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Explore different training modalities

Losing access to the gym sucks if you’re used to squatting 250kg, running the rack on the dumbbells, hitting the cable machine, or tearing up the treadmill. Those types of training are hard to recreate at home. But there are plenty of other styles of training that are far better suited to your new situation. Many of these can mimic the benefits of those other methods, or help you improve your fitness in other areas.

Kettlebell training

Kettlebells are essentially oddly shaped dumbbells. The unique shape offsets the weight in relation to the handle, which in turn changes the angle of resistance. The real power of the kettlebell, though, is that it can be swung. This puts the body under all kinds of pressure, as it fights against the torque and momentum. This can develop ballistic strength and amazing strength endurance.

Kettlebells are also a good replacement for a barbell when it comes to certain compound movements. You can grab two 36kg kettlebells and perform some squats or clean and snatches and you’ll develop the same kind of explosive power you would with a barbell. Most people will be better starting with two 10kg or 20kg bells.

For those just wanting to stay lean and maybe tone up their buttocks, light kettlebells swings are the perfect at-home resistance cardio.

Adam Sinicki / Android Authority


Image: Adam Sinicki

Take a look on YouTube and you’d be forgiven for thinking that everyone has suddenly become a calisthenics expert!

That’s no bad thing: training with bodyweight is a fantastic way to develop relative strength, as well as greater control and awareness over your own body.

Bodyweight training can take two forms. Either you use high repetitions of simple bodyweight moves (like push ups and pull ups), along with tougher variations that isolate the muscles to build work capacity and muscle size (non contractile hypertrophy, mostly); or you train for calisthenics skills like the handstand push up and planche. The latter won’t change your physique as quickly, but will develop incredible mobility, agility, and straight arm strength.

Of course, you can always combine the two.


Android Authority’s Adam Sinicki

Bodybuilding often uses slightly higher rep ranges combined with lighter weights. You can then use a number of intensity techniques in order make this more difficult — such as drop sets, pyramid sets, cheats, and burns.

HIIT is high-intensity interval training. This form of training essentially replaces or supplements low-intensity steady state cardio (LISS) in order to torch fat and improve fitness in a short period of time. You’ll be alternating between periods of all-out intensity (sprinting on the spot, or pounding the heavy bag), and periods of active recovery (gentle walking). There’s a lot of science that goes into explaining how this works, but suffice to say you’ll burn more calories in less time. It’s trendy, and it’s ideal for intermediate fitness from home.

Tip: Combine with kettlebells for an intense workout.

Steady-state cardio

Home fitness apps


The ThenX app is an extension of the YouTube channel, containing a large number of bodyweight workouts. While the full version is paid, the free membership still provides a lot of great information.


There are lots of running apps on the app store. Other good options include Strava and RunKeeper. I’ve always used Endomondo though, thanks to its large variety of different features (you can get motivational messages from friends and family while you’re on your run!), and accurate route tracking.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is a unique fitness app that gamifies your runs. You’ll be running from zombies while collecting supplies that you can bring back to your base. It keeps running fun and exciting, and offers a much-needed bit of escapism!

Seven – 7 Minute Workouts

Short workouts offer a great option for fitting training into your daily routine. Seven is an app that offers precisely those kinds of microworkouts.


I find the two Xs to be… excessive. But if you’re looking for a good resource that will offer at-home HIIT routines, then this app has got ‘em!

Fitness trackers, GPS watches, and heart rate sensors

Garmin vivoactive 4

Garmin makes fantastic fitness trackers. With a strong focus on running (Garmin is a GPS company after all), in-depth metrics, a great design, and robust smartwatch features, there’s very little not to like here.

Read our full Garmin vivoactive 4 review here.

