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If you’re someone who sits at a desk all day, I don’t have to tell you how uncomfortable this can be (back and tailbone pain, stiff knees, poor circulation, bad posture, etc.). If you’re looking for a change and improved health, a sit stand desk by Autonomous should definitely be considered.

Standing desks come in all shapes and sizes. Some raise and lower manually while others can do so on their own via a built-in motor. Some have an entire desktop surface that can raise and lower, while others are an individual unit (like a previous workstation we reviewed) that sits on top of your desk.

Autonomous prides themselves on having “the most affordable high-quality standing desk, period.” After using it daily for 3 weeks, I agree. I’m sure that I’m really close to the weight limit considering the heavy dual mount I’m using along with my other desk items. Yet, even with a full plate, the motors of the SmartDesk 2 continue to work smoothly and efficiently.

Here’s a look at all that this desk has to offer.

Options and Customization

Autonomous ships to over sixty countries, so this desk isn’t just restricted to U.S. residents. It’s shipped in two separate packages: one for the frame and one for the desktop. If you add accessories or an AI box, those will all come in their own separate package.

One of the great things about the SmartDesk 2 is the ability to customize it as you see fit. You can select your preferred surface material (wood, walnut, oak, bamboo), surface design (classic, curve, ergonomic, wave), platform color (white, black, grey), and platform design.

The heavy-duty frame is made with industrial-grade steel which makes it extremely sturdy and durable. It doesn’t move at all when in use – no wobbling and only a gentle shake if you happen to bump into it by accident (I’m a bit clumsy).

For the testing unit we received the following: the classic 53″ x 30″ desktop surface in bamboo with a white frame and dual motors (Business Edition).

Home Edition vs. Business Edition

I want to point out the differences between the two Platform Design options: Home Edition and Business Edition.

With the Home Edition you only get one motor which means that the desk cannot handle as much weight; its max capacity is 220 lbs. (99kg). Additionally, the lowest position is 29″, and the highest position is 47″. If you’re really short or tall, this may not be the best option for you. I’m 5’2″ and my sitting level is 27″, so this wouldn’t be the best option for someone my height.

With the Business Edition you get two motors which allow the desk to handle more weight; its max capacity is 300 lbs. (136kg). The lowest position goes all the way down to 24″, and the highest position goes up to 51″. With this one you get those extra inches to accommodate shorter and taller heights.

Additional Accessories

There are even more features that you can add to your desk for an additional fee. You can add a wireless charger, USB charger, bag organizer, speaker, AI personal assistant, smart home control, developer SDK, and iOS and Android apps. These add-ons truly help to elevate the “smartness” of the desk.

Even though the desk is fairly easy for a handy person to set up (my husband did it alone in forty-five minutes), you can also add assembly service. Doing this will get you professional assembly in the comfort of your own home. Sadly, it’s only available in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles at this time.

Setting Up the SmartDesk 2

The surface of the SmartDesk 2 comes with pre-drilled holes and screws, making it easy to attach everything to it and in the proper location. You also get adhesive cable clips to help organize and hide the cables that power it.

The two pre-drilled cup-size holes in both back corners are also great for neatly feeding your desktop cables through. It all makes for a very clean setup.

There is a control box that needs to be attached underneath the desktop. It connects to the keypad to control the height of the desk and with the power to get electricity to move it up and down. It’s attached to a 75-inch cable; however, it’s barely visible once you get everything organized underneath.

Even though the control box has to be plugged in (compatible with standard 110-120 volt outlets), it doesn’t use much power at all. According to Autonomous, it’s “the most energy efficient sit-to-stand frame – only 0.06-watt standby power consumption.“

Using the SmartDesk 2

With the SmartDesk 2 you’re getting a ton of space to work with which is great if there are a lot of items that you want within easy reach on your desktop.

If the classic size isn’t enough, there’s also the “XL Top” with even more space (70″ x 30″). It would be perfect for artists or graphic designers who do a lot of drawing and sketching. Anyone who needs a whole lot of surface area to work with will appreciate the extra large desktop.

You can also get the “Ergo Top” (pictured above) which is the same size as the classic desktop but has a cutout (17″ x 8″) in the front so that the desk conforms to your body while your arms fully rest on it. This is said to reduce pressure and encouragement movement. However, it also takes away some of that valuable desktop real estate.

