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In this article, we are going to talk about how to fix Dying Light 2 Network disconnected error. Dying light 2 is one of the best action role-playing games, however many users have reported that while playing it, the network gets disconnected on its own. This error prevents you from enjoying the multiplayer mode of the game. So, if you are also dealing with the same problem, continue with the article to find out how to fix it.

Dying Light 2 Network Disconnected error on PC

Here are all the effective workarounds you can try to fix Dying Light 2 Network disconnected error on Windows 11/10 PC.

Update Game Files

Check Game Server

Turn Off VPN

Change DNS Server

Update Network Driver

So, let’s check out all these workarounds in detail.

1] Update Game Files

According to Dying Light officials, there’s an issue with the game files which is causing the mentioned problem. Thus, the best thing you can do in this situation is to update the game with the latest version. The developers have released a lot of patch updates to get rid of the connectivity problem. Therefore, make sure you are downloading the latest patch update.

2] Check Game Server

Dying Light 2 is one of the newest games in the market. And considering the positive response that it is getting, it’s very common for its servers to go down. Thus, make sure that the game server is in ideal condition. You can check it by visiting the game’s official Twitter handle, or any server status website.

3] Turn Off VPN

VPN has both positive and negative impacts on an application. On one side, it allows you to visit all the banned websites. Whereas, on the other hand, it can cause different network-related issues including this Network disconnected error.

So, whenever you face the error message, turn off the VPN and check if it makes any difference.

4] Change DNS Server

Changing the DNS server is among the best way you can try to get rid of the mentioned problem. You are most likely to face different consequences if you are connected to the wrong server. Thus, ensure that you are connected to the fastest and the correct DNS server.

As of now, Google and Cloudflare Public DNS are two of the best DNS server you can try to play online/ multiplayer games. So, here’s what you need to do to connect to either of these servers.

The below-mentioned steps will only be helpful if you are connected with an IPv4 network.

Choose the Use the following DNS server addresses option.

Alternatively, to connect with Cloudsfare’s public DNS server, enter in the Preferred DNS server section, and enter in the Alternate DNS server.

If you connected with an IPv6 network, follow the below steps.

Follow the above steps to open the Properties window of the connected network.

Choose Internet Protocol Version 6, followed by selecting Properties.

Choose the Use the following DNS server addresses option.

Alternatively, to connect with the Cloudsfare’s public DNS server, enter 2606:4700:4700::1111 in the Preferred DNS server section, and enter 2606:4700:4700::1001 in the Alternate DNS server.

That’s it. Launch the game and check if you are still facing the problem.

5] Update Network Drivers

If you have an outdated network driver, the probability is high that you will face the Network disconnected error. So, as a solution to it, you will have to download and install the latest network driver updates on your system. To do so, follow the below steps.

Press Windows + I open the settings menu.

Tap on the Windows Update option.

In the next window, you will see a list of all the available updates for your system including the network drivers.

Download and install the available network driver update to solve the problem.

What is Network Disconnected Error?

The Network disconnected error is a common error message on a Windows PC. It mainly occurs while you are browsing on the internet or playing an online game. It stops the user from accessing the multiplayer mode of a game.

How to I fix ERR Internet Disconnected?

There are multiple ways by which you can get rid of this ERR Internet Disconnected error message. You can disconnect the VPN, if connected. Additionally, you can even change the DNS server and download the latest network driver update to fix the problem.

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Fix Ea Desktop Error Code 10005 On Pc

In this post, we will talk about how to fix Error code 10005 on EA Desktop. Introduced by Electronic Arts, EA Desktop is a captivating gaming service with a fluent social media integration and an easy-to-use interface. However, like any other gaming service, EA Desktop can run into troubles as well. Among all, the one that has been troubling users the most is Error Code 10005. The error message says,

Error Code: EC:10005

When does Error 10005 occur in EA Desktop?

