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Dwm Crash Windows 11: Fix it in 10 Steps Check out these solutions to resolve the chúng tôi crash issue in Windows 11




On Windows 11, a crash caused by chúng tôi could indicate a malware infection or damaged hardware.

Check your controller or USB devices as a first step in dealing with a chúng tôi crash.

Running several system scans such as SFC can help eliminate the encountered error.



Fix Windows 11 OS errors with Fortect:

This tool repairs common computer errors by replacing the problematic system files with the initial working versions. It also keeps you away from system errors, BSoDs, and repairs damages made by malware and viruses. Fix PC issues and remove viruses damage now in 3 easy steps:

Download and Install Fortect on your PC

Launch the tool and Start scanning to find broken files that are causing the problems

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Dwm.exe is an abbreviation for Desktop Window Manager, which is a critical Windows 11 process. Unfortunately, even though chúng tôi is essential, several users have reported problems with it.

You could turn off the Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) process in prior versions of Windows. However, this is no longer available in Windows 11.

Because chúng tôi is a critical system process, you should avoid interfering with it unless you want to entirely ruin Windows 11 (and be forced to wipe and reset Windows as a result).

Nevertheless, you can take some potential actions to fix issues with it. Therefore, we prepared a list of methods you can try to solve chúng tôi problems such as high CPU usage and system crashes.

Why is chúng tôi crashing?

After some research, we found a few of the most common reasons why this chúng tôi crash error will appear on your Windows 11 PC.

The Desktop Window Manager service is disabled.

There is a presence of corrupt system files.

The non-Microsoft apps are interfering and conflicting.

The graphics driver is outdated.

There is a hardware malfunction.

Your PC is infected with viruses or malware.

What does chúng tôi do?

Windows then manipulate the window designs to guarantee their visual effects are applied.

If the chúng tôi process uses a significant portion of your CPU utilization in Windows Task Manager, this would suggest an issue with your hardware or system configuration.

Other factors contributing to excessive CPU utilization by chúng tôi include out-of-date drivers or missing Windows system updates, as well as the fact that internal graphics (rather than an external graphics card) are being used to generate visual effects rather than an external graphics card.

How do I fix chúng tôi high CPU usage?

Here are some quick tips to help you resolve the chúng tôi high CPU usage problem.

Change the wallpaper and apply a light theme.

Disable the screensaver.

Scan your PC for malware or virus.

Uninstall the recently installed apps which could be the reason for this issue.

Disable hardware acceleration for Office products.

Run the performance troubleshooter.

Update your graphics driver.

How do I fix the chúng tôi process in Windows 11? 1. Disable screensaver

For those experiencing high resource use with Desktop Window Manager, you should consider changing your theme or wallpaper to see if that helps.

If you have a Screensaver activated, turn it off and see what happens. Then, try changing all your Personalization options, such as your Lock Screen, Color Profiles, and so on, and see if that solves the problem.

2. Run the Performance troubleshooter

This troubleshooter assists the user in making adjustments to the operating system’s settings to improve its speed and performance.

3. Adjust the system for the best performance

The Adjust for best performance option will make a set of changes to your OS for it to run smoother. If you don’t like them, you can go back by choosing Adjust for best appearance.

4. Check your computer for malware

If chúng tôi is consuming excessive CPU power or memory, a computer virus may be responsible.

The difficulties with chúng tôi have been reported to be resolved by users after checking their computers and eliminating all suspicious files. Thus it is recommended that you attempt this. One of our recommended antiviruses is ESET Internet Security which has a high detection rate and relatively low RAM consumption.

On the other hand, users have complained that both Avast and AVG have caused problems with this operation, so you may wish to uninstall those programs from your computer.

It is necessary to point out that practically any antivirus application might cause issues with chúng tôi and should be avoided.

As a result, temporarily delete any third-party antivirus products from your computer or disable the software altogether.

For Norton customers, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on uninstalling it from your computer. There’s a similar guide available for those who use McAfee.

5. Restart explorer.exe

If the process takes up too much RAM, this step should cut resources and restore your device’s functionality.

