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Best AI Website Builder [Out of 7 That We’ve Tried] Check out the best Ai website builders




You can use the powers of AI to build your very own personalized website.

We have tested and listed some of the best AI website builders that you should try out.



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A well-structured and beautiful website is the need of the hour if you are into the internet and related fields. It is what attracts your audience to stay on your website and thereby earning you money.

In this guide, we will list down some of the best Ai website builders that you can use in 2023. Since these tools use AI, almost everything is automated. Let us get right into it.

Do you need AI to help you build a website?

Well, for starters, AI can help you mitigate the errors that you would do while building a website. Moreover, with AI, you don’t need to know coding to build a website and this is more than sufficient to lure someone to use AI to build a website.

Which are the best AI website builders?

Wix ADI is the perfect choice for beginners who want to set up a website without needing to fiddle around with complex things.

You need to answer the questions and give the details about your business or profession, and based on that, the AI tool will build a website. The best part is that no two websites look the same, which lets your website stand out.

The website creation experience is smooth and hassle-free and is perfect for small businesses, a professional, and even start-ups.

Here are some of the key features of Wix ADI:

You can customize the website with the full suite of functionalities

Creates a website just by asking you a series of questions

Consists of 900+ website templates to choose from

Easy-to-use and drag-and-drop style editor


Create and customize your website with a complete set of features.

Check price Visit Website

Hostinger is a great AI website builder and works well for both professionals as well as beginners. There are a ton of features that you can use and it comes with an easy-to-use editor.

There are over 100+ templates to choose from from different categories such as websites, online stores, portfolios, landing pages, etc.

Hostinger AI is powered by the popular ChatGPT and it takes around 30 seconds (as claimed on the website) to build a website. You can customize the website all around to suit your needs.

Here are the best features of Hostinger AI:

100+ fully-customizable, designer-made templates

Creates an automatic responsive website to fit any screen size

Offers AI tools such as logo maker, AI writer, drag-and-drop editor


Get this AI website builder suitable for both professionals and beginners.

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GetResponse is a great option if you are looking for an AI website builder that builds visually brilliant websites.

You can use the website templates to create your website or start from scratch. GetResponse lets you customize everything using its drag-and-drop editor.

All you need to do is answer a few questions about your business or profession and the AI wizard will create a website for you which you can further tweak as per your needs.

Here are the best features of GetResponse:

AI wizard helps you create a website by answering a few questions

Integrates your website with the platform’s popular email marketing and automation tools

Access to live chat, web notifications, and webinar tools

Lets you fully customize your website


Use GetResponse’s AI wizard and create your website in a bit.

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Another popular name in our list of best AI website builders is Zyro. Zyro offers a wide range of customizable options that are easy to use.

Even first-time users won’t find building a website using Zyro any difficult. This website offers a great set of customizable templates that is suitable for blog, business, resume, events, and more.

Expert tip:

Some of the best features of Zyro are:

Offers a drag-and-drop editor

Plenty of customizable AI tools

Comes with eCommerce functionality

Offers free hosting, payment gateways, and much more

⇒ Get Zyro

Bookmark is another popular name in our list of the best AI website builders. It makes use of its AI tool called Aida which helps create a website with just a little input from the user.

This has some similarities with the Wix ADI. Here also, you have to answer a few questions and the Aida AI tool of Bookmark will create a website for you.

The main thing here is that it takes just a couple of minutes (or less) to build a website using Bookmark. This also features a drag-and-drop editor to customize the look of the website as per the client’s needs.

Below are some of the best features of Bookmark:

Offers a drag-and-drop editor

Generates websites in a few minutes

Custom fonts, video background, and other features

Access to eCommerce tools and translations

⇒ Get Bookmark

Are you looking for an AI website builder that can not only help you create a new website but also easily migrate your old website, then 10Web has all the answers.

With AI tools such as business name generator, marketing strategy generator, web design tool, and SEO tool, you can use 10Web to create a high-quality WordPress website with ease.

Some of the key highlights of 10Web are:

⇒ Get 10Web

One of the best AI website builders that you can try is Framer AI. This website has a uniqueness among other AI website builders, i.e., it creates a website from a single text prompt.

Just type in what kind of website you need and let the Framer AI do the magic. The AI will also produce multiple results, which you shuffle across and choose the one that suits your needs.

You can mix and match all the website elements such as fonts, color palettes, display fonts, etc. and change the look and feel of your website.