Error 10005 occurs in EA Desktop while installing the game. To be very precise, the issue originates when you try to install the game through the Xbox app instead of the official EA App. You can solve the problem by following the below solutions.

Fix EA Desktop Error Code 10005 on PC

Below is a list of all the effective solutions you can try to fix Error Code 10005 on the EA Desktop on your Windows 11/10 PC:

Restart the application

Reboot the router

Check EA Server status

Temporarily disable antivirus software

Create new account

Clear EA App application cache

Use EA Play recovery application

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

Contact customer support

Now, let’s check out all these solutions in detail.

1] Restart the application

The first thing you should do whenever you come across Error Code 10005 on EA Desktop is to restart the application. As it turns out, the issue can be caused due to a temporary glitch, and if this is the case, restarting can be the best bet for you. So, restart the application and check if it solves the problem. If yes, you are good to go. But in case the problem continues, try the next solution.

Restarting the EA desktop application via Task Manager can prove to be the better solution. To do so, follow the steps.

Open the Task Manager on your Windows PC by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut key.

Repeat the process with all the EA Desktop app-related services.

Now restart your Windows PC, and launch the EA Desktop application. Log in with your credentials and check if you are still facing the problem. If yes, try the next solution.

2] Reboot the router

If you are connected to a weak internet connection, you will most likely face Error Code 10005 on EA Desktop. As it turns out, you need to be connected to strong and stable internet connections to access EA Desktop without any problem. You can visit any internet speed checking website to check your current internet speed. If it is comparatively lower than the plan you have opted for, contact your ISP to solve the issue.

Alternatively, if everything’s normal from your ISP side, the probability is high that there is some issue with your router. In this case, switch off the router, plug out the power cable, and wait for 2-3 minutes. After that, plug in the cable, and turn on the router. Open the EA Desktop application and check if the issue continues.

3] Check EA Server status

If the EA servers are down, you will face different issues, including the one in question. In this case, you can’t do anything other than wait until the developers fix the problem. You can check the server status by visiting any server status-checking website. Additionally, you can also head towards the EA official Twitter handle and look for any tweet related to server maintenance.

4] Temporarily disable antivirus software

A third-party antivirus program installed on your system can also be the reason causing the issue. If this is the case, you can temporarily disable the antivirus program while accessing the application, check if it solves the problem. If not, continue with the guide.

5] Create a new account

As reported by users, the problem was fixed by accessing the applications from a new account. You can follow the same process and check if it’s all the problem. To do so, create a new account on your system, and open EA Desktop.

6] Clear EA App application cache

Clearing the EA App cache data is another solution you can try. Here’s how its done.

Navigate to Help.

Choose App recovery.

Select Clear cache.

7] Use EA Play recovery application

If you are trying to install the game through the Xbox app, instead of the EA App, you’re most likely to face the problem. To solve the issue, use te EA Play recovery application. You can find it inside the location folder of EA App.

8] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

Performing a clean boot can prove to be another effective solution to manually troubleshoot Error Code 10005 on EA Desktop. You will need to manually identify and disable any offending process that may be interfering with the smooth working of EA Desktop.

9] Contact customer support

If none of the steps were helpful, the EA customer support. They can help you with the problem you are currently facing.

What is the EA desktop app?

EA Desktop is one of the captivating gaming services with a fluent social media integration and easy-to-use UI. The application offers fast and smoother transitions. Also, you can easily chat and communicate with your gaming buds with ease.

What causes Error Code 10005 on EA Desktop?

The Error Code 10005 on EA Desktop can be caused due to weak internet connection, server issue, and many other reasons. The issue can also originate due to the installed antivirus program. Whenever you come across this error, you won’t have access to login into your account and enjoy your favorite games.

Fix Steam Error Code E8 On Windows Pc

Here is a full guide on how to fix Steam Error Code E8 on a Windows PC. Although Steam is known for hassle-free experiences, it is not completely error-free. One such instance is where some users have reported encountering the error code E8 when logging in to the launcher and when launching a game. This is generally due to bad network connection, antivirus or firewall blockage, etc. In this article, we will discuss the reasons and their solutions in detail to resolve this error.

