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The GIF image file format is officially more than 30 years old now and more popular than ever, making a monumental comeback in generation meme. If you have a stash of GIF images you’d like to edit or customize, this guide will show you 4 of the best online tools you can use to get the job done.

Four of the Best Online Tools For Editing Portraits.

For a file format that was invented in 1987 GIF has had a very, very resilient journey, becoming more popular than ever in the last 2 years. Even with the creation of WebM, GIF’s replacement, nothing seems to be slowing GIF down, especially with dedicated platforms like Giphy hosting millions of GIFs for anyone to use for free. If you do have a few GIF files that you would like to edit but don’t know where or how to do so, below you will find 4 of the best online tools available to customize any GIF files.

EZGIF is one of the easiest and best tools to use for creating and editing GIFS, you can convert video to GIF, resize, optimize, add text, compress, and even create new GIFs from scratch. There is also an option to add color effects and adjust playback speed. All you have to do to start using EZGIF is visit the website, pick one of the 4 main options, upload your original file, then start using the tools available.

The next GIF tool on the list is Free Online Image Editor and apart from having a boring name, it has quite a decent set of tools under the hood. You can resize/crop your GIF images, add text, create GIFs from scratch, add borders, merge and overlay pictures, convert, sharpen etc. The list of available options is quite impressive. To start using the service all you have to do is import your file, either upload it from a device or import it from a URL. As soon as the file is uploaded, you’ll be able to start using all the tools to make your desired edit.

Third on the list is GIFmagic and although it doesn’t have as many options as the first, it is pretty good at what it does, it’s also easy to use. Simply upload your file or import it from a URL, then use the File, Edit an Effects options at the top of the page. One of the biggest let downs to GIFmagic is that it doesn’t allow you slow down GIFs or use very large GIF files. Other than that it’s worth checking out. It’s also worth noting that if you try to import a URL file that’s too large, you will get a Nicolas Cage GIF error…

Last but not least is LunaPic, probably the best of all the online GIF editor tools, it’s easy to use, fast and offers just about any editing tool you can think of. It also works with multiple file formats including Mp4, PNG, JPG, GIF, and TIFF. One of my favorite features is the massive library of animated effects like falling snow, blood rain, smoke and about 20 others. There also doesn’t appear to be a file size limit either so you can upload quite large Mp4 files to convert into GIFs. Don’t forget to check out the list of options running down the left-hand side toolbar! 

You're reading Four Of The Best Free Online Gif Editing Tools.

Best Free Online Money Management Tools

Money management refers to how a person manages his earnings and expenses to keep track of the money flow. There are several free personal finance software and online tools that make the process of money management easier. This article lists some best free online money management tools or websites. Using these free tools, you can keep track of your daily expenses. Some of these tools also provide a detailed graphical report of your earnings and expenses.

Best free online Money Management tools

We have the following free online money management tools or websites:

Money Lover





Let’s see the features of all these free tools.

1] Money Lover

Money Lover is a simple online money management tool that lets you keep a record of your earnings and expenses. The free version of this tool allows you to add only one wallet to your account. If you want to add multiple wallets, you have to purchase their premium version. When you register on the website for the first time, you have to name your wallet, select the currency of your country, and add the initial balance to the wallet. You can also edit these options later in the My Wallets section.

Some features of Money Lover

Let’s explore some of the features of Money Lover:

Search transaction: This feature lets you search for a particular transaction. You can also apply filters to get more relevant search results.

You can upload images of your bills and other transactions. The images should be in JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats and less than 2 MB in size.

Report: Here, you can view the graphical representation of your income and expenses for the current month, last month, last year, custom date range, etc. It displays the graphical data in pie chart and bar graph formats.

To use this free tool, you have to visit

2] BudgetTracker

BudgetTracker is another tool that lets you manage your earnings and expenses online. It is available in both free and paid versions. In the free version, you can add up to 10 bank accounts. By default, it displays all the data in US dollars. You can change this currency in the Settings. The New Currency Symbol option lets you add the currency of your country if it is not available in the list.

Some features of BudgetTracker

BudgetTracker offers a number of good features in its free plan. We will list some of these features here.

My Bills: Here, you can add overdue and upcoming bills. All the bills that you add will be available in the Bills List. In the free plan, you can add up to 10 bills.

Add income: This feature is beneficial for those who have more than one source of income. The free version of this tool lets you add up to 10 income sources.

My Budget: If you have any budget plans, you can add them here.

Home Inventory: BudgetTracker comes with a free inventory management tool. You can use the Home Inventory section to add the details of your household items.

