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Scotty shared his stolen car story today on reddit with AirTag swooping in as the hero of the mishap. Scotty calls the experience “one of the most ridiculous days of my life.” Notably, he did admit (at the end) to leaving his car unlocked with the keys inside, but the story is nonetheless quite amazing.

I am a night owl. I went out to get in my car around 3am earlier this week to find my car gone. I’m separated but still friends with my wife, and her younger brother lives with me. He’s also a night owl, so I thought he’d taken the car to McDonald’s or something. I texted him to see if that was the case, and he told me that no, he had not.

My car (a 2010 Subaru Forester) had been stolen.

I did all the normal stuff one should do when your car’s stolen. I called the police and filed a report. They reported the car stolen but didn’t seem optimistic much could be done. Which makes sense, I live in the Chicago suburbs, where there are millions of cars and the police are busy. I start an insurance claim and, very annoyed, just kind of sit down to wallow in pity and frustration with myself and whoever stole my dang car.

Then, Scotty remembered he had an AirTag hidden in his Subaru!

Then Scotty got more pings…

As I drove to the Walmart, tense and still amped, I got several more pings from the tracker. I knew where it was, exactly.

When I arrived at the parking lot, I drove around with my phone out the window until my bluetooth connected to the tracker. I parked and walked around until I found the tracker by ringing it. It was under a parked car, and I could hear it, but it was rainy and gross out and I didn’t want to lay down in the puddle under the car to get it. So I sat and waited, hoping the car belonged to a customer who would leave.

After a half hour or so I got bored of waiting and just decided to go home, defeated, and hope insurance would go smoothly. I thought I’d still call the investigating officer and tell him I knew the car had been in the parking lot and see if he’d pull Walmart’s security footage. Maybe it would show someone known to them. Who knew.

I sat at the light to leave the Walmart parking lot.

Then I see MY STOLEN CAR TURN RIGHT PAST ME INTO THE PARKING LOT. This can be seen on dash cam footage from my second car, where you can also see me over-excitedly calling the cops.

Here’s when things came to a head:

I couldn’t’t believe it. I didn’t see the plate, but my car is this unusual ugly orange color and I am 90% sure it’s mine. I wait for the car to disappear around a corner in my rear view mirror and flip around. I watch this guy in my car drive slowly around and find an inconspicuous place to park. He backs in so the plate is hidden.

At this point I’m determined not to lose my car, having found it semi-miraculously. I’m tempted to drive right up and block him into his spot. But I don’t want to get shot, and I don’t want to damage my cars if he tries to ram his way out. So, kind of freaking out, I call the police again. This is the fourth time I’ve called 911 in the previous 3 hours, and the Northlake policewoman I’m transferred to knows the situation.

Luckily, in very short order 2 police cars arrive. I wave and point frantically out my window at my car until they see it, and they pull up on it.

They pull a skinny pale kid from the car, so thin and dejected I genuinely slightly felt sorry for him. I felt even worse after learning he’s homeless and, judging from the hard drug paraphernalia in my car, and addict.

(As a personal aside, I’ve had an easy life, and from what the officers told me, this kid has not. Still, he’s wanted on several warrants and I have the choice between pressing. felony and misdemeanor charges. I am very staunchly opposed to our way of criminal justice here, so I decided press the lesser charges. I don’t know if it will do any good, but at the hearing I intend to request some sort of drug treatment diversion program and hopefully have an opportunity to assure the kid I forgive him and wish him well. It probably won’t do any good, but I think having one more person telling him how awful he is will probably do worse.)

My car was trashed. It smelled like cigarettes and weed, and there were cigarette butts put out in my floorboard. In less than 7 hours my car now looked like a hoarder’s car, I’m not exaggerating. The police had me go though all this stuff piece by piece myself to find what was mine and what wasn’t. There are several bags of stolen phones, tablets, watches, and just a metric ton of junk.

I got it detailed later that day. It just felt too gross to be in it before that.

