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Genshin Impact is a relatively new, yet widely popular RPG game. One of the most important functions within it are Wishes, which is a Gacha-style mechanism that grants you random items or characters for every wish. Each reward varies in rarity, and the rarer a reward is, the less likely you are to receive it. So, the more Wishes you have, the better your chances are of obtaining these sought-after items or characters. 

So how exactly do you get more Wishes? There are a few different ways, and much of it comes down to the in-game currency that’s used to purchase Wishes. Genshin Impact has a pretty complex currency system, making it harder to obtain certain types of currency for free. However, there are several ways to do it. 

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First, we’ll go over how Wishes are bought, and how you can use real-world money to buy Wishes. 

The Fastest Way to Get More Wishes

Although Genshin Impact is technically free-to-play, you can make in-game purchases. While you can’t directly buy more Wishes, you can buy some of the currency needed in-game to get Wishes. To do this, you’ll first need to understand the purchase path you’ll need to take with in-game currency. 

There are two main types of Wishes: Standard Wishes, and limited-time Event Wishes. Wishes are obtained with Fates, either the Intertwined Fate or Aquaint Fate. You can only obtain Standard Wish rewards with Aquaint Fates, but you can get limited-time Wish rewards with Intertwined Fates. 

Fates are bought using Primogems. Furthermore, you can use Genesis Crystals to get more Primogems. You’ll need 160 Primogems per Fate to get you a Wish. It’s recommended that you buy Intertwined Fates, as this allows you to get special characters and items. 

Since you can get Acquaint Fates easily in-game for free, it makes sense to buy the harder-to-obtain Intertwined Fates. However, feel free to spend as you see fit.

To start this process, you’ll want to buy some Genesis Crystals. You can do this by going to the Shop in the main menu, then selecting Crystal Top-Up. Then, from the menu select Wish, and go to your Primogems in the top right corner. 

Here you can convert your Genesis Crystals into Primogems. Then, you can use these in the Paimon’s Bargain section of the Shop to buy Fates. 

How to Get Wishes for Free

If you’re not keen on using real money to get your Wishes, there are plenty of free ways you can obtain Primogems or Fates that you can then get Wishes with. Below are some of the easier methods for getting these rewards in Genshin Impact. 

Leveling Up Adventurer’s Handbook

Another easy way to get Primogems is through the Adventurer’s Handbook. You get this after you join the Adventurer’s Guild. When you open the handbook and go to the Experience tab, you’ll see chapters with tasks for you to complete. Once a whole chapter has been completed, you’ll get 50 Primogems. 

Some of the missions may also reward you with Acquaint Fates, so make sure you pay special attention to those. 

Treasure Chests

Pay attention to your surroundings in-game to make sure you open any treasure chests you find. Sometimes, you’ll be able to find Primogems inside them. 

There are a few different types of chests, and sometimes you’ll need to defeat surrounding monsters or solve puzzles. Some chests, like Common chests, are easy to find, while Precious or Luxurious-type chests can be much more difficult but may yield more Primogems. So be sure you’re investigating your surroundings well while locating chests. 

Battle Pass

At Adventure Rank 20, you’ll unlock the Battle Pass. This allows you to complete certain missions in order to level up your Battle Pass. For every ten levels you gain in your Battle Pass, you’ll receive Aquaint Fates. This can be a great opportunity to earn extra Fates over a period of time. 

Game Events

Genshin Impact hosts plenty of events, and if you participate in these you’re bound to earn some Primogems. You can also get both Acquaint and Intertwined Fates through events at times. To check for upcoming events, look on the Genshin Impact website News section. Or, check the email you signed up for Genshin Impact with to see if they sent any newsletters with event info. 

The events aren’t usually too difficult, so it’s a great way to get yourself some free Wishes. 


Finally, make sure to simply explore the Genshin Impact world. Finding Statues of the Seven, Domains, and Teleport Waypoints can all net you Primogems. This is especially easy as these are marked on your map, so you can spend some time exploring the world and gaining Primogems in the process. 

