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You, as a brand or an online marketer, see social media as a channel for reaching your audience and spreading your messages. But how does your audience see social media?

Aside for being your customers, they are also humans, right?

They have friends and family and they also use social media for connecting with them .

They also have hobbies and many other interests besides your products to include in their social activity.

So, what drives them into welcoming you in their social news stream?

And more than that, how could you keep their interest alive and avoid being ignored among all the other exciting posts on their walls?

Use Reverse Psychology

A study made by Exact Target (a social media and e-mail marketing services company) highlights the reasons people have for ending their connections with brands on social platforms.

These reasons are at the bottom of your audience’s dissatisfaction and, therefore at the bottom of their expectations. And knowing what expectations your audience has from you, is the key to engage and retain them in your social circle.

So, based on this study’s results, I came up with these three types of social fellows, each to be engaged differently:

1. Material driven

These are people that connect with you through contests, special promotions, coupons or other promotional campaigns you run and you need to offer something in return for them to join you on social networks.

How to engage them

Run your promotions over longer periods of time. Thus you will increase the chances of engaging the participants in a permanent relationship with your brand.

Request more interaction from the participants than just a subscription/registration/sign up. If they are required to act several times along the promotion (you don’t need to ask them complicated things to do) they might have the chance to get to know you better, to get accustomed with your brand and maybe find other things they like from you.

Don’t let any of the participants disappointed even if they didn’t win the big prize. Come up with a consolation reward for those who didn’t make it through the contest (it might be as small and effortless as a “thank you” email for entering the promotion) but don’t end it quietly.

Announce or let them foresee your upcoming contests and promotions. The study I was mentioning before showed that 24% of those questioned unliked brands on Facebook because these brands didn’t offered enough deals.

2. Impulsive

Some people “Like” or “Follow” a company without much consideration. They just do it! It might be after reading a post or seeing an ad they like and they don’t see this action as the start of a long term relationship. Therefore they are not ready for further involvement or commitment towards your business.

In fact, 51% of the people questioned, said they rarely or never visit a company’s page after “liking” them.  Sad huh?

How to engage them

Vary your content. Approaching a larger area of topics helps you both cover a wider range of people and surprise your audience with brand new topics.

Don’t overdo on a subject, because it might get annoying and boring for your audience. More than half of those participating in the social study (52%) said they stop following brands on Twitter because their content became repetitive or boring over time.

Always look for feedback to determine the interesting topics in your social circle, the problems and the uncertainties your audience has and come up with the content they need.

3. Informational driven

The most valuable part of your audience consists in those who see your social profile as a source of information. They are not looking for chit-chats, bonuses or fame. They are in just for some tips, tricks or for some new, hot and interesting stuff.

How to engage them

Focus your posts on actionable information. Anybody can rant but only a few are able to give just that piece of information you can take, apply and get instant results. By sharing useful content, you can make a difference and win these people over. 20% of people ended their connection with brands on Twitter because the company’s tweets were too chit-chatty and did not focus on real value.

Stay up to date and share new, hot content. It’s essential to build a reputation for being informed.

Maintain a high quality standard of your posts. It’s easy to get carried away on these social streams and promote content just for the sake of posting. It is best to keep your focus on quality as the popularity will thus build itself.

Try to keep the promotional stuff at a minimum level. Just think about the fact that 43% of the respondents in the study said they unliked brands on Facebook because their wall was becoming too crowded with marketing posts.

Keep Your Social Circle Round

It’s not easy to be socially appealing as a brand but with the right message, I believe you can get your audience involved and happy.

But, how do you build your brand’s social profile? What methods do you use to maintain your audience engaged? Any tips you could share would be greatly appreciated!

You're reading Different People Use Social Media For Completely Different Purposes

Social Media For Designers – Studio Hamid Hassanzadeh

This workshop has been postponed for two weeks due to some unexpected last-minute changes. It’s scheduled to take place on June 3rd-4th.

Why social media?

Why architects and designers should use social media?

Like all professions, architects are not exceptional in this. Internet and social media have changed the way architects and designers think about their projects. As much as we think this is wrong, getting more exposure on social media became a quality standard for offices and clients on a success of a project. By using social media, architects and designers were able to showcase their work, build their own brands, network with peers, engage with potential clients, and keep up with industry trends. Using the right strategy will result in increasing visibility, establishing credibility, building relationships, showcasing the brand, and staying up-to-date.

