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Bookmarking and restreaming the same video content over and over can be very wasteful and inefficient, especially if you have a metered connection or limited bandwidth.

The easiest way to download videos from a website is by using a browser extension. Since each browser works differently and has its own restrictions and limitations, we’ll cover the best extensions to use for each browser.

Note: If you want more features, you can elect to download the companion app. It’s completely free. It will afford you more options, such as on-the-fly video conversion. The Chrome version for the application won’t allow you to download videos from YouTube. You’ll have to use an alternate browser or method for this. We’ll cover those in the rest of this guide.

A version of the Video DownloadHelper extension exists for Mozilla Firefox, but we feel that there are better options. For instance, there’s Video Downloader by Flyyn. Once you’ve installed it, you can download embedded videos by doing the following:

Browsers like Torch have built-in video downloaders. Although it has been discontinued, users can still find older versions online. However, we would not recommend this as Torch browser has reportedly been marked unsafe by users due to various privacy breaches in the past.

Nevertheless, most browsers have video downloader extensions on their respective web stores. You can also download third-party .crx files, zips, scripts that add the functionality required to download embedded videos with your browser. But you have to be careful when doing so as these are not always secure.

If you’re uncomfortable with altering your browser, you can use a third-party application to download embedded videos from websites. One of the best free and safe options you have is Jdownloader 2.0. It’s a free (mostly open-source) download manager with a powerful link-crawler that allows you to rip files from websites.

Note: JDownloader requires Java 1.8 to run. Make sure you have downloaded and installed it before attempting to install JDownloader.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed JDownloader, you can rip and download embedded videos from websites by:

Thanks to the popularization of cloud computing and software-as-a-service, you no longer need to download and install as many desktop applications. Most of what you need can be found on a web-based application hosted online. There is a litany of websites out there that allow you to download embedded videos. 

Two of the most popular are chúng tôi and chúng tôi Since Fetchfile has the most free features, we’ll use it for this example. To download embedded videos using chúng tôi do the following:

Fetchfile also allows you to save videos directly to dropbox. So if you’re running out of space on your device, you can use this as an option.   

In Summary

Of course, there are other ways to download embedded videos from websites, such as viewing the source code and tracing the video to its host. However, we feel that this is overcomplicated and highly inefficient.

There is also a plethora of alternative browser extensions, websites, and desktop applications you can use to download videos. Nevertheless, we felt that the listed solutions in this guide were the safest and easiest to use. Of course, you can use this guide as a starting point until you cultivate methods of downloading videos that you’re comfortable with.

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How To Download Music From Youtube

If you like a song on YouTube and want to download the music from YouTube to your Windows computer, here is how you can do that. Here are some of the best online tools to convert YouTube to Mp3 and download songs to listen to offline.

Note: You should NOT download copyrighted music from YouTube and use it for commercial purposes. It is highly recommended to comply with copyright laws.

How to download Music from YouTube

To download music from YouTube to your computer, you can use these tools:






To learn more about these tools, continue reading.

1] YTMP3

YTMP3 is one of the best and restriction-free websites that allows users to download music from YouTube within moments. When most of the tools limit users to download music that is more than a certain minute long, YTMP3 doesn’t have any such thing.

To use YTMP3 to download music from YouTube, follow these steps:

Copy the video link from YouTube.

Open the official website of YTMP3.

One of the useful features of this web tool is that you can play the audio on the website. Apart from that, you can save it in Dropbox as well. Visit

2] Y2Mate

Y2Mate is a feature-rich website that lets you download songs from YouTube. Like the first web app, Y2Mate also doesn’t have any restrictions. In other words, you can download any song that is at any length. The highlight of this tool is that you can download audio in different qualities. You will find four different qualities – 48kbps, 64 kbps, 128kbps, and 160kbps. This particular option is not available in the aforementioned tool.

To use Y2Mate to download songs from YouTube, follow these steps:

Open the official website of Y2Mate.

Paste the copied video link.

Choose the audio quality.