Here are some of the key highlights of Framer AI:

Generates a website from a single prompt

Gives you customizable elements to tweak

Unlimited AI generations and free templates

Lets you design flexible layouts and dynamic content

⇒ Get Framer AI

That is it from us in this guide. We have a guide that lists down some of the best AI websites that you should check out in 2023.

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6 Best Website Builder Software

6 Best Website Builder Software [Most Used in 2023] Create professional-level sites with beautiful themes and designs




A website builder software for Windows is the best option for developers with less experience, but a lot of creativity.

We gathered some of the most popular website builders that let you create professional-level sites without requiring any coding whatsoever.

You will find budget-friendly and premium-level tools to help you build blogs, shops, portfolios, and more.

When choosing the best website builder, you should look for one that comes with plenty of themes and designs, domain names, good security, and responsive servers.

Get the right software to support your ideas!

Creative Cloud is all you need to bring your imagination to life. Use all the Adobe apps and combine them for amazing results. Using Creative Cloud you can make, edit, and render in different formats:




3D models & infographics

Many other artworks

Get all apps at a special price!

Website builder software for Windows enables you to create and design sites. If you are a beginner, these programs provide the tools you’ll need to set up the website.

Some web developers could probably design a basic website by entering HTML into a text editor and then uploading the files to an ISP site host with an FTP program.

Although online web design apps have become increasingly prevalent, there is still plenty of offline freeware website builder software for Windows.

What is the difference between paid and free website builder software?

When popular free website builders for Windows are compared to paid website builders, an intriguing story emerges. Of course, most free builders are less powerful than their paid counterparts, but that doesn’t imply they aren’t helpful.

A free site builder, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you want to use the site for a personal blog, a portfolio, or another non-monetized purpose.

Paid plans are only worthwhile if the financial benefits from the site surpass the monthly membership price. A free builder can assist you in growing a following for your new blog or starting a personal project.

Whatever you decide, selecting the best website builder for your needs is a critical first step in making your dream website a reality.

There are two types of website builder software for Windows:

HTML editors that you can manually enter HTML with and select tag options from their toolbars and menus.

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors are website builders with which you can design sites by dragging and dropping web page elements onto pages without entering HTML.

These are the best website builder software for Windows 10.

Adobe Dreamweaver is the perfect all-in-one choice for creating a website with an intuitive display adapted for each device.

You can have a website with a simple and flexible way of coding that supports web standards like Java, CSS, HTML, and more.

It is not surprising that creating such a responsive tool will allow you to rank in the top positions of Google SERP, as this tool is optimized for SEO.

We think it is an important criterion to take first in mind when you want to develop something purposeful.

Adobe Dreamweaver has some of the best design templates, Fluid Grid Layouts. It will be simple for you to visually build the pages as Adobe improved its design workflow, as well.

This tool gives you the ultimate experience in order to develop modern visual graphics in a single software environment.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Extensive pool of built-in templates for creating

HTML emails, About pages, blogs, e-commerce pages, and more.

Adobe is included in the Creative Cloud where you can search assets from Adobe Stock in order to improve the design of your website.

Live View feature to preview your changes immediately, whether it is about editing the text or changing the image.

Free trial available to test its excellent capacities

Adobe offers an extensive set of Dreamweaver tutorials that can help new users adjust to the features of the tool. You can find information about each and every step of website building.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Experience fast and flexible coding with visual aids to build stunning websites.

Check price Visit Website

Easily create the website of your dreams in just minutes with Webnode. Creating your own personal website has never been easier, and it feels like playing with blocks.

Assemble every part of the UI just the way you want to and make your vision a reality with the help of plenty of features.

You have lots of templates to choose from in order to stand out from the crowd. Uniqueness is key when it comes to Webnode.

Additionally, you can create online stores, where you can sell your products and make presentations for them, including descriptions, images, and much more.

Along with the pre-defined templates, Webnode also offers a wide range of page layouts. If you want to add a new page to your website, just browse the page library as you will probably find something that suits your plan. Besides, you can adjust it precisely to fit your preferences with the drag-and-drop functions.

You can create and edit your website directly from your browser of choice. There’s no need to install anything on your device. On top of that, you can use Webnode on mobile devices, as long as you have an Internet connection. This can be very helpful if you need to make adjustments on the go or add new materials to your website. 

