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Best Software to Protect Information And Keep Your Identity Safe on Mac Protect Your Identity & Information Safe on Mac

We all are well aware about every Apple product’s security level as it comes with utmost care for the user. However, not every security wall is breach proof, Apple’s products have also experienced the identity theft issue. This is why here we will be talking about how to protect yourself from identity theft on Mac along with your confidential information. There are many tools that are quite effective & reliable to keep protecting the identity online & those are the ones we will be exploring today as mentioned in the below section:

1. Advanced Identity Protector

Full system compatibility

Personal digital vault

Let user customize scanning areas

Keeps all your personal information secure in one place


Doesn’t always unblock the Geo-Restricted Sites

2. Identity Guard ($16.99/Month)

Get It Here

If we are talking about building a thick security wall around our system to protect ourselves from identity theft, the tool also must be top notch as well. Hence, we have included the Identity Guard in the list because of the quality it brings for users in the lowest price possible. Identity Guard is one of the best & comprehensive identity theft protection tools you can have on your mac. Since your confidential info is being used to access your financial transactions, it needs to be secured under the best security wall possible. The Identity Guard has been designed to keep your personal information protected from online threats as well as keep it managed to access easily. From address to credit card details (if any), everything gets monitored by the Identity Guard to look for the suspicious activities & keep them away from your info bundle.


Deeply monitors your mac for offline as well as online transactions

Best valued identity protector for your mac given the rich & powerful features

Checks every in-depth personal info detail for fraudulent transactions or activities


All time support (24*7) isn’t available with the Identity Guard

Identifies fraudulent activities but don’t share it with credit bureaus

Any sex offending cases doesn’t get monitored under the identity protector tool

3. ID Watchdog

Get It Here

Since our whole focus is to keep yourself protected from identity theft & your personal information as well, many of the tools will be based on resolving theft issues. So the other addition to the list of the best software to protect identity online is the ID Watchdog. The identity protector tool has been working out amazingly fine and is successfully resolving fraudulent activities in the simplest way possible. One of the best features from the ID Watchdog is that it constantly notifies you every time there is a possibility of suspicious activity on your device. Also, many of us think that identity theft or fraud is limited to credit cards only, but this isn’t the case. That’s why ID Watchdog starts checking every possible sector where the issue has been raised in the last couple of years & keeps monitoring them on a regular basis.


Award winning leader & identity protector for your mac

Looks for possible fraudulent activities including credit card fraud

Constant dark web monitoring as well as public records monitoring


No removal of user’s identity from mail lists

The tool says, “No one can prevent all identity theft”

4. IdentityForce

Get It Here


Sends all the fraudulent activities to credit bureaus

Award winning identity protector who keeps monitoring everything on your system


Not all the suspicious activities gets monitored on your mac

Majorly suitable for a corporate entity than an individual one

The tool only monitors & tracks one bureau’s score monthly

5. IDShield

Get It Here

As the name suggests, IDShield has been designed to keep your confidential information as secure as possible. Keeping everything into consideration, the identity protector tool keeps a track on every financial transaction you make. Also, even if the IDShield had been introduced for mobile operating systems, you can access the same easily on your personal computer or mac as well. Yeah!! You just need the BlueStacks emulator for PC & the process will become easy for you to download the IDShield & start using it to protect yourself from identity theft without any hassle.


Deep scanning & monitoring of social media platforms

24*7 support to reach out to experts if needed

Free mobileOS app (Android & Mac) as well as Password Manager


IDShield doesn’t have any trial period

Like other identity protectors, only a single bureau monitoring

You cannot cancel the membership online (written only)

6. IdentityIQ

Get It Here

With the ultimate relief tagline of the “stop worrying about data threats & thieves”, IdentityIQ offers you the complete solution for identity theft & credit info. And the reaction users can’t give is only because whenever the identity theft happens, you may not even have an idea about it. So identity theft is one of the most problematic issues one faces while being online & tapping anywhere on the internet. IdentityIQ is one of those complete solutions one must look for so that the user is already either notified or protected from the identity theft on their devices. So this identity protector believes in utilizing the innovative and enhanced monitoring techniques. This will result in protecting your credit info and identity, so the user can get back to your life.


