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By default, Firefox should automatically complete the typing request in the URL or address bar. However, if the autocomplete is not working in the Firefox address bar, here is what you can do to troubleshoot the issue. Here we have discussed all the possible causes along with the solutions so that you can eliminate the problem within moments.

Autocomplete not working in Firefox address bar

If autocomplete is not working in the Firefox address bar, follow these recommendations:

Verify Address Bar settings

Check Search Suggestions setting

Check browser.urlbar.autoFill value

Check Firefox History setting

Disable all add-ins

To learn more about these solutions, keep reading.

1] Verify Address Bar settings

It is the first thing you must check when the autocomplete is not working in the Firefox address bar. Firefox has an in-built option that allows users to turn on or off a specific thing from appearing automatically in the address bar.

Open the Firefox browser on your computer.

Open the Settings panel.

Switch to the Privacy & Security tab.

Head to the Address Bar section.

Tick all the checkboxes.

After that, your problem should be resolved. If not, follow the other solutions.

2] Check Search Suggestions setting

Firefox browser comes with another option that allows users to enable or disable suggestions while searching through the address bar. For your information, you can show or hide search suggestions in the address bar results, search suggestions ahead of browsing history in the address bar results, etc.

To check the Search Suggestions setting, follow these steps:

Open the Settings panel in the Firefox browser.

Go to the Search tab on the left-hand side.

Head to the Search Suggestions section.

Tick the Provide search suggestions checkbox.

Ensure that all the corresponding checkboxes are ticked.

3] Check browser.urlbar.autoFill value

This setting helps you enable or disable autofill functionality in Firefox’s address bar. If this feature is disabled by mistake by you or any adware, you cannot use the autofill functionality even if you enable it via the Settings panel. That is why you need to follow these steps to verify the autofill setting:

Open the Firefox browser.

Enter about:config in the address bar.

Search for browser.urlbar.autoFillEnsure that the value is set to True.

4] Check Firefox History setting

In order to show suggestions or get to the autocomplete feature, you need to allow Firefox to remember your browsing history. If you have disabled this feature, Firefox won’t show any suggestions or automatically complete your typing. That is why you need to check the Firefox History setting. For that, do the following:

Open the Settings wizard in the Firefox browser.

Go to the Privacy & Security tab.

Find the History section.

Expand the drop-down list and choose the Remember history option.

5] Disable all add-ins

At times, this problem may arise when you have installed countless add-ons, and they are set incorrectly. Some overlapping settings could cause this problem on your Firefox browser. That is why it is suggested to disable all installed add-ins at once and check whether it resolves the problem. If yes, you need to enable one add-in at a time to find the culprit.

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How do I turn on autocomplete URL in Firefox? Why doesn’t Firefox autocomplete?

There could be numerous reasons why Firefox doesn’t autocomplete when you type something in the address bar. However, the most common reason is the incorrect setting set by you. That is why you need to check the address bar settings that are mentioned in this article.

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Search Bar Crashing Or Not Working In Windows 11

Does the search bar keep on crashing on your Windows 11 PC? According to various user reports, the Windows search bar crashes whenever they try to open and perform a search. The search bar closes immediately after opening it. Also, some users have reported the search function is not working as intended. It doesn’t show up anything in the search results.

This issue could be caused because of several reasons. It might be some temporary glitch or there might be a deeper cause of this issue. It might be caused due to corrupted system files, issues with the Windows Search service, damaged search indexes, your search settings, etc. If you are also facing this issue, we got you covered. Use the mentioned fixes and get your search bar to work properly.

Search bar crashing or not working in Windows 11

If the search bar in the Start menu keeps crashing or is not working properly on your Windows 11 PC, you can use the following fixes:

Use some generic troubleshooting solutions.

Run Search and Indexing Troubleshooter.

Update Windows 11.

Perform SFC and DISM scans.

Restart chúng tôi using Task Manager.

Restart the Windows Search service.

Delete Search History.

Rebuild the search index.

Enable Enhanced Indexing.

Reset your PC.

1] Use some generic troubleshooting solutions

To start with, we will recommend some easy tips and tricks to resolve the issue at hand. First, you should try rebooting your computer and then see if the problem is resolved. It is a simple trick but works wonders in a lot of cases.

Another trick you can try is to open the Run dialog box using Win+R and then close it. After that, open the search bar and see if it works fine or not. This workaround has worked for a lot of users, so you can try it and check if it helps.

If none of these tricks help you, there might be a deeper issue. So, you can use some other fix to resolve the issue.

