Besides that, it lets you track online orders from Amazon, Apple, Adobe, Nintendo, and Google Checkout. If you want a visual, it lets you view your package’s current location on Google Maps. You don’t need to enter numbers manually, as you can send information to it from your computer. Find out more here at the App Store.

21 Pro: Blackjac


Have you ever heard a song in a movie or coffee shop or store and wondered who was singing and what the title was? Let Shazam, available here at the App Store, come to the rescue. Simply hold your iPhone to the music and within seconds it will tell you the artist and track name. It will even save your history, so you can view results later on.

CityTransit NYC Subway Guide

Whether you live in New York or if you’re just planning a visit, you need to download CityTransit NYC Subway Guide ($2.99) to your iPhone. This must-have app , available here, makes navigating the lines far simpler. It puts the entire subway map at your fingertips, and also delivers timely info, telling you which lines are down because of weekend service interruptions, for example. We also love the GPS connection: the app uses the iPhone’s GPS ability to pinpoint your location, then tell you the nearest lines to where you are. With this interactive guide in your pocket, getting around the New York City subway system is almost as easy as hailing a cab.


Earthscape, available for free here at the App Store, offers a curious way to explore the world on your iPhone. See and share what’s happening in the world today—down the street or on the other side of the planet. Earthscape is the world’s first and only virtual globe app for cell phones. Explore the earth in 3D and view photorealistic image of the planet from any perspective. Users upload their own images to build a shared photographic model of the planet. Glide over maps and view photos geotagged to nearby locations. We love the personal view it adds to maps, showing not only where people live but how they live. It’s a fascinating way to get to know the people in any area.


Brain Tuner

Not only is this app a fun diversion, it’ll also make you sharper. Tune your brain in less than a minute a day by giving it a little mental exercise. Chose from two simple math quizzes. The app keeps track of your best time, so you can compete against yourself. Download Brain Tuner from the App Store here for free.


This beautifully organized app is a must-have for movie-lovers. Showtimes recognizes where you are and instantly shows you listings from the movie theaters nearest to you. You can learn what’s playing, get show times, and read movie descriptions. The free app even lets you view trailers and read reviews. Give Showtimes a try by downloading it from the App Store here.


Keep track of your money with Spend, a quick and easy-to-use personal budget tracker. Create daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly budgets in categories that you define, and enter new expenses in seconds with a few touches of your finger. Spend ($0.99) travels with you on your iPhone or iPod Touch and does not require Internet access, so you can enter your purchases before you even leave the mall or grocery store. Learn more and download Spend here at the App Store.

Save Benjis

Save Benjis gives you the best Internet prices while you shop in the real world. Compare prices on your iPhone or iPod Touch for millions of products from hundreds of stores. When you find a better price using Save Benjis, you can buy the item right from the app. Download and install Save Benjis for free from the App Store here.

vCard Mailer

vCard Mailer ($1.99) is an app for your iPhone or iPod Touch that lets you send contacts from your address book to any device with the ability to read vCards (including PCs, Macs, iPhones, and many mobile phones). Just choose a contact, type in or select a destination address, press Send, and that’s it. Check it vCard Mailer here at the iTunes App Store.


Need some more variety to your music? With over 1,000 digital channels, including all genres of music, talk, news, sports, weather, and traffic, FlyCast (free) offers the largest variety of digital broadcasts available today. FlyCast partners with the top radio broadcasters and webcasters to bring a comprehensive collection of live radio streams to your iPhone. Download and install FlyCast here at the iTunes App Store.

If you’re only going to buy one game from the App Store, this is the one to buy. It’s an online classic and now it’s available on the iPhone. We loved testing Bejeweled 2 ($7.99), since it’s now enhanced with cool backgrounds and video effects. It feels tremendously responsive and is even more fun than on a computer. Choose from three modes: Classic, Action (timed), and Endless. The settings let you either hear the game’s own tense music while playing or hear your own songs. Check out Bejeweled 2 here at the iTunes App Store.

Pandora Radio

Your iPhone doesn’t have a built-in FM radio, but with Pandora (free) it’s got something better. Pandora is your own free personalized radio station. Just start with the name of your favorite artist, songs, or composers and Pandora creates a station that plays their music and more just like it. We’ve been using Pandora for years, and it’s great to finally have it on a mobile device. It’s the perfect mix of familiar songs and new songs you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy. Check it out here at the iTunes App Store.


Have a little fun with your photos. Face Melter ($1.99) is the ultimate application to generate funny expressions out of pictures of your family and friends. Find out more here at the iTunes App Store.