Apple Watch

I’ve been having a great time using the Apple Watch lately. While the Watch isn’t strictly the best fitness tracker nor does it have the most comprehensive fitness features out of the box (no sleep tracking), it does have a very robust set of sensors, a fantastic UI, and amazing app support. One of my favorite third-party apps is AutoSleep. This is a sleep tracking app that even rivals dedicated hardware. You’ll even get a readiness score based on the quality of your sleep, combined with your resting heart rate and heart rate variability.

Simply put: The Apple Watch offers things that other fitness trackers do not. Read our full Apple Watch 6 review for more.

Polar H10 chest strap

While wrist-worn fitness trackers can tell you your heart rate, they aren’t as accurate as dedicated chest straps. This is partly due to the way that muscle contractions alter blood flow. The good news is that a Polar chest strap will sync with your fitness trackers to help you more accurately estimate your calorie burn, max heart rate, and more.

If you’re looking for a fuller list of home fitness tools – your dumbbells, squat racks, and pull up bars – you can check out our list of the best home fitness equipment here.

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The Best Gadgets To Track Your Fitness

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Living in today’s information-based society can have its perks. Fitness trackers function as handy assistants to give you up-to-the-second information on things like your heart rate, the number of steps you’ve taken today, and how much sleep you’re getting. Having all that information at your fingertips helps you optimize workouts, track your progress, and hold yourself accountable without paying for a personal trainer to guilt you into action. Some models feature hyper-specific workout settings to track your hikes and swims.

Here are a few of the best fitness trackers currently on the market.

The latest iteration of the Apple Watch has some fantastic features for fitness fiends. You’ll be provided with your blood oxygen levels and heart rhythm, thanks to a built-in ECG. You’ll be encouraged to get out of your chair and move around, and you’ll have whatever activity you choose to do tracked down to the smallest detail. A handy calorie tracker will keep you going until you’ve hit your desired burn and you’ll be connected to everything the Apple universe has to offer, including Apple Music, so you can soundtrack your workouts.

Fitbit has long dominated the fitness market, and the Charge 4 is a great example of why. With up to 7 days of battery life, swim-proofing, and built-in GPS, the Charge 4 is built for workouts that take you outside the gym. Track your workout intensity, steps walked, and time in your ideal heart rate zone. With a subscription to Fitbit Premium, your device will also help monitor your stress levels and sleep quality. You can also stay plugged into the real world, thanks to call and text alerts, and you can DJ your workout, thanks to Spotify controls.

Adventurous athletes are in for a treat with the Garmin Fenix 6X, as it can guide them through the most grueling activities. Tracking both your wrist pulse and Pulse Ox to help monitor sleep and altitude acclimation, this thing provides hikers and mountain climbers with an edge. Add to that topographical maps, maps of over 2,000 ski resorts, multiple global positioning systems, a compass, a barometer and a gyroscope, and you’re ready to go anywhere. The rechargeable lithium battery provides 21 days of battery life with an additional 3 with solar charging, so you won’t find yourself stranded.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active fits seamlessly into both your Galaxy universe and your exercise routine. With the ability to automatically recognize up to 6 exercises and track 39 others, the Active is a breeze to use. It will also alert you to your sleep patterns and heart rate highs and lows so you can achieve optimal health. You can take the watch with you on a swim with no worries. A single charge will get you about 45 hours of use, but you’ll be able to use the Power Share feature to use your Samsung phone to give it extra charges.

Best Windscribe Deals To Keep Your Data Safe

Best Windscribe deals to keep your data safe




Despite the fact that VPNs are some of the best ways to protect your online privacy, many are hesitant when it comes to buying a subscription.

Certain VPN providers such as Windscribe have some Black Friday deals and offers that aim to make VPN subscription plans more affordable.

Check out our Black Friday VPN Deals section for more offers, promos, and deals.

Visit our VPN Hub to learn more about the benefits of using VPNs on a daily basis.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Let’s be honest: VPN premium subscriptions are not exactly affordable, and it’s less likely for someone who doesn’t know a thing about the importance of using such a service to purchase a plan.

