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The world of cryptocurrency is barking mad about meme coins, and it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more and more of them. From Dogecoin (DOGE) to Shiba Inu (SHIB), they have created a lot of buzz in the crypto world. But the question is, will there be another wave of meme coin mayhem in the future? In this article, we’ll explore the topic of meme coins and compare three of the top doggos – Dogetti (DETI), Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin – to analyse whether they will bring more treats or troubles to crypto investors.

Dogecoin: The Meme Coin That Started It All

Dogecoin (DOGE) is the first meme coin that started the whole Shiba Inu-themed cryptocurrency craze in the crypto world. Created in 2013 as a joke, it quickly gained popularity and has since then become a significant player in the crypto space. Dogecoin is a decentralised, peer-to-peer digital currency that is based on the popular “Doge” internet meme. It has a loyal following and is accepted as a payment method by many merchants.

Shiba Inu: The Dogecoin Killer

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is another meme coin that gained popularity after the rise of Dogecoin. It was created in 2023 by an anonymous founder and has fetched a massive following in the crypto community. Shiba Inu offers a decentralised exchange called ShibaSwap that allows users to trade SHIB, LEASH, and BONE tokens. The platform also offers staking, farming, and a lottery system.

Dogetti: The New Pup On The Block

Dogetti (DETI) is a new presale meme coin that has tongues wagging in the crypto community. It’s a community-driven project that aims to increase the net worth of everyone involved. The main feature of Dogetti is the 2% reflection protocol that rewards holders regularly. Additionally, the DogettiSwap platform, built on Ethereum, allows users to buy, sell, and trade Dogetti tokens. The platform charges a 6% tax fee, which is divided between redistribution to all wallets, the charity wallet, and liquidity. DogettiNFTs is another feature that allows users to collect, buy, trade, and sell NFTs with the same tax breakdown.

Many people are looking to invest in promising pre-sales like Dogetti (DETI) because it presents an opportunity for early adopters to invest in a new project before it launches and potentially increases in value. With the Dogetti token’s 2% reflection protocol, holders have the potential to earn regular rewards and support charitable causes.

Additionally, the limited-time promo codes that Dogetti has right now like “DON50” which offers a 50% bonus on any purchase incentivise investors to get involved early with extra bonuses and potentially reap greater rewards. With the buzz and hype around new meme coins, it’s no surprise that investors are looking for the next big thing to invest in and potentially make significant gains.

Meme coins are fetching a lot of attention in the crypto world, and their popularity continues to grow. As we have seen in the past, regulators have expressed concern about the lack of transparency and security in the meme coin market. However, we should embrace cryptocurrency with a positive outlook for the future, especially meme coins like Dogetti (DETI), Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin which offer unique features and communities.

You're reading Crypto’s Meme Coin Madness: Is It Fur

Meme Coin Mania: Comparing Communities Of Beasts Coin, Shiba Inu And Pepe Coin

Meme coins have gained significant attention and popularity. These tokens leverage their communities to drive market capitalization and trading volumes. This article aims to examine and analyze two prominent community-based tokens, Shiba Inu and Pepe Coin, in the context of their online ecosystems and community-driven growth strategies. Additionally, we will explore how BEASTS Coin (BEASTS), a new player in the market, is taking a unique approach to community-centric growth through its referral system and influencer partnerships.

Shiba Inu: Building an Online Ecosystem

Shiba Inu, often referred to as the “Dogecoin Killer,” has created a robust online ecosystem that engages its community and fosters growth. Similar to its canine-inspired counterpart, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu has gained a substantial following through its meme-centric approach. The Shiba Inu ecosystem includes various community tokens such as #BONE, which further enhances the project’s appeal and utility.

The community-driven nature of Shiba Inu is evident in the numerous activities and events it organizes. From social media competitions to generous giveaways, Shiba Inu ensures that its community remains active and engaged.

These initiatives serve the dual purpose of strengthening the connection between the project and its supporters while also positively impacting the token’s market capitalization and trading volumes.