Fix Steam Error Code E8 on Windows PC

If the Steam Error Code E8 keeps appearing on the Windows PC, execute the solutions mentioned below:

Check the Internet connection

Change Steam Password

Change the Target field in Steam’s shortcut

Run Steam as an administrator

Verify the integrity of game files

Allow Stream through the firewall

Delete Steam Download and web browser cache

Disable VPN and proxy connection

Reinstall Steam

Let’s get this started.

1] Check the Internet connection

Press the Windows key + I to open Settings.

Now, launch Steam and see if the E8 error code is still stopping the app or not.

2] Change Steam Password

Changing your Steam Password might not seem like an apt solution, but what changing the credentials does is that it tweaks your login settings and resolve the issue. Let us do the same in our case as well. Follow the steps mentioned below to do the same.

Go to Steam.

Follow the on-screen instructions to change the Steam password.

After changing the password, log in to your account and hopefully, your issue will be resolved.

3] Change the Target field in Steam’s shortcut

Next up, we are going to change the Target field in Steam’s shortcut to make to resolve the login issue. To do the same, follow the steps mentioned below.

Go to the Compatibility tab and then append -login -noreactlogin to the address in the Target field (check the screenshot to know more).

After changing the Target field, launch Steam and log in.

4] Run Steam as an administrator 5]  Verify the integrity of game files

A lot of users complained about seeing the error in specific games, and this is usually due to the fault of the game files. We are going to replace them with new ones via the Steam verify integrity feature, and follow the steps prescribed below to do the same:

First, open the Steam app and go to LIBRARY.

Now, go to the Local Files tab and press the Verify integrity of game files button to start verifying and repairing the bad game files.

If the error code E8 continues to persist, move on to the next solution.

6] Allow Steam through the Firewall

One of the known trends among gaming communities is to always disable the firewall or antivirus software temporarily in case of such error codes. This is because antiviruses and firewalls are known to cause issues in the launching or working of various games and Steam.

However, keeping in mind that this is a risky step, we recommend adding the game through the firewall if the error code is appearing in certain games, and here’s how to do so:

Now, tap on the Allow an app through the firewall option.

Press the Change settings button, go to the Allowed apps and features list, and find the games.

Next, tick the checkboxes associated with the games and enable both the Public and Private networks checkboxes.

7] Delete Steam Download and web browser cache

It is quite possible that Steam’s download as well as the web browser cache can get corrupted, so delete the download and web browser cache and check if this fixes the problem.

Following are the steps to delete the Steam Download cache:

Launch the Steam client.

Restart Steam and log in to Steam again.

For WEB Browser cache:

Open Steam.

8] Disable VPN and proxy connection

Server errors can occur if connected to a VPN/Proxy server as they hide the IP address by rerouting the Internet traffic via a remote server entailing the error. So, if you are connected to any VPN, disable it, in case, you are connected to a Proxy, here is how we can disable it:

Press the Win + I to launch Settings.

Here, toggle off the Automatically detect settings option.

Once the process is completed, see if Steam is back to its previous state or not.

9] Reinstall Steam

If none of the above-mentioned solutions help, consider reinstalling the Steam client. There are instances where there is some corruption with the installation; therefore, completely uninstall Steam and then install a clean copy. However, before doing the same, don’t forget to create a backup of the games folder and other important data.

To uninstall Steam from your PC:

After the process is completed, go to chúng tôi and download the latest version of Steam and then install the application by running the installer.

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What is Failure code 8 Steam?

One of the reasons behind the general appearance of Steam error code 8 is when the files associated with the launcher are corrupted or missing or there is interference from firewall and antivirus software. However, it’s a fixable task that only needs us to replace the files and disable the interfering tasks.

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How do I run Steam repair? "C:Program Files (x86)SteambinSteamService.exe”/repair

This will start the Steam service repair process.

