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Combine a map with the debug screen and you can find the exact coordinates of your home base. Write these down a sticky note, put it on your monitor, and you can always find your way back home–with or without a map.

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Minecraft Map Sizes

Minecraft maps double in size each time you increase their coverage area.

A standard Minecraft map shows an area 128 blocks by 128 blocks, or 8 chunks by 8 chunks. The base level map is called “Zoom step 0” out of 4 possible zoom levels. A map of this size can show individual blocks, which can be useful if you have a specific sort of block only used in your base–you can always identify where you started from.

The next map level is “zoom step 1.” This map shows a size of 256 blocks by 256 blocks, or 16 chunks by 16 chunks. At this size, individual blocks are difficult to make out–but you can easily see trees and pathways.

The next level up is “zoom step 2.” This size shows a much larger area at 512 blocks by 512 blocks, with 32 chunks by 32 chunks. It is far more of a region map, depicting lakes and buildings rather than small details like trees. 

“Zoom step 3” shows 1024 blocks by 1024 blocks and 64 chunks by 64 chunks. This is a huge amount of space that shows the mountains and rivers around your base. This map size is useful for planning landscape modifications around your home base.

How To Make a Map In Minecraft

There are multiple ways to make a map in Minecraft. First, you will need 8 pieces of paper and a compass. Before we show you how to make a map in Minecraft, we’re going to show you how to create these items. 

How to Craft Paper

Paper is an essential resource for making maps and books in Minecraft. You can craft it by placing three pieces of sugarcane on a crafting table. This yields three pieces of paper. You’ll need eight to make a map, so keep an eye out for sugarcane or break down bookcases in villages.

How to Craft a Compass

The compass is a powerful tool that points towards the direction of your spawn point. To craft it, you need four iron ingots and a piece of redstone. Iron ingots can be obtained by smelting iron ore in a furnace, and iron ore can be found in every biome and on every world level.

Place the four iron ingots in the north, west, south, and east blocks of the crafting table and place the redstone in the center. This yields a compass.

How to Craft a Map

Once you have the necessary components, making a map in Minecraft is easy. There are two main ways. 

The first method involves a Crafting Table. 

Place the eight pieces of paper around the outside borders and then place the compass in the middle.

It should look like this, where P is “paper” and C is “compass:”




You will know the method works when an Empty Map item appears on the right side of the Crafting Table. 

How to Enlarge a Map

To increase your map from its original size to a larger one, you will need eight pieces of paper and the map. 

After you place the paper around the map, you can take it from the crafting table. It will be the next-largest size. Repeat this process as many times as you need until you reach the largest map size.

Why Use Maps?

Aside from the obvious benefits of filling in the map for the sake of navigation, there are other reasons to make a map. You can create a map wall–in fact, one of the achievements on the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game is to build a 9×9 map wall. 

A map wall can be a great way to get a birds-eye view (literally) of your Minecraft world. Depending on the world size limit, you might need dozens or even hundreds of maps to fully display it–as well as hundreds of hours of gameplay to fill it in. If you’re a diehard fan, though, it can be well worth the effort. 

Take the time to learn how to make a map in Minecraft. It can help you out when you find yourself in an area with landmarks you don’t recognize; in fact, it’s kind of hard to believe how easy it is to get lost in Minecraft. A map can get you home when night starts to fall, you’re low on food, and you can hear the sound of Skeleton archers in the distance. 

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How To Make A Sugar Cane Farm In Minecraft

At its core, Minecraft is a game about exploration and material collection. Usually, both of these go hand-in-hand, as you try to collect items while exploring the world. Luckily, things don’t have to be that way. If you know how to make a sugar cane farm in Minecraft, you can easily collect one of the most useful items in the game without any effort. Unlike most crops in Minecraft, sugar cane can be grown and harvested automatically, and that is just a surface-level benefit. With so much more to come, let’s learn how to make an automatic sugar cane farm in Minecraft right away.

Make a Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft 1.19 (2024)

We will cover the various stages of making a sugar cane farm in separate sections for your ease. One of them also goes over using the Allay in Minecraft to make the farm more efficient. Let’s start off by taking a look at the uses of sugar cane in Minecraft.

Uses of Sugar Cane in Minecraft

Before we dive into the farm itself, let’s go over the various uses of sugar cane in Minecraft.

Items Required to Make Sugar Cane Farm

You need the following items to make a sugar cane farm in Minecraft:

A bucket of Water

Fifteen Dirt blocks

Sixteen Solid blocks (any)

Fifteen Pistons

Seventeen Redstone Dust

One Observer block

One Hopper and a Chest

Fifteen Sugar Canes

Glass blocks and a door (optional)

Make Automatic Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft

Our automatic sugar cane farm is inspired by the design made by YouTuber Wattles. But we have also added some subtle changes and an additional Minecraft 1.19 feature to improve its functionality.

Item Collection and Crop Area

Follow these steps to make the base of an automatic sugar cane farm in Minecraft:

1. To begin, place 7 blocks of dirt or its alternatives in a straight line. This is where the sugar cane will grow.

2. Then, leaving the space of one block, create another row of dirt blocks. After that, place one dirt block on the edge of the gap in the middle.

Automatic Observer Area for Sugar Cane Farm

Follow the steps below to automate your sugar cane farm in Minecraft:

1. First, place a series of pistons parallel to the dirt blocks. These pistons should be on the back side of the dirt blocks and at least two blocks higher than the dirt blocks.