Getting Wishes in Genshin Impact

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How To Get Free Robux In 2023

There’s a lot of promises for free Robux out there. And there’s a whole lot of scams. The internet abounds with supposed ‘Robux Generators’, hacks, and phony promo codes promising millions of quick Robux.

And with the game getting grey around the temples at almost 15 years since the initial release, Roblox players are forced to wade through an overabundance of outdated guides and misinformation disguising actual ways to get free Robux.

Seriously, there are guides being published in 2023 about the Affiliate/Referral program that hasn’t been around for years. Luckily for you, we know what we’re talking about. Read on to learn real and legitimate ways to earn Robux without ever spending a dime.

► How to avoid Roblox: Adopt Me! scam

Get free Robux by developing games

The first and most powerful way of earning Robux is to help build its massive community — and have fun with it too. Roblox isn’t a game in and of itself. It’s a publishing platform for the user-generated games built within the Roblox Studio Engine. The Roblox Studio, with its simple voxel-based construction, is an excellent place for people to learn the ropes of game design and get their hands dirty with some practical game development experience.

Not to mention the best way to earn serious amounts of Robux — or, if you’re especially ambitious, piles and piles of real world money through the Developer Exchange program that lets you convert Robux into actual cash.

Indeed, there are massive games on the platform way, way past the free Robux stage. Games like Adopt Me! which attracts tens of millions of active players each month, earning DreamCraft, the developers, literal millions of dollars. Seriously, they employ well-paid, salaried game developers to work full-time on Adopt Me!

At first, that may sound like an unattainable goal. As the current Roblox leader with tons of manpower driving its development, Adopt Me! is, of course, a special case. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pocket more than enough Robux through Roblox Studio to fund a lavish Roblox player experience by yourself. There are thousands of games earning their creators tons of free Robux on a regular basis.

How to:

First, you’ll need to spend some time learning the basics of Roblox game development. It’s not difficult; Roblox has a massive amount of content and learning resources for aspiring developers. From game design to monetization, marketing, and device-optimization — absolutely everything you could possibly need is available in the form of written guides, video tutorials, and even pre-made game kits.

As a developer, you’ll earn the lion’s share of Robux on any and all purchases made within your game. You can choose to charge up-front for access to the game, create game passes to unlock privileges, sell items for player convenience in an in-game store, or do a combination of all of these.

Begin your journey as a Roblox developer here.

Learn the basics of Roblox Game Development here.

Get free Robux by selling game passes

A great way to make money through your game is to sell game passes that unlock special features for players inside your world — similar to premium membership or downloadable content in other, more familiar games.

These passes are limited to a one time purchase per player and can include anything, from lifting area restrictions, permanent boosts, unique abilities, and other special privileges.

How to:

Think critically about the kinds of passes that make sense for your game. Is it an MMORPG? Perhaps include some form of area-restriction, reserving entrance to swaths of explorable land behind a game pass. Or, if it’s a Battle Royale, maybe offer monthly cosmetic perks or exclusive reward tracks. Examine the games of the genre — and other genres for that matter — and the sorts of exclusive perks you could sell for one-time purchases.

The next step is to create an image, configure the pass, and upload it to the game. Remember: the game pass should provide players a tangible benefit that makes it worth the Robux. In a way, the game pass should sell itself — but nonetheless, make sure you promote it in-game! You can implement regular purchase prompts, NPC vendors, digital fliers. Get creative; Games like Adopt Me! even use literal in-game billboards to promote new products and events.

Learn how to create and sell game passes here.

Get free Robux by selling developer Products

As opposed to game passes, Developer Products can be purchased as many times as desired and can create a steady source of Robux income for the developers. These can be anything the player uses — ammo, equipment, consumables, collectibles.

Think about the resources important to your game, and consider how making them available for purchase might affect gameplay. While you certainly have a right to be compensated for developing your game and making it available, games that skew heavily towards pay-to-win often sour the playerbase and result in lower long term Robux income.