Credit reporting & dark web monitoring

Data breach monitoring & identity theft insurance

24*7 customer support through different scenarios


No cons for now


IdentityIQ Secure Plus –


IdentityIQ Secure Pro –


IdentityIQ Secure Max –


7. McAfee Identity Theft Protection

Get It Here


Continuous dark web & credit monitoring

24*7 & 365 days customer support

Free Benefits With Auto-Renewal

Annual credit report monitoring as well as criminal record monitoring.


No cons for now


Identity Theft Protection STANDARD –


Identity Theft Protection PLUS –


Identity Theft Protection PREMIUM –


8. ReliaShield

Get It Here

ReliaShield is also one of the best software you can use to keep yourself protected from identity theft. The best coimonibation of the price as well as the features you would be getting with the identity protector is just amazing. Also, the transparency you get with the service is just mind blowing, thanks to the policy & terms that also provides you a handsome reimbursement coverage. From personal info to social media platforms & banking details, everything gets monitored by the ReliaShield to keep you protected from the identity theft.


Dark web, data breach updates, & criminal record monitoring

Best plans customized for both personal as well as professional front

Stolen funds reimbursement policy with utmost transparency


No cons for now








9. LifeLock

Get It Here


Constant alerting of potential threats to your personal information

Funds reimbursement policy (depending on your plan)

60 days money back guarantee with annual membership


No cons for now


Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Select covers up to 5 devices –


Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Advantage covers up to 10 devices –


Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Ultimate Plus covers unlimited devices –


10. Identity Defense

Get It Here

One of the best identity protector platforms, Identity Defense has been designed to monitor everything on your device. From dark web monitoring to tracking & reporting the credit score, everything comes easy to this tool. Since the tool believes that your personal information is everywhere on the system & so are the fraudsters, you need to be extra careful. So start using the most powerful & comprehensive identity theft protection tool you can get your hands on. Identity Defense helps you identify those suspicious activities on your system that are related to your social security number or email address as well.


Use of artificial intelligence to monitor your information

Alerting you of attempted use of your personal information (any changes)

Dark web & credit bureau monitoring with risk management reporting

The three-bureau credit monitoring with the premium plan


No cons for now


Identity Defense Essential –


Identity Defense Plus –


Identity Defense Complete –


Keep Identity Theft Away From Your Devices

So start exploring the above mentioned identity theft protection software on your mac & start using one that’s working out best for you.

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Best Windscribe Deals To Keep Your Data Safe

Best Windscribe deals to keep your data safe




Despite the fact that VPNs are some of the best ways to protect your online privacy, many are hesitant when it comes to buying a subscription.

Certain VPN providers such as Windscribe have some Black Friday deals and offers that aim to make VPN subscription plans more affordable.

Check out our Black Friday VPN Deals section for more offers, promos, and deals.

Visit our VPN Hub to learn more about the benefits of using VPNs on a daily basis.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Let’s be honest: VPN premium subscriptions are not exactly affordable, and it’s less likely for someone who doesn’t know a thing about the importance of using such a service to purchase a plan.

Let’s assume for a moment that people start to come around to the idea of using a VPN. More so given the recent developments regarding privacy violations and security breaches aimed at big companies and remote working individuals alike.

Although it’s awful from a security/privacy standpoint, the price of a VPN subscription plan is simply one of the first things consumers focus on, whether we like it or not.

What are the best Windscribe discounts?

1 Year plan (Save 58%) – $29 billed yearly ($2.24 per month)

That’s it. Windscribe usually has monthly, yearly, and Build-a-Plan options on its website that will fit most of the pockets.


Sick and tired of looking for the perfect Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal on VPN plans? Check out Windscribe’s offer.

58% OFF! Buy it now!

However, this is a great deal, considering that the monthly subscription plan costs $9. Grab it while it’s hot, as we have no idea when it’s going to end.

Should I use Windscribe?

Absolutely. Windscribe is one of the best VPN providers that also offers a great free plan. However, like any awesome thing, Windscribe’s free plan is also limited. Meaning that it is free, but not really if you plan on using for extended periods of time.

Moving on. You’re maybe wondering why should you choose Windscribe. Well, if you like VPNs that mind their own business and never log any of your private online activity, then Windscribe is definitely a good choice.

Surely enough, Windscribe aren’t the only ones who enforce a zero-logging policy, so let’s check a broader list of reasons that might help you make up your mind. By that, we mean Windscribe’s key features, obviously.

