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Debt Management Software: Best to Use in 2023




Overcome the fear of not being able to find a way out of your current situation by using the best debt management software.

QuickBooks is arguably the most popular software on the market today. Quicken and Money Manager Ex are also worthy of your attention.

To find similar options, don’t hesitate to check out this Accounting & Tax Software section.

You can also visit our Personal Finance Hub and get ready to cut your expenses as low as possible.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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readers this month.

Are you tired of accumulating debts, credit card bills, outstanding loans , and negative bank balance, then this post is for you?

If you are trying hard to work your way out of debts, and committed to sticking to your budget, it is essential you get software that can help you manage your debts.

Moreover, use it to track your spending while keeping the record of your finances. Hence, the software should also be well secured to enable you to import your credit card and debit card transaction.

The debt management software listed here will help you to achieve your goals to be debt-free.

Be sure that you can get out of debt on your own as well! However, this involves using the best credit management software tool at the moment.

The reality of owing money gets easier to face when Intuit QuickBooks is at your side. This handy software program can finally help you put a line between business and personal expenses.

That’s a line that you’re never allowed to cross. Moreover, it can help you maximize your Schedule C deductions and track all your daily routines.

Key features that Intuit QuickBooks brings to the table:

Intuitive interface

Built-in invoice options

Automatic mileage tracking

Precise taxes calculated automatically each quarter

Free trial to decide if the app is for you


If you’re looking for the best debt management software, you can’t go wrong with QuickBooks.

Free trial Visit website

Quicken is a finance management software that helps to manage your financial transactions. With Quickens you can easily budget and set a debt management plan with the various tools on the software.

Quicken enables easy import of your credit card, debit card, and transaction details.

Your transactions and details are kept secure with the 256-bit encryption which encrypts your data from hackers.

In addition, this software is compatible with many database management files such as CSV and XML; this makes it easy to import and export custom database files.

Quicken is a handy software to download if you want total finance management and is ideal for the management of debts and loans.

⇒ Get Quicken here

Money Manager Ex is an open-source free software to get out of debt. The software helps you to manage all your business finances easily.

The software is quite popular and offers a great overview of your financial status.

Meanwhile, the software has an inbuilt tracker that keeps track of your money and analyzes the implications of your transactions.

Money Manager Ex has a simple layout interface that is user-friendly to use. You can store your credit card details, transaction bills, and other financial receipts directly on the software.

Expert tip:

You can use custom made debt management files on the software for effective debt payment.

In addition, Money Manager Ex is an excellent money manager software as you have numerous features which ensure your debts are promptly paid without causing negative financial implications to the user.

⇒ Get Money Manager Ex here

This money management software is one of the best personal finance software for Windows users. It comes in both free and paid versions with excellent tracking and budgeting features.

Money Lover has a fluid and intuitive interface which enables you to manage your debts and outstanding loans effectively.

The expense tracker helps you to know the amount of money you spend in a month and enables you to customize the settings to your preference.

In addition, this program also enables you to integrate your personal details into the software such as online banking details, credit card, and debit card information for proper tracking.

However, Money Lover is a decent software to get out of debt and be financially secured within a short period of time.

⇒ Get Money Lover here

Money Point is an expense tracker which helps you to track and record your expenses.

You can also create a budget and manage your debt using the buffeting, and expense management tools offered by the software.

Users can also import finance files such as CSV as money point supports all these formats.

Money point is recommended software to get out of debt, as it has all the necessary features to ensure you become debt-free quickly.

⇒ Get Money Point here

In conclusion, the software we mentioned above will help you achieve debt-free status as they all offer debt management tools.

This helps to monitor your debts and propose debt payment plans to get out of debt within a short time frame.

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Automated Calling Software: 9 Best To Use In 2023

Automated Calling Software: 9 Best to Use in 2023 Manage your business calls effortlessly with specialized apps




If you’re a sales manager, the best automated calling software can help you automate the dialing process and connect your call.

The best tools for this job provide extensive CRM integrations and come with PBX features.

Our selection includes a lot of solutions that will empower any business and call center.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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readers this month.

We all have heard the phrase If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it at least once. In this fast-paced world, only a few things can survive without being replaced by a new and better method or technology.

Telemarketing is one such domain that has survived for decades and is still considered to be one of the best ways of marketing to generate revenue through sales.

Now, it isn’t to say that telemarketing strategies haven’t changed, but have changed for good.

Automated calling software or Auto-dialers are the results of the evolution of telemarketing.

If you work as a sales manager or have employed someone for the same job, the task probably involves calling hundreds of phone numbers every week.

Why do I need an automated calling software?

Automated calling software can help you to automate the dialing process and connect the call to you only when the potential customer answers the call.

This way you don’t have to dial all the numbers manually and focus more on generating sales and meeting the quota than sorting through big numbers of clients every day.

If you are in the market looking for the best-automated calling software, there are a couple of things to consider before finalizing the purchase of software.

Based on your requirement, check if the software offers predictive dialing, inbound call routing, voice broadcasting, CMR integration, and fixed dialing functionalities.

Go ahead, take note. Make sure you add anything else that you want your auto-dialer to do.

Now that you know what type of automated calling software you need let’s delve into the list of best auto-dialers and predictive dialers for call centers and marketing agencies.

If you’re looking for a multi-channel communication platform that can be accessed from any device, Evo Voice is a Twilio Studio alternative that should be your best choice.

It is a cloud-based solution that offers standard PBX features such as voicemail, SMS messaging, extensions, and incoming DIDs in 75 countries.

Moreover, Evo Voice comes with Facebook, Skype, and Slack support, so it’s a lot more than just a calling app.

With this tool, nothing is left to chance because it has 150 wiki articles that cover every single aspect of its functionality.

It all sounds a bit intimidating but its drag-and-drop functionality allows you to easily program extensions, voicemail, and other common PBX features.

So, it’s extremely easy to use by anyone, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world thanks to its cloud-based interface and it comes with all the tools you need for seamless communication.

Using Evo Voice, you will be able to create your own business-class phone system on top of Twilio, which is the most important customer engagement platform.

Take a look at Evo Voice’s key features:

Phone numbers available in over 75 countries

Cloud availability in the 54 Azure Regions

Facebook, Skype, and Slack support

Voicemail, SMS messaging, extensions, and incoming DIDs

Friendly, easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard

⇒ Get Evo Voice

JustCall is an all-time phone system for international calls in 70 countries that can be ideal for your business’ sales and support teams.

With this tool, your agents will forget about manual dialing and all the logging will be done automatically, without any hustle. That will trigger a productivity increase.

You will also be able to check the agent’s availability and working hours and access the call recordings to assess their quality of service.

If the agent’s competence is limited in solving the client’s problem, he can also use smart IVR to route the call to another agent or a superior.

The tool also comes with smart management so that the calls get routed evenly for all your agents or even connect VIP clients to certain agents or managers.

Check out its best features:

International calls in 70 countries

Smart IVR function

Check the agent’s availability and working hours

Access call recordings


Enjoy an all-in-one phone system that offers smart management so your calls get routed evenly.

Free Trial Visit Website

TalkRoute is a top-notch automated calling software for small and big businesses to easily manage calls, messages, and meetings.

It has a virtual phone system that offers you the ability to make and receive calls from any desktop, browser, or smartphone.

