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Here is how to choose the right data science course for you Industry-ready Updated Curriculum

A data scientist is well-versed in statistics, ML, computer science, and programming languages such as Python. To understand more about the area and data science training, it is usually a good idea to contact individuals in your domain. People with past data science expertise can assist you in selecting a more appropriate data science curriculum, that may be based on market trends.  

Practical Sessions

Although theoretical understanding of the subject is required to grasp the core concepts, a person cannot become a data scientist without a practical understanding of the concepts. A solid data science training program guarantees that students have the necessary practical expertise to tackle real-world problems. You may choose from a variety of online and offline courses, based on your preferences.  

Trainer or Mentor Experience

Assessing your mentor’s or trainer’s expertise ahead of time is critical for obtaining the relevant industry knowledge. Choose a course with mentors who have extensive professional expertise in the subject. Make sure you do your homework.  

Placement Reviews

When you enroll in a study program at a reputable school, one of the most important expectations you have is that you will be placed in a decent company. Not all organizations, therefore, follow through on their promises. Some reputable colleges in India, such as Jigsaw Academy, provide data science courses and have a strong placement record. Make sure you complete your homework before enrolling to an institute or enrolling in a program.  

Alumni Reviews

It is the most efficient approach to learn more about a course and its procedure from an institute’s alumni because they have the most in-depth knowledge. If you contact them, inquire about their research’s placement history, mentor experience, course specifics, curriculum application ratio, and learning method. If you are not pleased with the institute’s placement, inquire about future prospects in the world of data science to explore career choices.  

Why Study Data Science?

As a data scientist, you assist in the analysis of the massive volumes of data generated by modern society. A severe lack of data scientists is currently posing a major restriction in several industries. People like you are needed in fields such as business, healthcare, energy, intelligence, government, and security, and logistics. Furthermore, because data science has such a wide range of applications, you can work in a sector that interests you. Because of data, all jobs are transforming. Without any expertise in data science, becoming management, radiologist, or marketing in five years will be extremely difficult.  

Best Online Data Science Courses

#1. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate   #2. Harvard Data Science Professional Certificate The following certificate program is offered by Harvard University. Harvard is one of the most renowned institutions in the world, and while not everyone is eligible to go, anybody with an inquisitive mind may enroll in this course and receive a Harvard credential.   #3. John Hopkins Data Science Course John Hopkins University provides a 10-course data specialty program that covers all you need to know about being a data scientist, from the fundamentals of programming with the R-programming language through machine learning techniques.   #4. University of Michigan Applied Data Science with Python Specialization If you’re interested in learning more about data science, specifically natural language processing, the University of Michigan has a fantastic 5-course curriculum that focuses on the practical elements of the field.   #5. Dataquest Data Scientist Career Path The data scientist job path from Dataquest is the last collection of courses on this list. Dataquest is arguably one of the most well-known online resources for all things data science; whether you choose to study R or Python, the website offers courses for all skill levels.  

The Rise of Data and Data Scientists

Organizations are taking a giant stride ahead in data use in order to get the most out of their investments. Every field has the same challenge: attracting and retaining qualified individuals.  


It may appear that becoming a data scientist is a difficult undertaking. To be absolutely honest, it is not simple; it will require time, practice, patience, and endurance, just like any other learning experience. A degree, on the other hand, will not be required.

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How To Choose The Right Foundation Shade For Your Skin?

Choosing the appropriate foundation shade is critical for achieving a flawless makeup look. With so many colours to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Understanding your skin’s undertones and testing the foundation in natural light can greatly help you to find the perfect match.

Tips to Choose the Correct Shade of Foundation

Unlike lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes, where you can experiment with a variety of colours and pick and choose what suits your personal style best, you must find the right shade of foundation for your skin to achieve a flawless base.

But there’s a lot more to finding the perfect foundation than just matching the shade. There are foundations for oily skin, foundations for dry skin, powder foundations, liquid foundations, and so on.

The most important step in achieving a beautiful makeup look is perfecting your foundation. The following tips should be considered while choosing a perfect shade of foundation for your skin. Follow these guidelines to get your best match.