Webnode comes with reliable hosting services providing you with powerful servers that support a large number of visits. You can change your plan as your website grows. This means quick and seamless loading of your website with a smaller risk of crashing.

This software is also a good option if we think of accessibility. You can build your website in over 24 different languages, and you can also translate your website if it is required.

Here are some of Webnode’s key features:

Great domain names

Full customization

Mailbox to communicate with your customers

Customer support

One more reason to try Webnode is that it lets you create a free website with the Webnode subdomain. If you just want to experiment and don’t want to make any investments yet, you really don’t have to. Use the toolbox and create a free website to see how it goes for you.


Stand out from the crowd with your unique website thanks to Webnode, one of the best website builders.

Free Visit Website

WordPress free website builder software for Windows is a one-stop shop for anybody looking to create a personal blog, portfolio, or business website. WordPress has something to meet everyone’s needs.

You may use specialized tools to install a virtual server on your Windows PC. This helps when you want to work offline and launch websites without an internet connection, while ready-made projects can be published later.

You have two options for getting started with WordPress:

Create a self-hosted WordPress website (

Create a free chúng tôi account.

WordPress, unlike many other website builders or web design tools, is free to download, install, and use. It was created for web developers, and there is a strong developer community that has created appealing free themes and templates, making it simple to get started quickly.

Although the WordPress platform is free, hosting and domain names are not. However, the overall cost is still less than a coffee, with a monthly cost of roughly $3 – $5.

There are around 60,000 plugins in the official WordPress plugin directory alone that may add a variety of additional features and functionality to your site.

Let’s have a look at the main key features of WordPress:

Free hosting choice

Offline Website Creation

100% Design Customization

Professional Blogging Platform

24/7 support on forums and chat

Mobile and tablet friendly


An open-source creation tool with thousands of powerful features, scalability, ease of use, and a well-known Content Management System.

Free trial Visit Website

Building a website is no walk-in part – or is it? Actually, it’s as easy as a breeze to do so with Weebly. Plus, it’s a free website-building software for Windows.

Weebly provides access to customizable webpage designs and all the tools you need to easily build your website for free. What’s more, you will enjoy extra perks such as starter guides and planning tools.

A fully customizable website builder, eCommerce tools and marketing tools, step-by-step guidance, and more bonus options, this is what you can expect from this incredible app.

Along with the easy website creation process, you get additional support with step-by-step guides that help you create professional-level websites without any hassle.

Whatever you want to integrate into your website, Weebly has you covered. It has built-in picture and video editing features, so you won’t need any additional tools if you want to add this type of media file to your website.

If you are comfortable with building with HTML/CSS and javascript, you can absolutely do that, even though you are not required to.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Professional-looking website themes and more design features to choose from

Custom domains and a full suite of SEO tools

Flexible drag-and-drop blog creation to showcase content

Free hosting infrastructure and fast loading times

Seamless integration with third-party apps

Integrated eCommerce, themes, and branding tools

Statistics tools to better understand and track performance

Weebly is available on mobile devices as well. As previously mentioned, it has a free option that comes with a Weebly branding domain, as well as various premium subscription-based plans.


Easily build any type of website and use integrated SEO tools to get good traffic in no time.

Free trial Visit Website

Squarespace provides an end-to-end solution for website building and more.

It includes anything from in-built beautifully crafted templates to get you started, a one-year free custom domain name, and highly versatile CMS website builder tools.

Speaking about versatility, you can personalize your website with text, fonts, color palette, and countless stock photo options.

There is even a logo maker included to help you design your own unique logo as well as social media and email marketing tools to help propel your website in the spotlight.

Squarespace comes with email marketing tools, providing a generous set of email templates. You can surely find a template that works for your brand regardless of the industry you work in.

You can also convert your blog posts or product pages into emails for additional consistency. You can also integrate and manage a newsletter to your website to build and grow your email list and promote your services to a larger audience.

As opposed to many other options, Squarespace integrates easy-to-follow, real-time website analytics. you can see how many people view your pages, the number of subscriptions, the number of people on your mailing lists, and much more. 

Squarespace lets you create content that is optimized for social media platforms. Post your pages and listings onto your social accounts without compromising on design and appearance.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Extensive range of templates for every industry

Integrated commerce platform

In-built logo maker solution

CMS website builder tools with fully customizable parameters

Browser extensions support to further refining your settings

150+ layouts, designer filters, fonts, stickers, and more

Online scheduling feature available

Squarespace is subscription-based with various plans depending on the features you want to integrate. 


