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My Lord, are you ready to ride? Your carriage will take you across the 17 best medieval games by category. 

Jousting, swordplay, magic, dragons, and castles are some of the elements why the Middle Ages have become a popular setting for games. And we’re adding the following elements to compile our list: 

The game allows you to play with or against knights, lords, and kings, or play around with historically accurate medieval stories. 

The playability is accurate, so using swords, bows, shields, axes, and similar is fun and smooth.

The aesthetic seems proper to the time the game is covering. It could be historical, fictional, or a combination of both.

Developer :Asobo Studio

Publisher :Focus Home Interactive

Release Date :May 2023

Platform :PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Amazon Luna

The setting is France during 1349’s Death Plague, a rat disease that left millions of dead people in Europe. Amicia and Hugo must escape the rats and also the Inquisition knights, who intend to kill all survivors. 

The gameplay is about using light and fire to scare the rats or lure them against the soldiers. Alternatively, Amicia and Hugo hide and distract the soldiers. The goal is to escape their town. 

Developer :Ubisoft

Publisher :Ubisoft

Release Date :February 2023

Platform :PS4, Xbox One, PC

For Honor is a medieval battle game, and it’s also a Live Service by Ubisoft. You play in single-player or PvP modes with a customizable hero. There’re 18 classes (like Knight, Xiaolin warrior, and Samurai).

The core loop is tournament 1v1 battles against the AI or other players. You swing your weapon, parry, grab, use skills, use items, block, and similar. There’re also team-based battles, an arcade mode, a training mode, and more.

Lastly, the developers have added balance, performance fixes, and new features constantly. This medieval knight game had mixed reviews on launch, but fans are more positive about it nowadays. If you’re wary, you could try the Starter Edition on Xbox Game Pass (PC and Xbox).

Developer :Warhorse Studios

Publisher :Deep Silver, Warhorse Studios

Release Date :December 2023

Platform :PS4, Xbox One, Windows 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a first-person medieval open-world RPG. The setting is historical, but the story is fictional. You play within the Bohemian Imperial State, part of the Holy Roman Empire. The protagonist is on a quest to avenge his parent’s death and battles invading forces. 

Gameplay-wise, you can roam the world to combat, loot, and interact. You’ll be free to do whatever you want and progress through a great character progression system. As usual, you play in the first person and can attack, parry, block, and shoot projectiles. 

Across your journey, you’ll have the chance to complete a story-changing quest and make choices that affect the outcome. Additionally, you’ll have to manage hunger, thirst, sleep, and morality. 

Developer :Making Fun, Inc., DreamPrimer SRL, Dream Primer

Publisher :Making Fun, Inc

Release Date :June 2014

Platform :Android, iOS, Windows

Eternium is a free-to-play action RPG akin to the Diablo franchise. You choose among the three available classes and begin a journey on a high fantasy medieval land. You visit towns, gather quests, fight monsters, loot, level up, develop skills, sell your old gear, and repeat.

As we’ve seen on Diablo Immortal, the game places its skills, attack, and movement tabs at the right of the screen. On top of that, there’re various interfaces to check your skills, gear, and stats.

The overall quest is protecting a castle. The enemies include demons, dragons, goblins, and orcs. However, the game has four unique worlds, from a classic medieval town to a strange planet. Overall, it seems like a flawless mobile title.

Developer :Render Cube

Publisher :Toplitz Productions

Release Date :September 2023

Platform :PS4, Xbox One, Windows

The gameplay is about managing a village and growing it into an empire. Building works akin to Stranded Deep or Ark Survival: you craft tools, gather materials, and build back home. To supplement your settlement construction, you can have a family, have an heir, hire employees, and grow followers.

The building system is massive, but there’re other experiences outside of the core loop. For instance, you can hunt, farm, explore, pursue the main quest, solve side quests, and free roam across a vast medieval world. Additionally, you have to manage stats like hunger, thirst, and sleep.

Kingdom of Life II is the most popular medieval game you can play on Roblox. It’s a medieval sandbox RPG where you create a character, make up a backstory, and play the content. 

There’s no main quest, but you can pursue hundreds of questlines to craft your experience. That said, the story happens on a dedicated server with a medieval world, medieval towns, weapons, and looks. 

Outside the cities, the map is as big as any other AAA open-world game. Each area on the map has an outstanding level of detail, activities, and quests to complete. And even though the map is huge, there’s a massive community backing the game and populating each area.

Developer :FromSoftware

Publisher : FromSoftware

Release Date :May 2023

Platform :Xbox One, PS4. Nintendo Switch, Windows

The remaster of the classic action RPG is available for Switch. It packs HD graphics, 60fps, and a 1080p resolution. Also, it has online multiplayer support (up to 6 players on a dedicated server).

You play a linear journey in the medieval kingdom of Lordran. You embark on a journey, a harrowing pilgrimage where you face deadly monsters and grotesque beings to save the realm.

You enter the world with a customizable hero. The hero gathers currency by killing enemies, and you can spend the currency on levels or gear. However, you lose the currency on death. That said, the combat is challenging and relies on parries, dodge-rolls, swings, and skills. 

Developer :Ironhide Game Studio

Publisher :Ironhide Game Studio

Release Date :January 2014

Platform :iOS, Android, Windows

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game set in a medieval fantasy world. You play as a commander, and your job is building towers and moving the heroes to defeat the enemy hordes. It’s an all-time best-seller game on the Play Store.

There’re four tower types available: mages, archers, warriors, and bombards. The enemies are trolls, orcs, goblins, wizards, spiders, and other magical creatures. Each has defenses against magical or physical attacks.

Then, you have heroes, special abilities, and a progression system. Each level you complete unlocks up to three stars, depending on your performance. You can use these stars to unlock passive skills that help your towers, heroes, and abilities.