You can video conference with up to 100 colleagues or guest participants and you have the aptness to record your meetings, share your screen, chat, and cooperate using the app’s whiteboard.

Furthermore, you can enable email, mobile, and desktop app notifications when you receive a new voice message to never miss any of them.

TalkRoute authorizes you to personalize your voicemail greetings and assign different mailboxes to your team partners, departments, and phone numbers.

Here are other key features of TalkRoute:

Number porting

Forward calls to multiple phones

Texting access permissions

Text-to-email notifications

File sharing

Express Dial is an automated predictive dialer that allows you to dial a list of phone numbers sequentially. It is ideal for an environment where a large list of phone numbers needs to be dialed every day.

The application can also be used as a call receiver with a welcome message, a customer feedback collector, to conduct customer research surveys, and to make sales calls.

It can also be used as an add-on to Express Talk, a call center recording program from NCH software.

Express Dial is easy to use with a simple user interface that allows you to create a new contact list, add, edit and dial contacts with ease. You can also add notes to any contact and mention the status of the phone number.

Take a look at its key features:

Automated predictive dialer

Conduct customer research survey

Simple user interface

Very easy to use

⇒ Get NCH Express Dial 

Axon Agent is an ideal solution for small outbound call centers, customer service centers calling for feedback, for political and charitable donation campaigns.

The Axon Virtual PBX software allows you to make VoIP calls to reduce phone bills. It can connect up to 64 telephone lines simultaneously depending on the plan.

You can create agents from the control panel and assign a calling list and campaigns independently. The campaign consists of a script feature that shows the information on the screen that the agent will follow during a conversation with the customer.

Apart from making outbound calls, you can put calls on hold and play on-hold music using an IMS on-hold player, transfer or forward calls to superiors or concerned departments, and set up multiple instances on a network for operating a call center.

Axon Agent auto-dialer makes it easy to make automated calls and keep tabs on dialed numbers to avoid redundancy to improve productivity. The software comes with a 14 days trial for you to try before you buy.

Expert tip:

Connect up to 64 telephone lines simultaneously

Auto-dialer functionality

IMS on-hold player

Call forwarding

⇒ Get Axon Agent

EVS Dolphin Power Dialer is an auto-dialer solution for call centers, small businesses, insurance companies, marketing agencies, and more.

The application allows you to automate the calling process to reach potential customers in less time.

The working of the Dolphin Power Dialer is simple. You import the contact list onto Dolphin Dialer and start the dialing process.

When a live person answers the call, you can start the interaction and read from the pre-written script with a sales pitch.

If the voicemail answers the call, you can leave a pre-recorded message with the customer’s name to reach you back.

Dolphin Power Dialer allows you to instantly follow up by email to a potential customer, monitor sales agents, quick call distribution and transfer, and conference call functionality.

You can begin by requesting a quick demo. The free trial should give you a fair idea of whether Dolphin Power Dialer can meet your requirement or not.

Let’s see some of its key features:

Instantly follow up by mail

CRM integrations

Leave pre-recorded messages

Automatic dialer

⇒ Get EVS Dolphin Power Dialer

CallFire is an automated calling and texting solution, and it comes with a number of plans. There is a pay-as-you-go plan available for companies that don’t need bulk calling and texting options.

CallFire’s Voice Broadcast System allows you to call multiple numbers at once. You can use it to send billing and overdue reminders for unpaid invoices. The system filters out busy signals, bad numbers, and dropped calls for maximum productivity.

The app leaves a pre-recorded voice message if an answering machine is found. If a live person interacts, the call will be connected to a sales manager.

If you are running a campaign or conducting research, CallFire can help with surveys and polls without any human interference.

The CallFire setup process is easy. Begin with setting up call recordings and scripts for the campaign. Upload the contact list in CSV or XLS format and schedule the automated campaign time.

It is an easy-to-use web-based solution, not only cost-effective but extremely easy to use.

Anyone without prior knowledge of using a cloud-based auto-dialer service can learn to use it in a couple of sessions.

Let’s review its best features:

Easy setup and implementation

Schedule the automated campaign time

Call multiple numbers at once

Send billing and overdue reminders for unpaid invoices

⇒ Get CallFire Voice Broadcast System

Five9 is a cloud-based Contact Center as a Service solution. The company also offers a Predictive Dialer feature, allowing the business to increase efficiency by 300%.

The auto-dialer offered by the company is highly flexible and can be configured according to the time zones, list preparation, compliance laws, and business requirement.

The working of a predictive dialer is similar to other solutions. The system uses algorithms to predict both the average time for an agent to become available as well as the time for the call to be answered by the customer.

It can also predict if any phone number requires automated follow-up or manual handling by the sales rep.

Predictive Dialer only connects the agent when the call is answered by humans and not the answering machine. It can leave pre-recorded messages in voicemails.

The real-time recording feature allows you to monitor agents. By going back to the recordings you can better train your employees based on user feedback.

In addition, it allows you to create campaigns, list management, web call back, Web APIs, DNS Compliance, CRM integration, and more.

Five9 Predictive Dialer is an easy-to-use contact center solution for large and small businesses. The company charges the customer based on the requested features and usage. The plans can be easily upscaled or downgraded based on the requests.

Here are some of its best features:

Extensive CRM integration

Create campaigns, list management, web callback, and web APIs

Leave pre-recorded messages in voicemails

Very good compliance

⇒ Get Five9 Predictive Dialer

CallHub is an automated and manual phone banking tool that allows you to make automated calls to run campaigns and surveys using predictive and auto-dialer services.

The app does not have any ready-made packages. The users will pay based on usage. It is a cloud-based solution, so you don’t need to install any software on your PC either.

It offers Predictive and Power Dialer solutions. The Predictive Dialer allows you to make automated calls to thousands of numbers and only connect the agent when real people answer the call.

Power Dialer, on the other hand, allows you to make automated calls in sequence but allows you to skip answering machines and bad calls.

If you want to handle things manually, the Preview Dialer offers the flexibility to call the numbers you want after looking at the contact details in the preview window.

CallHub supports CRM integration and works with SalesForce, NationBuilder, NGP VAN, Zappier, CiviCRM solutions, and more.

In addition, it also offers features such as dial-in campaigns, computer telephony integration, live call monitoring, volunteer management, built-in notes, a survey data collector, and the ability to manage contact and profile data.

Check out its most important features:

Very good CRM integrations

Allows you to skip answering machines and bad calls

Dial-in campaigns and computer telephony integration

Live call monitoring and volunteer management

Built-in notes and survey data collector

⇒ Get CallHub

Auto-dialer or predictive dialer is among the most popular technologies used for outbound marketing.

Automated calling software makes it easy to filter out bad numbers, removes the hassle of waiting for the customer to pick up the call with quick mathematical calculation, and only connects calls when a person receives the call.

This software can also be used to send large numbers of voice-guided messages to conduct surveys, promote new services, or remind of payment over dues.

Read more about this topic

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Filters Are Not Working in Planner? Here’s What to Do

We have tried to include different types of automated and predictive dialers that can cater to the needs of different businesses.

You might also be interested in our list including the best automated CRM software.

Make sure you check all of our recommendations one by one. Since most of them offer a free trial, you got nothing to lose but a few minutes of time.

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8 Best Expense Management Software & Tracker Apps (2023)

Enterprises use expense management software to manage, plan, and predict expenses. Most expense management solutions cannot handle complex expense approvals, require manual inputs for functioning, and lack tools for proper forecasting.