Create and manage your online business with an easy website builder and various online marketing tools.

Check price Visit Website

GoDaddy Inc. is one of the world’s largest web services companies. It provides a wide range of services from web hosting to free online website builders for Windows and Mac.

GoDaddy’s website builder has a sleek, modern aesthetic with a utilitarian, minimalistic vibe. It starts with a simple website preview to give you a broad idea of the overall layout.

The GoDaddy Website Builder only provides basic options with limited customization. Although you can change the size quite considerably, you may have difficulties if you do things like adding share buttons, inserting picture boxes next to text blocks, or resizing videos.

While assistance is essential when developing a website, we can be honest about this one. It includes a very basic architecture and simple processes.

As a result, you may never require technical assistance. But just in case, there is a technical support phone number on the official website that you may contact during their working hours.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Professional imagery – add your personal images or Go Daddy’s from the library

Swipe-to-style interface – easy to create and update the design of your site

Customize every part of your website’s pages by using templates

Professionally designed styles and beautifully coordinated color sets

Setup for starting an online store

Inventory manager – add up to 500 products

Support for credit cards

Blog creation without plug-ins

GoDaddy is a subscription-based service. You can choose from multiple plans, depending on the features you want to include. Each plan comes with a 30-day free trial that does not require credit card information.

GoDaddy online website builder for Windows goes above and beyond the boundaries of a conventional builder to provide additional features for constructing a good commercial or eCommerce site.

It fulfills the description of a personal site builder as well as a simple online store builder in some ways.


This website builder caters to small business owners and professionals, with business functionalities.

Check price Visit Website

Wix is a hosted software, despite the fact that it is a free website-building software for Windows.

The sole difference between offline software and the online software is that you don’t have to download program files and find a location to host them. You receive an all-in-one solution with pre-hosted files and real-time saving of all modifications.

You may use these applications to add additional features and functionality to your website. Some are made by Wix, while others are made by third-party developers.

Let’s have a look at the key features of Wix:

Intuitive interface WYSIWYG

Free Wix App Market widget

Artificial Design Intelligence

Wix Mobile Editor

Wix is a fantastic Website Builder Tool and an all-in-one solution for an online store. It is one of the top online-selling platforms. It offers particularly developed templates and a plethora of sales options, making it an excellent choice for a small company.

Wix provides a free plan with restricted bandwidth and storage space. You may, however, utilize this plan to try out their drag-and-drop website builder.

The website builder has a reasonable price structure, with a free membership option as well as two premium plans: standard and Business/eCommerce.

It does not include a domain name, so if you intend to retain your website, you should consider upgrading to a premium plan. All Wix plans include a free SSL certificate, which you must activate for your website.


Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder with amazing functionality and designs, as well as App Market and WixADI.

Free trial Visit Website

What are the pros and cons of an offline website builder for Windows?

An offline website builder for Windows is a bundle of downloaded software parts. Every time you need to create a website, you have to download and install the necessary components onto Windows PC. You don’t need an internet connection to modify your website, unlike online platforms.

This aspect provides greater security and a reasonable level of backup. Your PC, on the other hand, is the sole means to access the builder. You will not be able to outsource or edit the website remotely.

Although they are more versatile than online builders, many proprietary offline website builder software products can be costly; nonetheless, there are many open-source website builders available.

There are plenty of website builders, but only a few manage to stand out as viable choices for professionals. If you are planning on investing in a website builder, you might as well get your money’s worth.

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Principles And Best Practice In Multivariate Website Testing

Many companies are now turning to Multivariate and AB Testing to meet their goals, typically increased conversion rates or revenue per visit.

So, straight to the interview with Mark, MD of Maxymiser . You can read more from Mark on approaches to structured testing and experiments on the Maxymiser blog

This month there is also a great case study out of how Lovefilm uses structured testing to improve it’s results .

Principles and differences between AB and multivariate testing

Q1. Can you outline the principle of multivariate testing and how it differs from AB testing. What types of pages is most commonly used on?

Mark Simpson:

A/B testing is a valid way to increase the performance of the page. However, whilst A/B testing provides a clear indication of consumer response to actual content, the process takes several weeks.

Reverting to the top performing content at the end of the trial is no guarantee of sustained conversion uplift: a range of factors from seasonality to competitive offers and offline influences can and will change consumer response in real time. And this is where multivariate testing comes into its own.

