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Best Browsers For Roku Device in 2023 Best Browser for Roku Device: 1. Web Browser X


In some countries, the Roku browser is free of cost


Formatting is not allowed on web pages

Download Here 

2. Met Opera

Opera is a well-known name in the world of the internet and it proves to be the same in the case of a Roku device as it enables the user to browse the internet conveniently. Opera is a small-size tool that delivers quick responses for your searches through the Roku device. You just have to attach the Roku device to the computer and you can enjoy streaming. What sets it apart is its VPN-enabled streaming by which you get quick results without losing the digital identity.


Easy to navigate user interface with fast browsing

YouTube video can be popped out


The setup process is time taking

Download Here

3. Web Video Caster

It is on the third number in the list of our best browsers for Roku. It enables you to browse your favorite TV shows, websites, live streaming, etc. While you browse the web page in Web Video Caster the subtitles of audio files are detected automatically which enables the reader to get a clear idea of what is the speech in the video.


Support for Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, DLNA, etc.

Videos stored on phone can be casted


Bookmarks are only supported in the Premium version of approx. $4.99/month

Download Here

4. Media Browser

It is a powerful tool that allows you to browse websites with heavy content without any lag. To run this tool, it is necessary to install the Media browser server on your device. The regular updates of the tool make it compete with other available browsers for the same use.  The feature which makes it different from other tools is the suite of apps that enables you to stream media content from a PC to a TV connected to Roku.


Enables you to Play, Browse and Control all local movies, music, and TV

Easy navigation


Only used for Video browsing and not for the internet.

Download Here

5. The Roku Channel

This is one of the best web browsers available for Roku which is named after the device itself. As the name suggests it helps you in streaming the Roku content seamlessly with the other web content like the latest news, music, movies, etc. Yahoo is the main source of keeping it ultra-modern with the content. It will help you in finding the best show or movie based on your preference and also allows you to choose from a wide range of databases.


Enables both internet surfing and streaming

Content is updated regularly


All the services are not free

Download Here

6. POPRISM Web Browser

It is last on the list of all the popular Roku browsers because it has a very outdated interface that might not be liked by youngsters. Navigation of the web pages can be done with the help of Roku remote buttons. Rest the job is streaming but it is a bit time taking.


It is free of cost


Text-based web browser which does not support images

Not all websites are compatible

That is it! We have suggested all the best browsers for Roku so that you can stream the content easily. But if you do not wish to proceed with the above-suggested browsers then we have an amazing tip for you by which you can browse the internet on Roku and that is screen mirroring. With the help of screen mirroring, you can cast your mobile phone or tab on the TV screen to surf the web.

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Best Widgets For Mac In 2023

Mac has had widgets since 2014 (memory check: OS X Yosemite), but the experience was unsatisfactory. With the limited functionalities and customizations, their widgets were not making much of a difference. Enter 2023, all hail macOS!

If you have not updated your Mac, refer to this guide. You are missing a hell lot. Do you know the number of customizations you can achieve with your widgets? Has anyone checked out the third-party widgets yet? I know you might complain about putting too much effort into checking your battery percentage on Mac after the update; guess what, there is a widget for that too. Here are some of the best widgets for Mac I found helpful and easy to work with.

1. Bigin by Zoho CRM

Begin by Zoho is a must-have CRM for maximum results with minimal effort. With the new iOS update, Zoho went ahead and designed Begin, especially for macOS, to improve the user experience for its users. From managing contacts to tracking your activities such as tasks, planning, scheduling, and executing, Begin covers most of it. The widget lets you view tasks, calls, or events according to your preference and keep it in your notifications. I prefer having a CRM over having separate widgets for tasks, to-dos, calls, etc., and Begin serves me just right.

If you want a widget just for your tasks, download SmartTasks or Things 3 instead.

Category: Productivity

Price: Free (Express – $8.99/month)


2. Screen Time

Category: Productivity

Default Installed on Mac

3. WaterMinder

A third-party app, this widget keeps track of your hydration and shows the amount of water you have consumed throughout the day. This widget comes with a couple of visual representations. Thus, it has different visuals set to curb your thirst(pun intended!) It is available in all small, medium, and large representations and each of these variations are very creative. Install it today and contribute your share towards healthy living. It’s good to have someone to remind you of your water intake at regular intervals.

Category: Health and Fitness

Price: $2.99


4. AirBuddy 2

It came as a shock to most users that Apple did not develop a battery widget for Mac when it is available for iPhones. Guess Macs were not iPhonified completely. If you are an avid Apple user, you know how difficult it is to track battery usages of different devices, and this is precisely where AirBuddy 2 fills the gap. The widget looks just like the one on your iPhone and keeps you updated with the battery status of AirPods, AirPods cases, AirPods Max along with your device. I often forget I have them ON, and it’s time to charge them. Ever grateful to AirBuddy for being a savior.