Identify Intensity of Your Skin

Aside from the foundation’s colour, you should pay attention to its intensity, which is the lightness or darkness of the shade. These fundamental terms are probably familiar to you: light, light-medium, medium, and medium-deep. Each of these terms accurately describes the intensity of your skin tone.

Apply on Your Face to Test Foundation

You can test lipsticks and eyeshadows on your hand. Foundation, on the other hand, should always be swatched onto your face. Because your face is more prone to tanning, the colour of your hand may not always match the colour of your face. The undertone of your hand also differs from the undertone of your face. Testing the foundation on your face is also a good way to see how well it blends into your skin.

Understand Your Undertone

Usually, people describe their skin tone and foundation as “cool,” “warm,” or “neutral,” and this is one of the most important factors in deciding on the best foundation shade for you. Undertones are the colours that show through and contribute to the overall hue of your skin. Undertones have nothing to do with the colour of your skin; your skin colour may change as the seasons change or if you apply a fake tan, but your undertone will never change. People with warm undertones have a peachy, yellow, or golden glow to their skin, whereas those with cool undertones have pink, red, and blue hints. The neutral undertone is a well-balanced mix of warm and cool tones. one can check their undertone in a variety of ways, including checking the colour of veins and holding a white sheet of paper next to face.

Choose Blendable Shade

While the purpose of eyeshadows and highlighters is to be visible, the purpose of foundation is to be invisible. The goal of foundation is to make your skin look naturally flawless. This means that after concealing blemishes and spots, your foundation should blend to the point where it disappears into your skin.

Consider Level of Coverage of Foundation

A full coverage foundation is not necessary for every makeup look. It is critical to understand how to select a foundation based on its coverage – light, medium, and full. If you just want to even out your skin tone without completely covering it up, go for a sheer or light coverage foundation. This one appears to be the most natural and like skin. Choose a full coverage foundation to completely conceal all of your spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. A medium coverage foundation falls somewhere in the middle and is frequently expandable to full coverage.

Match with Your Skin Colour

The best place to see if a foundation matches your skin tone is on your neck or jawline. The right shade will blend in with your skin tone and will not leave you looking ashy or ghastly. If it leaves a whitish cast on your skin or makes you appear darker, it’s the wrong shade. For summer and winter, don’t be afraid to mix two different colours. This is also effective because your skin tone varies throughout the year and in different areas of your face.

Consult Professional

Last but not least, seek professional assistance in matching a foundation to your skin type. They may even propose new methods, such as combining two shades.

With over 7 billion people on the planet, there are bound to be skin tones for which a suitable foundation shade has yet to be developed. So, if combining two colours is what one need to do, it should be tried.

Choose According to Your Skin Type

One needs to understand about their skin type for critically selecting the appropriate products. Oily, dry, normal, and combination skin are the most common. It is critical to use the foundation that is appropriate for your skin type. A mattifying foundation that controls excess oil production is the best foundation for oily skin.

For dry skin, the best foundation is one which hydrates the skin without appearing greasy. Always try to choose foundations with a dewy or satin finish. Satin or satin-matte foundations are also excellent for combination skin because they add a glow to the dry areas of your face while not adding too much shine to the overall appearance.

Dry Skin

Choose a hydrating powder foundation, liquid, or stick foundation for someone with dry skin. These have a creamy texture that moisturizes the skin and provides excellent coverage.

Oily Skin

For oily skin, use a powder foundation or an oil-free liquid foundation. These contain oil-absorbing powders that leave you with a smooth, matte finish. Mineral foundations are also good for oily skin because the dry particles absorb moisture and prevent shine.

Combination skin

For skin that is oily in some areas and dry in others, try strategically combining formulas and avoiding foundations that are formulated to be emollient or oil-rich.

Sensitive Skin

It is best to avoid foundations with certain ingredients that can irritate your skin, such as alcohol and fragrance, if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin. Mineral oil and talc are also prohibited.