Introduction to the course:

This course aims to showcase the potential of using social media in establishing a credible and strong online presence on the internet. We will focus on the ways of choosing the right social media platforms, analyzing their data, and generating effective strategies that align with the target audience. The course will provide a solid understanding of producing presskits, creating engaging content, methods of making high-quality publications and interacting with their audience. By showcasing great examples the course will enhance the participant’s knowledge of the best curations on social media.

Project by: CHYBIK+KRISTOF (© Monolot Studio)










Day 1: Saturday, June 3rd

Day 2: Sunday, June 4th

Important Notes:

This workshop is suitable for Small-sized Architecture Firms, Companies, Freelancers, and Social Media Departments.

Total sessions: 2 sessions.

Please be informed that we won’t be able to provide any license, invitation, or educational account, for any of the software that will be used during the workshop. Having the software with a proper license and installing them on the computer is the responsibility of the attendees.

Instructor: Hamid Hassanzadeh

Hamid Hassanzadeh is an Iranian architect, entrepreneur, researcher, and speaker. Since he graduated from architectural engineering in 2012, he has worked on multiple projects in Iran, Turkey, Russia, Kuwait, and the USA. Early in 2024, he established the ParametricArchitecture platform by starting it on Instagram. ParametricArchitecture, also known as PA, has become a globally recognized platform for parametric and computational design with more than a +1M audience across the globe. Hamid is also the founder of PAACADEMY, an educational organization powered by PA to spread the idea of computation in architecture and design. He aims to unfold the parametric world through thought-breaking design articles, interviews, workshops, podcasts, and conferences published and screened through various online mediums. Using his multiple social media channels with more than +2M audience, Hamid invites them to recognize and imbibe the techniques and algorithms used by architects, designers, and coders. He showcases prolific projects illustrated in powerful design software, tailored constructively to make the audience experience and raise awareness about these design practices and philosophies. He is the host of the PA Talks interview series with architects. During the past several years, He has conducted dozens of workshops, conferences, and events and interviewed many world-renowned architects about their works, methodologies, and their visions for the future.

Gui Testing In Different Ways

What is GUI Testing?

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Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Features of GUI

By understanding its different characteristics, GUI testing can be clarified further.

Thus, some critical GUI tests and other associated elements are described below:

This testing method is harder than the line interface test command.

Most test tools used for GUI testing focus mainly on regression testing.

It also confirms that the components, like the font and the pictures, comply with their design specifications.

GUI can face more challenges with automated testing, as the user interface often changes.

It is carried out from the viewpoint of the user and not the developer or tester.

It helps the team collect the data needed to decide whether an application can be deployed or not deployed.

GUI Testing in Different Ways

Manual Based Testing

Record and Replay

Model-Based Testing

1. Manual Based Testing

Testers manually verified all graphics for the company document with the prerequisites. For instance, the multiplication (33X5) can be checked by manual testing.

2. Record and Replay

Record and Replay is an automated Graphical User Interface tool with all the test records during testing.

3. Model-Based Testing Check-List of GUI Testing

Check GUI elements like length, width, size, font, etc.

Check for the correct error message display.

Size of font and font readability.

Pictures should be aligned correctly.

The positioning for various resolutions of all GUI elements.


In addition, this testing offers other benefits such as:

Tests the interface from the point of view of customers.

Efficiently reduces the risk to the end of the development cycle.

Contributes to validating compliance with design specifications for the various icons and elements.

Improves product reliability and increases product quality.

More memory resources are needed, which can slow the system.

The testing method takes time and may involve additional GUI software.

Given the frequent change in the implementation interface, the team could need to refactor a test script to enhance its precision.

The testing method is difficult due to limited access or no access to the source code.


Test the height of the elements in size, location, and width.

Testing for the displayed error messages.

Test the various parts of the screen.

Test the font to determine whether or not it is readable.

We can also test the spelling.

Testing the screen in various sizes by zooming in and out, such as 600×800, 640 x 480, etc.

Texts and other components, such as buttons, icons, and so on, are in the correct location to test the alignment.

We can also test the font color.

Testing error messages colors and warning messages.

We can also test the clarity of the image

We can also test the Alignment of the image.

Hyperlink color testing.

How to Do GUI Testing?

Ensure a text box correctly aligns with the label “Source Folder.”

Ensure the text box is correctly aligned with the label “Package.”

