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Getting a Blue screen of death is undesirable, but sometimes you can’t help it!

BSODs are common, and Windows and Critical Process died as one of them. You can get this error on Windows 10 and 11.

If you are greeted with such an annoying blue screen critical process died Windows 11 error, go through this write-up to know the exact solutions to fix it.

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If a Windows component detects that the data has been modified incorrectly, it shows such an error.

You may get the error while gaming, opening a particular app, waking the PC from sleep, or logging into your device.

Now here I will discuss the solutions to fix this stop code critical process died Windows 11 error. So, keep reading!

Follow these methods explained in this article and perform the steps accordingly to fix Windows 11 Critical Process Died error.

When you get a critical process died Blue screen of death error, run a Startup Repair first.

A Startup Repair scans and repairs the files that are needed o boot your operating system.

Here is how to perform a Startup Repair on Windows 11:

Use a bootable device to boot into your PC. When Windows Logo appears on the computer screen, select Repair your Computer.

This will lead you to the Advanced Startup Recovery menu.

From here, select Troubleshoot.

Now the repair process will be initiated. Once done repairing, restart your PC.

If you see the BSOD error again, enter Safe Mode and perform the rest of the solutions to fix the issue.

When you cannot boot into Windows normally, enter Safe Mode.

Safe Mode boots into Windows with minimal functionalities and specifically detects the root cause of the problem.

Here is how to enter Safe Mode:

Now press the F5 key to enter Safe Mode with the networking option.

Once Windows boot into Safe Mode, perform the next solutions.

The programs & services running in the background interfere with your system and cause such BSOD errors.

So, perform a clean boot to disable those unnecessary running services.

Here are the steps to do that:

Press Windows + R keys to launch the Run utility. Enter msconfig in the Run command box and hit Enter.

The System Configuration Window will open now. Select the Services tab & check the box right beside Hide all Microsoft Services.

After finishing the process, restart your PC. If you get the error, perform a system restore.

If you have an already created System Restore Point before getting the BSOD error, then revert to it.

If you do not have such a system restore point, then skip this step and go to the next solution.

Here are the steps for a system restoration:

Type Control Panel in the Windows search menu & choose the top option.

Select the Recovery option as shown below.

If your system doesn’t have a restore point before this issue, reinstall the faulty drivers.

Due to outdated device drivers, you can get BSOD errors. So, update the outdated device drivers and see if this can fix the issue.

Here is how to update the device drivers:

Expand the device drivers and check if there is any yellow exclamation mark beside any device driver.

This yellow exclamation mark indicates that the device driver is outdated.

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish updating the driver. Repeat the process till you update all the outdated device drivers.

Once the drivers are updated, restart your PC and see if this could fix the BSOD error.

If the error again appears on the screen, reinstall the device drivers.

You may also get a “Windows critical process died” BSOD error due to corrupted system files.

So run an SFC or System File Checker scan to check the missing & corrupted System files and fix them.

If, after the SFC scan, you get the same error, then run a DISM scan.

Sometimes the Windows image can get corrupted due to a virus or bad update and cause such BSOD errors.

DISM or the Deployment Image Servicing & Management tool, can repair the Windows image and fix the issue.

So run the SFC and DISM scans and check if this can fix the BSOD error.

If, after running the SFC and DISM scans, you are still getting the same Critical Process Died error, run a virus scan.

We often insert a USB device or external hard drive into our PC. This may contain a harmful virus and affect our system.

If any virus or malware is responsible for causing the BSOD error, it will get fixed by running the virus scan.

So, run the antivirus software you are using, and this can fix the problem.

If the above methods could not fix the BSOD error, you can also run a CHKDSK scan to fix the BSOD error. To run the CHKDSK scan, follow the steps given below:

Copy & paste this command in the elevated Command Prompt window & hit Enter:

chkdsk C: /f /r /x

In the above command, ‘C’ stands for your drive letter, so replace it accordingly.

