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Oh my gosh, it’s March already! And while I am a bit shocked at how fast the time flew by, I am pretty excited because it’s Women’s History Month! To mark the occasion and honor women in tech, I have decided to test and review Wysa: Mental Health Support developed by Jo Aggarwal, the app’s co-founder and CEO.

So, what is Wysa, and why is it a potent app in today’s scenario? Because despite being important, mental well-being is often overlooked or pushed under the rug.

The stigma & ignorance surrounding it stops people from speaking out or sharing their issues. Wysa is a digital chatbot that supports users to overcome or handle their difficult times.

Wysa iPhone app review: How the AI penguin helps with depression and anxiety

Wysa is an AI-based, emotionally intelligent bot that assists users in managing their emotions and thoughts. Consider the cute-little teal penguin as your personal AI therapist, who listens and talks to you 24/7.

It employs several tools such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) to understand your emotional and mental health and offers well-guided meditation and breathing exercises.

Some benefits of AI therapists 

No judgments – Speak your heart out or bitch about people without a worry.

Always accessible – No appointments or waiting! The chatbot is available 24/7.

Cheaper – Even if you opt for their premium version, it is still more affordable.

Plays multiple roles – It doubles as a journal and an understanding friend.

Well, these are some great perks, but nothing could beat the benefit or charm of one-to-one interaction with a therapist. Wysa wisely brings them into the picture.

Wysa also offers personal therapists!

When you need some external help from your home’s comfort, Wysa’s global mental health professionals could be of great help. You can get daily messaging support and 4 live sessions for less than $100/month.

Let’s meet the CEO & founder of Wysa

Jo Aggarwal has a pretty impressive career graph, which started with a stint at Infosys as a software engineer. She has been a part of the internet/product tech development industry since 1997.

As of now, Aggarwal handles the algorithm design, troubleshooting, and UX for Wysa. She beautifully explains her motive and mission behind the app in an interview:

We have lost loved ones to suicide, and she herself has struggled with depression – our search for useful, usable help at this time showed us the huge gap that exists in current systems of care. This led us to develop Wysa as a response so that high-quality support is always accessible for those who need help.

Accolades for Wysa 

In 2023, Wysa won the Accenture Ventures Challenge in the Responsible Technology category. Plus, ORCHA, the world’s leading health app evaluation agency, named it the ‘Best App Health & Care.’

And among other things, it is Aggarwal’s relentless work & social ethics that has led the app to this stage. The iGeeks team and I would like to appreciate and congratulate Jo Aggarwal for her passion and the efforts she has put in to build and promote mental health awareness.

Can Artificial Intelligence help with mental fitness?

After reading all the accolades about the app and Aggrawals’ life story and interviews, I was intrigued to use Wysa. From the start, a pertinent question was bugging me:

Would an AI really understand my unique set of issues and troubles? 

Well, I got my answer. To help you understand the app and its working better, I have divided my experience into parts.

The cute & colorful UI

Wysa’s icon is a teal-colored penguin, and the app continues the ‘cartoonish’ approach all the way. A calming color-story is maintained, whether you prefer the dark or light mode.

It’s pretty easy to maneuver; everything is well-labeled and approachable. It is a great thing considering some users might be low on patience initially.

The ChatBot

Wysa wants to be your 4 am friend; it says so on the main page. You can approach the chatbot any time, and it will gladly oblige. It firstly enquires your mood with the smiley’s help.

This will act as an ice breaker, and your mood will be the topic of discussion. Whether anger, gratitude, frustration, happiness, or hopelessness, it will listen to everything you have to say.

Depending upon the conversation, it will prompt you suggestions for journaling,  meditation, or relaxing exercises. Quite like a millennial, it would occasionally share funny GIFs, inspirational quotes, etc.

The audio support

Also doubling as a mindfulness app, Wysa supports an array of helpful content. Dubbed as Tool Packs, they are neatly divided into wellness, productivity, anxiety management, and more.

I love how detailed and exhaustive these categories are. A few inspire you, help you sleep better, overcome grief, and build confidence or self-esteem.

