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Many users face an issue with their Gmail account that they do not receive emails from the senders. This article will help you if your Gmail account is not receiving emails. Most of the time, the issue gets solved by switching to a different browser.

Why is my Gmail not sending or receiving emails?

It may be possible that your browser’s or app’s cache may have got corrupted. We suggest you clear your browser cache and see. We also suggest the Gmail Storage Data and see.

We will see what you need to do if Gmail not receiving emails in the first part and towards the end, link to the post that will help you if Gmail is not sending emails.

Gmail not receiving emails

If Gmail not sending or receiving emails, open your Gmail account in a different web browser and see. If the issue still persists, try the fixes mentioned here one by one.

Check your spam folder.

Contact the sender.

Check cloud storage.

Check email filters.

Turn off email forwarding.

Disable Antivirus protection temporarily.

1] Check your spam folder

This is the foremost thing that you should do when you stop receiving emails in your inbox. There is an option in Gmail that lets users mark an email as spam if they feel something suspicious in that mail. Gmail uses this information to identify similar emails to make services more secure for the users. Since no filter is 100% accurate, there are chances that the email from a known sender may land In the spam folder of your Gmail account.

2] Contact the sender

If you do not find the email in the spam folder, you should contact the sender (if you can) and ask him to check his outbox. The message may also get stuck in the sender’s outbox. If this is the case, ask the sender to send the email again.

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3] Check cloud storage

On creating an account, Google provides free cloud storage space to the users. All the Google services like Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, etc., share this free cloud storage space to store the data online. When this cloud storage space gets full, you won’t receive any emails. You can check how much cloud storage space is available on your Google account by opening Google Drive.

If the storage is full, delete some data to free up space. First, delete all the emails in the trash. Now, check the spam folder whether it contains any important emails or not. If not, consider emptying it. You can also delete unnecessary data from Google Drive.

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4] Check email filters

An email filter is a useful feature in Gmail. This feature lets users block all the emails from a particular sender. Check whether you have blocked the emails or not.

Follow the below-listed steps to check email filters:

Select “See all settings.”

Select a particular mail address which you do not want to block and delete the filter.

5] Turn off email forwarding

Email forwarding is a useful feature that forwards emails from one email address to another one automatically. If you have more than one Gmail accounts, you can turn on this feature to save your time. It may be possible that you have accidentally turned on this feature, consider disabling it.

To turn off the email forwarding feature in Gmail, follow the below-listed steps:

6] Disable Antivirus Firewall protection temporarily

Some antiviruses with Firewall protection may also block emails. You can check this by temporarily disabling the antivirus Firewall protection. If after disabling the antivirus Firewall, you start receiving emails, replace your antivirus software with another one.

Gmail not sending emails

This post will help you if your email is stuck in the Outbox of Gmail.

Hope this will help.

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Not Receiving Emails From Amazon On Gmail? 3 Easy Fixes

Not receiving emails from Amazon on Gmail? 3 easy fixes




Full email storage may cause different issues like not receiving emails from Amazon on Gmail, as a result, cleaning storage should be a top concern.

Because security protocols frequently mistake emails for spam, the problem can be resolved by checking the spam inbox.

Using several similar websites to check if the problem persists might be very helpful in identifying the issue.

Tired of email issues? Get this email client and get rid of them!

Your email client/account give you headaches? We offer you the perfect email client that will centralize all your email accounts and will let you access your important data without any errors. You can do now:

Manage ALL your emails in a single inbox

Easy to integrate popular apps (Facebook, Todoist, LinkedIn, Dropbox, etc.)

Access all your contact from a single environment

Get rid of errors and lost email data

Email made easy & beautiful

Not receiving emails from Amazon Gmail, whether you’re a customer or a seller, can be frustrating and cause you to miss out on important news.

When users complete a purchase or pay for it, Amazon normally sends them an email with the transaction details and a receipt.

This makes it much easier for users to keep track of their purchases or to save receipts in their email history for later use.

However, some users appear to be having issues receiving these emails on their Gmail accounts, causing extra stress and confusion.

What does Amazon sell? What can I do if I’m not receiving emails from Amazon on Gmail? 1. Check spam folders

Gmail features a built-in system for automatically sorting emails into separate folders. This implies that it is possible that Gmail will designate new emails as spam.