The perfect way to make your skin look flawless is to apply the right foundation shade and formula using proper technique. As a result, discovering how to find your foundation shade is critical so that you aren’t perplexed by the bewildering array of products on the market. Foundations are available in a variety of shades, each of which caters to a different skin tone.

While foundation can make you look flawless if used correctly, it can also drastically affect your makeup if used incorrectly. As a result, using the wrong foundation shade can make you look caked or painted. Always remember that the first step in finding the ideal foundation shade is to understand your skin. Although, there are other elements also which should be considered.

Top Data Science Courses That Fit Your Budget Right

These are the real-life applications of data science. Over the past decade, data science has successfully transformed our lives. From Zomato to Tinder, Twitter to LinkedIn, data science is everywhere. It seems that there is an opportunity for data science in every industry imaginable. And data scientist is considered as one of the sexiest jobs today. And without a doubt, the demand is increasing every day. This is because, today, data scientists can help businesses in numerous ways like mitigating risks and frauds using statistical, network, path, and big data methodologies. They can guide business brands about where and when to deliver their products and personalized customer experiences to meet the customers’ demands. They can identify opportunities, target audiences, and refine them. Further, they empower management to make better decisions, recruit the right talent for the organization, and adopt practices that will help brands achieve their goals and promises. All these are possible by making sense of hordes of data and locating relevant patterns and designs in them, to arrive at actionable insights. Data science helps in industries like pharmaceuticals for drug discovery, healthcare to find the right treatment solutions that help take patient care to the next level. Therefore, it is becoming evident by the day that there is enormous value in data processing and analysis. So to reap the maximum benefits of this opportunity one needs to have adequate skills in data science. And for adding this extra skillset one may not need formal qualifications in the subject, just the knowledge of the fundamental theory and practical skills are enough to enhance one’s employability and career prospects. Although a certification course can cost much, especially for a student, there are tonnes of affordable data science courses at Designed to give a simple overview of what data science is, how it works, and what it can be used to do. This course offers an introduction to the technical side of data science but is mainly aimed at understanding the big picture for those who need to manage data scientists or data science work. It’s a relatively short course as it consists of one module that can be finished in a week. It can serve as an excellent introduction for those who want to learn the terminology and understand how to build a data science strategy, without necessarily needing detailed instructions on using the technical tools involved.  

It can boost up your resume with in-demand data science skills: Statistical analysis, Python programming with NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, and Seaborn, Advanced statistical analysis, Tableau, Machine Learning with stats models and sci-kit-learn, Deep learning with TensorFlow. Post the course completion, and one can create Machine Learning algorithms in Python, using NumPy, statsmodels, and sci-kit-learn. Also, learn to use This 10-course bundle comprises 68 hours of training in big data and machine learning solutions from some of the top instructors on the Internet. At first, students will learn how to search and analyze data using Elasticsearch, how to harness and organize massive sets of unstructured data using tools like Hadoop, MapReduce, and Apache Spark. After mastering those, one shall learn how to apply machine learning tech to understand the data and draw quicker, better insights from it. Students will get to work with tools like Keras, Python, and Tensorflow and understand how to power machine learning and artificial intelligence.  

A completely free course that breaks down the core topics of the data science process and an introduction to machine learning into three modules, each designed to take around three hours to complete, and concluding with an assessment. Once you’ve worked through that, you can choose from several other similarly bite-sized tutorials covering data programming languages, visualization tools, and techniques such as building clustering and regression models

How To Choose The Right App Developers For Your Mobile App Idea

The mobile app revolution has made it so easy to use your smartphone. You can download apps that will help you eat healthily and maintain a healthy diet to make your life easier. You can also download apps to help you budget or with other common chores. These apps were created by people who saw a problem and devised a solution using modern technology. Perhaps you are one of those people who are interested in creating an app for themselves but don’t know where or how to begin.

Although you have an idea for a solution, you may not have the skills or knowledge to design and create your mobile app. You need to find the right mobile app development companies or developers to help you make your idea a reality.

You need to make sure that you are dealing with an experienced and knowledgeable person who can help you through the entire process. It can be hard to find the right mobile application development company with so many companies available. We have put together a list of steps to help you make the right choice.