Pepe Coin: Twitter-Centric and Meme Appropriating

Pepe Coin takes a different approach, focusing on a Twitter-centric strategy and the appropriation of memes. Leveraging the power of Twitter’s vast user base, Pepe Coin has successfully created a niche community that thrives on meme culture. By tapping into the viral nature of memes, Pepe Coin has managed to capture the attention of crypto enthusiasts and meme lovers alike.

While Pepe Coin’s approach may seem clumsy at times, its effectiveness in attracting a dedicated community cannot be overlooked. The token’s utilization of memes as a marketing tool has propelled its market capitalization and trading volumes to impressive heights. Pepe Coin’s success demonstrates the immense potential of community-driven growth strategies within the crypto industry.

BEASTS Coin: A New System of Community-Centric Growth

BEASTS Coin distinguishes itself from Shiba Inu and Pepe Coin by introducing a unique referral system to drive community-centric growth. In contrast to traditional staking functions, BEASTS Coin allows users to generate their referral codes by connecting their wallets to the project’s website. This referral code can then be shared with many individuals, creating an expansive network of potential buyers.

The referral system offers benefits to both the referrer and the referred buyer. When a new buyer uses a referral code, they receive a 20% bonus in BEASTS tokens, while the referrer earns a 20% commission of the new buyer’s purchase value in the cryptocurrency of their choice. This innovative approach incentivizes community members to actively promote BEASTS Coin, amplifying its market presence and driving trading activity.

BEASTS Coin’s Unique Value Proposition

In conclusion, community-based tokens like Shiba Inu and Pepe Coin have demonstrated the power of leveraging communities to drive market capitalization and trading volumes. Shiba Inu’s online ecosystem and various community tokens have contributed to its success, while Pepe Coin’s Twitter-centric approach and meme appropriation have captured the imagination of crypto enthusiasts.

However, BEASTS Coin introduces a novel system of community-centric growth through its referral program, leveraging the influence of Twitter influencers to share the project. By benefiting both new buyers and the influencer, BEASTS Coin creates a symbiotic relationship that fosters organic growth and widespread adoption. With its unique value proposition and engaging concept of caged beasts, BEASTS Coin has the potential to captivate its community and establish a prominent position in the crypto market.

To learn more about BEASTS Coin and join the community, register your email and participate in the presale by visiting BEASTS Coin’s website. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking project that is revolutionizing community-centric growth in the crypto industry.


Meme Monday Labor Day Edition

It’s Labor Day! We hope that everyone is having a fabulous, long weekend. To add some fun, here is our Meme Monday Labor Day Edition that is dedicated to all the workers, in the U.S. and beyond! As they say, work hard, party harder! Have a great and safe day everyone!

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Gigachad Meme, Meaning, And Real Person

The GigaChad meme rose in popularity in 2023.

It’s all around TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

If you’re browsing social media, you’ve probably come across the GigaChad meme before.

It’s about a tall, muscular, attractive male with a distinct jawline.

The photos of the man are usually in black and white.

In this article, you’ll learn about the GigaChad meme, what it means, his height, and whether he’s a real person.

GigaChad meme

The GigaChad meme is about a tall, muscular, and attractive male with a chiseled jawline.

That said, even if the photo is edited—there are males who look like that in real life—just without the jawline.

In 2023, the meme surged in popularity on TikTok.

TikTok users started a trend to mimick the GigaChad face.

Making the face requires you to bite down on your cheeks, raise your eyebrows, and smile slightly.

There are a bunch of TikTok users that nailed the GigaChad face and their videos garnered millions of views.

Other than people, there are also videos comparing dogs and cats getting stung by a bee.

In the video titled “Giga Chats”, photos of dogs and cats after getting stung by a bee were shown.

The dogs had swollen faces while the cats resembled the GigaChad face.

What does GigaChad mean?

GigaChad means an attractive, muscular, and confident male.

The name combines two words, “Giga” and “Chad”.

“Giga” means massive while “Chad” usually refers to an egoistic and hyper-masculine white male.

A GigaChad has a 10/10 face with a chiseled jawline.

Many people wonder if he is a real person because of his distinctive body structure.