The basis of multivariate testing is to statistically define the best converting version of a web page or series of pages in real-time, taking the guesswork and gut feel away from website design and replacing it with an accurate measure of what works and what doesn”€™t for real visitors to websites, while also enhancing the opportunity for creativity and experimentation.

Multivariate testing allows much more ground to be covered and gives a higher probability of increase as you are looking at the relationship between variants in test areas of a page as well as the winning content in each test area. It is possible to cover months worth of A/B testing in a single multivariate test and achieve better conversion uplift results.

Benefits from AB and multivariate testing

Q2. What performance uplift is possible? Can you share any results from clients who have agreed to this?

Mark Simpson:

Over the course of the hundreds of tests we have done we have shown that anything is possible as, even the most basic content changes, such as changes to button colours, have proven to deliver significant conversion uplift.

Across the tests we have implemented for clients we have seen uplifts from a few percentage points up to hundreds of percent increase in conversion metrics, however as a rough guide addressing the check-out process will typically deliver an improvement well in excess of 30%, whilst changes to registration processes have delivered over 50% improvement.

The key to success is designing proper, well thought out and well structured testing schedules.

Multivariate testing mistakes

Q3. What are the biggest mistakes you think are made when companies start running these types of site optimisation experiments for the first time?

Mark Simpson:

Prior planning is key in running any tests, picking the right conversion metric(s) to optimise to, and the right areas of content to make a difference to those conversion metrics.

Understanding multivariate testing and tools like automated optimisation helps in getting the maximum out of the technique while limiting business risk.

Advantages compared to Google Website Optimizer

Q4. With Google Website Optimiser freely available, what are the benefits of using paid for tools such as yours? Are they only for the largest companies?

Google Website Optimiser is a great tool, indeed we are authorised consultants for it and have used it for simple tests in the past.

The benefits of using paid for tools can be numerous dependant on the structure of the site and design of experiment.

For example, testing multi-step processes, dynamically generated content, optimising to multiple conversion rates and having the safety net of thorough QA and account management are but a few.

Choosing a supplier for AB and multivariate testing

5. If I”€™m selecting a provider to run these types of optimisation projects for me, how should I select the best tool and company? What should I look for?

Look for flexibility “€“ in methodology and integration to make sure the tool you pick can quickly and easily be set up to run with your content and systems.

Get the provider to prove their expertise, look for relevant clients, testimonials and case studies.

Scalability is key “€“ both in the number of tests and also the technological solutions, when you start getting results from multivariate testing it will not be long before you start looking at segmenting your audience and targeting based on behaviour.

Best Ai Writing Assistant 2023

AI writing assistants have been in high demand for the last decade. Not only do these assistants make the writing process easy, but they also ensure the content is well-structured and error-free. 

However, to get the best writing content, choose an AI writer that is suitable for you and your requirements. 

Therefore, in this post, we will list down the best AI writing assistant and features such as writing skills, grammar checker, templates, languages, and more. 

What is an AI writing assistant?

An AI writing assistant is software that automates content generation for its users. AI writing assistants help with content creation, such as tone, style, sentence structure, ideation, grammar, and more. 

Best AI Writing Assistant 2023


Grammarly is one of the market’s most used and popular AI writing assistants. This AI writing tool assists you in creating clear error-free content. It also helps in analyzing and correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, and sentence structure and even suggests alternative words to improve the quality of your content and make it more readable. 

In addition, Grammarly provides instant feedback on your content, clarity, and engagement report. It even contains an in-built plagiarism detector to ensure your content is genuine and not plagiarized, making Grammarly a great AI writing assistant. This writing tool is highly used by students, freelance writers, content creators, and more to create error-free premium content. 

Features of Grammarly: 

Grammar checker 

AI-powered writing assistant 

In-built plagiarism checker 

Punctuation checker 

Corrects sentences 

Detects writing tone 

Corrects spelling mistakes 

Rewrites sentences 

Provides citations support 

Analytics support

Pricing of Grammarly:


Features of ParagraphAI: 

Adjust tone 

Grammar Checker 

Plagiarism detector

Pricing of ParagraphAI:

ParagraphAI contains a student plan for $9 per month. Another professional user plan is priced at $12 per month. 

You can also access ParagraphAI for free however it only allows you to generate 20 paragraphs per day.   