You can also resolve this issue by logging out of Windows 11 and back in. However, remember that this is only a temporary solution, and you may have to repeat the process each time the problem occurs.

6. Delete the mdi264.dll

Close Command Prompt and restart your computer after doing the above actions.

7. Run the SFC scan

Wait for the process to finish (which may take some time) before restarting your computer.

You can also choose to use a tool that will do all these steps automatically. Fortect is a repair solution with a wide range of functions, suitable for several software issues.

It can scan your PC in-depth and find any impediment that slows down its performance. After that, Fortect will replace each malfunctioning element with the latest update from its database.

⇒ Get Fortect

8. Run DISM

Sit down and wait for the procedure to finish. Please be aware that it may take up to ten minutes. After that, restart your computer to confirm that the changes have taken effect.

9. Disable Hardware acceleration

You must close the Registry Editor and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

10. Disable problematic services

Before closing the Services window, double-check that all of the services listed in Step 2 – Skype Updater, Google Update (update), and Google Update (gupdatem) have been turned off.

Do I need chúng tôi on my computer?

DWM.exe file is an essential Windows core system file and a component of Microsoft Windows. It is mainly responsible for elements including Windows Aero and other visual effects and personalization features like Windows Flip and Flip 3D.

The Visual effects that chúng tôi also include the transparent or glass-like appearance and the rendering of each open window. So, chúng tôi is not a virus and is a safe software component of Windows.

Why is Task Manager using so much CPU?

If you’ve ever opened Task Manager only to have your CPU utilization surge to 100% and stay there, you may have questioned why this strange spike in system resource usage happens.

When you start Task Manager, it starts collecting data about what processes are running, which ones utilize the most system resources, and what resources they use.

Task Manager is gathering this data, and the CPU utilization spike you witness is Task Manager assembling it. When it’s finished, it settles down and displays all the data in a tabular manner.

It’s much more perplexing when you track CPU consumption for many tasks. The solution is to launch Task Manager first, so it can start monitoring CPU consumption immediately, rather than after it has already begun to drain your CPU.

You can slow down the Task Manager update speed to avoid this bothersome situation. However, given how slowly the upgrade will proceed, the CPU utilization surge will occur later.

Windows Task Manager is a quick and straightforward way to monitor which programs are now operating on your computer and how much CPU and memory they are currently consuming.

However, if you are dissatisfied with it, you can look at some alternative Task Manager apps that can assist you in tracking resource usage in Windows.

Dwn.exe is an essential Windows 11 process, and many issues with it can occur, but we hope that you managed to fix those issues by using one of our solutions.

To better understand what chúng tôi does, see our article on why you can’t kill DWM in Windows 11 any longer.

We recommend you review our article on chúng tôi issues in Windows 10 for additional information and potential solutions, as some of the approaches discussed here are also applicable in the new OS.

Lastly, check out our list of actions you can take to make Windows 11 run quicker to have a more enjoyable and swifter experience on your PC.

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Fix : Bad_Module_Info Error In Windows 10/11

When the computer is low on resources, like physical and graphic memory, the error “bad_module_info” can pop up, crashing your application. Due to this, you might lose any progress on the application/games.

To fix the crash, you should know the error that is displayed in the crash-dialog box. If the error says “bad_module_info has stopped working”, you can find a few of the causes and their solutions below.

Bad_module_info is a type of error that can show up while running games or applications. Low memory on the graphics card can lead to these crashes while running some graphics-heavy tasks. Corrupted files can also cause your applications or games to crash mid-session.

The main reason we see the “bad_module_info” is if the computer is low on primary memory (especially RAM) and graphics memory. Now, let us get to some reasons your computer is low on resources. 

Multiple graphics-heavy tasks in the background

Full-screen optimization enabled

Problems with Windows update

Outdated graphics driver

Application not compatible with the Windows version

Game mode and Xbox game bar enabled

First, make sure that the computer has enough primary and graphics memory to run the application. Check the minimum system requirements for the applications. If the application still crashes despite having enough resources, you can opt for any of these solutions.

When any game runs on maximum FPS (Frames Per Second), it uses a lot of physical and video memory. Try limiting the in-game FPS for less resource consumption. For most games, you can limit the maximum FPS in video settings. 

