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Fix: YouTube is not Receiving Enough Video to Maintain Streaming




YouTube is one of the largest platforms for live-streaming, however, users have reported getting the error: YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming.

4K streaming is supported on YouTube, however, users need to have the right equipment and compatible software.

An unstable or poor internet connection can affect the quality of the stream. Low bandwidth can also prevent smooth streaming.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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readers this month.

Live streaming on YouTube is becoming increasingly popular as it allows gamers and influencers to connect more with their viewers. Having a high-quality stream is essential for growing an audience. Keep reading to find the solution to YouTube not receiving enough video to maintain streaming.

Can I stream 4K on YouTube?

YouTube does support streaming in 4K for users with compatible equipment and software. Viewers can watch 4K streams from YouTube from their PC and smartphones now that YouTube offers 4K support for Android and iOS.

If you’re interested in the best YouTube live streaming software, we have recommendations for that.

Why is my stream low quality?

The most common cause of a low-quality stream is a poor internet connection or low bandwidth. Internet connections that are unstable or from a public network are not very reliable and can reduce the quality of the stream.

Another cause could be a build-up of YouTube’s stored data and cache or conflicting apps. Users report receiving the error: YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming for the following platforms:






What can I do if YouTube can’t maintain streaming quality? How can I make my stream resolution better? 1. Check internet connection

Having a stable internet connection is essential for a good quality stream. If you are getting the error: YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming, the biggest culprit may be an unreliable connection.

However, users can monitor their network connection using tools. Check out our recommendations for the best ping monitoring software to ensure a low ping value.

2. Adjust the bitrate

Video bitrate is the amount of data transferred during a period of time. For lag-free streaming, the recommended bitrate for a 1080p video is between 4,500 and 9,000 kbps.

YouTube, however, automatically sets a user’s stream to a Variable bitrate which means that YouTube detects the resolution and frame rate while streaming. Users can manually adjust their bitrate by turning on the manual resolution and thus maintain smooth streaming.

3. Clear browser cache

If your browser cache and data haven’t been cleared in a while, it can cause issues and affect your YouTube streams. Clearing browser data can help improve resolution quality.

If you want more options and in-depth browser data analysis, use CCleaner to clean your browser. It organizes your data in more specific categories such as download history, cookies, last saved file, and more.

4. Reduce video quality

If after trying the above steps and you’re still receiving the error, your best bet may be to reduce the video quality. Users can adjust the resolution in the video’s settings. If there is not enough bandwidth available or if it’s congested, then the only way to stream smoothly is to reduce the quality of the video.

What affects video streaming quality?

There are a number of aspects that can affect video streaming quality. Some of which are bandwidth and internet speed and settings. However, your computer’s processor speed and cache size also have a big impact on streaming quality.

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Android: How To Fix Not Enough Storage

When you first get your Android phone, everything is perfect. The device runs quickly, and you can start installing the apps you need. But, after a while, you fill your device with so many things that it reaches a point where nothing more will fit. But there are different things you can do to remove what’s not important anymore and can be removed from your Android device. Discover the other methods you can try to get more space on your Android device to make more for more files.

How to Recover Storage Space on Your Android Device

The good news is that you can do various things to get back that storage space so you can replace the useless files with more important ones.

Save File to the Cloud

Something that will help you have more storage on your Android device is using cloud services. For example, you can save your videos and pictures on Google Photos. Once you’ve uploaded everything, you can have Google Photos erase the backed-up files from your device to free up space.

You can do this by pressing the Library tab at the bottom right, followed by Utilities. Towards the bottom, you should see an option called Free up space. You should see how much space you’ll save when you select it. How long the process will take will depend on how many files the app needs to erase. This is just one example of what you can do. You can also save your files to cloud services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, Etc.

Uninstall apps You Don’t Need Anymore

When your Android device has a decent storage capacity, you may install apps you think you need. But after months, you realize you haven’t even opened the app once. These are the apps you can start with to regain storage space on your device. If you ever need to install them again, you can always go back to Google Play and get them back.

You can also uninstall the apps from Google Play. Once the app is open, tap on your profile picture, followed by Manage apps and device. Tap on the Manage tab at the top to see a list of the installed apps. Check the box for the app you want to uninstall, followed by the trash icon at the top. Confirm that you want to uninstall apps, and the apps will disappear.