The Power of the Smart Keypad

The Smart Keypad is the control center of the desk. There is an LED screen that displays the current height in inches. Next to that are arrows that allow you to move the desk up and down freely. These are used to find your preferred sitting and standing heights, after which you can program each one to a memory button.

Programming a button is done by pressing and holding the desired button until the LED screen flashes and you’re all set; that button will now automatically move your desk to that height when pressed.

What’s also great is that there are four buttons. Since you only need two for yourself, someone else like a significant other, family member, or co-worker can use the other two buttons.

Final Thoughts

I work from home, but I still do way too much sitting during the day, so I love that I don’t have to be sedentary anymore. Ever since using this desk, I’ve been doing a lot more standing, and dare I say that I’m actually enjoying it!

It’s also extremely convenient to have my sitting and standing levels pre-set so that I can switch back and forth without any effort (as opposed to my manual sit/stand workstation I’ve been using for the past few years).

How do you think Autonomous’ SmartDesk 2 compares to similar standing desks?

Autonomous SmartDesk 2

Charnita Fance

Charnita has been a Freelance Writer & Professional Blogger since 2008. As an early adopter she loves trying out new apps and services. As a Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS user, she has a great love for bleeding edge technology. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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Review: Switcheasy’s Canvas Returns As An Affordable Folio For Ipad Air 2

Every iPad since the original has had a SwitchEasy Canvas case, a series of folio designs that hit their apex back in 2013 with an uber-protective version for the original iPad mini. The formula’s always the same: a canvas lid and mostly canvas back, plus a plastic iPad-holding shell and a fabric lining. SwitchEasy always tosses in some goodies to sweeten the package, too, including screen film and a cleaning cloth. There aren’t many surprises, but a Canvas case is always a good case.

Arriving at a time when iPad Air 2 cases are still scarce, Canvas for iPad Air 2 ($50) doesn’t stray far from the formula. With an MSRP nearly $30 lower than Apple’s $79 iPad Air 2 Smart Case, it’s available in three color options, each with the standard three materials, and does a nice job of protecting Apple’s latest tablet. Read on for additional photos and details.

Key Details:

The latest in a well-established, always good series of iPad cases.

Offered in three colors, including neutral black, bright blue, and bright green.

Doubles as a multi-angle video viewing stand.

Nicely made, without serious material or design issues.

This version of Canvas follows the design cues of the second-generation iPad mini case, which dropped somber red, green, and brown color options in favor of brighter green and blue tones, retaining a black version. Although there’s no side or top button coverage, which has been missing since its brief (but welcome) introduction in the original iPad mini case, so much of the iPad Air 2 is covered that the omissions aren’t fatal to the design.

SwitchEasy continues to include screen film, a cleaning cloth, and a bubble-removing card in the package. Given that the folio-style design covers the entire iPad Air 2 screen when it’s not in use, you needn’t apply the screen film at all, but it’s there if you want additional protection.

While this is the first Canvas to drop port covers from the package, there’s not a lot of surface area exposed thanks to the tailor-made rear plastic shell. Precision holes align well with the ports, buttons, speakers, camera, and microphones.

Continuing prior designs, the front lid and part of the rear chassis fold open to create a platform for multiple video viewing angles. By combining the soft but grippy fabric inner lining and the plastic iPad shell, Canvas keeps the iPad Air quite stable regardless of the angle you pick. Additionally, magnets inside the lid automatically unlock and lock the display, this time with ample reinforcement to prevent accidental activations and deactivations of the screen, though no clasp to completely hold the lid closed.

If you’ve been following the Canvas series, Canvas for iPad Air 2 won’t come as a shock to you in any way: it’s more of the same, with the wraparound canvas adding a bit of added thickness compared with the most narrowly-tailored folios we’ve recently tested. Unlike SwitchEasy’s same-priced Rave (review), it’s a conservative case, particularly in black, where it blends in rather than sticking out from the crowd. But the protection is quite good, and the price point unobjectionable given the quality of the case and its included parts. Canvas is certainly good enough to broadly recommend.

SwitchEasy $50 (Amazon) iPad Air 2 ★ ★ ★ ½

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

Iqunix Makes An Affordable, High

If you’re looking for a durable aluminum stand for your Apple notebook, then don’t count out iQunix. Although the popular brand names look appealing and are tried and true, we had the chance to go hands-on with the iQunix Edin, which is also a very high-quality stand for all MacBook models, all this at a lower price.

