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Boost Your Coding Skills: Get GitHub Copilot for Free as a Student – Follow Our Simple Steps Now! – Discover How AI-Powered Pair Programming Can Take Your Skills to The Next Level. Start Coding Faster and More Efficiently Today! #GitHubCopilot #FreeForStudents

Are you a student looking for ways to improve your coding skills? Look no further than GitHub Copilot! This AI-powered pair programmer suggests code in your editor, making your coding process faster and more efficient. And the best part? As a verified student, you can get access to GitHub Copilot for free. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to get GitHub Copilot for free as a student, and show you how to set it up in your preferred editor. With GitHub Copilot at your fingertips, you’ll be able to take your coding skills to the next level and achieve even more in your coding journey. So, let’s dive in!

As a student, learning how to code can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to writing lengthy lines of code that are repetitive and time-consuming. Thankfully, GitHub Copilot has come to the rescue. This innovative AI pair programmer provides suggestions for code in your editor, making coding faster and easier for students. Best of all, it’s free for verified students, teachers, and maintainers of popular open-source projects.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get GitHub Copilot for free as a student. We’ll take you through the simple steps to set up your GitHub account and authenticate your student status, and then show you how to install the extension for Neovim, JetBrains IDEs, Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code.

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But first, let’s take a closer look at GitHub Copilot.

GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that uses machine learning models to suggest code in your editor. It was developed by OpenAI in collaboration with GitHub and is now available to all developers for a subscription fee.

With GitHub Copilot, you can speed up your coding process by using natural language prompts to generate code snippets. It can also suggest multi-line functions and generate test code, helping you write high-quality code more quickly and efficiently.

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To get GitHub Copilot for free as a student, you need to be a verified student, teacher, or maintainer of a popular open-source project. If you don’t fall into any of these categories, you can still try GitHub Copilot for free with a 60-day trial. Here’s how to set it up:

If you haven’t already signed in to your GitHub account, you’ll be prompted to do so at this stage. If you don’t have a GitHub account, follow the prompts to create one.

To complete the verification process, you’ll need to add your school email address. This is the email address that you used to verify your student status when signing up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

And that’s it! Once you’ve completed these five steps, you’ll have access to GitHub Copilot for free as a verified student.

GitHub Copilot is available as an extension for Neovim, JetBrains IDEs, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code. To install the extension for your preferred editor, follow these steps:

    Open Neovim.

    Install the nvim-copilot plugin by running the following command:

    Restart Neovim.

    Use GitHub Copilot by pressing Ctrl+Space to activate the plugin.

      Open your JetBrains IDE.

      Go to “Preferences” or “Settings.”

      Navigate to “Plugins.”

      Search for “GitHub Copilot.”

      Restart your IDE.

      Use GitHub Copilot by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P or Cmd+Shift+P to activate the plugin.

        Open Visual Studio.

        Go to “Extensions” and then “Manage Extensions.”

        Search for “GitHub Copilot.”

        Restart Visual Studio.

        Use GitHub Copilot by pressing Ctrl+. or Ctrl+Shift+Space to activate the plugin.

          Open Visual Studio Code.

          Go to “Extensions” and search for “GitHub Copilot.”

          Restart Visual Studio Code.

          Use GitHub Copilot by typing in your code editor and letting GitHub Copilot suggest code snippets.

          Now that you have GitHub Copilot installed and ready to use, it’s time to put it to the test. Start by typing in some code in your editor and see how GitHub Copilot suggests code snippets to make your coding process faster and more efficient. You can also use natural language prompts to generate code and see how GitHub Copilot responds.

          Keep in mind that GitHub Copilot generates new code in a probabilistic way, meaning the probability that it produces the same code as a snippet that occurred in training is low. It’s always important to double-check the code that GitHub Copilot suggests to ensure it’s the right code for your project.

          To verify student status for free access to GitHub Copilot, students need to sign up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack on the GitHub Education website. After signing up, they need to add their school email to verify their student status and gain access to GitHub Copilot. The GitHub Student Developer Pack is available to students aged 13+ who are enrolled in a degree or diploma-granting course of study and have a school-issued email address and/or official, dated proof of enrollment. Once verified, students can connect their GitHub account to Copilot and start using the service for free.