Developer :Fatshark

Publisher :Fatshark

Release Date :March 2023

Platform :Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Serie

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a co-op game that allows up to four players in brutal, gory battles against the Skaven, rat-like mutant creatures. At its core, it’s team-based PvE inspired by titles like Left 4 Dead, but medieval. 

You explore damps, swamps, and lush forests to hold off Skaven enemies and complete quests. The world is brutal and rich because of the Warhammer lore. If you’re unfamiliar with the franchise, you can still enjoy the content without getting lost.

You play as one of the available five classes. Each character has its own set of weapons. As you play, you’ll develop your character and unlock abilities. You can wield giant axes, shows, shields, bows, archaic firearms, crossbows, magic, and more.

Developer :Bethesda Game Studios

Publisher :Bethesda Softworks

Release Date :November 2011 (original) / 2

Platform :PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows

The Elder Scrolls V’s Special Edition is a remaster of the classic open-world action RPG game. Because of its age, any budget laptop could run it. The special edition includes many updates, such as dual-wielding, moving objects, and a physics engine.

Even so, Skyrim is the ultimate high-fantasy medieval sandbox experience. You can get married, have kids, become a werewolf, become a thief, explore dungeons, learn magic, defeat dragons, hunt vampires, start bar fights, or save the world. 

The primary mission is about defeating a legendary dragon, and you have to learn special screams –Dragon Screams– to match these beasts in power. 

Developer :Relic Entertainment, World’s Edge

Publisher :Xbox Game Studios

Release Date :October 2023

Platform :Windows PC (available at Xbox Game Pass for PC)

AoE IV is an RTS game and the spiritual successor of the successful AoE II. The gameplay remains similar, but it modernizes the graphics, adds new features, and adds new units and civilizations. 

There’re eight civilizations, and each one is unique. Each has multiple branching mechanics, upgrade paths, special units, unique technologies, and more. In RTS terms, these civs are “asymmetrical,” which means each works differently, although the functions are the same at a basic level. 

You can play against others in PvP with up to 8 players per match. Alternatively, you can play the historical campaigns. There’re four historical campaigns available, covering periods across various civilizations. In-between missions, you’ll see high-budget documentaries adorned with CGI unit models to tell the story. 

Developer :Torn Banner Studios

Publisher :Tripwire Interactive

Release Date :June 2023

Platform :PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer hack & slash title. It offers first-person or third-person medieval combat on servers with up to 64 people. Like so, the experience relies on big siege battles. 

Combat-wise, you can parry, block, and attack. It’s an arcade, non-skill-based combat, and players can use heavy and light armor, as well as ranged or melee weapons. 

Overall, it’s a chaotic, bloody, immersive game. The game has no single-player mode, but it does have various game modes like castle sieges and raids.

Developer :Foxy Voxel, Gramophone Games

Publisher :The Irregular Corporation, Gramophone Games

Release Date :August 2023

Platform :Windows, GNU, Linux

Going Medieval is a medieval construction sim. You’re a lord, and you construct a fortress in the wilds, defend against raids, and keep your villagers happy. That said, building works through blocks, similar to how it works in Minecraft.

The game happens during the 14th Century, known as the “Dark Age.” You’re to rebuild society after 95% of the world fell to a lethal plague. You’ll find nature has claimed most of the land, and this is the perfect foundation for your civilization. 

So, you guide the survivors to a new home. With simple 3D terrain tools, you can create multi-level buildings where your villagers can work and live. You gather materials, design, build, craft, and expand your settlement.

Developer :Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive (Mac and Linux ports)

Publisher :SEGA

Release Date :November 2006

Platform :Windows, macOS, Linux

Total War: Medieval II is a medieval RTS with turn-based empire management. You play on a board where you manage your cities, armies, construction, taxes, diplomacy, and more, each turn.

The game offers four historical campaigns across the world. The map includes the British Isles, Teutonic Northern Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. These campaigns can take hundreds of hours, and it can take dozens of hours to master its many systems.

Developer :Paradox Development Studio

Publisher :Paradox Interactive

Release Date :September 2023 

Platform :Windows

Crusader Kings III is a grand-strategy game. It mixes fictional stories and characters, Total War mechanics, and traditional board-strategy systems for unique gameplay. 

You play through a world map (a board) and several interfaces. You move your armies, diplomats, and other pieces on the board. On the interfaces, you control the many aspects of your medieval royal family. It has many interconnected systems atop a complex narrative. 

The plot is about keeping power within a family of kings and heirs. You’re to guide the dynasties across centuries of conquest and domination. That includes the drama and struggles of medieval times: pilgrimages, peasant revolts, raiders, war, conquest, diplomacy, marriage, and politics. 

Developer :CD Projekt Red

Publisher :CD Projekt Red

Release Date :May 2023

Platform :Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows

You play as Geral of Rivia, a knight and a Witcher. Witchers are members of an order that sacrifices humanity and emotions to gain the power needed to defeat monsters – Polish mythological monsters. Geralt’s mission is to find his surrogate daughter, Ciri. 

Gameplay-wise, you roam a vast, gorgeous open world with swords, bombs, a crossbow, dodges, rolls, and parries. Other mechanics include choices, character progression, crafting, alchemy, optional romances, and more. 

Developer :TaleWorlds Entertainment

Publisher :TaleWorlds Entertainment

Release Date :March 2023 (Early Access)

Platform :Windows

The sequel picks up 200 years before the original game. You’re a ruler, racing to stop the civil war. To that end, the game delivers complex RPG systems for an immersive medieval simulator. The meat of the sequel is establishing an empire to create a new world, free of war-torn times.