2. Check Filters and Blocked Addresses settings

It’s likely that Amazon has been added to your account’s list of blacklisted addresses for numerous security reasons.

3. Clean Email storage

In the search bar of Gmail, type has:attachment larger:10M. This will display all emails with attachments larger than 10MB. You can change 10 with a greater number if you want to delete larger files.

Because Gmail storage is counted toward the free 15GB of storage that comes with every Google account, it’s critical to clean up Gmail and erase thousands of unread emails.

Other Google services also are eligible for the 15GB of free storage.  As a result, cleaning out your Gmail storage will free up space for these services as well.

4. Use a third-party email client

Expert tip:

For this reason, we recommend you install a dedicated email app on your PC. Mailbird is our top recommendation because it’s fully compatible with Gmail and lets you connect multiple accounts and access them from one central UI.

The transition should be smooth as this email client is very intuitive. Easily set up Amazon as one of your trusted contacts and it won’t show up in the spam folder. The app is light so the risk of a laggy inbox will certainly decrease.

⇒ Get Mailbird

What are the other websites to use instead of Amazon?

Even though eBay doesn’t have its own products and only third-party vendors are allowed to sell on eBay, it is one of the biggest competitors of Amazon.

eBay boasts over 180 million active buyers, offers a wider range of products than Amazon, and is easier to interact with and shop from.

If you can’t sign in to your Gmail account, read this article.

Despite the fact that numerous users have claimed that Amazon emails are not being delivered, there is no official solution.

Email inboxes are notoriously problematic, so it’s doubtful that a firm like Amazon will have trouble sending messages.

As a result, the first step in resolving this problem is to check your email storage or spam folder, as well as your internet connection.

If you want to enable the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11, this article could help.

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Fix: Youtube Is Not Receiving Enough Video To Maintain Streaming

Fix: YouTube is not Receiving Enough Video to Maintain Streaming




YouTube is one of the largest platforms for live-streaming, however, users have reported getting the error: YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming.

4K streaming is supported on YouTube, however, users need to have the right equipment and compatible software.

An unstable or poor internet connection can affect the quality of the stream. Low bandwidth can also prevent smooth streaming.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Live streaming on YouTube is becoming increasingly popular as it allows gamers and influencers to connect more with their viewers. Having a high-quality stream is essential for growing an audience. Keep reading to find the solution to YouTube not receiving enough video to maintain streaming.

Can I stream 4K on YouTube?

YouTube does support streaming in 4K for users with compatible equipment and software. Viewers can watch 4K streams from YouTube from their PC and smartphones now that YouTube offers 4K support for Android and iOS.

If you’re interested in the best YouTube live streaming software, we have recommendations for that.

Why is my stream low quality?

The most common cause of a low-quality stream is a poor internet connection or low bandwidth. Internet connections that are unstable or from a public network are not very reliable and can reduce the quality of the stream.

Another cause could be a build-up of YouTube’s stored data and cache or conflicting apps. Users report receiving the error: YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming for the following platforms:






What can I do if YouTube can’t maintain streaming quality? How can I make my stream resolution better? 1. Check internet connection

Having a stable internet connection is essential for a good quality stream. If you are getting the error: YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming, the biggest culprit may be an unreliable connection.

However, users can monitor their network connection using tools. Check out our recommendations for the best ping monitoring software to ensure a low ping value.

2. Adjust the bitrate

Video bitrate is the amount of data transferred during a period of time. For lag-free streaming, the recommended bitrate for a 1080p video is between 4,500 and 9,000 kbps.

YouTube, however, automatically sets a user’s stream to a Variable bitrate which means that YouTube detects the resolution and frame rate while streaming. Users can manually adjust their bitrate by turning on the manual resolution and thus maintain smooth streaming.

3. Clear browser cache

If your browser cache and data haven’t been cleared in a while, it can cause issues and affect your YouTube streams. Clearing browser data can help improve resolution quality.

If you want more options and in-depth browser data analysis, use CCleaner to clean your browser. It organizes your data in more specific categories such as download history, cookies, last saved file, and more.