In this review, we’ll show you how the iQunix Edin looks and touch on its build quality and features. Don’t be shy; we think you’re gonna like it!

iQunix Edin: an affordable tank of a notebook stand

I always find myself putting my MacBook on another table, or off to the side somewhere so I can use my desk for writing or other hobby activities. The only problem is, I have a 15″ MacBook Pro and no matter where I put it, it’s going to take up a lot of space.

Notebook stands are a great way to utilize a three-dimensional volume of space rather than just setting the computer flat down on a surface. They utilize the thinness of Apple’s notebooks by standing the machines up vertically, allowing you to push them right up to a wall and still have an empty desk for other things.

Since I was in the market for a notebook stand, I thought I’d give the $40 iQunix Edin a try, being that it’s marginally less expensive than a lot of the name brand competition and is still made out of quality aluminum materials.

I was not disappointed…

The iQunix arrived in a box on my doorstep last week, and it was a relatively heavy box. When you think of aluminum, you expect something light-weight, but it actually has a desirable weighted feel to it, which makes it great for anchoring my heavy 15-inch MacBook Pro on my desk without tipping over.

On the side of the stand, you’ll notice a metal adjustment knob. You can loosen it and then move the slide forward or back so that you have enough room for your computer.

It’ll squeeze down nice and tight for thinner computers like the MacBook with Retina display or the MacBook Air, or you can put your big fat non-retina display MacBook Pro or PC notebook inside of it too!

Once happy with the width, you can crank down on the knob to lock it down in place.

The bottom of the iQunix Edin has a nice textured rubber surface, which keeps the stand from moving around on your desk and prevents slipping. This is great because it anchors your computer securely on your desk.

And of course, what would a stand be without charging compatibility? – iQunix Edin provides easy access to your Magsafe or USB-C connector so you can charge your Mac while it sits:

My thoughts on the iQunix Edin

I know there are some better-looking brand names out there, but honestly, the iQunix Edin doesn’t look all that bad, and its finish matches the MacBook Pro almost exactly.

I like the weight of the stand, because it prevents the Mac notebook from getting knocked over or pushed around, and the grips on the bottom of the stand help with this as well. I also really like the grips on the inside, because they anchor the notebook without scuffing it up.

Overall, the stand is about $10 less than its competition from companies like Twelve South, and the fact that it’s fully-adjustable means you can tailor it to any needs you might have.

If you were to ask me if it was worth the purchase, I’d tell you to give it a go! This is my first notebook stand, and I’m already in love with it.

Here’s a pros and cons list:


Excellently weighted

Grips on bottom and interior prevent slipping and scuffing

Easy access to all ports

All-aluminum construction looks good and is durable

Adjustable clamp knob allows it to work with all Mac notebooks

Affordable price




For the affordable price of just $40, you can have yourself an iQunix Edin stand for your Mac notebook from Amazon. I’m certain I would buy one of these again if I needed a laptop stand, and I am impressed with the build quality I can see from using it. I say give it a try!

Tribit Flybuds C1 Review: An Affordable Alternative To Airpods


Incredible battery life

Top-of-the-range audio performance

Ultra-stable connection


No companion app

No wireless charging

Our Verdict

The 100% wireless Tribit FlyBuds C1 promise top-notch audio performance and excellent battery life for a very affordable price, but they aren’t completely faultless.

Best Prices Today: Tribit FlyBuds C1




View Deal

Since 2023, Tribit has made a habit of creating innovative, high-performance audio devices at prices that challenge competitors.

With its FlyBuds C1, the Chinese company is offering a very similar product to Apple’s AirPods for half the price. According to Tribit, they also have better transmission capacity than other earphones in the same range, with stable connectivity and balanced sound.

But is this the real deal? I was lucky enough to be able to try them out, and have all the answers you need.


Ultra comfortable

Modern design

Physical controls

The design of the FlyBuds C1 gives an impression of solidity and durability, which is reassuring for mid-range headphones. The model tested is a black wireless pair, with small flashes of red in the outer areas, which I appreciate for their discretion. Their shape, and that of the casing, is similar to that of the well-known AirPods, although the latter are much thinner.

FlyBuds C1 on the left / AirPods Pro on the right

Mathilde Vicente / Foundry

They are housed in a slightly textured oval case that prevents them from slipping out of your hands. What’s more, the earphones are secured by a magnet placed in each hole, so they stay in place without fear of being lost or dropped once the case is opened.