Although, there is one problem… the voice is monotonous. Whether it says love or anger or compassion, everything is in the same tone. No background music makes things boring, and the mind tends to wander off.

That was not the case during meditation sessions with Calm or Pillow. And maybe it’s just me, and it works for others, but the audio help did not impress me.


I also noticed the app smartly using hashtags. While chatting, it will prompt you to make a list of tasks, what makes you happy, etc. Later you can type in #list to edit or add new things to any list you have made; smart, right!

Daily Reminders

Mindfulness does not happen in a day; you have to practice daily. From the Notifications section in the setting, you set multiple arrays of daily or weekly reminders for yourself.


You are literally pouring your heart out and obviously wouldn’t want any third party to access the data. As per the company’s privacy policy, Wysa employs several security protocols to secure all data, including the AES-256 protocol.

And though the company stores and refers to your data to improve the AI, it doesn’t ask you intimate details like photos, phone numbers, or mail IDs.

Moreover, you can regularly reset your data from the settings to ensure your private talks remain private.

Was AK’s week with Wysa appy?

Yes and No! The start of the week, i.e., Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, was quite great as I enjoyed interacting with the Wysa bot, exploring the features, and listening to the audio content offerings.

However, the excitement quickly wore off. Majorly because all the talks got repetitive by Monday. While the app tries to learn and grow with you, it doesn’t really understand the unique set of issues and troubles you might be facing.

I could predict what the bot will ask me to do next. And not so surprisingly, as per a study, that happens with almost all AI-therapist users.


I must say the app is well built. If you need an outlet to vent about your issues and troubles, it is spot on. There are times you don’t need a professional to point out issues; just saying it out loud could make a difference.

In that sense, Wysa can be of great help to most of us. And since it is free to download and offers a decent freemium version, you should give it a try.

AK Meter (Points out of 5)

User interface:      


AI Therapy:      

Audio aid:     

Fun quotient:       



What is Appy Week with AK?

I love observing apps and how they make our lives better from different angles. Appy Week with AK is a unique series that amalgamates my passion for apps and users’ need to find the perfect app.

Under the series, I pick and test an app thoroughly every week. Then report all my observations and experience to you guys; so you can figure out whether to skip or download it.

Check out the previous Appy Week with AK reviews:

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#Appyweek With Ak: Enhance Your Podcast Listening Experience With Podbean

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular; almost every music streaming platform now supports the format, and many apps are being specially built around it. But which app or platform should you pick?

The hunt for a great podcast listening app directed me to Podbean. So, I took it as my next app for #AppyWeek with AK and tested it for a whole week to see if it makes me Appy or Unappy.

And most importantly, should you download and try Podbean for yourself or simply skip it? So here’s my week’s worth of experience, what I loved, liked, and hated in the app.

Review: Podbean Podcast App & Player for iPhone

I am an avid podcast listener and diligently follow a fair few, from tech, Harry Potter, storytelling, business to mindfulness. Managing and keeping track of them all in Apple Podcast or even Spotify becomes too tricky at times.

This is where Podbean and its numerous features come into the picture. With tools like customizable playlists, intelligent speed, volume boosts, and more, the app aims at delivering a better podcast listening experience.

What’s more

Along with your favorite podcast episode, you can also enjoy live audio stream, FM, and a bunch of free audiobooks.

Although the app also doubles as a podcast hosting platform, my agenda was to test it as a player. So, I stuck to it and just explored that side of the app.

Note: If you have any queries regarding Podcast hosting and other services, contact Harshanki, the host of The iGeeksBlog Show.

Can Podbean really make a difference?

Let me take you a bit deep inside the Podbean iOS app to help establish my point.

Episode Management

I usually catch up on episodes while commuting, doing chores, running errands, or on the weekends. Though the auto-download feature helped, I needed something more organized.

The Following tab – Podbean sports a separate following tab, wherein you can view all the podcasts you follow. You can arrange them alphabetically or in order of following or update time.

Moreover, the app maintains a handy download tally, a combined on the top of the page and an individual on each podcast’s icon. (clearly, I have a lot of episodes to catch up on)

Note: While helpful, the ‘red’ marks could be anxiety-inducing; I wish there were a setting to clear the tally, hide it or altogether disable it.