How to:

Simply use what you’ve learned from the Roblox Developer’s Hub to create the items you’ve conceived. Test them out, do experiments, and remember to keep tabs on the economy of your game.

You may have to tweak prices every now and then or use other forms of economic intervention to ensure there is always a demand for what you’re selling. You can use NPC vendors to distribute these items to players in-game or sell directly through the store featured on the game’s front page.

Learn more about Developer Products and in-game purchases here.

Get free Robux by designing Avatar clothing

The easiest way to create a robust Robux income source, designing Avatar Clothing doesn’t require you to invest hours of your time learning game design; Perfect for creative people otherwise uninterested in game development.

How to:

Roblox provides a preset clothing template. All you have to do is design something beautiful and paste it on the template. You don’t have to be a world-famous avant-garde fashion designer; This isn’t Fifth Avenue. Once you’ve created your article of clothing, merely upload it to the Catalog, set a price, and sit back while you gather commission with every purchase. Make something cool!

Read the Roblox guide on creating avatar clothing here.

Get free Robux by earning Google Play Credit

If game design isn’t your thing, and you’d rather spend time enjoying your favorite Roblox games, the other way to legitimately earn free Robux is by redeeming Play Store credit.

Remember: there is no such thing as free lunch. You will probably spend time filling out marketing surveys, downloading apps, or playing other games, but will earn Play Store credit that can be used to purchase Robux. It’s not glorious, but it is a concrete way to accrue that precious Robux without pulling out your wallet.

Where to earn Play Store credit:

Below are a few of the better-known places to earn Play Store credit. However, always be judicious about giving out your personal information. Whenever looking at a new site, be sure to read reviews and vet its credentials as best you can to avoid anything shady.

Watch Out for Scams

There are no Robux generators. Robux is a currency produced only by Roblox that operates like cash in your wallet, except impossible to counterfeit. Sites, YouTubers, apps that promise free Robux for nothing in return are always scams — often after your personal information or account logins. Our guide on ‘Adopt Me! scams‘ covers some cheap tactics extrapolated by scammers across the Roblox multiverse.

Robux Codes for June 2023

Every month, Roblox releases a few promo codes that players can redeem for free and exclusive avatar clothes right now. These codes don’t last forever, so hurry over to the Promo Codes page at the Roblox site and save yourself some of that hard-earned free Robux.

Thoughts? Which one is the best way to get free Robux for yourself?

How Does A Page Built Dynamically In Real Time Impact Seo?

Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from John in Burbank. John shares:

I work at Kaiser Permanente and we are migrating from IBM portal to Adobe’s Experience Manager (AEM). Some of the questions I am getting involve the creation of dynamic pages based on the template for that page.

How does a dynamically built page in real-time impact SEO?

I hope you can help as I’m struggling to understand how AEM’s technology influences SEO.

Dynamically generated pages, regardless of the platform, have been a challenge for SEO professionals for a couple of decades now.

How do you get pages indexed that don’t exist until they are needed?

New content management systems bring some new tricks to how pages are created but in the end, dynamic content is nothing new.

And there are several ways to handle dynamic content from an SEO perspective.

Dynamic Rendering

The official word from Mountain View on how to create SEO value from dynamic content is a technique knows as dynamic rendering.

Dynamic rendering detects the user-agent of a browser or bot and serves up content specifically for that bot.

This allows webmasters to show Googlebot and other crawlers fully-rendered pages rather than an empty dynamic template.

Some of you may sense red flags here – is this cloaking?

Dynamic rendering is not cloaking.

It’s a completely white hat technique recommended by Google for dynamically generated content; specifically, single-page apps and progressive web apps.

However, if dynamic rendering is abused, it can be considered cloaking.

For example, if you use dynamic rendering to serve up content that is not the same or very similar to the content that a regular visitor would see, you could end up in violation of Google’s terms of service.

The best practice is to make sure the content served to specific crawlers is the same as the content seen by your typical visitors.

When you implement dynamic rendering, make sure to check the speed of the site on different user agents.

A common mistake many make when implementing this technique is creating slow-loading pages, particularly mobile versions of these pages.