As you can see, there are plenty enough reasons to pick Windscribe in the list above. We didn’t even get to mention the witty emails you could receive from its reps every now and then.

Long story short, if you’ve been hesitant about purchasing a VPN subscription plan because of their ridiculous prices, Windscribe’s Holiday offer might just help you make up your mind.

Your connection is not secure – websites you visit can find out your details:

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Visit Private Internet Access

We recommend Private Internet Access , a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

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How To Update Software On Your Mac

First time checking out this series? You’ll get the most value by starting at the beginning, however you can also use the series overview if you’d like to go buffet style.

Note for regular readers, the already tech savvy, and IT professionals: this series is designed as a resource you can share with those you are helping or for those looking to become tech savvy on their own.

Background, Expectations, & Best Practices

Staying up to date with software can sometimes be a confusing and frustrating task, these issues are usually caused by the various ways that different software is designed to update and where it was installed from. The good news is that Apple is continually improving how updates happen. With its latest operating system, macOS Sierra, there are some sharp features to make updating software more smooth and seamless. This won’t apply in all instances, but still helps provide an overall improved user experience.

First, let’s define some of the vocabulary we’ll be using. We’ll refer to software as the applications (programs), operating system (macOS) and other operating information used by your Mac hardware. In the last several years using app (short for application) has become more common than using program when referring to software. We’ll define apps as computer software designed and written to fulfill a particular purpose.

There are different ways to install and update apps on your Mac, the most common ways are the Mac App Store, within the app itself, or the web. Less commonly you may see apps that are loaded from flash drives or CD’s.


A common concern that is often shared is that updating apps and especially operating systems will cause a problem. Often times this fear is caused by the past experience of an issue after doing an update or hearing stories from others. This is definitely up to personal preference, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind…

App and operating system updates typically provide bug fixes, security updates, and introduce new features. While it’s possible that installing an update may cause an issue, it’s also possible that not installing the update could cause problems. This is a good reminder that anything can fail and you should have a backup strategy in place. Even robust systems that power the internet like Amazon Web Services can and do fail.

As a general rule of thumb, I typically install updates as soon as they are available. However, if you’re a bit more hesitant, you can wait a week or two to see if others run into any problems and then continue on performing updates. Just don’t wait too long as this can cause more security and compatibility issues the longer you postpone.

From my experience there seems to be a bit more anxiety with software updates for iPhones than Macs. This is likely because we rely on our smartphones so much and it can feel crippling to not have our primary communication device functioning normally.

Next week we’ll dive into updating software on iOS (iPhone and iPad) in particular. Another way to think about updates is it’s like driving a car. The possibility of being in an accident doesn’t stop you from traveling in your vehicle, you just likely use your safety belt, have insurance, and drive intentionally to reduce the risks.

Do This

Let’s dive deeper and look at updating within macOS and the App Store and then we’ll take a look at updating within apps and through the web. Follow along to build experience, exposure, and confidence with updating apps.

The App Store in macOS

At the top of the window you’ll see the updates that are available to install. The App Store in macOS will automatically let you know when updates are available, but it won’t install them without your authorization (you can also change these settings, which we’ll get to in a moment).

You’ll now be able to make sure your settings are to your liking. Even if you check off all the boxes and allow macOS and the App Store to automatically check for and download updates, you’ll still be notified and have to authorize their installation. But again, these settings will come down to your personal preferences.

Below the update preferences you’ll notice a manual Check Now button that you can use in conjunction with the auto-check for updates feature or use on its own if you prefer to turn that feature off.

The current macOS version is Sierra, if you notice that you’re not on Sierra, it is a free update from the App Store. Sometimes with older Macs the newest operating system may run a bit slower, but as an example my parents are running Sierra on a 2009 iMac with solid performance. Apple does a fantastic job optimizing macOS with their hardware.

Now you’ll be able to download Sierra. Note that downloading the new macOS operating system won’t automatically install it, you can do that whenever you’d like as they are two separate steps.

As you can see, when you choose to download your applications through the App Store it makes the process of updating much easier and more organized. Another benefit of utilizing the App Store is that Apple vets and approves all the apps available so you can rest assured that they are safe and work as described.

