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Voice chat is integral to online gaming, allowing players to communicate more easily than via text chat. In 2023, Roblox finally added their voice chat feature – but it isn’t enabled by default.

In this article, we’ll explain how to get voice chat on Roblox and how this feature works.

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What Is the Roblox Voice Chat Feature

Chat with Voice is a spatial voice feature that lets players communicate how they would in the real world. Players who are nearby within a Roblox game can hear each other’s voices, and the volume will dim as they get further away from one another.

If a player has enabled voice chat, you will see a microphone icon next to their username and above their avatar. If you haven’t enabled voice chat, you won’t be able to see or hear users who have.

However, not all Roblox experiences provide voice chat capabilities, and the decision to include voice chat is left to the game developers. To tell whether an experience has enabled voice chat, you’ll have to load it up and give it a go.

Further, Roblox has only enabled voice chat for mobile and PC users. You can use it whether you’re a Roblox Premium user or not. Unfortunately, if you’re an Xbox user, you’ll have to wait for the feature to be added.

To use Roblox’s in-game voice chat, you must have a Roblox account that is 13+ and age-verified. To do so, you will need a valid ID (like a passport or driver’s license) and a smartphone that can scan QR codes. Roblox will ask you to submit a photo of your ID card and a selfie to prove a likeness.

To verify your age:

    Open the



    Select the

    Gear icon

    in the top-right corner of the screen to open your Account Settings.


      Account Info

      from the right-hand banner.


        Verify My Age


          Get your ID ready and scan the QR code that appears.

            Take a picture of your ID or select

            Upload a File

            to upload one you’ve already taken. Then, take a selfie and submit it. Roblox will not allow you to upload a selfie from your gallery to ensure you’re a real person.

            You will receive an in-game notification after some time if your account has been successfully age-verified.

            How to Enable Voice Chat on Roblox

            Once you’ve completed the age verification process, you can enable voice chat in the Roblox privacy settings:

            On a web browser or in the desktop app:

              Select the

              three dots

              in the left-hand sidebar.




                  Select the



                    Toggle off

                    Account Restrictions are disabled


                      In the


                      drop-down menu, select




                        Beta features

                        , toggle on

                        Enable Voice Chat


                          A pop-up will appear asking you to consent to Roblox collecting your voice recordings for analytics. Select


                          to continue.

                          On a mobile device:

                            Open the

                            Roblox app


                            Tap the

                            three dots

                            in the bottom right-hand corner.

                              Scroll and tap the








                                  Beta features

                                  select the

                                  Enable voice chat


                                    You will be asked to consent to Roblox’s collection of your voice recordings. If you agree, tap



                                    How to Mute, Block, and Report Abuse

                                    To ensure that every Roblox game remains safe and enjoyable, the team at Roblox has provided users with the ability to mute players, block them, or report them for abusive voice chat.

                                    To mute a player:

                                      To block a player:

                                        Visit the user’s profile page.

                                        Choose the

                                        three dots

                                        in the upper right corner of the box that contains their username and select

                                        Block User


                                        To report a player:

                                          Select the


                                          button at the upper left corner of the screen.

                                          Choose the

                                          flag icon

                                          next to the user’s name.

                                            Select the

                                            Type of Abuse

                                            drop-down menu and select the most appropriate option. Write any additional details, then hit



                                            Where Should You Use Voice Chat?

                                            Since not all Roblox experiences will feature voice chat, where can you give it a go? One place to start is the game Mic Up, one of the more popular Roblox experiences and a favorite for gamers who like using their microphones in Roblox.

                                            You're reading How To Enable Voice Chat On Roblox

                                            How To Verify Your Age On Roblox

                                            If you haven’t linked your email address yet, you need to do so.

                                            After you’ve linked your email address, you need to complete the age verification process.

                                            The age verification process requires you to take a photo of a government-issued document and a selfie.

                                            Accepted documents include your ID, driver’s license, residence permit, or passport.

                                            You also need to take a selfie of yourself to verify your identity.

                                            Hence, you need to make sure that you’re in a well-lit room and that your face is visible.

                                            Once you’ve uploaded a photo of your ID and a selfie of yourself, the system will check if everything is valid.

                                            If everything is valid, you’ll be prompted to go back to your computer.

                                            Here’s how to verify your age on Roblox.

                                            1. Log in to Roblox

                                            The first step is to log in to Roblox on your computer.