Always check the page speed of your alternate, dynamically rendered pages.

I’m not going to go into the nuts and bolts of setting up dynamic rendering in the column, but Google’s Martin Splitt has an excellent video on the subject that you can see here.

Cannonball: An Alternative to Dynamic Rendering

If you don’t want to mess with dynamic rendering, you can go “old school” and create what I call a cannonball.

A cannonball is when you create static HTML pages to represent the pages that would normally be dynamically generated.

Creating a cannonball can be very time-consuming, especially for sites with many dynamically generated pages.

But cannonballs work for getting content indexed that otherwise might not show up if the crawler can’t access the dynamically generated pages.

Typically, when using a cannonball approach, the dynamically generated content is hidden from the crawlers.

This approach makes sense when using heavy personalization on a site.

For example, a site where users log in and have personal account information dynamically generated while shopping or surfing would use a cannonball approach to show the crawler the pages without any personalized information.

You can also use a cannonball approach in conjunction with dynamic rendering if you just have a few dynamically generated pages that need to be indexed.

The downside to a cannonball approach is it can be very resource-intensive to maintain.

It’s easy for the content in the cannonball to be out of date, especially on a site where things change rapidly.

For example, if your pricing changes, you must make sure that the pricing changes on the cannonball pages, as well.

There are numerous software solutions that will help you to maintain your cannonball pages. However, be aware that not every tool works with every platform.

In Conclusion

Dynamically generated pages can be a powerful part of the overall user experience.

But they do create some headaches for SEO pros.

Thankfully, workarounds like dynamic rendering and cannonballs can help ensure we can have dynamically generated content and show up well in the search results.

More Resources:

How To Get Waterfall In Pokémon Emerald (With Pictures)

You can have Goldeen learn Waterfall by leveling it up to Level 38, but you’ll still need the Rain Badge in order to use it outside of battle to climb waterfalls.

Use Fly to head back to Sootopolis City. You can do this as soon as you exit the Seafloor Cavern after Kyogre and Groudon are awakened. You’ll see the two Legendary Pokémon fighting in Sootopolis City, causing the severe weather changes.


Talk to Steven in Sootopolis. You’ll find him outside of the Gym, which is closed for now due to the Legendary battle. Steven will take you to the Cave of Origins, where Wallace is waiting.

Talk to Wallace in the Cave of Origin and say “Sky Pillar” when prompted. This is the location of Rayquaza, which you’ll need to awaken in order to stop Kyogre and Groudon.

Get the Mach Bike in Mauville City. You’ll need the Mach Bike in order to make your way to the top of the Sky Pillar. You can Fly to Mauville and get one from Rydel’s Cycles if you don’t have it yet.

You may not have visited Pacifidlog City yet, in which case you’ll need to surf from Route 126 to Route 131, passing through 127, 128, 129, and 130 on the way. Make sure to visit Pacifidlog to the west of Route 131 so that you can Fly there easily later.

You may want to go the long way and do some training, as well as catch a very useful Wailord on Route 129. This is the only place in the game that you can get one.

On the fourth floor, you’ll need to fall through the second cracked section along the top of the big gap. This will drop you into a blocked area on the third floor. Head up the stairs back to the fourth floor, and then up the stairs again to the fifth.

Use Fly to return to Sootopolis City. You can use Fly from the roof of the Sky Pillar. When you arrive at Sootopolis, you’ll see Rayquaza drive off Groudon and Kyogre.

Talk to Wallace outside the Gym. He will give you HM07 Waterfall, and inform you that you’ll need to earn the Rain Badge by defeating the Sootopolis Gym Leader in order to use it. After giving you Waterfall, he will move aside and allow you to enter the Gym.

Prepare your party to take on the Gym. Juan, the Gym Leader, uses a Water-type party, with a Level 46 Kingdra as his most powerful Pokemon. Try to have a Dragon-type in your part to quickly take down the Kingdra, and plenty of Grass-type and Electric-Type Pokémon to do heavy damage to the Water Pokemon.