Here are some questions asked by the Windows users who encountered the Critical process died BSOD error.

Will reinstalling Windows fix critical process died BSOD errors?

As Windows is not the problem, so, reinstalling Windows might not be able to fix the critical process died error.

This BSOD error can happen soon after installing a new program or hardware.

    Does Blue Screen of Death fix itself?

    No, the Blue Screen of Death cannot be fixed by itself. This happens mostly due to improper installation of hardware, software or due to corrupted device drivers.

      Can overheating cause a Blue screen of death?

      Yes, overheating can cause BSOD errors. You should check the GPU and CPU temperature from time to time to monitor your system.

      Send us feedback if the above article has helped you to fix the BSOD critical service failed error.

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      How To Fix Mail App Error 0X800C0004 On Windows 11.

      If you are using the Mail app on Windows 11 as your primary email client but can’t add a new email account because you keep getting error 0x800c0004. This article will show you several easy steps you can take to solve the problem and get the mail app working on Windows 11 again.

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      The mail app on Windows 11 is probably the best-preinstalled app on the operating system. It’s easy to use, has all the features you really need from an email client and has it all organised in a simplistic layout. It’s also one of the most reliable apps on the operating system, rarely having any issues that prevent you from getting things done. That said, it isn’t completely immune to problems and does occasionally, get hung up.

      Error 0x800c0004 is probably the most common Mail App error on Windows 11 and usually prevents users from adding new email accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, etc. However, it can also sometimes prevent the Mail app from syncing. Thankfully, there are quite a few easy troubleshooting steps available that you can use to solve the problem. So follow along as we guide you through them.

      How do you fix Windows Mail app error 0x800c0004?

      More often than not, the quickest and easiest way to solve this problem is to Repair or Reset the Mail and Calendar app (they are linked) If you haven’t done this before following the steps below.

      Resetting the Microsoft Store will revert the Microsoft Store back to a clean installation and remove any problems. This will wipe everything so be aware of that. You’ll need to re-add your accounts, etc.

      Repairing the Microsoft Store will attempt to fix whatever problems there might be within the Store. But your data won’t be affected.

      I recommend using the Repair option first, then checking to see if the problem has been solved. If you still get the same error message, use the Reset option. To run either of these tools do the following:

      Press the Windows Key + I to open Settings.

      If Repair doesn’t work repeat the steps and choose Reset.

      If neither of these options has worked, move on to the next suggestion.

      Check for corrupted system files using SFC and DISM commands to fix Windows Mail app error 0x800c0004.

      Running the SFC and DISM tools will allow you to find and fix any system corruptions, which has a good track record of fixing Mail app error 0x800c0004. To run the SFC tool do the following.

      When you have Command Prompt open type the following command into Command Prompt and press Enter.

      sfc /scannow

      This scan may take a fair bit of time to complete so be patient. If it fails you should try running it again in Safe Mode. Restart your computer in Safe Mode then repeat the steps and wait.

      If the SFC tool returned an error message, open Command Prompt as Administrator, then enter the following commands in order to run the DISM tool.

      DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

      DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

      DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

      After a system Restart, everything should be back in working order.

      Clear Microsoft Store Cache to fix Mail app error 0x800c0004.

      The final solution is to clear the Microsoft Store cache. Just open the Start menu and search chúng tôi . When it appears open it. It will run through a short process and clear the cache. After it has finished, Restart your computer and you should be able to add the new account to the Mail app without any problems.

      How To Fix Steam Error Code 53 On Windows 11.

      If you play a lot of games using Steam on your Windows 11 PC and have recently started seeing Steam error 53. “The Steam servers are too busy to handle your request for {game name}. Error Code (53)”. This article will show several different things you can do to make sure the issue isn’t a local one.

