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Five years is an eternity in crypto. Since Cloudbet was first launched, the landscape has changed countless times One thing has been constant though-out, the community.

Win Bitcoin to celebrate our fifth anniversary

Cloudbet is born

How Cloudbet built trust

Rewarding the early players

What went wrong

What the future holds

These are the dates that made us.

October 2013 – Cloudbet is born – Bitcointalk makes the delivery November 2013 – Adjusting our limits November 2013 – Instant Withdrawals

January 2014 – Rewarding our earliest players

The Welcome Bonus was intended to be a short-lived promotion, but is still available to this day, though active players can expect a wider range of ongoing incentives across sportsbook and casino.

February 2014 – Cloudbet Live Casino launch

Each month we add more games to our casino. And as our range of online slots grows, the number of winners also increases.  Our casino has seen a number of successful players, the most impressive of which was the record 160 BTC ‘Troll Hunters’ winner, to players learning the ropes in the free to play area, our casino welcomes everyone.

May 2014 – Trust & Security

As much as we recognized the importance of gaining trust we also realized that we had to demonstrate that funds held by Cloudbet were secure, so the decision was made that Cloudbet would go to market offering cold storage as standard. If you’re not sure what that means you can read this article about why it’s important, but in short we keep all funds offline – except for those required to honor withdrawals – where they are impossible for hackers to reach. And we’ve done that since day one.

Security has remained a fundamental aspect of our service, and as recently as June of 2023 we took further measures to make accounts even more secure, adding SMS Verification. By registering your phone number to your account you get a further layer of security.

July 2014 – Live betting for the World Cup

As well as listening via communities like Bitcointalk we regularly survey our customers, and we consistently hear ‘we love your live betting options’ but equally ‘we want more’. We are listening, and are continually expanding live markets.

January 2023 – The First Steps For Localisation

Though Bitcoin has proven itself to be a global currency, we knew that as long as our site was only available in English, we wouldn’t be offering the best experience possible. That’s why in January 2023, we rolled out Korean and Indonesian translations for our site. This was followed by Turkish, Chinese and Russian. In our quest to bring bitcoin gambling to as wide an audience as possible, we’ll be looking to add even more in the coming months.

April 2023 – Bitcoin Cash & Fork Funds

Introducing a new currency might be enough for most sportsbooks. But not us. As another way of giving something back to our players, in the same month as we launched BCH as a currency on Cloudbet,  we honored the Bitcoin Cash fork. Every player who had bitcoin funds in their Cloudbet account at the time of the fork was granted corresponding Bitcoin Cash to match their bitcoin balance. If you were playing with us at that time, check your account, you might still have some of your windfalls. Adding Bitcoin Cash has proven to be a popular choice, with over 11,000 BCH paid out as winnings in our sportsbook since it launched, and players still place huge amounts of bets daily.

May 2023 – More than just a bitcoin betting site Getting things wrong

Thanks to the early improvements and the feedback from the community from our early adopters we saw incredibly rapid growth in the number of our users. It was an incredibly exciting time for us, despite bitcoin having a troubled year, we saw more players than ever before. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. We weren’t able to respond to our customer’s queries as quickly as we’d like. And there’s a good chance that some were frustrated by that. Even though we couldn’t sort the situation out as quickly as possible, it was a reminder that we had to invest in the right places.

What does the future hold?

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5 Celebrities Who Nailed Their Nft Drops

Over the past year, there has been a range of celebrities entering the NFT space. Whether to become a collector, member of the community, or pursue a new stream of revenue, stars — like many outside of the crypto and non-fungible ecosystem — are jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

Yet, while celebrities continue to launch themselves into the metaverse, a sort of unspoken governance has developed within the NFT space, effectively providing a filter for high-profile names hoping to join the community. Because of this, it’s become easy to discern the difference between stars who hope to uplift the space, and those looking to achieve the next multimillion-dollar NFT sale.

Cautionary tales aside, here’s a list of the celebrities who nailed their NFT drops and received a thumbs-up from the collective NFT community.

One of the most notable drops of 2023 came from the pairing of Paris Hilton and Blake Kathryn. Hilton entered the space as a collector and enthusiast, and endeavored to gain the trust and support of the NFT community long before she voiced her desire to conceive an NFT drop.