↑1, ←1, ↑1, →2, ↑1, ←1

↑1, ←3, ↑2, →2, ↓1, →2, ↓1, →2, ↑2, ←3

↑1, ←5, ↑3, →1, ↓1, →1, ↓1, →1, ↑2, →1, ↓1, →1, ↓1, →1, ↓1, →1, ↑1, →2, ↓1, →1, ↑3, ←2, ↓1, ←1, ↑1, ←2

Defeat Juan and earn the Rain Badge. This badge will allow you to use Waterfall outside of battle to climb waterfalls throughout the world. You can now teach HM07 to whichever Pokémon that you want to have it. It is usually best used on the same Pokémon that knows Surf. You’ll need Waterfall to access the Elite Four in Ever Grande City.


How To Use Powershell Get

The Get-ADUser cmdlet is a very versatile tool that’s used to get active directory users. If you need to identify specific AD users, you can use values like their SAM account name to do so. Or you can use the Properties parameter when you need detailed info on one or more users.

Similarly, when you’re dealing with a large number of user objects, the Filter parameter is useful for getting AD users based on certain filters like Email, City, Title, etc. Combined with tools like sort and export, Get-ADUser makes user management in domains very convenient.

On Domain Controllers, the Get-ADUser command obviously works by default. But if you try to run this command on other systems that are part of the AD domain, you may encounter the Get-ADUser is not recognized error.

This is because you must install the RSAT AD component first You can do so with Add-WindowsCapability –online –Name "Rsat.ActiveDirectory.DS-LDS.Tools~~~~". Once you do this, you can use Get-ADUser on any system.

You won’t be limited to domain admin accounts either; any authorized AD user account will work. One thing to remember is that while non-admin accounts can retrieve most user object attributes using this command, some sensitive info might be accessible to domain admins only.

Get-ADUser primarily uses three parameters to retrieve user objects – Identify, Filter, and LDAPFilter.

Identity retrieves a user object using a specific value like its distinguished name or GUID. This is useful when you need to find a user object and remember the required value. 

Filter returns a list of user objects based on the selected queries. In cases where you need to get AD users whose password has expired, or ones that haven’t logged in the last 2 weeks, and so on, filter can be useful. You can further narrow down the results to only user objects from specific servers, specific OUs, etc.

LDAPFilter also uses query strings to filter the user objects. The difference is that, unlike Filter which follows PowerShell syntax, LDAPFilter uses its own LDAP query syntax (attribute and value). This means it does have a slight learning curve, but you’ll find it to be a useful tool once you get used to it.

There are other useful parameters too like SearchBase and SearchScope that we’ll cover in our examples. We recommend referring to Microsoft’s documentation if you want to check the complete list of parameters, but the prior three are the ones we’ll focus on in this article.

Identity returns a single AD user object using one of the following properties:

Distinguished name (DN)


objectSid (SID, or security identifier)


Let’s say you need details on a user named Ava. Assuming her SamAccountName is ava, you can retrieve the user object with Get-ADUser -Identity ava.

This command only returns 10 main properties though. If you need the complete properties list for a user object, you should use Get-ADUser -Identity ava -Properties * instead. 

As people generally don’t remember the property values required for the Identity parameter, Filter tends to be more commonly used. Filter specifies a query string that follows the PowerShell Expression Language syntax to retrieve AD user objects. As such, the operator comes between the operand and the value.

A basic example would be Get-AdUser -Filter "Name -like '*a*'", where Name is the operand, like is the operator, and a is the value. This command returns all user objects that contain the letter a in their name.

Another useful command is Get-ADUser -Filter * which retrieves all the AD objects.