Cookie Bonus Solitaire

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder

iPhone apps work best when they provide tools the iPhone should have, but doesn’t. SpeakEasy ($1.99), which is intuitive and fun to use, is one of these titles. The app enables you to record and playback notes, reminders, or just about anything from your iPhone’s built-in microphone. Check out SpeakEasy here at the iTunes App Store.


With gas prices soaring, every driver should have this app. GasBag is a user-driven application that provides the fastest way to find the cheapest gas near you. GasBag allows you to search for any type of gas, and also jump to any location within the U.S. To download GasBag for free, see here at the iTunes App Store.


Find your zen with this updated version of the classic tangram puzzle game TanZan ($0.99). Tangrams have been challenging minds for centuries, wit the deceptively simple goal of combining seven geometric pieces into a shape. This version has over 200 puzzles. Learn more about TanZan at the iTunes App Store here.


Use Where to find hot restaurants, Zipcar locations, or to name the constellations overhead. Or, you can use the free app like we do: to find a nearby Starbucks. There’s got to be one around here somewhere. Where tells you where. Check it out at the iTunes App Store here.


Your iPhone or iPod touch isn’t just good for playing music: now it can help you relax with sound. Ambiance ($0.99) is an environment enhancer geared towards helping you create the perfect ambient environment so you focus or relax. Select from one of the many looping noises, such as rain, waves, white noise, and more. Learn more about Ambiance at the iTunes App Store here.

Some apps are fun and some are productive, and some manage to be both. Meet Bubble puts a bubble level with personality onto your iPhone or iPod Touch, so that you always know your pictures are straight. It’s a free gift for your inner Monk. See here to head over to the iTunes App Store, so you can download and give Meet Bubble a try and learn more about the application.

Jailbreak Tweaks Of The Week: Diamond, Sphere, Volumemixer, And More…

As the final day of the weekend rears its ugly head, the good news is that we’re back with another jailbreak tweak roundup showcasing all the latest releases from this past work week.

This roundup will encompass releases from Monday, November 2nd to Sunday, November 8th. As usual, we’ll start things off by talking about our favorite releases first and then wrap things up with an outline of everything else afterward.

Our favorite releases this week Diamond – $2.30

There’s no disputing the fact that the iPhone’s Dock and Status Bar interfaces have changed very little over the years. Fortunately for those looking for something new and refreshing, a jailbreak tweak called Diamond brings a lot to the table.

Diamond conjoined the two interfaces into one, and it can be accessed by tapping on the SpringBoard icon or with the Reachability gesture. What appears in the Diamond interface is fully configurable, as are its aesthetics and behavior, among other things.

You can learn more about Diamond and what it can do for you in our full review.

Sphere – $2.99

Multitasking is a component of iOS that we don’t yet think has reached maturity. While it’s fairly decent on the iPad these days, iPhone users still need to jump from one application to another on a stock device. That’s why we like a new jailbreak tweak called Sphere.

You can learn more about Sphere and how it works in our full review.

VolumeMixer – FREE

One of the fundamental problems that we think iOS still has with regard to volume controls is that users can’t yet configure their volume level on a per-app basis.

VolumeMixer is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak that resolves this issue by letting users configure volume levels for their applications independently of one another.

You can learn more about VolumeMixer and how it works in our full review.

Other releases this week

Bear: A tweak that augments the Tumblr app (free via BigBoss repository)

CHPUBG: Cleans PUBG game files in an effort to avoid absentee bans (free via BigBoss repository)

HapticDots: Haptic feedback when tapping on the Home Screen’s page dots (free via BigBoss repository)

HoldAnywhereWiggleMode: Lets you tap and hold anywhere to activate wiggle mode on the Home Screen (free via BigBoss repository)

Megane: Bring up a web search anywhere in iOS via Activator (free via Twickd repository – review)

MlDaemonTweak: Allows iPad apps to be installed on iPhones (free via Packix repository)

NanoFi: Makes the Apple Watch use Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth for faster file transfers, such as music (free via udevs repository)

NineMusic: Brings back the iOS 9-style Now Playing interface on the Lock Screen (free via minh-ton repository – review)

Riskkit: Unblurs NSFW posts and spoiler posts in the Reddit app (free via BigBoss repository)

Other important jailbreak news

Checkra1n: The checkra1n jailbreak tool was updated to version 0.12.0 on Sunday with support for A10(X) devices and adds support for iOS 14.1-14.2.

Guardian Firewall: This VPN maker is now working with @nitoTV to bring the first VPN service to jailbroken Apple TVs.

Kernel bug for iOS 14.1: A newly-announced kernel bug that was patched in yesterday’s iOS & iPadOS 14.2 releases could be developed into an exploit for jailbreaking.