          In conclusion, GitHub Copilot is an incredible tool that can help students code faster and more efficiently. It’s available for free to verified students, teachers, and maintainers of popular open-source projects. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can get access to GitHub Copilot and install it in your preferred editor. With GitHub Copilot at your fingertips, you’ll be able to take your coding skills to the next level and achieve even more in your coding journey.

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          Github Copilot Vs Chatgpt: Basic Differences To Know

          What to know

          GitHub Copilot is a paid tool recommended for professional developers due to its ability to learn from habits and suggest lines of code accordingly.

          ChatGPT is free and a generalized solution that can help generate code with explanations, making it recommended for beginners and users learning to code.

          ChatGPT can help generate code and follow up on it in a particular conversation, but once the conversation is lost, it cannot continue without a special prompt.

          GitHub Copilot uses Machine Learning to constantly learn from code and behavior, improving suggestions over time.

          In 2023, the prevailing trend has been the utilization of AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Dall-E, Notion AI, and others, which offer a range of capabilities for generating images, text, content, and more, depending on your specific requirements. ChatGPT is an impressive AI chatbot that can undertake a variety of tasks, including producing executable code, prompting developers to compare its effectiveness against the widely-used GitHub Copilot.

          As a developer in search of the right AI assistant, this article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about these two AI assistants.

          What is GitHub Copilot

          Copilot is an AI-powered assistant developed by GitHub that uses machine learning to auto-complete your code in the current project. GitHub Copilot has been developed using OpenAI and supports Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and IDEs. This allows you to start a project and then use GitHub Copilot to generate further code depending on your needs and requirements.

          Copilot uses Machine Learning to intelligently analyze your code and generate further suggestions to complete it. Copilot can help streamline repetitive code, which can help you focus on the project at hand. Copilot supports the following programming languages, which makes it a versatile tool for most users.















          This is not a comprehensive list, as GitHub is constantly improving Copilot and adding more and more languages to the AI assistant. This list can change in the future and include more languages.

          What is ChatGPT

          ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot from the house of OpenAI. It uses OpenAI’s popular large language models (LLMs), GPT-3.5, and GPT-4, to generate text and content based on provided prompts. The chatbot can perform various tasks, including generating content, code, scripts, articles, research papers, and more.

          You can also prompt the chatbot to assume different roles and then respond to your messages accordingly. This makes ChatGPT a versatile tool not only for developers but other professionals as well that are looking to automate mundane and repetitive tasks. Here are the programming languages supported by ChatGPT.














          ChatGPT vs Copilot

          When comparing both tools, GitHub Copilot is the recommended AI assistant for professional developers. This is because Copilot can learn from your habits over time and then suggest lines of code accordingly. Copilot provides improved suggestions over time as it learns from your habits, making it invaluable once you have been using it for a while. 

          ChatGPT, on the other hand, is a generalized solution that can also help generate code with explanations. It is recommended for beginners and users learning to code, as the chatbot can help explain the suggested code as well as make corrections based on your feedback. 

          Another factor that separates these two AI assistants is the cost. GitHub Copilot requires a paid subscription while offering a 60-day trial period. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is completely free to use, making it a great choice for users just starting out. On the other hand, Copilot is thus recommended for professionals looking to invest in an AI assistant that helps automate their daily tasks so that they can focus on the current projects and meet deadlines easily. 

          Lastly, ChatGPT can help you generate code and follow up on it in a particular conversation. Once the conversation is lost or deleted, you won’t be able to continue on the project unless you create a special prompt in the previous conversation so that ChatGPT can remember and follow up on the project.

          On the other hand, GitHub Copilot uses Machine Learning to constantly learn from your code and behavior so that it improves over time. As time passes, Copilot will improve its suggestions and get exceptionally good at its responses and suggestions.

          When Will Github Copilot X Be Available And How Much Does It Cost?

          GitHub Copilot is an innovative AI-powered tool that assists developers in writing code by suggesting the next line of code in an integrated development environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio Code, Neovim, and JetBrains IDEs. The tool was launched on June 21, 2023, and is now available to all developers for a fee of $10 USD/month or $100 USD/year.