Updating apps downloaded from the web

The first example we’ll look at is a piece of third-party software that I had to download from Logitech’s website for my wireless mouse (far and away the best I’ve used). Because I downloaded it directly from the manufacturer I can’t use the App Store to help with updates. The following will apply to most apps you download from the web but may vary a bit app to app…

The next step is to look for settings or something similar in the application window. In this case Logitech has placed the update settings under the More button.

You’ll notice on the right hand side in the image above that I have the option for the Logitech app to auto-check for updates as well as a manual button. When an update is available, here is what it looks like…

Adobe Flash Player

Some applications like Adobe’s Flash Player may redirect you to the their website to download an update. This type of update also usually includes downloading a .dmg (disk image) mounting it, installing the update, un-mounting the .dmg and deleting the download.

Taking the time to follow the steps below will make sure you stay up to date with your apps as well as making sure your downloaded files don’t pile up. Here’s what this process looks like:

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

11 Handy Tips And Tools To Keep Your Mac Clean

People say that cleanliness is next to godliness, and most of us would agree with that. But from the working-of-a-computer perspective, cleanliness is also next to speediness and more-storage-spaciness (yes, I made that last word up). There are third-party applications made to help you keep your Mac clean, but first let’s look at several cleaning tips without using external tools.

Look Ma, No External Tools!

Some say that the rule of thumb to keep your system running smoothly is to let at least 15% of your storage free. So, the first things to do is to delete unused files and folders. You can do this by dragging and dropping them into the trash.

However, this is just half of the battle. The other half is regularly emptying up the trash since your Mac won’t clean up the trash unless you told it to. This second step is implemented to make sure that users can recover accidentally deleted files from the trash.

1. Shortcuts to the Trash

You can speed up these deleting and emptying process by using keyboard shortcuts:

After selecting the files and folders that you want to delete, use Command + Delete to send them to the Trash.

Then use Command + Shift + Delete to empty the Trash.

2. Tidy Up the Desktop

Aside from the obvious Documents and Download folders, another target that you should regularly clean is the Desktop. As a convenient place to save everything, Desktop can be cluttered in no time. Move the files to more proper locations, and delete the unused ones. Cleaner and tidier desktop equals faster system.

3. Slim Down the Start Up

4. Better Back Up than Sorry

The next step is to use external tools to help us keep our Mac clean. But to be on the safe side, be sure to back up your system before using non-Apple applications. Connect an external hard drive, open System Preferences – Time Machine, turn it on, and select the drive as the backup location.

Tools Of The Trade 5. Locate the Hogs

Where have all the available storage space gone? Without you knowing, there might be applications and files that hog your storage. To find them, we can use:

Disk Inventory X

Grand Perspective

or OmniDiskSweeper.

6. Clean The Drive and More

One of the most useful system maintenance utilities for Mac is OnyX. Other than doing system manintenance and cleaning, the app can also turn on system hidden functions and customize other applications.

You can also try another free tool called Dr. Cleaner. It’s available in Mac App Store. Aside from the system cleaning, two other features that make this app worth trying are its ability to monitor system memory and to find duplicate files.

7. Uninstall Unused Apps

While Mac OS X allows you to select an app and delete it without harming your system, the correct way to remove an application is to use an uninstaller. One that I recommend is the free AppCleaner. You can drag and drop applications that you want to remove to AppCleaner, or you can search and choose from the app list.

AppCleaner will find all system files related to the application and let you select what you want to keep and remove. It can also watch your Trash to offer similar process if you send an app directly to trash.

8. Remove Other Languages

To cater to the needs of all of its users from all corners of the world, Mac OS X comes with over a hundred world languages. But how many languages will an ordinary person use? You can save huge storage space by removing all other languages that you don’t need. Monolingual can help you do that.

It will also help you eliminate other system architectures that your computer don’t use. If your Mac already uses Intel 64-bit, why should you keep ARM and PowerPC system? A quick check markings and pressing Remove will free your storage even more.

9. Keep (External) Drives Clean

If you work with multiple computers with different platforms, you will notice that each operating system has its unique system files that it attaches to a drive. Compatibility issue might arise when you have to connect the drive to a different operating system.

CleanMyDrive 2 can help you clean these kinds of junk files. You can also use its menubar icon to check the remaining storage space, copy files to a drive, and eject multiple drives.