If you like, you can visit the website.

3] FastConv

FastConv is yet another website that lets you download YouTube videos in MP3 format. Unlike some online tools, it doesn’t have any time limit restriction. On the other hand, you can choose the audio quality so that you can get a better sound experience while listening to the music on any speaker.

To use FastConv to convert and download music from YouTube, follow these steps:

Open the FastConv website on your browser.

Enter the YouTube video link.

Choose the audio quality.

4] OnlyMP3

There are several similarities between the second tool and the OnlyMP3 web app. That said, the interface is quite similar. However, it doesn’t offer an option to choose the quality. All the music files would be downloaded in 192kbps, which should be enough in most cases. For your information, you can save the converted file in Dropbox as well.

To download music from YouTube using OnlyMP3, follow these steps:

Open the website on your browser.

Enter the YouTube video URL.

If you like, you can visit

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5] OnlineVideoConverter

OnlineVideoConvter is the last tool on our list, which is yet another handy option you can opt for. Although it takes some time to convert the file, it does the job pretty well. Like all the other tools, you would not find any time limit while using this app. The best thing is that you can choose the audio quality. Another handy option is that you can trim the video and convert it accordingly.

To use the OnlineVideoConverter app, follow these steps:

Open the OnlineVideoConverter website.

Enter the YouTube video link.

Choose the Format and Audio Quality.

Trim the video if you want.

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How do I download music from YouTube?

To download music from YouTube, you can use the above-mentioned tools. There are multiple tools for this purpose, but most of them have a time-limit restriction. That is why you can make use of these apps to get the job done.

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Can we download video songs from YouTube?

Yes, you can download video songs from YouTube. YouTube allows users to save a video for watching offline. However, if you want to download the song to your computer, you can utilize the aforementioned options. These are some of the best web apps to download songs from YouTube.

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How To Download Entire Website Using Sitesucker In Mac? – Webnots

Content management platforms that need paid hosting like WordPress offers easy way to backup your content. You can use plugins, FTP account or download the content directly from the hosting server. Unfortunately, many free hosting platforms do not offer content backup option as you can’t access their hosting server. This means you will not get the backup of your site and need to rely on the service provider forever. Apps like SiteSucker are very useful in this situation to get the backup and use for restoring purpose. In this article, we will explain how to download entire website using SiteSucker app in Mac.

Why Downloading Site Will Help?

Normally, you can view the source code or use developer tools in browser to check the webpage online. Alternatively, you can download by saving the page directly from the browser. However, downloading entire site with same structure is an impossible task without third-party apps. Locally downloaded websites can help in the following situations:

You can easily open the source code by opening the HTML page in code editor apps like Visual Studio Code. This will help you to find the elements easily compared to viewing the source code on the editor or using developer tools.

It is easy to update the content and test your results without internet connection.

Keep a backup of your website and use for restoring purposes when needed.

You can get the copy of entire website and use for migrating to another server.

Example Case for Using SiteSucker

Let us explain with an example case.

You have created a HTML website using Bootstrap 3 framework and uploaded on your web server years back. Over time, you have changed the computer and lost the local backup of your original content. Now that you want to update the content with latest Bootstrap 5 version and re-upload on your server. This will be a hassle task without having a backup. The only option for you is to download entire content using FTP, modify locally and then update back. However, you need to spend long time in manually downloading the same structure of CSS, JS, HTML and images folders.

The easy option is to use SiteSucker and download entire website with the same structure. You can use local code editor apps to modify the content without even having internet connection. It is also possible to retain all hyperlinks without changing so that it is easy to re-upload the content after modification. This will save you huge time and avoid unnecessary mistakes in downloading and editing through FTP.  

SiteSucker App for Mac

There are many free and premium apps available for downloading entire website’s content. We recommend using SiteSucker app since it is reliable and very easy to use. Open App Store on your MacBook and search for “sitesucker” app.

Buy SiteSucker from Mac App Store

The app will cost you $4.99 which is one of the cheapest for doing such tasks. Purchase the app and install it on your Mac.

