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Blogging Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Now blogging is considered as a serious option even by the largest organizations around the world. They have a separate blog section on their sites to spread-word about their products & services.

Whether you are a blogger or an amateur it doesn’t matter. One of the important aspects of blogging is to avoid blogging mistakes. These mistakes not only harm your business reputation, but can also cause serious revenue losses.

10 Blogging Mistakes that You Should Avoid

This simple degeneration may cost you time & money for no good reason.

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Lack of research: If you don’t research enough before writing a blog it is simply a brain dump. You are not providing any valuable or useful information to your readers. If you simply write what interests you without proper topic & keyword research, then chances are high readers will not stick to your blog for a long time. Another important thing is using data as evidence to build creditability of your content.

Missing on internal linking: Proper internal linking to other useful resources from your blog not only makes your blog information-rich, but it will also help you spread blog authority equally to all pages. It is useful SEO practice you can follow for improved results.

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Unorganized publishing: Readers simply don’t read your complete blog at first instead they scan & skim the content. The general mistake blogger, do is they write well-researched piece of content but forget to organize it for better reading. Here, you should write short paragraphs, use bullet-points & numbers, use headings & subheadings, use proper introduction & conclusion part, and follow similar practices for better readability. You can even use best SEO tools to know readability score of your content and understand other important aspects of your content.

Writing thin content: Writing thin & poor-quality content is a mistake that is unavoidable. If you write for crawlers instead of user intent, then it will surely backfire. Plagiarism is also an important aspect you should take care of. To avoid thin and poor-quality content you should do in-depth research of topic, do keyword research and write long-form content to provide enough knowledge to readers about the topic.

Lack of editorial calendar: Most bloggers miss on consistency part when it comes to blogging regularly. If you don’t have writing schedule and editorial calendar, then your blogging efforts may go in vain. Thus, you should write with consistency on regular intervals to provide useful information to your readers.

Wrong CTA placement: Using wrong CTA placement may not generate expected outcome when you are writing long-form content. As studies suggest, almost 60% of the readers don’t read complete content, thus you can’t rely on only 40% readers who read till the end and place CTA at the end of the blog. Thus, try placing CTA in the middle of the content where suitable.

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Missing on crucial analytics report: Tracking analytics is a good practice to know traffic and user behavior, but if you solely review temporary traffic you may fail to understand future traffic changes from your present report. Temporary traffic may arise by sending emails, social media sharing, and similar ways that don’t last long. Thus, you should keep tab on organic traffic that is coming from search engines organically when you plan your content and SEO strategy.


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5 Cover Letter Mistakes To Avoid

3. Be creative.

Hiring managers aren’t going to finish reading your cover letter if they are bored after the first line. A strong intro should highlight experiences, years of work or something specific from the job posting, suggested Kyser.

“Hiring managers often pay even less attention to cover letters than they do resumes, so having something more than ‘I am applying for the position and such and such’ in your first paragraph is key,” she told Business News Daily.

Another way you can make your cover letter pop is to include a brief story that connects you to the company through its mission and/or product. “This exercise will undoubtedly separate you from the majority of other candidates,” said Kenneth Johnson, president of East Coast Executives.

4. Mention referrals.

If you were introduced or connected to a hiring manager by a specific employee at the company or a mutual industry contact, include that person’s name in your cover letter (with their permission).

“Candidates can include referrals in a cover letter to make them stand out,” said Bill Peppler, COO of staffing firm Kavaliro. “They should always gain permission for this before they name-drop, but the cover letter gives a great opportunity to include the name of someone that can vouch for your skills.”

5. Address potential resume concerns.

A well-crafted cover letter does more than explain why you’re the right person for the job. It also gives you the chance to explain items on your resume that might otherwise be considered red flags.

“Address any issues that may give a hiring manager pause, such as gaps in employment,” said Diane Domeyer Kock, senior vice president and managing director at Robert Half.

6. Don’t just repeat your resume.

While your cover letter should reference material from your resume, it shouldn’t simply be a word-for-word repeat, said Jane Trnka, former executive director of the career resources center for business graduate students at Rollins College. Use the cover letter to expand where necessary and discuss your listed experiences from a different angle.

“Craft the letter to acknowledge the requirements of the role and culture of the organization, while highlighting the skills and experiences that align with the job description,” Trnka told Business News Daily.


A cover letter is a great place to discuss any volunteer efforts or side projects that may not be on your resume but are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

7. Proofread and fact-check.

As with any other job application materials, it’s imperative to check and double-check your cover letter for any grammatical or factual errors. Even the smallest mistake can make a bad impression on the person reading your letter.

“If there are errors of any kind, it’s a huge red flag,” said Guryan Tighe, leadership coach and founder of Fourage. “This is your one opportunity to impress [the hiring manager] and show who you are. If there are typos, misspellings, or formatting issues, it’s generally an automatic out.”