He struggles to fit through doors due to his massive shoulder width, is tall, and has a high IQ.

He is an icon that every man wants to become but cannot be because it’s nearly impossible to attain.

There are multiple memes on Reddit that express what a GigaChad is.

And another one, “Man fights off shark, stitches up own leg, goes to the pub”.

Is GigaChad a real person?

GigaChad (also known as Ernest Khalimov) is technically not a real person but an art project by Krista Sudmalis called Sleek’N’Tears.

Krista Sudmalis is a Russian photographer focusing on fitness and bodybuilding.

That said, the models behind GigaChad are real, and there seem to be a few of them.

In a 2023 interview, Krista mentioned the name of one of her models as “Artur Farad” (@artur_farad).

Two of the other models are Valentin Babaev (@valentin_babaev) and Mike (@_steelmike_).

They are frequently tagged in the posts by @sleekntears.

GigaChad’s official Instagram account is @berlin.1969, which is most likely owned by Krista Sudmalis @sleekntears.

Originally, Sleek’N’Tears focused on “dark art”, which includes digitally modified photography of Krista herself, and other models.

The project gradually evolved into fitness, bodybuilding, and masculinity.

The existence of GigaChad has been a mystery ever since its creation, which is probably Krista’s goal.

She managed to turn her art project into a global phenomenon, especially within incel communities.

Krista monetized her project by launching an NFT collection and the GigaChad Army merchandise that delivers in Russia.

The collection contains more than 140 NFTs and has a total trade volume of over 85 ETH.

Even if the photos are digitally modified, the goal of her art project still remains succinct—for GigaChad to be an idol.

GigaChad height and weight

GigaChad physical stats

NameErnest KhalimovHeight191 cm (6 ft 2 in)Weight95–110 kg Date of birth1969Place of birthMoscow, Russia

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Huntington’s Venus In Fur “The Hottest Date In Boston”

Huntington’s Venus in Fur “the Hottest Date in Boston” Play provides a “stage seminar on the nature of desire”

Good, kinky fun: Chris Kipiniak and Andrea Syglowski portray a director and an actress whose edgy role-playing dominates the David Ives play Venus in Fur, at the Boston University Theatre through February 2. Photo by Cecille Joan Avila

Since its debut three years ago, David Ives’ piquant Venus in Fur has been widely praised for providing, as New York Times critic Charles Isherwood wrote after the production moved from off-Broadway to Broadway, a “seriously smart and very funny stage seminar on the destabilizing nature of sexual desire.” Just in time to take the chill off a gray New England winter, the Huntington Theatre Company is staging Venus in Fur through February 2 at the Boston University Theatre.

Daniel Goldstein, who directed last year’s God of Carnage, returns to the Huntington to direct Venus. Nominated for a 2012 Tony Award for best play, Ives’ drama is reportedly the most produced play in America. Venus in Fur is a two-character, 90-minute work in which an insistent, disheveled actress’ tempestuous late arrival to a stage audition transforms the proceedings into a “suspense-packed study of the erotics (and semiotics) of power,” Isherwood wrote. Chris Kipiniak (Metamorphoses and Macbeth on Broadway) makes his Huntington debut as Thomas, the high-minded, demanding writer-director of an adaptation of the 1870 erotic novel Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose writings spawned the word “masochism.” Andrea Syglowski (Benefit of the Doubt at Roundabout Theatre Company and The Cherry Orchard at New York’s Mint Theater Company) plays the actress, Vanda, in a role brimming with physical comedy. Vanda’s arrival onstage was described by Isherwood as “a thunderclap.” As she seduces and wheedles her way into Thomas’ audition, their role-playing spills into a searing, funny, and mysterious psychosexual encounter and a scintillating game of cat and mouse.

“This savage, sexy, smart, and funny new play took my breath away,” says Huntington artistic director Peter DuBois. Goldstein, who “set our stage on fire with God of Carnage,” is a perfect fit as Venus in Fur director, DuBois adds.