          One of the significant features of GitHub Copilot is its ability to suggest complete methods and complex algorithms, making the coding process more efficient and streamlined. It also provides assistance with unit testing and boilerplate code, which can save developers significant time and effort.

          GitHub Copilot offers a free version for verified students and maintainers of popular open-source projects. However, once the trial period is over, they will need to pay the same fee as other developers to continue using the software. It’s worth noting that enterprise-managed user accounts are currently not supported.

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          As of March 23, 2023, there is no information available about GitHub Copilot X. The tool is still in development and is considered a representation of GitHub’s vision for the future rather than an available product offering of GitHub Copilot.

          GitHub Copilot X was introduced on March 22, 2023. However, it’s important to note that it is currently not available as a product offering of GitHub Copilot. Instead, it’s a representation of GitHub’s vision for the future of the tool.

          The GitHub team is still working on designing, testing, and building new features that align with the vision of GitHub Copilot X. They’re taking the time to carefully consider the best approach to provide access to these features in the future. As of now, there is no information available on when these features will be available or how they will be implemented.

          The cost of using GitHub Copilot X is currently unknown as it’s not yet an available product offering. GitHub Copilot X is a representation of GitHub’s vision for the future of the tool, and the GitHub team is still working on designing and building new features.

          However, the original GitHub Copilot tool was made generally available to all developers on June 21, 2023, for a fee of $10 USD/month or $100 USD/year. There is also a separate subscription option called GitHub Copilot for Business, which costs $19 per user per month and is aimed at businesses.

          It’s worth noting that the pricing for GitHub Copilot may change in the future, depending on new features, changes in the market, and other factors. Nevertheless, it’s currently one of the most popular AI-powered programming tools on the market, making it a valuable asset for developers of all levels.

          What is the difference between GitHub Copilot and GitHub Copilot X

          To sign up for the technical preview of GitHub Copilot X, developers can visit the sign-up page. The page provides two options to enroll in the preview: signing up for the technical preview and enrolling a repository in the technical preview. Developers can choose either option based on their preference. Additionally, there is a Quickstart guide available on GitHub Docs that explains how to get started with GitHub Copilot. However, it is important to note that as of now, there is no information available on whether the technical preview is open to everyone or if there are any eligibility criteria.

          GitHub Copilot X was announced on March 22, 2023. It is an extension of the original GitHub Copilot code completion tool that uses AI to help developers write and complete code. The new version will include chat and voice interfaces, support for pull requests, and personalized features powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. However, there is no specific release date mentioned in the search results.

          In conclusion, GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered tool that helps developers write code more efficiently by suggesting the next line of code in an integrated development environment. It was launched in June 2023 and is available for a fee of $10 USD/month or $100 USD/year, with a free version for verified students and open-source project maintainers. GitHub Copilot X, a next-generation AI assistant for the entire development lifecycle, was introduced on March 22, 2023, but is currently not available as a product offering. The cost and release date for GitHub Copilot X are unknown at this time. To sign up for the technical preview of GitHub Copilot X, developers can visit the sign-up page, but eligibility criteria are unknown. Overall, GitHub Copilot and its upcoming X version have the potential to revolutionize the coding process and save developers significant time and effort.

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          How To Get Free Robux In 2023

          There’s a lot of promises for free Robux out there. And there’s a whole lot of scams. The internet abounds with supposed ‘Robux Generators’, hacks, and phony promo codes promising millions of quick Robux.

          And with the game getting grey around the temples at almost 15 years since the initial release, Roblox players are forced to wade through an overabundance of outdated guides and misinformation disguising actual ways to get free Robux.

          Seriously, there are guides being published in 2023 about the Affiliate/Referral program that hasn’t been around for years. Luckily for you, we know what we’re talking about. Read on to learn real and legitimate ways to earn Robux without ever spending a dime.

          ► How to avoid Roblox: Adopt Me! scam

          Get free Robux by developing games

          The first and most powerful way of earning Robux is to help build its massive community — and have fun with it too. Roblox isn’t a game in and of itself. It’s a publishing platform for the user-generated games built within the Roblox Studio Engine. The Roblox Studio, with its simple voxel-based construction, is an excellent place for people to learn the ropes of game design and get their hands dirty with some practical game development experience.