Check that the “Browse” label is the button at the end of the TextBox named after the “Source Folder” label.

Make sure that the label text box “Name” is correctly aligned.

Verify that the ‘ Editors ‘ label consists of the public, default, private, and protected names of 4 radio buttons.

Verify that the “Super-Class” label under the “Modifier” label has to be correctly aligned.

Ensure that wherever needed, an error should be produced in RED color.

Display a correct confirmation message after updating any field.

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Different Uses Of Evernote Notes

Introduction to Evernote Notes

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Evernote Uses

We all have warranty cards and user manuals of the different products we own and we cannot even through them out and don’t even open them a single time in years. Now, we can download their pdf versions and save them to Evernote. After saving them in Evernote, now we can search for any word in those warranty cards and user manuals and can find the word in seconds.

Make Evernote your memorabilia. We can use Evernote,s camera to save our memories whether it can be ticket stubs, love letters, theatre programs, travel brochure, and the list never ends. After saving these memories in Evernote, we can rewatch those memories any time and can get a peek into the past. This will make your evernote into a digital scrapbook.

There is an increasing trend of keeping pet animals but we fail to keep the documents related to our pet safe which makes it difficult for us when our pet needs care. Now, using Evernote, we can save all of the pet information. We can save the pet’s adoption papers, pet sitter’s contact, licenses, veterinary care information, vaccination records data in Evernote which would help us to keep every document related to our furry friends in a single place.

Save your kid’s work of art. We can create a virtual refrigerator door that can be shared to our friends and family. We can scan our kid’s works of art and can save them for our lives, moreover, it also saves us from all the clutter. Using Evernote, we can make a scrapbook of our kid’s art and can gift them on their graduation day.

Use Evernote as your spending tracker. We can track our everyday expenses on Evernote which would eventually help in making a personal financial budget. We can use the email forwarding or camera feature of Evernote to send our receipts to Evernote’s notebook. If we buy a large number of goods from a single seller then we can also make a tag for the seller. Now at the end of the year, we can check our spending in our favorite stores.

We all have discount coupons from the different stores of e-commerce platforms. Now, there are different ways to use coupons with Evernote. We can use web clipper to snap the photos of coupons, we can also take screenshots of the coupons or can use email forwarding. Now, we can keep a tag with coupons stored on Evernote and can set a reminder for the expiry date of those coupons.

Gone are the days of writing dear diaries offline. Now people find it more helpful to write journals online and Evernote is one such application that can help us in this. Make Evernote your journal which can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Make Evernote your day planner or calendar. Now, if we need to keep track of something in terms of date, we can do it through Evernote. Moreover, Evernote has some awesome templates for us to keep an eye on our year, month, week, or day. This will help us in keeping the track of various things even if we are not at home or at the workplace.

Keep your secret recipe collection. Scan and save the old recipes of your family, extract good recipes from the web or snap photos of your favorite recipes from a book. We can also add notes for our help while preparing the dishes. If required, we can share these recipes to our family and friends as well.

Make Evernote your idea box. Save the things which inspire you by grabbing articles, social media posts or images via web clipper. Use the saved articles and images whenever looking out for inspiration or ideas anytime and anyplace. We can use web clippers on our mobile phones as well making it comfortable for the users to clip anything and anywhere.

We can make Evernote our newsletter destination. We can use Evernote’s email address for receiving all of the newsletters directly in Evernote instead of cluttering and spamming our mailboxes.


On the basis of the above article, we understood about Evernote. We went through the different uses of Evernote which would help us in using Evernote in its most efficient way. This article would help anyone who is looking for an online platform where they can store their important documents, set reminders, monitor their meals and calories, and do many other tasks.

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Different Investments In The Metaverse

Although the primary focus of the metaverse is on the consumer side, it’s important to also explore the investment opportunities.

Over the past year, the term “metaverse” has seen a surge in popularity. The keyword was mentioned more than 135% in Q4 2023. Although the idea of a metaverse sounds intriguing, it became mainstream quickly after Facebook changed its name to Meta.

Other major players in tech have followed their lead. Google and Microsoft have made billions of dollars in metaverse technology. As expected, much of the talk is about how the metaverse can change people’s lives in the same way that the Internet did in the late 20th century.

Mainstream media tend to focus on the consumer side of the metaverse. However, it is equally important that mainstream media explore the investment opportunities associated with it. Many new terms, such as cryptocurrency, digital real estate, and non-fungible tokens, (NFTs), are used in conjunction with metaverse. But what do these terms mean?