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      Most of the time Steam is an easy to use trouble-free gaming service, I’ve been using it for years and rarely encounter issues with the platform itself. More often than not, all the issues I encounter are game-based and completely separate from Steam. That said, Steam does have quite the assortment of error messages that it can and will pop up from time to time. You can check out all of our steam guides here.

      How do you fix “The Steam servers are too busy to handle your request for [game name] Error Code (53)”

      If Steam is up and running without any issues (99.9% of the time it is) you can check some of the quick solutions.

      Restart Steam.

      Start your computer.

      Restart your modem/router.

      Try launching the game without your antivirus turned off.

      Disable any Proxies or VPNs you might be using.

      Download the latest AMD Chipset updates (if you are using an AMD CPU/GPU)

      If you happen to be using an AMD build you should update your chipset software to the latest version, you should also take the time to make sure you are running the latest BIOS version as well. To do this simply visit the AMD support page and download the software that matches your system or just use the autodetection tool to get the job done. Once all of your drivers and BIOS are up to date you shouldn’t have any more issues. Interestingly this solution will also help with Windows 11 Insider build error APC_INDEX_MISMATCH (Green screen of death) problems.

      Try manually changing the download region to fix Steam Error 53.

      Although this isn’t the most likely of fixes, you can try manually changing your Steam download region.

      Finally, Restart Steam and you’ll hopefully be able to play your game without error 53.

      Make an exception for Steam and your games in your Firewall program.

      If you are using a third-party firewall like ZoneAlarm, rather than the Windows built-in one, you may have to manually add the game you are trying to play to the exception list. How you do this will depend on the program you are using. However, if you are using the Windows firewall and want to check if there is an exception you’ll need to do the following.

      To do this open the Start menu and search Firewall. When Firewall & Network Protection appears open it.

      How To Fix Icloud Error 2343 In Windows 10/11

      How to fix iCloud error 2343 in Windows 10/11




      Are you looking for some efficient solutions when getting the iCloud error 2343 in Windows 10?

      You may update iCloud or tweak the registry. Refer to the below solutions in that regard.

      Another confirmed tip involves uninstalling Office. In such a case, you can always use one of these great software uninstallers.

      Bookmark our Web Cloud Storage Hub for further reference on the best cloud services.

      Access your data without facing any errors or losses

      End-to-end encryption of your files and backups

      Share your files with non-Sync users

      iCloud is one of the most used cloud services worldwide, solely because of the fact that there are a lot of iOS users.

      Don’t get us wrong, iCloud is a great cloud service, but it’s known for issues with the Windows desktop client.

      One of the most common errors that occur with iCloud in Windows 10 goes by the code 2343. Basically, it prompts you that you’re unable to either uninstall the iCloud desktop app or update it.

      For that purpose, we provided you with some of the workarounds that should help you resolve this error. So, if you’ve experienced exact or similar issues, make sure to check the steps below.

      How can I resolve iCloud error 2343 in Windows 10? 1. Give a try to Zoolz

      When having to deal with the iCloud error 2343 and similar issues, chances are your initial choice sounds less and less inspired.

      Assuming you’re not afraid to try out an error-free alternative, Zoolz is our top recommendation for you. Besides offering a smooth user experience, this time we talk about 256-AES military-grade encryption.

      All your precious photos, videos, and files are backed up on Amazon AWS servers, not to mention that it supports Windows and Mac OS and that it is inexpensive. Therefore, it won’t empty your bank account.


      $19.95/year Visit website There are some reports that problems with the iCloud Windows client are gone after an update. So, make sure that you’re running the latest version on your PC before the uninstall.

      After updating the desktop client, it should be easier to uninstall it later on. A bit strange occurrence, but, hey, that’s what software issues sometimes look like.

      3. Uninstall Office

      Navigate to Office and uninstall it.

      Restart your PC.

      Now, repeat steps and uninstall iCloud if you’re up to uninstall it.

      Some users managed to resolve iCloud install/uninstall issues followed by the error code 2343 by uninstalling Office.