10. All-In-One Alternative

And as bonus points, CleanMyMac doesn’t require users to dig deep into the options if they don’t want to, and the interface is also pleasing to the eyes.

11. Automate Files and Folders Management

This one is a real life example of a simple Hazel rule that I use: after editing a screenshot, I always export the image to a “To Be Processed” folder. Then Hazel takes over; it will open the images using application A to make sure if the image format and pixel size meet my requirement, then it will compress the image using application B and move it to a folder according to the project it belongs to. Then I can open the project folder to find the ready-to-use image.

The hidden power of Hazel comes out when you combine several rules into one workflow. Add the ability to handle scripts to that, and your imagination is the limit. You can use it to keep your Desktop clean, keep the Music folder organized, collect bills into one place, keep records of your mortgage payment, etc.

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3 Biking Rules To Keep Everyone On The Road Safe

Fortunately, there are simple ways to protect yourself and prevent dangerous interactions with other vehicles on the road when you mount your pedal-powered steed.

The facts

No one likes to hear bad news in the shape of statistics. But the truth is that it’s not uncommon for regular riders to know someone who’s been in a crash involving a vehicle. In fact, an average of two percent of crashes each year involve bicycles. In 2023, that resulted in 843 dead cyclists.

According to data from the US Department of Transportation, most of those accidents involved men and occurred in the evening between 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., which coincides with peak traffic hours and lower visibility. Women are still a minority among cyclists and studies show that they tend to stress safety and seek out dedicated bike lanes more often than their male counterparts. This is likely what prevents them from injury to life and limb.

Although things may be slightly improving as of late, long-term stats show a more dire picture: deaths among cyclists 20 years and older have tripled since 1975. This is an alarming increase, but it may also be explained in part by the higher number of people riding bikes on the road these days.

With that bump in statistics the importance of riding safely is tantamount, especially among new cyclists or those who haven’t dusted off their wheels in a while.

Adhere to the rules of the road

First things first: bicycles are vehicles, so they belong on the street, not the sidewalk. This requires riders to follow the same rules of the road as motor vehicles no matter where in the US they are. Yes, that means coming to a halt at stop signs and red lights, signaling turns, and riding on the right side of the road with the flow of traffic. Different states have different laws when it comes to cycling, so you should get familiar with the specific rules of yours. 

Your bike must also be outfitted with lights if you plan to ride in the dark, at dawn or dusk. The classic setup requires a white light in front and a red light in back. But if you want to go beyond the law and increase your visibility (and safety) in low-light conditions, add more battery-powered or rechargeable lights or reflective strips to your bike frame or wheels and don reflective clothing or backpacks.

As for riding on the sidewalk, while most cities in the US don’t specifically prohibit it, they often discourage it. And contrary to what you might think, riding on the sidewalk is not the safer option, as cyclists should always yield the right of way to pedestrians. But perhaps most importantly, cars don’t pay as much attention to what’s on the sidewalk, so if you are crossing the road or even a driveway while riding on the sidewalk, a motorist may not see you. So unless there’s no other choice, skip the sidewalk altogether.

As for alcohol, the same rules apply as if you were driving: don’t drink and ride. For starters, it’s illegal in several states, but even if laws don’t specifically prohibit riding under the influence, it can be deadly—21 percent of cyclists 16 and older who were killed in 2023 had blood alcohol concentrations at or above 0.08 percent. So if you’re impaired, call a cab.

Ride safe

The number one way to protect yourself when road cycling is to wear a helmet. In 2023, out of 843 cyclists killed by motor vehicles, 127 were wearing a helmet, while 520 were not. This means people who wear a helmet when riding their bikes are much less likely to succumb to fatal injuries than those who don’t. In some states, helmets are even required by law for children under 18, so check the rules in your state before you ride.

Riding predictably is also important to avoid accidents, as unpredictable cyclists make drivers nervous. This means staying in your lane, not swerving in and out of traffic, and signaling your intentions with the appropriate hand signals, says Doogie Roux, Houston- and Tulsa-based micromobility consultant and cyclist. 

It doesn’t hurt to be overly cautious when riding on the road. Assuming drivers don’t see you in high-traffic and high-tension areas while being constantly aware of your surroundings is a great idea. Making yourself as visible as possible—through lights, clothing, and even movement—also helps.  

