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You can create a virtual WhatsApp account using a fake, or temporary phone number. Such accounts have numerous uses, including separating your personal and professional life.

A fake WhatsApp account means you can hide your identity. It offers a practical alternative to using your official number, which could have personal and professional implications. You might also use a fake account to play funny pranks on your family and friends.

Here are the steps to create a fake number for WhatsApp. However, you should only follow said methods if you use the account for legal purposes.

Method 1: Using Virtual Phone Number Applications

Obtaining a virtual phone number can help you create fake WhatsApp accounts. That is because the fake phone number allows you to receive the six-digit verification code from WhatsApp that will enable you to verify your fake WhatsApp number and account.

You can opt for a temporary number from your service provider, as some companies permit it. Some also provide a free virtual phone number, while others offer it on a trial basis, after which you must pay to retain it.

Using Virtual Phone Numbers on Hushed

Top Pick



Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local and International

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: USA, Canada & UK

Free Trial: Life Time Validity for $25

Visit Hushed

You can get a temporary phone number using Hushed by following the steps below:

Step 1) Visit the Hushed Website

You should visit the Hushed website or download their app from the iOS or Google Play Stores.

Step 2) Sign Up to your Account

Sign up for the service by providing an email address and a password or sign in if you have an account.

Step 3) Choose a Plan

Select a payment plan that suits you from the three offered by Hushed. They offer a Lifetime number for just $25 that comes bundled with 6000 SMS and 1000 call minutes

Step 4) Select a Virtual Number

After getting a plan, select a temporary number from the options available in your area code, then proceed to use it to create a fake WhatsApp account.

Step 5) Set Up Your WhatsApp Account

Set up your fake WhatsApp account using the free virtual number. You will receive the verification code by accessing your Hushed account on the app or PC. Input the code in the WhatsApp application and complete your account creation process.

Using Virtual Phone Numbers on Burner

Burner entails a mobile application that allows users in the US and Canada to create temporary phone numbers they can dispose of after use. The application is popular among users because of its easy-to-use interface and straightforward settings. Burner is compatible with both iOS and Android, meaning anyone with a smartphone can use the app to generate a fake number.

Here, are the steps for using the Burner App.

Step 1) Install the Burner App

The first step should be to install the Burner App from your smartphone’s app store (it may vary depending on the phone you are using). The app should launch immediately, so long as it is compatible with your phone.

Step 2) Choose a Number

Tap the “Choose Your Number” button, then indicate your area code of choice, after which you can select any number from the service’s list.

Step 3) Select Your Desire Plan

Select a monthly or a yearly plan, then fill in your account information, including credit card details, to facilitate payment. However, Burner offers a free trial to new users.

Note: You will have to go back to your Burner account on your PC or phone app to see the verification code sent by WhatsApp via SMS.

Method 2: Swapping Your SIM Card Temporarily

You can also create fake WhatsApp accounts using a different phone number. For that, you need to buy a prepaid SIM card and temporarily swap your SIM card.

You can purchase a SIM card from any major retailer that sells consumer electronics, like Best Buy. Alternatively, you can go to your mobile service provider, like AT&T or Verizon, and purchase the SIM card.

After buying the SIM card, do not forget to purchase a data plan to access online content. You should opt for the cheapest plan available as you will likely not use the secondary phone number for most of your communication needs. You should get a plan that will adequately suit your needs to avoid the wastage of your resources.

If you have a primary and secondary SIM card you have several benefits like:

You can separate your private life from your professional life.

You can use one SIM card for private communication with your friends and relatives.

You may then dedicate the second line for your business and professional endeavors, such as communications with clients, suppliers, and colleagues.

Using a secondary SIM card for your online activities also guarantees privacy because those with your primary phone number will not know online accounts opened using your second phone number.

Method 3: Subscribing to an eSIM Provider for a New Number

If you want to avoid buying a burner phone or a secondary SIM card to swap with a primary one, an eSIM provides the perfect solution. An eSIM is a software installed on a phone in place of the physical sim card. It is installed in a chip that comes while permanently attached to your smartphone.

An eSIM allows you to have two phone numbers on the same physical device. Consequently, you can use one phone number to create a second WhatsApp account.

One benefit of an eSIM compared to physical SIM cards is that it is rewritable. That means you do not have to stick to one mobile service provider. You can switch from one to another depending on your preferences. However, before considering subscribing to an eSIM provider, ensure your phone and your mobile service provider support eSIM services. Numero eSIM is a popular eSIM provider.