Choosing an expense management service with sufficient users to manage your scale is always the best. It would help if you relied on a solution that supports employee card management, budgeting, automation, workflow management, and many integrations. Choosing the best expense management tools can go a long way in helping you manage your business needs.

Our team has meticulously handpicked the eight best software to track expenses easily. The evaluations were based on travel/expense management, budgeting tools, approval workflows, and pricing.

Best Expense Tracking Software: Top Picks!

Provider Region/Currency Support Mobile Apps Free Trial Integrated Payments and travel expenses Link

Ramp 195 Countries with 40+ Currencies Android and iOS Lifetime free Basic Plan Yes Learn More

Expensify 58 Currencies iOS, iPadOS and Android Free Plan Yes Learn More

Happay 150+ Countries Android and iOS, iPadOS Lifetime free Basic Plan Yes Learn More

Rydoo 19 Countries iOS, iPadOS, and Android No No Learn More

DivvyPay USD Android and iOS Yes, 14 Days No Learn More

Best for automation in managing expenses


Receipt Matching: Robust AI-powered algorithms can extract data from images of receipts and take action accordingly.

Autopilot: You can speed up receipt collection by directly fetching important details from 3rd party services such as Lyft, Gmail, and Amazon.

Login: It has native support for quick logins through SSO from services like Okta, Google, and Azure. You can use it to implement 2 Factor Authentication as well.

Automation: Wide range of tools for expense approvals, policy implementation, and compliance save your time and reduce the chances of manual errors.

Digitization: You can digitize your operations, ensuring paperless submissions of invoices from employees and affiliates.

Onboarding Resources: Provides extensive guidance and training sessions for beginners to get started and familiarise themselves with the platform.

Data Syncing: It performs real-time data syncing, ensuring all data of vendors, customers, suppliers, and affiliates is up to date.

Prevent Frauds: Provides extensive Control over cards, ensuring fraud can be detected and prevented immediately.

Pre-Approve Expenses: You can better support your employees financially by pre-approving certain critical expenses with appropriate limits.

Compatibility: This service is compatible with various tech stacks, accounts, and banks, ensuring complete coverage across your company.

Actionable Insights: It provides robust, actionable insights for your business that can drastically improve your financial performance.

Rules: Allows you to define precise rules for employee expenditure across each category and with multi-level conditionals for receipts and memos.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Allows you to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket bills, including international expenses, quickly. Limited customer support with a lack of on-time responses for critical issues.

Intelligent AI-driven chatbot does tasks like managing expenses, compliance, and bookkeeping.

Integrates with a wide range of 3rd party services like FreshBooks, Sage, and XERO.


Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Price: Contact Customer Support for Pricing

Best for receipt tracking and management

Expensify is an ideal expense management service that helps manage all aspects of business and optimize costs. Its robust receipt tracking lets you stay updated with your receipts’ status. You can use it to perform in-depth audits, mitigate duplicate tickets, verify transactions, and ensure correct exchange rate utilization.

Expensify keeps your data safe and private by following all modern security standards, including GDPR and compliance with Privacy Shield Standards. You can distribute free Expensify Cards for your entire team and gain various insights. It also has features to help you with accounting, payroll, and taxes.


Transactions Import: To maintain accurate records, you can easily import and merge your financial transactions from personal and business cards.

Multiple Approvers: You can create complicated approval workflows with various parameters and logic to suit your needs. It will intelligently flag expenses that need your attention.

Two-Way Synchronization: Perform real-time syncing of your data with accounting and taxing software, ensuring all data is up-to-date across the software.

Tax Calculation: It helps you perform tax calculations by your land law. You can configure custom tax slabs, rates, codes, and other parameters.

Delegated Access: You can give your CA, Attorney, and other employees empowered access to all your data. This ensures they can review everything but can’t make changes without your permission.

PCI Compliance: All the data is protected through modern security standards, including PCI compliance and GDPR.

Next-Day Expense Claims: Provide incentives to employees by submitting timely expense reports and issuing reimbursements with minimum delays.

Travelling Preferences: It adapts and learns your preferences, including preferring airlines, seats, hotels, and timings, to create the most suitable plans for you.

Cost Insights: Admins are provided with real-time expense reporting that gives them deep insights into trip costs from all employees.

Integrations: It easily integrates with standard 3rd party services like Oracle, Financial Force, and Sage.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Allows you to quickly import your GL codes to tag expenses with multi-level detailing.

Expensify cards allow you to manage rewards, reimbursements, and benefits effectively.

Admins can define their policies and limits for expenses across various categories.


Free Trial: Lifetime free Basic Plan

Price: They have three plans for the business. Free, Collect, and Control starting at $0, $5 and $9 per monthly user, respectively.

Best for the broadest range of Integrations

Happay lets you set up approval workflows for your business and ensures a seamless flow. You can also configure it to directly approve small expenses and ask for additional approvals in case of more significant costs. All transactions, including pending approvals, are made available to admins in real-time.

It provides automated expense reporting and analytics in tables, bar charts, and graphs that can be exported as PNG, CSV, or PDF formats. This is one of the best expense management software solutions to improve efficiency and ensure on-time payments/reimbursements, keeping employees and vendors happy.


Smart Audits: The on-cloud intelligence audits all your financial transactions to analyze performance, figure out room for improvement, and suggest changes.

Notifications: During any approval process, it sends push notifications to involved employees, vendors, and admins, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Automated Data Capturing: Employees can use the mobile app to upload images that get processed easily. AI-driven tools help you quickly capture, extract, and process all data from invoices.

Data Analytics: It provides complete visibility into all your expenses and analyses all transactions across departments, employees, and teams.

Real-time Reporting: The dashboard provides real-time insights into all business activities. This includes pending approvals, in-process approvals, and cost overruns.

Policy Expenses: You can set up strict policies to ensure employees are not paid for out-of-policy expenses.

Reminders: On-time reminders keep you up-to-date on any urgent/high-priority tasks that may have skipped your mind. It can send push notifications via mobile, email, and web apps.

Spending Analysis: Periodically analyze all your spending across the business to mitigate the risks of budget overruns, improve your vendor selection, and take better policy decisions.

Integrated Travel Management: Seamlessly merge travel management expenses with other expenses to ensure quick filings/approvals from travel expenses.

Analyse Performance: It helps you minimize gaps in approvals, expense filling, and reimbursements and ensures faster and more accurate processing of finances.

Care: You can provide all your employees with a predefined standard of care that ensures proper procedures and policies are followed for maximum safety.

Fare Freeze: It can block ticket when they are quoting at lower prices, ensuring minimum approval delays and cost-effective budget tickets.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides a complete picture of the approval trail for in-depth auditing of financial transactions. Limited options for generating, customizing, and configuring reports.

Native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and iPadOS are ideal for staying current with all events.

Native integrations with Oracle Net Suite, Tally, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Pricing: Contact Customer Support for Pricing

Best for managing small business needs

Rydoo is an ideal expense tracking software that allows you to perform expensing and management, ensuring no extra burdens during month/year ends. Employees can quickly scan all expense receipts from their phones and upload them using Easy Scan technology. Easy Scan extracts, populates, and processes all necessary details like date, amount, and currency in real-time for all invoices.