8. Keep it brief.

Hiring managers are busy and usually have a lot of applications to look at. Keeping your cover letter concise and to the point will improve your chances of it being read and makes the hiring manager’s job easier – which is always a good thing.

“The best cover letters can [be] concise, friendly and transparent,” said Chris Wood, president of Paige Technologies. “The best cover letters get right to the heart of why we are a great fit for them, and why they are the best fit for us.”

Sean Peek, Saige Driver and Brittney Morgan contributed to the writing and reporting in this article. Source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

8 Hypothyroidism Medication Mistakes To Avoid

When the thyroid gland does not make or secrete enough thyroid hormone, a condition known as hypothyroidism occurs.

The thyroid gland is a crucial component of the body’s regulatory system. The thyroid, which has the shape of a butterfly, is an organ located near the base of the throat, below Adam’s apple. TSH keeps T3 (thyroxine) and T4 (triiodothyronine) in check by activating the thyroid gland to produce them.

Levothyroxine, a synthetic version of thyroxine, treats hypothyroidism and restores normal thyroid hormone levels in most patients. However, people make some typical blunders when utilizing these drugs, and a few of them are discussed in the following section.

Not Telling your Doctor you are Going to take Supplements

Your doctor should know about supplements you take, like iodine, because they may change how your hypothyroidism is treated. Even though your body needs iodine to make thyroid hormones, most people in the United States get enough iodine from the food and water they eat and drink. Too much iodine can cause thyroid hormone levels to go too high or too low, so avoiding this supplement is best.

Missing Thyroid Medicines

It’s normal to forget to take your thyroid medicine occasionally. It might be challenging for some people to remember to simultaneously take their thyroid medicine every day. But if you forget to take your medicine, then it can severely impact your health. It can lead to abnormal behavior in your body’s glands.

Lunch and Snacktime Dosing for Thyroid Medication

If you want your body to absorb the synthetic thyroid hormone properly, you must do it on an empty stomach and wait for at least 45 to 60 minutes before eating.

You can achieve this goal most efficiently by taking your thyroid medicine in the morning. To ensure they take their prescription on an empty stomach, the patients set the alarm at 5 a.m., take the medication, and then go back to sleep. You should wait at least four hours after eating to take your thyroid medication at night if you do so.

Combining Thyroid Medication and Coffee Changing Your Medication Without Consulting Your Doctor

Birth control pills, estrogen, testosterone, seizure medications, and some antidepressants can all interfere with your body’s ability to absorb thyroid hormone, as the American Thyroid Association (ATA) reports.

However, you should inform your doctor if you plan to use any other medications other than those listed above. Finding the optimal thyroid hormone dosage will likely only require some trial and error.

You should also visit your doctor if you decide to stop taking any of these medications or make any other changes to how you take them since your thyroid hormone dosage may need to be adjusted.

Thinking It’s No Huge Thing to Switch Brands of Medicine

According to the ATA, there is no difference in the amount of thyroid replacement hormone found in brand-name and generic thyroid medications.

Although the ADA acknowledges that there is no discernible difference in hormone content between brands, many endocrinologists believe that there is and that additional elements can interfere with the hormone’s absorption with each brand.

So, you shouldn’t switch brands, generics, or brand names when filling a prescription at the pharmacy unless your doctor gives you the green light.

Overusing Thyroid Hormone Under the False Impression That it is safe

There is little reason to concern if you take too much of the synthetic thyroid hormone T4. However, the Cleveland Clinic warns that taking too much of it might have negative effects, such as drowsiness, trouble sleeping or concentrating, bone loss, and irregular heartbeats.

If you have taken more of your medication than was intended, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Not Regularly Taking Your Thyroid Medication

Your treatment will be most effective if you adhere to the prescribed dosing schedule. The effectiveness of your prescription may change if you skip doses, take it in the morning one day and the evening the next, or take it with food some days and on an empty stomach other days.

The APA recommends taking medication simultaneously and in the same manner daily. If you have trouble remembering to take your medication appropriately, try using a pillbox or an alarm on your phone.


Your doctor will determine the appropriate dosage for Hypothyroidism. This depends on several factors, including your thyroid hormone levels, body mass index (BMI), age, gender, and the medication’s strength.

Your doctor has determined the best dose for you, so always take it exactly as written on the label. Your doctor will check your blood for thyroid hormone levels to see if your treatment has the desired effect or if you need a different dosage.

To treat hypothyroidism, levothyroxine is often started at a low dose of 100 mcg once daily and increased by 25 mcg every four to six weeks. Adjustments are normally made gradually once every six to eight weeks for people over 50 and/or with cardiovascular disease.