For comfort, Tribit includes different sizes of ear tips to attach to the earphones, so that they can be adapted to the ears of the wearer. Thanks to the silicone material, they are very comfortable to wear and, once the right angle has been found, rarely fall out.

Their shape, and that of the casing, is similar to that of the well-known AirPods, although the latter are much slimmer

Each earpiece is fitted with physical micro-buttons with direct haptic feedback that allow you to manage music playback and calls, or activate the voice assistant (which unfortunately didn’t work for us) and adjust the volume. These are located on the stems, and are practical in situations that require more frequent adjustment of the headphones, such as during sports sessions.

Mathilde Vicente / Foundry

Tribit has fitted these buds with IPX5 protection for resistance to splashes and perspiration.


Stable Bluetooth

Simple configuration

As you can see, the Tribit FlyBud C1 are wireless headphones that connect to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and support AAC, AptX and SBC codecs.

Pairing is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is place the earphones in their case, then hold down the button for a few seconds before searching for them in your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

The connection was very stable during our tests, with a range of up to eight metres. After pairing with your smartphone once, they’ll do so automatically the next few times, without needing to go through the settings.

Audio performance

Good active noise reduction, except during calls

Balanced, clear sound

After testing them listening to different styles of music (afropop, rock and jazz), I was more than pleasantly surprised by the experience.

They use 4-microphone ENC and CVC 8.0 technology to reduce background noise by 90%, according to the brand. Personally, I can’t confirm or deny such information, but I did find it very effective when waiting at the station, strolling through the city centre or working in an office.

I found the sound to be very balanced, immersive and optimised, a surprising result for such a small price. The mids sound soft and warm, the highs are clear despite a slight lack of brilliance, and the bass is powerful and well-tuned.

To put the microphones to the test, I made several calls during which voices were distinct and well reproduced. It was during these calls, however, that the active noise reduction system showed its weaknesses, letting some of the surrounding sounds through.

Mathilde Vicente / Foundry

This performance is made possible by the integration of the Qualcomm QCC3040 aptX chip, which offers even better transmission, with a 75% increase in connectivity. What’s more, it supports 16-bit audio with a sampling frequency of 48 kHz, which translates into CD quality, with surprisingly high precision in all directions – as if they were incorporating surround technology.

They adopt 4-microphone ENC and CVC 8.0 technology to reduce background noise by 90%

To round things off, I’d have liked to be able to adjust and customise the audio using a companion app. However, at this price it’s not surprising that there isn’t one. If that’s not enough for you, then you might want to consider the FlyBuds C1 Pro model, available for £79.99 from Amazon.

Battery life and charging

50 hour battery life with case

Quicker or slower recharging

Without the cable, and on a single charge, you can expect to be listening for around ten hours. This battery life is far superior to similar or even top-of-the-range earphones.

On the front of the case, there are 4 small LED indicators to let you know the battery status and that of the earphones.

Mathilde Vicente / Foundry

Price and availability

At just $74.99/£59.99 (and discounted even further at the time of writing), the Tribit FlyBuds C1 are very affordable and formidable contenders among the best cheap 100% wireless headphones. In the US, you can get them from Tribit and Amazon – UK readers can just get them from Amazon.

And if you want to spend less, bear in mind that wireless headphones with ANC for around this price are very rare. Here, you’ll have a pair of earphones that offer exceptional value for money, with surprisingly high-end features.

You can see further options in our list of the best cheap headphones and the best true wireless earbuds.


What’s more, they have a pleasing AirPod inspired design, and are very comfortable, especially over time. The absence of a companion app is a shame, as is the lack of wireless charging.

That said, if you choose to buy the FlyBuds C1, you won’t be disappointed. They’re perfectly capable of holding their own – all for a tempting price tag.

This review is a translated and localised piece – you can find the original article by Mathilde Vicente over on Tech Advisor France.



Bluetooth 5.2

Range up to 8 metres

Up to 50 hours with charging case

12 hours of listening time on a single charge

Audio Codec laptX™, AAC, SBC

5 Best Gaming Desk Deals

5 Best Gaming Desk Deals [Black Friday & Cyber Monday] JBL is one of the best Bluetooth speaker manufacturers out there




Depending on your needs, you can choose a very powerful speaker or a portable one.

Our top pick is the perfect balance between these two.

Keep in mind that JBL speakers are often on sale, so be sure to catch a great deal.

JBL is, of course, one of the most popular audio gear manufacturers. People love their products for the quality they provide. Add to that New Year discounts, and all JBL lovers got themselves a treat.