You can configure your company policies, like mileages, to ensure real-time costs can be seen as the employees travel. This keeps everyone better informed of expenses and provides faster processing. It helps you comply completely with the land law by strictly adhering to VAT, Sales Tax regulations.


Real-time data insights: This helps you better understand your company’s spending behaviour to make better financial decisions. It gathers all data to provide a comprehensive overview of all details.

Paperless Operations: Completely paperless operations ensure faster processing, minimization of manual errors, and a hassle-free experience. It also minimizes the chances of unexpected errors or missing data with accurate data extraction.

Per Diems Management: Set your daily allowance rates and upload your jurisdiction’s defaults to have them appear dynamically for your travellers.

Automated Expense Approvals: Configure parameters and rules to approve everyday day-to-day expenses without requiring your attention.

Mitigate Out Of Policy Expense: You can create strict rules to define the expenses covered in your policy. Any invoices for out-of-policy fees would be rejected, saving you unnecessary spending.

Rich Insights: The AI-driven systems analyze and provide critical business performance insights. It helps you move forward in the right direction with all branches, employees, and projects.

Quick Onboarding: Rydoo’s team of experts helps you with a fast and effortless initial setup by creating the perfect onboarding plan for your needs.

Snap: It allows you to save pictures of your receipts and retrieve them in future from the cloud when needed.

Automated Checks: Rydoo performs in-depth site audits and flags any suspicious behaviour. It keeps you updated about any alerts and threats.

Rydoo Cards: It provides branded virtual and business cards for various business use cases, including one-time, recurring, or continuous expenses.

Integrations: You can integrate it with more than 100+ ERP and 3rd party integrations.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Stay compliant with tax laws ensuring streamlining of the entire expense management process. Lacks tools for niche use cases like reimbursement management and SSO.

We are designed to be intuitive and beginner friendly for being used by anyone.

It provides forecasts for expenses in the coming months and helps you plan accordingly.


Free Trial: Yes, 14 Days

Price: The plan starts at €8 per month, billed annually.

Best for Highly scalable expense management software.


Budget Alignment: You can align your budgets following your business requirement by setting up limits by department, team, or project.

Approvals: Administrators can remotely view, manage, approve, or decline any fund request from their phone or web app.

Expense Tracking: It allows you to track your business performance and real-time expenses and take appropriate actions to stay within the allocated budgets.

Expense Reporting: You are provided with reports that can be quickly sorted and filtered to analyze performances based on a particular department, project, team, or individual budget.

Budget Management: Budgeting tools allow you to predefine budgets and compare current and expected expenses. You can also use these tools to forecast upcoming costs and plan your business accordingly.

Freedom: You can allow managers and team leaders to set their budgets and make financial plans accordingly.

Predefined approval workflows: It reduces by burden by allowing you to define approval workflows for approving daily expenses to employees like sales lunch or coffee breaks.

Enforceable Budgets: All your reimbursements are paid from a predefined budget. This ensures you never overspend your budget due to excessive reimbursements.

Free Reimbursements: DivvyPay provides free-to-use reimbursements ideal for managing off-card expenses like mileage or cash reimbursements.

Expense Management Reports: It generates expense reports by performing receipt matching and rule-based categorization.

Two-Step Transaction Approvals: Budget owners provide initial acceptance or rejection to reimbursement requests in a two-step approval system, and administrators are alerted to grant final approval.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides native mobile notifications when the status of the invoices changes. Complicated tools for budgeting and configuring expense limits.

Performs real-time 2-way sync of all expenses with your accounting software.

Effortless integrations with popular services like Slack, Oracle Net Suite, and Sage Intact


Free Trial: Lifetime free Basic Plan.

Price: Lifetime free

Best for running detailed expense audit

Airbase is one of the best expense management solutions for business analysis and planning. It allows employees to upload receipts directly through the app. All receipt images are digitally processed with data extraction and storage, ensuring minimum human intervention.

Airbase allows you to configure company policies for all expenses, including the time window for receipt uploading, mandatory fields, budget restrictions, and allowances. It also flags/blocks any out-of-policy expenses. You can use it to explore in-depth audit trails for analyzing your business performance. Computerized transactions allow you to ensure on-time payments for all employees and vendors without requiring effort.


Audit Trail: It captures every expense detail in real-time and utilizes them for performing a periodic audit trail involving notes, receipts, and other documentation.

Receipt Management: Your employees can use it to capture and populate expense details using OCR technology, allowing for faster submission and approvals.

Mobile App: It has a native app for Android and iOS that allows you to access business data and manage activities remotely.

Real-time Spend Reporting: You can track real-time spending by monitoring all your spending. It can further be used to approve and deny any transaction case-by-case basis.

Forecasts: It uses your existing data to understand spending patterns and user behaviour. This is used to accurately forecast future spending to ensure you never exceed the budget.

Virtual Credit Cards: Airbase allows you to create and distribute virtual credit cards for your employees. You retain complete administrative controls with the ability to set spending limits.

Operations: It helps manage and streamline processes by directly routing requests for approvals to the responsible approver via email and Slack. This ensures minimum delays and rapid turnaround times.

Categories and Tags: All expenses and transactions can be assigned specific tags and categories to retrieve similar transactions easily.

Full Stack: All expense management, reporting, payments, and analysis happen in a single interface, eliminating the need for internal communication channels.

Direct Payments: It has in-built tools and systems to process approved payments and make them directly to the employee’s accounts.

Catch-All Emails: Employees can send receipts to a pre-configured catch-all email address that matches and stores their receipts with respective transaction records.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Maintains complete security and data privacy by following standards like SOC 2 Type II and SOC 1 Type II. Poorly designed automation workflows can be tough to configure for beginners.

Streamlines payroll by making payments directly to the employee’s bank account

A dashboard lets Employees easily track reimbursements, payments, and other requests.

Pricing: Contact Customer Support For Pricing

Best travel and expense management system

Navan (formerly TripActions) is an ideal expense management solution that enjoys real-time reporting of all your expenses. You can easily track your transactions across all cards and reimbursements. It provides data-driven insights that help you minimize spending leakage, improve financial forecasts, and ensure better optimization of financial resources.

Navan has in-built capabilities to manage your taxation in compliance with land laws. You can easily capture and submit details related to VAT and other taxes. All transactions are categorized into predefined labels, ensuring manual input is unnecessary. It provides expedited payments for all reimbursements in more than 40 countries and 25 currencies.


Scalability: Digital reconciliations, AI-driven receipt scannings, and auto-generated expense reports ensure that the software scales up with your business requiring minimum additional efforts.

Real-time Analytics: You can track and manage your business expenses by staying up-to-date with the latest financial activities in real-time.

Control: You can easily control all spending rules and enforce all your company policies for all employee payments.

Global Card Linkage: Your employees can link their existing cards from Visa or Mastercard to track all their expenses while retaining the card benefits.

Unified Dashboard: It provides a unified dashboard for managing business expenses with data filtering, searching, and live maps support.

Productivity: You can use it to improve business productivity by automating reconciliations and eliminating the need for expense reports through innovative expense management technology.

Analytics: All business spending is tracked and monitored by powerful Analytics tools. AI-enabled systems use this data to provide actionable insights into your business.

Automated Expense Management: This business expense management software automatically categorizes transactions and expense details, requiring no human intervention.