There are more and more developments to that story. Finding a key fob to what turns out to be another stolen car that’s parked near my house later on, having been ditched by the thief before he stole my car. And having a detective interview me and a crime scene tech take my DNA to rule me out (I moved the car out of the way of a neighbors garage). Finding a bunch of neighbors’ stuff in my car and learning that many other cars in our alley where we park were broken into. And more.

It was just a crazy experience.

And as far as his thoughts on AirTags:

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Google My Business Impressions Down 59%

An analysis of COVID-19’s impact on local search finds Google My Business experienced a sharp performance drop.

A study from chúng tôi of over 80,000 US listings finds that impressions are down an average of 59% across all verticals.

However, there are signs that performance will turn around sooner than many might expect.

Here’s more about the recent downturn of Google My Business, and when the eventual upswing is expected to occur.

All GMB Listings Got “Rocked”

Google My Business listings across all industries were negatively impacted by COVID-19.

As the study puts it, “every industry got rocked.”

Although it appears the worst may be over, as data flattened out at the end of March.

This suggests customers are coming around to seeking out businesses that do remain open.

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That shows customers are still engaging with businesses even if they can’t visit the location in person.

“As they shelter in place, they might be calling rather than driving, or it’s possible they want to visit and are calling to verify your hours during COVID-19.”

Recovery Already in Sight

Data suggests that performance of Google My Business listings will improve from here on out.

Automotive and retail, two industries hit hard by the pandemic, are showing signs of recovery already.

“Retail experienced a free fall in March followed by an apparent bottoming out.

Why? It’s possible the data reflects people showing an interest in shopping again after stocking up in March and sheltering in place.”

Google My Business performance for auto and retail is turning a corner, but restaurants are another story.

“At first, it was not always clear that it was possible to order from a restaurant, or whether restaurants were even open.

As consumers sorted out their options, they began to call restaurants to place food orders.”

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People are still using GMB, so it’s crucial that business owners continue to keep their listings updated.

Data shows that people who are searching for a business tend to engage with it either by calling or visiting the website.

So it’s a good idea to keep your website updated as well and ensure calls can still be answered.

For more about COVID-19’s impact on Google My Business listings, download the full report here.

When My Site Is Down, What I Do?

It’s probably not your fault either, but here you are about saving someone’s bacon. What can you do here

Is the Website Actually Down?

This might be obvious, and also a means to toot our own horn, but in SolarWinds® Pingdom® we’ve uptime tracking –your very first line of defense. Since Pingdom is using over 70 worldwide test servers, it’s possible to really get an external perspective on your site –which beats clean your browser, like a monster. Within a moment, Pingdom will confirm if your site is down or not.

If the site is down, be certain that you sit up straight and continue reading. Oh, also it would be suitable to pinch the bridge of your nose and simmer for several seconds–if nothing else than for result. Let your colleagues know you are important.

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Figure Out What the Problem Is

A Lot of things can Violate a Web Site, but Generally, It Is Going to be more of the following reasons:

Code error

DNS problem

Networking issues

Server issues with your web host

From the Pingdom awake, you will get the main reason behind your own toaster. It is time to check at a few of the most frequent reasons sites return.

HTTP Error 403: Your petition was legitimate, but the host is threatening actions. You may not have the required permissions for a source or might require a consideration of some type.

Packet Loss: This is a system error that may be related to damaged hardware such as a server, network congestion, or another hardware/network capacity bottleneck.

HTTP Error 503: Indicates the hosting isn’t accessible due to scheduled maintenance or due to a temporary overload in visitors. This will probably require support from the hosting provider or your operations staff.

HTTP Error 500: The 500 Internal Server Error is a really typical HTTP status code which means something has gone wrong on the site’s server, however the host couldn’t be more specific on exactly what the specific problem is.

Redirection Error: That really is a 301 or 302 gone poor and happens when you attempt and do a redirect to a HTTPS URL, but the SSL certification for this URL does not match the domain name.

The Pingdom reside map permits you to observe the condition of the net live since it occurs, from the number of outages we have discovered in the previous hour and many frequent error messages into what browsers and devices Web users are employing. Additionally, this is a remarkably useful tool when important outages happen from hosting and CDN suppliers.