Use Google Files to Free Up Space Use a microSD Card (if possible) Delete App Cache from Apps Stop Saving WhatsApp Media on Your Phone

If you use WhatsApp a lot, there’s a good chance you will get many pictures and files from friends and family. Don’t get me started on the number of files you can get from WhatsApp groups. You try to erase the files you don’t need, but you can’t keep up with all the files, and you can’t spend all day erasing everything. To save your storage, you can prevent WhatsApp from downloading media. That way, you only manually download what you want.

You can do this by opening WhatsApp and tapping the three dots at the top right. Tap on Storage and Data, and under the media auto-download section, tap on When using mobile data. Ensure that all three boxes are unchecked. Tap on OK when you’re done. Do the same for When connected on Wi-Fi and When roaming. From now on, you’ll have to download all the files you get manually.

Further Reading

As long as we’re on the subject of storage, here is some more reading material about storage. If you’re having issues with the storage on your PS5, here are some tips to keep in mind. Or you can read about the 10 best NAS storage devices for home and Professional use. Since users now must be careful with their Google storage, here is how you can check how much Google storage you have left. And, if you want to know what a storage device is, here is something to read.


Gmail Not Sending Or Receiving Emails

Many users face an issue with their Gmail account that they do not receive emails from the senders. This article will help you if your Gmail account is not receiving emails. Most of the time, the issue gets solved by switching to a different browser.

Why is my Gmail not sending or receiving emails?

It may be possible that your browser’s or app’s cache may have got corrupted. We suggest you clear your browser cache and see. We also suggest the Gmail Storage Data and see.

We will see what you need to do if Gmail not receiving emails in the first part and towards the end, link to the post that will help you if Gmail is not sending emails.

Gmail not receiving emails

If Gmail not sending or receiving emails, open your Gmail account in a different web browser and see. If the issue still persists, try the fixes mentioned here one by one.

Check your spam folder.

Contact the sender.

Check cloud storage.

Check email filters.

Turn off email forwarding.

Disable Antivirus protection temporarily.

1] Check your spam folder

This is the foremost thing that you should do when you stop receiving emails in your inbox. There is an option in Gmail that lets users mark an email as spam if they feel something suspicious in that mail. Gmail uses this information to identify similar emails to make services more secure for the users. Since no filter is 100% accurate, there are chances that the email from a known sender may land In the spam folder of your Gmail account.

2] Contact the sender

If you do not find the email in the spam folder, you should contact the sender (if you can) and ask him to check his outbox. The message may also get stuck in the sender’s outbox. If this is the case, ask the sender to send the email again.

Read: How to backup Gmail on Hard Drive in Windows 10.

3] Check cloud storage

On creating an account, Google provides free cloud storage space to the users. All the Google services like Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, etc., share this free cloud storage space to store the data online. When this cloud storage space gets full, you won’t receive any emails. You can check how much cloud storage space is available on your Google account by opening Google Drive.

If the storage is full, delete some data to free up space. First, delete all the emails in the trash. Now, check the spam folder whether it contains any important emails or not. If not, consider emptying it. You can also delete unnecessary data from Google Drive.

Read: Yahoo Mail not sending or receiving emails

4] Check email filters

An email filter is a useful feature in Gmail. This feature lets users block all the emails from a particular sender. Check whether you have blocked the emails or not.

Follow the below-listed steps to check email filters:

Select “See all settings.”

Select a particular mail address which you do not want to block and delete the filter.

5] Turn off email forwarding

Email forwarding is a useful feature that forwards emails from one email address to another one automatically. If you have more than one Gmail accounts, you can turn on this feature to save your time. It may be possible that you have accidentally turned on this feature, consider disabling it.

To turn off the email forwarding feature in Gmail, follow the below-listed steps:

6] Disable Antivirus Firewall protection temporarily

Some antiviruses with Firewall protection may also block emails. You can check this by temporarily disabling the antivirus Firewall protection. If after disabling the antivirus Firewall, you start receiving emails, replace your antivirus software with another one.

Gmail not sending emails

This post will help you if your email is stuck in the Outbox of Gmail.

Hope this will help.

Read next: How to auto-delete selected email from Gmail using Filters.

How To Generate Youtube Video Titles Using Ai.

There are three main things you need to be aware of when creating content for YouTube. Content, Thumbnails and Titles! All three play an important role and should work in unison to get people watching your content so follow along as we introduce you to a brand new Ai tool to help create titles for YouTube videos that will get you way more views than you are currently getting.

Related: How to get Dislikes back on YouTube. Show Dislike count on YouTube again.

With such a massive volume of content available, grabbing viewers’ attention has become increasingly challenging. Without good thumbnails and good titles, even the best content will go unwatched. So we’re going to take a lot at some reasons why titles are so important and a little further on, how you can use Ai to create really good titles for YouTube videos.

