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Following up on a revealing Sunday piece by The New York Times that looks at patent wars from both sides to conclude that Apple (like other tech giants) patents anything and everything just to prevent rivals from patenting the same inventions, Google’s chief legal counsel David Drummond has now called for an all-encompassing software patent reform.

He said the U.S. patent system makes it too easy for companies to get patents on software. “There are places in the world where you can’t get a software patent, or at least it’s harder, like Europe,” he said. “We think that’s probably the better way to go.”

He’s not alone.

On Apple:

It doesn’t take much digging to find statements from Apple, Microsoft, all lamenting the fact that we have this patent litigation. These are not companies that say we’re all about patents and wake up in the morning wanting to think about patents.

He’s right, to a certain extent.

Google was never big on patents.

As I previously opined, Google reluctantly paid a whopping $12.5 billion to acquire Motorola Mobility, a money-losing handset maker – not to become a handset maker, but to leverage Motorola’s patent portfolio and deflect legal attacks on Android.

Drummond also thinks hardware patents should have precedence over software ones:

I would argue semiconductors fit the model for [patent] protection more than software does. We’re talking about algorithms here. In some ways, it’s math.

I think you’d want to be more careful about giving monopoly protection than you might for some hardware ideas. I don’t think we should just say ‘Well, this is the cycle we always go through.’

Google really appears to be in a state of IP denial over Android.

Patent expert Florian Müeller listed 17 valid Apple and Microsoft patents that Google’s Android software has so far been found by courts the world over to infringing.

In the meantime, Google chairman Eric Schmidt recently tried to mend a broken relationship between his company and Apple, also noting that “Google stands for innovation as opposed to patent wars” (news flash: so does Apple) and warning that “literally patent wars prevent choice, prevent innovation and I think that is very bad”.

On the other hand, some Apple patents appear to stomp all over the First Amendment, per Business Insider – especially the U.S. Patent No. 8,254,902 which describes “apparatus and methods for enforcement of policies upon a wireless device”.

Tim Pool has more on that.

According to a handy patent war map vividly explains, everyone is suing everyone in the smartphone biz (below is just a portion of it).

And this interactive feature (Flash required), outlines in layman’s terms the three three Apple patents the company successfully asserted against others in recent lawsuits: rubber-banding, slide to unlock and Siri.

Perhaps Drummond wants a change because Samsung, its key Android backer, has suffered a huge blow when a U.S. court awarded Apple more than a billion dollars in damages (Apple wants an additional $707 million).

The jury also ruled that the South Korean conglomerate slavishly copied the iPhone and Apple’s design and utility patents while Apple did not infringe upon a single Samsung patent.

The power of patents should not be taken lightly.

A former Apple engineer told The New York Times that the slide to unlock gesture “might seem obvious now, but that’s only after we spent millions figuring it out”.

Millions or not, Apple has successfully asserted its slide-to-unlock patent against Samsung and Motorola in the past. As a result, competing handset makers steer away from slide to unlock, instead implementing other handset unlock mechanisms, such as pattern unlock and face unlock (see it in a video below).

In fact, it could be argued that Apple’s patented slide-to-unlock thing resulted in a greater variety of device unlock features, benefiting consumers as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach which would have been made prevalent if Apple’s rivals were allowed to get away with implementing the slide-to-unlock feature.

What do you think?

Is the U.S. patent system broken?

Should we look to Europe for a role model on making it all but impossible to get a software patent of any kind?

Or perhaps a middle ground is what the world really needs?

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Another Great Battle In The Browser Wars Looms Ahead

What do James Bond, the Roman Empire and Netscape have in common?

When you defeat someone, you better do it completely, or you’ll surely

regret it later. James Bond’s opponents all make the same fatal mistake.

They assume Bond is dead and are free to carry out their nefarious plot

to take over the world.

Ancient Rome, on the other hand, took matters a bit more seriously. When

its rulers finally defeated Carthage in 146 B.C., their troops burned the

city to the ground, sold the inhabitants into slavery, and sowed the

fields with salt to prevent another city being built on that spot.

Another city was eventually built there, but it was a Roman colony, not a

Roman rival.

Now there are the Browser Wars.

Web War I (WWI) ended in the late ’90s when Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

defeated Netscape and attained world domination with greater than 90

percent market share. But Microsoft failed to deliver a death blow to


Now, less than a decade later, Netscape’s progeny, Firefox, has launched

a foray into Microsoft’s territory, reclaiming some of the captured

territory. Will WWII end up the same way as WWI, or will we be witnessing

the emergence of a New Web Order?

Millions Desert Microsoft’s Camp

Firefox 1.0 is based on the same engine as Netscape Navigator. Released

by The Mozilla Organization on Nov. 9, 2004, more than 25 million people

downloaded the browser within the first 100 days. While this is a

fraction of the number of people using IE, it does pose a threat.