MFA and SSO: It has native support for Multi-Factor Authentication that provides great security to critical business accounts. SSO eases the login process and is a huge convenience for users.

Backups: Navan performs daily backups, ensuring the safety of your data against unexpected losses. Multiple geographically distinct servers are used to implement geographical redundancy.

Reward Programs: Employees earn rewards when they do business travelling on Navan Cards. They can redeem these rewards in future for personal usage.

Guidance: Navan’s team of experts provides proper guidance through one-on-one sessions, conferences, online events, and documentation.

Dynamic Limits: The active policies allow you to adjust the spending budgets dynamically based on various factors and conditions.

Travel Costs: Reduce travel costs by incentivizing employees who spend less during business trips.

Support: Their AI-driven assistant answers your common queries and frequent issues and helps you find quick solutions with minimum effort.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It integrates with 3rd party services like QuickBooks, Oracle, and Google Suite to automate expense reporting It is tough to make changes or manually correct any database errors.

Helps streamline payments through virtual corporate cards linked to Navan for flights or hotel bookings.

Allows you to issue virtual or physical cards for all employees for one-time use or recurring payments.


Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Price: Contact Customer Support For Pricing

Best AI-driven business expense tracker app

Brex is among the best expense management software solutions for managing the global workforce with support for fast international transactions with ease. It provides reimbursements in local currencies for over 70 countries. You can use it to perform live tracking of finances across every department, team, and individual.

Brex helps in data collection, which enables you to close the books faster. It matches the receipts with transactions, generates memos, sends approval notifications, and prepares data for tax filings. You can use its OCR technology to check tokens in various languages and currencies.


Tax Collection: It collects and stores all tax information, including VAT, that can be used for tax filings with your local governing authorities.

Personalization: The booking software dynamically learns employee preferences and searches for their preferred airlines and hotels in the future.

Iternary Management: Brex allows users to make unlimited itinerary changes based on their requirements without issues.

Policy Control: It provides custom controls for setting limits across cards, reimbursements, travel platforms, departments, etc.

Approval Hierarchy: You can define approval hierarchy so that any transaction requiring manual approvals may be directly forwarded to the concerned individual. It can also be used to handle large procurements requiring multiple licenses.

Expense Rules: Allows you to create easily understandable expense rules that govern the approval/rejection of expenses.

Stipends: Using predefined rules, you can issue one-time or recurring stipends for various use cases like wellness, performance, and behaviour.

Import/Export Data: It provides built-in functionality to export transactional data directly with the ERP CSV transfer feature.

Automation: It integrates well with leading automation platforms to improve productivity and efficiency. This streamlines expense management processes, bookkeeping, payroll, and HR management.

2 Way Sync: Brex synchronizes all data with your accounting software, ensuring minimum data discrepancies across platforms.

Spend Control and Approvals: Helps implement spend controls, ensuring no department or branch exceeds the budget. The approval system provides necessary expenses that need manual approvals before being processed.

Live Support: Their team of experienced professionals can help you with initial setup, management, and frequent issues via email, 24×7 calls, or live chat.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides unlimited reimbursements with no transaction fees. Limited reports and data insights are made available.

Integrates with top ERPs such as NetSuite, Oracle, and QuickBooks.

Allows you to custom configure policies based on the use case, level, region, and department.


Free Trial: No

Pricing: Contact Customer Support For Pricing


Some of the key differences between accounting software solutions and expense management tools are as follows:

Account Software Expense Management Software

It is used to track all financial transactions and perform proper bookkeeping. It is used to optimize expenses and better understand spending platforms.

You can use it to manage payroll and send/receive money. Many tools come with built-in invoicing capabilities. You can use it for understanding financial constraints and managing unnecessary expenses.

Helps in calculating and paying taxes ensuring complete compliance. Performs in-depth audits to provide reports for business performance and areas of improvement.

It allows you to manage better and maintain cash flow, improve working capital and keep affiliates happy. Assists you in making budgets for your business/financial goals.

Some of the key parameters to consider while choosing an expense reporting software are:

Reports/Analytics: You should always choose a tool that performs in-depth financial audits and provides robust reports to identify areas for improvement and help compare performance.

Compatibility: Always prefer tools compatible with your existing technology stack and integrate with your other services like accounting and management tools.

Pricing: You should always rely on services that provide cost-effective pricing plans for your current business needs and can be scaled up easily per your requirements.

Best Expense Tracking Software: Top Picks!

Provider Region/Currency Support Mobile Apps Free Trial Integrated Payments and travel expenses Link

Ramp 195 Countries with 40+ Currencies Android and iOS Lifetime free Basic Plan Yes Learn More

Expensify 58 Currencies iOS, iPadOS and Android Free Plan Yes Learn More

Happay 150+ Countries Android and iOS, iPadOS Lifetime free Basic Plan Yes Learn More

Rydoo 19 Countries iOS, iPadOS, and Android No No Learn More

DivvyPay USD Android and iOS Yes, 14 Days No Learn More

The Verdict

We’ve discussed some of the best expense tracking software solutions. While all of them are great, some are more geared towards specific use cases. Our final verdict should be instrumental in helping you make the right call.

If you want to automate your expense management and minimize human input, Ramp is your best choice.

Expensify is ideal for tracking and managing receipts to ensure timely processing.

If you manage a small business, Rydoo is the ideal expense management software for your needs.

15 Best Edge Extensions To Use In 2023

15 Best Edge Extensions to Use In 2023 [Ranked by Features] Extensions can boost performance and reduce the loading speed




Microsoft Edge is a solid web browser, but you can improve it with the best Edge extensions.

Our list of Edge’s best extensions starts with a tool that will improve online security.

We also included some tools meant to make browsing easier, like a mouse gesture management app.

Instead of fixing issues with Edge, upgrade to a better browser: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Edge;

Enhanced privacy: Free and unlimited VPN integrated;

⇒ Get Opera One

Many web browsers support extensions that allow you to enhance them with new features.

All major web browsers support extensions, but that wasn’t the case with Microsoft Edge.

The latest updates changed that and Microsoft finally brought extensions to Edge. Today we’re going to show you some of the best Edge add-ons.

Quick Tip:

By now, you might have heard that Microsoft Edge is built on top of Chromium. Just like Chrome. There are other similar browsers as well such as Opera One.

What’s the difference between them? The extra features and functionalities. And also the user interface can be different.

The Opera One browser has a neat, multifunctional sidebar on the left of the screen. There you can find integrations with all your favorite networks: Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram.

Opera One

Thousands of extensions, themes, and keyboard shortcuts are available for the ultimate customization.

Free Visit website

Do extensions slow down Edge?

That’s not always the case. Some extensions are meant to boost Edge’s performance and reduce the loading speed. However, if you have several extensions installed, there is a good chance that Edge will slow down.

So, it’s not extensions, in general, that slowdown Edge but only the ineffective, problematic, or conflicting ones. Though too many of these will affect the performance.

What are the best Edge extensions that you should install?

Making sure you are not targeted by trackers and cyber-attacks is one of the first things to consider when browsing the web.

Browsers have come a long way. They can access to a basic level how secure the web pages you visit are. Unfortunately, cyber threats evolve too and become harder to detect.

For this reason, it is recommended you take extra precautions. chúng tôi is an Edge browser extension that is perfect for this job.