Why YouTube Titles Are Super Important.

What Makes for a Good YouTube Video Title?

Keyword Optimization: Including relevant keywords in your title can improve your video’s discoverability. Conducting keyword research and incorporating popular search terms can help your video rank higher in search results and attract organic traffic.

Length and Formatting: YouTube truncates long titles, so it’s crucial to keep them concise. Aim for titles between 50-60 characters to ensure they are fully displayed in search results. Using capital letters, punctuation, and engaging formatting can make your title visually appealing and stand out.

Don’t copy the big channels too much: You may think that copying huge YouTube channels is the best course of action but that will usually negatively affect your channel. Why? Well, big YouTube channels rely less on the algorithms and more on their subscriber base and their reputation, this means they can usually write whatever they want for a title and just rely on their thumbnail (usually with their face) to do all the heavy lifting.

The Power of Thumbnail-Title Combination

Visual Representation: Thumbnails provide a visual representation of your video’s content. Choose an image that accurately represents the essence of your video and captures attention. Incorporate bold colours, clear visuals, and compelling imagery that aligns with your title and content. It’s also a good idea to put your face in the thumbnail if that is relevant to your channel.

Consistency and Branding: Consistent branding across your thumbnails helps establish recognition and familiarity with your channel. Use consistent colours, fonts, and visual elements that align with your brand identity, making it easier for viewers to identify your videos in search results. Again this is where your face comes in handy! Use it if you are confident!

Contrast and Text Overlay: Adding text overlay to your thumbnails can reinforce the message conveyed in your title. Ensure the text is clear, legible, and large enough to be easily read in small thumbnail sizes. Just don’t overdo the amount of text on your thumbnail. Keep it simple.

The best Ai to Generate YouTube Video Titles?

Not Receiving Emails From Amazon On Gmail? 3 Easy Fixes

Not receiving emails from Amazon on Gmail? 3 easy fixes




Full email storage may cause different issues like not receiving emails from Amazon on Gmail, as a result, cleaning storage should be a top concern.

Because security protocols frequently mistake emails for spam, the problem can be resolved by checking the spam inbox.

Using several similar websites to check if the problem persists might be very helpful in identifying the issue.

Tired of email issues? Get this email client and get rid of them!

Your email client/account give you headaches? We offer you the perfect email client that will centralize all your email accounts and will let you access your important data without any errors. You can do now:

Manage ALL your emails in a single inbox

Easy to integrate popular apps (Facebook, Todoist, LinkedIn, Dropbox, etc.)

Access all your contact from a single environment

Get rid of errors and lost email data

Email made easy & beautiful

Not receiving emails from Amazon Gmail, whether you’re a customer or a seller, can be frustrating and cause you to miss out on important news.

When users complete a purchase or pay for it, Amazon normally sends them an email with the transaction details and a receipt.

This makes it much easier for users to keep track of their purchases or to save receipts in their email history for later use.

However, some users appear to be having issues receiving these emails on their Gmail accounts, causing extra stress and confusion.

What does Amazon sell? What can I do if I’m not receiving emails from Amazon on Gmail? 1. Check spam folders

Gmail features a built-in system for automatically sorting emails into separate folders. This implies that it is possible that Gmail will designate new emails as spam.

2. Check Filters and Blocked Addresses settings

It’s likely that Amazon has been added to your account’s list of blacklisted addresses for numerous security reasons.

3. Clean Email storage

In the search bar of Gmail, type has:attachment larger:10M. This will display all emails with attachments larger than 10MB. You can change 10 with a greater number if you want to delete larger files.

Because Gmail storage is counted toward the free 15GB of storage that comes with every Google account, it’s critical to clean up Gmail and erase thousands of unread emails.

Other Google services also are eligible for the 15GB of free storage.  As a result, cleaning out your Gmail storage will free up space for these services as well.

4. Use a third-party email client

Expert tip:

For this reason, we recommend you install a dedicated email app on your PC. Mailbird is our top recommendation because it’s fully compatible with Gmail and lets you connect multiple accounts and access them from one central UI.

The transition should be smooth as this email client is very intuitive. Easily set up Amazon as one of your trusted contacts and it won’t show up in the spam folder. The app is light so the risk of a laggy inbox will certainly decrease.

⇒ Get Mailbird

What are the other websites to use instead of Amazon?

Even though eBay doesn’t have its own products and only third-party vendors are allowed to sell on eBay, it is one of the biggest competitors of Amazon.

eBay boasts over 180 million active buyers, offers a wider range of products than Amazon, and is easier to interact with and shop from.