Method 4: Using a Messenger that Doesn’t Need Your Personal Phone Number

Suppose you do not want your phone number attached to a messenger. Consider using one that does not need your personal information during account creation. WhatsApp collects significant amounts of personal data from its clients, like their phone numbers, location, and device IDs, which they share with third parties and government agencies.

Messengers that preserve users’ privacy by collecting minimal data about their clients include Signal, Briar, Session, and Jami. These apps offer end-to-end encryption that ensures user data is only accessible and visible to those who generate it. On the other hand, Briar offers peer-to-peer encrypted messaging, meaning data gets stored in your phone as opposed to the cloud.

Method 5: Linking WhatsApp with a Landline Number

Many believe you must have a mobile phone number to access WhatsApp; it is far from the truth. You can open a WhatsApp account using a landline number. Follow the steps below to verify a WhatsApp account.

Step 1) Open WhatsApp

Open the WhatsApp application using your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer (PC).

Step 2) Fill in Your Landline Number

When asked by the app to input a phone number, choose your country of residence, then enter your landline number.

Step 3) Let the SMS Verification Fail

After entering your landline number, the app will require you to fill in the verification code sent via SMS. Do not attempt to key in the verification code.

In approximately five minutes, the time to enter the verification code will lapse, and the app will provide a “Call Me” option. Tap the “Call Me” option to receive a call from WhatsApp.

Step 4) Enter the Verification Code

Usually, you will almost immediately receive an automated call from WhatsApp. During the call, you will hear an automated voice repeat six digits several times. Those digits are your verification code. You should note them down and then enter the code on the WhatsApp application.

Step 5) Finish Setting Up

After your WhatsApp account gets verified, you can finish the setup process, which involves choosing a name, writing a bio, and selecting a profile picture. Then proceed to interact with your contacts on the app.

Method 6: Purchasing a Burner Phone

A burner phone is a prepaid cell phone which you can discard anytime, making it ideal for short-term use. However, it would help if you did not get burner phones with the intention of committing illegal activities, as law enforcement can still track burner phones.

You can use burner phones to keep your online activities private and separate from your personal life. Every burner phone comes with a dedicated burner phone number. Therefore, you can use the burner phone number to create a WhatsApp account on your primary cell phone.

When WhatsApp sends the verification code to the burner phone, input the code to your primary cell phone and finish setting up the WhatsApp account. You can get a Burner Phone on Amazon.

How to Change Your WhatsApp Number Without Verification

Changing your WhatsApp number without verification is similar to creating a fake WhatsApp account. It is achievable through using a temporary phone number.

Here, are step to Change your WhatsApp Number without Verification:

Step 1) Get a Virtual Phone Number App

Install a virtual phone number app like Hushed or Burner and follow the steps outlined above to get a virtual phone number

Step 2) Open WhatsApp Settings

Open the WhatsApp application and go to Settings and select Account in the Settings menu. Under Account, tap Change Number.

Step 3) Enter the Phone Numbers

Agree to the app’s terms and conditions for changing phone numbers, then input the number you initially used to register your WhatsApp account and the new phone number.

Step 4) Input the Verification Code

WhatsApp will send a verification to the new phone number; however, avoid the SMS verification and wait for the option to receive a call and select it. Open the virtual phone number app to receive the call and note the verification code you receive. Input the code to change your number and proceed to enjoy WhatsApp services.


No, it is not illegal to create a fake WhatsApp account. Most of the apps that offer virtual phone numbers are available on Google Play Store and from the Apple App Store, meaning they are verified. However, it is illegal to use your fake WhatsApp account to commit fraud, send spam, or engage in identity theft.

A WhatsApp account could be fake if they claim to be a family member or friend but are not on your contact list. A phony account often has a country code that does not match where the user lives or belongs to someone whose voice you do not recognize when you call them on a private line.

Here, is some major drawbacks:

Many virtual number providers require payment for you to continue using your virtual number, meaning you run the risk of losing the number when you stop paying for it.

You might have difficulty creating a WhatsApp account with a virtual number if someone else used it to create an account.

You may face issues with payment modes should your virtual number provider disclose your private information to unauthorized third parties.

It is likely that you may lose your WhatsApp data stored in chats and backups if you discard your number and it gets assigned to someone else.