Category: Utility

Price: $9.99


5. MindNode – Mind Map

We all have different ways to plan our day. Many people prefer bullets to views their day’s schedule ( download Things 3 or Good Task). I need mind maps to function, and having my mindmaps open in Safari was not that satisfactory. With MindNode’s widget, it is now easier to have it pinned under my Notifications tab and have it in front of my eyes most of the time.

The small-sized widget shows a thumbnail that links to your most crucial mind map. The medium-sized version adds another mind map and buttons to a new mind map or buttons to start a new mind map or trigger the app’s Quick Entry menu bar app. If you do no pin a mind map, it will just show you recently-accessed ones.

Category: Productivity

Price: Free (Monthly Subscription $2.49 )


6. Exchange Rates 3

This is a crucial widget for marketers, business professionals, and people who trade E-Commerce. This is a currency converter app that supports all-important world currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. The currency rates update automatically, so you can choose your preferred currency and check the real-time conversion rates. It also works offline, so you don’t necessarily need an active Internet connection. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. You should know that Exchange Rates 3 is an app to monitor rates, and it does not help you trade currencies.

Category: Finance

Price: $2.99


7. CardPointers for Credit Cards

An app that saves you money, Creditpointers is a boon for people looking for discounts online. It provides four widget customization options, Available Offers, Best Card to Use, Best Cards By Category, and Card Summary. All four customizations are available in small and medium sizes. Choose whichever suits your needs best, and make sure to check these out before using that Credit Card. This has saved a few bucks and saves my time as I don’t have to keep researching which of my Cards to use for which purpose.

Category: Finance

Price: Free (Monthly Plan $3.99)

8. LookUp – English Dictionary

Category: Reference

Price: $9.99


9. Parcel – Delivery Tracking

This application lets you access tracking details of over 300 delivery services, including Royal Mail, DPD, Parcelforce, Hermes, TNT, FedEx, etc. Add this widget to your notifications to track your package; you can track more than one package too at the same time. The best part of having this widget is that it adds tracking data on its servers and simultaneously notify you on your iOS and Mac devices. It also has Push Notifications; enable them and stop worrying about tracking your packages. Since I order most of my things online, it keeps me updated about which to order and when to expect my deliveries.

Category: Utility

Price: Free (Premium Subscription $2.99)


10. Scriptable

While we have new widgets coming in the market every day, each better than the previous one, there is a smart way to get your preference widgets. To achieve that, all you have to do is use Scriptable and code widget yourself. It might seem not easy at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes relatively easy.

Category: Productivity

Price: Free


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Best Lifestyle Apps For Ipad In 2023

1. Apple Books

Last but certainly not the least, the Apple Books app that comes in-built on your iOS device is the best app to read on if you are buried in the Apple eco-system. Because the app has a sync feature, you can sync it across all your Apple devices and enjoy reading all your favorite novels.

If you are a book lover you would understand the importance of mobility of your library and Apple Books ensures that. You could effortless carry your entire library along with you where ever you go. With a vast collection of all contemporary and classic eBooks, the iBooks is certainly my go-to app to read novels on.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive offers a whopping 15GB of free storage per google id, which, according to me, is pretty amazing. If someone has more than one Google accounts, then their Drive storage capacity is 15 multiplied by the number of accounts that a person has. This, according to me, is the coolest feature for people who like to keep work and personal life balance.  

3. Alarmy

If you have trouble waking up, then you need to have this particular lifestyle app on your iPad. I dare you that this app is definitely going to change it. Give this app a try, and I assure you that you will forget what it means to snooze your alarms and eventually be late.

Fondly known as the Devil’s alarm, Alarmy gives you different tasks that you have to accomplish to turn off the alarm. You can assign a math problem as your task or a memory game or shaking your phone for say 30 times or taking a specific picture. But none of the tasks are easy, if you think that you can keep math problem as your task, then you won’t be asked to solve 2+2 or something like that. Sleep if you can.

4. The Daily Horoscope

If you are a believer in horoscope and like reading it, then you should definitely give this app a try. Touted as the best and most accurate horoscope app for iPad, this app has the most compelling observations. 

Daily horoscope has accurate every day, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope readings for all zodiac signs. The app also supports individual zodiac characteristics, and it also shows which signs are the most compatible and why.

5. Yahoo! Weather

Before you go out to attend any party or social gathering, check the weather conditions in your city or the place where you are going. Yahoo Weather is undoubtedly the most reliable weather app on your iPad. The app gives you accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Therefore, you can plan your small trips within or out of your country.

The weather app provides all the necessary details like wind, pressure, and chance of precipitation. Animated weather effects grab your attention while you are checking weather conditions for rain, snow, fog or heat.

Animated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure modules keep this app engaging. Get notifications twice in a day, so that you can be prepared for any weather.

6. Stylebook

Although adding your clothes and other accessories on this app can be quiet a daunting task but trust me once it is done, you will get the best out of your clothes. Because you can now style them with ease and can try to be more experimental. And you would also be able to wear the clothes that you didn’t even know you had.