If you can’t sign in to your Gmail account, read this article.

Despite the fact that numerous users have claimed that Amazon emails are not being delivered, there is no official solution.

Email inboxes are notoriously problematic, so it’s doubtful that a firm like Amazon will have trouble sending messages.

As a result, the first step in resolving this problem is to check your email storage or spam folder, as well as your internet connection.

If you want to enable the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11, this article could help.

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Fix: This Website Is Not Properly Configured

FIX: This website is not properly configured




PC issues can sometimes prevent you from properly opening websites you want to visit.

The article below will showcase what needs to be done in such situations.

To read more about how you can fix your browser, visit our Browser Errors page.

SIte managers might also like to check out our Site Owner page as well.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Anyone who has ever tried accessing a website either as the site owner, or a visitor and got an error message stating that ‘This website is not properly configured‘ will be pleased with the details here.

In most cases, everything appears to be rightly configured but whenever an attempt to access that particular site is made, this error shows up.

Not to worry, this article addresses this issue from two points of view and then provides helpful tips to get the problem resolved.

This error message could show up for several reasons, and to address it, a walk-through approach is needed. The suggested approach can be put to use by site owners, administrators, and to a certain extent by visitors.

For site owners experiencing this error, these are the things you should be looking out for:

How do I fix the website is not configured properly error? 1. Try a different browser

If you come to the conclusion that the issue is not server-sided but client-sided, then maybe you should try a different browser instead.

We recommend you try Opera because it is lighting-fast, has an enormous library of extensions, and you can customize the overall look of the browser in however way you see fit.

More so, it is very stable, and this is because of the Chromium engine it is built from, allowing for updates to flow in constantly.

It is also very secure, thanks to the built-in ad-blocker and VPN, so malware and spyware will surely no longer be the cause of future issues.

⇒ Get Opera

2. Clear browser caches and cookies

Getting rid of browser cookies, caches, and history in Advanced Browser Options will do a great deal of help in resolving this website is not properly configured error.

To clear browser’s caches and cookies, Windows users could use extensions (add-ons) or developer tools.

Using the developer tools is an efficient method to clear cookies and caches but using extensions can make the process a lot easier.

Extensions are available for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not have add-ons that clear caches and cookies; hence, the Developer tools are used.

To make use of IE developer tools on windows, follow these steps:

If all of this seems too complicated and you don’t want to delete the wrong data by mistake, you should go for a dedicated PC cleaner.

Dedicated memory cleaner software will scan your browser and find any unnecessary temporary files, cache, and cookies. It will let you know what can be removed.

Upon your approval, it will safely erase all this data, allowing your browser to run smoother and with fewer errors.

PC cleaners can also help you with leftover files in your PC, scan and fix your registry, and other similar procedures that can help you maintain your PC and help it run at its full potential.

3. Check browser configurations

An important step is to ascertain the state of your browser (IE, UC browser, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari) and fix it appropriately.

Reset your internet setting to default, and try revisiting the website, the error should now be resolved. Check proxy settings and ensure that it is set to detect proxy settings automatically.

Expert tip:

Opening the site Incognito or InPrivate should also fix “this website is not configured” error. To visit a site Incognito using Chrome browser:

Then Select New Incognito window

Type in the website’s address, pressEnter, and you should be good to go

5. The IE Developer Tools Option

Resolve DNS Problems

Troubleshoot and Configure your DNS servers.

In general, DNS issues are known to be the logical initiators of “this website is not configured” error.

These DNS problems could come as any of these:

Fix a DNS resource issue in your local machine

If the stale record is on your local machine, flushing your local DNS cache will just fix the error.

After clearing your local DNS cache, your computer will then request for a new value from your Internet Service Provider’s DNS server the next time you attempt to access the internet or the particular website.

Admin command prompt

To flush your local DNS cache, follow these steps:

For Windows users– Windows 7

For Windows users– Windows 8, 8.1, 10:

You can also use the following commands in addition to ipconfig/flushdns:





Ensure that the terminal in use is connected to a network before initiating these commands.

This is the message that will be seen with  the success of the command prompt: “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.”

Resolve A stale DNS resource record in your Internet Service Provider’s Server

Now, if the stale DNS record is in your ISP’s DNS servers instead, mere flushing your DNS cache will do no help. Try these fixes instead:

Having tried the above tips and suggestions, this website is not properly configured error should be gone, and the site should now be accessible.

However, domain owners experiencing this issue can leave a ticket with their hosting service provider if the problem persists.

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