      As you already know, iCloud can be connected to Outlook to cover some reminders and similar protocols. However, apparently, Outlook 2024, part of the Microsoft Office 2024 pack isn’t supported.

      And the extension that connects two programs is the exact reason for a stall. So, you’ll need to make some choices. Either you want to retain Office or fix the iCloud issue with updates/uninstalling.

      Hard choice to make, but, if you choose to resolve issues with the iCloud Windows client, it may be worth a shot. Additionally, you can use other Microsoft Office edition later on.

      Or, in the worst-case scenario, if the problem is persistent, you can always reinstall Office 2024 and try an alternative approach.

      If the update was a problem in the first place, you should be able to update iCloud now.

      You can’t open Control Panel? Take a look at this step-by-step guide to find a solution.

      4. Tweak the registry

      In the command line, type the following command and press Enter: reg add "HKLMSoftwareApple Inc.Internet Services" /v MapiSvcDir /reg:32 /t REG_SZ/d%SYSTEMROOT% 

      Restart your PC and uninstall iCloud.

      More than a few users declared a certain registry tweak as a valid solution for this problem.

      That troubled users resolved this problem by creating a registry edit again.

      Still experiencing issues?

      Was this page helpful?


      Start a conversation

      Fix Error Saving Wireless Profile Message On Windows 11/10

      While viewing the internet connection properties, some users received the “Error saving wireless profile” message. The same error message can also occur while setting up a new or deleting the existing network profile on Windows 11/10. If you see this error message, this guide will show you how to deal with this problem.

      The complete error message is:

      Error saving wireless profile – Windows has encountered an error saving the wireless profile. Specific error: The system cannot find the file specified.

      What is a WiFi profile name?

      A wireless network profile or WiFi profile contains information, like SSID, password, etc. Your computer uses this information to connect to the internet. SSID (Service Set IDentifier) is the name of a network. When you open WiFi on your computer or smartphone, the list of networks that you see is SSIDs.

      How do I add a profile to my WiFi?

      Windows 11/10 allows users to create new WiFi network profiles. You can do this by using the Settings app or the Control Panel. While setting up a new network profile, you have to enter the network name, security type, and security key. As explained earlier, some users receive the “Error saving wireless profile” message while creating a new network profile. If the same thing happens to you, you can use the solutions provided in this post.

      Fix Error saving wireless profile message on Windows 11/10

      If while creating a new network profile or deleting the existing one, or viewing the properties of your network connection, you see the “Error saving wireless profile” error message, use the fixes written below.

      Install the latest Windows Update

      Repair corrupted system files

      Run antimalware and antivirus scans

      Troubleshoot in a Clean Boot state

      Uninstall and reinstall your network driver

      Reset your WiFi network

      Below, we have explained all these fixes in detail.

      1] Install the latest Windows Update

      You may experience issues like this on your Windows computer if you have an outdated version of Windows 11/10. Hence, make sure that you have the latest version of Windows 11/10. Open Windows 11/10 Settings and go to the Windows Update page to check for updates manually. If an update is available, install it.

      2] Repair corrupted system files

      Another possible cause of this error is the corrupted system files. Windows 11/10 operating system has built-in tools to repair corrupted system files. You can use the System File Checker and DISM tools to repair your system files. After the process is completed, check if the issue persists.

      3] Run antimalware and antivirus scans

      If everything sounds fine like you have the latest version of Windows 11/10, your system files are not corrupted or you have repaired your system files, but the error message still appears in internet connection properties, your system might have been infected. You should run an antimalware scan and antivirus scan.

      Windows Defender is a good antivirus developed by Microsoft. If you want, you can also use free antivirus software or free standalone on-demand antivirus software to scan your system.

      4] Troubleshoot in a Clean Boot state

      The error might have been triggered due to a conflicting third-party startup app or third-party Service. To check whether or not this is the case with you, troubleshoot in a Clean Boot state. Start your computer in Clean Boot and see if Windows displays the same error message while creating a new WiFi profile, deleting the existing WiFi profile, or viewing the internet connection properties.