7. Travel Journal

As the name suggests, this app is actually a travel journal and not a regular journal. Well, the difference between the two is quite evident from their names. While you have to log everyday entries in a standard journal, you just have to record your travel experiences in this app along with your pictures.

8. Mr Mood

In our stressful lives, we often fail to take time out and evaluate how our day went and what we felt throughout the day. Don’t worry, I am not going to preach about how not to take stress in our lives because that is kind of inevitable. But, what I am suggesting is to keep track of your mood. Mr. Mood is one of a kind iOS lifestyle app, specially developed to log your mood and keep track of them.

With a straightforward user interface, this app looks clean and is very easy to use. You simply have to log what you felt throughout the day and then you can see if you have made any progress or not. The colorful nature of the app is sure to keep you motivated to log your mood daily. And it also doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds to log it in.


Here’s a garden diary for every plant lover. It helps you keep track of and document everything you plant. You can even add photos, notes, and more to keep track of your garden.

It’s a tool that will simplify your gardening tasks and help you stay on top of things. The app is organized into different sections like Plants, Areas, Events, Inspiration, and Friends. This helps you manage all aspects of your gardening and connect with a like-minded community.

Signing Off…

That was the list guys. Do let me know if you are considering to install any of these apps. Also, let me know if I missed out on any category in Lifestyle Apps.

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Best Paid Games For Iphone In 2023

I’m sure all of us love free games. However, with microtransactions now a mainstay in gaming, most free games have a lot of content locked behind paywalls. Essentially, the initial download is free, but everything else needs to be paid. Due to this, I prefer iPhone games that ask for a payment outright.

These games unlock most (if not all content) right after the initial payment. This becomes a much more enjoyable experience. Here’s the list of the best paid iPhone games that are worth your every penny.

1. Minecraft – Editor’s choice

The amount of content that Minecraft offers you as a player is simply insane. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best paid iPhone games of all time.

While the graphics and aesthetics are different and almost retro, the gameplay will keep you hooked. You can play the creative mode with infinite resources and freedom. Build an entire town or the fanciest castles and let your imagination go crazy.

There’s a survival mode in which you have to survive each night while scavenging for supplies, building your base, and protecting yourself from the creatures of the night. Minecraft’s survival mode is surprisingly detailed and difficult.

There’s also a lot of mod support from the community, and you can apply the mods to change the in-game behavior and gameplay. This adds a ton of replayability.

The only issue I’ve found is that the game freezes and crashes frequently. Hopefully, the developers can iron this out in future updates.

Price: $6.99 (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


2. Plague Inc. – Best simulation game

Plague Inc. might hit a bit too close to home, considering the current situation. However, it’s still one of the best simulation games for iPhone you can play today.

In this game, you aren’t tasked as a fancy scientist or soldier who has to stop the virus. The roles are reversed – you have to control the virus and ensure it wipes out the world.

Each action you take in the game has consequences, and humanity will try to adapt and defend itself against each variation and update of your virus. Your goal is to infect the world before the virus is killed.

The game teaches us about health safety, hazards, and how international collaborations could work in such scenarios. Additionally, the game is fun, and you’ll have to strategize with each move you make.

The game has inconsistent difficulty spikes, however. So be wary of that when playing it.

Price: $0.99 (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


3. Monopoly – Best board game

The classic board game that has occupied most of our childhood is now available for mobile devices. Thankfully, it’s one of the best iterations of a board game that you can find.

You can play this game against the AI, but I’ve found it much more enjoyable as a family game. Moreover, there’s an in-game video chat integration feature that allows you to play face-to-face with friends in different areas.

You have to become the wealthiest property tycoon amongst other players. You can play this game with the classic rules. However, if you want to make things more interesting, you can select your own house rules to make the gameplay unique.

There’s also a Season Pass that adds a ton of content to the already huge game. It adds different locations, themes, and pieces as well.

However, the game requires a strong internet connection as it can frequently disconnect in the middle of online games.

Price: $3.99 (In-app purchases start at $4.99)


4. Dead Cells – Best action game

I’ve played Dead Cells on the PC before it was released to the mobile audience. I’m happy to state that the finesse of the PC version has been brought to the iPhone with this port.

Dead Cells is an incredibly difficult game. However, it’s also equally rewarding. The game has a roguelike structure and also features a permadeath. If you die on any level in the game, you will have to replay the game from the beginning.

Moreover, the levels are procedurally generated. Each playthrough is different than the other. You can also find the best elements from action and role-playing games in Dead Cells. Besides, all the DLCs released on PC are available in the mobile version.

I recommend you to play this game on a bigger screen, though. The control scheme doesn’t go very well with smaller screens. An even better option would be if you could use a good gamepad.

Price: $8.99 (In-app purchases start at $3.99)


5. Crashlands – Best paid iPhone game without in-app purchases

Crashlands might not seem like much at first glance. However, it is an expansive role-playing game worth your time (and money).