4. Reduce video quality

If after trying the above steps and you’re still receiving the error, your best bet may be to reduce the video quality. Users can adjust the resolution in the video’s settings. If there is not enough bandwidth available or if it’s congested, then the only way to stream smoothly is to reduce the quality of the video.

What affects video streaming quality?

There are a number of aspects that can affect video streaming quality. Some of which are bandwidth and internet speed and settings. However, your computer’s processor speed and cache size also have a big impact on streaming quality.

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How To Fix Gmail If It’s Not Working In Firefox

How To Fix Gmail If It’s Not Working In Firefox




You can access your Gmail account through the web browser on your computer or mobile device.

However, sometimes things go wrong with Gmail, and it won’t load properly in Firefox.

An outdated browser or cache can be the issue so updating your browser may just do the trick.

Instead of solving troubles with Firefox, upgrade to a better browser: Opera One

Opera One brings a handful of changes, including an updated UI, integration with AI chatbots, and tab management features. What else can you expect?

Easy migration: use the Opera One assistant to transfer existing Firefox information

Optimize resource utilization: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Firefox

Ensures your privacy online with a free VPN and built-in Ad blocker

⇒ Get Opera One

Gmail can be a great tool for communicating with friends and family, but for many users, it’s also a key component of their professional lives.

You can access Gmail directly from your browser, without having to download any extra software but sometimes, it can be quite buggy and unresponsive.

If you use your personal Gmail to send and receive messages for work, it’s important to know how to fix Gmail when it’s not working in Firefox or when you are unable to receive emails.

Why is my Gmail suddenly not working on Firefox? 

If you are having a problem accessing your Gmail account through a web browser, there is no need to panic as it may be just a temporary issue. However, you need to be aware of the causes. Some of the common reasons include:

Outdated browser – If you are running an outdated version of Firefox, it is possible that some programs may have limited to no functionality.

Poor internet connection – A slow poor internet connection or low bandwidth may cause you to have trouble connecting to your Gmail account on Firefox.

Server issues – Sometimes, browsers have downtimes and it can just be a temporary issue. You can check again in a few moments or try another browser in the meantime.

Cache – Cookies help you save login information so that you don’t have to re-enter it every time when accessing your account from different browsers or devices. However, sometimes cookie files may become corrupted and you may get a message that says Gmail is having authentication problems with Firefox.

Is there a Gmail extension for Firefox? There are several Gmail extensions for Firefox. They let you do things like manage your labels and signatures, send emails from different accounts, or manage multiple inboxes.

Quick Tip:

Go ahead and try accessing Gmail from a different browser. A good alternative to Firefox is Opera One, offering similar security solutions to protect your online activity.

It’s updated regularly and is highly responsive, so you may not get the same errors as you do in Firefox. It also offers a very simple data transfer process, in case you are willing to make a permanent switch.

Opera One

Access your Gmail inbox error-free and benefit from dedicated privacy features like antitracking and VPN.

Free Download

How do I get Gmail to work on Firefox?  2. Check if there is a problem with the server

If your Gmail is not working on Firefox, it could be because of a problem with the server. It is not an uncommon occurrence for sites to have downtimes.

To check whether this is the case, first, open another browser like Google Chrome and try using Gmail there. If it works well, then it means that there is a problem with Firefox and not with Gmail itself.

3. Clear out cookies from your browser 4.  Disable extensions 5. Scan for viruses 

Sometimes Gmail won’t load on Firefox so you can choose to restart your PC or reset your browser. Hopefully, the above solutions can help you get your Gmail working again.

Should you face any other issues such as can’t sign in to Gmail, refer to our expert guide on the same for a fix.

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Should You Pay Or Not? – Webnots

WordPress is the most used free and open-source content management systems (CMS) in the world. WordPress powers more than 40% of all sites available on the web. This is quite natural because creating and maintain a website is quite easy with WordPress. There is no need for website owners to learn HTML or programming and the platform has a user-friendly interface.

One of the most important elements of WordPress CMS is the WordPress theme. This is the element of the WordPress website that provides all of the front end stylings. They include a folder of template data which takes care of specific parts of the website. These themes are multi-purpose by nature allowing users to use them on different type of sites. Downloading and installing these WordPress themes is very easy and fast. Today, there are hundreds of WordPress themes available for website owners and some of them are free while you have to pay for others.