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Fixapplication Error On Windows Pc

If you have noticed chúng tôi on your Windows 11/10 PC and facing problems with it, this guide will help you. We explain to you what chúng tôi actually is and how to fix CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe application error on Windows 11/10 PC.

What is CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe?

CefSharp.Subprocess.exe file belongs to CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess process developed by CefSharp Authours software developers. The process is provided with AOL Desktop Gold software which lets you email friends and family, browse the internet, play games, etc.

It is a necessary component for AOL Desktop Gold for its speed and reliability. Devices like Razer Cortex or Razer Synapse also use this process. chúng tôi is usually located in the following paths.

C:Program Files (x86)

C:Program Files (x86)RazerRazer ServicesRazer Central

C:Program Files (x86)RazerRazer CortexCef

If you find the process anywhere other than these locations, it might be a virus and you need to get rid of it as soon as possible to secure your PC.

Also, if you have never used Razer devices, or never used AOL Desktop Gold or other AOL apps, then it must a virus. You need to scan your PC with anti-malware programs.

Fix chúng tôi application error

If you are facing issues with chúng tôi with error codes 0xe0000008, 0xe0434352, etc. on your Windows 11/10 PC like a crash or high CPU usage, etc., it can be fixed using the following ways. Before that, scan your PC with an antivirus program to verify if it is not a virus or malware.

End chúng tôi in the Task Manager

Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

Delete chúng tôi file permanently

Let’s get into the details of each process and fix the issues.

The Exception Unknown software exception (0xe0000008/0xe0434352) occurred at location 1] End chúng tôi in the Task Manager

If chúng tôi is behaving erratically and causing problems on your Windows PC, you need to end the process first and see if it has fixed the issue.

To end Cefsharp.Subprocess.exe,

Open Task Manager using Ctrl+Shift+Esc keyboard shortcut

Select End task

See if it has fixed the issue.

2] Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

If you use AOL Desktop Gold apps for mails, playing games, and interacting with friends, you need to uninstall the existing version on your PC and install the latest version downloaded from the AOL website. The bugs in the previous version might be causing the issues with the chúng tôi process.

Then, download AOL Desktop Gold and install it again.

3] Delete chúng tôi file permanently

If you do not own a Razer device or use AOL Desktop Gold, you can simply delete chúng tôi files permanently. To delete the chúng tôi file,

Go to C:Windowssystem32 on your PC and delete the process file there.

Then, in the search box of Explorer, paste chúng tôi and press Enter.

It will search for all the processes or files on that name. Delete them all and get rid of them.

This is how you can fix problems and issues that are caused by chúng tôi on your PC easily.

How do I fix chúng tôi crash, exception, or application error in Windows?

CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe is not an important process. If you are experiencing a crash, exception, or application error regarding it, you can follow the above steps and get rid of it. Also, run an antivirus or anti-malware program on your PC and check if it is not malware.

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Fix: 0X80070035 Error Code The Network Path Was Not Found

Fix: 0x80070035 Error Code The Network Path was Not Found Apply these effective solutions to fix the error 80070035 on your PC




The error code 0x80070035 usually occurs if your computer can’t find the path of a network that it’s connected to.

This can prevent proper collaboration between PCs and users of the same home network, thus restricting file sharing.

Enabling SMB V1.0 may be the answer to quickly fixing Error code 0x80070035.

You can also go through the other solutions mentioned in this guide to fix this problem.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Computers that run Microsoft’s operating system and share the same network should be able to access files on each other without any cable or program, yet this isn’t always the case.

There have been reports concerning the internal network related to the error code 0x80070035 and The network path was not found message.

In this guide, we will share with you some quick solutions to help you resolve the error code 0x80070035 problem on your Windows 10/11 PC.

What does error code 0x80070035 mean?

Usually, each error comes with a code and a message containing some details of the failure to identify what malfunctioned easily.

In this case, they pinpoint the network connectivity issues that arise when your device can’t find the trail of a connected network.