There is also a Pro version which you can download from the developer’s site. Pro version will help you downloading embedded third-party content on the website like YouTube videos. You can try the 14 days free trial and purchase the Pro version if your primary objective is to download the site with embedded content. Otherwise, the App Store version is sufficient for downloading the site’s content. 

Configuring SiteSucker App

SiteSucker App Settings

Important Settings for SiteSucker App

Here are some of the important options you need to check before using the app.

Downloading Entire Website

Download Website Content

Caution When Using SiteSucker

SiteSucker will work on any type of sites to download the entire content. However, you should remember the followings when extracting the content:

You can easily download HTML websites with few hundred pages. For larger sites, make sure to set the limit to restrict the number of pages.

It is easy to download plain HTML sites with correct structure. However, you may miss the structure in certain PHP sites like WordPress.

Avoid downloading larger sites with thousands of pages or using multiple sessions running in parallel. Your Mac may run out of memory or crash. Unfortunately, the app will not show the resources needed or time left for completing the download.

It is not possible to extract single page using the app even you enter specific page’s URL. The app will follow certain rules like checking chúng tôi XML Sitemap, etc. and start downloading all pages from given domain. Though you can pause or stop the download, you can’t control the sequence of download to get specific page at first.

Final Words

SiteSucker is one of the best apps for duplicating your own site in local Mac. You can create a backup and browse through the site’s pages similar to online website. However, the app may fail if you use without proper limits and configuration. Make sure to go through the configuration document and try to download the content in smaller junk.

How To Download Shows And Movies From Netflix

As one of the best known streaming services, you or somebody you know is bound to have a Netflix account. You don’t need to sit around a TV to watch unmissable movies or can’t-miss TV shows, because you can watch Netflix on your smartphone or tablet, giving you portable access to thousands of hours of entertainment.

Not everyone has high-speed mobile internet access capable of streaming Netflix on-the-go, however. Netflix solves this problem by giving its subscribers the opportunity to download Netflix content for as long as a Netflix subscription is active. If you want to know how to download from Netflix, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Table of Contents

How To Download From Netflix On Windows

If you want to download Netflix shows and movies on a Windows 10 PC, you’ll need to first download and install the Netflix app from the Microsoft Store. This will require you to sign in using your Netflix username and password, as well as have an active Netflix subscription.

Once the Netflix app is installed on your PC, open the TV show or movie you wish to download. On the information page before you begin playing, press the Download icon. You’ll need to repeat this for each individual episode of a TV show you wish to download.

Once a download has begun, you can pause or cancel it by pressing the circular progress icon that replaces the download icon. From the drop-down menu, select Pause Download to pause the download or Cancel Download to cancel it.

To delete the content, press the tick icon in the bottom-right corner, then select the Delete Download option.

Downloading From Netflix On Android, iPhone, Or iPad

You’ll need to download the Netflix app from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad users first. Once the app is installed, you’ll need to sign in using your active Netflix account.

Once Netflix is signed in on your mobile device, select the content you wish to download. Tap the Download button to begin downloading, situated at the top of the information menu below the Play button. For TV shows, you can also scroll down and press the download icon next to individual episodes.

To play the downloaded Netflix content, press the play icon in the center of the thumbnail. If you want to delete the downloaded content, tap the tick icon next to it instead—this will bring options to Play or Delete Download. Tap the Delete Download option from the menu to remove it.

Tap OK to confirm you want to do this in the following menu.

How To Download From Netflix On Mac

While iPhone and iPad users are able to download from Netflix using the official Netflix app, there isn’t a suitable option for Mac users. You can stream content from the Netflix website using your web browser, but you’re unable to download the content to your device for offline viewing.

Using Streaming Platforms On The Go

With a Netflix subscription and a mobile device, you’re free to binge watch your favorite shows and movies without an internet connection once you know how to download from Netflix. This will save your data for more important things, such as  using a mobile hotspot for your laptop.