The story follows a galactic trucker whose shipment is stolen, and they find themselves stranded on an alien planet. Your mission is to retrieve your packages. While you do so, you’ll become a part of a dangerous plot of domination.

Ultimately, as the player, you have to thrive on the planet. This means you have to engage with NPCs, fight deadly bosses, and learn the secrets of the planet itself. Moreover, there are over 500 craftable items in the game. So, let your imagination run free!

The game suffers from some issues with in-game navigation, however. So you’ll have to bear this when you’re playing the game.

Price: $6.99


6. Townscaper – Best casual game

Townscaper is one of those games that will make you dive into nostalgia. It’s got very simple gameplay, and it’ll also help you relax.

There’s no goal to the gameplay as such. Townscaper lets you choose colors, blocks, and design your city, town, or hamlet.

This may sound boring, but in reality, the gameplay is pretty addictive. You can play this for hours, building the best town with the right arches, bushes, and backyards for different houses.

Moreover, the game’s aesthetics aren’t difficult on the eyes, and the audio is mild enough to help you concentrate on your building efforts.

I feel the construction options need to have more diversity and freedom. But otherwise, the game is spot-on.

Price: $4.99


7. Exploding Kittens – Best card game

When it comes to card games, very few have captured my attention as much as Exploding Kittens has.

This is a multiplayer card game in which the objective is to be the last person standing. You’ll have to keep drawing cards until a person draws a card with an Exploding Kitten. After the kitten explodes, the player who drew the card is out of the game.

You can even diffuse the kitten with laser pointers and belly rubs, available on some cards. The rest of the cards are simply used to keep the game flowing and change the order of draws.

The game can be played with up to 5 players, either locally or online. Considering the simple yet elegant premise of the game, there’s no doubt why this is one of the most funded games in Kickstarter history!

If you play against the game’s AI, it can get challenging on any difficulty level. I’d recommend you to play this only with your friends or online.

Price: $1.99 (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


8. Playdead’s LIMBO – Most underrated puzzle game

Playdead has always made some hauntingly beautiful games. LIMBO is one of their first hits.

It is one of the best paid puzzle games for iPhone. You have to solve multiple puzzles as you progress through the narrative. The audio and graphics create an eerie atmosphere that grips you instantly.

This is a difficult game; make no mistake. You will die multiple times in an attempt to complete a puzzle. However, the effort that you put into the game is worth it.

One of the caveats of this game is that there’s only one way to solve the puzzles. I wish that the developers had added more variety to the solutions.

Price: $3.99


GRIS is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played. While this sounds like an exaggeration, it isn’t. GRIS will tug at your heartstrings and leave you in awe at the beautiful artwork and noteworthy story.

The game’s story is also highly relatable. The protagonist experiences a traumatic event and learns to deal with the pain. As you play through the story, you’ll realize that the game is actually about her journey to the other side of that experience and how she learns to deal with the trauma in a better way.

The intro section of the game is a bit buggy, though. So you may encounter some glitches when you first boot the game.

Price: $4.99


Bang for your buck?

Paying for games can be a tricky affair, especially if you’re unsure which game would suit your play styles and choices. Hence, I’ve curated this list of the best paid iPhone games to make your search easier.

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Best Duplicate File Finders For Mac In 2023

Best Duplicate File Finders & Removers For Mac In 2023

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Tweak Library’s Recommendation: Top 3 Duplicate File Finders & Removers

Duplicate File Fixer

Affordable solution to find & delete duplicates.

Hassle-free process, needs no technical know-how needed.

Classic UI, with easy to navigate buttons.

Best choice


Cleansup all Useless Files

Find Hidden Duplicates

Customize Duplicate Scanning

Best choice

Easy to use duplicate file remover for Mac.

Does its job fast.

Flexible scan settings.

Best choice

List Of Best Duplicate File Finder tools for Mac:

In this post, we’ve rounded up the list of best duplicate file finders & removers for Mac that will help you organize & duplicate-free your entire storage effortlessly.

1. Duplicate Files Fixer 

Duplicate Files Fixer is an incredible Duplicate File Finder & Remover Tool For Mac. The tool easily detects and deletes exact & similar-looking images, music, videos, documents and a lot more. Moreover, the software also allows users to scan through a huge collection of clone copies regardless of their format, in just a few moments.

Features of Duplicate Files Fixer:

Helps in recovering valuable disk space on Mac. 

Allows previewing scanned files before eliminating duplicates.

Best duplicate file finder for Mac to identify and delete duplicate images, music, video, documents, and more. 

Scans internal and external storage for duplicate files.


Affordable solution to find & delete duplicates.

Hassle-free process, needs no technical know-how.

Classic UI, with easy to navigate buttons.


Free version is the scan only version.