Even if this is an important detail, remember that the error can occur from different causes and locations within the operating system.

Because of this, it is tough for a person without technical knowledge or experience to fix the issue without help.

Why do I get the error code 0x80070035?

While there isn’t a precise answer to this question, for some users, simply changing the name of the computer they were trying to connect to into something shorter solved the issue.

Others say that corrupted registry entries resulted in this error and that fixing them also solved this problem.

Error code 0x80070035 may also be related to your antivirus or firewall settings, as the programs can block the resources and restrict Internet access.

While there can be a lot of causes for this message error, we have compiled a complete list of possible solutions to help you, so check them out below.

How do I fix error code 0x80070035 in Windows 11? 2. Disable third-party firewall

If you’re 100% sure that the internal network configuration works as intended but the error keeps reappearing, you should consider disabling the third-party firewall.

Some modern antivirus suits come with third-party firewalls. This extra layer of protection is more than welcomed, but nothing can guarantee that it won’t interfere with the internal network.

By disabling it, some users sorted out the error 0x80070035 for good. So, make sure to give it a try and look for yourself.

You can also consider changing your firewall to avoid these errors. Check out this list, including the best two-way firewalls for your PC.

3. Enable SMB V1.0 4. Change the value for AllowInsecureGuestAuth

It is common to encounter this error if the sharing property isn’t enabled. This is because for computers to be able to send and receive files and data, you need to make sure your device can share its folders.

6. Change Network Security settings 7. Enable Network Discovery 8. Reinstall your PC’s Network adapters


The drivers will reinstall after you reboot your PC, so ensure you have a stable Internet connection.

9. Use the Local Group Policy Editor 9.1 Enable insecure guest logons

Keep in mind that, when enabling this policy setting, the SMB client will allow insecure guest logons, which will let unauthenticated access to shared folders.

9.2. Disable the Microsoft Network client 10. Create a new Windows credential 11. Check TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service

For an internal network to function seamlessly, you’ll need to confirm that the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service is running in the background at all times.

This service should be enabled to run with the system permanently, but there are reports that it stops after critical system changes imposed by Windows Updates.

12. Enable NetBIOS

Expert tip:

This workaround is resetting the Windows 10 update components. As the name says, this is an assemblage of parts that makes downloading and installing Windows updates possible.

So, if we reset these components, there’s a good chance we’ll resolve our update problem.

14. Run SFC scan

If you want a quicker solution, then a specialized tool can be a great option. Fortect is a comprehensive repair software that allows you to run a full diagnostics scan. By doing so, you can instantly detect faulty apps and system files and eventually repair or replace them.

⇒ Get Fortect

If you can’t install Windows updates, there’s also a chance your system blocks the Windows Update servers. So, make sure to whitelist them.

16. Run DISM

Since Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) is a more powerful troubleshooter tool than SFC, there’s a high chance it will resolve the problem immediately.

How do I restore network path

The error code discussed above is connected to your network path. Hence, by using any of the solutions we have suggested in this article, you should be able to successfully restore your network path.

You should pick what seems the most appropriate solution for your specific case.

How can I fix error 0x80070035 on Windows 11?

Well, the solutions to fix the error 80070035 aren’t different for Windows 11 from Windows 10. Therefore, you can apply all the above explanations to your Windows 11 PC. However, here are a few more tips that could help you resolve the problem.

Disable Windows Defender Firewall.

Flush DNS cache.

Check for the latest Windows update.

Reset your router.

How can I avoid error code 0x80070035?

Being up-to-date with your OS’s updates and drivers is always a good place to start if you want to avoid any errors.

Always check for permission when trying to share files and data and disable any third-party apps that might stay in the way of that.

We recommend you use a troubleshooting tool as it’s friendlier, more efficient, and can help you deal with computer issues.

Don’t forget to verify if you have any network access problems and if the OS and the network services communications are enabled.