So, if you’re in the market for a new JBL wireless speaker, now’s the time to get it! So, take a look at our top JBL wireless speakers for this holiday, and pick what you like.

Wireless speakers don’t necessarily have to be running Bluetooth to connect to devices, and our list of the best Wi-Fi speakers is proof of that. Check it out for some great alternatives.

Owning a good portable speaker can make a huge difference when it comes to taking your music with you wherever you go, but we hope that you won’t choose to use it to bother people.

That being said, there’s nothing better than being able to listen to your music in the great outdoors, while camping, exploring natural caves, and even at the beach. For this, a great outdoor-enabled Bluetooth speaker is the best choice.

If you’re not really interested in using the portable speaker outside in nature, then going with a proven speaker producer like Sony could be the best fit for you.

How we chose the best deals on JBL speakers

Our team of expert testers, with a combined experience of 15 years, has tackled a variety of testing tasks for any device you could imagine.

Their experience comes into play as a very important element when choosing the products we described in this guide, and a large variety of factors have been taken into consideration.

The options that have been chosen offer great quality and cover the entire spectrum of price ranges, thus enabling everybody to find something that fits their needs both financially and otherwise.

Note: All the prices and offers in this article are subject to change, so be sure to check the official product page to get the latest deal. If the product/offer you’re looking for is no longer available, you can try to find it on its official manufacturer page or get another one from our list.

What is the best JBL speaker to get?

JBL Charge 5 – best bang for your buck

JBL Flip 5 – portable yet powerful

JBL Xtreme 3 – biggest sound stage

BL PartyBox 300 – ready for a party

JBL Pulse 3 – lava lamp vibes

Now let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each JBL Bluetooth speaker.

IP67 rating – waterproof and dustproof

PartyBoost feature – pair two JBL speakers for stereo

Built-in power bank

6 colors available

20 hours playtime

Some high-pitched sounds are partially distorted

Check price

The JBL Charge 5 is our top pick for today’s list, offering a great IP67 rating, which means that it is fully waterproof and dustproof, thus making it incredibly portable, and can be used in any sort of environment – no matter if climbing mountains, at the beach, or in the park.

The PartyBoost feature comes as a great addition, allowing you to pair your speaker with another compatible one, and thus extend the system to a surround sound, making any party better in an instant.

The built-in power bank feature allows you to charge other devices by using the output USB feature, thus keeping your phone charged while playing your favorite music.

IPX7 waterproof

12 colors to choose from

PartyBoost feature

3.5 mm audio jack

USB-C quick charge

20W power output

44mm driver size

JBL Connect app has some issues

Check price

The JBL Flip 5 comes with some greatly improved features when compared to previous models. This device is IPX7 waterproof and allows you to make this device your own by choosing from a set of 12 different colors.

Expert tip:

The 3.5 mm audio jack ensures that you can get even more time out of one charge, by enabling you to connect your output device like phone or PC with a cable, and thus reduce the strain the Bluetooth connection has on the battery.

Even more, the USB-C port allows you to effectively and quickly charge your speaker, for never-ending summer nights with your friends.

IP67 waterproof and dustproof

Includes Megen Protective Hardshell case

4 drivers and 2 JBL bass radiators

15-hour playtime

PartyBoost feature

Bass could sound deeper

Check price

The JBL Extreme 3, as the name suggests, is the sturdier and more hardy version of this Bluetooth speaker set, and the 4 drivers and 2 bass radiators it features offer some great quality sound no matter where you are.

Because it has an IP67 rating, it implies that this device can be used in any environment, including wet conditions and dusty areas without worrying about damaging it in any way.

To round up the protection level for your speaker even more, and allow you to carry it easily, the device comes with a handy Megen Protective Hardshell case.

The 15-hour playtime ensures that your party will never go without music, and the PartyBoost feature ensures that you can connect it to other JBL devices with this feature and extend the sound capability to make it surround.

Amazing sound quality

Full panel lighting on the front reacting to the music

Wireless Bluetooth streaming

Portable with rechargeable battery

Mic and guitar input

120W output

Larger in size when compared to other options

Check price

Even though the JBL PartyBox 300 is not as portable as the other options we presented in this guide, the increased size also ensures a better sound quality and substantially more power.

With a 120W output, this speaker is all you need for a full-on party, no matter how many guests you have invited and how big the space is.