Web analytics firm Web Side Story reported that, by mid-February 2005,

Firefox approached a 6 percent user share in the United States, and IE

fell below 90 percent for the first time in years.

Firefox has experienced even greater success in Europe where, according

to the French firm XiTi, one in five Germans accessing the Internet

recently did so using Firefox.

”Firefox is growing in usage and in selected audiences it has

significant market share,” says Gartner, Inc. research director Ray

Valdes. ”Its overall global market share is still in single digits, but

if you go into some IT departments, you will find 80 percent of the

employees using Firefox.”

The primary driver for people switching to Firefox has been IE’s

continuous security issues. Since it is the world’s most popular browser,

IE also is the most popular target for hackers. In addition, it is linked

into Microsoft’s operating systems and other applications, opening

additional avenues for insecurity.

system, so it is a part of every task rather than a discrete piece of

software,” says Valdes. ”But this also makes it more difficult to

patch, and a security breach can have a ripple effect across the entire

operating system.”

search engines, both of which save time and system resources. And users

generally agree they make browsing a more pleasant experience.

In addition, users can select from hundreds of additional add-on

tools to customize the features.


There is nothing like competition to wake someone up, and it didn’t take

long for Microsoft to fire back.

At the RSA security conference in San Francisco, Microsoft Chairman Bill

Gates used part of his Feb. 16 keynote address to announce a new arms

race. Rather than waiting for the next release of Windows — Longhorn —

to come out in 2006, Microsoft will be releasing a new version of IE as a

standalone product.

”We have a dialogue to make sure that we’re understanding exactly what

people would like to have us do in Internet Explorer, and what we’ve

decided to do is a new version of Internet Explorer — this is IE 7. And

it adds a new level of security,” Gates told the large conference

audience. ”We will be able to put this into beta by early in the


Gates said the browser’s security improvements would include technologies

to fight phishing and malware. He didn’t, however, go into details.

Since then Microsoft spokespeople have said IE 7 will work with

Windows XP SP2, 64-bit XP and Windows Server 2003 SP1. In addition to

better security, some industry observers have speculated that the browser

will include support for the World Wide Web Consortium’s Cascading Style

Sheets 2 (CSS2) standard, RSS news aggregation, and Portable Network

Graphics (PNG) support and tabbed browsing.

Will these additions be enough to counteract the desertion to Firefox?

If Microsoft delivers on both the features and security improvements, it

has a good chance at reclaiming many of those who have switched,

observers say. At this point, the details, including the release date,

are still too sketchy to make any realistic determination.

But even without releasing IE 7, the company still has several

IE comes preloaded on Windows machines, whereas a user has to find

Companies may have other applications, such as an ERP system or

Since IE has had a greater than 90 percent share for years, many Web

sites are optimized for that browser, and don’t display properly on

6 Useful Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Google Photos

It may seem like Google Photos has been around for quite some time, but it’s only been with us since May of 2024. in those few years that it’s been around, it’s one of the most used Google services. It allows you to do all sorts of things with your images and it also sends you stylized photos from time to time.

With Google Photos you can do things such as create movies, collages, animation GIFs, and even back up your pictures/videos so you can erase them from your device. This last option really comes in handy when you’re continually struggling to save storage space.

1. Save Mobile Data When Backing Up Photos

Google Photos has a setting that allows you to back up your photos by using your mobile data. If you take a lot of pictures and notice that peaks your mobile data usage, it could be because you have this feature enabled.

2. Filter Images by a Person’s Face

If you want to skip these steps and only type the person’s name, adding a name to a face is helpful. Once you name that face, you’ll only have the person’s name in the search bar to see pictures that person is in.

3. Create Animation GIFs with Your Photos

Now you have a reason to keep all those images that are similar but are not identical. By using those pictures, you can create a fun animation GIF by following a few simple steps. Tap on the Assistant tab, followed by the purple Animation option on top.

Select anywhere between two and 50 pictures, followed by the Create option at the top-right. You’ll see a message letting you know that Google Photos is creating your animation and should get your animation within a few seconds.

4. Erase Pictures that Are Already Backed Up

If you like taking pictures, then storage can be a massive problem for you. That’s why Google Photos has an option that erases all the images that have already been backed up from your device. That way, you have more storage space for new pictures.

You can do this by going to Settings and selecting “Free up device storage.” Google Photos will show you how much space it can free up. To erase already backed up images, press the blue button that says “Free Up.”

5. Creating Collages

Creating collages is easy. Tap on the Assistant tab, followed by the “Collage” option. Choose how many pictures you want to include and select the “Create” option. The collage will only take a few seconds to generate.