2] Run Search and Indexing Troubleshooter

Windows comes with various inbuilt troubleshooters to scan and fix various issues. You just have to run a specific troubleshooter and it will resolve the related issues for you. Since you are having a problem with Windows search, you can simply launch the Search and Indexing troubleshooter to fix the “Search bar crashing or not working” issue. Here are the steps to run it:

Next, scroll down to Search and Indexing and press the Run button present next to it.

Then, follow the prompted instructions and let Windows fix the Windows search issues.

Once done, reboot your computer and see if the problem is gone.

If Windows troubleshooter doesn’t help, move on to the next fix.

TIP: Enable or disable Windows Search in Windows.

3] Update Windows 11 4] Perform SFC and DISM scans

The issue at hand could be caused due to damaged or infected system files. Hence, perform an SFC scan to fix the issue. If that doesn’t work, run a DISM scan and then check if the problem is resolved or not.

5] Restart chúng tôi using Task Manager

SearchHost.exe is a process used to search and index files on a Windows computer. Now, if Windows Search is not working properly or keeps crashing, you can try restarting this process and see if it helps. Here’s how you can do that:

Firstly, hit the Ctrl+Shift+Esc hotkey on your keyboard to open Task Manager.

Now, go to the Details tab and look for SearchHost.exe.

After that, press the End process button in the confirmation prompt.

Once done, try opening Windows search and see if it has stopped crashing or not.

6] Restart the Windows Search service

There might be some issue with the Windows Search service or it might be stuck in a limbo state. As a result, the search bar keeps crashing or Windows search stops working properly. Hence, if the scenario applies, you can restart the Windows Search service to fix the problem at hand. Here’s how:

Firstly, press Win+R to evoke Run and enter chúng tôi in the Open field to launch the Services window.

Now, scroll down and locate the Windows Search service, and select it.

Once done, open the search and see if it works fine or not.

7] Delete Search History

You can also try deleting your search history and check if it resolves the issue for you. There might be some corrupted entries in the search history. So, clear the search history and then check if the Search function is working properly. You can follow the below steps to do that:

First, launch Settings and move to the Privacy & security tab.

Next, press the Search permissions option.

After that, under the History section, press the Clear device search history button.

Also, make sure the Search history on this device toggle is switched on.

Now, try performing a search and see if the problem is resolved or not.

8] Rebuild the search index

Windows keeps a track of search indexes. However, these indexes might get corrupted over time. This can also cause the Windows search bar to crash or stop working correctly. So, in that case, you can delete and rebuild the search index to resolve the issue. Here are the steps to do that:

Firstly, open the Settings app and go to the Privacy & security tab.

After that, scroll down and press Advanced indexing options.

Next, press the OK button in the confirmation prompt and let Windows rebuild your search index.

Once done, check if the search bar is working properly or not.

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9] Enable Enhanced Indexing

You can also activate Enhanced Indexing to fix the problem. In the Enhanced search indexing mode, its searches through your entire computer. If you enable it, the search function might start working properly for you. So, do try this and see if it helps.

Here are the steps to enable Enhanced Indexing on Windows 11/10:

Now, press the Searching Windows option.

On the next page, select the Enhanced mode under the Find my files section.

After that, make sure the folders you want to search are not listed under the “Exclude folders from enhanced search” section.

Finally, see if the problem at hand is fixed or not.

If nothing worked for you, you could try deleting the registry entries for Windows Search. The registry keys might be got corrupted which is why the Windows search function is not working correctly. Hence, you can delete the key and then see if the problem is resolved.

Note: We usually don’t recommend tweaking your Registry as it can cause serious issues to your PC. However, if the problem is not getting fixed even after trying everything else, you can try deleting the corrupted entries to fix the issue. But before that, make sure to create a backup of your Registry to be on the safer side.

You can follow the below steps to delete Registry entries for Search:

First, open Registry Editor and then go to the following address:


Once done, restart your computer and perform a search to see if it works fine or not.

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11] Reset your PC

You can also try resetting your PC to its original state to fix the problem. Windows search might be crashing or not working fine due to a corrupted Windows component. Hence, resetting your PC might help you fix the system corruption and thus, the issue at hand. Here are the steps to do that:

Next, select the Keep my files option. If you are okay to lose your personal files, apps, and other data, you can select the Remove everything option.

After that, follow the prompted instructions and complete the process.

Once done, the computer will be restarted. You can then check if Windows search is working properly or not.

Hope, the problem will be resolved now.