After weeks of engaging with artists and collectors, as well as purchasing a diverse range of pieces from influential creators in the space, Hilton solidified a reputation for herself as an NFT purist. And when she announced that her forthcoming drop would feature visuals from prominent crypto artist Kathryn — who is known for her soft, colorful 3D portraits and landscapes — it was clear the socialite had gotten in the game for the right reasons.

The collection — consisting of a 1/1, two multi-editions, and one open edition — hosted on Nifty Gateway in April 2023, sold out immediately, receiving widespread praise from the NFT community. Even after the drop, Hilton continued to engage with the community: She continued to collect art, educated her peers and followers, and even launched a gallery with Sevens Grant that displayed art from female-identifying NFT artists.

Mike Tyson has worn an interesting assortment of hats throughout his career, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when the boxing legend announced he was gearing up for an NFT drop in August 2023.

He had initially shown his involvement in the NFT space by collecting a few pieces and changing his Twitter PFP to a Cool Cat. And when it came time to create the art for his drop, nft now actually helped connect the dots by introducing Tyson to Cory Van Lew.

“When we got to Cory, we had been through probably 20 other (artists) that were really good too,” Tyson previously told nft now about selecting Van Lew to partner with. “I just liked the way I looked in his. The colors helped a lot.”

By both accounts, the creative process was rich with collaboration, with Van Lew and Tyson bouncing ideas back and forth in hopes of offering the NFT ecosystem something new and exciting. The collection, consisting of 11 1/1s and six edition pieces, sold out quickly. “The Mike Tyson NFT Collection” provides a testament to both Van Lew’s creative excellence and Tyson’s desire to take part in the future of digital culture. Be sure to check out our “Behind the Drop” mini-doc on the collaboration!

Steve Aoki is an avid part of the NFT community, but even he had to start somewhere. He began his journey into creating NFTs toward the beginning of 2023, and has collected and engaged with numerous influential projects over the year.

Dropping my first ever NFT collection next week! Lil teaser 🤫 this is the first piece in the collection. Visual design by @Antonitudisco. Opens LIVE on @niftygateway next Sunday 3/7 at 2PM ET. We’ll have limited edition packs, open editions and more so u will want to be quick. chúng tôi Steve Aoki (@steveaoki) February 28, 2023

There have been several artists from the music industry who have found success in NFTs over the past year, with Aoki surely helping lead the way. His peers — such as 3LAU and RAC — have been NFT maximalists since before the 2023 bull market even began, and the NFT community seemed ready to accept the energy and creativity Aoki brought to the table.

From his first drop, it was clear the DJ had plans far beyond being a hobbyist in the space, giving his collectors the sense that he was here to stay by collecting, discussing and engaging with NFTs and communities outside his own. To date, Aoki has dropped two NFT collections that went beyond expectations by offering up bonus collectibles, and even a burn mechanism for collectors to destroy editions of his previous collection to receive new NFTs.

Snoop Dogg will always be one of the most legendary names in rap, but over the course of his career, he’s continued to push the boundaries of his personal brand well beyond music. At this point, he has the clout and freedom to venture into almost anything he wishes. And as a true creator of culture, it only makes sense that Snoop would get into NFTs sooner than later.

Back in March of 2023, Snoop made his entrance into the NFT space known with the announcement of an exclusive drop via chúng tôi Although he wasn’t yet an active part of the NFT community, the news was welcomed by those who understood Snoop’s history as an entrepreneur and connoisseur of internet culture.

His first drop, “A Journey With the Dogg,” went off without a hitch, setting him up for his 4/20 collection with Chris Torres, the creator of the iconic Nyan Cat character. Snoop has continued to engage with the community, even sparking intrigue by changing his avatar to a CryptoPunk and claiming to be the creator of Cozomo de’ Medici, an avid NFT collector and influencer.

As one of the biggest innovators in the NFT space, 3LAU goes far beyond the category of “celebrity NFT drops,” but definitely deserves a mention on this list.

Although 3LAU gained a following as a producer/DJ, his main focus seems to center around how NFTs can potentially revolutionize the music industry through artist independence and community ownership. While working on an assortment of projects within the space, 3LAU has raked in accolades and respect, even earning the title of the first person to auction off a “collection of NFTs representing a best-selling album.“

With the total number of NFT collections he’s dropped nearing the double digits, 3LAU’s pioneering influence can be found throughout the NFT community, especially where music is involved. He and others from the music industry continue to set a precedent for those wishing to enter the NFT space, offering insight into how celebrities can join and engage within the NFT community, so they too might nail their NFT drops.