It works under similar principles as an antivirus would. Instead of scanning your system for infections, it detects and blocks attacks before they reach your computer. excels when it comes to anti-phishing. Whenever you get a suspicious request to fill in data, either from a website or via email, chúng tôi will block it.

This will prevent you from revealing payment information, your address, your real name, and other sensitive data that you don’t want to be known to cyber attackers.

Not only that, the app is able to clean your browser. When you first install Guardio, it scans your browser and removes all trackers, suspicious scripts, and malicious apps.

The tool also has a built-in ad blocker. It can also stop intrusive notifications so you can enjoy the web without interruptions. monitors data breach events and alerts you in case any of your accounts are vulnerable.

The application is very easy to set up. You can install it from the Microsoft Edge Addons page. Creating an account takes 5 minutes tops, and then you can start setting it up.

In case you alternate between multiple browsers, you should know that Guardio is compatible with Chrome and Firefox as well. You can use the same account to protect your data.

If you want to quickly perform certain actions in your browser, you might be interested in an extension called Mouse Gestures for Microsoft Edge.

This extension allows you to perform certain actions simply by holding the right mouse button and performing the correct gesture.

For example, simply by holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse to the right, you can go to the next page.

If you want to go back, press and hold the right mouse button and move your mouse to the left.

There are 30 default gestures available, and by performing them you can navigate through different tabs, or close specific tabs. If you don’t use certain actions, you can easily replace them with the ones you use.

When you perform a gesture you’ll see a blue trail, and if you make the correct gesture you’ll get a small window showing you what it does.

If you perform a non-existing gesture by mistake, another window with all available gestures will appear. This allows you to see all available gestures and quickly find the one you need.

Mouse Gestures is a great extension, especially if you like performing gestures while using your PC. The extension is available for download from the Microsoft Edge Addons Store.

⇒ Get Mouse Gestures

If you use Pinterest you might be interested in the Pinterest Save Button extension. This is a simple extension that allows you to pin your favorite websites right from Microsoft Edge.

After doing that, a new window will appear that lets you choose your board and your Pin’s name.

As you can see, this is a simple extension that will make using Pinterest on Microsoft Edge faster and simpler than before.

⇒ Get Pinterest Save Button

If you’re familiar with OneNote, then you might be interested in the OneNote Web Clipper extension. This extension allows you to easily save websites you visit OneNote.

You can save the full page as an image, or you can save the page as an article. If you choose the article option all images will be removed and you’ll be able to read the article later without any distractions.

We also have to mention that you can highlight certain sections of the page and save them to OneNote.

This extension also allows you to change font and font size if you decide to save a page as an article. You can also highlight important parts right from OneNote Web Clipper.

OneNote Web Clipper is an amazing extension, especially if you use OneNote frequently. If you’re a OneNote user, be sure to download this extension from Windows Store.

⇒ Get OneNote Web Clipper

This is another simple extension that will improve your Reddit experience. Bear in mind that this extension only works on Reddit, so it won’t work on other websites.

In addition, the extension will also add support for night mode which can be useful during the night. Reddit Enhancement Suite also brings keyboard shortcuts for browsing, simpler ways to switch accounts, and the ability to tag users.

These are some of the basic features, and this extension has a lot more to offer. If you use Reddit frequently, be sure to download this extension from Windows Store.

⇒ Get Reddit Enhancement Suite

In addition to instantly adding the current page to Pocket, you can also assign tags in order to organize your saved pages.

If you want, you can also archive or remove saved pages from Pocket right from the menu.

This extension also allows you to add a keyboard shortcut, so you can save your favorite websites quickly.

If you want, you can also add Pocket to Reddit or Twitter from the settings menu. If you read a lot on the Internet, Save to Pocket might be perfect for you.

⇒ Get Save to Pocket

If you frequently visit websites that aren’t in your native language, you might want to consider using Translator for Microsoft Edge extension.

If you want, you can use the option to automatically translate any webpage that isn’t in your native language.

You can also translate segments of the page simply by selecting them and choosing the Translate option from the context menu.

Translator for Microsoft Edge is an extremely useful extension, and it will be perfect for you if you visit websites that aren’t in your native language.

⇒ Get Translator for Microsoft Edge

Office Online is an extremely useful extension for all Office Online users. Using this extension you can easily open any recent Office Online file, but you can also create a new document right from the extension.

Bear in mind that the extension doesn’t come with a built-in editor, so all available options work as Office Online shortcuts.

This is a simple and useful tool, and if you use Office Online frequently, be sure that you try it out.

⇒ Get Office Online

You can save the page as an article, and this option will remove unnecessary elements such as sidebars and keep only important information.

The simplified article option will remove all styles from the page which makes the page easier to read. If you want to save the complete page with all its elements, you can use the Full page option.

Lastly, there’s a Bookmark option that will save a small excerpt of the page. You can also select certain parts of the page and save them.

If you have an Evernote account, Evernote Web Clipper is an extension that you need to try out.

⇒ Get Evernote Web Clipper

TamperMonkey is an extension that allows you to add user scripts to certain websites. By doing so, you might be able to enhance the functionality of certain websites.

You can download all sorts of third-party scripts and add them to a website thus altering its functionality. All these scripts run on your computer, so you won’t be affecting the website in any way by using user scripts.

The tool allows you to view all added scripts, and if you’re not pleased with a script you can easily disable it right from the extension.

If you’re a developer, you can even add your own code and create your own custom scripts.

This is a great tool for developers and computer enthusiasts, but if you are an average user, you might want to skip this extension.

⇒ Get TamperMonkey

If you frequently watch videos online, you might be interested in Turn Off the Lights. This extension will focus on the video that you’re watching by covering other web elements with a black overlay.

Even though this is a simple extension, it comes with extensive configuration. For example, you can configure the color or opacity of the overlay.

If you want, you can also use a gradient instead of a solid color for overlay. There’s also an option to use a background image or dynamic background as an overlay.

Turn Off the Lights supports extensive configuration for YouTube, and you can even set which elements will be visible while watching YouTube videos. You can even set player size, quality, and other options regarding YouTube.

This extension also supports certain visual effects, so you can set atmosphere lightning effects for videos.

If you wish, you can also toggle fade-in and fade-out effects or use the reflection effect.

If you want, you can also turn on the video toolbar or eye protection feature.

Turn Off the Lights also supports various keyboard shortcuts, and you can even add support for the context menu or change how the mouse works with the extension.

You can also turn on this extension for all open tabs and you can even use password protection so that others can’t disable it.

The extension also supports Night Mode, and thanks to the Camera Motion feature you can easily turn on Turn Off the Lights by performing a hand gesture.

We have to mention that this feature requires a front-facing camera on your device.

Another feature that this extension supports is Speech Recognition, so you can control the extension and video playback with your voice.

⇒ Get Turn Off the Lights

Page Analyzer is a tool designed mostly for web developers. The tool will scan any website and check if it follows the correct practices.

For example, it will check if you use CSS fallbacks, HTML5, and modern doctype. You can expand any of the warnings and see the detailed information along with the problematic code.

This tool is designed for web developers, and if you want to ensure that your website is using the best practices, be sure to download Page Analyzer.

We have to warn you that the tool can be a bit sluggish depending on the complexity of your website, so keep that in mind.

⇒ Get Page Analyzer

If you frequently buy products online, you might be interested in Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant extension for Edge.

This extension will list all recently browsed products and allow you to save your favorites. Regarding saving, you can add products to different categories so you can organize them better.