Customizable Playlist – Hands down, my most loved feature! Just create a playlist, add podcasts, and newly published episodes of selected podcasts will be auto-updated.

All you have to do is just hit play! Plus, you can also manually add episodes to a playlist, making organizing your podcasts a breeze.

The only thing missing is an auto-remove setting that could remove listened-to episodes from the playlist at regular intervals.

Audio effects

Intelligent speed – Shortens silences from an episode without distortion.

Manual speed adjustment – Slow it down to 0.5x or speed it up to 2.5x.

Volume boost – Enhances the EQ for a more booming, balanced sound.

Discover new listen-worthy podcasts

According to a recent stat, there are over 1M active podcasts. So how can you find a great fix? Via recommendations and searching through categories, trending podcasts, and more.

Well, Podbean brings a healthy mix of all this. And even though I won’t call its algorithm as intuitive as Spotify’s, it certainly does a pretty decent job.

Additionally, you can also switch the region in mere seconds. Whether you want to see trending podcasts from the US, UK, Australia, India, or Thailand…all is possible.

More than Podcasts

As briefly mentioned earlier, Podbean also offer options for:

Networks and Radio – Depending upon your region selected, you can access a host of networks/radio stations and their shows.

Audiobooks – While it will not hold a candle against the wide variety of Audible books or similar apps, Podbean offers a decent collection. I am a happy girl as it offers Harry Potter’s Stephen Fry version.

Notably, the app also supports English, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Podbean vs. Castbox vs. Overcast

I was impressed with all that Podbean had to offer. But it dawned on me that before making a judgment, I should also check and explore other popular podcast listening app.

Castbox – Surprisingly, this one almost a copy of Podbean (or vice-versa); I don’t know who did it first. It has audiobooks, Livecast (live audio shows), networks, playlist options, and other similar features.

Plus, there is a meditation and sleep aid section, Zen Mode with soothing sounds, and a better Siri Shortcut Support. However, the access to playback settings and show notes is easier and smoother in Podbean.

Overcast – Now, this one is another story. It is just a platform for podcast listening and no other distractions. The interface is pretty bare-bones, but it indeed makes up for it in terms of features.

My most loved feature is that you can set custom skip intro & Outro timing for each podcast. Skipping all the small talk and directly taking me to the crux of the discussion.

Plus, its voice boost is better than the other two apps. If you want to hear podcasts pick overcast, but if you want more stuff like audio novels and live shows, Podbean or Castbox should be the one.

Is AK Appy or Unappy with Podbean?

I am somewhere in the middle; Podmean did manage to solve my critical problem of organizing and managing my podcasts. Plus, it offers free audiobooks and like rooms.

However, the features seem half-baked and well-thought of. I have to ultimately put in some additional work to manage my favorite podcasts, which gets exhausting sometimes.

So, I keep my fingers crossed, and hopefully, the developers will think about further enhancing their feature list.

AK Meter

User Interface: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝

Ease of access: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌜

Features: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝

Fun quotient: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌜

Audio quality and enhancement: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝

Episode management: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌜

Price: Free (VIP Member – $9.99)


What is #AppyWeek with AK?

It is a space you should surely follow if you love exploring new apps or doing thorough research before picking the right one for your device.

With #AppyWeek with AK, I pick up an app and explore an app for a whole week. After that, I share my honest experience to help you decide whether the app is perfect for you or not.

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A self-professed Geek who loves to explore all things Apple. I thoroughly enjoy discovering new hacks, troubleshooting issues, and finding and reviewing the best products and apps currently available. My expertise also includes curating opinionated and honest editorials. If not this, you might find me surfing the web or listening to audiobooks.

Five Ways Ai Can Help Your Production Processes With Cnc Machines

Here are the five ways AI can help your production processes with CNC machines

The past few years have seen an increase in the use of AI in CNC machines in the manufacturing industry. Looking at industries ranging from the medical industry to the automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, and warehousing industries, they are all employing the use of these machines.

If you see a machine somewhere, a certain product, or even a part that has been molded, chances are that CNC machines have been used for what you are seen to come to life.