In the Reporting section, you can view your budget report, income statement, expense report, balance sheet, etc. You cannot print the report summary and view the graphical plot of your income and expenses in the free version.

Visit chúng tôi to use this free money management tool.

3] Budgetpulse

You can add transaction details, new categories, new tags, and amount transfer details in the Transactions tab. There is no pre-added category available in Budgetpulse. You have to create all the categories on your own.

Some features of Budgetpulse

Let’s have a look at some features of Budgetpulse:

You can add past, current, and upcoming transactions to your account. Apart from that, you can also make any transaction recurring. This option is useful when you have to pay the same amount every month like house rent.

You can also split and add a note to a particular transaction.

In the Budget section, you can manage your budget plans.

Budgetpulse lets you add more than one bank account.

The Charts tab shows a detailed report of your income, expenses, a comparison between your income and expenses, net worth, and account summary. The Export to PDF option is available in the Charts tab, but it did not work for me.

Visit chúng tôi to keep a track of your income and expenses.

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4] Goodbudget

Goodbudget lets you add only one bank account in its free version. There is no option to add currency. It displays your income and expenses only in numerical value without any currency symbol. You can add four different types of transactions in Goodbudget, namely:


Money transfer


Debt transaction

How to use Goodbudget

Let’s see the process of creating a budget plan in Goodbudget.

In the Reports section, you can view 8 different types of reports, including Spending by Envelope, Spending by Payee, Income vs Spending, Debt Progress, Budget Allocation, etc.

You can import bank account transactions to your Godbudget account. QFX, OFX, and CSV are the supported file formats to upload bank account transactions. Apart from that, the tool also lets you export your transaction data in CSV format.

Visit chúng tôi to use this free online tool.

5] PearBudget

PearBudget is a simple money management tool that comes with a few features. Here, you can add your income and expenses, and plan your budgets. By default, it does not display any currency. You can add your country’s currency in your account settings.

Monthly (balance doesn’t carry over each month)

Irregular (balance carries over each month)


You can also create multiple tags for each category.

The Print report option is also available in PearBudget.

Visit chúng tôi to manage your money online.

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How can I keep track of my money online?

You can use any online money management website to keep track of your money. We have mentioned some of the free online money management tools in this article. You can register on any of these websites and manage your expenses and earnings for free.

Which app is the best for daily expenses?

If you search, you will find many free personal finance and budgeting apps on Windows Store. These apps provide a detailed analysis of your monthly earnings and expenditure in both numerical and graphical forms. By analyzing your monthly reports, you can plan your budget better.

That’s it.

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Best Free Markdown To Pdf Converter Software And Online Tools

If you have some Markdown (*.md) format documents for which you want to generate a copy of PDF documents, then this post is helpful. We have covered some best free Markdown to PDF converter software and online tools for Windows 11/10 in this post. You get a pretty good output containing the headings, links, and/or images from the Markdown format file. Once you get the PDF file, you can open it in some browser or PDF reader software to check the output.

Free Markdown to PDF converter software and online tools

Here is a list of free Markdown to PDF converter tools to help you convert .MD to PDF easily:


Markdown Edit


Markdown to PDF


Let’s check all these Markdown to PDF converters one by one.

1] MarkText

MarkText is open-source software that comes with a distraction-free interface. This tool lets you create and edit Markdown files with ease. It supports a tabbed interface. So, once you have added a folder, you can access files present in that folder from the left section, and open your Markdown files in different tabs.

One of its unique features that makes it a bit better than other similar tools is you can set export options for the output PDF file. Options like set paper size (US Legal, A4, A3, US Letter, etc.), page margins, auto numbering headings, set header and footer, and adding the table of contents can be used by you to generate a better PDF document.

There are some other interesting features that make it a handy Markdown editor and Markdown converter software. It lets you:

Save document changes after defined milliseconds

Wrap text in tables

Use spell checker

Set line-height and font size to work with its editor

Turn on the auto-complete markdown syntax option

Show real-time word count (number of paragraphs, characters, and words)

Insert custom table

Copy text as plain text, Markdown, or HTML

Export Markdown as PDF or HTML

Enable focus mode (fades all lines and paragraphs excluding the selected line)

Choose from any of the 6 different themes to work comfortably.

So, the features are pretty good that you can use from the menus available on its interface.

To use this tool for converting Markdown to PDF, grab it from chúng tôi After opening its interface, use the File menu to add a Markdown file or a folder containing your Markdown files.

After that, select a file and start editing it (if necessary) using the options present in the given menus. When your file is ready, access the Export section present in the File menu, and select the PDF option in that section.