                                            Do not log in to Roblox on the Roblox mobile app.

                                            This is because you need to use your phone to scan a QR code later on.

                                            You cannot visit Roblox on a mobile browser like Safari or Chrome as well.

                                            2. Verify your age

                                            After you’ve logged in to Roblox on your computer, you need to go to your settings.

                                            This will open a menu containing 4 options.

                                            This includes “Settings”, “Quick Log In”, “Help”, and “Logout”.

                                            On the settings page, you’ll see a “Birthday” section.

                                            Now, you need to provide your birthday if you haven’t already.

                                            Keep in mind that you need to be 13 years old and above if you want to verify your age.

                                            3. Verify your account

                                            The “First, Verify Your Account” pop-up will only appear if you haven’t linked your email address to your account yet.

                                            If you haven’t linked your email address to your account yet, enter your email address into the “Your Email” field.

                                            Make sure to check your email for the verification link.

                                            4. Scan the QR code

                                            After you’ve linked your email address to your Roblox account, the “Identity Verification” pop-up will open.

                                            Now, you need to have a couple of things.

                                            This includes a valid ID and a smartphone.

                                            The ID is used to prove your age while the smartphone is used to scan the QR code.

                                            To begin with, take out your smartphone and scan the QR code on the screen.

                                            You can use your phone’s camera or the QR code scanner for this.

                                            5. Tap on “Start Session”

                                            After you’ve scanned the QR code on the screen, the “Let’s get you verified” page will open.

                                            Before you begin, you need to prepare a valid government-issued identity document.

                                            In addition, you need to make sure that you are in a well-lit room.

                                            This is because you need to be prepared to take a selfie and photos of your ID.

                                            The verification process is powered by Veriff, an AI-powered identity verification software.

                                            Tap on “Start Session” to start the session.

                                            This is 100% safe as Roblox does not store raw ID document data.

                                            6. Take a photo of your ID

                                            After you’ve tapped on “Start Session”, your phone’s camera will open.

                                            Now, you need to take a photo of the front and back of your ID.

                                            You can also take a photo of your driver’s license, residence permit, or passport.

                                            It’s recommended that you take a photo of the front of your ID.

                                            Next, you need to take a photo of the back of your ID.

                                            Hence, you need to turn your ID around and take another photo of it.

                                            7. Take a selfie

                                            After you’ve taken a photo of the front and back of your ID, you’ll land on the “Take a Selfie” step.

                                            Now, you need to take a selfie of yourself.

                                            Roblox will only use your selfie to verify your identity.

                                            Before you take a selfie of yourself, make sure that your face is in the frame and it’s clearly visible.

                                            In addition, make sure that you’re in a well-lit room.

                                            8. Wait for the verification to complete

                                            After you’ve taken a selfie of yourself, you’ll land on the “Thank you!” page.

                                            Now, you need to wait for Veriff, the AI-powered identity verification software, to check your data.

                                            This process will take less than a minute.

                                            Veriff will check your photos, image quality, document data, and biometrics.

                                            Once done, you’ll see this message, “Your verification data has been successfully submitted”.

                                            Followed by, “You can now close this window and return to your computer”.

                                            9. Your age is now verified

                                            After you’ve completed the verification, go back to your computer.

                                            Now, you should see a “Thank You!” pop-up.

                                            The pop-up will say that your age is now verified.

                                            You’ve successfully verified your age on Roblox!

                                            If you go back to your settings, you’ll see an indicator under your birthday that says “Age Verified” with a checkmark.


                                            After the verification is complete, raw document data will be discarded to anonymize your identity.

                                            Roblox will never store raw ID document data as they take their community’s safety and privacy seriously.

                                            In other words, your identity will not be exposed because an anonymized value will be created.

                                            Veriff, the third-party service provider will only store your data for 90 days before its automatically removed.

                                            To know more about Roblox’s age verification process, you can visit this page or contact Roblox support.

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                                            Roblox Pants Template: How To Make Custom Roblox Pants

                                            There is no doubt that Roblox gives us a ton of options when it comes to character customization. But there’s no match to creating your own clothes in any game. And since we already have a guide in place to help you make custom shirts in Roblox, it’s only natural that we move on to make pants and complete the outfit. So here’s how to make pants in Roblox and get your avatar to wear them. We have shared the link to the official Roblox pants template in this article, which will make it easier for you to design pants.