The increased use of CNC machining has made it possible for production industries to catch up to the quick production and high accuracy needed today. This has, however, been made possible by the incorporation of modern technology into the production processes.

CNC Machines and Artificial Intelligence What are CNC Machines?

CNC machines refer to the equipment used to automatically control machining tools such as mills, lathes, 3D printers, and drills among others through the use of a computer. 

A CNC machine can be used to process different pieces of metal using programmed instructions to ensure that they meet certain criteria of specifications. This is done without direct human intervention.

Today, there is increased incorporation of AI into these CNC machines. Production industries are seeing machines that respond to commands and come with predictive capabilities and other modern features.

How is AI Helping in Production Processes with CNC Machines? Increases Efficiency and Productivity

The most important things when it comes to the incorporation of AI in CNC machines are efficiency and productivity. With the use of artificial intelligence, CNC machines can analyze all the data they produce during production and provide real-time results to their operators. This is important in boosting productivity.

When the data is analyzed, the machines can suggest any changes to their operators. With this, the operators can make the changes, affecting how the machine operates. This ensures that the machines’ efficiency is improved.

Boosts Performance Through Machine Learning

Initially, industries relied on human operators when driving changes in machining. However, this is changing due to AI. Today, they can rely on analytics, real-time data, as well as machine learning to dictate how the CNC machines learn, respond to requests and optimize performance.

AI has allowed operators to get insights on things such as how CNC machines operate, function, and perform. In addition, this has opened a wide view into how all the CNC machines work and perform with each other. 

With that, operators can see the performance of each machine and eliminate anything that slows performance. The machines are also learning about ways to boost their performance and giving suggestions to their operators. This boosts the machine’s performance.

Lowers Production Costs

If you ask any manufacturing plant managers today, they will tell you that their production costs are affected by their ability to service their machines in good time. They need to know when the machines should be tuned, calibrated, and parts adjusted. This always requires time.

However, artificial intelligence is making things easier for them. It is making it possible for industries to predict the time needed for servicing or doing any maintenance activities on the CNC machines. AI uses data to drive the machines and offers the operators real-time data on how the machines perform. 

This allows the operators to predict when the machines might need servicing, or when a certain part might need to be replaced. With that, they are able to save money by making sure that the machines are always operational and servicing them at the right time.

Transforms the Production Processes

The use of AI is transforming all the industries that rely on CNC machines for their production processes. Introducing artificial intelligence into these machines has not only seen increased levels of production but also a lot of technological transformation.

For instance, CNC machine operators

can use IoT devices to control the machines

, rate their performance, and make any required changes no matter where they are working from. This has been made possible by AI.

Promotes Automation

Similarly, some production processes with CNC machines have been automated especially due to the incorporation of AI. These machines are learning what they need to do, and receiving commands from their operators. 

In addition, industries are using

collaborative robots to revolutionize their automation

. With AI, these robots can operate the CNC machines, increasing productivity, reducing the chances of human errors, and ensuring that most processes are automated.

With that, they are working on their own and streamlining their operations. This is made possible by AI.


How To Get Rid Of Snapchat’s Annoying, Lying Ai Bot

It’s true that I didn’t anticipate this. I believed my AI was pretty impressive in reality. Snapchat provided it to all users at no cost making it the most accessible Version that is ChatGPT available. If you used Snapchat on your smartphone, and had even the tiniest desire to learn about Artificial Intelligence, My AI seemed like an excellent deal. You could even call it something exciting, such as SnapGPT. (It’s a fantastic name.)

However, I was mistaken as was Snap. The result is that My AI users aren’t thrilled about My AI. In fact, they’re angry. Many have taken their complaints to Play Store and App Store or the Play Store for reviews of one or two stars in which they criticize the AI bot. AI bot. It’s a blessing that for Snapchat it has so many positive reviews that the negative reviews aren’t impacting the overall score too significantly. Yet, what is it that makes these users so upset?

My AI doesn’t work for Snapchat

Surprisingly, users don’t feel thrilled over My AI’s compulsory nature. Snap puts My AI at high in your conversations, which is above all of your other friends and the most recent messages. This means that it will always look as if it’s the most recent message even if you have recent messages to it. It’s possible to accidentally swipe it with your memory in your muscles, and then need to rewind to access the message you’re looking for. It’s also annoying for people who don’t like anything to do to do with My AI.