Roux adds that you should always remain on high alert while riding: “Look ahead. A lot can be avoided by seeing hazards and situations before getting to them. Notice them early, be proactive, stay safe.”

Almost as important as avoiding close calls with moving vehicles is avoiding close calls with parked ones. Referred to as getting “doored,” many cyclists have experienced the panic of a driver in a parked car swinging their door open into the road or a bike lane without checking to see if there’s a cyclist present. This usually results in knocked-off cyclists, or violent (and dangerous) swerving into traffic. If you can, ride a few feet away from parallel parked cars, and always make sure to check windows and mirrors to see if there’s someone in the car who might cause a problem.

Cars stopped or slowing can be just as dangerous and unpredictable. In fact, 35 percent of accidents occur at intersections. There have been accidents or close calls when impatient and seemingly static motorists have swiftly swerved into a biking lane to get ahead of traffic, narrowly missing or downright hitting a biker. So even if you’re riding on your designated lane, never assume just because traffic is stopped or crawling you can relax.

Ride on

Even if you know and abide by the rules and safety guidelines, it’s natural to still feel reticent about zipping around on city streets. This is why Roux recommends easing your anxiety by taking it slow: “Take small steps and work your way up. Along with that, ride with others for comfort and to build confidence.”

Make motorists see you as human. Ride confidently and look drivers in the eyes if you can, especially at intersections—after all, you have as much right to be on the road as they do.

[Related: 7 mistakes beginner cyclists make, and how to avoid them]

If you’re starting to feel unsafe with whatever’s around you, it’s also OK to pull over and let a moment pass. Once you feel better or when you get to your destination, think about what made you feel unsafe and how you can avoid that in the future.

And drivers—share the road. Give cyclists at least three feet of space between their handlebars and your mirror. Better yet, get into another lane if you can.

10 Best Screenwriting Software For Windows And Mac – 2023

10 Best Screenwriting Software For Windows And Mac – 2023 Choosing the Best Screenwriting Software is crucial if you want to become a great writer!

While looking for the best screenwriting apps, be wise as they cost a lot and you should not put yourself forward to a path that is full of holes. Therefore, buy a perfect screenwriting software keeping the important things in mind. Here are listed a few screenwriting apps for Windows and Mac to help you get started with your upcoming screenwriting project.

Best Screenwriting Software For Mac And Windows To Choose In 2023

Dipping your toes into screenwriting? Find the most suitable option among our list of Top 10 Screenwriting Software for Windows and Mac users.

1. Final Draft: The Best In Industry Standard Screenwriting Software

Final Draft is an expensive software for everyone to use. However, its price seems worth it due to the amazing features it offers.

Over 300-templates to choose from.

Includes templates for screenplays, teleplays, comics, stage plays etc.

Offers features like SmartType Speech to Script, Alternate Dialogue Feature and more.

Here’s why you should/should not get your hands on the Final Draft software:

Portable version available.

Write & share scripts across multiple platforms.

You can choose from over 300 templates.

Work between your desktop and mobile via cloud syncing.



A bit overwhelming at first

Price: $249.99, free trial available

2. Movie Magic Screenwriter : Best Screenwriting Software For Novice Users

Movie Magic Screenwriter is yet another award-winning software that can be used to create an amazing screenplay, stageplays, teleplay, musical, comic book, or a novel. The Movie Magic screenwriter offers multiple brainstorming and outlining tools, 100+ templates and more such outlining tools to help you get started.

Movie Magic not only lets you write but also lets you hear your screenplay with its Text-to-speech feature.

AutoBackup by Movie Magic lets you stay worry free for your work, it auto-save your work in real time.

Connect with your writing partner online through iPartner.

Helps you sort with everything you need from a story idea to spec to shooting script.

Here’s a list of benefits & downsides of using Movie Magic Screenwriter:


Effective formatting options for film, television, plays, books,

Lots of professionally authored templates.

Revision tracking is supported.

Includes organizational elements like outlines, scene cards & more.


Dashboard can be improved.

Price: $249.95, free trial available

3. WriterDuet: Cloud-Based Screenwriting Software

Being cloud-based, WriterDuet projects can be accessed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, on any of the platforms. WriterDuet allows you to use everything from outlining to rewriting, access its useful tools i.e. scene cards, tagging, and effortless formatting.