Game mechanics include conquering, raiding, and exploring the continent. Along your journey, you’ll be able to forge alliances, make enemies, raise armies, and command troops to battle. Other systems include character progression, skill-based and directional swordplay, in-game economy, and more. 

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5 Best Strategy Games In 2023

If you love puzzles, planning, and building but you’re looking for something with a bit more to it, strategy games are your best bet. Strategy games are great if you’re not a big fan of combat or racing, and are perfect for those who prefer managing and building worlds.

We’ll be listing some of the best strategy games below. While this might not include your favorites, or indeed all the strategy games worth playing, we’ve put together a variety of different types of games. Here are our top picks for strategy games in 2023. 

The Best Games Of 2023: 10 Games We’re Looking Forward To The Most

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1. Civilization VI

Release Date: 21 October 2023

Publisher: 2K Games

Developer: Firaxis Games

At the top of many strategy fans’ lists is at least one of the Civilization games. 

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game with the overall goal to develop and maintain a civilization of your own.

You will begin as an early settlement moving through the ages, but with a good strategy, you can turn your humble civilization into a global power. Civilization VI allows you to develop technological superiority over other nations, military might and cultural influence. 

To build your world, you can explore the nations around you, find new cities to develop and enlist military forces to attack or defend. There’s plenty of technological research to undertake, trade routes to build and delicate negotiations to make between the leaders of other nations.

You could build a peaceful society or a fearsome empire to last throughout the ages. Civilization VI gives players a varied amount of win conditions which means no two runs are the same.

2. Crusader Kings II

Release Date: 14 February 2012

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Developer: Paradox Development Studio

Fans of the Civilization series of games will no doubt feel at home in the world of Crusader Kings too. Crusader Kings II is a strategy game set in the Middle Ages and acts more like a dynasty simulator than a country simulator. 

As a player, you control a Medieval dynasty from between the years 1066 to 1337, meaning you get to see the likes of William the Conqueror, Richard the Lionheart, Genghis Khan, and Ivar the Boneless. 

The aim of the game is to obtain prestige and piety points to keep your dynasty alive and well through various historical events. It’s the perfect game for history nerds and strategy fans alike.

Release Date: 18 November 2023

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Sports Interactive

Now for something a bit different. If you are a sports fan and love strategy games, you won’t find a more perfect combination than in Football Manager. 

Football Manager 2023 is the type of game for those who love stats and all of the behind the scenes work that goes into both managing a football team and leading them to success in the leagues. Football Manager 2023 is an in-depth management simulation game that lets you play teams in 53 countries and 118 leagues. 

You can play as your favorite team and lead them to victory but to do so, you’ll need to carefully choose your tactics, players, staff and also keep an eye on your finances in order to succeed. 

4. Total War: Warhammer 2

Release Date: 28 September 2023

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Creative Assembly

Total War: Warhammer 2 is another turn-based strategy game with real-time tactics. It’s part of the Total War series and is the second installment of the Warhammer trilogy.

Gameplay spans across kingdoms and cities, allowing you control over managing cities, armies and individual characters during battle. You can control one of several fantasy factions including dwarves, humans, vampires, and greenskins. All of these factions have their own abilities and characters to play around with.

The main campaign you can embark on is a narrative-style campaign where each race has their own stories and cutscenes so you get a chance to learn more about the world and the characters. 

5. Stellaris

Release Date: 9 May 2023

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Developer: Paradox Development Studio

If you want to take your strategy far beyond this world, then Stellaris offers you a chance to experience a grand strategy game set in space.

Stellaris allows you to explore space, manage empires, enact diplomacy where necessary, or launch attacks against other civilizations. 

Beginning in the year 2200, players can take control of a species in the early years of interstellar space exploration. The early stage of the game involves exploring and colonizing space, but creating a settlement doesn’t come without challenges from other lifeforms. 

You can choose to build a peaceful settlement or engage in space warfare to build an empire. You can achieve victory however you please, some players prefer to take a pacifist approach whereas others are hell-bent on destruction.

Final Word

Strategy-based games are still incredibly popular and of course, we haven’t had a chance to list them all. We have tried to include a few different types of games from worldbuilding to sports, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to the strategy game genre. 

10 Best Ar Games For Android

10 Best AR Games for Android

Without wasting anymore of your time, let’s get into the best AR Games for Android available on Play Store.

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Here Are the List of Best AR Games for Android: 1. Neyon Clash:

Neyon Clash is the digital version of the classic outdoor game. It still is outdoor, but you don’t mess with stuff anymore. Neyon Clash is a virtual Paintball game. In this game, you create an account for yourself and all your friends do the same, you all gather at one place and shoot paint balls, not in the real world, but in Virtual world. It is a fun game to play.

Neyon clash is still in the development phase and is one of the games that has a great potential to be the best AR Game for Android and iOS. While using technology, it promotes the players to go outdoors to play which, in my POV, is a good thing. Hope the kids don’t take it to the streets.

Price: Free

Download Neyon Clash for your Android here: Neyon Clash

2. Pokémon GO:

Pokémon GO uses Google Maps and hides different Pokémon at different places around the map. The quest of searching for rare Pokémon excited people all around the world and of different age groups. Pokémon being the favorite cartoon for 90s Kids benefitted the franchise with several records and huge earnings. Pokémon GO is undoubtedly the best AR Game for Android available in the market.

Size: 200 MB

Price: Free

Download Pokémon GO for Android here: Pokémon GO

3. Jurassic World Alive:

It is no mystery that nostalgia works like a charm for these companies. Jurassic World series has been the most loved series for all the 80s and 90s action movie fans. Hence, the Jurassic World franchise has made tons of money with Jurassic World movies, toys, games, merchandise, and now it is the mobile games.