Yes, WhatsApp can disable such accounts, primarily if you use it to send spam messages to numerous contacts. Your WhatsApp may also be disabled if you use it to get personal information from other WhatsApp users. Last, WhatsApp may prompt you to provide OTP codes multiple times, without which they may disable your account.

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Roblox Account Hacked? How To Get Back A Hacked Roblox Account

Can’t log in to your Roblox account? Seeing suspicious activity that you didn’t commit? Well, chances are that your Roblox account might be hacked. While this feels like a major nightmare for most players, with timely actions, you can get back your account in no time. In most cases, it is as easy as resetting your Netflix password but can be more troublesome for others. So, with no time to waste, let’s figure out how to get back a hacked Roblox account!

Regain Access to Hacked Roblox Account (2023)

We will first go over the indications of a hacked Roblox account, followed by the recovery process. Use the table below to skip to account recovery steps if you are short on time.

What Happens If Your Account Is Hacked in Roblox?

When your Roblox account is hacked, you lose access to it and someone else can then use your account to act as you in game experiences, message your friends, and even spend your Robux. Here are a few indications that might confirm your account is hacked:

Your Robux are missing even when you didn’t use them.

There are Roblox experiences in your history that you didn’t play.

Your friends have seen you active on Roblox games even while you were not playing.

You receive a suspicious email regarding account changes or password recovery that you didn’t trigger.

You are unable to login into your account even with the correct email and password.

How to Get Back a Hacked Roblox Account

There are several ways to gain access to a hacked Roblox account. You can use the manual recovery options to log back in or even get professional help from customer support. Let’s explore how to go about it.

Change Your Password

1. Go to Roblox’s official website (here) and log in with your existing password.

Reset Your Roblox Password

While this isn’t true for every case, more often than not, hackers change the passwords of Roblox accounts to revoke access to the original user. In that case, you have to reset your account password to gain access to a hacked Roblox account:

3. If you have an email attached to your Roblox, you can use the email address or username to find your Roblox account. Choose the method that suits you.

6. Then, enter your phone number and country code to receive the PIN for resetting your Roblox account password.

If you don’t have a phone number or email attached to your account, there is no way to reset your password manually. In that case, it’s best to contact Roblox customer support before the situation escalates. The support team has the best chance of recovering your hacked Roblox account. So, here’s how to contact Roblox customer support:

1. First, go to Roblox’s official support page (here).

You will immediately receive a confirmation email about the submission. Now, you must wait until the support team gets back to you.

Account Restores Eligibility

While contacting customer support is the best option to gain access to your account, not every account is recoverable. As per the official guidelines, the customer support team will first check how many protection measures were in place to protect your account before it got hacked. It’s best to enable features like two-step verification to keep your Roblox account safe (keep reading to find out how).

Furthermore, the support team can only help you if you inform them about your hacked account at the earliest. While you officially get 30 days to report a hacked account, we suggest you do it within the first 48 hours if possible. The support team will take some time to analyze the situation and the hacker can continue using your account for vicious purposes during that time.

Roblox Phishing Scams

As most of the time, Robux deals, “free Robux generators”, and free item links are phishing scams, it’s best to avoid them. Otherwise, there will be no one to help you recover your account. Though, to protect the community, you can still report other players who are trying to sell or make such deals.

Someone Else Added a PIN to My Roblox Account. How to Change It?

A PIN is a numerical passcode that acts as an additional security measure over your Roblox account. It ensures only you can access an account even if you are playing games on someone else’s computer. Ironically, this feature is also popular among hackers, who instead of changing your password, add a PIN to your account, thus, preventing you from access to your own account.

If you find that a PIN has been added to your Roblox account without your knowledge, your only option is to contact the customer support team. Even if you manually reset the password or change your email, there is no way to remove or recover the PIN.

Secure Your Roblox Account with 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

Once you get your account back or if you end you creating a new Roblox account, it’s quite important to secure it. Unless you take action, hackers can easily find their way back into your hacked Roblox account. So, let’s turn on various security measures for your account:

2. Next, go to your account settings on a web browser and use the “Add Phone” and “Add Email” options. You will have to verify both of them. While hackers might get access to your email, your phone number can act as an easy mode to recover the account.