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Use Your Monitoring Data as Leverage With Your Hosting Provider

Many hosting companies will not be upfront about website issues if you don’t have evidence to back this up. When there’s absolutely no reported status difficulty with your supplier, now you can file a support ticket and also utilize all of the appropriate monitoring data you need from a different third party to prove you’ve got problems.

The earlier you know about a issue, the sooner you are able to repair it. Conversely, if you do not know about a issue, you can not mend it.

Communicate With Your Users Via a Status Page

We can’t overstate the value of this step. Transparency inspires dedication, therefore please think about having a public status pageyour customers will thank you for this. A public standing page is a excellent way to keep users at the loop of everything you are doing at this time and will decrease the influence on your customer care team. And you do have two minutes to log in and upgrade your public status webpage.

Get a people status page. Hey you’ve one through Pingdom, or in the event that you’d like you can attempt Atlassian Statuspage, SorryApp, or even Cachet.

Update your status webpage with your applicable status for example’exploring’,’continuing’, and’solved’.

Update Twitter together with the continuing issue and connect to a status page.

Ensure that you trap this tweet so that it remains clearly observable. In this way, your customers can see you are alert to the problems and follow upgrades on the webpage. You shouldn’t ever (need to) copy and paste the identical conversation over and over to anyone who requests what’s happening.

Many standing pages provide users a means to subscribe to upgrades, so once an issue is solved your users will find an email notifying them it is all system proceed.

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Conclusion: Wrap Up

In this guide, we just touched onto the surface of everything you could do, and being on the watch for if something goes belly up. But, we just covered a very small subset of items you can perform. If you are a part of a SRE staff somewhere, odds are you are knee-deep from the Apache or even Nginx server, then palms sore from composing orders.

Consider website tracking as cheap insurance from embarrassingly long downtimes. Heck, look at it because your private watchdog which will bark everywhere there’s an problem with your site. Just this puppy speaks and assists you as a site owner to purge, and helps maintain your internet host fair.

Is Chatgpt Down? Are Chatgpt’s Servers Down?

Is ChatGPT down? Are ChatGPT’s servers down?

Here is why ChatGPT may be down

If you’ve been attempting to access ChatGPT lately, you may have noticed that the Chabot is currently down. Sometimes users are experiencing an error message stating that Chat GPT is at capacity right now, indicating that OpenAI’s servers are currently overloaded.

This is becoming an increasingly inconvenient issue as more people attempt to use the exceptional Chabot. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has gained a lot of attention lately due to its trending popularity, which has resulted in a surge of users attempting to access the service.

This article will discuss the ongoing issue of ChatGPT being down and the reasons behind it. Additionally, we’ll explore the impact of ChatGPT’s popularity and the challenges of maintaining a highly sought-after service. So, let’s dive in and find out more about what’s happening with ChatGPT.

UPDATE: 17/07/23, Monday 17th June. ChatGPT doesn’t seem to be encountering difficulties at the moment and Downdetector, isn’t getting reports of the service currently being down. You can check below to see ways in which you can resolve the down issues if Chat GPT is down for just you.

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Is ChatGPT down right now?

As of right now, there seem to be some disruptions to the ChatGPT service, which is run by OpenAI. If you think it may be then the best place to check is on the OpenAI status website. Likewise, you should also be checking the DownDetector page, which currently shows that users are reporting outages for OpenAI in the past 24 hours, with a spike of over 100 users this morning.

It’s hard to tell how long outages will last when they occur but for now you may just have to write your own copy. OpenAI does not go down too often, and when it does it’s pretty swiftly resolved. If you want you can try reloading the page or restarting your router to see if it’s a problem on your end.

Is ChatGPT Down or is it just for me?

If you’re experiencing problems with ChatGPT it can be difficult to tell whether the issues are server-side or coming from your end.

The best place for you to find out whether its a ‘you problem’ or a ‘them problem’ is to check the OpenAI status website. On this page you’ll be able to check the status of OpenAI’s sites including ChatGPT, that way you can check whether the problem you’re having is down to an error at their end. If there’s no indication on the OpenAI status website that ChatGPT is down then the likelihood is the issue is coming from your end. In this case check out our ‘Why is ChatGPT not working?‘ page for some tips on how you might be able to resolve your problem.