                                            How to Make Pants in Roblox (2023) Download Template for Roblox Pants

                                            Roblox has an official set of templates to enable players to customize clothing items, including shorts and pants. Using such a template not only saves time but also ensures that all the elements of your pant design fit your avatar without any issues. With that out of the gate, here’s how to download the official Roblox pants template:

                                            How to Make Pants for Roblox (Windows & Mac)

                                            Once you have the Roblox pants template, it all comes down to editing it as you like. You can use any free photo editing software for this purpose, but we suggest using Photoshop or its alternatives for precision and ease. With that said, follow the steps below to make custom pants for Roblox:

                                            2. Then, feel free to let your creativity flow and edit the pants template as your desire. You can recolor it, retexture it, and even add pictures to the template. But make sure not to use copyrighted or offensive imagery.

                                            4. Then, import the downloaded textures to your image editor and align them with the basic template. Once the fabric texture is in place, you have to blend it into your design by changing the layer’s blending mode to “multiply” and lowering the opacity to 50%.

                                            5. Once you are satisfied with your design, save the edited template as a PNG file with whatever name you want.

                                            How to Make Pants for Roblox (iPhone & Android)

                                            You can use the same Roblox pants template on phones, tablets, and desktops. You simply need to visit the Roblox website to get the pants template. So make sure you have the template saved on your device, and let’s get started.

                                            1. First, download the Picsart app on your device. It is available for free on iOS, Android, and Windows. Not to forget, you can also use any other photo editor if it gets the job done.

                                            3. Then, tap the “Edit a Photo” button on the next page. If you are an existing user, you will have to press the plus (+) sign in the middle of the bottom navigation bar to find the photo editing option.

                                            4. Unless you are an existing Picsart user, the app will ask for permission to access the media files on your device. Tap the “Allow” button to give it access.

                                            5. Then, select the Roblox pants template from your gallery and import it into Picsart.

                                            6. When the image opens in Picsart, you can use the app’s various editing tools to add stickers, shapes, and even text to your Roblox pants. Use the scrollable toolbar in the menu at the bottom to find all your editing options.

                                            Upload Custom Pants Design to Roblox

                                            At this point, your custom Roblox pants are ready for action. So all that’s left is getting them into the game. But make sure you have at least 10 Robux in your account to pay the skin upload cost. Then, follow these steps to upload your pants to Roblox:

                                            3. Once the custom file is uploaded, it will take Roblox around 30 minutes to 2 hours to review it. If the file is approved, it will appear in your avatar’s inventory. But if it’s rejected, you can edit the file and upload it again. In either case, the paid 10 Robux aren’t refunded.

                                            How to Use Your Custom Pants in Roblox

                                            1. First, go to the avatar area to customize your Roblox character. You can use this link to open the avatar editor in your browser, or you can find it within the character options section of the Roblox app.

                                            3. If you like how your pants design turned out, you can even sell them on Roblox’s avatar shop. But that’s an entirely different territory. So we suggest going through Roblox’s monetization guide first.

                                            Make and Use Custom Pants in Roblox

                                            How To Enable Bitlocker On Windows 11

                                            BitLocker is only available on Windows 11 Pro. If you have Windows 11 Home, you have to use the “device encryption” feature (if available).

                                            On Windows 11, BitLocker is a security feature that allows you to use encryption on a drive to protect your data from unauthorized access to your documents, pictures, and any kind of data you may have on the computer.

                                            BitLocker is available on Windows 11 Pro, Enterprise, and Education, and while it’s not available for the Home edition, Windows 11 still provide device encryption in specific devices, such as Surface Pro 9, Laptop 5, and others.

                                            When turning on encryption on the drive, any data becomes scrambled using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm to encrypt the data in the entire drive, and no one can access it without the correct password, even if you share the file with other people.

                                            Windows 11 offers two types of encryption: “BitLocker” to encrypt and protect the operating system and fixed data drives and “BitLocker To Go” to encrypt removable drives that you can access from different devices.

                                            BitLocker requires a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip for the best experience, and since you can’t install Windows 11 on a device without TPM, it’s no longer necessary to check and configure the security feature.

                                            If you have an older version, such as Windows 10, you can turn on BitLocker with TPM or software-based encryption, but it requires extra steps for additional authentication.

                                            This guide will teach you the steps to manage BitLocker on a Windows 11 drive, fixed and data drives, and USB removable storage. If you use Windows 11 Home, use the device encryption instructions instead. (See also this video tutorial on the Pureinfotech YouTube channel with the instructions to complete this task.)