Wordtune is a promising AI writing assistant for repurposing and reconstructing texts or content. This AI writing tool is easy to use, and it comprises standard AI tools with natural language processing to analyze your content and provide AI-based text improvement recommendations.

It uses various language models to generate sentences. It not only fixes your grammar and punctuation but also helps provide suggestions to enhance quality and make your content more readable and clear.  

Features of WordTune: 

Online Editor 

AI-based text improvement 

Multiple tone options 

Chrome extension 

Grammar checker 

Rewrites sentences 

Pricing of WordTune: 

WordTune premium plan starts at $9.99 per month, but it also contains a free seven day-trail.   


Simplified offers more than ten writing tones and 50 + templates to create high-quality content. It even provides sentence suggestions to make your content appear more consistent. Unlike other AI writing assistants, Simplified is not limited to writing; it includes additional features like video editing, social media publishing, graphic design, and animation. 

Features of Simplified:

Over 50+ AI templates 

Supports multiple tones 

Long-form writer 

Built-in Grammar checker 

Supports 30+ languages  

Social media publishing 

Pricing of Simplified: 

Simplified offers a free forever plan that allows you to generate 3,000 words every month. 

Paid plans start at $30 per month, allowing you to generate 25,000 words in a month, which is great for teams and freelancers. 

It also has a business plan that allows you to generate 50,000 words monthly for growing teams, creatives, blogs, and social media. . 

Lastly, there is a growth plan which is mainly for business and allows you to generate 250,000 words per month at $125. 


Rytr is an excellent AI writing assistant for those looking for a quick and efficient content-generating tool. Rytr can help you create premium content in no time with proper grammar and style. This AI writing assistant contains a wide range of templates and multiple languages and tone options, allowing users to choose the best suits them. 

To access Rytr, you must select a template of your choice and provide input texts of the content you want to create. The tool will then analyze your input and create premium-quality content within a few seconds. 

If you want, you can edit the generated content and make it more engaging or edit out things you don’t want, making it one of the best AI writing assistants. 

Features of Rytr: 

Creates high-quality content in a few seconds

Built-in plagiarism checker 

AI-powered content editor

Supports 40+ writing templates 

Offers 30 + languages 

Provides different writing tones 

Google Docs style editor 


It contains a keyword generator 

Pricing of Rytr: 

You can use Rytr for free as it allows its users to generate 5000 words every month. But for additional features, you need to access the paid plans, which start at $9 per month (Saver plan) and allow you to create 50,000 characters per month. You can subscribe to the unlimited plan of $29 per month to access the unlimited character.


Copysmith is an AI copywriting assistant that helps create content for blogs or the web. It offers various tools to generate different types of content, such as blogs, sales pages, landing pages, and more. Copysmith uses Artificial intelligence algorithms to generate informative text with the user’s writing style. Through this AI writing assistant, you can create content for customers and your business, as it can generate premium content in various languages. 

Features OF CopySmith

Multiple templates options 

Built-in integrations 

Editing options 

Multiple language options 

Pricing of CopySmith 

Headline Studio

Headline Studio is an AI writing assistant that helps you create better content headlines. It analyzes, measures, and suggests improvement areas. It contains a keyword bank that recommends various keywords to make your headline strong and effective. This AI writing assistant contains an SEO checker, ensuring the headline ranks better. This makes Headline studio a beneficial AI writing assistant for creating headlines. 

Features of Headline Studio 

Contains a keyword bank 

SEO checker

Chrome Extension 

Keyword quality 

Pricing of Headline studio: 

Headline studio contains four different plans. 

First is the free plan that provides access to limited features with 0 premium headlines. 

It contains a Paid Premium plan that starts priced at $9 per month with five premium headlines and provides access to basic and premium features. 

There is a Pro 20 plan priced at $29 per month, providing 20 premium headlines along with full access to basic and premium features. 

Last is the Pro 60 plan, which provides 60 premium headlines with basic and premium features priced at $49. 

Writer AI

Writer AI builds the content by verifying the information and providing AI-generated fresh and original content. Writer AI can generate various content such as blogs, articles, descriptions, and long-form content.

This AI writing assistant can research and draft content simply through the headline. Writer AI provides a list of sources and citations that allows you to verify the accuracy level of the content. Therefore, Writer AI is a great AI writing assistant that provides you with original and accurate content. 