The Fullscreen Optimization feature in Windows allows you to improve the FPS and performance of your game when it runs on full screen. This option is on by default for any games that run on full screen. However, this can also be one of the reasons for the error message. So, to disable this feature, you can follow these steps.

The executable file will be a .exe file with no shortcut sign on the icon. To find the executable file follow these steps.

A file explorer dialog box will now appear. Some games will have the .exe file on this dialog box. If you cannot find it, search inside the folders for the file.

Note: Your in-game FPS will decrease once you disable this feature.

While you are on this screen, enable the run as administrator option. Running a program as an admin gives the computer more resources to run the application.

If the application is old, it might not be compatible with the latest Windows. The Compatibility Mode allows older applications to operate on newer versions of Windows. To run a program on different compatibility modes, follow these steps.

Sometimes a bad Windows update can cause some incompatibility issues between the OS (Operating System) and the application. You can use the Windows Update Troubleshooter to find and fix any issues with the Windows update.

Restart the computer once it finishes the troubleshooting process. If the game still crashes with the error bad_module_info, you can revert to the previous stable version.

If the Windows Update Troubleshooter did not fix your issue with the update, you can always uninstall the recent updates. Follow these steps to uninstall Windows updates.

If you have some graphic-heavy process running in the background, the computer can run out of physical and graphics memory. To close the background applications, you can follow these steps.

Some applications may not be compatible with your Windows, which can cause the bad_module_error. The Program Compatibility Troubleshooter checks and repairs your program that is incompatible with the version of your windows. Follow these steps to run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. 

Game Mode is a feature in Windows that boosts your in-game performance by limiting the resource used by the background process. Xbox game bar is a tool that streams your gameplay, captures your gameplay with a press of a button. 

Sometimes, a Windows update or any driver update can cause the Game mode or Xbox game bar to malfunction which causes the error. You can follow these steps to disable the Windows Game Mode and Xbox Game Bar.

When a game runs on full-screen windowed mode, it doesn’t use high resources. Therefore, you can run your games with a slight decrease in performance.

To enter a full-screen mode in any game, go to video settings and select display mode to Windowed Fullscreen.

If a computer running an application runs low on memory, you might get the bad_module_info error. If you have an outdated driver, updating it might help with resource management. To update your GPU drivers, you can follow these steps.

If you face the bad_module_info crash on Fortnite, you can disable the full-screen optimization of the Epic Games launcher. As Epic Games runs in the background while running Fortnite, disabling this option can solve the issue.

To go to Epic Games Launcher executable file, follow these steps.

When the crash error pops up, check if the game still runs in the background. If it does, you can follow these steps.

Go to video settings once the game opens. 

Change the window mode to windowed fullscreen. 

Apply the settings and close Fortnite.

Open Fortnite. (the crash will pop up again. Ignore this and set the crash message dialog box to the side)

Again change the Window mode setting from Windowed Fullscreen to Fullscreen.

This will put Fortnite in the foreground and the crash message in the background. This will make your game playable even with the crash.

Validating any steam games will repair any corrupted files and check if all files are up-to-date. These corrupted files can cause errors, like loading screen glitches, crashes (bad_modle_info). To validate your steam games, please follow these steps.

Dvd Not Working In Windows 10/11? Here’s How To Fix It

DVD Not Working in Windows 10/11? Here’s how to fix it




If your DVD is not working, you might experience certain issues, especially if you have multimedia or other applications on DVD discs. This can be a problem for some users, and today we’re going to show you how to tackle this issue.

Many users, including myself, have been reporting problems with their DVDs in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. If your DVD too is also not working, then follow the below steps needed to fix the problem.

Problems with the DVD drive not working in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 are one of the most common and experienced by many users. We’re going to talk about this issue and try to offer some working solutions, as there are enough guides to help you get rid of it. The CD and DVD problems have occurred with Windows 8 more often than with Windows 8.1, so it seems that Microsoft has put an update in place.