2. Gemini 2

Gemini 2 is an intelligent, smart, effective and useful duplicate file finder tool that detects and delete duplicate files from your Mac. This software is capable of locating and removing duplicate files saved in remote corners of the system. Using Gemini 2 you can also spot alike photos and delete the ones that aren’t required. 

Features of Gemini 2:

Cleans up all sorts of useless files.

Finds hidden duplicate wherever they are.

Spots look alike pictures, photo bursts, and more.

Customize duplicate scanning.


Attractive dashboard.

Works with individual files, folders or libraries.

Suitable duplicate file remover for beginners.


Expensive solution to find duplicates on Mac.

3. Easy Duplicate Finder 

Get it here

Want to free up valuable storage space on your Mac without spending much of your time in skimming each folder? Well, try using Easy Duplicate Finder to seamlessly remove duplicate file in Mac. This Mac utility is based on smart technology to search for true identical files & not just the one with the same file name. Easy Duplicate Finder has everything you need to quickly make your storage space clutter free & organized for better productivity.

Features of Easy Duplicate Finder:

Effective for detecting and removing duplicate files on Mac.

Different scan modes for different types of searches.     

Supports internal and external hard drives.

Searches duplicates in iPhotos and Photos.


Easy to use duplicate file remover for Mac.

Does its job fast.

Flexible scan settings.


Comes bundled with unneeded toolbars.

4. Cisdem Duplicate Finder 

Get it here

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is one of the best duplicate cleaner tools capable of removing duplicate files from Mac. This duplicate file finder can find duplicate photos, documents, videos, music and other formats under different filenames. Moreover, Cisdem Duplicate Finder gives you full control of your files to get duplicates out of the way. 

Features of Cisdem Duplicate Finder:

Scan and detect duplicates stored on internal and external storage media.

Find duplicates in iTunes and Photos.

Include or exclude specific folders/libraries.

Preview all duplicates in Quick View or open them in Finder.


Frees up a significant amount of storage.

Smart in automatic selection of detected duplicates.

Well-designed dashboard.


Lacks warning pop-ups while executing major tasks.

5. Stellar Smart Finder

Get it here

This Mac duplicate file finder utility helps in locating similar and duplicate files, documents, photos. It employs two impressive scanning modules – ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Strict Scan to extract all the duplicate files present in a Mac volume or any folder and then enables deleting them. Stellar Smart Finder works with Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 105

Features of Stellar Smart Finder:

Creates free space.

Shows the file path, size, and date of creating, etc. 

Works with external storage media.

Graphical view of folders and drivers.


Comprehensive tool to find & delete duplicate files.

Suitable for both novices & pro users.

Beautiful user interface.


Depending on the amount of data, scanning can take time.

6. Duplicate File Finder 

Get it here 

Duplicate File Finder is an exceptional utility to find duplicate files on Mac.  The duplicate remover helps to eliminate unwanted space hogging replica files in just a few minutes. Using this tool, you can easily remove a variety of duplicate files in just three easy steps. Furthermore, you can preview all the detected duplicate photos, videos, documents, music files & more before deleting them from your Mac.

Features of Duplicate File Finder:

Quickly find duplicates stored on any media.

Easily identifies similar and exact duplicate files.

Allows you to choose a complete photo library or a particular folder for scanning.

Skip a specific folder or file type from search


Scans very quickly.

Detects & deletes a fair number of duplicates in one scan.

Exclude option available.


Folder selection sometimes gets inconvenient.

7. Duplicate Detective

Get it here

Duplicate Detective helps to easily remove duplicate files on Mac. As this tool scans your hard drive to find all the duplicate files and folders stored on your Mac. It is an intuitive software designed to recover free space to make a room for fresh content. Using Duplicate Detective, you can select which duplicates to delete.  

Features of Duplicate Detective:

Robust scan engine.

Filter & sort duplicate depending on the file name, size, and type.

It supports double-check verification screen feature.

Locates duplicate images, audio, archives and more.


Simple & easy to use UI.

Provides accurate identification of dupes.

Affordable duplicate file remover.


No extra flashy features are available.

8. DupeGuru 

dupeGuru is a cross-platform tool that will help to find and remove duplicate files on your Mac. It scans either filenames or contents. For this dupeGuru best Duplicate File Remover Tools For Mac uses a fuzzy matching algorithm that helps to find duplicate filenames even when they are not similar. 

Features of dupeGuru:

Efficient duplicate finder tool for Mac.

dupeGuru is customizable.

Finds filenames that are the same, but also finds similar filenames. 

Compatible with OS X 10.8 or later.


Highly compatible with all Mac versions.

Accurate identification of duplicates.

Runs quite fast to detect exact & similar looking files.


UI can be upgraded with time.

9. Tidy Up 5 

Get it Here

Tidy Up! is a modern, efficient, and totally customizable tool that supports Lightroom, Photos, iTunes, Mailes, Aperture, and iPhotos. This tool organizes the results on the basis of file types – music, image, PDF, etc. This duplicate file remover for Mac is based on tab separation and each tab has its own settings.