Let’s assume for a moment that people start to come around to the idea of using a VPN. More so given the recent developments regarding privacy violations and security breaches aimed at big companies and remote working individuals alike.

Although it’s awful from a security/privacy standpoint, the price of a VPN subscription plan is simply one of the first things consumers focus on, whether we like it or not.

What are the best Windscribe discounts?

1 Year plan (Save 58%) – $29 billed yearly ($2.24 per month)

That’s it. Windscribe usually has monthly, yearly, and Build-a-Plan options on its website that will fit most of the pockets.


Sick and tired of looking for the perfect Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal on VPN plans? Check out Windscribe’s offer.

58% OFF! Buy it now!

However, this is a great deal, considering that the monthly subscription plan costs $9. Grab it while it’s hot, as we have no idea when it’s going to end.

Should I use Windscribe?

Absolutely. Windscribe is one of the best VPN providers that also offers a great free plan. However, like any awesome thing, Windscribe’s free plan is also limited. Meaning that it is free, but not really if you plan on using for extended periods of time.

Moving on. You’re maybe wondering why should you choose Windscribe. Well, if you like VPNs that mind their own business and never log any of your private online activity, then Windscribe is definitely a good choice.

Surely enough, Windscribe aren’t the only ones who enforce a zero-logging policy, so let’s check a broader list of reasons that might help you make up your mind. By that, we mean Windscribe’s key features, obviously.

As you can see, there are plenty enough reasons to pick Windscribe in the list above. We didn’t even get to mention the witty emails you could receive from its reps every now and then.

Long story short, if you’ve been hesitant about purchasing a VPN subscription plan because of their ridiculous prices, Windscribe’s Holiday offer might just help you make up your mind.

Your connection is not secure – websites you visit can find out your details:

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Visit Private Internet Access

We recommend Private Internet Access , a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

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5 Best Emergency Apps For Android And Other Tips Too

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Bad things happen to good people. It’s been that way for the entirety of human history and that won’t change long into the future. Thoughts and prayers are nice, but they don’t help in the event of an emergency. Your smartphone, on the other hand, can help. In most cases, nothing beats the power of a phone call or text. It’s the fastest way to get a hold of authorities or loved ones in the event of an emergency. However, there are some apps and other methods to help as well. Here are the best emergency apps and other emergency things your phone can do. Your first step in any emergency situation is to call your country’s emergency line and request assistance immediately.

We’d also like to recommend PulledOver (Google Play link) for folks who may need to get a hole of someone important after being pulled over by the police.

Emergency by American Red Cross

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Medical ID

See also: The best health apps for Android

ICE by Sylvain Lagache

See also: The best survival apps for Android

Offline Survival Manual

Zello Walkie Talkie

See also: The best walkie talkie apps and PTT apps for Android

Android and iOS built-in emergency apps Whatever your family decides to do

We could drone on and on about various tactics and ideas. However, the best bet is to sit down with your loved ones and concoct your own plan. The best plans for families are ones that integrate well with whatever services and devices they already use. Why make everybody download a new messenger app when the one you have works fine? It’s easier to implement new things if it doesn’t change the way your family behaves on its own anyway. Having a family unit that is well educated in emergency services may save their lives or, someday, maybe even yours.

General tips and tricks

There are some useful tips and tricks that are useful in almost any emergency situation. This is also an excellent list of ideas for stuff you can teach and plan with your family:

Enable battery saving mode for elongated emergencies. You don’t know how long the power will be out after a hurricane or how long it’ll be before you reach another power outlet. Don’t blow your battery load on silly things like syncing your email. Power save modes turn that stuff off to keep your battery from draining too quickly.

Additionally, we can’t recommend external battery packs enough. They’re relatively inexpensive and can provide some much needed power. Most of them fit in a backpack or even a pocket in some cases. It’s not difficult having one around at all times.