          Not to mention the best way to earn serious amounts of Robux — or, if you’re especially ambitious, piles and piles of real world money through the Developer Exchange program that lets you convert Robux into actual cash.

          Indeed, there are massive games on the platform way, way past the free Robux stage. Games like Adopt Me! which attracts tens of millions of active players each month, earning DreamCraft, the developers, literal millions of dollars. Seriously, they employ well-paid, salaried game developers to work full-time on Adopt Me!

          At first, that may sound like an unattainable goal. As the current Roblox leader with tons of manpower driving its development, Adopt Me! is, of course, a special case. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pocket more than enough Robux through Roblox Studio to fund a lavish Roblox player experience by yourself. There are thousands of games earning their creators tons of free Robux on a regular basis.

          How to:

          First, you’ll need to spend some time learning the basics of Roblox game development. It’s not difficult; Roblox has a massive amount of content and learning resources for aspiring developers. From game design to monetization, marketing, and device-optimization — absolutely everything you could possibly need is available in the form of written guides, video tutorials, and even pre-made game kits.

          As a developer, you’ll earn the lion’s share of Robux on any and all purchases made within your game. You can choose to charge up-front for access to the game, create game passes to unlock privileges, sell items for player convenience in an in-game store, or do a combination of all of these.

          Begin your journey as a Roblox developer here.

          Learn the basics of Roblox Game Development here.

          Get free Robux by selling game passes

          A great way to make money through your game is to sell game passes that unlock special features for players inside your world — similar to premium membership or downloadable content in other, more familiar games.

          These passes are limited to a one time purchase per player and can include anything, from lifting area restrictions, permanent boosts, unique abilities, and other special privileges.

          How to:

          Think critically about the kinds of passes that make sense for your game. Is it an MMORPG? Perhaps include some form of area-restriction, reserving entrance to swaths of explorable land behind a game pass. Or, if it’s a Battle Royale, maybe offer monthly cosmetic perks or exclusive reward tracks. Examine the games of the genre — and other genres for that matter — and the sorts of exclusive perks you could sell for one-time purchases.

          The next step is to create an image, configure the pass, and upload it to the game. Remember: the game pass should provide players a tangible benefit that makes it worth the Robux. In a way, the game pass should sell itself — but nonetheless, make sure you promote it in-game! You can implement regular purchase prompts, NPC vendors, digital fliers. Get creative; Games like Adopt Me! even use literal in-game billboards to promote new products and events.

          Learn how to create and sell game passes here.

          Get free Robux by selling developer Products

          As opposed to game passes, Developer Products can be purchased as many times as desired and can create a steady source of Robux income for the developers. These can be anything the player uses — ammo, equipment, consumables, collectibles.

          Think about the resources important to your game, and consider how making them available for purchase might affect gameplay. While you certainly have a right to be compensated for developing your game and making it available, games that skew heavily towards pay-to-win often sour the playerbase and result in lower long term Robux income.

          How to:

          Simply use what you’ve learned from the Roblox Developer’s Hub to create the items you’ve conceived. Test them out, do experiments, and remember to keep tabs on the economy of your game.

          You may have to tweak prices every now and then or use other forms of economic intervention to ensure there is always a demand for what you’re selling. You can use NPC vendors to distribute these items to players in-game or sell directly through the store featured on the game’s front page.

          Learn more about Developer Products and in-game purchases here.

          Get free Robux by designing Avatar clothing

          The easiest way to create a robust Robux income source, designing Avatar Clothing doesn’t require you to invest hours of your time learning game design; Perfect for creative people otherwise uninterested in game development.

          How to:

          Roblox provides a preset clothing template. All you have to do is design something beautiful and paste it on the template. You don’t have to be a world-famous avant-garde fashion designer; This isn’t Fifth Avenue. Once you’ve created your article of clothing, merely upload it to the Catalog, set a price, and sit back while you gather commission with every purchase. Make something cool!

          Read the Roblox guide on creating avatar clothing here.