If you’re sticking close to home, then don’t worry – you can stream Netflix to your TV using all kinds of devices, from your own smartphone to Apple TV. Other services are available, too, including Apple+ and Hulu. Like Netflix, you can view Hulu shows offline to save your data and keep watching, even when your connection is poor.

How To Fix “Logging In To Facebook From An Embedded Browser Is Disabled”

Are you getting the “For your account security, logging in to Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled” error on Facebook?

Here’s the rest of the error message, “To continue, download and log in to the Facebook app on your device and try again”.

As of mid-2023, a ton of users are experiencing this error.

The error message can happen when you try to log in to a game or an app with Facebook.

The affected games are PUBG, Free Fire, CODM, and many more.

In addition, you might not be able to log in to certain apps with Facebook.

In this guide, you’ll learn if you can log in to Facebook from an embedded browser and how to fix “Logging in to Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled”.

Can I log in to Facebook from an embedded browser?

No, you cannot log in to Facebook from an embedded browser.

As of October 5, 2023, Facebook has depreciated the support for Facebook login authentication on Android embedded browsers.

This is because of the increasing number of phishing attempts on Android embedded browsers.

The depreciation of Facebook login on embedded browsers will mitigate malicious activity.

The original post from Facebook was made on June 28, 2023.

However, Facebook delayed the depreciation to October 2023 to provide more time for developers to plan for it.

How to Fix “Logging in to Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled”

To fix “Logging in to Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled”, you need to go to your Facebook settings.

In your Facebook settings, tap on “Media” and enable “Links open externally”.

After you’ve enabled “Links open externally” the error message will be fixed!

This means that you’ll be able to use Facebook to log in to various apps and games.

Unfortunately, this solution only works on Android devices.

If you’re using an iOS device, there’s no fix for it.

Here’s how to fix “Logging in to Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled”:

1. Go to your Facebook settings

Firstly, you need to open the Facebook app on your mobile device.

Once you’ve opened the app, log in to your account if you haven’t already.

Now, tap on the menu icon on the top/bottom navigation bar.

Scroll down the menu until you see the “Settings & Privacy” option.

Tap on the “Settings & Privacy” option to expand it.

Lastly, tap on “Settings” to go to your Facebook settings.

2. Tap on “Media”

After you’ve tapped on “Settings”, you’ll land on the “Settings & privacy” page.

On the page, you’ll be able to update your information, customize your experience, and more.

Scroll down until you reach the “Preferences” header.

Under the “Preferences” header, you’ll see multiple options.

This includes “News Feed”, “Reaction preferences”, “Notifications”, and more.

Tap on “Media” to go to your media settings.

3. Enable “Links open externally”

After you’ve tapped on “Media”, you’ll land on your media settings.

Now, you’ll be able to adjust your sounds, video quality, autoplay, and more.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a “Links open externally” option.

Enable “Links open externally” to open links externally.

After you’ve enabled “Links open externally”, the “Logging in to Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled” error will be fixed!

This means that you’ll finally be able to log in to various apps and games.

Keep in mind that the “Links open externally” option only shows up on Android devices.

It will not show up on iOS devices.

How do I enable login from embedded browser on Facebook?

Here’s how to enable login from an embedded browser on Facebook:

Open the Facebook app and log in to your account.

Tap on the menu.

Tap on “Settings & privacy”.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enable “Links open externally”.

After you’ve enabled “Links open externally”, the Facebook login will be enabled on embedded browsers.


With the depreciation of the Facebook login authentication on Android embedded browsers, Android users can no longer log in to apps and games with Facebook.

You can follow the solution above to bypass this.

If you’re still unable to fix the “Logging in to Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled” error, you can try changing your default browser to Chrome or Firefox.

After you’ve tapped on “Forgot password”, you need to tap on the section option (email) and enter your password.

This will take you to Facebook where you’ll have to close the page and try to connect Facebook to the game or app again.

This time, you should be able to log in to the game with Facebook.

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How To Delete A Tiktok Video

As a TikTok creator, you might have to delete one of your TikTok videos at some point.