Size: 480 MB

Price: Free

Download Jurassic World Live for Android here: Jurassic World Alive

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4. Angry Birds AR:

Raise your hands if you were once a fan of the classic Angry Bird game where everything was non-fancy, yet so interesting. All those piggies stacked in their wooden mentions and all those little angry yet beautiful birdies determined to bust their opponent. I loved it.

Size: 100 MB

Price: Free

Download Angry Birds AR for Android here: Angry Birds AR

5. The Walking Dead: Our World

Like you would already have guessed it. The Classic Walking Dead game with all those nasty zombies walking towards you. Now they are in the real world, in your room, on streets, in your cupboard, everywhere you go. Kill those zombies with just taping on your smartphone. It doesn’t require you to be a pro at handling mobiles. Turn around your phone and when you see a zombie, shoot it. Pretty simple and basic. However, you can’t move in the game if you don’t spend a few bucks in the game.

The Walking Dead: Our World is a pretty awesome AR Game that can be played with almost any Android device with Android 5.0 above.

Size: 115 MB

Price: Free

Download The Walking Dead: Our World AR Game for Android here: The Walking Dead Our World

6. Reality Clash:

Reality Clash is another The Walking Dead like AR Game but is totally different. Reality Clash uses Augmented Reality and Google Maps to make people meet and play. Reality clash is a cool concept for the future of gaming. You search for nearby players in the game and it helps you with the location of people looking for the same. You can then point your phone camera towards the person and kill his/her virtual identity with the help of in-game controls.

Reality Clash is a cool concept, but it requires a huge number of players to be really fun. Also, the in-game controls aren’t up to the mark yet. But we may find Reality Clash or a similar AR game making headlines in the near future.

Size: 66 MB

Price: Free

Download Reality Clash AR Game for Android here: Reality Clash

7. Zombies, Run:

To be honest, Zombies, Run isn’t a game at all. It is a workout app meant to make you run on the empty streets in the morning. Zombies, Run app uses augmented reality to create zombies in your surroundings and make them run for you. All you have to do is run for your life.

Size: 250 MB

Price: Free

Download Zombies Run AR Game for Android here: Zombies Run

8. Geocaching:

Geocaching is an AR Game for treasure hunting. It’s a lot more than a game. It has followers all around the world. The game is basically a concept where you try and find hidden treasures all over the map. The AR app suggests locations and hints on the maps to find the treasure.

Size: 34 MB

Price: Free

Download Geocaching AR Game for Android here: Geocaching


The game has four different gun options to choose from with their own capabilities and shortcomings. Users can locate other players using built-in GPS and hit players with in the range of up to 50 meters. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors. Though the game hasn’t been updated in the last 2 years, it doesn’t feel old yet and can be played with your squad.

Size: 100 MB

Price: Free

Download chúng tôi AR Game for Android here:

10. RealTag:

RealTag is the last game on our list but not the least. RealTag is a real fun game to play because of the sheer simplicity that it offers. All players have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for it to work. Also, it doesn’t bog down the players with excessive customization options relating to guns and all. It promotes physical activity and requires you to run for your life, either by killing the people in opposition or to hide from their guns. Users press the GUN button on their smartphone to kill the person in the mobile frame. It is a real fun game to play with your friends and squad.

Size: 120 MB

Price: Free

Download RealTag AR Game for Android here: RealTag

So, this was our comprehensive list of the 10 Best Augmented Reality or AR games for Android available in the market. Do let us know if you tried any of these and how you liked it, we love hearing from you.

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15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games

Since the launch and popularity of PUBG, battle royale games have taken the gaming industry by a storm. Apex Legends which is the latest game to join the fold of battle royale games has already crossed 50 million daily players and it’s only one month old. Players want to compete with other players around the world and battle royale games provide the perfect opportunity to do so. Thanks to the popularity of battle royale format, there are many battle royale games which are slated to release in near future. Here are the 15 best upcoming battle royale games that you should keep an eye out for:

Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games 1. Fractured Lands

If PUBG and Mad Max had a baby, the result will be the upcoming battle royale game, the “Fractured Lands”. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game gives players access to multiple vehicles which they have to use to escape the closing storm and kill other players to win the game. In the game, not only you can gather weapon and armor for yourself but you can also upgrade vehicles. Vehicles are your best friend and fuel is your lifeline. This is the bloody race that you have been waiting for. The game is available to pre-order on steam right now.

Pre-order on Steam: $24.99

2. Mavericks Proving Grounds

Mavericks Proving Grounds is the biggest battle royale game that is about to be launched. While most other battle royale games allow at most 100 players to play, the Mavericks Proving Grounds will drop in 1000 players in a map spanning over 150 square kilometers. The gameplay has been altered to match this vastness where you can hunt players down with their tracks, discover and extract loot, display your achievements, meet and trade with others, and complete objectives and milestones to attain exclusive cosmetics, ranks, and titles for your Maverick. The game is slated to release sometime in 2023 but you can join the beta and play it now.

Join Mavericks Proving Grounds Beta

3. Dying Light: Bad Blood Battle Royale

Dying Light: Bad Blood Battle Royale is a mix of PvP and PvE battle royale game where you have to fight both other payers and zombies to win the game. You are dropped into the map with eleven other players where your objective is to collect blood samples from zombies. After a set time, a helicopter will come for exfil but the catch is that it can take only one player. Your only choice is to kill all the other players so that you can get out of the zombie land alive. Apart from gunfights, the game features versatile parkour skills, and brutal melee combat.