The extension allows you to sort the products by price, reviews, or price change. You can even get notifications when a price for certain product changes.

In addition, you can also easily filter all your saved products. Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant is a great extension if you shop online frequently.

The extension allows you to keep track of all recently viewed products, so it will be rather helpful while making a purchase online.

⇒ Get Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant

If you frequently buy on Amazon, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a dedicated Amazon extension for Edge.

Amazon Assistant will allow you to quickly search for any product on Amazon right from the extension.

In addition, this extension allows you to add products to your lists or to view daily deals right from the extension. This is a simple extension, and it will surely be helpful to all Amazon users.

⇒ Get Amazon Assistant

Which are the best Edge VPN extensions?

There are several VPN extensions available for Edge and these can easily be downloaded from the Add-ons store. But not all of them are effective, and as is generally the case with VPNs, some considerably reduce the Internet speed. That’s why you need to install only the best.

Here are the best VPN extensions available on the Edge Add-ons store:

Surfshark VPN (paid VPN)

NordVPN (paid VPN)

ZenMate (both free and paid versions available)

chúng tôi (both free and paid versions available)

Also, you can use an effective VPN app that will work just as well and not affect the speed or performance of the device.

Why are my extensions not working in Edge?

In many cases, the extensions were not installed properly or a recent update broke them. Here, it’s best to reinstall the extension from the Edge Add-ons site.

It’s also likely that you are running an outdated version of Microsoft Edge, and as a result, the extensions are not working. Updating the browser should do the trick here.

If you notice that some of the extensions stopped working after installing a new one, there’s a chance that the recently installed extension is conflicting with the others and preventing them from working. Just remove it and things should be fine.

Extensions allow you to customize and add new features to Microsoft Edge. If you’re looking for the best Microsoft Edge extensions, be sure to try some extensions from our list.

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What Is The Best Rpa Software In 2023?

We frequently get the question: “What’s the best RPA software?”. We are not a big fan of this question, as the best software for your company depends on your company’s automation needs. But we will address that question by comparing the top RPA software providers.

Please note that we are not updating this in real time. You can see an up-to-date chart that is based on these criteria, along with a list of RPA vendors and their relevant information, on our RPA vendors list.

Which is the best-funded RPA software provider?

UiPath is the most likely candidate but the question is not possible to answer perfectly. This is because public companies like IBM offering products in multiple markets are part of the RPA market. So it is not possible to allocate their funding to their different products using public data.

Funding is a good proxy for success, as investors are looking carefully at the RPA ecosystem and are betting on companies’ success with their money. So the best-funded vendor can be the most successful one in the long run.

So we looked at the RPA software providers with top funding:



Source: IBM


$2+B including:

$728M raised in Apr/2024 as part of their IPO

$750M raised in Feb/2024

$425K raised in Dec/2024

$225M raised in July/2024

$568M raised in April/2024

Automation Anywhere

$850+M including:

$3.4M raised in Oct/2024

$9.3M raised in July/2024

$290M raised in Nov/2024


$340+M including:

$220M raised in March/2024

$50M raised in April/2024


$155M with $55M from previous investors and $100M from their post-IPO placing. BluePrism was sold for $1.5bn in September 2023 to Vista Private Equity.

Disclaimers: This is a very high-level exercise with shortcomings:

We should ideally be looking at valuation because by giving away more of your company, you can raise more than your competitors even when markets favor your competitors. However, since most RPA vendors are private companies, valuation data is not public so we looked at funding amounts assuming all these major companies gave away similar percentages of ownership.

This exercise favors older companies as they had more time to raise and burn funding. Except WorkFusion and IBM these companies are of similar age so should not be a major issue.

Which vendor is more popular/searched more on Google?

One way to measure popularity is to look for Google queries including the RPA company’s name.

Historical results for selected RPA companies

There were no clear winners before 2023:

However, UiPath takes off after 2023:

Source: Google Trends

However, for a more comprehensive view of the RPA market, check our data-driven list of RPA vendors where we track companies by popularity, web traffic, and maturity.

For more on RPA

For more on RPA, feel free to read our in-depth articles on:

For more details on RPA, read our data-driven whitepaper on the topic:

And if you are interested in purchasing an off-the-shelf automation solution to transform your business, check our comprehensive hub of automation solutions, and reach out to us to help you find the right tool that fits your business needs:

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





Best Backup Software Of 2023

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

Written By Curtis Silver

Published Jun 13, 2023 1:00 PM

Solid backup software should be a fundamental part of your digital life. If you aren’t backing up your data on a regular basis then you are putting your documents and memories at risk. There are free cloud solutions offered by Google and Apple that we generally agree to upon the purchase of a new smartphone. But these solutions are limited and don’t offer the same dedicated security and reliability that you can find with software designed for the purpose of backing up your data. It’s the best backup software that can offer you more than just a secondary place to store your litany of photos. 

The other factor that necessitates the need for backup software is the physical lifespan of our storage devices. Both internal and external hard drives have limited life spans. These devices will cease to function at some point and if we’re not vigilant with backing up our data with a full redundancy plan, we put our data at risk. The best backup software will add an essential layer of security to your computer workflow without adding a ton of extra hassle or cost.

How we chose the best backup software

Reputation is important when it comes to backup software because it’s a big deal to trust a company with your files. For this list, we started by comparing a wide array of backup software, then emphasized those with solid pricing, reliable service, decent encryption, and broad compatibility. We relied on a combination of personal experience, editorial reviews, user impressions, and feature comparisons to choose the best possible options for a variety of users. As companies often change their offerings, pricing, and terms of service, it’s always a good idea to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for before signing up—especially true if you’re getting into a longer-term deal.

Things to consider before buying the best backup software

When you are purchasing (or downloading a free version) backup software, you’ll want to remember to only buy what you need. Many products on the market are filled with technical features that can obfuscate the standard operation of the software. Additionally, there are just as many, if not more, enterprise backup software solutions that you likely don’t need. Simple can absolutely be better, especially if it means the difference between using it and avoiding it.


Backup software options, good and bad, can range in price from free to upwards of a few hundred dollars. While it’s difficult to truly put a price on your data, it’s important to put it in perspective. Paying a one-time cost of $50 to secure your data is a bargain compared to what you pay annually for streaming services alone. While that’s not a direct parallel, it helps put it in perspective. Free options have their place as well, but there is always a catch with anything that’s free. In this case, that can mean less reliable, slower, or less secure services.

Level of encryption security

There are two levels of encryption security employed by most backup software products. Either one is acceptable for general use. While 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the basic level of protection, 256-bit AES offers more secure encryption because the encryption key is longer. The good news is that, unlike crypto wallets, you generally don’t have to remember or store these encryption keys as the backup software handles them for you.

Incremental backup vs. full backup

Once you settle on a piece of backup software, you’ll have to decide how you want your backups to proceed. Most backup software products offer both incremental and full backups, but you might have to toggle some settings. Incremental backup means that the software only backs up the data that has changed since your last backup. This is handy if you want quick, more frequent backups. Full backups do as the name implies, backing up all your data every time. This is the default method of software backups but usually is run in tandem with incrementals.

Operating system compatibility

In a world of multiple operating systems (albeit some more popular than others), it’s important to make sure that the backup software you choose works with the OS you run. There are pieces of software designed specifically for particular operating systems. Windows, Linux, and macOS all have backup software programs that work best with the OS, and some that won’t work at all.