6. Creating Theme-Based Movies

Creating a movie may sound difficult, but it’s really not because Google Photos can create a movie depending on the theme you choose. For example, you can choose from themes such as They Grow Up So Fast, Meow Movie, Doggie Movie, In Loving Memory, Selfie Movie, Smiles, Mother’s Day Movie, Father’s Day Movie, Valentine’s Day Movie, and Love Story.

To create a movie of your own, tap on the “New Movie” option. Select up to fifty pictures or videos, and tap on the “Create” option. You’ll see a preview of your movie with an option to make changes to the movie. For example, by sliding the bar more to the left or right, you can decide how long you want the image to be shown.

If the video is too short, and you want to add more pictures or videos, tap on the “Add photos and videos” option at the bottom and select the images you want to add. Below the music icon you’ll also see three dots with options to change the order that image appears in, insert a clip, duplicate that image so that it appears in the movie again, or to remove it.

Speaking of the music icon, by tapping on it you can change your video’s music. You’ll see options to either have no music, add your own music, or add theme music such as Dramatic, Electronic, Reflective, Rockin’, and Upbeat.


Fabio Buckell

Just a simple guy that can’t enough of Technology in general and is always surrounded by at least one Android and iOS device. I’m a Pizza addict as well.

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Ecommerce Scams Everyone Should Be Aware Of

The ease and convenience of eCommerce have made it an essential part of our lives. But, with this comes the risks associated with online shopping – cybercriminals are always looking for opportunities to perpetrate fraud. To protect yourself from these scams, familiarize yourself with some of the most common eCommerce scams and how to avoid them.

Fake Shopping Site Scams

One of the popular eCommerce scams people should look out for is fake shopping sites. These types of frauds are designed to steal customer information or money, often pretending to be a valid online shop. For example, the Wayfair scam involved a website that appeared to be an actual and legitimate discount furniture store but was a ruse to extract payment and personal details from unsuspecting customers.

Consumers should always exercise caution when it comes to shopping online. They must ensure they fully vet potential suppliers before providing them with financial details or their credit card information.

Gift Card Scams

Watch out for gift card scams as they become increasingly frequent in the eCommerce industry. Fraudsters craft seemingly legitimate cards at discounted rates to tempt unsuspecting buyers. Make a purchase, however, and you’ll likely get either a counterfeit or absolutely nothing in return.

As a precaution against gift card scams, always obtain your cards from reliable sources. This includes the retailer’s official website or eCommerce site you are looking to purchase from. Also, avoid any discounted offers, as these could be counterfeit items. Furthermore, never give out personal information when purchasing gift cards because legitimate businesses usually do not need such data.

Counterfeit Products

The eCommerce industry is facing a dangerous rise in counterfeit products. Fraudsters are creating knock-off versions of legitimate goods and selling them online at discounted prices. Despite their convincing exterior, these counterfeits usually lack quality and can be hazardous to your health or safety.

Shield yourself from counterfeit products, and only purchase items through trusted sources. Investigate the reviews and responses of previous customers, then research meticulously to confirm that the product you are purchasing is genuine. Please exercise caution when looking at goods sold for an unusually low price since they could be imitations.

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are one of online criminals’ most frequently used tactics. These fraudsters erect fake websites that imitate legitimate eCommerce sites to acquire personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. Furthermore, they might transmit emails with links or act like real businesses to extract sensitive data from you. By being vigilant and aware of these dangers, we can safeguard ourselves against phishing attacks.

Fake Shipping and Delivery Notifications Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are menacing online scams that use phishing emails or counterfeit eCommerce sites to gain access and install malicious software, locking you out of your device or files until the ransom is paid. This puts companies – small and large – at risk for complete data loss with no recourse but to pay up if they want their information restored.

To protect yourself from ransomware threats, ensure that all your applications are up-to-date and utilize anti-malware and antivirus software. Furthermore, be wary of any emails or messages sent by unfamiliar sources – do not open links or attachments if they seem suspicious in the least bit! By following these simple tips, you can easily secure yourself against potential hackers.


Best Optimization Guide For Star Wars Jedi Survivors

Want to get the best performance out of Star Wars Jedi Survivors for your PC? Here is a complete game optimization guide just for you.

Read through this article to enjoy a seamless gaming experience with the much anticipated Star Wars Jedi Survivors.

We also have a special optimization guide for low-end PCs, so make sure to check it out.

We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution. 

Changing the in-game settings can bring out the better Performance of Star Wars Jedi Survivors.

Here are the best in-game settings for Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Run Star Wars Jedi Survivors and open the game Options.

First, select Window Mode and change it to Fullscreen.

Next, change the Resolution and set it to 1920×1080.

Set the Graphics Quality to Medium.

Set Foliage Detail to low.

Set V-Sync to off.

Using Ray Tracing is not recommended because it might lead to performance drops, but if you have an RTX 3080, equivalent or better GPU, then you can enable it.

Next, set the AMD Fidelity FX to Balanced. If your PC is struggling, then change it to Performance.