In the recent period, many people are wondering whether they should opt for paid or free WordPress themes. If you are in a situation like this, it is the best idea to learn more about the difference between these two types of themes.

Free WordPress Theme: An Overview

There are literally thousands of free WordPress themes available in the market. In fact, most websites use or start with free themes. One of the main reasons why they are so popular is the fact that they are free – you don’t have to pay a dime for them. This also means that you should feel free to try different themes until you find the one that suits your site the best.

Next, when we compare free WordPress themes with the paid ones, we will notice that most of them are compatible with almost all plugins. This is not true for paid themes. When creators of Free WP themes make them they have functionality in mind and that’s why they are creating a product that will be useful to most users. Of course, finding a way to make them compatible with plugins is one way to achieve this goal. The plugins are very important, so you should keep this fact in mind when making your final decision.

Contrary to popular belief, free WP themes provide excellent customer support. The vast majority of developers will be glad to answer all your questions and help you in case you get stuck. In fact, many of the developers are creating both free and paid themes, so they definitely want to keep their reputation. If you are concerned about support, you should also remember that since there are more users of free WordPress themes, there are more people that have experience with any theme you choose. So, you can ask questions on forums, websites, discussion boards and you’ll probably get an answer fast.

The only downside is that they might not be so unique, but as we said before, there are thousands of free themes and their number is increasing so if you are worried about uniqueness – do some research. We are sure that you will find a theme that is not overused.

Paid WordPress Theme: An Overview

Paid WP themes are obviously themes that you must purchase. Their typical price usually starts at $25, but they can cost a few hundred dollars too. This is a huge no-no for many website owners especially the ones that are just starting their online ventures.

They definitely have a unique design than most free themes, but it all depends on the theme you have selected. There is no doubt that there are some unique free themes too. When we say paid themes, this doesn’t mean that we are talking about limited products. In other words, hundreds of people can pay for the same theme and use it on their website.

Paid WordPress themes promise enhanced security. This is especially important for online shops where paid transactions are in play. Once again, this doesn’t make paid themes better than free themes, at least not in general. Namely, there are many free themes that are offering great security options too.

Freemium Model Astra Theme

Get the most popular WordPress theme to build your site with complete suite of tools and grow your business online.

Get Astra ProGet Hosting

Should You Pay or Not?

Mia For Gmail: Access Gmail From Your Mac’s Menu Bar

For a popular email service like Gmail, there is no shortage of third-party apps to extend its functionality and productivity. Regardless of the operating system (or browser) you are using, you are sure to come across a few Gmail apps and extensions that claim to improve your productivity. Mia for Gmail (Mac only) is one of them, and it allows you to check and manage your Gmail account right from the menu bar.

Mia for Gmail is a Mac only application that sit quietly in the menu bar and notifies you when there is an incoming email.

1. To get started, simply download Mia for Gmail from its website. The free version only allows you to connect to one Gmail account. You can upgrade to the premium version for $2, and it will allow you to connect to multiple Gmail accounts.

2. Open the .dmg file and drag it to the Applications folder.

3. Launch the Mia for Gmail app from the Launchpad.

4. Once launched, you will find a Gmail icon in the menu bar. It will also prompt you to add a Gmail account.

5. Once connected, you should see the MIA Gmail icon lit up and showing the number of unread emails in your inbox.


In the Preferences section, there are a few things that you can configure:

Notification – Get notified for every incoming email. This can be a disturbance if you have plenty of incoming emails every day.

Open at login – This will make MIA for Gmail run every time you log in to your computer.

Hide status mail counter – This will hide the unread count beside the MIA for Gmail icon.

View only unread emails – Only display unread email in the drop-down list.

Check every xx mins – You can configure how often the app checks your Gmail inbox.


MIA for Gmail is a nifty app that allows you to manage your Gmail account(s) without a browser. It is not a complete replacement for your Gmail web account, as it doesn’t come with many of the useful features in Gmail like search your email, label sorting, etc. Also, it only displays the top ten emails in your Inbox, and there is no option to configure that which is rather disappointing. However, for those who can’t live without leaving their email inbox open, and yet still want to kick the habit of peeking into their Inbox every few minutes, this app is worth trying out.


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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