An Export Options box will open where you can set available options related to the output PDF. When everything is ready, use the Export… button and save the PDF file to a folder of your choice.

2] Markdown Edit

Markdown Edit is portable software that comes with a clean interface and some interesting features. It lets you create, add, and edit an HTML, DOCX, or Markdown file on its interface. You can also see a live preview of the input file. The left section is there to create a new file or edit an input file and the right section shows the output content (including word count). This is a good feature as you will get to know how your output PDF will look after converting the Markdown file.

It also lets you access all the supported hotkeys (by pressing F1) to use this tool more easily. Apart from that, you can also access its Settings to toggle options like spell check, word wrap, autosave, highlight current line, line numbers, etc. The feature to convert a Markdown file to PDF is also supported. Let’s check how to use this tool as a Markdown to PDF converter:

Install the tool and launch its interface

Use the Open (or Ctrl+O hotkey) option available on the top right part to add a Markdown file

Now you can start the editing the file using the left section (if necessary) and preview the output on the right section

In Save as window, select a location where you want to store the output file

Enter a name for the output file

Select PDF from the Save as type drop-down menu

Press the Save button.

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3] CloudConvert

CloudConvert is one of the best free services for PDF conversion and other tasks. There are more than 200 formats supported by this tool for conversion. Whether you want to convert audio-video files, a Word document, images, eBooks, archives, etc., it has separate tools for each file type.

An MD to PDF Converter tool is also there that lets you convert a single MD file or multiple Markdown files to separate PDF files. You can also set Input Markdown Syntax (strict, mmd, Pandoc, or GitHub) before conversion or leave it to default (none). Its free plan lets you perform 25 conversions per day but that would be sufficient in most cases.

To convert Markdown files to PDF, open the homepage of this tool, and use the Select File button to add input files from your computer. You can also use the drop-down menu available in the Select File button to add an online Markdown file or upload input files from your OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox account.

When the files are added, set the Input Markdown Syntax if needed, and then hit the Convert button. After that, this tool will upload those files, process them, and convert them to PDF files. This tool also lets you preview all the converted files which is a good feature. This will help you check if the output is good or if you need to change its syntax. If you are satisfied with the output, then you can download each file one by one or all files in one go in a ZIP archive.

4] Markdown to PDF

Markdown to PDF is a very simple online tool on this list. It doesn’t provide any extra options to get the output PDF from a Markdown file. Though the options are present to set heading font color, font size, paragraph font size, link color, etc., such options are present in its paid subscription, and you need to sign up to get a trial for those options.

Its free (without signing up) plan is good enough to quickly convert Markdown to a PDF document. Also, this tool doesn’t mention any size limit and number of conversions per day, and it processed input files successfully during my testing without showing any limit notification or warning.

5] PDFCreatorOnline

PDFCreatorOnline is a PDF suite that comes with more than 25 different tools. You can use it to convert Word to PDF, compare PDF files, add a stamp to PDF, extract images from PDF, validate PDF/A, remove password from PDF, merge PDF files, split PDF files, add page numbers to PDF, etc. A Markdown to PDF converter tool is also there.

The free plan of this tool lets you upload a maximum 250 MB Markdown file(s). You can also upload multiple Markdown files and generate a single PDF file from input documents by merging them.

Access this tool from chúng tôi There either drag n drop Markdown files from your computer to its interface or use the Select file button to upload input files. You can also insert an online file URL for conversion.

Once the files are uploaded, use the left section to set:

Page orientation: Portrait or landscape

Paper size: Letter, legal, or A4

Style: Modest Monospace, Open Sens Serif, Retro Monospace, etc.

How do I convert a Markdown file to PDF?

There are some free tools available over the internet that let you convert a Markdown file to PDF. You can use some online Markdown to PDF converter or software to convert your Markdown documents to PDF files. While online tools may have file size limitations and few features, software don’t come with a file size limit and support other features like previewing a Markdown file, creating a new Markdown file, and editing your Markdown file before converting to PDF. Keeping all such things in mind, we have created a list above that covers some best free Markdown to PDF converter tools. You can go through this list and see which one is good for you.

How do I open MD files in Windows 11?

An MD (Markdown Document) file can be opened in any text editor software like Notepad, Notepad++, etc. However, if you want to open as well as edit some markdown files with features like previewing the output content (as HTML), using a spell checker, inserting tables, etc., then you should use a feature-rich Markdown editor that includes all such options. Thankfully, there are some best free Markdown Editor software for Windows 11/10 that serve this purpose. You can either use such tools or simply use a simple text editor that helps to show the content of your Markdown file.

Hope this is helpful.