How do I fix Windows 11 File Explorer crash?

If File Explorer keeps on crashing on your Windows 11 PC, you can try running a System File Checker scan as the problem might be caused due to damaged system files. Apart from that, you can disable the Preview Pane, disable Thumbnails, temporarily disable UAC, turn off DEP, update your video drivers, or perform a clean boot to fix the problem.

Why does Windows 11 crash so much?

Windows might crash due to multiple factors. It is likely to crash due to corrupted system files, hardware issues, malware infection, viruses, bugs within Windows, or out-of-date device drivers. There might be many other unknown reasons causing Windows to crash. So, keeps your Windows up-to-date, update device drivers, run virus scans, and keep your apps updated.

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How To Fix Gmail If It’s Not Working In Firefox

How To Fix Gmail If It’s Not Working In Firefox




You can access your Gmail account through the web browser on your computer or mobile device.

However, sometimes things go wrong with Gmail, and it won’t load properly in Firefox.

An outdated browser or cache can be the issue so updating your browser may just do the trick.

Instead of solving troubles with Firefox, upgrade to a better browser: Opera One

Opera One brings a handful of changes, including an updated UI, integration with AI chatbots, and tab management features. What else can you expect?

Easy migration: use the Opera One assistant to transfer existing Firefox information

Optimize resource utilization: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Firefox

Ensures your privacy online with a free VPN and built-in Ad blocker

⇒ Get Opera One

Gmail can be a great tool for communicating with friends and family, but for many users, it’s also a key component of their professional lives.

You can access Gmail directly from your browser, without having to download any extra software but sometimes, it can be quite buggy and unresponsive.

If you use your personal Gmail to send and receive messages for work, it’s important to know how to fix Gmail when it’s not working in Firefox or when you are unable to receive emails.

Why is my Gmail suddenly not working on Firefox? 

If you are having a problem accessing your Gmail account through a web browser, there is no need to panic as it may be just a temporary issue. However, you need to be aware of the causes. Some of the common reasons include:

Outdated browser – If you are running an outdated version of Firefox, it is possible that some programs may have limited to no functionality.

Poor internet connection – A slow poor internet connection or low bandwidth may cause you to have trouble connecting to your Gmail account on Firefox.

Server issues – Sometimes, browsers have downtimes and it can just be a temporary issue. You can check again in a few moments or try another browser in the meantime.

Cache – Cookies help you save login information so that you don’t have to re-enter it every time when accessing your account from different browsers or devices. However, sometimes cookie files may become corrupted and you may get a message that says Gmail is having authentication problems with Firefox.

Is there a Gmail extension for Firefox? There are several Gmail extensions for Firefox. They let you do things like manage your labels and signatures, send emails from different accounts, or manage multiple inboxes.

Quick Tip:

Go ahead and try accessing Gmail from a different browser. A good alternative to Firefox is Opera One, offering similar security solutions to protect your online activity.

It’s updated regularly and is highly responsive, so you may not get the same errors as you do in Firefox. It also offers a very simple data transfer process, in case you are willing to make a permanent switch.

Opera One

Access your Gmail inbox error-free and benefit from dedicated privacy features like antitracking and VPN.

Free Download

How do I get Gmail to work on Firefox?  2. Check if there is a problem with the server

If your Gmail is not working on Firefox, it could be because of a problem with the server. It is not an uncommon occurrence for sites to have downtimes.

To check whether this is the case, first, open another browser like Google Chrome and try using Gmail there. If it works well, then it means that there is a problem with Firefox and not with Gmail itself.

3. Clear out cookies from your browser 4.  Disable extensions 5. Scan for viruses 

Sometimes Gmail won’t load on Firefox so you can choose to restart your PC or reset your browser. Hopefully, the above solutions can help you get your Gmail working again.

Should you face any other issues such as can’t sign in to Gmail, refer to our expert guide on the same for a fix.

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Xbox Game Bar Not Working? 10 Fixes To Try

The Game Bar in Windows 10 tries to bring a little of that Xbox magic to Windows computers. By simply pressing the Windows key and G, you can summon the Game Bar at any time. This allows you to quickly check in on your gaming-related notifications and activate features such as game recording.

Usually it’s fast and convenient, but some users are finding that when they try to summon the usually trusty Game Bar, nothing happens. Alternatively, the Game Bar does appear as expected, but some of its functionality isn’t working. 

Table of Contents

What can you do? Quite a few things, actually.