DVD drive not detected in Windows 10? Try these solutions

There are many problems that can occur with your DVD drive, and in this article we’ll address the following issues:

Windows 10 DVD drive not reading discs – Several users reported that their DVD drive isn’t reading discs. This is usually caused by a bad driver or a dirty optical sensor.

DVD not playing Windows 10 – Several users reported that DVD isn’t playing on their Windows 10. This can be an annoying problem, but you should be able to fix it using one of our solutions.

DVD drive not showing – Sometimes your DVD drive might not even show up on Windows 10. If that’s the case, be sure to check your drivers. In one of our previous article we showed you how to fix missing DVD drive, so be sure to check that article for detailed explanation.

DVD writer not working properly – Several users reported that DVD writer isn’t working on their PC. If you have this problem, be sure to check your DVD configuration.

DVD not, found playing, reading, recognized, detected, ejecting, responding, spinning, displaying files, loading – There are many problems that can occur with your DVD. However, you should be able to fix most of these problems by using one of our solutions.

DVD not autoplaying Windows 10 – Many users reported that DVD AutoPlay isn’t working for them. In one of our previous articles we explained how to fix AutoPlay problems for DVDs, so be sure to check it out.

DVD not appearing in my computer – Another problem that many users reported is that DVD isn’t appearing on their PC. This can occur if your DVD drive isn’t connected properly or if your drivers aren’t compatible with Windows 10.

1. Use Command Prompt

This is what one user is saying and many others are having similar problems like this one. Users affected by this problem said that they saw the following message: “Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19).” Now, let’s see what we can do to fix it. First of all, try the following:

After doing that, restart your PC and check if the problem is fixed.

2. Delete UpperFilters and LowerFilters DWORDs

If the previous solution didn’t fix your problem, then try checking if all the cables are properly put in place, just in case this might be caused by a rather stupid problem that you overlooked.

Also, you can check for the DVD drive in BIOS. After restarting the Windows 8/Windows 8.1 computer, enter the BIOS screen (usually by pressing F10 multiple times). If it is absent, then it is a hardware problem, and not a software one, and you’ll need to contact your vendor. Now, here’s another potential fix:

3. Run the troubleshooter

Sometimes you might be able to fix the problem with the DVD drive simply by running the hardware troubleshooter. To do that, follow these steps:

After the troubleshooter is finished, check if the problem still remains.

4. Check your optical reader

If your DVD is not working, the problem might be your optical reader. Sometimes the reader can move and remain in a new position causing this problem to appear.

To fix the issue, you need to use a small object and move it to the original position. Keep in mind that this is rather dangerous, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you can easily permanently damage your DVD drive and your PC.

Expert tip:

If you’re not comfortable with removing your DVD drive, you can always use a disc that comes with a small brush that automatically cleans your DVD.

If cleaning the DVD drive doesn’t work, your DVD might be faulty, and the only choice is to replace the entire DVD drive.

5. Change your group policy

According to users, if DVD is not working the problem might be related to built-in burning features. However, you can resolve this problem by making few changes in Group Policy Editor. To do that, follow these steps:

If you can’t access Group Policy Editor, you can disable this feature using Registry Editor. To do that, follow these steps:

After making the changes, restart your PC and check if the problem is resolved.

6. Reinstall your DVD drivers

Few users reported that they fixed the problem simply by reinstalling their DVD driver. If DVD is not working, you can fix the problem by doing the following:

Once the driver is removed, restart your PC. When the PC restarts, Windows will automatically install the default driver and your DVD drive should start working again.

7. Install the necessary drivers manually

If your DVD isn’t working on Windows 10, the problem is most likely related to your drivers. This is a minor problem that can be fixed by manually installing the missing drivers. To do that, follow these steps:

After installing the driver manually, the problem with your DVD drive should be resolved.

8. Check for updates

If the DVD is not working, perhaps you can fix the issue simply by updating Windows 10. Windows 10 already updates itself automatically, but you can manually check for updates by doing the following:

If any updates are available, they will be downloaded automatically in the background. Once the updates are downloaded, restart your PC and check if the problem is still there.

If all of the above still didn’t solve your problem, then have a look at this guide from HP that is meant for HP and Compaq computers with Windows 8, but there’s a high chance it could work for you, as well.