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5 Of The Best Free Online Translators To Translate Foreign Language

Google Translate is the first name that comes to mind when we think of online translators, but there are many more you can try. If you are looking to translate that foreign language to one that you are familiar with, these are some that you can use.

1. Google Translate

I could start with something else, but since Google Translate is the most popular online translator, it makes sense to start with it. I can’t say if it is the best online translation service because this largely depends on what type of text you translate and which languages are involved, but it is a service that supports about 100 world languages. My personal experience with it is that the quality of translations is acceptable for machine translation.

In addition to online pages, you can also use Google Translate to translate documents. It offers a virtual keyboard as well as handwriting input with auto-completion. You can also listen to the translated text, share it, or save it for future use.

2. Online Translator

Online Translator is one of the best Google Translate alternatives out there. The list of supported languages is considerably shorter but still all the major languages, such as English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, French, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, etc. are available. One of its unique features is that you can download it for offline use – this is a great option if you have confidentiality concerns and don’t want to upload sensitive info online. There is also a dictionary and grammar section, as well as examples, which is good if you want to learn more, not simply have your text translated.

3. Pragma 6

If you don’t like the first two online translators, there are more to try. For instance, Pragma 6 is a good alternative for less popular languages, such as Latvian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Galician, etc. The tool has a free and paid version, and you can download it for offline use. If you want to integrate it on your site, this is possible, too.

4. Collins Dictionary

Collins Dictionary is a great online resource for English grammar and vocabulary, and it was a nice surprise to discover it offers a free online translation service. It doesn’t support as many languages as Google Translate but does offer about forty or fifty languages to choose from. The translator itself doesn’t have many perks, but I do think this is one of the best resources for English translations, maybe even better than Google Translate itself. There is also a version for Android and iPhone.

5. Online Doc Translator

While some of the other tools can be used to translate documents among other things, if you are looking for a tool made for this purpose in particular, try Online Doc Translator. According to its site, the tool preserves the layout of your documents, supports 104 languages, and requires neither installation, nor registration. The tool works with .doc, .docs, .xml, ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .odt, .ods, .odp, .pdf, .str, .txt, and .rtf formats.

Quite possibly there are more good online translators, especially translators that don’t cover dozens of languages. For instance, WorldLingo offers more options than some of the tools on this list, but it only supports about ten languages. I wanted to include more universal resources, and this is why I searched for translators that support dozens or hundreds of languages.

Unfortunately, you can’t judge the quality of the translation from the number of languages a tool supports, but I believe no one trusts the translation blindly – the translation is just to get an idea of the meaning of a text, not to bet your life on it.

Ada Ivanova

I am a fulltime freelancer who loves technology. Linux and Web technologies are my main interests and two of the topics I most frequently write about.

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Relook Review: Incredible Editing Tools For Portrait Photos

Whenever I see a picture of myself, I always notice my flaws. Whether it is redness on my cheeks, lines under my eyes, or that age spot on the right side of my face, I see that more than I see the overall picture.

With Relook, you can fix all of those flaws and give your subject great skin, a wider smile, and perfect lighting, every time. We’ve got an app review of Relook for you today.


This is a high-quality photo-retouching app from the same company that brought us Repix. With it, you can do all sorts of touch ups to a person’s face, including altering the structure of cheekbones and changing the color of eyes. You can also export edited photos to Lightroom or Photoshop for further enhancements without losing the original picture.


All of the controls are on the main view screen separated by sections, categorized as Retouch, Reshape, Tones, and Looks. Within each section are different editing tools, displayed at the bottom of the screen. There is also an undo button and an erase tool, which lets you manually remove an edit.

App Use

Users add an image from their device’s camera roll. There is no in-app camera so pictures must be saved to the camera roll to be used.

Start by retouching the photo. Use the Clean tool to even out the skin. It is very subtle so that the subject’s skin texture does not look plastic or fake. The Smooth tool evens out skin that has large pores or acne scars. Clarity is used to brighten and sharpen the eyes. Teeth removes color from the image so you can whiten teeth. Redness slightly adjusts the tone of patches of red skin. Defocus acts like a manual blur tool to let you focus in on a subject.

The Spot Heal tool lets you remove acne, moles, and other blemishes with just a tap. The tool will clone a clean patch of skin near the blemish and automatically replace it where you tap.

With the dedicated Clone tool, you can fix larger problem areas. Touch the area you wish to remove and drag your finger to a clear patch of skin and it will clone it. You can even clean up a scruffy beard. Soft Clone works similarly, but adds a slight blurring effect for removing wrinkles and fine lines.