Features of Tidy Up! 5:

Fantastic duplicate finder for Mac.

Preview of the file. 

Comes with a search mode called Simple Mode, with 80 predefined smart searches.

Shows preview of detected files by file type. 


Plethora of features comes with this duplicate file remover.

Syncs well with all your Apple devices.

Significantly improve stability & performance for Mac.


Complicated to use than other duplicate cleaners for Mac.

10. Duplicate File Finder Remover 

Get it here

Duplicate File Finder Remover is a free duplicate file finder software for Mac designed to locate and delete duplicate files on Mac that includes images, audio, video, song, documents, and archives. To use this free duplicate finder tool for Mac drag and drop images in the tool.

Features of Duplicate File Finder Remover:

You can merge similar folders.

It comes with a rapid scanning algorithm.

Easily locate duplicate files and folders.

You can review selected replica files before eliminating them.


Advanced duplicate file cleaner.

Dedicated options to find duplicate files, images, music & more.

Easy to use duplicate remover.


Little complicated dashboard.

So, these were the best duplicate file removal tools for Mac. We hope you get the answer to how to delete duplicate files on Mac after using any of the listed tools. Say goodbye to space-hogging replicas with these best duplicate file cleaning tools. 

Along with this, if you are looking for optimization tools with duplicate file cleaning feature. Here we’ve listed them for you.

1. Disk Drill: Data Recovery and Duplicate File Finder

Get it here

Easily detect and delete duplicate files

Recover lost Data

Restore data on any internal or external storage.

2. MacBooster 7: Performance Booster and Duplicate File Cleaner

Get it here

MacBooster 7 developed by IObit is a great Mac performance booster app that helps to free up space, clean up duplicate files, clean junk files, optimize memory and more.

Features of MacBooster:

MacBooster helps to locate large and old files that take unwanted disk space.

Provides with an easy and powerful uninstalling feature.

Helps remove duplicate files and photos.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Duplicate File Removers (2023) Q1. Which Are The Best Duplicate File Cleaners Available For Cross-Platforms?

Watch this quick tutorial to find a complete list of options to find and delete duplicate photos, videos, documents, music & other multimedia files on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS .

Q2. Why Are There So Many Duplicate Files On My Mac?

There are a variety of reasons why your Mac gets clogged with duplicate photos, videos, documents & other multimedia files.

Let’s say you forget you have the photos or files on your cell phone already and you have re-imported them once again on your device. 

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Same files or pictures are shared multiple times over WhatsApp or email.

You have multiple backup sets of your cameras or devices on your Mac.

The same folder is copied to different locations on your Mac.

A number of external drives attached to Mac having the same folders in each one of them.

Renamed the same media files with different names.

Importing bugs.

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Best Motherboard For Ryzen 9 3900X In 2023

Best Motherboard For Ryzen 9 3900X in 2023

Motherboard recommendations that pair beautifully with the Ryzen 9 3900X

Tom Bardwell

This article will dive into the best motherboard for the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X – the Intel Core i9-9900K killer. Or so AMD positioned the enthusiast chip when it hit store shelves back in July 2023. Did it deliver on that lofty promise? A contentious point for sure and one fueling gamers with plenty of fat to chew. What’s certain is that the Ryzen 9 3900X is one of if not the best gaming CPUs produced by AMD to date. Yes, it’s been superseded by the ever so slightly better specced Ryzen 9 3900XT, but all things considered, what’s not to love about a 1- core computing powerhouse for under $500?

No matter how much power it packs under the hood, the Ryzen 9 3900X is nothing without an equally performance-oriented motherboard to call home. And as we edge closer to the second anniversary of the chip’s launch, there are plenty of options out there. With so many motherboards to choose from, making that all-important choice can quickly turn into a tricky challenge. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of motherboard recommendations that pair beautifully with the Ryzen 9 3900X.

Products at a Glance

How we picked

So, how do you determine if a motherboard is a sound investment or an absolute dud? The short answer is a careful balance of performance and features. When searching for the best motherboards, we put more weight on performance than anything else, and all our recommendations will get the most out of the Ryzen 9 3900X. Factors such as form factor, VRM quality, and design, chipset cooling, power connectors, connectivity, PCIe 4.0/DIMM slots, overclocking potential, build quality, and storage options (M.2, SATA) also guided our choice.

Chances are you’ve bought or plan to buy a Ryzen 9 3900X intending to piece together an enthusiast-grade rig. As such, we’ve only included motherboards that utilize AMD’s PCIe 4.0-ready X570 chipset instead of the lesser B450 and last-gen X470. You can indeed find cheaper boards with those other chipsets (especially if you’re not fussed about PCIe 4.0), but with the aim of future-proofing to a certain extent, we’ve bypassed them entirely.

Below, you’ll find five motherboard recommendations alongside a brief review of each, highlighting why they stood out for us as the best motherboards for the Ryzen 9 3900X.