Photo courtesy of Cory Van Lew.

We Tested 5 Ai Logo Makers, Here’s What We Found

The AI boom has seen the release of many tools, be it text generators or image generators. Developers are finding new and interesting ways to implement AI in our daily tasks and this includes the new much popular Bing Chat, a new way to search the web from Microsoft. Among these new releases, there have also been AI logo makers, a new way to generate logos for your brand or company with the help of AI.

Most of these AI logo makers rely on certain prompts from you, which can help these tools generate logos based on your needs and the field in which your company or brand operates. But you might wonder, with all the caveats of AI and its hurdles when trying to perform creative tasks, how do AI logo makers fare, and how good are they? Well, we have the perfect post for you! Follow along as we test 5 AI logo makers and discuss their results extensively while testing them out with different prompts wherever possible. Let’s get started!

The 5 AI logo generators we decided to test

We decided to pick five popular AI logo makers that seem to be quite popular lately and test them out in different scenarios. Here are the five AI logo makers we decided to test and what makes them stand apart from the rest of the offerings currently available.

1. Looka

Our first choice is Looka, a relatively comprehensive free AI logo maker that allows you to make your choices beforehand. With a few choices of logos, your brand name, preferred color palette, and more, you can generate 100s of logos for your brand or organization in a couple of minutes. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-use logo maker that gives you enough choices to stand out from the crowd, then Looka is a great option. Check out our tests below to determine if Looka is the best choice for you.

2. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is another comprehensive logo maker that focuses more on creative choices. It allows you to choose your field, preferred aesthetic, and how you want your logo to look be it an icon-based logo or a text-based logo. You can also choose your preferred icon styles as well as the fonts you like so that the AI generates the final results based on your choices. 

3. Fiverr Logo Maker

You might know Fiverr as a popular freelancing platform but the company recently launched a comprehensive AI logo maker that works pretty well. Much like other logo makers it allows you to choose your brand name, tagline, and profession field. But it also allows you to add keywords that define your brand which are used when generating your logo. Additionally, instead of weighting keywords in your prompts, you get sliders to dictate the look, style, and more for your final logos. Additionally, you also get to choose an art style which is a rarity when it comes to AI logo makers. And while other offerings on this list will lead to similar results based on your choices, Fiverr’s logo maker can surprisingly offer a lot of variety when generating the final logos.

4. Fotor

Fotor released an AI integrated into their online editor quite a while back, and this AI can generate quite a few comprehensive logos. It works much like an AI image generator, working off of prompts and negative prompts presented by you. Sadly this also means that it has the drawbacks of other AI image generators as well, mainly the lack of the ability to add text to your final images. However, if you’re just looking for a logo for your brand or organization and wish to add text be it your brand name or slogan to it on your own, then Fotor can be a great choice for you.

5. Designs.AI

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Our testing process for AI logo generators

We first tried making logos for different brands, organizations, and services to test these AI logo makers and their capabilities. Then we try prompting the AI for different art styles if available, and then try negative prompts and how they affect logo generation. Additionally, many AIs are known to produce different results when prompted in different languages, so we tried that as well although it only works with certain logo makers that actually allow you to prompt the AI. Most of the currently available offerings offer a simple UI that does not involve prompting, which limits their testing. So let’s get started and see how each of these offerings fare in our testing.

Trying to create logos for different brands

Let’s try creating the following logos through each of the services and see how similar they are to each other. The more unique styles we get, the more likely the chance that you, too, will end up with something unique and worth using. On the other hand, if the AI simply combines font and icon choices into random logos, then we likely don’t have a good logo maker. Let’s get started.

Our brand

We first tried generating logos for our own brand, chúng tôi using these logo generators. Nothing fancy, we used the following information to get started and see what each logo maker comes up with using the features offered by each one of them.

Slogan/Tagline: We explain tech!

Industry: Tech/Technology

Keywords (if prompted): Technology, tech, gadgets, gaming, software, AI, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS

Results from Looka

Following were the results produced by Looka when we used the details mentioned above.

Results from Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands’ logo maker came up with these logos for our brands when presented with our predetermined choices mentioned above.