                                            Enable BitLocker encryption on Windows 11

                                            To “turn on BitLocker” on a Windows 11 drive, use these steps:

                                            Select the drive with the volume to encrypt.

                                            Select the option to backup the recovery key – For example, “Save to your Microsoft account.”

                                            Select the “Encrypt used disk space only” option.

                                            Select the “New encryption mode” option.

                                            Quick note: If you intend to encrypt a drive you will use on an older version of Windows, you should choose the Compatible mode option.

                                            (Optional) Check the “Run BitLocker system check” option.

                                            Once you complete the steps, the computer will restart to enable BitLocker. However, depending on the amount of data available on the drive, BitLocker will continue to encrypt the used space in the background.

                                            If you used the Microsoft account option to save the BitLocker recovery key, then, later on, you can find the keys in the device BitLocker recovery keys section of your account.

                                            Enable BitLocker on fixed data drive on Windows 11

                                            To turn BitLocker on a secondary drive, use these steps:

                                            Open Settings.

                                            Select the drive with the fixed data drive to encrypt.

                                            Check the “Use a password to unlock the drive” option.

                                            Create and confirm the password to unlock the BitLocker drive.

                                            Select the option to save the recovery key:

                                            Save to your Microsoft account.

                                            Save to a USB flash drive.

                                            Save to a file.

                                            Print the recovery.

                                            Select the “Encrypt used disk space only” option.

                                            Select the “New encryption mode” option.

                                            After you complete the steps, BitLocker will encrypt the entire volume on the secondary drive.

                                            Enable BitLocker To Go on USB flash drive on Windows 11

                                            To set up BitLocker To Go on a USB flash drive on Windows 11, use these steps:

                                            Open Settings.

                                            Select the USB flash drive with the volume to encrypt.

                                            Check the “Use a password to unlock the drive” option.

                                            Create and confirm the password to unlock the BitLocker drive.

                                            Select the option to save the recovery key:

                                            Save to your Microsoft account.

                                            Save to a file.

                                            Print the recovery.

                                            Select the “Encrypt used disk space only” option.

                                            Select the Compatible mode option.

                                            Once you complete the steps, the data inside the USB portable drive will be encrypted with BitLocker To Go.

                                            Disable BitLocker on Windows 11

                                            To disable BitLocker on any drive, use these steps:

                                            Open Start.

                                            Select the drive to disable BitLocker encryption.

                                            After you complete the steps, Windows 11 will begin decrypting the drive, but the process could take some time, depending on the amount of data.

                                            How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook

                                            Dark Mode has rapidly risen in popularity, transforming how we interact with our favorite apps. Featuring a darker color palette, the user interface enhances the overall visual experience and offers numerous practical benefits, such as reducing eye strain and improving battery life. Dark Mode is available for the most popular social media apps, including Facebook. This tutorial shows you how to enable Dark Mode on Facebook for mobile and desktop, as well as in the Messenger app.

                                            Good to know: thinking of saying goodbye to your Facebook account? You may want to download all your Facebook photos to your device first.

                                            How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook for Desktop

                                            Facebook’s Dark Mode is available across all desktop browsers. Users of Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Brave, Safari, etc., can follow the same steps to enable and disable this feature.

                                            Open your browser of choice on either macOS or PC.

                                            Select “Display & Accessibility.”

                                            Turn on “Dark Mode” from there.

                                            Alternatively, you can opt for the “Automatic” option, which adjusts the display based on your device’s system settings. (If you’re using a Windows PC, read more about turning dark mode on.)

                                            The new mode should go into effect immediately, turning your Facebook interface dark.

                                            Tip: worried that someone unfriended or blocked you on Facebook? End your worries and find out.

                                            How to Enable Dark Mode on Your Android or iOS Device

                                            Just as Facebook has rolled out Dark Mode across all desktop browsers, the same is true for both its Android and iOS apps. The steps are the same for both platforms, making it just as easy to enable and disable the feature on your smartphone as on your desktop browser.

                                            Open the Facebook app on your device.

                                            Tap on your profile picture in the upper-right corner if you’re on Android and bottom-right corner if on iOS.

                                            Scroll down and tap on the “Settings & privacy” menu.

                                            Look toward the bottom of the list of options that appear and press “Dark mode.”