In case of violent situations, put your phone on silent or use Android’s native Do Not Disturb mode. You don’t want a phone call, text message, or other notifications alerting attackers to your presence. 

Use other tools on your phone. Every phone these days has a camera flash that is usable as a flashlight. GPS can help authorities or loved ones pinpoint your position or help you navigate to safe spots within your city.

Find apps that help with basic stuff. An offline survival guide for wilderness emergencies, a knot-tying guide on YouTube, etc. There many first aid apps on Google Play with basic procedure for choking and other such issues. These are fringe cases, but why not cover as many bases as possible while we’re here?

Use your camera to take images and send them to authorities (or emergency contacts) so they know what’s happening and where. However, we only recommend you do this if you can do it safely.

Use common sense. Emergencies can be frightening. People get amped up on adrenaline and do all kinds of dumb stuff. Don’t be like them.

11 Handy Tips And Tools To Keep Your Mac Clean

People say that cleanliness is next to godliness, and most of us would agree with that. But from the working-of-a-computer perspective, cleanliness is also next to speediness and more-storage-spaciness (yes, I made that last word up). There are third-party applications made to help you keep your Mac clean, but first let’s look at several cleaning tips without using external tools.

Look Ma, No External Tools!

Some say that the rule of thumb to keep your system running smoothly is to let at least 15% of your storage free. So, the first things to do is to delete unused files and folders. You can do this by dragging and dropping them into the trash.

However, this is just half of the battle. The other half is regularly emptying up the trash since your Mac won’t clean up the trash unless you told it to. This second step is implemented to make sure that users can recover accidentally deleted files from the trash.

1. Shortcuts to the Trash

You can speed up these deleting and emptying process by using keyboard shortcuts:

After selecting the files and folders that you want to delete, use Command + Delete to send them to the Trash.

Then use Command + Shift + Delete to empty the Trash.

2. Tidy Up the Desktop

Aside from the obvious Documents and Download folders, another target that you should regularly clean is the Desktop. As a convenient place to save everything, Desktop can be cluttered in no time. Move the files to more proper locations, and delete the unused ones. Cleaner and tidier desktop equals faster system.

3. Slim Down the Start Up

4. Better Back Up than Sorry

The next step is to use external tools to help us keep our Mac clean. But to be on the safe side, be sure to back up your system before using non-Apple applications. Connect an external hard drive, open System Preferences – Time Machine, turn it on, and select the drive as the backup location.

Tools Of The Trade 5. Locate the Hogs

Where have all the available storage space gone? Without you knowing, there might be applications and files that hog your storage. To find them, we can use:

Disk Inventory X

Grand Perspective

or OmniDiskSweeper.

6. Clean The Drive and More

One of the most useful system maintenance utilities for Mac is OnyX. Other than doing system manintenance and cleaning, the app can also turn on system hidden functions and customize other applications.

You can also try another free tool called Dr. Cleaner. It’s available in Mac App Store. Aside from the system cleaning, two other features that make this app worth trying are its ability to monitor system memory and to find duplicate files.

7. Uninstall Unused Apps

While Mac OS X allows you to select an app and delete it without harming your system, the correct way to remove an application is to use an uninstaller. One that I recommend is the free AppCleaner. You can drag and drop applications that you want to remove to AppCleaner, or you can search and choose from the app list.

AppCleaner will find all system files related to the application and let you select what you want to keep and remove. It can also watch your Trash to offer similar process if you send an app directly to trash.

8. Remove Other Languages

To cater to the needs of all of its users from all corners of the world, Mac OS X comes with over a hundred world languages. But how many languages will an ordinary person use? You can save huge storage space by removing all other languages that you don’t need. Monolingual can help you do that.

It will also help you eliminate other system architectures that your computer don’t use. If your Mac already uses Intel 64-bit, why should you keep ARM and PowerPC system? A quick check markings and pressing Remove will free your storage even more.