Results from Fiverr Logo Maker

Fiverr’s logo maker uses personality settings and different art styles to generate logos. You can customize these choices based on the logo and the brand’s voice you wish to portray. We used the following settings when using Fiverr’s logo maker.

Personality settings used

Accessible: 4/5

Classic: 3/5

Traditional: 2/5

Fun: 3/5

Simple: 3/5

Minimalist logos

Hand-Drawn logos

3D logos

Geometric logos

Vintage logos

Cartoon logos

Results from Fotor

Fotor is more of an image generator, and thus we used the following prompt which resulted in the following final results for our logo. 

Prompt used: Logo for a tech company, 3D, modern, minimalistic, metallic or pastel, circular, aesthetic, photorealistic

Results from Designs.AI

Designs.AI generated the following logos for our brand when we chose the preferred tone and icons we liked based on the relevant industry and workspace.

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A Rock band

Now let’s try creating logos for a rock band using these services. This is the fictional band and the information we used when generating the logos below. 

Name: Laughing Saints

Slogan/Tagline: Preaching the word of rock!

Industry: Music

Keywords (if prompted): Music band, indie artist, rock music, edgy, grunge, revolt, skulls, guitars, drums, loud, speakers

Results from Looka

Looka created the following results when generating a logo for our fictional rock band.

Results from Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands’ logo maker came up with these results for our fictional rock band.

Results from Fiverr Logo Maker

We used the following personality settings when generating a logo for our rock band using Fiverr’s logo maker. These settings resulted in the following logos for all the different art styles listed below.

Personality settings used

Accessible: 2/5

Classic: 1/5

Traditional: 4/5

Fun: 5/5

Simple: 1/5

Minimalist logos

Hand-Drawn logos

3D logos

Geometric logos

Vintage logos

Cartoon logos

Results from Fotor

Fotor generated these logos when using the following prompt for our fictional rock band.

Prompt used: Logo for a Music band, indie artist, rock music, edgy, grunge, revolt, skulls, guitars, drums, loud, speakers

Results from Designs.AI

Designs.AI came up with the following logos for our fictional rock band.

A legal company

Name: Fair Legal & Trading

Slogan/Tagline: N/A

Industry: Legal services

Results from Looka

Looka created the following logos for our fictional legal firm depending on the initial information we inputted as mentioned above.

Results from Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands came up with these logos for our fictional legal firm when using the information mentioned at the top.

Results from Fiverr Logo Maker

We used the following personality settings for all art styles which resulted in the following logos when using Fiverr’s logo maker.

Personality settings used

Accessible: 5/5

Classic: 4/5

Traditional: 4/5

Fun: 1/5

Simple: 3/5

Minimalist logos

Hand-Drawn logos

3D logos

Geometric logos

Vintage logos

Cartoon logos

Results from Fotor

We used the following prompt with Fotor to create a logo for our fictional legal firm.

Prompt used: Logo for a legal firm, 3D, modern, minimalistic, pastel, geometric aesthetic, photorealistic, elegant, assertive, excellence, problem solving

Results from Designs.AI

Designs.AI came up with the following logos when using the information mentioned at the top for our legal firm. 

A Government authority

Name: Health & Wellness Department of Taured

Slogan/Tagline: N/A

Industry: Medical services

Keywords (if prompted): Hospital, medical services, wellness services, non-profit, government department, official

Results from Looka

Looka resulted in the following logos when generating logos for our fictional health department for the country of Taured.

Results from Tailor Brands

Using Tailor Brands to generate logos resulted in the following results.

Results from Fiverr Logo Maker

We used the following personality settings to generate logos for our fictional health department when using Fiverr’s logo maker.

Personality settings used

Accessible: 5/5

Classic: 4/5

Traditional: 4/5

Fun: 1/5

Simple: 1/5

Minimalist logos

Hand-Drawn logos

3D logos

Geometric logos

Vintage logos

Cartoon logos

Results from Fotor

The following prompt was used to generate a logo for our fictional health department using Fotor.

Prompt used: Logo for a government medical department, 3D, traditional, minimalistic, elegant aesthetic, photorealistic, elegant, wellness, health, taking care, recovery

Results from Designs.AI

Using chúng tôi resulted in the following logos for our fictional health department.

A grocery store

Name: Everyday Groceries

Slogan/Tagline: Providing fresh produce and products!

Industry: Food retail

Keywords (if prompted): Groceries, food, processed food, fresh produce, fruits, vegetables

Results from Looka

Looka came up with the following logos when using the information above for our fictional grocery store.