Analyze Your Budget

App developers will likely ask you how much money you are willing to spend on your mobile app idea once you have told them about it. This is where you build trust with your mobile app developers. Therefore, it’s important that you are honest about the amount you will spend. Do your research about the market before you start looking for a developer team. Next, you will need to create a budget that is closer to the market price. Once you’ve done this, negotiate a fair contract with the developer. You should not exceed your budget.

Review Past Accomplishments

You can ensure that you are working with the right people by looking at the past work of mobile app developers. Although it is not necessary to interview past clients about their work satisfaction, this does not mean you should. You can check the reviews on the agency’s page and then test the apps they have created in the past if you are short on time. This is a good way to make sure you don’t deal with an agency that won’t do the job well despite all the effort you put in. Mobile applications are easy to download and take very little time. You only need to pull out your phone to complete the required steps before you settle on a developer.

Analyze The Packages Offered

Search for a Step-by-Step Process

It is as easy as it sounds. It is important to check with your agency to see if they have a set of steps they follow for clients. The best mobile application development agencies will give you an overview of their approach to the task. The process typically includes a Mobile App Blueprint, which outlines the entire process from the beginning to the end. This will allow you to understand the reasons you made the app and the audience you are trying to reach.

Compare With Other Agencies

To get the best from each developer, you need at least three other developers on your team. You don’t want to stick with one agency and miss out on better deals. Comparing agencies allows you to find the best deal for you and offers multiple benefits.



It takes patience and focuses to find the right app developers who will create a complete application for your company. No matter what case it may be, once your app is launched, you must ensure that you receive value for money and customer satisfaction.

Data Science Vs. Decision Science: What’s The Difference?

Data science Vs decision science: A primer on what makes them unique and what unites them

Data science and decision science are two different yet closely related disciplines. For a company or enterprise with a number of operational areas, certain characteristics overlap between them. This exactly creates confusion among aspiring data scientists and decision scientists. They take the functional areas of either fields for granted only to repent later. Having similar-sounding names and common expertise areas, it is not uncommon that they are mistaken for one another. Decision science and data science are two-data driven fields that have risen to prominence in the past few decades and therefore it is equally important to understand the differences by companies and individuals equally. While data science is all about providing insights, decision science is about putting those insights into an application to achieve better outputs. Let’s deep dive into the data science Vs decision science question.

What is Data Science?

Data science essentially involves processing large chunks of data using various mathematical, statistical, and analytical tools and machine learning algorithms. Data scientists interpret data for a better understanding of underlying data from a gigantic number of transactions. The ultimate goal is to provide actionable insights for the decision-makers to choose a course of action. Technically speaking, they write complex algorithms and build statistical models. Data science applications broadly lie in the area of finance, banking, healthcare, e-commerce, education, manufacturing etc.

What is Decision Science?

Decision science is about sketching the optimal strategy to solve the problem at hand with the insights provided. In a way, it involves taking a 360-degree view of the business challenge by taking into account the type of analysis, visualization methods, behavioral understanding, and feasibility of the strategy. Technically speaking a decision scientist applies complex quantitative data-driven methods combined with cognitive science and managerial capabilities. As decision science involves taking course-changing steps, it is mainly applied to public healthcare and policy, law and education, military science, environmental regulation, business, and management.

Key Comparative differences between Data Science and Decision Science View on Data:

For data scientists, data is a tool for innovation for interpreting and analyzing situations. It helps in building result-oriented solutions thereby leading to adopting data-driven methods. Decision scientists, in contrast, use data as a tool only as a suggestive mechanism for taking decisions. They apply data to design not one but different approaches to a problem. Though data is equally important, the mechanism differs vastly. While data scientists are focused on finding insights, decision scientists use data to reveal those insights.


A data scientist’s USP lies in processing structured as well as unstructured data and putting the derived information into an easily understandable format so that it reveals a certain pattern. On the other hand, decision scientists though do not work with big data, but using the insights, they arrive at a principled framework for decision-makers to align with a certain mindset.