Now scroll down and disable Motion Blur. Save the changes and restart the game.

You should always update your graphics driver for a better gaming experience, especially for new games.

Follow the steps as given  to update the graphics driver:

Go to the graphics adapters section and expand it.

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, use GeForce Experience to update the graphics drivers.

If you do not have it installed, get it from Nvidia’s official website.

Next, run the app and go to the Drivers tab. Check for any newly available drivers. Download & install it from there.

Users follow the same process for AMD graphics cards but use Radeon instead of GeForce Experience.

Then run the app and check if any new driver is available.

If there is any new driver available, get it. Once done, restart your PC. Restart your PC.

After updating the graphics drivers, make sure to close the unnecessary programs running in the background.

These background programs can sometimes conflict with the game and cause performance issues.

Closing unnecessary apps and services can give you a smoother gaming experience.

To do that, follow the steps given:

Before playing Star Wars Jedi Survivors, you should close apps like Google Chrome, Discord, GeForce Experience, and Nvidia Shadow Play.

Now run the game and see if this could enhance the gaming performance. If you still want to make it better, set the game to high performance.

To enhance the gaming performance, you can also set the game to high Performance from Windows settings if you are playing the game from your Windows PC.

To do so, follow these steps:

Press the Windows + I keys to open Windows Settings.

Select the Browse option and head to the Star Wars Jedi Survivor installation folder. Select the Star Wars Jedi Survivor exe and add it.

If you don’t know where the Star Wars Jedi Survivor installation folder is, then open the Steam app and head to Library.

Select Browse local files, and this will lead you to the game installation folder. Note this address and use it to browse in the graphics settings.

If you are playing the game from a PC or laptop, then tweak the power settings to high Performance for a better gaming experience.

Type the Control Panel in the search bar and select the top result.

Set View By to Large Icons.

Expand Show Additional Plans.

Select High Performance.

Now run the game. This should make a difference.

So, that is how to get the best performance out of Star Wars Jedi Survivors. For any game tech-related issues, contact us in the reply section provided below.

Controllers Not Working In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

But recently, some users have reported that controllers are not working on Star Wars Jedi.

So, what to do? Here are the solutions to fix the Controller when playing the game is not functioning properly. 

We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution. 

Outdated Drivers

Incompatible Settings

Hardware Issues


Playing Star Wars Jedi with a controller can be a more immersive and enjoyable experience for many gamers.

To fix the controllers not working on Star Wars Jedi, follow the troubleshooting steps:

Unplugging the external peripherals helps fix Star Wars Jedi’s controller issues.

This is because if you connect too many external devices to your computer, they can conflict with your Controller’s input.

You need to unplug your mouse, keyboard, and any other input devices before connecting the Controller.

Ensure you are only connecting the Controller while running the game, and it should work without any issues.

Once you have identified the conflicting device, you can disconnect it while playing Star Wars Jedi or try updating its drivers to resolve conflicts with your Controller.

Configuring the Controller will help in fixing the controller issues in Star Wars Jedi. It allows you to customize and adjust various controller settings.

By configuring your Controller, you can ensure it works correctly with the game.

In order to configure your Controller in Star Wars Jedi, follow the steps:

Open Steam and select the Steam option.

Next, select the General Controller Settings option.

If your Controller is connected, it will appear in the Controller Detected section.

Check the Controller you are using from the options and configure the Controller from the detected section.

Once the Controller gets identified, close Steam and run the game from Steam.

Enabling Steam input for the game will help in fixing the controller issues in Star Wars Jedi as it allows for better controller compatibility with games.

Also, enabling the Steam Input for the game ensures that your Controller is recognized and works correctly.

To enable the Steam input for the game, here is what you need to do:

If enabling it doesn’t work, try disabling Steam input and see if that solves the issue.

Big Picture Mode allows users to use their Controller to navigate and play games on their PC.

Running the game in big-picture mode can help in resolving some controller issues by ensuring that the game recognizes and uses the Controller’s input correctly.

This is how you can enable the big-picture mode:

Disabling HID-compliant game controllers will be helpful if there are conflicts between multiple controllers or if a specific controller is causing issues across different games or applications.

Follow the steps to do it:

Then, expand Human Interface Device.

After you have done that, run the game and see if that solves the issue.

If it doesn’t, try re-enabling all the HID-compliant game controller drivers.

Installing the Xbox Accessories app will allow you to customize and configure your Xbox controller settings.

It can also provide firmware updates for the Controller that can fix any compatibility issues with your PC.

Follow the steps to install the Xbox accessories app:

Open Microsoft Store and look for the Xbox Accessories app.

Once you come across it, install the app and run it.

Finally, connect your Controller and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Tell us if the above article was helpful in resolving the controller issue with the Star Wars Jedi.

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