My AI also received some negative reviews right from the beginning. The AI bot was a hit on social media However, it wasn’t because people were discovering interesting ways to incorporate AI to their messaging. Instead, it seemed the bot was lying about accessing locations. Users complained to the bot if it was able to access their location. My AI would say no. However, when they wanted to locate an area McDonald’s My AI could find the closest one to the user. This is a impossible task if you don’t have permission to access your location.

This could only happen when you have given Snapchat permission to access your location. If you did not, My AI, like the app, would not have access. If you had, My AI would. It was that “lying” that took people off the rails making the robot appear insidious and evil.

The other Redditor claimed to have discovered My AI’s “pre-prompt,” which is the first set of instructions Snap gave to the bot to regulate the manner in which it responds to users. One of those guidelines is “Do not discuss the location of the user when it’s relevant to the conversation,” which may have accidentally led to My AI to “lie.” In all likelihood this issue appears to be resolved If I inquire of My AI if it has access to my current location, it informs me that it does. When I deactivate the location permissions, it informs me that it does not.

How do I deactivate my AI in Snapchat

The majority of these problems are likely to be forgiven by users if they could simply switch off My AI. But, the majority of us aren’t able to do that. If you’re using Snapchat for free, MyAI is integrated into the app and there is no method to eliminate it. According to this post, the best option to eliminate this AI machine is to sign up to Snapchatand pay $3.99 per month or $29.99 annually.

If you are a subscriber to Snapchat+, you can quickly disable My AI. Navigate to your chats and press you can long press the button on My AI. Select “Chat Settings”,” then select “Clear From Chat Feed.”

How To Use Luminar Ai With Lightroom & Photoshop

Once the plugin is installed, you may have difficulty knowing how to open your images from one program to another. The way of opening images in Luminar AI varies between Lightroom and Photoshop, so they have been broken up into sections below. By the end of this post, moving your images to Luminar AI will feel like a seamless transition in your workflow!

Can Luminar AI Be Used As A Plugin?

Here is a list of programs Luminar AI can be used as a plugin with:

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop

Photos For MacOS

Just as you can open an image from Lightroom into Photoshop and back, you can do the same with Luminar AI. However, rather than spending the time to work with complex layers, masks, and spot adjustments, you can pop over to Luminar AI and use AI technology to speed up the process.

If you aren’t familiar with all the amazing tools found in Luminar AI, this review shares everything you need to know!

How To Install Luminar AI Into Photoshop And Lightroom

The installation of Luminar AI into Photoshop and Lightroom is very straightforward and can be done using the same steps.

First, you’ll need to download, install, and open Luminar AI on your computer. If you haven’t already done so, you can download Luminar AI here. Better yet, you can save yourself some cash in the process by using my discount code BRNWILLS. Think of it as a little thank you for stopping by!

There is also a 7-day free trial of Luminar AI if you’re not quite ready to make the full commitment yet.

If Lightroom or Photoshop are already opened on your computer, you will need to quit and reopen the programs for the new Luminar plugin to be available.

How To Use Luminar AI With Photoshop

With this method, your Luminar AI adjustments will be baked into the layer once it’s saved back into Photoshop. Of course, this isn’t ideal if you want to make any changes to these adjustments later on. One obvious solution to this problem is duplicating your image layer and bringing the duplicate version into Luminar AI. However, using a smart object offers an even better way of doing things since you can reaccess the Luminar AI adjustments, and you don’t need to merge layers.

Let’s walk through that process together.

– Opening Your Image Into Luminar AI From Photoshop

In this Photoshop project, I have a variety of layers and adjustment layers. I want to bring this photo into Luminar AI. The only issue is that I don’t want to merge everything and lose access to my layers. That’s where a smart object comes into play. Smart objects allow you to put multiple layers into a “container” so that your edits are applied to the container and not the layers directly. I explain how they work more in-depth here.