Results from Tailor Brands

Using Tailor Brands to generate a logo for our fictional grocery store resulted in the following outcomes.

Results from Fiverr Logo Maker

We changed the personality settings to match the voice of our fictional grocery store brand in Fiverr’s logo maker which resulted in the following logos.

Personality settings used

Accessible: 5/5

Classic: 2/5

Traditional: 2/5

Fun: 3/5

Simple: 2/5

Minimalist logos

Hand-Drawn logos

3D logos

Geometric logos

Vintage logos

Cartoon logos

Results from Fotor

We decided to use a descriptive prompt with a few more keywords with Fotor, which resulted in the following logo for our fictional grocery store.

Prompt used: Logo for a grocery store, Groceries, food, processed food, fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, shopping cart, happy customer, pastel colors, minimalistic traditional design, trust, authentic, reliable, 3D, photorealistic, circular logo, prominent logo, logo for business billboard

Results from Designs.AI

Designs.AI resulted in the following logos for our fictional grocery store.


In our experience, the best choice seems to be Fiverr’s AI logo maker. It is quite comprehensive, seems to have a unique set of artworks to be inspired from, and generally ends up producing a lot of variety. It also complies with our design choices much better and can produce logos in different art styles as well. Fiverr’s logo maker also seems much more adept at choosing the right icons and designs for your brand based on your industry and other requirements. While other logo makers seem to simply re-use the logos and design choices you liked in the previous steps, Fiverr’s logo maker actually seems to account for your choices and generate designs inspired by them rather than simply re-using them with slight modifications. So if you’re looking to make the most of your purchases and get some unique logo designs in the process, then you should definitely give Fiverr’s AI logo maker a shot.

However, there are a few places where the logo maker did not perform as expected, mainly when testing different art styles individually. You might have noticed in the results above that despite changing art styles, some logos seem to re-appear in every art style. This could be due to a lack of unique prompts in our testing or simply due to the overlapping art styles of some logos. Though some results make it seem that the AI was simply struggling for unique logo choices, thus regurgitating the same logos generated previously. We recommend you keep this in mind before you decide to use Fiverr’s AI logo maker as your final choice.

If predetermined choices aren’t your thing and you would like a completely original logo, then you should go with Fotor’s logo maker instead. Although unable to generate text, the AI can generate unique and one-of-a-kind logos with the correct prompt. However, Fotor only gives you 5 free credits when you sign up for a new account, and an image costs one credit each. So you might have to purchase a few credits and try a few prompts before you get the AI to generate a unique logo specific to your brand. So if you’re on the hunt for an AI that works based on prompts and not pre-determined choices and generates unique logos, then Fotor might be a better choice for you.

On the other hand, we found chúng tôi to be one of the worst performers on our list. Although it was able to generate an impressive amount of logos, each final result seemed to simply re-use the logos and font choices we made during the first initial steps. Instead of being inspired by the choices we made, the AI (if it is even one) seemed to rehash and re-use our choices in different combinations to produce similar-looking logos. There were rarely a handful of final results that seemed to use unique designs inspired by our choices and even then, they weren’t very impressive.

Drawbacks of creating a logo using AI

Well, the biggest drawback of using AI image generators to generate your logo is the lack of ability to add text to your final results. Moreover, most image generators are still in their infancy when trying to comply with specific design requests, mainly the need for a transparent or solid background that you can easily replace. Additionally, the process of finding a prompt that best works for you can and will take a lot of trial and error, depending on the final result you’re trying to achieve.

However, if you’re okay with editing the final results to remove the background and add your own text, then indeed, AI image generators can be a great way to make your brand’s logo with some unique and impressive designs. Despite their fidelity and prowess, AI logo makers out there, and the ones mentioned in our list, won’t be able to match the unique artwork and the sheer creativity offered by AI image generators. So if you’re interested in trying image generators to make your logo, you can check out this roundup from us.

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The 10 Coolest Innovations We Saw At E3 2013

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

The big three–Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo–came out firing on all cylinders at E3 this year. We checked out two new consoles, a stable of games, and other innovations on display from the companies. Meanwhile, some well-known gadget-builders turned up with ground-breaking designs for mobile game systems and laptops, while indie developers showed off creative, unexpected game designs. Here, we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite things from the show.