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Parts For A Gaming Pc

At a time when video card prices keep going up, it’s important to know how to best spend your money. People that work in marketing are certainly doing their jobs well, impressing with big numbers, cool designs, press articles and so on. You might be tempted to get that “deal” on 32GB of RAM that runs at 3600MHz just because those numbers look impressive. But that won’t boost your game FPS as much as you might think. In fact, the improvement is usually so small, it’s basically wasted money.

Just because you are building a high-end gaming PC doesn’t mean you have to pay an insane price for every single part. Here are some mistakes people make when buying parts for a gaming PC and how you can avoid them.

Don’t Buy “Gaming OC” Video Cards

This might seem counter-intuitive. You’re a gamer: you want the best. You don’t want that regular RTX 2080 Grandma is using. You want that beast: “RTX 2080 Gaming OC eXtreme Edition.” But slapping the words “gaming” and “OC” (overclock) next to video card names is simply a marketing trick to make people pay more for almost the same hardware. Not to say that this applies to all gaming hardware. For example, a gaming mouse may be worth the extra price.

When a manufacturer launches a video card, it’s in their best interest to push their hardware to the (safest) limit. It would make no sense that a regular 2080 would score, say, 10,000 points in a benchmark, while the gaming version would score 12,500. It would mean that the entire team of engineers at a huge manufacturer left 25% of performance on the table.

“Gaming” video cards are simply slightly overclocked versions of the regular card. In some cases they may also have better cooling, but that’s it. That means that you might get, say, 5% more FPS in your favorite game.

However, the price for a gaming card is usually much, much higher than that of the regular version. So you might pay 30% more money for 5% more performance, which is clearly not a win for you. Furthermore, you can overclock a regular card just as well, and you will get the same boost in performance.

This means that rather than paying 30% more for a “gaming card,” just pay 30% more for another (regular) card that is 30% better (or in the vicinity of that).

RAM Frequency Is Not Important in Games

Not to say that it doesn’t matter at all, but double the RAM frequency won’t give you double performance. Not even 50%. If you upgrade from, say, ancient 1333Mhz to 2666, you might get 10% more FPS as a best-case scenario. The improvements are usually much smaller than that. It does depend on how the game is coded, but most games won’t see significant boosts in FPS. That’s simply because the video card processes frames internally and rarely needs to access data in your system RAM while it’s rendering.

RAM speed may give you significant improvements in other areas, such as compiling programs, rendering videos, photos, etc., but it matters very little in gaming. So just pick a respectable brand of RAM and pay no attention to frequency. If lower frequency is cheaper, buy that and invest the money you saved in a better video card. You will see much higher improvements.

And, just like “gaming” video cards, just because it looks cool and claims to be optimized for games, it doesn’t mean it’s worth the extra money.

Don’t Judge a CPU by Generation and Number of Cores

There is a huge difference in performance, between a first-generation Intel CPU and a second-generation. But when you go from second-gen to third, you won’t see significant gains. Sometimes a new generation brings improvements to the integrated GPU: lower power requirements and new features introduced.

But in terms of how fast it can process data, the improvements may be very small. It depends on what the engineers tried to improve on that specific new generation.

The rule of thumb is the same as above: don’t pay 50% more money for 10% improvements.

Think of single-threaded performance as how fast the CPU can respond. The faster it responds, the faster the video card can know what image to render. And think of cores as how many things at once the CPU can do.

Consult benchmark results to decide on your CPU. For example, if you google “i7-7700K passmark,” you will find this benchmark. Then google “ryzen 7 1800x passmark” if you think that CPU might be better and cost less. While the total score is higher, the single-thread rating is much lower.


We hope you’ll be able to save a few dollars by avoiding unnecessary upgrades, and reinvest it where it matters most: a better video card. May it never let you fall under 60FPS ever again! Well, at least for a few years.

Alexandru Andrei

Fell in love with computers when he was four years old. 27 years later, the passion is still burning, fueling constant learning. Spends most of his time in terminal windows and SSH sessions, managing Linux desktops and servers.

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The Tracking Tool That Monitors Your Guest Blogging Campaign Effectiveness

Trying to keep track of backlinks is one of the most miserable elements of being a guest blogger. Relying on the blog owner not to remove, edit or cancel backlinks in posts and bylines, you often have recourse if something goes wrong. This is not due to any malicious intentions by the blog owner, but simply that you might not realize a change has occurred, and sometimes they won’t, either.

Over the last few years there have been a number of programs created to deal with this issue. Usually expensive and complicated, guest bloggers that are limited in their in technical knowledge might be reluctant to use them. Especially given the SEO focus that is heavy on most applications. They just aren’t made with writers in mind.

The First Blogger-Centric Tracker

At chúng tôi we have attempted to take care of this issue. We are offering the first blog-centric link tracking called MBG Tracker. Created with bloggers as their primary focus, it is very basic and easy to use.