9. Keep (External) Drives Clean

If you work with multiple computers with different platforms, you will notice that each operating system has its unique system files that it attaches to a drive. Compatibility issue might arise when you have to connect the drive to a different operating system.

CleanMyDrive 2 can help you clean these kinds of junk files. You can also use its menubar icon to check the remaining storage space, copy files to a drive, and eject multiple drives.

10. All-In-One Alternative

And as bonus points, CleanMyMac doesn’t require users to dig deep into the options if they don’t want to, and the interface is also pleasing to the eyes.

11. Automate Files and Folders Management

This one is a real life example of a simple Hazel rule that I use: after editing a screenshot, I always export the image to a “To Be Processed” folder. Then Hazel takes over; it will open the images using application A to make sure if the image format and pixel size meet my requirement, then it will compress the image using application B and move it to a folder according to the project it belongs to. Then I can open the project folder to find the ready-to-use image.

The hidden power of Hazel comes out when you combine several rules into one workflow. Add the ability to handle scripts to that, and your imagination is the limit. You can use it to keep your Desktop clean, keep the Music folder organized, collect bills into one place, keep records of your mortgage payment, etc.

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Best Software To Protect Information And Keep Your Identity Safe On Mac

Best Software to Protect Information And Keep Your Identity Safe on Mac Protect Your Identity & Information Safe on Mac

We all are well aware about every Apple product’s security level as it comes with utmost care for the user. However, not every security wall is breach proof, Apple’s products have also experienced the identity theft issue. This is why here we will be talking about how to protect yourself from identity theft on Mac along with your confidential information. There are many tools that are quite effective & reliable to keep protecting the identity online & those are the ones we will be exploring today as mentioned in the below section:

1. Advanced Identity Protector

Full system compatibility

Personal digital vault

Let user customize scanning areas

Keeps all your personal information secure in one place


Doesn’t always unblock the Geo-Restricted Sites

2. Identity Guard ($16.99/Month)

Get It Here

If we are talking about building a thick security wall around our system to protect ourselves from identity theft, the tool also must be top notch as well. Hence, we have included the Identity Guard in the list because of the quality it brings for users in the lowest price possible. Identity Guard is one of the best & comprehensive identity theft protection tools you can have on your mac. Since your confidential info is being used to access your financial transactions, it needs to be secured under the best security wall possible. The Identity Guard has been designed to keep your personal information protected from online threats as well as keep it managed to access easily. From address to credit card details (if any), everything gets monitored by the Identity Guard to look for the suspicious activities & keep them away from your info bundle.


Deeply monitors your mac for offline as well as online transactions

Best valued identity protector for your mac given the rich & powerful features

Checks every in-depth personal info detail for fraudulent transactions or activities


All time support (24*7) isn’t available with the Identity Guard

Identifies fraudulent activities but don’t share it with credit bureaus

Any sex offending cases doesn’t get monitored under the identity protector tool

3. ID Watchdog

Get It Here

Since our whole focus is to keep yourself protected from identity theft & your personal information as well, many of the tools will be based on resolving theft issues. So the other addition to the list of the best software to protect identity online is the ID Watchdog. The identity protector tool has been working out amazingly fine and is successfully resolving fraudulent activities in the simplest way possible. One of the best features from the ID Watchdog is that it constantly notifies you every time there is a possibility of suspicious activity on your device. Also, many of us think that identity theft or fraud is limited to credit cards only, but this isn’t the case. That’s why ID Watchdog starts checking every possible sector where the issue has been raised in the last couple of years & keeps monitoring them on a regular basis.