The best backup software: Reviews & Recommendations

With the features and specs outlined above, it’s time to get into the specific picks. While we have broken these choices down into categories, there’s always some overlap involved, so be sure to peruse the entire list before committing to one option.

Best for Windows: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Why it made the cut: Acronis Cyber Protect is a feature-filled piece of software that offers more backup tools than its competitors.


System compatibility: For macOS, Windows, Android, iOS

Encryption: AES-256 encryption

Price: $49.99 – $124.99


Backup locally or to the cloud

Ransomware protection

File syncing

Tons of features


Advanced features can be tenuous for basic users

Slower upload speed

No free storage

Acronis Cyber Protect offers full backups for your PC, as well as the option to clone drives or even partitions. You can even select individual folders and files to backup. You can back up locally or to a cloud service. There is also an annual subscription for additional security features, with 500GB of storage on the base plan. The point is that Acronis is packed with handy backup features like disk cleanup and system management utilities. 

One issue with backup software can be the interface. With Acronis Cyber Protect, the interface is very similar to a file manager. That makes it very consumer-friendly and easier to understand and use. Some of the deeper menu options can be a little confusing, but nothing the user manual can’t sort out. 

Best for Mac: Get Backup Pro 3

Why it made the cut: Get Backup Pro is a backup utility app specifically designed for macOS users.


System compatibility: For macOS

Encryption: AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish, Triple DES encryption

Price: $19.99


Scheduled backups

Incremental backups

User-friendly UI


Just for MacOS

No additional security protections

Get Backup Pro is a simple piece of backup software that offers very simple options. If you want to backup your data before yet another macOS operating system update, this is one of your best options. It can create a bootable clone of your drive, so when the OS upgrade bricks your system, you’ll be good to go upon restoring. It also provides incremental backups, cutting down on backup time and memory resources. 

This is a very easy-to-use backup option. You can schedule your backups with relative ease and choose your backup location. Again, basic stuff here. The selling point of Get Backup Pro is that it’s optimized for macOS and is a good thing to have installed if you are an early OS adapter.

Best free: Aomei Backupper 6 Standard

Why it made the cut: Backupper 6 Standard offers a free standard version of its software that covers your basic backup needs. 


System compatibility: Windows

Encryption: None

Price: Free – $59.95



Easy to manipulate

Backups stored in one file


Aomei Backupper 6 Standard comes in three versions: Free, Professional ($49.95), and Workstation ($59.95). Each one offers an escalating list of backup options, with the Workstation version being designed for business use. The free version offers basic backup options such as file, system, disk, and partition backups. It jams all of this in one AFI file you can move wherever you need it. The paid versions add schemas, differential backups, and encryption.

Best for power users: IDrive

Why it made the cut: IDrive is a powerful backup tool aimed at businesses and power users, which makes it an essential option for cloud backups.


System compatibility: For Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux/Unix

Encryption: 256-bit AES encryption

Price: $3.98 annual subscription


Multiple OS support

End-to-end encryption

Tons of options


Subscription tiers can get pricey

Lacks real-time collaboration tools

For $3.98 a year you can have 10TB of encrypted cloud storage. That’s not a bad deal. That’s only for the first year, then the cost jumps a bit. And if you’ve got a small business, the cost could be in the thousands based on how many machines you need to be backed up. That being said, IDrive offers a clear, easy-to-use UI, and hierarchical backups. 

IDrive provides end-to-end encryption, but it requires you to hold a private key. This means if you lose that key, you lose access to your data. If you fear that loss, IDrive also offers standard encryption, storing the access key for you. IDrive has a wide range of backup options for whatever you need, whether it be photos on your phone or enterprise servers. While the UI can be a bit technical at times, it’s easy enough to navigate while dragging and dropping your files. 

Best for media storage: Google/iCloud

Why it made the cut: It’s a surprisingly full-featured offering for a free option.


System compatibility: For all operating systems

Encryption: Basic 2FA security

Price: Totally free


You already have it

Easy to use

Coordinates across devices


Storage fills up fast

No true automatic backup options

No security features

If your backup needs are limited to your photos, videos, and random media files, you might not need to purchase backup software at all. Sometimes simpler is better, especially if you don’t need anything complex. Some users don’t care about creating a drive image, or a full restore. These users simply use their computers for web-based work or play and just need a place to store their pictures and miscellaneous files. 

Whether you are using a Mac or Windows PC, Google and Apple’s iCloud are available to you (generally depending on your mobile device OS preference). Both offer generous free storage upgradeable for a small fee. They are both simple options for automatic backups of the photos on your smartphone or documents created in the cloud. Plus, they are accessible from anywhere anytime. 

Best unlimited cloud storage: Backblaze

Why it made the cut: Backblaze packs in all the great features you’d expect from a competent backup software, with an unlimited storage capacity.


System compatibility: For Windows and macOS

Encryption: 128-bit AES encryption

Price: Variable annual rate


One pricing plan

Offline restore options

File sharing

Unlimited storage


Single license only

No folder syncing

Backblaze has been around for a while and is one of the most widely used backup software programs. One of those reasons is that Backblaze keeps it fairly simple with one subscription plan per single computer. Most users, though, would cite the unlimited storage offered as its main selling point. It’s not the fastest backup solution on the market, and its web interface is a bit clunky, but did we mention unlimited storage?

Seven dollars a month (at the high end, a longer subscription lowers the per month rate) for unlimited storage is a heck of a good deal. When you download Backblaze it’ll prompt you to back up everything and provide a storage estimate. If you want to only back up certain things, you’ll have to deal with that later through an exclusion menu. This process can be a bit of a pain, but again, unlimited storage for a few dollars a month. You really can’t get it better than that. 

FAQs Q: Does Windows 10 include backup software?

Technically, yes. Windows includes its classic “Backup and Restore” utility that creates full backups and drive images. You can also restore files with its file history feature. These are fairly straightforward backup options and are contingent on a physical location or backup drive for storage. These are not separate software platforms though, they are baked into Windows.

Q: What is backup software used for?

Backup software is used to secure your data through redundancy. While this can functionally be done by simply copying and pasting all your files on an ongoing basis to an external drive, most backup software programs will do this automatically. Additionally, many backup software options are cloud-based and can create incremental backups, saving space and time. If you have data, no matter the type, you should consider a competent backup option.

Q: What is the best personal backup software for Windows 10?

For its pricing and options, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is the best third-party option for Windows 10 PCs. This is a comprehensive piece of software that is simultaneously easy to use. It has a clean user interface and won’t break the bank with its standard storage plans. If the built-in Windows features aren’t offering you the backup options you need, then Acronis should be at the top of your list.

Q: What should I look for in backup software?

When shopping for backup software, like anything else, you’ll want to look for one that meets your needs. Are you running enterprise servers? More than one PC? Do you only need your photos backed up? What operating system are you running? All these factors tie into your backup software decision.

The final word on the best backup software

Your data is important to you so why would you put it at risk by putting your faith in your operating system never breaking down? Between power outages frying your motherboard, operating system updates bricking your system or even kids spamming the delete button, having a reliable backup system is important. Finding a piece of backup software that offers incremental or full backups at a reasonable price can be the difference between losing your data forever and just losing it for a few hours. 

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