4. SpellBreak

SpellBreak is the most gorgeous battle royale game that I have ever laid eyes on. If you are bored by the same gunfight based battle royale games than you will love SpellBreak as in this game you will fight with your spells. In the game, you will collect magical artifacts such as gauntlets, amulets, belts, shoes, and more each of which will grant you different abilities. You will use these artifacts to craft spells based on different elements such as fire, water, wind, frost, and more. The game offers epic battle with gorgeous graphics. It’s available in closed alpha now and you should definitely try it.

Join Closed Alpha

5. Battlefield 5 Firestorm

Buy Now on Origin: $59.99

6. Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse

Since there a ton of traditional battle royale games already available online, game studios are now working to expand the last man standing genre by blending it with existing popular genres. Ashes of Creation is once such title, which is a hotly anticipated MMORPG game among the community, but its developer Intrepid Studios is working to merge the fantasy and battle royale genre into a free-to-play “Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse” experience. You will be dropped in Verra, a dying world that’s on the verge of extinction, and you have to use the vast array of medieval armory, magical spells, and tread through a massive destructible environment to be the lone survivor.

Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse is already in open beta and you can register to test it out right away. The testing isn’t live at the moment, but stay tuned for a word on the same.

7. Egress

Egress is an upcoming battle royale game which offers a Heroes-based PVP arena with a focus on melee battles. Each hero has unique abilities, fighting styles, and weapons so choose your hero wisely. The game takes place in a multi-level city where you can explore houses, stores, bars, clinics, sewer tunnels and much more to gather loot. It offers an elaborate combat system based on attacks and dodges, ability combinations, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the characters, their roles, and equipment.

Get Early Access on Steam: $14.99

8. Planetside Arena

Available: Summer 2023

9. Stormdivers

Stormdivers is a 3rd person multiplayer-centric shooter game, featuring chaotic battles and volatile explosions amidst a recurring nano-storm that swallows the beautiful and lush island surroundings to explore. The game features various sci-fi elements as your characters can gain different abilities along with external gears such as jet packs and more. It features epic battles and beautiful and colorful graphics with very fast-paced gameplay. Not much information is available on this game but it’s in beta so you can join an explore it yourself.

Join Beta

10. Proxima Royale

Proxima Royale is yet another sci-fi based battle royale game which is set on the exoplanet Proxima Centauri b. It features a massive open world with action-packed multiplayer battles featuring futuristic guns and exoskeleton suits. The graphics on the game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 so you know that you will be getting amazing graphics here. In the game, you will join a large-scale battle with your squad where you will loot weapons, drive vehicles, and kill enemies to survive. From its trailer, it seems to be a pretty good battle royale game.

Join Closed Beta: Free

11. Not My Car

Not My Car is a battle royale for cars. You will glide your car directly into the match as you pick your landing zone. Weapons cache are distributed all over the islands which you can pick up by driving over. From the paint job to flag to design, you can customize each and every aspect of your car to make it your own. There’s nothing more to say about this game. If you have seen the Death Match movie, you will get an inkling about what type of game this is going to be.

12.NAR – Not Another Royale

NAR or Not Another Royale is a battle royale game which takes a little different take on the genre. It offers low-poly graphics along with multiple game modes. Each game mode has its own targets and you will have to achieve them to get closer to victory. A hundred players drop in via parachute and you will have to be the last one alive to win. You can play this game as a solo, duo, or in teams of three and four. It also features a new Death Match mode where two teams fight against each other. Overall, it’s looking like a good game.

Get Early Access on Steam: Free

13. Valhall

Pre-Order Valhall at IndieGoGo: Starts at $25

14. Battle for It All

Battle For It All is a survival battle royale which is being developed with the help of community feedback. In the game, players must find weapons and fight animals, players, and other threats until the last man standing survives. The game follows the story of a catastrophic disaster causing riots, mayhem, and destruction. For surviving in this world, players are asked to drop down onto an island where they have to last man standing to win game coins which they can spend to customize their character.

Get Early Access Now: Free

15. Out of Reach: Treasure Royale

The last upcoming battle royale game on the list is the “Out of reach: Treasure Royale” where you are a pirate who is going against other pirates to win the treasure. In the game, dozens of pirate crews face each other on the open sea, jungle islands, and dark caves. You will have to navigate your ship, bombard enemies, find gear and hunt for treasures. The game is quite interesting and I am eagerly waiting for it.

Available in 2023

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Join The Battle With These Awesome Battle Royale Games

The Best Offline Multiplayer Games To Play On Local Network With Friends And Family

Do you meet your friends in person but often see both of you engrossed in your phones? Do you love to game together but do not have a portable gaming device? Well, we have compiled a list of offline multiplayer games for you that can help you overcome this hurdle with ease.

Either way, our list has the best of both worlds and is sure to provide you and your friends with something that you will love. Let’s get started.


Dual! is possibly one of the best two-player games out there. The gameplay is simple and straightforward. You and your gaming buddy need to download and install the game on your Android devices. Once installed the game allows users to either connect by Bluetooth or WiFi, however, the Bluetooth feature is still in beta and may not work for you.

We’d recommend you connect to the same WiFi network or set-up a hotspot. Load the game up on both devices and enjoy shooting projectiles from one device to another. The game graphics are also great and generally, the game feels fluid and bug-free.

If you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare, what are you waiting for? Grab your gaming bud and get glued to the game either battling each other or working together to defeat the enemies.

Download: Dual

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch offers the best ping pong experience on smartphones hands-down. If you’ve ever played table tennis, you’d know how enjoyable the game actually is and now you get the opportunity to play the game on your smartphone as well.

The game offers several different modes such as career, mini-game fun, and multiplayer mode too. This means you’d not get easily irked while playing the game as there are several different ways to play. While on the multiplayer mode you have the ability to play against your friends at any time. This game definitely deserves to be downloaded if you’re a Table tennis fan.