1. Check That the Game Bar Is Enabled

Even if your Game Bar was working just fine before, a Windows update or some other background system change may have disabled it. So your step should always be to check the Game Bar toggle.

To do this, follow these steps:

Select Xbox Game Bar

Ensure that Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Xbox Game Bar is on.

2. Restart Your Computer

Yes, your next step should be to simply restart the machine. This resolves a surprising number of Windows problems and that includes the Windows Game Bar sometimes.

3. Make Sure Windows Is Updated

Game Bar is a Windows feature, so sometimes game compatibility and general stability is improved with a Windows update. If you haven’t updated Windows in a while, it’s worth checking if any updates are due. While you’re at it, update your GPU drivers and software as well, since these can interfere with Game Bar at times.

4. Run Games in Borderless Windowed Mode

Most modern video games run in a borderless window by default, but many older titles default to an exclusive full screen mode. Check the game’s settings to see if it’s set to full screen mode and then change to a borderless window if possible.

Some games prevent the Game Bar from appearing when they are in full screen exclusive mode, so that’s one possible reason you aren’t seeing it pop up.

Just be aware that running some games in a borderless window can have a negative effect on performance. You also generally can’t make use of HDR modes when using a borderless window.

5. Use Direct Shortcuts

Just because the Game Bar doesn’t pop up when you use its shortcut in certain games, doesn’t mean that it isn’t actually working. If all you want to do is start or stop a recording, for example, you can activate it using a keyboard shortcut.

To start or stop a recording of the game that you’re currently playing, press Win + Alt + R. To take a screenshot, press Win + Alt + Print Screen. Just be sure to do a test that it’s actually working before you try to record something crucial.

6. Check the Hotkey Setting

The Win + G shortcut key is the default for the Windows Game Bar, but it can be customized. Which means that one possible reason it isn’t working is because someone has changed the combo. To check what the current shortcut is:

Of course, while you’re here you can change things as you like, just don’t forget which new hotkey combinations you’ve chosen! 

7. Add Windows 10 KN and N Additional Installations

For legal reasons that are too lengthy to go into here, there are some versions of Windows 10 that don’t ship with all of the media components installed. If you have Windows 10 KN or N, you’ll have to manually download the Windows Media Features pack and install it before Game Bar will work properly.

8. Reset the Game Bar App

One good way to get your Game Bar working again is to reset it back to default settings. So if something has become corrupted, you can just take it back to the way it was when you first used it.

To do this:

Open the Start Menu and search for Add or Remove Programs.Then Select it.

Look for Xbox Game Bar in the list of applications.

Select Reset.

Remember that all app data will be deleted, so make sure you have backups of your recordings if you want to be safe.

9. Check if Your Game Allows Recordings

All of your frustration may come down to the fact that some games just don’t allow recording for one reason or another. If Game Bar only refuses to work with a specific game and it’s not an exclusive full-screen issue, hit up Google and see if other people are also unable to record the title.

If it turns out that it’s not just you, then you may be out of luck. Then again, another application other than Game Bar may be able to do it.

10. Use Game Bar Alternatives

Game Bar is great because it’s included with Windows and works well most of the time, but it’s far from the only option. It’s certainly not the most powerful either!

Both of the major GPU manufacturers have created their own software. In the case of Nvidia, it’s called ShadowPlay and is part of the GeForce Experience software package. AMD refers to their solution as ReLive.

In both cases you get a game overlay with similar functionality as the Xbox Game Bar. However, the software that’s designed to work with your specific graphics card may have wider game compatibility and less of a performance impact.

There are third-party options as well. Many professional game streamers rely on an Open Source application called OBS, which is short for Open Broadcast Software. While OBS may be a little less glossy and takes more time to learn, it’s incredibly versatile and can record from multiple sources at once.

There’s No Bar to Gaming

Easily Customize The Addon Bar In Firefox With Puzzle Piece

Let’s Get Started

Add-ons make customizing Firefox a near limitless endeavor, but what if you want to customize your add-ons? Wait for it – there’s an add-on for that. This may seem like add-on Inception, but don’t fret, it’s much less confusing than that particular film. Puzzle Piece allows you to customize the addon bar in Firefox. It takes the Firefox add-on bar that usually appears at the bottom of your window and shrinks it into a small little panel that can display the same content without the waste. It saves space, is more accessible, and it’s remarkably easy to set up.

When you install add-ons in Firefox, some place icons in a toolbar that extends across the bottom of your web browser. Here’s how it looks by default on an Ubuntu desktop.