The fundamental priorities with this tracker are:

Watch for guest post deletion or edits, e.g.:

To look out for domain expiration where your work is hosted.

Check for SEO backlink plugins that have been enacted on blogs and broken your byline and post backlinks.

Monitor traffic, likes and tweets.

How It Works

You open the program and create a new project. This will allow you to specify parameters using a base URL, which will monitored. This makes it easier to collect various articles under the single URL, instead of endless projects being open at once.

Once you have the projects created, you will be able to add your guest post URLs. The tool will automatically retrieve each page details (like article title and you link details):

If anything ever goes wrong with any of your guest post or links, you’ll receive an email alert( when there are any changes you should be aware of). Once you are alerted, you will be able to act accordingly. For example, if a domain has expired due to a website being abandoned, you can take your work elsewhere. If someone chooses to delete a post, you can contact the blog owner to tell them you will be providing the post to another website.

From the application itself, you can watch the tweets, Facebook likes and overall traffic. It is a quick way to see the impact of specific posts. For example, you can easily identify the guest post that sent you most traffic (and to guest post there again):

Or find guest articles that enjoyed hugest social media traction:

The Future of MBG Tracker

You might be surprised by how simple these features really are. There are no frills of included SEO tools other than basic traffic monitoring. For most guest bloggers, this will be an adequate amount of features. Especially given the low price, which is only to cover development costs.

But some new features are on the way, including a customizable .PDF exporter, a guest post widget, traffic history, etc.

If you want to give it a try, you can create your trial account here: MyBlogGuest Tracker

Disclaimer: The tool belongs to me. This review is biased but absolutely free.

Should You Pay Or Not? – Webnots

WordPress is the most used free and open-source content management systems (CMS) in the world. WordPress powers more than 40% of all sites available on the web. This is quite natural because creating and maintain a website is quite easy with WordPress. There is no need for website owners to learn HTML or programming and the platform has a user-friendly interface.

One of the most important elements of WordPress CMS is the WordPress theme. This is the element of the WordPress website that provides all of the front end stylings. They include a folder of template data which takes care of specific parts of the website. These themes are multi-purpose by nature allowing users to use them on different type of sites. Downloading and installing these WordPress themes is very easy and fast. Today, there are hundreds of WordPress themes available for website owners and some of them are free while you have to pay for others.

In the recent period, many people are wondering whether they should opt for paid or free WordPress themes. If you are in a situation like this, it is the best idea to learn more about the difference between these two types of themes.

Free WordPress Theme: An Overview

There are literally thousands of free WordPress themes available in the market. In fact, most websites use or start with free themes. One of the main reasons why they are so popular is the fact that they are free – you don’t have to pay a dime for them. This also means that you should feel free to try different themes until you find the one that suits your site the best.

Next, when we compare free WordPress themes with the paid ones, we will notice that most of them are compatible with almost all plugins. This is not true for paid themes. When creators of Free WP themes make them they have functionality in mind and that’s why they are creating a product that will be useful to most users. Of course, finding a way to make them compatible with plugins is one way to achieve this goal. The plugins are very important, so you should keep this fact in mind when making your final decision.

Contrary to popular belief, free WP themes provide excellent customer support. The vast majority of developers will be glad to answer all your questions and help you in case you get stuck. In fact, many of the developers are creating both free and paid themes, so they definitely want to keep their reputation. If you are concerned about support, you should also remember that since there are more users of free WordPress themes, there are more people that have experience with any theme you choose. So, you can ask questions on forums, websites, discussion boards and you’ll probably get an answer fast.

The only downside is that they might not be so unique, but as we said before, there are thousands of free themes and their number is increasing so if you are worried about uniqueness – do some research. We are sure that you will find a theme that is not overused.

Paid WordPress Theme: An Overview

Paid WP themes are obviously themes that you must purchase. Their typical price usually starts at $25, but they can cost a few hundred dollars too. This is a huge no-no for many website owners especially the ones that are just starting their online ventures.

They definitely have a unique design than most free themes, but it all depends on the theme you have selected. There is no doubt that there are some unique free themes too. When we say paid themes, this doesn’t mean that we are talking about limited products. In other words, hundreds of people can pay for the same theme and use it on their website.

Paid WordPress themes promise enhanced security. This is especially important for online shops where paid transactions are in play. Once again, this doesn’t make paid themes better than free themes, at least not in general. Namely, there are many free themes that are offering great security options too.

Freemium Model Astra Theme

Get the most popular WordPress theme to build your site with complete suite of tools and grow your business online.

Get Astra ProGet Hosting

Should You Pay or Not?

Update the detailed information about Blogging Mistakes That You Should Avoid on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!