However, if you don’t want to go through all the trouble of setting up the PC and avoid dealing with any errors, we have another solution for you.

You should try a cloud storage service to share data known as Sync. It lets you send files of any size to anyone, and it’s up to you to choose from the available apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

So, there you have it. Even though encountering this error can be frustrating, these solutions will help you fix it in no time.

Please find out more about Network locations, what they are, and how to use them in Windows 10. Doing so can also help you understand potential errors, see them faster in the future, and even prevent them.

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How To Fix Network Discovery On Windows 10

On Windows 10, network discovery is a feature that allows you to quickly find devices connected to the network using File Explorer.

When the feature is enabled, using the Network tab in File Explorer, you can see all the devices, and you can even browse their available resources, such as shared folders and printers, and more. The only caveat is that network discovery doesn’t always work as expected, and sometimes, you may not be able to find any computer, or you may see some of them, but others might be missing.

Whatever the reason case might be, you can troubleshoot and resolve almost any problem with network discovery by making sure the feature is enabled, the required services and protocol are running, using the network troubleshooter, or reseting the networking stack on Windows 10.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to troubleshoot and fix network discovery on Windows 10.

Fix network discovery enabling feature

If you can’t see any of the network devices in File Explorer, it’s probably because network discovery isn’t enabled.

To enable network discovery with Control Panel, use these steps:

Expand the Private network profile.

Under the “Network discovery” section, select the Turn on network discovery option.

Under the “File and printer sharing” section, select the Turn on file and printer sharing option.

Once you complete the steps, you should now be able to find other computers and gadgets in the local network.

Fix network discovery starting required services

If network discovery is enabled, and File Explorer doesn’t show any of the devices, one or more of the required services may not be running.

To fix network discovery on Windows 10, use these steps:

Open Start.

Confirm the following services are in a “running” status:

DNS Client.

Function Discovery Provider Host.

Function Discovery Resource Publication.

SSDP Discovery.

UPnP Device Host.

In the “Startup type” option, use the drop-down menu and select the Automatic option.

Repeat steps No. 4 through 6 to make sure the required services are running.

After you complete the steps, open the Network tab in File Explorer and confirm that network discovery is working.

Fix network discovery enabling SMB protocol

If network discovery is working, but you’re missing some devices, such as an old computer, hard drive connected to the network, or Network-Attached Storage (NAS), then it’s possible that those devices are still relying in the old version of Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. 

It’s not recommended to use SMBv1 for security reasons, but if you must access devices using network discovery, you may need to enable the feature.

To enable SMB version 1 on Windows 10, use these steps:

Open Start.

Expand the SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support branch.

Select the SMB 1.0/CIFS Client option.

Once you complete the steps, open File Explorer, and in the Network tab, you should now see the missing devices.

Fix network discovery using troubleshooter

In the case that network discovery still not working, it’s possible that there’s a networking problem, which you might be able to resolve using the network troubleshooter.

To run the network troubleshooter to fix network discovery, use these steps:

Open Settings on Windows 10.

Select the Network Adapter option.

Select the network adapter connected to the network — for instance, Wi-Fi.

After you complete the steps, the troubleshooter will try to fix the network problem. After the process completes, open File Explorer and confirm that devices are now appearing in the Network tab. If everything is working again, you’re all done. If it’s still not working, try the following method.

Fix network discover resetting adapter

If the troubleshooter didn’t work, you can use the network reset feature, which removes and reinstalls all the network adapters on your computer. This process resets all the networking components and restores the defaults settings, which can help to fix network discovery problems.

Warning: These steps will reset your wireless credentials, as such you must know your Wi-Fi password before proceeding, so you can reconnect later.

To reset the network adapter settings to fix network discovery problems, close all your running applications, and use these steps:

Open Settings.

Restart your computer.

Once you complete the steps, you may need to reinstall other networking software, such as VPN client or virtual switch software (if applicable). Also, you’ll need to manually reconnect to any wireless network, which may require to enter the passcode again.

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