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Windows 11 Screen Keeps Refreshing? Fix It In

Windows 11 Screen Keeps Refreshing? Fix It in [8 Steps] Check if the refresh rate matches the capabilities of your monitor




The Windows 11 keeps refreshing issue occurs due to outdated drivers, corrupted system files, or malware infection.

To fix it, update graphics drivers, disable dynamic refresh rate, run SFC & DISM scan, or scan your PC for malware.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you’ve been struggling with a screen that keeps refreshing on your Windows 11, interrupting your workflow, and causing annoyance, this guide can help!

We will discuss the root causes of the problem and provide you with a simple yet effective solution to overcome this issue.

Why does the Windows 11 screen keep refreshing?

There could be several factors that can contribute to the issue of a Windows 11 screen constantly refreshing. Here are some common reasons:

Now that you know the probable causes, let us move to the troubleshooting methods to fix it accordingly.

What can I do if Windows 11 screen keeps refreshing?

Turn off the PC, disconnect the monitor from the PC, and turn it off, wait a few seconds, then reconnect it and turn everything back on.

Make sure your system specifications meet the Windows 11 requirements.

Uninstall any recently installed software.

Check for all the connections and cables to ensure no cable is loosely connected.

Check Task Scheduler for recurring tasks.

Ensure there are no pending Windows updates.

Disable any background apps.

Once you have gone through these, let us check out the detailed solutions.

1. Restart Windows File Explorer

If also the Taskbar is missing, it’s a clear sign that this issue is related to File Explorer, and restarting it should also fix the screen refreshing problem.

2. Run SFC & DISM scans

On the other hand, if you’re not sure about proceeding with the manual steps, we suggest you try a specialized repair app.

3. Disable the related services

You can also opt for an automatic driver updater to detect all outdated or malfunctioning drivers and select the latest updates within minutes.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

5. Restart your computer in Safe Mode

Now when your PC boots into safe mode, you can narrow down the reason for the issue so that you can fix the screen keeps refreshing problem.

6. Delete the icon and thumbnail cache

Close the Command Prompt window.

7. Modify your desktop settings

It would also help to check if the monitor refresh rate matches the performance of your monitor. Windows 11 also has a Dynamic Refresh Rate option that you can try to toggle on and off to see if it fixes the issue.

8. Tweak the Power Plan

By following the steps outlined here, you can troubleshoot and fix the problem of your Windows 11 screen repeatedly refreshing. If these steps didn’t work for you, you might have to perform a clean installation of Windows to fix it.

If you are facing similar issues, like the desktop keeps refreshing on Windows 10, we recommend you check out this informative guide to find easy solutions.

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Fix: Formatted Wrong Partition In Windows 10/11

Fix: Formatted Wrong Partition in Windows 10/11






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

What to do if I have formatted the wrong drive partition in Windows 10, 8.1?

There are some useful applications that you can install in order to bring back your important data in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 that you previously lost to the partition format action you made by mistake. Some of them you can get for free and some of them cost just a few dollars so mainly if you have very important data that you need to get back I don’t think a few dollars can stand in your way.

How to get back your partition if you formatted it by mistake in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 1. Use Remo Software

Note: This application will restore most of your files including videos, documents, music, emails, files and many others.

Download here “remo Software”

Now, wait for the download to complete.

Note: Install it where the default path is in the installation process.

After the installation process is completed you can go on your Windows desktop and run the icon from there.

After you open the application you should have in front of you the main page.

You will have a list of available drives that you can recover data from.

After you start the process you will have to wait a couple of minutes (approximately 25 minutes)

Note2: As a safety precaution it is recommended to always make a backup copy of the system before you attempt to format a partition or a full drive.

2. Use iCare Data Recovery

Download here iCare Data Recovery standard

Note: This application is free

Install the application on a different partition then the one you formatted.

After the installation is completed you will need to go on the desktop and open ” iCare Data Recovery” icon.

After the scanning device process is finished you will have the formatted partition there.

Note: After you selected “Show Files” feature you will have in front of you the files that were on your partition before you formatted it.