Subscription-based pricing model.

Provides you a space for writing your first three scripts for free.

Signup WriterSolo, when needed.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of WriterDuet Screenwriting software:


Great option for remote writing partners.

Offers real-time collaboration.

Effective revision tracking feature.


Receives infrequent updates.

Get WriterDuet premium subscription, starting at $7.99/month.

4. Celtx: The Complete Pre-Production Suite

Another amazing screenwriting app for the web, Celtx, lets you take your script ahead from pre-production to shooting. You can start from scratch and modify it as per your screenplay. Create story on the index cards, create screenplay, breakdown reports, narrators and a lot more using this worthy software. Not only this, Celtx lets you compile all your shot lists, and print out a shooting script as per your convenience.

With this handy tool, you can proceed forward with the entire process easily by collaborating with your team across multiple documents and editing together with your team in real-time.

Unlock the premium version of Celtx for more features and unlimited project

Collaborate with your team in real-time.

No hassle of losing your documents with Celtx secure backup.


Drag and drop to easily navigate & arrange scenes.

Compatible with iPhones and tablets.

Offers real-time collaboration options.

Connected workflow ensures that every member stays organized & informed.


Sometimes the margins are set wrong after exporting into PDF.

Visit the Celtx website for more information.

5. Trelby: Free Screenwriting Software For Windows

Trelby is the best option when it comes to a tool that is fast, simple, and reliable screenwriting software for Windows.  This amazing free tool for screenwriting works on both Windows and Linux machines. The only drawback is that Trelby is not available for macOS.

Trelby provides you an access to its database wherein 200,000 names from across the world have been stored. Also, you can choose from its prominent features like draft view or What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) mode.

Advanced features like auto-complete, spell check, smart formatting to easily finish your screenplay.

Choose from Draft View, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) modes.

Ease to choose character names from its library of over 200,000 names.


Fast and simple dashboard.

Import and export the most popular file formats.

Loaded with Starting guide to help newbies.

Open-source and free screenwriting software.


Not available for Mac users.

Download: Trelby for Windows (Free)

6. StudioBinder: Modern Design & easy-to-use Interface

If you are looking for      free and professional screenwriting software, StudioBinder is a top-notch option to choose. To get started with the program, you just need to sign-up with the tool and start writing your screenplay without any hassles. Similar to all the aforementioned best screenwriting software for Mac and Windows, it’s intuitive, easy-to-use & industry-approved.

StudioBinder is an end-to-end production management platform and allows users to effortlessly write and format scripts according to their needs and preferences. The program is well-suited for large-scale companies and professionals working on high-profile motion pictures and projects.

Allows you to start pre-production earlier so you can plan your shoot faster.

Auto-formats margins, fonts, and screenplay elements according to industry standards.

Features like auto-complete , keyboard shortcuts, and auto-save let you focus in a better way.

Now let’s take a look at some of the major pros & cons of this script- writing tool:


Drag-and-drop interface to arrange scenes.

Helps to manage photo, video, film, and TV production processes in one place.

Teams can share calendars and collaborate on a unified dashboard.

Cloud-based screenwriting software.


Poor customer support.

Price: Starting at $29/Month, free version available

Download: StudioBinder for Windows & Mac

7. Arc Studio Pro: The Most Well-Designed Screenwriting Software

Talking about the best screenwriting software for Mac and Windows and not mentioning Arc Studio Pro is certainly not possible. The program is well-designed and is quickly growing to become the latest industry standard. Arc Studio Pro is one of those programs, which are used by professionals, writers, and filmmakers.

Provides distraction-free writing mode, so that you can focus on your ideas in a better way.

Offers tons of creative story- building tools, so that you can easily visualize the storyline.

Supports real-time capabilities with Cloud, so that you can access your screenplays anytime, anywhere.

Check out the upsides and downsides of Arc Studio Pro script- writing tool:


Effortless collaboration in real-time.

Ability to add notes to the script.

Comes with industry- standard formatting.

Quickly glance at your script as you write.


Free version of the service is browser only

Limited number of scripts allowed.