3. Then, move to the “Security” section in the left sidebar.

4. Within the security settings, toggle “on” any or all three “2-step verification” methods. If your device has a facial or fingerprint scanner, we suggest you enable the last option as well.

5. Then, scroll down within the same page and use the “Sign Out” option. It will force Roblox to sign your account out on all devices that are using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to recover a Roblox account without an email or phone number

If you don’t have any email or phone number attached to your account then the “password recovery option” won’t work. In that case, you have to contact the support team and share your username to initiate account recovery.

Why did I get logged out of my Roblox account and can’t get back in?

Players can’t log in to the account while the Roblox server is down. You can check the server status on their official site (here). However, if everything is functional, chances are that your Roblox account might be hacked.

If your Roblox account is hacked, you won’t be able to use your username and password to login in. In that case, you can use the “password recovery option” to get it back.

Recover Your Hacked Roblox Account

International Bank Account Number (Iban)

International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

A system of identification for bank accounts around the world

Written by

CFI Team

Published December 12, 2023

Updated June 28, 2023

What is the International Bank Account Number (IBAN)?

The International Bank Account Number – typically referred to as IBAN – is a system of identification for bank accounts that is used across national borders. Internationally agreed upon, the IBAN system acts as a facilitator for communicating and processing international transactions, helping to reduce errors in transcription.


The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a system of identification for account numbers to ensure that international transactions go smoothly.

There were several versions of the IBAN system – put out by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – before a finalized version was created; the final version was split into two parts.

IBANs are important because they enable international transactions to occur easily, and significantly help to cut down on transactional errors.

Structure of the International Bank Account Number

The International Bank Account Number contains the following information:

Country code – A code that is specific to a certain country

Check number – A two-digit code used as a redundancy check to detect errors on identification numbers

Bank identifier – The unique identifier for the domestic bank

Account number – The bank account identifier


History of the International Bank Account Number

Before the creation of the IBAN system, there were different standards among countries when it came to identifying bank accounts (their branch, bank, account number, and routing codes). This led to a large amount of confusion when it came to international transactions. Important routing information, specifically, was often missing when payments were being made.

The ISO 9362 (otherwise known as the BIC code or SWIFT code) made no specifications for formatting transactions, so each party in a transaction needed to come to an agreement regarding transaction types and identification of accounts. There was a lack of consistency with international trade and resulting confusion.

Then, in 1997, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the ISO 13616:1997 proposal, which was so flexible that it was deemed unworkable by many. They cut the proposal down then, stating that each IBAN must be a fixed length and must only include upper case letters. After much backlash, the ISO withdrew the proposal and created a new one, ISO 13616:2003. This proposal – created in 2003 – was updated again in 2007 and was basically split into two parts – SWIFT and IBAN.

SWIFT System

ISO 13616-2:2007 is officially known as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), a network that allows financial institutions around the world to both send and receive financial transaction information securely in a standardized (and therefore reliable) way. SWIFT is not responsible for assistance in making transactions. Instead, it sends payment orders that must be analyzed and settled between the involved accounts. In order to utilize SWIFT, all transactions must be between banks or entities closely associated with banks.

Importance of the IBAN System

The IBAN system provides a flexible yet standardized format that is used to identify accounts, validate transaction data, and create a filter that catches data errors. Routing information is always included; it allows one bank (or financial institution) to send a payment to another. Key information about each bank account is also included, as mentioned above. (The information includes branch codes, country codes, as well as check digits, which are designed to spot errors or completely validate an account number.)

More Resources

How To Get Os X Betas Legally Without A Developer Account

Casual Mac users don’t really care to join OS X’s Developer program, which can set you back $99 a year. Neither are they interested in Beta versions or have that kind of money to spend on something they know they won’t be using. However, Apple has now introduced a new OS X Beta Seed Program, in which users can download and test new beta versions of OS X, by simply signing up with an Apple ID. The best part? It’s entirely free.

This free status of that OS X Beta Seed Program will potentially mean that many developers may uptake the pre-release versions of OS X. This way, a lot of bugs and mistakes can be easily ironed out with some feedback, and in truth, this should benefit both Apple and the consumer. Apple has finally realised that charging a fee for pre-release versions of the final free GM isn’t quite right, and for us, the move to introduce the Beta Seed Program is inarguably a step in the right direction.