“It’s such a thrill always to return to the Huntington and Boston audiences,” Goldstein says, and bring “this explosive new play to life” here. “Chris and Andrea are at the top of their game.”

Ives’ many plays include The School For Lies (adapted from Molière’s The Misanthrope), The Heir Apparent, and Is He Dead? an adaptation of a play by Mark Twain. A graduate of the Yale School of Drama and a former Guggenheim Fellow in playwriting, Ives is the author of 3 young adult novels: Monsieur Eek, Scrib, and Voss, and he has adapted 32 American musicals for New York City’s Encores! series, which presents classic American musicals in concert settings.

“The depth of suspense of this play is so exciting,” says DuBois. “It’s a really sexy night at the theater and a great piece of writing. You leave the theater feeling kind of high. I think it’s going to be the hottest date night in Boston.”

Venus in Fur runs through Sunday, February 2, at the BU Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave., Boston. Tickets may be purchased online, by phone at 617-266-0800, or in person at the BU Theatre box office. Patrons 35 and younger may purchase $25 tickets (ID required) for any production, and there is a $5 discount for seniors. Military personnel and students can purchase tickets for $15. Members of the BU community get $10 off (ID required) and are eligible for a special subscription rate. Call 617-266-0800 for more information. Follow the Huntington Theatre Company on Twitter at @huntington.

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How To Buy Midjourney Subscription? Is It Worth It?

Midjourney is currently one of the Best AI art generators in the market. It allows users to create stunning masterpieces by simply providing text prompts. Initially, Midjourney was available for free, however, now users need to subscribe to a plan to access this AI art generator.

So, if you are wondering how to buy a Midjourney Subscription? Then we’ve got it covered for you. 

In this article, we will mention a step-by-step guide on how to buy a Midjourney subscription. We will include all the essential steps required for the subscription including plans, contact information, confirmation, and more. So, let’s begin. 

How to Buy a Midjourney Subscription

Purchasing of Midjourney Subscription is quite easy all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned and you can start accessing the AI art generator to create some stunning art pieces. 

Step 1: Join the Midjourney Discord Server

To buy a Midjourney Subscription, you need to first join the Midjourney Discord Server. To join the Midjourney Discord server follow these steps: 

Tap on the “Join the Beta” option available in the right corner 

Although, you do need to accept the terms of service on the website. To accept the terms you need to select any channel that is titled “newbies” and send a message to that channel. You will witness disclaimers suggesting you accept the TOS. 

Step 2: Open Midjourney Subscription Page

After you have set up the Midjourney server, it’s time for you to purchase a subscription for your account. 

Now enter a text saying “/subscribe” in the text box to receive a personal link 

A personalized link will be sent to you by Midjourney, which will move you toward the subscription page of Midjourney (It’s a personalized link so, ensure you don’t share it with anyone) 

Step 3: Choose a Subscription Plan and Pay

Midjourney’s subscription page will open with a listing of all the payment plans in monthly and yearly formats.

For now, Midjourney consists of three plans,

Basic Plan which costs $8/month,

Standard Plan which costs $24/per month and

Pro Plan which is for $48/month. 

Midjourney Subscription Plan Comparison

You can either choose a plan and pay month to month or you choose the yearly plan and receive a special discount of 20%.

Based on your requirements and budget you go for any of the three mentioned plans.

However, if you are a fresher, then we would recommend you go for a standard or basic plan, so you can try and understand its features and how Midjourney functions before jumping into the Pro plan.

Step 4: Confirm Subscription and Create AI Art

You will now be moved to Midjourney’s confirmation page. It will take a few seconds for the subscription to become active.

You’re all done. Now you can start accessing Midjourney and start creating AI art with a wide range of features and capabilities.


Midjourney is one of the top AI art generators that can easily create some of the top masterpieces for you within a few seconds.

Above we have mentioned a proper guide on how to buy a Midjourney Subscription so you can create those stunning art pieces without any interruption.

We have included everything regarding Midjourney’s subscription including how to join the discord server, subscription plans, required contact details, confirmation page, and more. 

Update the detailed information about Crypto’s Meme Coin Madness: Is It Fur on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!