Download: Table Tennis Touch

Glow Hockey 2

Admit it, air hockey is one of the best past-time games ever. We’ve all had a swing at the game once in our life at least and if you’ve never had the chance to play air hockey, now’s the time to experience the game on your smartphone.

Glow Hockey 2 offers a cool and simple way to play. Just like the funny soccer title we’ve mentioned above Glow Hockey 2 also offers a two-player mode on the same device. While you use one portion of the screen, get your friend to stand over at the other end of the device and have a go at the game. The one who manages to land the puck in the goal the most times wins.

It’s a quick and fun game for those times when you’d like to be competitive. The best part is that no internet connection is required to play the game.

Download: Glow Hockey 2

Fling Fighters

Fling Fighters is easily one of the most fun games to play with your mates. As the name suggests you can duel your friends by flinging items at them to cause damage while also trying to jump around trying to dodge incoming attacks and traps from your foe.

The game offers an online multiplayer mode as well as a local multiplayer mode to challenge your friends offline. Fling Fighters offers 40 different characters to choose from, therefore, you’d have the ability to try out new characters and abilities while you battle it out with your friends.

Download: Fling Fighters

Ludo King

So, here’s a game that we’ve probably all played in our childhood. Ludo is one of the best board games available and could be played by kids and adults alike.

While the game offers everything you’d expect from a ludo board game, there are several cool features added too such as animated emojis to show your frustration, love, or other emotions to your opponent while playing against them.

Download: Ludo King


Monopoly Android version brings the classic money trading game right to your smartphones. Officially licensed by Hasbro, monopoly allows you to buy, sell and rent your way to the top of your city.

It has two game modes: classic, where common house rules are applied to the game and a quick mode, where players get to finish the game finishes as soon as one of the players is bankrupt. The quick mode also reduces the time it takes to get out of jails and build hotels as well. It also has a single-player mode where you can challenge the AI for some time killing experience.

When you are with friends you can switch to local gameplay mode where you can play with up to 4 friends on a single device. Monopoly uses a pass and play format which is fairly intuitive and has a fun trading experience.

When you and your friends decide to part ways, you can continue playing with each other using the online multiplayer mode. All in all, if you are a monopoly fan and would like to experience the same fun again on a smartphone, then you should definitely give this iteration a try.

Download: Monopoly

Riptide GP: Renegade

Ever wanted to experience the waves from the comfort of your couch in an exciting and fun way? Well, say hello to riptide GP: Renegade! This racing simulator puts you in the shoes of a hydro jet rider that has to race his way across various landscapes all the while avoiding deadly obstacles and hungry opponents.

The game allows for split-screen multiplayer among 4 different players and even has support for external 3rd party game controllers. You can race among yourselves or add AI opponents for an extra kick of competition.

The unique split-screen multiplayer mode also means that you can play the game on a bigger screen either by casting your smartphone screen onto a TV or by simply installing the game on a compatible Android TV. Additionally, you could also use OTG adapters to mirror your display to a bigger screen in case you are facing lag when casting wirelessly.

The riptide GP Renegade also has a dedicated career mode for single players which includes winding races and tons of bosses to defeat. You can even connect to the internet for an online multiplayer experience with up to 8 different players from across the world.

Although paid, Riptide GP is worth every penny the developer is asking for. It has great reviews and receives constant updates to keep the game compatible with new and upcoming devices.

Download: Riptide GP: Renegade

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft has seen massive success in the past decade thanks to the Asphalt series. The game was first introduced during the era of T9 phones and has slowly evolved into a massive franchise.

Although Asphalt 8: Airborne is a few years older, it still manages to hold up well in terms of graphics and in-game mechanics. The game has been constantly updated over the years with new maps and cars making their way onto its roster.

Asphalt 8 allows you to play local multiplayer with up to 8 different players, provided that you are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Each player gets to use the cars that they have unlocked and the host can decide the game mode as well as the map that you will be racing on.

Apart from an enticing multiplayer mode, Asphalt 8 has a vast career mode with over 400 different events, as well as tons of unlockable maps and cars that provide hours of continuous gameplay. It supports HD resolution and hosts limited time events to unlock and earn rare cars and bikes.

The game also has an online multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with players from all around the world. Additionally, Asphalt 8 also allows you to choose your own genre of music be it dubstep, electronic or Hip-Hop.

This helps make the gaming experience much more engaging which translates into hours of continuous fun. If you are looking for a racing game to play with your friends, then nothing can beat Asphalt 8 on Android.

Download: Asphalt 8: Airborne

The Game of Life & the Game of Life Vacations

The Game of Life is another board game that has made its way onto Android. Considered as one of the most popular board games ever made, the Game of Life mobile manages to retain its original playability while adding a few more features to the mobile version.

The game basically allows you to live a new life on board and make life choices depending on what your roll of die hands to you. You can go to college or start a job right away, have a family or remain a bachelor all your life, it is completely up to you.

The local multiplayer mode has support for up to 4 different players where each of you can take turns playing the game. It features a pass and play gameplay directive which helps keep your choices a secret until the very last moment.

Additionally, the game recently introduced an online multiplayer mode that allows you to match with other players from around the globe and race your way towards the finish line. Game of Life even has its own mini-games that help keep every player’s turn engaging and fun by allowing others to take part as well.

If you like the concept but are looking for something newer and more exciting, then you can try a newer iteration of the game called Game of Life: Vacations. This new version preserves the same old gameplay style and feature while allowing you to travel to different destinations instead of progressing through life.

The new fun take on the original Game of Life has been made by the same developers and is already receiving great reviews on the Play Store. So if you are someone who has already tried The Game of Life, then you should definitely give Vacations a try next.