So, if you want to get involved, follow the simple steps below:

2. Once entered, agree to the “Terms and Conditions.”

Once you’re signed up, any pre-release beta builds or updates will be seen through the Mac App Store. Rumours are that Apple will be revamping its OS X interface this year at WWDC, and if they indeed do introduce a iOS 7-style OS X design, we think many users will enroll to try the beta version.

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Shujaa Imran is MakeTechEasier’s resident Mac tutorial writer. He’s currently training to follow his other passion become a commercial pilot. You can check his content out on Youtube

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How To Recover Your Tiktok Account Without Email Or Phone Number

Did you forget your TikTok password but you don’t have access to your email or phone number?

If you still have access to either your email or phone number, you can reset your password on the app.

To do so, on the “Forgot password?” option on the login screen.

However, if you don’t have access to your email or phone number, you need to use another method to recover your TikTok account.

Otherwise, you have to create another TikTok account.

That said, if your account has a lot of followers or likes, it’s best to recover it.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to recover your TikTok account without email or phone number.

How to recover your TikTok account without email or phone number

To recover your TikTok account without email or phone number, you need to submit the “Share your feedback” form.

Alternatively, you can create a new TikTok account and report a problem directly on the app.

After you’ve submitted the feedback form or reported a problem, wait for a few days for TikTok’s response.

The TikTok feedback form is for users who have a problem that they want to report or feedback that they want to share.

Other than the feedback form, you can contact TikTok directly on the app.

However, this is not recommended as they are probably not going to respond to you.

Lastly, select a relevant topic, describe your issue, and select “Report”.

1. Navigate to the “Share your feedback” form

Open a browser like Google Chrome or Safari.

The TikTok feedback form has two uses—it allows you to share your feedback or report a problem.

Any information that you provide will only be used to respond to your report.

2. Enter your email address and username

Enter your email address.

Enter your TikTok username.

Select “General account inquiry” as the topic.

Select “Recover account” as the sub-topic.

Enter the email address that is associated with your TikTok account.

If you lost access to it, you can enter another email address instead or make a new one.

Although the username field is optional, you need to enter it since you’re trying to recover your account.

3. Explain that you lost your email and phone number

Explain that you lost access to your email address and phone number and need help recovering your account in the “How can we help?” field.

Submit the form and wait 1 to 3 business days for TikTok’s response.

Here’s an example description, “Hi TikTok, I forgot my TikTok password but I lost access to my email and phone number. My TikTok username is @example. I need help to recover it”.

You don’t have to upload any attachments because you’re reporting that you lost access to your email and phone number.

Do note that it can take more than 3 business days for TikTok to respond to you.

TikTok will respond to you via the email address that you’ve provided in the “Email” field.

Make sure to check your email for their response with instructions on how you can recover your account.

How can I change my TikTok password without a phone number?

To change your TikTok password without a phone number, you can use your email address instead.

However, if you lost access to your email address, you need to contact TikTok using the TikTok feedback form or report a problem on the app itself.

How do I get my old Tiktok account back without a password?

To get your old TikTok account back without a password, you can log in with your phone number.

TikTok will then send a 4-digit code to your phone number that you need to key in before you can log in to your account.

Then, TikTok will send you a link to reset your password.


If you lost access to your TikTok account, recovering it is important.

This is because you might have uploaded some videos on your account that you want to delete.

Or maybe you have a lot of followers that you don’t want to lose.

Either way, you can follow the steps in this guide to recover your TikTok account.

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3 Ways to Contact TikTok

Can You Log into TikTok on Two Devices?

How to Get Your TikTok Profile URL

How To Fix Upgrade To Icloud For Windows Failed Error: 6 Best Proven Methods

The iCloud for Windows upgrade failed for the latest version and subsequently, error 101 has been showing up as well. If you’re also facing the same issue, keep reading.

Apple did a great job publishing a Windows PC app for iCloud storage. Just like you access the iCloud content on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, do the same on a Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC.

However, there has been an ongoing issue with the iCloud for Windows app. It prevents your Windows PC’s iCloud copy from updating itself. This is a serious security issue and you must pay close attention to it.

Read the article until the end to know more about this error, and some proven methods to fix iCloud updates so you can keep your cloud data safe.

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What Is the iCloud for Windows Upgrade Error 101?

A few days back, I was playing around with the iTunes for Windows app and suddenly got a notification that I could also install iCloud for free. I installed the app and signed in to iCloud storage using my Apple ID. I could see that the app was syncing files to the local drive from iCloud.