                                            Turn on Dark Mode from there or select the “Use system settings” option. If your Android device runs Android 9 or below, you may not have the option to match the system-wide appearance.

                                            iOS users can turn Dark Mode off and on or match their system appearance.

                                            Good to know: did you know that you can change the email address attached to your Facebook account? We show you how.

                                            How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Lite

                                            Android users have Facebook Lite, the lightweight app version developed for Android devices with lower specifications. Follow the steps below to turn its Dark Mode on.

                                            Note: the Facebook Lite app is not available in certain regions.

                                            Open Facebook Lite on your device.

                                            Tap on the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner.

                                            Scroll down and toggle on Dark Mode.

                                            The new mode should take effect immediately.

                                            FYI: increase your privacy on Facebook by hiding your Friends list through the steps in this guide.

                                            How to Enable Dark Mode in Messenger for Desktop

                                            If you’re using the Messenger client for desktop on your Windows PC, you have more options regarding which shade of Dark Mode you want to be activated. Follow the steps below:

                                            Open Messenger on your PC.

                                            Select “Preferences.”

                                            You can choose “Dark,” but there are a few more options to try.

                                            You can also try “Gray” or “High Contrast (Dark)” and see which one you like the best.

                                            Tip: need to quickly delete multiple messages from Facebook Messenger? These are your options.

                                            How to Enable Dark Mode in Messenger App

                                            On mobile devices, Facebook works hand in hand with the Messenger app. If you want to enjoy a darker experience while chatting, you will have to enable the feature in this app as well by following these steps:

                                            Open Messenger on your mobile device. The steps are identical in the Android or iOS app.

                                            Tap on the hamburger menu in the upper-left corner.

                                            Tap on the gear-shaped icon in the side menu that appears.

                                            Press “Dark mode” in the “Profile” section on Android. On iOS, the option is at the top, below your name and profile picture.

                                            Turn on Dark Mode or choose the “System” option instead.

                                            The changes should be immediately visible.

                                            Tip: create a poll on Facebook to learn people’s opinions on topics of interest.

                                            Frequently Asked Questions Does Dark Mode really impact battery life?

                                            The answer to this is yes – but likely not as much as you think, and it needs to be more than just Facebook that you use for Dark Mode. Ultimately, if you use Dark Mode across everything on your device, Facebook included, you may see a 10% increase in overall battery life. Of course, that depends on various factors, including overall screen brightness and the other functions you perform on your phone or laptop.

                                            Do I need to use Dark Mode?

                                            This is a question that’s entirely up to you as the user. Dark Mode is thought to be a little easier on the eyes, especially at night. For many people, reading a bright screen, especially later in the evening, could break their circadian rhythm. Dark Mode won’t go as far as helping you fall asleep faster, but it does reduce some of the eye strain that occurs.

                                            Is it possible to enable Dark Mode only after a certain hour?

                                            You can schedule Dark Mode (system-wide) to take effect on your device after a particular hour (for example, at sunset). If you’re an Android user, we have a tutorial that shows how to schedule Dark Mode to take effect at sundown. If you’re using a Windows PC, try AutoDarkMode, an open-source program that allows you to schedule dark mode at custom hours. If you want to make sure your Facebook app switches to dark mode as well, opt for the “System” option under “Dark mode” so that the app can mirror the system preferences.

                                            Image credit: Freepik. All screenshots by Alexandra Arici.

                                            Alexandra Arici

                                            Alexandra is passionate about mobile tech and can be often found fiddling with a smartphone from some obscure company. She kick-started her career in tech journalism in 2013, after working a few years as a middle-school teacher. Constantly driven by curiosity, Alexandra likes to know how things work and to share that knowledge with everyone.

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                                            Roblox Account Hacked? How To Get Back A Hacked Roblox Account

                                            Can’t log in to your Roblox account? Seeing suspicious activity that you didn’t commit? Well, chances are that your Roblox account might be hacked. While this feels like a major nightmare for most players, with timely actions, you can get back your account in no time. In most cases, it is as easy as resetting your Netflix password but can be more troublesome for others. So, with no time to waste, let’s figure out how to get back a hacked Roblox account!

                                            Regain Access to Hacked Roblox Account (2023)

                                            We will first go over the indications of a hacked Roblox account, followed by the recovery process. Use the table below to skip to account recovery steps if you are short on time.

                                            What Happens If Your Account Is Hacked in Roblox?