Download: Game of Life & Game of Life: Vacations

Hovercraft Takedown

If Asphalt 8 is too mellow for you and you are looking for some combative action, then Hovercraft Takedown should be right up your alley. This game features graphics based off of an 8-bit design and the main motive is to perform as many takedowns as you can.

You can customize your hovercraft, build it from the ground up and even equip it with deadly weapons including the likes of lasers and rockets. The multiplayer game mode allows you to connect different devices over the wifi and enjoy a combat racing experience right from the comfort of your couch.

It features a survival type gameplay style where you have to survive the game longer than your friends in order to win. Hovercraft Takedown allows you to customize your vehicle with up to 6 different weapons simultaneously while allowing you to collect power-ups on the road that can help repel attacks from your enemies.

The game is lightweight with an install size of only 44MB. This ensures that you do not need a powerful smartphone to run this game which adds to its playability factor. If you and your friends are fans of action games that help you kill time easily, then you should definitely give the Hovercraft Takedown a go.

Download: Hovercraft Takedown


NBA Jam is one of the most popular basketball games ever made for the mobile platform. The game was introduced almost a decade ago and I remember playing it when Sony Ericsson still existed. The game has been revamped for different platforms over the years while maintaining its true to life mechanics and over the top moves.

You get to experience real-time NBA roster players and even make your own team in the process. The game can be played in multiple ways, single-player, career mode, local multiplayer or online multiplayer. Local multiplayer allows you to go head to head with your friends for bragging rights while the online multiplayer allows you to dish it out against your Google Games friends.

Download: NBA Jam

The concept is quite simple, you select a category and put the device to your head. Your friends will take turns giving you hints about the new card from the category that is being displayed on the phone. If you guess it right, you tilt the phone downwards, if you wish to skip/pass you tilt it upwards.

Duel Otters

Dual Otters is another local multiplayer game that eliminates the need for two devices. If you have a smartphone and a boring friend at hand, Dual Otters can provide you with hours of fun game time. The game features a calming color palette alongside beautiful hand-drawn graphics and some adorable otters to help you along the way.

Choose an otter, grab one end of your device and then choose the game mode you want to play. It has 13 different games to choose from that are based on reaction speed, stamina, and dexterity of your fingers.

These games are highly competitive and can also be played against the AI if you are looking to hone your skills and beat your friends for some bragging rights. Dual Otters is easy to use, does not have a complicated setup and works right out of the box every single time.

If you are looking for a time killer that does not require two devices for the local multiplayer game mode, then Dual Otters is the perfect choice for you.

Download: Dual Otters

Fleet Battle 2

Fleet Battle is a flawless strategic game that combines luck and adoptive placement to provide a nail-biting gaming experience. Fleet Battle features multiple multiplayer modes that allow you to play with your friends either by using Wifi, Bluetooth or the dedicated online mode.

It even has a single device mode that supports the pass and play feature which is a great addition in case your friend does not have an Android device on himself. The game offers you a grid of 10 x 10 where you have to plot your fleet of warships strategically. You will then be shown the grid of your enemy and you have to try and sink one of their ships by guessing its position on the grid.

It’s just like minesweeper, but instead of avoiding mines, you are trying to find them this time. Additionally, the game has 3D graphics with real-time ships that can be customized with skins according to your liking.

The game has 3 different modes to choose from and you can even define your own rules for every single match. Fleet Battle 2 is the perfect choice for strategy game lovers that are looking for an engaging title to play with their friends.

Download: Fleet Battle 2

Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is a gem of a game that has been adapted from an earlier version named Scorched Tanks. Scorched Tanks was developed and released in 1993 and soon gained huge popularity in the gaming community for its quirky graphics, excellent in-game mechanics and the tons of destruction that could be caused by a single tank.

The game was adapted for major platforms including Windows, macOS, Android & iOS in the early 2000s and has been a popular two-player title ever since then. The gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand, you select a color for your tank and then you are presented with a random selection of weapons by the game.

Players can either take turns choosing a weapon for themselves one by one or let the computer do it for them. Afterward, you are taken to a 2D playing field modeled after a specific terrain that can be selected in settings. Here you simply aim and take a shot on your opponent.

Each hit or miss gives you points and hitting your own self will deduct points. The player with the most points at the end of a round wins the game. What makes the game so competitive is that it is quite hard to judge the trajectory of your weapon.

Additionally, tons of different kinds of weapons also play a role in how they are executed. Lighter weapons require less power while heavier ones will require more. If you have never had your hand on Pocket Tanks before you should definitely try it.

The free version has support for 140 different weapons and comes with all the classics like digger, napalm, skipper, cruiser and more. And if you are happy with the game but would like to take it up a notch, then you should try the deluxe version with in-app purchases.

Download: Pocket Tanks


Best Paid Games For Iphone In 2023

I’m sure all of us love free games. However, with microtransactions now a mainstay in gaming, most free games have a lot of content locked behind paywalls. Essentially, the initial download is free, but everything else needs to be paid. Due to this, I prefer iPhone games that ask for a payment outright.

These games unlock most (if not all content) right after the initial payment. This becomes a much more enjoyable experience. Here’s the list of the best paid iPhone games that are worth your every penny.

1. Minecraft – Editor’s choice

The amount of content that Minecraft offers you as a player is simply insane. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best paid iPhone games of all time.

While the graphics and aesthetics are different and almost retro, the gameplay will keep you hooked. You can play the creative mode with infinite resources and freedom. Build an entire town or the fanciest castles and let your imagination go crazy.

There’s a survival mode in which you have to survive each night while scavenging for supplies, building your base, and protecting yourself from the creatures of the night. Minecraft’s survival mode is surprisingly detailed and difficult.

There’s also a lot of mod support from the community, and you can apply the mods to change the in-game behavior and gameplay. This adds a ton of replayability.