This, frankly, just is not modern UI design. Not only is it dated, it wastes many valuable pixels that could be better spent showing more web content. To alleviate this, let’s hop over to the Firefox add-ons site and download Puzzle Piece. After it is installed, this is what your new add-ons bar will look.

Unchecking the top option will move the add-ons bar to the left side of the browser. Rechecking the box will return it to its original position. It happens instantaneously, so feel free to move the bar back and forth to get a feel for which side suits you best.

If neither side pleases you, the Puzzle Piece also empowers you to be rid of Firefox’s add-on bar entirely. Return to the preference menu and check the “Move the add-on bar into the location bar” option.

You’re Done!

We’ve long accepted that web browsers are necessary to peruse the internet, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy looking at them. That is why many extensions are available for Firefox that reduce the amount of clutter we have to tolerate around a webpage. The Puzzle Piece makes it possible to install as many add-ons as you want and easily access them without adding an unwanted bar at the bottom of your window. It’s just one more tool to help you reclaim your web browsing experience. If you know of other tools that help in this endeavor, share them with us below.

Bertel King, Jr.

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Screensaver Not Working In Windows 11/10

Screensavers are moving visuals that appear on your system’s screen after the system has been idle for a while. However, at times the screensaver may not start or may stop working for various reasons. In case the screensaver is not working in your Windows system, then this article may help you.

Screensaver not working in Windows 11/10

Earlier, screensavers were necessary for CRT monitors since the monitor background could get discolored if the screen wasn’t changed for long. This isn’t the case with modern monitors but screensavers are necessary for hiding information. In many computers, screensavers aren’t activated by default. In other cases, Windows Updates can turn off the screensavers and you need to change the settings.

In case you encounter the issue of screensaver not working in Windows 11/10, try updating Windows. If this doesn’t help, proceed with the following solutions sequentially:

Check the Screensaver settings

Check Sleep settings

Keep your mouse clean and away from polished surfaces

Unplug the peripherals

Restore the default Power settings

Use the Power Troubleshooter

Update Display or Graphics Drivers

Run an SFC scan.

Let us see them in detail.

1] Check the Screensaver settings

It is quite possible that the screensaver is turned OFF. This could either be a default setting or could have changed after a Windows update. Some third-party programs are also known to alter these settings. The screensaver settings could be checked as follows:

Search for ‘screen saver’ in the Windows search bar and select the option for Change screen saver. This will open the Screen Saver Settings page.

Select the Wait time of your choice.

Hit Apply and then OK to save the settings.

2] Check Sleep settings

If your Sleep settings are set to turn off the screen or Sleep before the screensaver can activate, then you will never see it. So set your Screensaver to activate, say after 5 minutes, and PC to Sleep (Turn off the display time setting) after, say 10 minutes.

Read: Windows computer stuck or frozen on Screensaver.

3] Keep your mouse clean and away from polished surfaces

The slightest movement of a mouse counts as a movement for the system. If an optical mouse is unclean or kept on a polished surface, it will keep recording movements and thus the screensaver might not appear. To isolate this probability, clean the bottom of the mouse and keep it on white paper for a while. If the screensaver still doesn’t appear, move to the next solution.

4] Unplug the peripherals

When connected to the system, some peripherals send a message that the computer needn’t rest since the peripheral device is at work. In many cases, this instruction is encoded into the drivers.

In this situation, you can try unplugging all the peripherals and check if the screensaver appears. If yes, plug the devices back one by one to figure which one caused the bug. Now it is for you to decide whether or not to keep the peripheral.

5] Restore the default Power settings

The screensaver is governed by the power settings of the system. If a Windows update or third-party software messes up with the Power settings, the screensaver might not work right. In this case, you can reset the Power settings to default as follows:

Press Win+R to open the Run window and type the command chúng tôi . Hit Enter to open the Power Options window.

Select Restore default settings for this plan and hit Yes.

This will restore the power settings to default. Check if it helps with the screensaver.

6] Use the Power Troubleshooter

The Power Troubleshooter can fix issues related to the Power settings. The procedure to run the Power troubleshooter is as follows:

Select the Power troubleshooter from the list and run it.

Restart the system and check if it resolves your problem with the screensaver.

7] Update Display or Graphics Drivers

Update your Graphics Drivers and see if it helps. If you recently updated them, then rollback and see. Else you can download the drivers and fresh-install them.

8] Run an SFC scan

Missing or corrupted system files can cause the issue in discussion. The SFC  scan help in checking for missing files on the system and replacing them if necessary.

See this post if your Screen saver settings are greyed out.

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