In the Tones section, you can brighten or shade different areas of the face for better highlights. The Color tool allows you to change the tone of the skin. You can also use this tool to change a person’s eye color.

Saturate brightens the color of a specific spot and works great for making lips look fuller. Decolor flattens out the color of the background for you (or wherever you use the tool).

Once you’ve made your adjustments and facial tweaks, you can add a filter that helps enhance the overall picture. The filters are based on subtle lighting changes so you can make it seem like the photo was taken in a studio with controlled lighting.

The Good

The tools work incredibly well. If you don’t understand how to use any one of them, each has its own animated GIF and a small explanation. Plus, the help section includes a link to Vimeo, where tutorial videos are available

The Bad

Not only is there no in-app camera, but you can only select pictures from your device’s camera roll. So, if you move your pictures to different albums, you won’t be able to access them from within this app. Users should be able to grab pictures from any album in their Photos app.


Relook costs $3.99 and is universally available on both iPhone and iPad. The price is comparable to high quality, feature-rich photo editing apps like it. The precision tools and simplicity of use makes it well worth the price for anyone looking to modify portrait pictures so meticulously. The ability to export to Photoshop is an extra cost of $3.99.


This app works incredibly. It has plenty of facial editing features to help you hide flaws, restructure faces, and make people look more beautiful than they should. If you don’t already have a feature rich portrait-editing tool, this is a great one to invest in. Download it in the App Store today.

Related Apps

Facetune is a very popular app with similar features, but a different interface and no universal support.

What Are The Four Types Of Ai?

With AI being such a trend, there are many questions about how it works and what it can do. One commonly asked question is, “What are the four types of AI?”

Keep reading because this article will discuss the four types of AI, what they are used for, and some of their benefits.

The 4 Types Of AI Reactive Machines

Reactive machines are quite a popular concept in AI. This is because it is the most basic and oldest type of AI.

Reactive machines are machines that are reactive only to certain stimuli and scenarios. Unlike many AI software that came after them, they can’t use previous experiences or loaded knowledge to assess and respond to certain situations.

They also don’t use GPS or digitally produced maps to navigate their surroundings or plot their route. Instead, they move based on what they see.

Reactive machines are good at games like Chess and Solitaire because they don’t act the same way twice. They are also very good at simple things like filters and recommendations. And although they are perfect for simple tasks, they cannot be applied in the real world very well.

Because of their lack of imagination and abstract thinking, these programs can be easily fooled, so they can’t be used for things like face recognition or robot assistants.

With that being said, reactive machines are still very much used today, and technology innovations such as self-driving vehicles wouldn’t be possible without them.

Limited Memory

Limited memory is the second type of AI system and is used to create the voice cloning effect. In simple terms, this AI allows the robot to store information and experiences as “memory.” It will then use this new “memory” to make better predictions the next time it comes across a similar situation.

Due to its superiority over-reactive machines, it is used for more complex Machine Learning systems.

This type of AI works by using reinforcement learning. This means it uses an ML system to make better decisions and forecasting after engaging in a trial and error session.

Additionally, it uses the Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks. This is a form of software that has collected information over several evolutions. The system updates to this network allow for adaptation and the inclusion of several modifications.

Theory of Mind

Although this is a yet-to-be fully harnessed type of AI, many scientists predict that this kind of AI will allow machines to understand the structure they work with. This structure includes people and the environment they interact with.

Many scientists have been working for years to try and understand this type of AI and how it could affect humans.

The theory of mind will use meta-learning to guide its learning. Unlike limited memory, it will not need to learn through a series of trial and error but through a central neural network built for the Theory of Mind AI.

With this type of AI, an AI voice generator would be able to create an imitation of your voice that would be hard to distinguish from the original.

Self Aware AI

Self-aware robots are the dream of every technological innovator. Like the theory of mind AI, self-aware AI has mainly remained undiscovered.

Self-aware AI is a type of AI robot that will create consciousness, and this “consciousness” will allow the robot to assess its internal state.

There have been reports of alleged self-aware products being produced by several inventors, but all seem hoaxes.

But slowly, scientists have discovered more about this type of AI. With this type of AI, a robot will be able to identify patterns and replicate them. This is because this AI can assess its internal state.

The benefits of a self-aware AI are limitless. You will have a machine that can work independently while connecting with other machines. Its capacity for innovation would be unrivaled, as it could learn from its mistakes and successes.

However, this technology is still in development. Scientists have yet to find a way to create self-aware AI without using human consciousness as a model.

Nonetheless, it’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities of self-aware AI. There are several potential applications for AI. Some of these applications are already being used, while others are still in development.


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