Investment Ideas in the Metaverse

Although the metaverse is still in its infancy, it may not reach its full potential until the end of this decade. This potential has opened up a wealth of investment opportunities for startups and tech giants as they rush to create their own virtual worlds.

This raises the question: Which is right, ‘the Metaverse‘ or? The metaverses’?

It is yet to be seen if the multitude of groups creating their own virtual worlds will result in a vast network of interconnected virtual worlds controlled and managed by Meta. Or will there be a multitude of contributions and projects, powered by Web3 or blockchain technology?

Many are betting on the latter which means that digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs can be large investments in the metaverse.

The land is one of the most important investments in the metaverse. These virtual properties can be bought and owned using digital assets like NFTs. This brings up an interesting question: Are NFTs a new asset?

NFTs – Digital Art or a Brand New Asset Class

NFTs, like the metaverse, have seen a surge in popularity over the past year. There are many opinions on the subject, with some in favor and others against.

Proponents see much more. Blockchain experts recognize that NFTs are a natural human desire.

“We all desire that spark, that uniqueness that makes us stand out. There are also rare items in these [NFTs ]… Collectors want to collect the things that no one else has.”

These are the words and thoughts of Anas Bhurtun (CEO, co-founder of Arts DAO). He believes that NFTs have boomed due to their rarity.

People always want what others don’t have. These tokens, which can only be given one NFT, speak to an individual’s desire for something different and to prove that they are special.

What does this have to do with investing in the metaverse NFTs can be more than art. The bridge art and other assets are now digital assets themselves.

You can see things that you won’t find in traditional art spaces with NFTs. They are therefore one of the most valuable investments in the metaverse.

Bhurtun believes that the NFT is on the verge of maturation. It is becoming more like an asset class, which indicates that it has been financialized. These NFT holders are basically investors.

Enzo Villani is the founder and CEO of Alpha Sigma Capital. He had these words to say about NFTs and digital assets.

You would be able to borrow against it. Every digital asset will have someone who can lend against it and who will actually collateralize the asset. This is what we are trying to do. These assets are not collateralized and cannot be in the future. These NFTs can be owned, but they are valuable and you can borrow against them. This is very fascinating.

These sentiments are echoed by Nassim, a VC executive. “There are a lot of conversations about how to merge Defi with NFTs and a lot more products around how you can collateralize a loan against your NFT. This is what I find fascinating.

NFTs are not a new asset class. Others have reservations. Omar Item is the Arca MD and sees NFTs merely as a wrapper.

It’s a wrapper for a smart contract, which allows for instant transactions. It is transparent and allows liquidity to be created on otherwise ineligible asset classes. An NFT based on real property is not an asset class. The underlying asset is real.

DAOs, and The Metaverse

The metaverse ecosystem will benefit greatly from the influence of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). They make it simple for communities to participate in Web3 or the blockchain, which are both a major part of the metaverse.

DAOs are another way for investors to access NFTs and other metaverses. These organizations can also help with wealth management in the metaverse.

Keeping up Arts DAO

Bhurtun Zahedi and Danosch Zhedi founded Arts DAO. Bhurtun, a former corporate/M&A attorney, has dedicated his life to developing crypto, Web3, and digital content expertise.

Zahedi is an entrepreneur and serial entrepreneur who founded many companies in the crypto space. They co-host Crypto Sheikhs, the most popular podcast on crypto and NFT in the UAE.

Arts DAO is a community DAO that hosts the largest Web3 community in the Middle East. With the launch of the Ethernal Gates NFT collection, the founders intend to make it a collectors DAO.

Kristel Bechara, an award-winning artist, created the collection of 2,000 NFTs.

These NFTs will give holders access to Arts DAO social events and an allocation in DAO. Arts DAO will collect NFTs for their benefit by investing in a portfolio of blue-chip NFTs and seed Web3 founders as well as investing in other DAOs/NFTs. The ultimate goal is to increase the total value of the Treasury and provide a healthy return for its members.

Which Different Industries Implementing Blockchain?

Blockchain technology has been used in other fields besides banking. Blockchain technology has a huge chance to change the future in a big way.

We list all the industries that use Blockchain technology right now. But before we get there, let’s use an infographic to look at Blockchain and its workings.