The only issue I’ve found is that the game freezes and crashes frequently. Hopefully, the developers can iron this out in future updates.

Price: $6.99 (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


2. Plague Inc. – Best simulation game

Plague Inc. might hit a bit too close to home, considering the current situation. However, it’s still one of the best simulation games for iPhone you can play today.

In this game, you aren’t tasked as a fancy scientist or soldier who has to stop the virus. The roles are reversed – you have to control the virus and ensure it wipes out the world.

Each action you take in the game has consequences, and humanity will try to adapt and defend itself against each variation and update of your virus. Your goal is to infect the world before the virus is killed.

The game teaches us about health safety, hazards, and how international collaborations could work in such scenarios. Additionally, the game is fun, and you’ll have to strategize with each move you make.

The game has inconsistent difficulty spikes, however. So be wary of that when playing it.

Price: $0.99 (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


3. Monopoly – Best board game

The classic board game that has occupied most of our childhood is now available for mobile devices. Thankfully, it’s one of the best iterations of a board game that you can find.

You can play this game against the AI, but I’ve found it much more enjoyable as a family game. Moreover, there’s an in-game video chat integration feature that allows you to play face-to-face with friends in different areas.

You have to become the wealthiest property tycoon amongst other players. You can play this game with the classic rules. However, if you want to make things more interesting, you can select your own house rules to make the gameplay unique.

There’s also a Season Pass that adds a ton of content to the already huge game. It adds different locations, themes, and pieces as well.

However, the game requires a strong internet connection as it can frequently disconnect in the middle of online games.

Price: $3.99 (In-app purchases start at $4.99)


4. Dead Cells – Best action game

I’ve played Dead Cells on the PC before it was released to the mobile audience. I’m happy to state that the finesse of the PC version has been brought to the iPhone with this port.

Dead Cells is an incredibly difficult game. However, it’s also equally rewarding. The game has a roguelike structure and also features a permadeath. If you die on any level in the game, you will have to replay the game from the beginning.

Moreover, the levels are procedurally generated. Each playthrough is different than the other. You can also find the best elements from action and role-playing games in Dead Cells. Besides, all the DLCs released on PC are available in the mobile version.

I recommend you to play this game on a bigger screen, though. The control scheme doesn’t go very well with smaller screens. An even better option would be if you could use a good gamepad.

Price: $8.99 (In-app purchases start at $3.99)


5. Crashlands – Best paid iPhone game without in-app purchases

Crashlands might not seem like much at first glance. However, it is an expansive role-playing game worth your time (and money).

The story follows a galactic trucker whose shipment is stolen, and they find themselves stranded on an alien planet. Your mission is to retrieve your packages. While you do so, you’ll become a part of a dangerous plot of domination.

Ultimately, as the player, you have to thrive on the planet. This means you have to engage with NPCs, fight deadly bosses, and learn the secrets of the planet itself. Moreover, there are over 500 craftable items in the game. So, let your imagination run free!

The game suffers from some issues with in-game navigation, however. So you’ll have to bear this when you’re playing the game.

Price: $6.99


6. Townscaper – Best casual game

Townscaper is one of those games that will make you dive into nostalgia. It’s got very simple gameplay, and it’ll also help you relax.

There’s no goal to the gameplay as such. Townscaper lets you choose colors, blocks, and design your city, town, or hamlet.

This may sound boring, but in reality, the gameplay is pretty addictive. You can play this for hours, building the best town with the right arches, bushes, and backyards for different houses.

Moreover, the game’s aesthetics aren’t difficult on the eyes, and the audio is mild enough to help you concentrate on your building efforts.

I feel the construction options need to have more diversity and freedom. But otherwise, the game is spot-on.

Price: $4.99


7. Exploding Kittens – Best card game

When it comes to card games, very few have captured my attention as much as Exploding Kittens has.

This is a multiplayer card game in which the objective is to be the last person standing. You’ll have to keep drawing cards until a person draws a card with an Exploding Kitten. After the kitten explodes, the player who drew the card is out of the game.

You can even diffuse the kitten with laser pointers and belly rubs, available on some cards. The rest of the cards are simply used to keep the game flowing and change the order of draws.

The game can be played with up to 5 players, either locally or online. Considering the simple yet elegant premise of the game, there’s no doubt why this is one of the most funded games in Kickstarter history!

If you play against the game’s AI, it can get challenging on any difficulty level. I’d recommend you to play this only with your friends or online.

Price: $1.99 (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


8. Playdead’s LIMBO – Most underrated puzzle game

Playdead has always made some hauntingly beautiful games. LIMBO is one of their first hits.

It is one of the best paid puzzle games for iPhone. You have to solve multiple puzzles as you progress through the narrative. The audio and graphics create an eerie atmosphere that grips you instantly.

This is a difficult game; make no mistake. You will die multiple times in an attempt to complete a puzzle. However, the effort that you put into the game is worth it.

One of the caveats of this game is that there’s only one way to solve the puzzles. I wish that the developers had added more variety to the solutions.

Price: $3.99


GRIS is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played. While this sounds like an exaggeration, it isn’t. GRIS will tug at your heartstrings and leave you in awe at the beautiful artwork and noteworthy story.

The game’s story is also highly relatable. The protagonist experiences a traumatic event and learns to deal with the pain. As you play through the story, you’ll realize that the game is actually about her journey to the other side of that experience and how she learns to deal with the trauma in a better way.

The intro section of the game is a bit buggy, though. So you may encounter some glitches when you first boot the game.

Price: $4.99


Bang for your buck?

Paying for games can be a tricky affair, especially if you’re unsure which game would suit your play styles and choices. Hence, I’ve curated this list of the best paid iPhone games to make your search easier.

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