      If the issue does not occur in the Clean Boot state, your next step is to find the conflicting third-party startup app or Service. To do so, enable all the disabled startup apps and restart your computer. Now, see if the problem persists. If yes, start disabling the apps one by one and restart your computer every time you disable one startup app. This will help you identify the problematic startup app. Follow the same procedure to identify the conflicting third-party Service. Once you find the problematic Service, disable it permanently by using the Services app.

      Some affected users found the SafetyNutManager process causing the problem.

      5] Uninstall and reinstall your network driver

      You can also try reinstalling your network driver and see if it helps. The steps are as follows:

      Open the Device Manager.

      Expand the Network adapters branch.

      Restart your computer.

      On the restart, Windows will look for missing drivers and install them.

      6] Reset your WiFi network

      We also suggest you reset your WiFi network. This action will reset the networking components to default and reinstall the network adapters. A network reset on Windows 11/10 is useful if you are experiencing issues with your internet connection.

      I hope this helps.

      Fix 0X81F40001 Microsoft Visual C++ Error On Windows 11/10

      The Microsoft Visual C++ error 0x81f40001 may occur for some Windows users when installing Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package on Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer. This post provides the most adequate solutions affected PC users can apply to fix the error on their system.

      When you encounter this issue, you’ll receive the following full error message;

      Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (x64) Setup Failed, Error 0x81f40001

      One or more issues caused the setup to fail. Please fix the issues and then retry setup. For more information see the log file.

      Microsoft Visual C++ error 0x81f40001

      If the Error 0x81f40001 has occurred on your Windows 11/10 device when installing Microsoft Visual C++, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the issue on your system.

      Run Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter

      Check system architecture

      Run Installer in Compatibility Mode

      Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

      Before you try the solutions below, check for updates and install any available pending bits on your Windows 11/10 device and see if the error reappears when you try the Visual C++ install operation again.

      1] Run Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter

      The Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter fixes corrupted registry keys and is designed to help PC users automatically repair issues related to installing or removing programs on Windows 11/10 system.

      This solution requires you to run the Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter from Microsoft and see if that helps to fix the Microsoft Visual C++ setup Error 0x81f40001 that has occurred on your device.

      2] Check system architecture

      Most affected users that encountered this error on their Windows 11/10 system were trying to run the Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x64) installer on a 32-bit system. In this case, to resolve the issue at hand, you need to check system architecture, and then download and run the appropriate package installer for your system.

      3] Run Installer in Compatibility Mode

      Even though it’s stated on the installer error prompt that the redistributable package in question can only be installed on Windows XP SP1 (x64) and newer platforms, it’s possible that for some reason the Windows 11/10 system is detecting the installer as old program, and as such creating a conflict. In this case, you can Clean Boot your system, and then, in that state, run the package installer in Compatibility Mode and see if the error is fixed.

      To run the package installer in Compatibility Mode on your PC, do the following:

      Open File Explorer.

      Choose Properties.

      Navigate to the Compatibility tab.

      Now, check the Run this program in compatibility mode for option.

      Choose Windows 7 or 8 from the drop-down menu.

      Check the Run this program as an administrator option.

      Now, check if the issue is resolved. If not, you can run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter and see if that resolves the issue.

      Hope this helps!

      How do I fix Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable?

      If you’re experiencing Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package issue on your Windows 11/10 computer, you can try the following simple and basic fix:

      Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings app.

      Now, scroll down on the Apps & features right pane.

      Select Modify.

      Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the repair operation.

      Do I need all Visual C++ redistributable?

      For a fact, you do need all Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable – these are the standard distributable package of shared code that ships with the Windows operating system and enables apps to run properly on your PC. Deleting or removing any Visual C++ redistributable can make some applications stop working as those applications would be using it.

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