If you’ve been consistently uploading videos on TikTok, your older ones might not be relevant to your niche anymore.

Other times, your old videos might be so bad in quality that you want to delete them.

If that’s the case, you can either choose to hide your TikTok video by changing its privacy settings or delete it.

If you’re certain that you no longer want the video to be on TikTok, you can delete it from your profile.

However, if you want to display the video on your profile in the future, changing its privacy settings is a better idea.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to delete a TikTok video in 3 easy steps.

How to delete a TikTok video

To delete a TikTok video, navigate to the video that you want to delete and tap on the three dots.

Then, scroll to the extreme right of the navigation menu and tap on “Delete” to delete the video.

After you’ve deleted the video, it will no longer be displayed on your profile.

Your video won’t show up on other users’ “For You” page anymore as well.

Keep in mind that this process is irreversible, and you won’t be able to recover the video that you’ve deleted.

Hence, before deleting a video on TikTok, make sure that you’ve saved it in your camera roll.

Otherwise, if you happen to regret your decision, you won’t be able to recover it back.

Here’s how to delete a TikTok video:

1. Navigate to the video

The first step to delete a TikTok video is to navigate to the video that you want to delete.

To begin with, open TikTok on your mobile device.

Next, tap on the profile icon on the bottom navigation bar to visit your profile.

Navigate to the video that you want to delete.

Lastly, tap on the video to expand and view it.

You’ve successfully navigated to the video that you want to delete on TikTok.

In the next steps, you’ll learn where the “Delete” button is located.

2. Tap on the three dots

On the right sidebar of the video, tap on the three dots.

After you’ve navigated to the video that you want to delete, it’ll start playing.

On the right of the video, you’ll see a sidebar with a few icons—your profile picture, a heart icon, a chat icon, and three dots under it.

Tapping on your profile picture will bring you to your TikTok profile.

The icon that you want to be tapping is the three dots.

The three dots icon is for editing the video, sharing it, and so on.

In the final step, you’ll learn how to delete the video from your profile.

3. Tap on “Delete”

The last step is to delete the video from your profile.

After you’ve tapped on the three dots on the video, a navigation menu will be opened.

The navigation menu contains several options—you can send the video to someone on TikTok, share it with someone outside of TikTok, and edit the video.

On the final section of the navigation menu, you’ll see the analytics option (if you have a business account), the save video option, the duet option, etc.

Scroll to the extreme right of the section, and at the end of it, you’ll see the “Delete” option.

Tap on “Delete” to delete the TikTok video from your profile.

Then, go back to your profile, and the video will be gone.

Congrats, you’ve successfully deleted a TikTok video.

How to delete someone else’s TikTok video

To delete someone else’s TikTok video, you can either file a report for copyright infringement or report the video on TikTok.

However, if the video does not infringe your copyright, or does not violate TikTok’s community guidelines, it will not be deleted unless the user deleted it themselves.

If you believe that a TikTok video infringes your copyright, you can file a report to TikTok and have them take it down.

On the other hand, if a video violates one or more of TikTok’s community guidelines, you can report it on TikTok.

To report a video on TikTok, navigate to the video, tap on the share icon, then tap on “Report”.

Is it bad to delete TikTok videos?

Deleting your TikTok videos does not negatively affect your organic reach.

However, if your video gets taken down because it violated TikTok’s community guidelines, your views and engagement will drop.

Although deleting your TikTok videos is generally safe, a better alternative is to private them instead.

Keep in mind that deleting a TikTok video will decrease your total number of likes (if the video has likes).

So, if the video has a ton of likes, you might want to consider to private it instead of deleting it.


Firstly, if your old videos aren’t relevant to your niche anymore, you can delete them to keep your videos consistent.

Secondly, if you have a ton of under-performing videos, deleting them will ensure that your profile only contains quality videos.

That way, people are more inclined to follow you and watch your videos.

Either way, deleting your TikTok videos is a great way to organize your feed.

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