Xbox SmartGlass

As part of its E3 press conference, Microsoft showed off how its Xbox SmartGlass tech would work with its Xbox One console. Released in October for compatibility with the Xbox 360, SmartGlass syncs mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS, Windows, or Android) with an Xbox system, giving gamers a second screen for displaying stats, in-game progress, what’s happening with friends, and more. It’s similar to how the Wii U added a screen right into the controller, for displaying information that wouldn’t fit on a TV screen, but SmartGlass is an optional feature–and dependent on you having an iOS or Windows device handy. Some gamers might not want to plug in for that, but it should be worth another look when the Xbox One comes out this holiday season.

The Wonderful 101

The Razer Blade

Razer, the gadget company behind the game-centric Razer Edge tablet, was showing off a new product at this year’s E3: a super-thin Windows 8 gaming ultrabook, billed as the world’s thinnest gaming laptop. Razer’s probably right, too–at 0.66 inches thick and with a 14-inch screen it’s a sleek little machine that still has the processing power to handle the most demanding game titles. Stuffing a gaming laptop with the internal engineering required for gaming usually means a thicker machine, but it remains to be seen if people will be willing to pony up a hefty $1,800 for the four-pound experience.

Nvidia Shield

Also on display at the convention: Nvidia Shield, a handheld, Android-powered mobile gaming device, up for pre-order and available this month. The Shield’s like a console controller with a 5-inch, 720p screen latched on. The whole stable of Android games is available, along with a beta, PC-game streaming service. Despite the processing power needed to handle PC streaming, it’s a lighter gadget than you’d expect: not tough to lift up one-handed and, presumably, easy to slide into a backpack or satchel on the go. There seems to be a lot of interest lately in taking PC gaming down to mobile size, and the Shield looks like the one of the newest entries in the teensy arms-race. Thanks, Moore’s law.

Space Maestro

Tucked inside the indie section of the E3 show floor were a set of awesome, student-designed gaming projects like this: Space Maestro, created by a USC student. To play the game, an Xbox Kinect cam monitors your movements, and you play God/maestro with an on-screen universe. Clapping your hands together forms a ball of gas, and twirling your arms around sends new stars orbiting. Interacting with the heavenly bodies you create triggers classical music, slowing or speeding up at your whim. It’s gorgeous. You can check out a video of the project here.

Johann Sebastian Joust

Speaking of innovative indie fare, Johann Sebastian Joust is a motion-controlled game of tag with a twist. The game doesn’t strictly have graphics–all of the action takes place in reality, while the screen stays blank. Players are tracked by a gaming camera system–here, it’s the PlayStation Move–and work to put out the other players’ motion-sensitive bulb, attached to a PlayStation Move controller. The controller picks up on movement, and the light dissipates when players swipe at it. Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos play in the background, and the speed of the concertos determine how sensitive the controllers are to movement: a slow orchestra means it’s time for players to strike, while a faster orchestra means a relatively safe moment. It can get pretty intense.

Alienware Laptops

PC gaming was mostly relegated to the margins at this year’s E3, what with big console showings from PlayStation and Xbox. But that doesn’t mean it was nonexistent: the well-established gaming PC manufacturer Alienware made an appearance, showing off their latest crop of new, high-end gaming laptops, including the Alienware 14, 17, and 18 (the names come from screen-size: 14-inch, 17-inch, and 18-inch). The laptops are filling a niche for gamers looking to get maximum power out of their setups: the big machines are loaded up with top-of-the-line processing power–and they don’t look too shabby, either.

Project Spark

Disney Infinity

Yeah, it’s geared toward kids, and, yeah, it owes a lot to the game Skylanders, but Disney Infinity deserves some innovation love for its attempt to mix hardware and software in an interesting way. With Disney Infinity, players set plastic toy versions of Disney characters on a platform hooked up to a console and–_poof_–the characters show up on the TV. So plop down a real-life toy Jack Sparrow and get a digital version to control on-screen.

The PlayStation 4

Quick caveat here: the Xbox One seems plenty innovative, but E3 2013 was our first real look at the PlayStation 4. The subtle design is a quiet innovation in itself, ditching the wavy look of the PS3 in favor of sleek, subtle diagonals. Integration with the game streaming service Gaikai sounds especially promising, although we’ll have to wait until the holiday release to see exactly what the PS4 can do.