The challenge lies in complexity. Data scientists have to process large amounts of data and hence have to address the issues related to it such as the development of sourcing, data security protocols etc. For decision scientists, given the techniques they apply are complex, the lack of reliable data and the right data environments stand as hindrances.

How Can Data Science Solve The Climate Crisis?

Data science can help to solve climate crisis

Anybody who has participated in the IT industry is aware of the benefits that data science has provided to firms and customers. It’s a life-changing phenomenon that’s affecting every aspect of our existence. However, the value of data extends beyond making products more consumer-friendly, firms more efficient, and customers happier with their buying power. It’s also changing the way we deal with a variety of global difficulties that individuals encounter in an increasingly crowded, competitive and even contaminated world.  

Fighting Climate Change with Data Science

Climate change science is one great example of how data science is assisting to make this world a better place to live. NASA’s Technical Reports Server (NTRS) recently published research that examines how large volumes of data may be evaluated and used to produce feasible solutions to the problem of climate change. Climate science, according to the paper, is a big data field that is seeing unprecedented expansion. The issue is to better comprehend the consequences of these massive datasets and to deploy the appropriate computational resources in order to design and deploy viable applications. According to the paper, effective methods for releasing large-scale scientific data collections and doing scientific research based on enormous amounts of data must be made available promptly and efficiently. Data science’s role is to assist in the transformation of enormous scientific data sets into relevant scientific knowledge, allowing organisations to develop effective solutions to combat climate change. A latest Forbes article lists a few more ways that data science is helping to solve the climate change problem. Organizations can reduce carbon emissions, for example, by installing sensors in their surroundings to track carbon pollution, using IoT sensors for monitoring energy consumption and waste, and analysing raw, unstructured data to generate actionable intelligence in renewable energy sources like wind turbines.  

Data Science Approaches Towards Climate Change

Carbon footprint analysis Organizations can precisely quantify their carbon emissions by using AI-driven solutions. They can then determine what needs to be changed to reduce their carbon footprints and implement sustainable supply chain strategies.  

Reclaim ecosystems

Conservation activities are also aided by big data. Ecologists can find locations that can be revived after lengthy times of drought or forest fire devastation using past data.  

Raise awareness about climate change.

Despite denialists’ best efforts to limit discussion of climate change, data on imminent climatic calamities remains strong. It’s just a matter of providing credible evidence and educating the public using data analytics.  

Build products that are environmentally friendly

Data analytics can assist organisations related to sustainable production in developing product designs that reduce environmental effects. These companies may improve their manufacturing lines and products for greater sustainability by examining the relationship between materials, transportation, and product design and carbon pollution.  

AI Helps in Climate Change

As per IDC, expenditures in analytics and AI are expected to reach $185 billion this year, with a 12 % compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2024. In fact, AI and ML have become so prominent in the data science world that the phrases are now almost interchangeable. As per Indeed, “AI” and “ML” were mentioned in 75 % of data science job listings. However, in the previous three years, competition for jobs with AI expertise has more than doubled.  

Prepare for Data Science Opportunities

It doesn’t take much to start learning data science to achieve your career goals, and there are plenty of chances for people who wish to use their new talents to help the world become a better place. To begin, you must have a basic awareness of the critical tools and analytical systems that

Data Science Fit in Climate Science

Scientists are examining how data science may be used in climate studies at the moment. Running simulations and models based on current parameters like as sea levels and the pace at which the arctic ice are disappearing and comparing them to past climate data is the most basic application of this technological innovations. Scientists can undertake qualitative and quantitative testing using data science processes to produce reliable predictions of severe climate effects that can deteriorate in a matter of a few years. Furthermore, researchers from Stanford University and Arizona State University published a paper that emphasised the value of data analytics in detecting early warning indications of catastrophic weather trends in the future. The researchers were able to find past warning indications of extreme heat waves by using historical global temperature data. Researchers can learn how particular behaviours can accelerate or lessen climate effects using data science. Sustainable home building, Texas solar buyback programs, and biofuel production are all examples of initiatives that can help to mitigate harmful climate impacts before they worsen.  


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