Why is Chat GPT Down?

There are several reasons why ChatGPT might be down. The most common cause is server overload due to the high traffic on the site.

When there are too many users trying to access the chatbot, the server capacity is exceeded, leading to the “ChatGPT is at capacity presently” message.

Other reasons for ChatGPT downtime could include network complications or errors like the ChatGPT error code 1020. However, in most cases, these issues are related to server overload.

The popularity of ChatGPT has led to a high volume of users trying to access the service, causing the current server limitations to be exceeded. OpenAI is aware of this issue, and the development team is working hard to find solutions to fix the problem and improve server capacity.

If you’re struggling to access ChatGPT and receive a ChatGPT Bad Gateway message this could potentially be a problem server-side or at your end.

Many people also receive the “ChatGPT error generating response” message. This is most often caused by disconnection from the ChatGPT server.

Hopefully, in the near future, users will experience fewer issues accessing the chatbot.

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What to do when ChatGPT is down

When ChatGPT is down, it can be frustrating and inconvenient for users who rely on the service. Unfortunately, the only thing that can be done is to wait until the server capacity reduces, which can take some time.

This might be challenging given the current popularity of the Chabot. The ChatGPT software is still in development, and the server capacity is relatively low.

The first port of call is to check the OpenAI status here.

This is the reason why the website is unable to handle a large number of people trying to access the service, and why the “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” message appears.

Until the developers find a solution to handle the overload, users will continue to experience this issue.

If you find it to be more of a ChatGPT capacity issue rather than a server problem, you may want to check out Chat GPT Plus, the paid-for version of the service.

If you find yourself waiting to use ChatGPT, refreshing the page, clearing your browser cache, using a VPN or Incognito mode, or logging in to your account again might help. However, if there are still many users trying to access the Chabot, these solutions may not be effective.

In the future, subscribing to ChatGPT Professional, when it becomes available, may help alleviate this issue. This premium service will likely have access to more server capacity, making it easier for users to access the Chabot. Until then, users will have to exercise patience when trying to use the service.

When was ChatGPT last down?

Chat GPT last went down on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

The service was down for around half an hour before being restored for both free and paying users.

How to use ChatGPT?

Sign up via Open AIs website and start asking Chat GPT questions.

why is Chat GPT down?

Servers may be at capacity or could be under maintenance.

The Best Mileage Tracking Apps For Iphone

If you need to keep track of your mileage for work or for your taxes, then there’s no better way to do it than with a mobile app. You know you’ll have your phone with you when you’re driving, so there’s no reason to keep a pen and paper in the glove box anymore.

These are the best mileage tracking apps for iPhone that let you log your miles automatically as you drive or manually if needed.

MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log

MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log offers both manual and automatic trip logging which is very handy. So, you can just jump in the car and go or enter your starting and ending locations for the log.

MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log notable features:

View mileage and reports on clear charts and graphs for the month or year.

Categorize trips by business or personal and use subcategories within each.

Add and save different vehicles, frequently-visited locations, and mileage rates.

Receive regular mileage reports via email or push notification per week or month.

MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log is a terrific mileage tracking app that gives you 40 trips per month for free and unlimited trips with a subscription plan.

Availability: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free with a subscription upgrade that offers unlimited trip tracking.

TripLog Mileage & Gas Tracker

TripLog Mileage & Gas Tracker lets you track your trip using GPS, the AutoStart feature (paid), or by entering your trip details manually.

TripLog Mileage & Gas Tracker notable features:

View mileage and reports with both charts and graphs for most any time period, by vehicle, or by activity.

Categorize trips by your business or by personal, medical, or commute. Plus, you can add your own.

Log your fuel expenses separately with all of the details like date, vehicle, price, tax, odometer, and more.

Track income and expenses, connect a bank or credit card, and view all transactions easily.