Which Electrical Appliances Are You Allowed At University?

Read your university’s rules

Depending on your university, your halls of residence will have different rules as to which appliances can be used in your room or kitchen. In fact, two different halls at the same university may have different rules. Your university will send you guidance or direct you to information online.

However, there are some rules that are pretty much universal.

Anything you bring should have a CE mark

If you’re going to university in the UK, any appliances you bring with you should have the CE mark, which looks like this.

The CE mark is a form of certification that guarantees a product meets the health, safety and environmental standards of the European Economic Area. Basically, it shows that your appliance is safe to use and that it won’t catch fire when you plug it in. 

Your halls of residence may test appliances when you arrive or ask to see certification.

If you buy an appliance from a reputable retailer in the UK, for example John Lewis or Currys PC World, your products will definitely be CE certified. But be wary of buying from private sellers on Amazon, where items may be shipped from other parts of the world and are not always certified.

Pack an extension lead

Whatever you do, don’t forget an extension lead. As you’ll have a few things to plug in, you’ll probably want at least one four-socket extension lead. It’ll also give you a bit more scope when you arrange your room. If you’re taking one from home, make sure it’s in good condition.

This one, from Amazon, costs £8.99.

Pack a shaver adapter

You may have a shared bathroom or one of your own. In either case, don’t count on having a two-pin shaving outlet. If you’re bringing in bathroom gadgets that charge at a shaving socket, like an electric toothbrush or shaver, you should bring a converter so you can charge them at a three-pin plug if you need to. This two-pack of converters costs £6.99 from Amazon UK.

Cross these items off your packing list right away

Your shared kitchen will have appliances that you can use while you live there, so you won’t need to bring these items.

For cooking, there will be a fridge, oven, microwave, toaster and kettle. For cleaning, they’ll have a shared vacuum cleaner. For laundry, there will probably be a coin-operated washing machine and dryer, as well as an iron and ironing board.

Don’t bring any of these appliances along with you as they will probably be banned. (Obviously, you’d have a hard time getting a washing machine in your wheelie case anyway.)

Don’t bring these small appliances

Anything that heats up (with the exception of hair styling tools) is likely to be banned as a fire hazard. Don’t bring these items with you:




Deep fat fryer

Air fryer


Portable heater

Electric blanket

Small appliances you can take with you

Your halls of residence will have specific rules, so check before you invest but these are the appliances you’re likely to be able to take with you.

For your room For the kitchen 

There are other small appliances you can bring along but you’ll have to use them in your shared kitchen. Bear in mind that this means other people will probably use them as well, and in the case of a toastie maker, this means they may get left in a pretty gross state.  

For personal grooming

For everything you need to get ready for the autumn, check out our complete back to school guide, with deals, tips and essential buys.

5 Innovations That Pushed Laptops Forward At Ces 2023

CES 2023 may be virtual, but the event still offered up a trove of PC innovations, and that goes doubly so in the mobile space. Intel, AMD, and Nvidia all announced new laptop CPUs or GPUs, which in turn unleashed new generation of cutting-edge notebooks from every major vendor. We’ve covered our favorite PC hardware announcements in our best of CES roundup.  

Without further ado, these are the best laptop innovations we witnessed at CES 2023.

Asus ROG XG Mobile

The Asus ROG Flow X13 is a diminutive 2.8-pound, 13-inch gaming laptop. Despite that small, slender profile, Asus claims the Flow X13 can outpunch desktop-replacement-class notebooks that weigh significantly more. How? With the companion ROG XG Mobile dock that Asus offers.


The Asus ROG Flow X13 in action, with the tiny ROG XG Mobile graphics dock behind/to the right of it. 

Asus equips the actual laptop with up to a Ryzen 9 5980HS, paired with a GeForce GTX 1650—a discrete graphics card, but one capable only of modest gaming. The magic happens when you connect the Flow X13 to the XG Mobile, which includes Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 3080 inside along with an array of helpful ports. Now, boosting laptop gaming with external graphics docks is nothing new—that’s the Razer Blade Stealth’s whole schtick. But most of those efforts revolve around large docks that handle bulky desktop graphics cards.