Our Recommended

Best Motherboard For Ryzen 9 3900X in 2023



Impressive feature set

Strong performance and stability

Attractive aesthetics

Quality VRM



After a few sketchy years, GIGABYTE has done well to redress its reputation by pumping out a succession of quality motherboards, best embodied by the AORUS range. The GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Master is one such offering and one geared to tap into the full potential of the Ryzen 9 3900X.

While this roll call of features is impressive, it’s coupled with strong performance and stability, whether on the gaming or productivity front. The GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Master ranks up there with some of the best X570 motherboards in a similar price range, even some priced much higher.

All this comes packaged in one of the sleekest motherboards out there, with an attractive design aided by quality components throughout, ample RGB lighting, and a polished layout that should satisfy aesthetically conscious builders there.

The GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Master is a high-end motherboard, so the features, overkill VRM, and expansion possibilities may be too much for some. As such, we only recommend the board for those who’ll make full use of what it has to offer. Otherwise, you’re better off opting for a less feature-rich alternative to save some cash.



Impressive I/O


Unique Strix line-up design



Only two M.2 slots

Much like the GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Master, the ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming sits somewhere between a mid-range and flagship motherboard, delivering a wealth of features, strong performance, and stellar looks. The ROG Strix name implies a certain quality, something this board channels in droves, alongside the line-up’s head-turning style, notably the commanding heatsinks and Aura Sync RGB.

Performance is up there with the AORUS Master, and there’s a sense the board offers the Ryzen 9 3900X the perfect ecosystem to thrive, whether that’s high-end gaming or those demanding multi-core tasks.

The build quality is also on point, as seen in the welcome touches to the cooling solution and power management – active chipset heatsink, 16 power stages, ProCool II power connector, MOS heatsink with a heatpipe, M.2 heatsinks, and durably components throughout. Other features include 2.5 Gbps LAN, Intel Gigabit, Wi-Fi 6, a generous I/O (HDMI, DisplayPort, plenty of USB 3.2 ports, and more), eight SATA ports, four DIMM slots up to 4400MHz, two PCIe 4.0 x16, and outstanding audio thanks to SupremeFX S12204 audio.

We have to nitpick to find much to dislike about the ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming, and pushed, we’d have preferred an extra M.2 slot like the GIGABYTE board above. Then again, this only matters if you plan to use all the slots, and in most cases this a fairly irrelevant omission that actually helps lower the cost somewhat.

Similar to the AORUS Master, the ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming offers an awful lot. The question is whether there’s too much there for your needs. If you’ll make use of it all, the board is a perfect match for the Ryzen 9 3900X.




Impressive specs for a budget motherboard

TUF build quality and looks


Not the best performance available

The ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus hits a good compromise between price and features, securing the spot as our top budget pick for the Ryzen 9 3900X. Despite having a lower cost than other X570 boards, the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus retains all of ASUS’ TUF design flair with chunky VRM heatsinks and I/O plate, patterned PCB, and robust build quality.

The board is well served in specifications: four DIMM DDR4 up to 4400 MHz, eight SATA, ALC S1200A audio, two PCIe 4.0 x16, Gigabit LAN, 14 power stages, Digi+ VRM, USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, Aura Sync RG, and a complete cooling setup with an active chipset heatsink, VRM heatsink, M.2 heatsink, fan headers, and Fan Xpert 4.

On the performance front, the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus is a great home for the Ryzen 9 3900X and is well-suited to a reasonably powerful gaming rig when paired with the right hardware. You will find better performance elsewhere, at a higher price, but the board more than holds its own and even surprises with how well it handles overclocking.

For those jumping over from Intel chips or novice builders that want to harness the power of the Ryzen 9 3900X, the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus represents an excellent introductory motherboard to the world of AMD CPUs. Given this is ostensibly a budget motherboard, the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus motherboard delivers some pretty impressive specs for the price. Ultimately, it’s an affordable way to jump onto the PCIe 4.0 bandwagon.



Very attractive price

Respectable performance


No I/O backplate

Cooling solution

If you want to save another $20 to $30 but still want an X570 motherboard, the ASRock X570 Pro4 is worth considering. Performance floats somewhere around middling; not impressive, but not sub-par either. The board performs more or less like the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus, minus the good overclocking chops. You undoubtedly get what you pay for, but the board can handle stock 3900X speeds without any trouble.

Standout features include a ten power phase design, four DDR4 DIMM with support up to 4066 MHz, two PCIe 4.0 x16 slots, two PCIe 4.0 x1 slots, on M.2 SSD slot, one M.2 Key E slot for Wi-Fi, 8 SATA, Gigabit LAN, and decent I/O spread with two USB 3.2 Gen2, 10 USB 3.2 Gen 1, and 7.1 HD audio inputs/outputs. We are a far cry from the GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Master, for example, but there’s more than enough here to hook up a respectable gaming rig.