That wraps things up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, but don’t fret. We’ll continue to keep you apprised with regard to new releases throughout the coming week, along with any relevant jailbreak news that might be of interest to you.

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Jailbreak Tweaks Of The Week: Dndallow, Instalauncher, Reachit, Videoswipes, And More

If you have a jailbroken iOS 11 or iOS 12 device in your possession and you’re wondering what you should install on it to make it better, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this roundup, we’ll summarize each of this week’s new jailbreak tweak releases from Monday, April 22nd to Sunday, April 28th. As usual, we’ll kick things off by discussing our favorites and then outline the rest afterward.

Our favorite releases this week DNDAllow – FREE

Image Credit: Bas van der Ploeg

DNDAllow is an ingenious jailbreak tweak that lets Do Not Disturb users permit specific apps through iOS’ Do Not Disturb filter, effectively letting you toggle the feature on a per-app basis.

With it, you can silence notifications from your most annoying apps and work-related apps when you’re relaxing, but still receive notifications of interest, such as text messages from your significant other.

You can learn more about DNDAllow in our full review.

InstaLauncher – $3.00

InstaLauncher is a quick app launcher that can help you access your favorite apps in a jiff. The tweak lets you search installed apps in alphabetical order with a letter scroller and access your more recently-used apps more quickly than you could in the App Switcher.

InstaLauncher is a particularly old tweak, but it has been refreshed for iOS 11 and 12. It looks and works just a good today as it did so many years ago, and we think it’s still relevant if you want a faster and easier way to launch apps on a cluttered Home screen.

You can learn more about InstaLauncher in our full review.

ReachIt – FREE

ReachIt makes the top end of the Reachability interface useful by filling the void with a Now Playing music interface so that you can see more about what’s currently playing and interact with playback controls.

There’s not much to say here besides ‘why didn’t Apple think of that,’ but if you’re interested in learning more about the tweak and where to get it, then we recommend checking out our full review.

VideoSwipes – FREE

VideoSwipes is a simple jailbreak tweak that, again, Apple should have implemented into iOS right out of the box and didn’t.

As the name implies, this tweak brings swipe gestures to iOS’ native video player interface. You can now swipe left or right on the video interface to either rewind or fast-forward by 15 seconds, much like you can in YouTube.

You can learn more about VideoSwipes and where to get it in our full review.

Other releases this week

AnimPods 2: A replacement AirPods pairing animation and sound for your jailbroken iPhone ($0.69 via Packix repository)

AutoInvert: A smart invert feature that activates automatically based on display brightness level ($0.50 via Packix repository – review)

Blanka: Lets you lock your apps with Touch ID/Face ID ($0.99 via Packix repository – review)

CustomNoOlderNotifications: Lets you customize the ‘No Older Notifications’ text that appears in Notification Center when you don’t have any missed notifications (free via BigBoss repository – review)

Exo (Beta): An information provider for WKWebView-based widgets (free via Nepeta repository)

Exobar (Beta): Allows you to see HTML in the Status Bar (free via Nepeta repository)

Exoxen (Beta): Lets you use Exo with Xen HTML (free via Nepeta repository)

FindMyiDeviceXS: Replaces the standard Find My iPhone alarm sound with something that’s easier to hear from a distance (free via Packix repository)

Konban: Replaces the ‘Today’ view with an application interface of your choice (free via Nepeta repository – review)

ModernPower: A better-looking and less intrusive power down interface for iOS 11 and 12 (free via conorthedev’s beta repository – review)

LeaveMeAlone: Puts the Do Not Disturb icon under the Lock screen’s time rather than displaying it in the Status Bar (free via Packix repository – review)

NotifyWiFi X: Notifies you when you switch from one Wi-Fi network to another ($1.00 via Packix repository – review)

NoTimeLimitStoryVideo: Removes the time limit for video stories in the Instagram app (free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)

NoYTMusicPlaylistPanel: Removes the playlist panel from YouTube when playing videos (free via BigBoss repository)

PingWatch: A new iPhone ping sound when pinged from your Apple Watch ($0.49 via Packix repository – review)

PullOver Pro: Puts a collapsible app shortcut grabber on the side of your display to improve your multitasking ($2.00 via c1d3r’s repository – review)

That just about wraps things up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, but stay tuned to iDB throughout the week to remain updated regarding novel releases as they materialize.

If you’re looking for more tweaks, then consider adding third-party Cydia repositories to your device to expand your scope and check out last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup in case you might’ve missed anything. We also have several dedicated roundups to help you find ways to tweak your jailbroken iOS 11 device below:

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