TripLog Mileage & Gas Tracker is the ideal app if you’re looking for more than trip tracking. Along with the notable features you can add locations, include mileage rates, and invite your accountant to access your reports directly from the app.

Availability: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free with a subscription upgrade for automatic tracking, unlimited vehicles, customizable reports, and more.

Mileage Tracker by Driversnote

Mileage Tracker by Driversnote is another app that lets you track your miles easily. Hit the plus button at the bottom to start tracking a trip or create a trip manually. You can also add an odometer reading if you’re logging that as well.

Mileage Tracker by Driversnote notable features:

View mileage on an easy-to-read graph by day, week, month, or year.

Categorize trips by business, personal, medical, or charity.

Review your mileage report by date range or trip type and then download it as a PDF or export it to Excel.

Add and save different vehicles, workplaces, and frequently-visited locations.

Mileage Tracker by Driversnote is a good app with nice extra features. If you want to use automatic trip tracking, you can upgrade the app an order an iBeacon. Otherwise, the ability to track a trip with a tap works just fine.

Availability: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free with a subscription upgrade that works with the iBeacon for automatic tracking.

All automatic mileage trackers

If you don’t want the ability to add trips manually or start them when you head out the door, you might like Simple Mileage Tracker (free) or MileLogger (free). They work with a drive detection feature, so every trip is automatically tracked.

Wrapping it up

And, take a look at some of our other app lists for iPhone.

The Best Expense Tracking Apps For Iphone

When you are self-employed, run your own business, or get sent out of town for work, keeping track of what you spend is very important. If you don’t report how much money you spent on a cup of coffee to keep you awake during that presentation, you won’t be reimbursed for it later.

Whether you file a 1099 each year, are a member of the Frequent Flier Club, or only travel once or twice per year, we’ve got a list of the best expense tracking apps for iPhone that are perfect for work-related travel and business-related finance…


If you are lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on your viewpoint) to have your daily driving expenses reimbursed, having a good mileage tracker is a must-have. Self-employed business owners would benefit from tracking mileage for tax purposes. This app tracks your drive using GPS and estimates fuel costs with a few simple inputs. This app is available for $0.99.

This is another app that is incredibly useful for keeping track of mileage and expenses for your car. It was specifically designed to adhere to the IRS guidelines for using transportation as a write-off. Users input information and expenses are displayed on an Excel-compatible graph. Sync with Dropbox for easy access when you are doing your taxes. This app is available for $2.99.

Instead of walking around with a wallet full of business receipts that get crumpled and messy, why not take a quick scan and send it directly to your accountant. Readdle’s scanner app is perfect for making copies of documents and quickly storing or sharing them. You’ll never have to worry about what you did with that lunch receipt again. This app is available for $2.99.

This expense organizer is perfect for the businessperson who needs to keep everything consolidated in one location. You can organize data based on frequently used expenses, customize input data fields to reflect your specific needs, and mark when an expense has been submitted and reimbursed. It includes a camera feature to capture receipts and tag and filter options for easy searching of items. This app is available for $4.99.

For companies already invested in the popular expense tracking software from Concur, it is now easier than ever for employees to manage and track expenditures from business trips. You can itemize hotel charges, submit and approve expense reports, and even keep track of meetings with the in-app calendar. Book airfare and hotels with TripIt integration. This app is available for free.

Some people love keeping track of every detail of a business trip. Others would rather be enjoying happy hour than filling out tedious reports about money spending. This app makes expense reporting easy with the in-app scanner. Create file folders for various expense reports. Then, take a snapshot of a receipt and send it to one of the report folders. You won’t miss another happy hour again. This app is available for free.

The best way to keep track of receipts is to take pictures. That way, if something happens, there is always a digital backup. Even with receipts, you would normally still have to enter expense information manually somewhere. Not with this app. It features an OCR scanner that translates images into text so you won’t have to type out everything you’ve purchased on your business trip. The scanner populates the information for you. This app is available for free.

Don’t forget to check out some of our previous Best Apps lists.

Now you don’t have any excuse for not taking care of your expense report. Your accountant will thank you for it. What are your favorite expense tracking apps?

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