In many important ways, blockchain technology has made a big difference. You might want to know which industries Blockchain changed the most and when this happened. So, go ahead and let your mind run wild. Here are some of the most critical industries and how Blockchain has affected them.


The current banking system is being challenged by blockchain tech. It makes it possible for people to send money to each other. No reason to do this is that taxes wouldn’t go to a single organization. That’s pretty neat. It means that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can get traded without banks being involved. Because bitcoin transactions get recorded in a public ledger that anyone can look at, you and your friend have complete control over the trade.


The digital world is most at risk from cyberattacks. As you can see, we went crazy when Equifax told us in 2023 that 143 million people’s personal information had been stolen. With the help of blockchain technology, this kind of terrible thing might never happen again. It stops the wrong people from seeing or changing our information without our permission.

Blockchain is for situations requiring a high level of security and getting distributed. A cryptographic algorithm encrypts and verifies all the data on a blockchain network, like Bitcoin. Then, a hacker won’t be able to get into the system at all. Blockchain relies on peer-to-peer connections that can’t get changed. It is easy to find attacks that use fake data. Also, by removing the need for a central authority, Blockchain makes it doable to record trades relaxed without revealing private data.

Property Management

Real estate is a regulated business that is hard to get into. The industry will change a lot because of blockchain technology. Since Blockchain was introduced, it has taken the place of intermediaries in the real estate market. It was to make things more transparent and easier to understand while giving homeowners and investors more power over their assets.

Supply Chain Management

Since it is shared and can’t change, the Blockchain allows tracking transactions. It could cut down on wasted time and mistakes made by people. During a supply chain, it can keep track of everything from the costs of inputs to the profits from outputs to waste and pollution. It significantly affects how we measure and control the actual environmental impact of an item. The distributed ledger can also track where an item came from to see if it was made in a fair trade way.


The Blockchain is to transform the way research, consultations, analyses, and points are undertaken. Several internet sites are focusing on decentralized prediction markets like the one Augur aims to offer. With these technologies, betting on and tracking events ranging from sports to financial markets to elections may be decentralized.

Communication Protocols with the Internet of Things

ADEPT is a revolutionary concept created by Samsung and IBM. It uses blockchain technology to create a distributed network of Internet of Things devices. It would record transactions across many devices, like a public ledger, without needing any one hub to manage this operation. Direct inter-device communication would simplify software upgrades, bug patches, and power usage monitoring.


Insurance trust administration is the bedrock of the global insurance sector. There is a lot of information in insurance contracts that must get confirmed. It includes the insured person’s identity, and the Blockchain gives a unique way to do it. Oracles enable the inclusion of third-party data sources into blockchain smart contracts.

Carpooling and personal transportation

The Blockchain creates decentralized types of peer-to-peer ridesharing services. It allows car owners and passengers to negotiate terms and conditions without the involvement of third-party providers. Arcade City and La’Zooz are two companies working on solutions in this sector.

Drivers may use electronic wallets implanted in their vehicles to pay for parking, tolls, and petrol and energy refills without raising a finger. UBS, ZF, and Innogy use blockchain technology to develop electronic wallets.

Cloud Storage

When keeping data on a centralized server, there are inherent dangers such as hacking, data loss, and human error. Blockchain technology makes cloud storage more resistant to fraudulent data theft efforts.


Complaints about the charity sector often revolve around corruption and incompetence, which cause donations to be distributed. When you use blockchain technology to trace your gift, you can be sure it will reach its intended destination. BitGive Foundation and other Bitcoin charities use Blockchain’s immutable distributed ledger to prove to donors that their contributions get delivered to the intended recipients.


Come on, own up to it. There are several difficulties with the preservation of patients’ medical records nowadays. This sensitive information is kept inaccessible to central repositories. When requested for someone’s report, it may take another person hours to locate the correct file, leaving the door open for data breaches, theft, or losses. As a result, blockchain technology is essential in this industry.

Another issue in the healthcare sector that blockchain technology may assist in alleviating is counterfeit pharmaceuticals. The problem is that distinguishing between legal and counterfeit medications may be difficult. This problem is addressed by protocols embedded into supply chain management systems that use blockchain technology to track the sources of drugs.


Manufacturing is poised for change, and blockchain technology might be the cause.

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that records and preserves transaction information. It is best known for its application with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Blockchain technology is being researched for possible applications ranging from banking to manufacturing.

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