– Editing A Photo In Luminar AI – How To Export From Luminar AI Back To Photoshop

Using Luminar AI alongside Photoshop is a great way to speed up many tedious editing tasks you find yourself doing. Things such as retouching skin, doing sky replacements, adding glow effects, and more. The tasks requiring lots of layers and fine adjustments in Photoshop can usually be made with a single slider in Luminar AI. That’s why I think these two programs are the perfect duo for a professional retouching workflow!


After Luminar AI

How To Use Luminar AI With Lightroom

The process of opening an image from Lightroom into Luminar AI is very similar to working between Lightroom and Photoshop. Although it’s relatively straightforward, there are a few important steps you’ll want to be aware of.

– Opening An Image From Lightroom To Luminar AI

A dialogue box will appear with a few options for which version of your photo you want to edit.

Edit A Copy With Lightroom Adjustments: This means you will create a duplicate copy of your selected image and keep any Lightroom adjustments applied.

Edit A Copy: This will create a copy of your image to edit in Luminar, but without any Lightroom adjustments.

Edit Original: This edits the original image file without duplication or previous Lightroom adjustments.

In most cases, the “Edit A Copy With Lightroom Adjustments” is the best option. This way, you can build on the edits you already made without permanently affecting your original image.

– Editing Your Image In Luminar AI

Then head over to the Editing Module, where you can use all of the AI-powered tools alongside the more basic editing adjustments.

– How To Export From Luminar AI Back To Lightroom

Inside Lightroom, the Luminar edits will be applied to a duplicate version of your image. This duplicate photo will sit directly beside the original in your Library, so it’s easy to locate.


After Luminar AI

Get An Exclusive Discount On Luminar AI

Download Luminar AI For Lightroom And Photoshop HERE.

Happy Editing!

Brendan 🙂

How To Build An Awesome Website With Wix

Whether you’re an aspiring online influencer in need of a homebase for your brand, a professional who needs a portfolio to show off your work, or a small business trying to spread word of your products and services beyond the town you set up shop in, building an awesome website is crucial to your success.

Benefits range from improving your likelihood of being discovered in today’s digital-oriented society to boosting your credibility as someone who cares enough to not only build an online presence but also take time to create an aesthetically pleasing portal into what you’re offering others.

Table of Contents

The beauty of a cloud-based web development platform like Wix is that it gives you the ability to accomplish all of this and more with incredible ease at an affordable price. While other platforms are similar, they aren’t necessarily as intuitive.

Others may offer more potential, but they also require more skill, i.e., coding knowledge. Often, platforms on both ends of the spectrum can end up costing more while offering relatively fewer benefits to those who aren’t programmers yet want a site that looks like a programmer built it.

After trying multiple web platforms to build my own portfolio site, here’s why I’ve come to love Wix and how you too can leverage its technology to build an awesome website for you or your business.

Free or Freedom

First thing’s first: what are you looking for in your website? The answer could depend on how comfortable you are with

If you’re not at all comfortable or are short on time, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) can build a free website for you. But if you have the skills or want to build them and have the time, Wix also gives you the option to have full control over design with the Wix Editor.


Wix ADI doesn’t just give generalized templates to choose from; it gathers information about you and your needs and legitimately builds a customized space based on what you tell it to create. Once the skeleton of the site is produced, with some additional input from you on thematic choices, Wix hands over control to you to start adding additional pages and making changes to themes, fonts, colors, and more.

The upside is you get everything you need in a basic website that requires zero effort on your end to actually set up–and it’s free. All you need to worry about is providing the content for your site and making sure it looks how you want it to.

The downside is you might find yourself wishing for functionality or options you don’t get with Wix ADI, such as the premium plan. Here’s where you can really experience design freedom.

Drag and Drop Editor

If you decide to pay for a site you build with Wix Editor, like I did, your options expand considerably. There are several premium options available, ranging from just $5/month to $25/month, with each offering additional services. However, each premium plan includes:

Free hosting

Domain connection

500MB+ storage

Google Analytics

Premium support

No setup fee

To begin with, there are several Wix templates other users have created that you can leverage for your own design. The site I built, for instance, was originally a layout from someone else who had published their design for others to use. Now, it looks nothing like the original, as I’ve made several changes both aesthetically and to the flow.