However, after 10 to 15 minutes, I got the following warning:

Upgrade to iCloud for Windows 14.1 failed. Please reboot and try again (Error 101)

I followed the instructions from the iCloud warning and restarted my Windows 11 PC. I launched the app again and it seemed everything was fine for a while. Again, after a few minutes, I saw the same problem.

I did some research online and learned that this is a pretty common error for the iCloud app on Windows 10 and 11 operating systems. The issue surfaces when you download and install an earlier version of the iCloud for Windows app than the latest one which is on the Apple servers.

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Why Do You Need to Fix iCloud Upgrade Error 101?

Apple releases frequent updates for all of its apps, including the Windows iCloud app. Updates keep your app safe and secure from known security vulnerabilities. Since the iCloud for Windows app creates a direct data link between your data on the Apple Servers and your Windows 11 PC, it’s important that you keep the iCloud app up-to-date.

If you ignore the upgrade error for a long time and a hacker finds a way into your Apple cloud storage using an outdated iCloud app on your Windows PC, then your privacy is at risk. Also, if you’re unable to update the iCloud app to its next version, Apple might revoke your Windows PC’s access to its cloud data using an outdated app.

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How to Fix Upgrade to iCloud for Windows Failed (Error 101)

However, I’ve tried a few troubleshooting, and it looks like I was able to upgrade my iCloud app to the latest 14.1 version. Find below the troubleshooting steps I tried and got a remedy to the above situation:

1. Unblock iCloud From Windows Firewall

Since iCloud needs access to the internet to download updates, it must be whitelisted on your Windows Defender Firewall. As soon as you install a new app, the Windows Defender Firewall pops up to ask for approval to let new apps access the internet. If you somehow missed that pop-up for the iCloud app, you’ll see the update error. Here’s how you can fix this:

Open the Windows Settings app by pressing Windows + I together.

Select Windows Security on the right side menu of the Settings app.

Scroll down the list until you find iCloud.

Ensure you checkmark network access for Private and Public networks.

Open the iCloud app again and this time it should upgrade to the latest edition.

If the above trick didn’t work for you, try the following approaches to fix the “Upgrade to iCloud for Windows Failed” error:

2. Tweak a Few iCloud Advanced Options

Select Add or remove programs tool from the search results.

Scroll down to find the iCloud app.

Now, make the following changes:

Background apps permissions: Always

Runs at log-in: Enable all like iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, etc.

This would force stop the existing iCloud process on the Task Manager.

Restart iCloud from the Start menu or Windows Desktop and see if the issue comes back or not.

3. Repair the iCloud App Installation

You can also try the built-in Windows app repair tool to attempt to repair the iCloud installation. Here’s how it’s done:

Hit Windows + I and select Apps on the left-side panel.

Select Installed apps on the right-side list of items.

Scroll down to find the iCloud app.

Scroll to the Reset section and hit the Repair button.

4. Update Windows OS

Your Windows 10 or 11 OS must have the latest security patches and feature updates so that iCloud can function. So, follow these steps to update the Windows installation:

Go to Windows Update from the Settings (Windows + I) app.

Hit the Check for updates button.

Sometimes, long-due updates might start downloading automatically.

Wait for the Windows update task to complete, restart the PC, and test iCloud again.

5. Install iCloud From Microsoft Store

If you installed iCloud on Windows a few years back by downloading an installer from Apple, you must uninstall that copy. Then, re-install the app from Microsoft Store. Here’s how:

Select Uninstall at the bottom of the Start menu search page.

When the uninstallation is complete, launch the Microsoft Store app.

Type iCloud in the search box and hit Enter.

Microsoft Store will download and install the app automatically.

6. Install iCloud From an Installation Package

Alternatively, if you installed the iCloud app from the Microsoft Store and experienced the “Upgrade to iCloud for Windows Failed” issue, you can switch to the package installer for iCloud. At the time of writing, Apple removed the link to the standalone installer for iCloud on Windows.

You can download the app, at your own discretion, from the following third-party software hosting websites:

You might also want to check out this r/iCloud thread on Reddit to find direct links to download the iCloud installation package from Apple’s servers.

Don’t forget to uninstall the existing Microsoft Store iCloud from your Windows 11/10 PC before installing the non-Microsoft Store iCloud app.


Next up, how to delete apps from iCloud in easy ways.

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