The full panel lighting effect reacts to the music you play on it, making it look amazing in the darkness, and the sound quality and power round it up perfectly.

As a bonus, this speaker has a mic and guitar output built into it, so it is always ready if you want to plug in your input of choice, and start playing, singing, or rapping.

Even though it is bigger when compared to other options, it is designed to still be portable, and the rechargeable battery ensures enough playtime so you don’t need to charge it during the party if it has a full battery.

360° sound with 360° Lightshow

12 hours of playtime

IPX7 waterproof

Noise and echo canceling speakerphone

Too flashy for regular users

Check price

If you like lava lamps, JBL Pulse 3 is the speaker for you. Although it isn’t a real lava lamp, this speaker is designed in that manner. So, you can have a quality portable speaker and enhance your living space at the same time.

Do you need to take a call? No problem because Pulse 3 has a built-in speakerphone function with crystal clear sound.

Still experiencing issues?

Was this page helpful?


Start a conversation

Last Comic Standing In Boston Tonight

In the video above, comedian Myq Kaplan performs a set at the New York comedy club Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and discusses what it’s like to write and perform comedy.

Comedian Myq Kaplan faced the biggest audience of his career this past summer: an average of five million viewers tuned in each week to see which of the finalists on NBC’s hit reality comedy competition Last Comic Standing would survive. Appearing before a national audience was a new experience for the 31-year-old stand-up comic, who performed in clubs for free when he began. “Not knowing what would happen was nerve-wracking,” Kaplan (GRS’09) says. “My performance got a great response, but it’s easy to second-guess yourself.”

Kaplan survived until the show’s 10th and final round before losing to Felipe Esparza, who was officially crowned the Last Comic Standing in August. But the exposure has brought other rewards. He and three other finalists from the show are currently performing with Esparza on a nationwide Last Comic Standing tour. The show comes to Boston’s Wilbur Theatre tonight.

Kaplan describes his comedy as “cerebral and wordy.” He often draws on his own life for inspiration. References to his vegan diet, his liberal political views, and his thoughts on religion appear frequently in his material.

The young comedian studied linguistics as a graduate student at Boston University, an interest that complemented his passion for writing and performing comedy. “They spring from the same well: a love for language, communication, semantics, and humor,” he says. Wordplay permeates his jokes: “Many rap albums contain a warning on their covers: ‘May include explicit lyrics.’ If I ever write a rap album, I’ll have a warning for implicit lyrics. My lyrics are going to be like: ‘You know what I’m going to do. Use your imagination.’” Wordplay has also shaped his adopted moniker. In the early 1990s, inspired by pop star Prince and his various name permutations, Kaplan changed the spelling of his name from “Mike” to “Myk” and finally to “Myq.”

Even as a graduate student, stand-up comedy was always his top priority. During his eight years at BU, he worked as a senior resident assistant on Bay State Road. The security of free room and board allowed him to hone his art. In 2008, he took the plunge and moved to New York to become a full-time comedian.

By his own estimate, he has performed more than 2,500 times. He paid his dues opening for other comedians under “bringer crowd” conditions, where comedians guarantee to bring 10 to 15 paying friends who also promise to buy drinks. Since then, he’s commanded laughs at famous venues such as Caroline’s on Broadway, headlined a special on Comedy Central Presents, and appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

But arguably the most important gig of Kaplan’s career was as a finalist on Last Comic Standing. That exposure led to his being cast in the current live tour. And, he says, he already has bookings lined up after the tour ends in February.

Kaplan’s newfound fame also means more recognition by fans. Walking recently through Park Slope in Brooklyn, where he now lives, he heard someone in a garbage truck yell out, “Is that Myq from Last Comic Standing?” Kaplan answered in the affirmative, and the worker cheered, “Good sh—!”

Kaplan admits it feels weird to be saluted by strangers, but he enjoys the support: it’s a welcome development for a man who once only dreamed of having an audience.

Myq Kaplan will perform tonight at the Wilbur Theatre, 246 Tremont St., Boston, along with the other finalists from Last Comic Standing, at 9 p.m. Tickets start at $35, and they can be purchased at the Wilbur box office, online at Ticketmaster, or by calling Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000. The nationwide tour continues through February 2011. More of Kaplan’s comedy is available on his album Vegan Mind Meld, Live at Comix!

Robin Berghaus can be reached at [email protected].

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Update the detailed information about Autonomous Smartdesk 2: An Affordable Electric Standing Desk on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!