Price: Starting at $69/Year, Free version available

Download: Arc Studio Pro for Mac, Windows, and iOS

8. Causality Story Sequencer: Best Software To Draft Your First Story

Causality is a well-known and free script-writing software designed for Mac users. It provides complete freedom to visualize your storyline and easily structure the same without putting much effort. It is one of the most suitable choices for writing complex stories, as it gives an overview of the events via its Story Sequencing Engine.

Writing novels, general screenplays, non-fiction books, and graphic novels is a super convenient process with Causality, screenwriting software for Mac. With this script writing tool, you can easily turn multiple layers of a story into one linear story conveniently.

The screenwriting software for Mac runs well on anything from laptops to multi-monitor setups

Using Causality is a super-easy process, just move your beats & the script automatically rearranges.

It has both free and paid versions to offer, you can choose any of them accordingly.

Check out the upsides and downsides of the Causality script writing tool:


It supports writing in 100+ languages.

Comes with a spelling checker.

Provides support for innumerable fonts.

Helps to plot as well as write your story at the same time.


The Dashboard can be improvised.

Price: $5.99/Month, free version available for saving & exporting your script under 10 pages.

Download: Causality Story Sequencer for Windows, Mac & Linux

9. Fade In: Multi-platform & Affordable Screenwriting Software

Next on our list of Best Screenwriting Software or Mac and Windows (2023 Edition) includes Fade In. It is one of the most affordable alternatives to Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriting programs. It is a robust tool, packed with plenty of customization features, so that you can easily alter margins, spacing and other elements.

Has a universal, state-of-the-art application interface.

Provides automatic script formatting features that saves your time & efforts while writing screenplays.

With this screenwriting software you get an action-to-dialogue calculator and it supports multiple languages.

Check out the major benefits and downsides of using Fade In software:


Supports multiple file formats.

Users get free software updates.

Provides complete image support.

Enjoy real-time collaboration.


Poor customer support.

Download: Fade In for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad

Price: $79.95, free trial available

10. Squibler: Top Screenwriting Software For Mac & Windows With Collaboration Capabilities

Squibler is known for making the screenwriting process an effortless one; all credit goes to its easy-to-use editing and project management tools. No matter what kind of screenplay you wish to write, be it Comedy, Adventure, Action, Drama or any other genre, chances are that you will find a suitable template for your choice.

The screenwriting software simplifies the overall process of creating your own team, sharing your work and collaborating with other writers, proof-readers or anyone from your production team. Specifically, for the night owls out there, Squibler offers Night Mode to reduce eye strain and help you focus better.

The screenwriting tool comes loaded with 30+ screenplay templates to get started.

Features a drag and drop interface which makes adding heading, beat boards and other interactive elements an effortless process.

Has a powerful built-in collaboration feature and other handy tools for writers like plot generator and so on,


Lots of customizable features to make your screenplay stand out.

Split-Screen mode to easily view different parts of your script together.

The screenwriting software is not only a desktop solution but also a cloud solution.


The screenwriting software is relatively slow.

Price: $9.99/Month, 14-days free trial

Download: Squibler for Windows, Mac and Mobile

For the Screenwriters….!

The screenwriting apps listed above are the top picks amongst hundreds of available ones. Each one of these apps helps a beginner or a pro artist create screenplays in easy to understand and a proper script format. Having these amazing tools by your side will ease the process of formatting screenplay texts. You can however use MS Word, Google Docs for writing scripts if you love to put manual efforts. All you need to have is a basic know-how of how to format a screenplay.

These apps are just an alternative to the features you get along with industry-stated screenwriting software. But, you can always rely on them to get sorted with your creatives and these formats are acceptable in the entertainment industry.


What is the Best Screenwriting Software for Mac?

Arc Studio Pro is one of the best well-designed tools for screenwriting. It goes beyond the industry standard formatting and provides a distraction-free writing experience. Not only this, it offers top-notch autocomplete and intuitive shortcuts to ease the overall process.


What Software Do Most Screenwriters Use?

Well, there are a plethora of options, but one of the most prominent choices among the glut for Filmmakers and Writers is Final Draft. It has been in the market for decades and it is used by over 90 percent of Film and TV Productions.


Can You Write A Screenplay On Microsoft Word?

Yes! Microsoft Word has a ‘Screenplay Template’ that you can download for free of cost from the official website of Microsoft Office. As soon as you add the template to your Word, simply open the new ‘Screenplay Template’ and start writing.

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