Features of Writer AI: 

SEO Optimized

Text Rewording 

Verifiable Citation

Multiple Templates 

Pricing of Writer AI: 

There is a basic plan for Write AI starting at $29 per month. The standard plan is priced at $59, and the power plan is priced at $375. 


Outwrite is an AI-based writing assistant that can generate clear and consistent content for you. This AI tool includes various beneficial features such as a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, paraphrasing sentence, passive voice detector, and more to make the content more engaging. Outwrite can be used by professionals, students, freelance writers, casual writers, and teams. 

Features of OutWrite:

Advanced grammar 

Multilingual support

Style suggestions 

Paraphrasing tool 

Writing statistics 

Plagiarism checker 

Sentence rewriting 

Pricing of OutWrite:  


You can even turn to ShortlyAI for creative brainstorming or when you want to expand your content by refining your writing. Shortly contains a command system that allows you to rewrite, expand or shorten sentences instantly. 

Features of Shortly AI:  

GTP3-powered software

Text commands 

Write for you

Creative Brainstorming 

Simple interface 

Pricing of Shortly AI:  

You can subscribe to Shortly AI on a monthly plan priced at $79 or the annual plan priced at $65 per month. 


ProwritingAid is a great AI writing assistant that addresses the structure of the content, pronouns, and grammatical errors. It works as a writing coach, grammar checker, and editing tool as it has been trained by various writing rules to provide a notable style improvement for your content. This AI writing tool analyzes your writing tone and style and resolves your mistakes by offering suggestions to enhance the content quality. 

ProwritingAid provides a report on your texts, including repeated words, spelling errors, clarity, and sticky sentences. It breaks down your content and provides suggestions for improving the sentence and making it more readable. Therefore, ProwritingAid is a useful AI writing assistant.   

Features of ProWriting: 

Supports in-app dictionary 

Supports grammar checking 

Editing tools 

Style improvement 

Pricing of ProWriting:  

ProWritingAid has a monthly package that is priced at $20. There is also a yearly plan available at $79.


Choosing the right AI writing assistant is very important as it determines the different factors of the content, such as the writing speed, tone, language availability, and more. Above, we have mentioned some of the best AI writing assistants to help generate original and high-quality content. We have also mentioned additional benefits provided by each assistant along with their pricing. We hope we have made it easier for you to choose the most suitable AI writer.

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Which Google Seo Best Practices Matter For A New Affiliate Website?

Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from Saif in Saharanpur. Saif asks:

“I’m starting an affiliate website. What are the practices I could follow to NOT get caught in the Google update?”

Hi Saif,

Great question and this is a topic I know a ton about.  The best answer I can tell you is not to do anything that would cause you to get caught on the wrong side of an update.

We’ll look at some do’s and don’ts that will help you stay on the right side of “the law” below.

As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to build a resource that solves needs and that a person will want to come back to.

The pages should be something people will share with friends, and subscribe to so that more people can be exposed to your affiliate links.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about gardening, cooking, photography, or pool toys.

You have to build exceptional content. That means proper formatting, solving problems, explaining why your website should be trusted, entertaining/engaging, and creating a sense of belonging.

If your site does not inspire people to subscribe and trust you, you won’t succeed as an affiliate.

Avoid These Tactics for Affiliate Website SEO Success

Participating in roundups.

Selling backlinks.

Joining every program.

Using HTML directly from the network or affiliate program (it is missing link attributes and better tracking).

Creating thin pages.

Doing Brand + Reviews for review content.

Talking about a million products or niches.

Pay-to-play content, especially with listicles; for example, do not rank higher commission/payout links higher in your list.

Choose a theme for the website based on what users will want to engage with for a long time.

Google SEO Best Practices for Affiliate Websites:

Mark “sponsored” on each affiliate link and image that pulls an asset from the platform or program.

Write helpful content that provides solutions for the person reading (do not talk about yourself or why you love it unless you already have 1000 active readers on all new content).

Add in video demonstrations that you create (do not embed from other people).

Use proper structure for your content (internal links, H tags, bullet lists, etc.).

Upload assets to your own website like images and do not pull from a third party. Some brands and programs will require approval first, and if they use third-party creatives this becomes incredibly important.

Be honest and do not lie about the “best” service or product (especially if it is because a brand wants you to favor them).

Use manufacturers’ specs and information (everything should be 100% unique and you must always find original angles to share).

Pick a niche and stick with it — do not talk about hosting, then flowers, then SEO tools.