          Get free Robux by earning Google Play Credit

          If game design isn’t your thing, and you’d rather spend time enjoying your favorite Roblox games, the other way to legitimately earn free Robux is by redeeming Play Store credit.

          Remember: there is no such thing as free lunch. You will probably spend time filling out marketing surveys, downloading apps, or playing other games, but will earn Play Store credit that can be used to purchase Robux. It’s not glorious, but it is a concrete way to accrue that precious Robux without pulling out your wallet.

          Where to earn Play Store credit:

          Below are a few of the better-known places to earn Play Store credit. However, always be judicious about giving out your personal information. Whenever looking at a new site, be sure to read reviews and vet its credentials as best you can to avoid anything shady.

          Watch Out for Scams

          There are no Robux generators. Robux is a currency produced only by Roblox that operates like cash in your wallet, except impossible to counterfeit. Sites, YouTubers, apps that promise free Robux for nothing in return are always scams — often after your personal information or account logins. Our guide on ‘Adopt Me! scams‘ covers some cheap tactics extrapolated by scammers across the Roblox multiverse.

          Robux Codes for June 2023

          Every month, Roblox releases a few promo codes that players can redeem for free and exclusive avatar clothes right now. These codes don’t last forever, so hurry over to the Promo Codes page at the Roblox site and save yourself some of that hard-earned free Robux.

          Thoughts? Which one is the best way to get free Robux for yourself?

          8 Ways To Get Free Bingo Blitz Credits

          Bingo Blitz is an online bingo game where you can complete missions, get freebies, and more.

          You can play multiple bingo boards and grab powerups for bigger wins.

          Collect souvenirs when you visit a new city and win special bingo cards.

          There are multiple mini-games that you can play while waiting for your next game.

          Adventure around the world for free credits and join Blitzy’s seasonal and featured bingo rooms.

          These rooms contain large prizes, collection items, and online bingo rewards.

          This list contains 8 ways to get free Bingo Blitz credits, coins, or chips instantly with surveys, games, videos, and more.

          How to get free Bingo Blitz Credits

          Here’s how to get free credits in Bingo Blitz:

          1. Survey Junkie

          Survey Junkie is an online survey community where you can earn rewards like PayPal gift cards by completing research activities.

          You can use the money you’ve earned to purchase Bingo Blitz coins.

          On TrustPilot, Survey Junkie has over 40k reviews with an average of 4.3 stars.

          To start earning, you need to sign up for free, finish your profile, and verify your email address.

          After you’ve signed up, you can share your opinion via surveys and redeem rewards.

          2. Swagbucks

          Swagbucks is the most popular loyalty and consumer rewards program.

          It offers gift cards and cash that you can redeem to get free Bingo Blitz credits or coins.

          After you’ve completed a survey, you’ll receive points called SB (100 SB = $1 USD).

          Throughout the years, Swagbucks has given out over $820 million to its members.

          On Trustpilot, the site has over 31,000 reviews with an average of 4.3 stars.

          To get started, sign up for a $10 bonus, verify your email address, and begin doing surveys.

          3. Toluna

          Toluna is a great way to share your opinion and get rewarded fast.

          You can complete customized surveys to redeem gift cards like PayPal that you can use to buy Bingo Blitz credits.

          The platform has more than 21 million users in 50 countries and 28 languages.

          You have the power to impact the largest brands in the world and get rewarded.

          The surveys are free of charge and you’ll be given points for most activities.

          4. SurveyLama

          SurveyLama allows you to earn up to $15 per survey from home.

          You can complete paid online surveys and earn up to $400 per month.

          When you complete a survey, you’ll get points that can be redeemed for cash.

          The cash can be used to buy Bingo Blitz credits.

          There are challenges, surprises, competitions, and more every month.

          They have an average of 4.1 stars on Trustpilot with over 280 real reviews.

          5. OpinionBar

          On OpinionBar, you can give your opinion and tell large companies what you think about their products/services.

          Each survey that you complete is anonymous and your personal data will not be sold.

          They work together with Fortune 500 companies around the world.

          You can choose to be rewarded with gift cards or support a charity of your choice.