The ROG XG Mobile instead opts to use Nvidia’s mobile RTX 3080. That means it can’t be upgraded, but it also lets Asus craft the dock using a tiny 2.2-pound design that slips easily into a custom travel bag designed to fit both the docks and the Flow X13. That’s easy enough to haul around if you need to—unlike other external graphics solutions. Better yet, the versatile design means you can schlep the bare laptop around all day without throwing out your back, then plug into the ROG XG Mobile for hot and heavy gaming sessions at home, or hot and heavy creation sessions at the office.

Laptop displays level up

Our other favorites are trends rather than discrete products. The most noteworthy? Laptop panels are leveling up big-time in 2023, most notably in gaming rigs, but actually across the board.


The upgraded Razer Blade offers some of the most impressive display options around, starting with high refresh rate panels with the ability to get even faster at 1080p, 1440p, and 4K.


The HP Elite Folio dumps the standard 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio for a more productivity-focused 3:2 configuration, paired with screen-obscuring privacy features.

Webcams don’t (always) suck anymore


The HP Elite Dragonfly Max is designed for our new workday of serial videoconferences, with extra mics, some new audio enhancements, and a 5MP camera. 

The consumer-focused HP Envy 14, on the other hand, sticks to a 720p webcam with a physical shutter, but surrounds it with “HP Enhanced Lighting”—a selfie light display intended to make you look better in all those video meetings. Both of HP’s laptops, as well as the Elite Dragonfly G2 discussed earlier, bake in AI tools to filter out background noise coming through the mics, because your audio feed should be just as clean as your video. Hopefully other vendors will follow in HP’s footsteps as the year goes on.

Cooler, faster gaming laptops

We won’t dive too deeply into the technical weeds here, but there were a pair of extremely geeky gaming laptop trends worth highlighting: Resizable BAR for laptops, and the exploding popularity of liquid metal compound paste on the CPU.


Resizable BAR lets the CPU tap fully into the GPU’s memory, offering performance gains in some scenarios.

Now that free extra performance is coming to laptops. Nvidia said its new GeForce RTX 30-series laptop graphics chips support Resizable BAR. Intel explicitly called it out for its new 11th-gen Tiger Lake H35 chips as well. AMD didn’t mention Resizable BAR or Smart Access Memory during its Ryzen 5000 Mobile introduction, but given that the company’s own desktop chips sparked this trend, consider it a lock—especially since Nvidia claims its Resizable BAR implementation will work on all the newly announced chips from both Intel and AMD.

Moving on, liquid metal is picking up steam. Liquid metal came into vogue among desktop overclocking enthusiasts because it offers superior cooling performance compared to standard thermal paste. Unfortunately its fluid nature and reaction to aluminum makes it difficult to use in mass production. Laptop makers need to prevent the highly efficient and mercurial-like liquid metal from flowing onto the surface-mounted chips near the CPU die. Asus and Lenovo have figured it out, and Lenovo announced its use in Legion gaming laptops. Asus is applying it in every ROG-branded notebook. Asus actually started doing that when Intel’s 10th-gen mobile processors came out, but it’s interesting to see such a nerdy feature become more mainstream. The companies’ laptops might have quieter fan noise and longer turbo boost speeds as a result.

Swappable Surface SSDs


The new SSD tray in the Surface Pro 7+.

Microsoft revealed the Surface Pro 7+ at CES 2023, a business-friendly version of its flagship convertible. It packs goodies like Intel’s new Tiger Lake chips and LTE options, but we want to highlight how the Surface Pro 7+ has been rejiggered to allow users to replace its SSD.

Bonus: What’s next for Wi-Fi


The Linksys AXE8400 Wi-Fi 6E router features a 5Gbps WAN port and four gigabit ethernet ports.

This hot new technology wasn’t found in many laptops at CES 2023 but expect to see it soon. On January 7, mere days before CES kicked off, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced its Wi-Fi 6E certification program, unleashing the wireless technology on the 6GHz spectrum. Those relatively uncrowded airwaves should offer a speed boost over devices that currently use the congested 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Router makers jumped on the announcement with an arsenal of Wi-Fi 6E routers to get the ball rolling. Of the major laptop vendors, we spotted Wi-Fi 6E onlyon the luxurious MSI GE76 Raider Dragon Edition at CES, but expect to see it become more common soon. Note: Other notebook vendors touted Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, but that doesn’t open up the 6GHz spectrum like Wi-Fi 6E. Instead, it’s a rebranding of the existing protocol formerly dubbed 802.11ax. It’s fast, but it’s not Wi-Fi 6E.

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