Once you have the layout you’re looking for in a website, whether you start from scratch or build off someone else’s available design, you can really start transforming your site into something unique with the drag and drop editor Wix offers.

Add Elements

There’s way more to choose from, and Wix helps you identify whether something might be of good use for your site by providing detailed information about each element when you hover over/select it.

Almost anything you can imagine a legitimate site requiring to be both aesthetically appealing and highly professional, Wix makes it available to simply select, drop in and move around.

This process is so intuitive and iterative, it’s easy to experiment with different design or logistical elements on your site, preview them, then decide to keep or delete with practically no work on your end other than deciding where to put something.

Add Apps

Another great feature of the the Wix Editor is the ability to add apps, several of which are fre. There are over 300 to choose from–Wix itself offers over 100 apps developed in-house–from social tools to chat apps to business tools.

Adding these apps to your site is as easy as adding any other design element you drag and drop in. There an easy way to make your site less static, more dynamic, more interactive to really capture the attention of visitors–and make you look like a total web dev pro.

Make It Mobile Friendly

Once you’ve made finishing touches to your website, check to make sure it’s displaying properly on a mobile interface using Wix’s mobile editor. This is of growing importance, as most people today access websites and services via their mobile phones more than any other device.

Ensuring you provide an elegant user experience (UX) that transitions seamlessly from a ~13” to a ~5” display is critical. Bad UX can ruin your chances at securing confidence from a site visitor.

You will lose their attention or their business and end up increasing your bounce rate, a metric that measures how quickly someone visits and leaves your site. The higher the bounce rate, the less likely you are to appear in Google searches.

Once you’re in the Wix mobile editor, you can rearrange images and text and hide elements you don’t want to display to ensure your site’s user experience is as elegant in the palm of a hand as it is on tablet or monitor. It only takes a few minutes to clean things up before hitting publish.

Email Marketing

One of the coolest extras Wix offers is email marketing. Once you’ve built your site, you might want to promote it–especially if you’re an aspiring influencer trying to garner followers; a creative professional trying to land a new job or freelance gigs with a sharp new portfolio; or a business trying to attract new customers.

As with everything, Wix makes this super easy, providing you with a flashy email template that only requires you inputting information and tweaking it to fit your brand. Besides that, your biggest job is providing a contacts list to which you send the email.

It’s possible you already have hundreds of contacts you could promote your new site to. If not, there are data-collection companies out there whom you can purchase email lists from (it sounds sketchy, but this is how the world works today).

stats spike over the next few days. By the way, make sure you have a submission form somewhere on your site that visitors can use to contact you. You’ll definitely want to provide a way for visitors to communicate with you if you’re putting yourself out there like this.

Wix also offers an app that can help you grow your subscribers list if that makes sense for your site. This is a great way to keep yourself or your business in the spotlight with a growing list of contacts, increasing your visibility and potentially your profit or status.

View Stats and Build SEO

We’ve talked a little about the importance of making your brand–whether it’s personal or business–more visible to the online world with a stellar website. But building a great site can only take you so far.

A lot of the hard work involves playing the game of search engine optimization (SEO). Google and other search engines use algorithms to decide what results appear first in a search. There are specific best practices to follow if you want Google and other search engines to put your site higher in its search index.

Learning these best practices and understanding how to effectively apply them takes time and trial and error. Fortunately for Wix users, Wix SEO Wiz makes this much easier. It gives you a step-by-step process to follow to ensure your site is optimized correctly before even allowing you to connect it to Google in order to be indexed and ranked in searches–talk about due diligence!

Once you’re connected to Google, Wix will take you to your SEO plan where you can continue to optimize the rest of your site. You’re never alone in this; Wix SEO Wiz continues to give you a checklist of items to complete to help your site perform better.

When you’re ready to see how well your site is performing, you can connect it to Google Analytics, the most powerful analytics platform available for measuring organic and paid SEO, and start monitoring other metrics.

End Your Site Search

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive cloud-based web development platform, Wix offers quite possible everything you need without the burden of mastering technical skills to derive the utmost value from it. Whether you need a lot or a little for your personal or business

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