          You can cash out to get free Bingo Blitz credits, coins, or chips.

          6. YouGov

          YouGov is a survey program where you can earn points by answering interesting surveys and redeeming prizes.

          You can answer questions on multiple topics and you’ll earn points when you complete a survey.

          You can redeem points for cash via PayPal or prepaid cards that you can use to buy Bingo Blitz credits.

          Other rewards include store and restaurant gift cards and mobile credits.

          YouGov will share your answers with organizations and news sources around the world.

          7. Univox

          Univox allows you to get points by doing surveys about popular products and services.

          It works in 3 simple steps—sign up, complete surveys, and redeem rewards.

          When you sign up, you’ll receive 200 points for free which is worth $2 USD.

          Visit the site daily to do surveys or receive invites via email.

          For each completed survey, you’ll get points that you can redeem for rewards.

          The rewards that you can redeem include money that you can use to purchase Bingo Blitz credits.

          8. Follow Bingo Blitz on Facebook

          Bingo Blitz shares freebies on their Facebook page on a daily basis.

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          35+ Free Fortnite V-Bucks Codes

          How To Make Ai Undetectable For Free?

 is a powerful tool that allows you to humanize AI-generated content, making it undetectable by AI detectors. In this article, we will explore the various methods and tools available to make AI content undetectable for free. While it’s important to note that creating undetectable AI content solely for the purpose of manipulating rankings is against Google’s guidelines, there are legitimate use cases where making AI content less detectable can be beneficial. Let’s dive into the different techniques and tools you can use to achieve this.

          See More : How To Make AI Content Undetectable free?

          To begin using chúng tôi simply paste your AI-generated content into the tool. This can be any piece of text that you want to make more human-like and undetectable.

          Once you’ve pasted your content, chúng tôi allows you to choose the readability level and tone that best suits your specific writing style. This ensures that the modified content aligns with your intended audience and purpose.

          Unlike other tools that make minor word-by-word changes, chúng tôi takes a unique approach. It comprehensively rephrases the entire text to suit your voice and style, resulting in AI-generated content that is not only coherent and engaging but also undetectable.

          To ensure the effectiveness of the modifications, you can check the results of the most popular AI detectors within the chúng tôi platform. This allows you to verify that your content is truly undetectable and meets your desired criteria.

          Overall, chúng tôi is a user-friendly platform designed to help you modify your content to suit various writing styles, including essays, general writing, marketing material, and more. It is one of the best tools available to make AI-generated content undetectable by AI detectors.

          Also Read : How To Make AI Text Undetectable?

          While chúng tôi provides an excellent solution, there are other methods and tools you can use to make AI content undetectable. Here are some additional techniques:

          According to one source, a free method to make AI content undetectable is to use ChatGPT to rewrite the output generated by other AI models. By feeding the AI-generated content into ChatGPT and asking it to rephrase the text, you can often achieve a more natural and human-like result.

          Undetectable AI, as mentioned earlier, is a specialized tool designed specifically to make AI-generated content undetectable by AI detectors. It offers the ability to match the author’s style, word choice, vocabulary, and complexity based on a single reference piece. By leveraging this tool, you can ensure that your AI content remains indistinguishable from human-written text.

          One effective strategy for making AI content undetectable is to modify the sentence structure. AI-generated writing often follows predictable patterns, making it easier to identify. By reorganizing sentences, changing the order of phrases, or adding transitional phrases, you can make the content sound more natural and less machine-like.

          Humans are not perfect, and their writing often contains minor errors or inconsistencies. By intentionally introducing small mistakes, such as typos or grammatical errors, into AI-generated content, you can make it appear more human-like and less machine-generated.

          Another approach is to combine AI-generated content with human-written content. By interspersing AI-generated paragraphs or sentences with manually written text, you can create a hybrid piece that is difficult to differentiate from content written entirely by humans.

          AI-generated content sometimes lacks context and relevance, making it stand out as machine-generated. By ensuring that the AI-generated text aligns well with the topic, provides valuable insights, and maintains a logical flow, you can make it more indistinguishable from human-written content.

          Remember to always use AI tools responsibly and in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the platforms and services you are using.

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