                                            When your Roblox account is hacked, you lose access to it and someone else can then use your account to act as you in game experiences, message your friends, and even spend your Robux. Here are a few indications that might confirm your account is hacked:

                                            Your Robux are missing even when you didn’t use them.

                                            There are Roblox experiences in your history that you didn’t play.

                                            Your friends have seen you active on Roblox games even while you were not playing.

                                            You receive a suspicious email regarding account changes or password recovery that you didn’t trigger.

                                            You are unable to login into your account even with the correct email and password.

                                            How to Get Back a Hacked Roblox Account

                                            There are several ways to gain access to a hacked Roblox account. You can use the manual recovery options to log back in or even get professional help from customer support. Let’s explore how to go about it.

                                            Change Your Password

                                            1. Go to Roblox’s official website (here) and log in with your existing password.

                                            Reset Your Roblox Password

                                            While this isn’t true for every case, more often than not, hackers change the passwords of Roblox accounts to revoke access to the original user. In that case, you have to reset your account password to gain access to a hacked Roblox account:

                                            3. If you have an email attached to your Roblox, you can use the email address or username to find your Roblox account. Choose the method that suits you.

                                            6. Then, enter your phone number and country code to receive the PIN for resetting your Roblox account password.

                                            If you don’t have a phone number or email attached to your account, there is no way to reset your password manually. In that case, it’s best to contact Roblox customer support before the situation escalates. The support team has the best chance of recovering your hacked Roblox account. So, here’s how to contact Roblox customer support:

                                            1. First, go to Roblox’s official support page (here).

                                            You will immediately receive a confirmation email about the submission. Now, you must wait until the support team gets back to you.

                                            Account Restores Eligibility

                                            While contacting customer support is the best option to gain access to your account, not every account is recoverable. As per the official guidelines, the customer support team will first check how many protection measures were in place to protect your account before it got hacked. It’s best to enable features like two-step verification to keep your Roblox account safe (keep reading to find out how).

                                            Furthermore, the support team can only help you if you inform them about your hacked account at the earliest. While you officially get 30 days to report a hacked account, we suggest you do it within the first 48 hours if possible. The support team will take some time to analyze the situation and the hacker can continue using your account for vicious purposes during that time.

                                            Roblox Phishing Scams

                                            As most of the time, Robux deals, “free Robux generators”, and free item links are phishing scams, it’s best to avoid them. Otherwise, there will be no one to help you recover your account. Though, to protect the community, you can still report other players who are trying to sell or make such deals.

                                            Someone Else Added a PIN to My Roblox Account. How to Change It?

                                            A PIN is a numerical passcode that acts as an additional security measure over your Roblox account. It ensures only you can access an account even if you are playing games on someone else’s computer. Ironically, this feature is also popular among hackers, who instead of changing your password, add a PIN to your account, thus, preventing you from access to your own account.

                                            If you find that a PIN has been added to your Roblox account without your knowledge, your only option is to contact the customer support team. Even if you manually reset the password or change your email, there is no way to remove or recover the PIN.

                                            Secure Your Roblox Account with 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

                                            Once you get your account back or if you end you creating a new Roblox account, it’s quite important to secure it. Unless you take action, hackers can easily find their way back into your hacked Roblox account. So, let’s turn on various security measures for your account:

                                            2. Next, go to your account settings on a web browser and use the “Add Phone” and “Add Email” options. You will have to verify both of them. While hackers might get access to your email, your phone number can act as an easy mode to recover the account.

                                            3. Then, move to the “Security” section in the left sidebar.

                                            4. Within the security settings, toggle “on” any or all three “2-step verification” methods. If your device has a facial or fingerprint scanner, we suggest you enable the last option as well.

                                            5. Then, scroll down within the same page and use the “Sign Out” option. It will force Roblox to sign your account out on all devices that are using it.

                                            Frequently Asked Questions

                                            How to recover a Roblox account without an email or phone number

                                            If you don’t have any email or phone number attached to your account then the “password recovery option” won’t work. In that case, you have to contact the support team and share your username to initiate account recovery.

                                            Why did I get logged out of my Roblox account and can’t get back in?

                                            Players can’t log in to the account while the Roblox server is down. You can check the server status on their official site (here). However, if everything is functional, chances are that your Roblox account might be hacked.

                                            If your Roblox account is hacked, you won’t be able to use your username and password to login in. In that case, you can use the “password recovery option” to get it back.

                                            Recover Your Hacked Roblox Account

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