(Not sure which link markup to use? See Should You Use Nofollow, Sponsored, or UGC Links? to learn more.)

What Does Good Affiliate Content Look Like?

Let’s dive in a bit deeper.

You can say “My family loves this product,” if you’re a parenting blogger.

But do not stop there.

You have to add something relevant to the reader so it is relatable to them.

“My family loves this product because my toddler used to fuss over vegetables. By incorporating ABC Product into lunch and XYZ into dinner, she now gets excited to eat vegetables. We can’t keep them coming fast enough!”

But that is still not enough.

To go from thin or average content to quality content, you have to add more.

Using the example above, I would recommend adding in a few more sections.

A video of the toddler before and after using the product, showing it is effective.

Safety and product features like being BPA-free, no sharp edges, easy to clean, etc.

The steps we took to introduce the toddler to the product, obstacles we ran into, and the solutions.

What it is and is not compatible with, including other brands, tools or toys; high chairs vs. booster seats, etc.

A couple of alternatives based on the negatives to provide options for everyone.

By making sure you provide the best answer possible, you are building content that will do well with the reader — and with Google.

This starts with building yourself as an authority, then showing the product will solve the visitor’s problem.

You also want to ensure the reader knows the product is safe or effective, and that it is compatible with other devices and tools.

Then show them how to use it. Finally, share your feedback and give alternatives in case that specific product does not meet the readers’ needs.

Sure, it’s a ton of work. But guess what? Building a successful, sustainable affiliate business is worth it.

More Resources:

How To Import Datasets Into Report Builder

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the three different ways you can import datasets into Report Builder.

Report Builder is a Power BI tool that allows you to create printable documents out of your Power BI reports. Once you’ve installed Report Builder in your machine, open it. When it launches, it will look like this:

Notice that it has a familiar interface similar to Word and Excel. The Data tab contains the different options you can use to import data. But for this tutorial, the focus is primarily on the Power BI Dataset option.

The Power BI Dataset creates a new data source and dataset from Power BI. It’s your data model within the Power BI Service.

In the left-most pane, you can see the Report Data.

Data Sources refer to the Power BI dataset. Datasets are queries built from the data source.

Creating a dataset within paginated reports is similar to creating a query.

This is the data model used for this demonstration:

The next thing you need to do is import your data. There are three ways to import data to Report Builder.

This is where you’ll start creating your paginated report. Input the dataset name you want and select the data source. Then, select Query Designer.

Notice that the tables and all the data in the Power BI data model can be found in the measure group pane of the Query Designer.

To input data in your paginated report, drag and drop the data you want from the measure group pane to the blank space. You can further drag the column headers to rearrange them.

Note that the data in Report Builder comes through as standalone tables, which means they aren’t linked to one another. But in Power BI, you can see the relationships. For Report builder, you only need your measures to enable you to pull these tables together. You can also add filters to your newly created table. This topic is discussed in another tutorial.

For this example, it’s summarizing the columns for City and Year. Then it’s creating new columns for the Total Quantity using the Sales measure.

If you press OK, you’ll now have your dataset imported into Report Builder.

Another way to import data into Report Builder is by using DAX Studio.

Select the Query Builder option under the Home tab.

Edit the name and data source, then paste the copied DAX query in the query text box.

When you use DAX Studio to import datasets into Report Builder, you lose the Filter and Parameter pane at the top of the Query Designer.

If you press OK, you’ll see that you have another dataset or query under your Datasets folder.

The third option you can use to import data into Report Builder is by using Performance Analyzer.

Open Power BI and create a new page. In this example, the new page contains a table with data on the Year, Customer Names, and Total Profits.

Performance Analyzer is a great tool to use if you want to understand what’s happening within your visuals.

The purpose of turning off the Totals is to make the DAX code easier to understand. Also, if the Totals were included, a ROLLUP function would’ve been included which isn’t necessary when creating paginated reports.

If you Run the code, you’ll see the table in the Results pane.

This is the same table created in the Performance Analyzer.

However, the other lines of code in this query isn’t really needed. It’s best to remove the noise from your code to make it simpler.

You’ll then see the new imported dataset in the Report Data pane.

There are a variety of ways to import data into Report Builder. For this tutorial, the focus is on the Power BI dataset option. Under this option, there are three ways to import datasets. These are through the Query Designer, DAX Studio, and Performance Analyzer. You have the freedom to choose which option to use that would best suit your needs.


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