Award winning leader & identity protector for your mac

Looks for possible fraudulent activities including credit card fraud

Constant dark web monitoring as well as public records monitoring


No removal of user’s identity from mail lists

The tool says, “No one can prevent all identity theft”

4. IdentityForce

Get It Here


Sends all the fraudulent activities to credit bureaus

Award winning identity protector who keeps monitoring everything on your system


Not all the suspicious activities gets monitored on your mac

Majorly suitable for a corporate entity than an individual one

The tool only monitors & tracks one bureau’s score monthly

5. IDShield

Get It Here

As the name suggests, IDShield has been designed to keep your confidential information as secure as possible. Keeping everything into consideration, the identity protector tool keeps a track on every financial transaction you make. Also, even if the IDShield had been introduced for mobile operating systems, you can access the same easily on your personal computer or mac as well. Yeah!! You just need the BlueStacks emulator for PC & the process will become easy for you to download the IDShield & start using it to protect yourself from identity theft without any hassle.


Deep scanning & monitoring of social media platforms

24*7 support to reach out to experts if needed

Free mobileOS app (Android & Mac) as well as Password Manager


IDShield doesn’t have any trial period

Like other identity protectors, only a single bureau monitoring

You cannot cancel the membership online (written only)

6. IdentityIQ

Get It Here

With the ultimate relief tagline of the “stop worrying about data threats & thieves”, IdentityIQ offers you the complete solution for identity theft & credit info. And the reaction users can’t give is only because whenever the identity theft happens, you may not even have an idea about it. So identity theft is one of the most problematic issues one faces while being online & tapping anywhere on the internet. IdentityIQ is one of those complete solutions one must look for so that the user is already either notified or protected from the identity theft on their devices. So this identity protector believes in utilizing the innovative and enhanced monitoring techniques. This will result in protecting your credit info and identity, so the user can get back to your life.


Credit reporting & dark web monitoring

Data breach monitoring & identity theft insurance

24*7 customer support through different scenarios


No cons for now


IdentityIQ Secure Plus –


IdentityIQ Secure Pro –


IdentityIQ Secure Max –


7. McAfee Identity Theft Protection

Get It Here


Continuous dark web & credit monitoring

24*7 & 365 days customer support

Free Benefits With Auto-Renewal

Annual credit report monitoring as well as criminal record monitoring.


No cons for now


Identity Theft Protection STANDARD –


Identity Theft Protection PLUS –


Identity Theft Protection PREMIUM –


8. ReliaShield

Get It Here

ReliaShield is also one of the best software you can use to keep yourself protected from identity theft. The best coimonibation of the price as well as the features you would be getting with the identity protector is just amazing. Also, the transparency you get with the service is just mind blowing, thanks to the policy & terms that also provides you a handsome reimbursement coverage. From personal info to social media platforms & banking details, everything gets monitored by the ReliaShield to keep you protected from the identity theft.


Dark web, data breach updates, & criminal record monitoring

Best plans customized for both personal as well as professional front

Stolen funds reimbursement policy with utmost transparency


No cons for now








9. LifeLock

Get It Here


Constant alerting of potential threats to your personal information

Funds reimbursement policy (depending on your plan)

60 days money back guarantee with annual membership


No cons for now


Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Select covers up to 5 devices –


Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Advantage covers up to 10 devices –


Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Ultimate Plus covers unlimited devices –


10. Identity Defense

Get It Here

One of the best identity protector platforms, Identity Defense has been designed to monitor everything on your device. From dark web monitoring to tracking & reporting the credit score, everything comes easy to this tool. Since the tool believes that your personal information is everywhere on the system & so are the fraudsters, you need to be extra careful. So start using the most powerful & comprehensive identity theft protection tool you can get your hands on. Identity Defense helps you identify those suspicious activities on your system that are related to your social security number or email address as well.


Use of artificial intelligence to monitor your information

Alerting you of attempted use of your personal information (any changes)

Dark web & credit bureau monitoring with risk management reporting

The three-bureau credit monitoring with the premium plan


No cons for now


Identity Defense Essential –


Identity Defense Plus –


Identity Defense Complete –


Keep Identity Theft Away From Your Devices

So start exploring the above mentioned identity theft protection software on your mac & start using one that’s working out best for you.

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