Now, here’s the list of Filter operators:

OperatorFunctioneqEqual togeGreater than or equal toleLess than or equal toneNot equal toapproxApproximately equal togtGreater thanltLess thanlikeLikenotlikeNot likeandAll clauses must be trueorAny of the clauses should be truenotThe clause must be falsebandBitwise ANDborBitwise OR



















Using these operators and properties, you can create various types of filters. For instance, to only get users with Tech in their description, you could use Get-ADUser -Filter "Description -like 'Tech'". To list only active AD users, you’d use Get-ADUser -Filter 'Enabled -eq $true'

LDAP clauses follow the (ADAttribute Operator Value) format. Specifically, it uses the following operators:

You should have a handle on basic Get-ADUser usage at this point. We’ve listed more examples of some common use cases here that will demonstrate other useful parameters and scenarios.

How To Get Permission Card Tyrone In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy released the 1.5-update on 15 September 2023.

The update includes a new map called the artificial island, a home system, a new 8-player cooperative “raid” gameplay, and more.

The update also fixed multiple issues like icon displays, stuns, interface, and more.

Artificial Island contains new quests, activities, and monsters.

You can also solve puzzles, get gold nuclei, and loot supply pods.

However, you might not know how to solve the puzzles or the locations of the gold nucleus and supply pods.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get and use Permission Card Tyrone in Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Permission Card Tyrone in Tower of Fantasy

To get Permission Card Tyrone in Tower of Fantasy, you need to get 3 Rapid Repair Devices, use the Repair Consumable Tool Set, and defeat Aberrants to get the Institute Key Card.

After that, use the keycard to activate the transmission device (east of the Water Treatment Plant) to go to North Gemini Island.

Lastly, go southeast of North Gemini Island towards the transmission device, stand on it to go to South Gemini Island, go on top of the mountain with large roots, and collect the Permission Card Tyrone inside the container.

Part 1: Rapid Repair Device I

Navigate to the sea near Broken Tooth Island (-813.4, -382.3).

Collect 3 fireflies on top of 3 small boats.

Activate the 3 “Fog-repellent light: firefly” on the big boat.

Collect the Black Nucleus to get the first Rapid Repair Device.

Part 2: Rapid Repair Device II

Navigate to the sea south of Stranded Remains (-265.7, 844.2).

Collect 3 fireflies on top of 3 small boats.

Activate the 3 “Fog-repellent light: firefly” on the big boat.

Collect the Black Nucleus to get the first Rapid Repair Device.

Part 3: Rapid Repair Device III

Navigate to the sea east of the Island of Pins (309.5, -1083.5).

Collect 3 fireflies on top of 3 small boats.

Activate the 3 “Fog-repellent light: firefly” on the big boat.

Collect the Black Nucleus to get the first Rapid Repair Device.

Part 4: Use the Repair Consumable Tool Set

Go to the east of the Deserted Water Treatment Plant (821.8, -389.0).

Purchase the “Fine Gift” from the Crystal Dust Store.

Use the “Fine Gift” and select “Tool set”.

Select “Repair Consumable: Tool Set x1”.

Part 5: Get the Institute Key Card

Farm the Aberrants (e.g. Ex Researcher Angry Aberrant Damlen) around the Artificial Island for the Institute Key Card.

Some of its locations are Deserted Water Treatment Plant, Stone Mountain, Feiyun Mountain, and more.

Part 6: Go to the North Gemini Island

Go back to the east of the Deserted Water Treatment Plant (821.8, -389.0).

Go east towards the transmission device.

Select “Use Institute Key Card to activate the transmission device”.

After you’ve selected “Use Institute Key Card to activate the transmission device”, you’ll be teleported to North Gemini Island.

Part 7: Go to the South Gemini Island

Go southeast of North Gemini Island towards the transmission device.

Stand on the transmission device to go to South Gemini Island.

Part 8: Get Permission Card: Tyrone

Go south of South Gemini Island and go on top of the mountain with large roots.

Go inside the container and pick up the pass (Permission Card Tyrone).

Part 9: Use the Blue Portal

Go to the north of South Gemini Island.

Go inside the Blue Portal to go back to North Gemini Island.

Part 10: Use Permission Card: Tyrone to go to the Sea Horizon Stand

Go west and climb up a mountain until you reach the transmission device.

Use Permission Card: Tyrone to activate the transmission device and stand on it.

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