You only have to save the files that you lost to another partition on the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 device and you are all done.

3. Use other partition software

The tools presented below work well on Windows 10, 8.1 but you might know other partition software that you have used already. Some of them like MiniTool Partition Wizard, Paragon Partition Manager or EaseUS Partition are known worldwide and will help you. However, before downloading one of them, be sure that they have a backup feature so you can recover your wrong formatted drive.

Expert tip:

There you go; two quick methods on how to get back your lost data if you formatted the wrong partition in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Please write us below for any additional questions you may have on this subject and we will help you further with this issue as soon as possible.

READ ALSO: Microsoft to Discuss Windows 10 on Tablets and Phones Next Week at a Special Event

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Fix: Skype Camera Not Working In Windows 10/11

FIX: Skype camera not working in Windows 10/11




Skype is without a doubt one of the best instant messaging apps, but it has its share of issues.

Many users reported that their webcam isn’t working on Skype at all.

Fixing this issue is easy and you just need to update your webcam drivers and check your camera settings on Skype.

We covered all sorts of Skype issues in the past, and if you’re looking for more Skype guides, be sure to check our Skype hub.

Skype is messaging software you can use your laptop’s or desktop’s webcam with. With their webcams, users can make video calls in Skype.

However, some might not always be able to get a working video stream with their Skype cameras.

So if your Skype camera doesn’t have effective video calls, these are a few ways to fix it in Windows 10.

First, note that Skype video calls only work with desktop and laptop webcams. They can either be built-in or external USB webcams.

However, that does not include mobile cameras, which you can’t use for Skype video calls. Also, make sure that an external USB webcam is correctly connected to the desktop.

How can I fix Skype camera issues on my PC?

1. Re-install Skype

Have you switched off automatic updates in Skype? If so, you might need to update the Skype app to the latest version.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to re-install the software, but that will guarantee you’re using the most updated version with the latest patches installed.

In rare cases, you may not be able to re-install Skype on your machine. In order to fix this technical glitch, follow our step-by-step guide that helps you fix the Skype won’t install on Windows 10 error.

2. Check the webcam is configured correctly

One of the most common issues on Skype is the annoying black screen camera problem.

This issue often occurs due to incorrect settings. Here’s a tested troubleshooting guide on how to fix black screen webcam issues for good.

Or you could select Uninstall and restart Windows. Windows will automatically install the latest webcam drivers.

After you have uninstalled your drivers, we recommend reinstalling/updating them automatically.

Expert tip:

The safer and easier way to update drivers on a Windows computer is by using an automatic tool.

We recommend you try Outbyte Driver Updater. The software is lightweight, so it can function properly on any device. It scans and fixes outdated or damaged drivers with no issue.

Outbyte Driver Updater is very easy to use. The download and installation take just a few minutes. After that, you just have to launch the software and let it scan your PC.

It generates a report of all drivers that have issues and what can be done about them. You can select specific drivers to get fixed or fix them all in bulk. 

It includes a free trial, so if you are not sure about it, you can test it out before committing to a purchase.

4. Check other programs

Another thing to note is that other background software integrated with the webcam might be capturing the video stream.

Then select third-party software packages, especially instant messaging or web applications, listed under Background processes and press their End task buttons. Thereafter, restart the Skype app.

5. Fix the webcam freezing in Skype

Input 0 in the window’s Value data text box if that’s not already the default value.

Press the OK button, and then you should also restart Windows.

Now open Skype to make that USB webcam video call.

6. Run the Device Troubleshooter

Restart Windows if the troubleshooter detects and fixes anything.

7. Check if your webcam is Skype compatible

Not every desktop or laptop camera is compatible with Skype. If your webcam is more outdated, it might not be Skype compatible.

This page includes a list of both compatible and incompatible Skype webcams. Scroll through the non-working camera list to see if it includes your camera.

With those fixes maybe now Skype will display video! Note that you’ll also need at least DirectX version 9.0 for Skype video calls to work.

If you need general information about this kind of issue, check our comprehensive webcam problems on Windows 10 article. It is a rundown of the most common issues users experience and how to fix them.

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