ASRock has cut corners to keep the price, and you can easily see where. The I/O lacks an integrated backplate, for example. Most apparent is the VRM heatsink, which feels inadequate for the board’s ten power phases, hampering the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus’ overclocking potential. Similarly, the M.2 and chipset heatsinks appear more like an afterthought to complement the board’s aesthetic rather than a concerted effort to keep temperatures in check. Fortunately, this doesn’t affect performance in our experience, and temperatures remain within a respectable range.



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Mini-ITX form factor

Sophisticated power output and cooling solution

Attractive mid-range price with the performance to match


Odd I/O choices

Finally, we thought we’d throw in a Mini-ITX build for those planning to piece together a compact build. After weighing up what’s out there, we were impressed with another stellar offering from the folks at GIGABYTE, the GIGABYTE X570 I AORUS Pro.

As the name suggests, the board is a scaled-down version of the larger ATX AORUS Pro, and GIGABYTE has done well to miniaturize the board’s footprint while keeping its excellent design and performance intact.

The GIGABYTE X570 I AORUS Pro features one robust steel PCI 4.0 x16 slot, two DDR4 DIMMs with support for XMP profiles up to 4400 MHz and 64 GB of RAM, two PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots with one mounted on the back of the motherboard to save space, 8 phase power, Wi-Fi 6, Realtek ALC1220-VB audio, RGB Fusion 2.0, and Intel GBE LAN.

We were particularly impressed by the 8 phase power design, which delivers well-managed juice to all components. A sophisticated cooling setup props up this with a sizable chipset fan/heatsink that also doubles as an M.2 slot and a well-designed VRM heatsink. The board took overclocking in its stride and produced great results for us.

The I/O is somewhat of a let down though. For such a small board, it’s over-served with video ports (one DisplayPort 1.4 and two HDMI 2.0). We would have preferred more USB and other ports to complement the board’s four USB 3.1 Gen 1, Ethernet, one USB 3.1 Gen 2, Wi-Fi antenna connector, and audio inputs/outputs.

Things to consider Features

When it comes to motherboard features, their desirability and ideal combination differ from build to build. If you’re going for a modest build and don’t need additional expansion or storage slots, then opting for less feature-rich boards is a great way to cut down on the overall cost. As long as performance-oriented features such a VRM, phase power, and chipset cooling are up there, it’s okay to cut costs on other parts.

Form Factor

This point isn’t so much Ryzen 9 3900X-specific as the chip will slot into any AM4 socket motherboard, whatever the size, but more about how the motherboard fits into the chassis. Motherboards exist in three main form factors – ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX.

When buying a case and motherboard, ensure they line up in terms of form factor, or you may find yourself with the troublesome problem of having a motherboard far too large to fit inside your shiny new chassis. The ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX standard make avoiding this incredibly easy, so no excuses for messing this up.

Given that the Ryzen 9 3900X is an enthusiast chip, it’s more than likely you’ll be using it in an ATX build paired with other beefy components that demand a lot of more room because of both their footprint and cooling requirements. To that end, the majority of our recommendations are ATX boards. We’ve thrown in what we consider an excellent Mini-ITX option, though, for those eyeing up an ultra-compact build.

Stick To The Big Name Brands

MSI, Asus, GIGABYTE, ASRock – household names among PC gamers and builders. And, with good reason. They have proven track records of producing quality PC components and have robust after-sales solutions in place if something goes wrong.

For peace of mind alone, we always recommend buying a motherboard from a reputable big name brand, if at all possible. The same applies to motherboards for the Ryzen 9 3900X. If you are forking out $500 for the chip, it makes sense to give it the best home possible.

As the PC’s central nervous system, the motherboard plays a vital role in ensuring all the other components communicate and work in unison. Skimping on such a crucial piece of hardware to save money is, in most cases, a recipe for disaster. Avoid obscure brands and knockoffs like the plague. You always get what you pay for, and it often isn’t all that much.

Does the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X need cooling?

The provided cooler keeps the CPU temperatures low if you keep it at factory settings. However, there isn’t much leeway if you want to start overclocking the CPU. We suggest purchasing a cooler from a top brand if you want to reduce overheating issues. Check out our article on some of the best CPU coolers that we’ve found in the market.

Is the AMD Ryzen 9 3900x good for gaming? Is the AMD Ryzen 9 3900x Worth it?

In our opinion, the CPU is worth purchasing, especially when looking at its performance when compared to its price, making it a great value midrange CPU. For those in the market for the most powerful CPUs check out our guide.

Our Verdict

Editor’s Choice


Shop on Amazon

Check Price 

If in doubt, we highly recommend the GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Master. Feature-full and packing strong performance alongside good looks, the board is the perfect home for a Ryzen 9 3900X. A similarly impressive motherboard is the ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming, another excellent option for those that want a wealth of expansion and storage options alongside good performance.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with the small but mighty GIGABYTE X570 I AORUS Pro for an ultra-compact build.

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