2. Then, place an observer right above the piston behind the isolated dirt block. It should face towards the water.

4. Finally, to connect the whole system, place red stone dust on top of every newly placed solid block and the observer.

5. Now that your whole sugar cane farm setup is ready, you need to close it off by placing glass or any solid blocks. We would suggest you cover the top as well to avoid lightning strikes.

How Does Sugar Cane Farm Work in Minecraft

The sugar canes only grow on dirt-like blocks if they are next to the water. Using that logic, our farm slowly grows sugar cane to a height until they are right in front of the observer. As soon as the observer notices the sugar cane in front, it sends a Redstone signal. This signal activates all the pistons in the farm to break the sugar cane from the middle.

When the middle part of the sugar cane breaks, it also takes down the top part with itself. The broken parts of sugar cane drop as an item in the flowing water, which takes them to the hopper. The hopper collects the sugar cane inside the adjacent chest. Meanwhile, the bottom part of the sugar cane remains safe and the cycle starts again.

Use Allay to Improve Sugar Cane Farm

But the simplest solution is getting an Allay in Minecraft. The Allay can collect the fallen sugar canes and easily throw them on top of a hopper. To make the Allay do such a complex task, you have to place a jukebox next to the hopper. This specific jukebox should continuously play music to keep the Allay attached and not wander away. Now, whenever Allay will throw the sugar cane at the jukebox, it will be automatically collected by the hopper next to it.

If you want to use an Allay on your Minecraft farm, you need these additional items:

Eight Pieces of Redstone Dust

One Solid Block (Any)

One Noteblock

An Allay

One Lever

Two Redstone Repeaters

Follow the steps below to add an Allay to your sugar cane farm:

1. First, move the chest from the front of the hopper and place it to the side. You might have to place the hopper again to connect it to the chest.

3. To start this Redstone system, put a lever next to one of the Redstone pieces. Then, turn the lever on and break it immediately. Doing so will force the whole machine to be stuck in a loop.

4. Finally, you need to get an Allay to your farm and hand it a piece of sugar cane. The Allay will connect itself to the jukebox and start working. Moreover, it is best to create a larger structure around your farm to prevent the Allay from flying away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Creeper proof a Minecraft farm?

The easiest way to keep your farm safe from Creepers is by placing a few cats around it. Creepers are generally scared of cats and turn away from the area on seeing cats.

Sugar cane doesn’t require any sunlight to grow. You can keep it fully covered in darkness too.

Does bonemeal work on sugar cane?

The bonemeal helps in the growth of sugar cane only on the Bedrock edition.

Make an Automatic Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft

How To Make A Chiseled Bookshelf Secret Door In Minecraft 1.20

It’s time to upgrade your Minecraft house because secret doors just got an update. You can now realize your spy movie dreams and create a hidden door that opens if you interact with books. And that’s all thanks to the new chiseled bookshelves that have been added in Minecraft 1.20. They are a one-of-a-kind storage option that also works with Redstone components. But one won’t be able to appreciate the chiseled bookshelf’s capabilities without a prime example. So, here’s how to make a chiseled bookshelf secret door in Minecraft.

Chiseled Bookshelf Secret Door in Minecraft (Guide)

We will first go over the functioning and Redstone mechanics of the chiseled bookshelf. If you are already familiar with the same, you can use the table below to skip to the secret door tutorial.

How Does a Chiseled Bookshelf in Minecraft Work

A chiseled bookshelf is a unique storage block in Minecraft where you can keep your books, enchanted books, and book & quill. Unlike chests, the chiseled bookshelf doesn’t have a dedicated UI. Instead, you just have to look at it and place the book-based item on one of its six slots. Similarly, you can take your placed item back by using the secondary action key on any slot of the chiseled bookshelf.

Moreover, just like other storage blocks, the chiseled bookshelves also send Redstone signals. But instead of the number of items in it, the signal’s strength for a chiseled bookshelf depends upon the slot you interact with.

Redstone Signals from Each Book Slot

The strength of each signal determines how far it can travel in a Redstone circuit. You can witness the same using randomly filled chiseled bookshelf and Redstone comparator machines, just like the above screenshot. This is the mechanic we will use to build a secret door with a chiseled bookshelf.

Items Required to Make Chiseled Bookshelf Secret Door

You need the following items to make a chiseled bookshelf secret door in Minecraft:

You can use the linked guides to find the crafting recipe and additional details about each of these items. All of them are common Redstone components that you can obtain early in your game.

How to Make a Chiseled Bookshelf Secret Door in Minecraft

Keeping your ease in mind, we have divided our tutorial into separate sections. Each of them focuses on a different aspect of the secret door mechanism to help avoid any errors.

Make the Basic Structure

1. First, dig a long tunnel in the ground, which will lead to your secret room. Make sure to safeguard its landing area using either water or slime blocks.

2. Then, place a sticky piston one block away from the tunnel. This piston should be facing toward the tunnel, and there should be a block between the two.

3. Then, create a row of chiseled bookshelves in the gap between the tunnel and the sticky piston.

4. We are going for a mostly filled bookshelf secret door. So after placing the chiseled bookshelves, fill them completely with bookish items. However, you can leave a few slots empty to create confusion. But make sure to leave the bottom left chiseled bookshelf completely empty for now.

Redstone Mechanic for Secret Door

1. First, place a Redstone comparator behind the empty chiseled bookshelf. The comparator’s side with two pins should be towards the chiseled bookshelf.

2. Then, place two pieces of Redstone dust followed by a Redstone repeater next to the comparator. The repeater’s moveable pin should be towards the comparator.

3. Finally, use Redstone dust to create a loop and connect the Repeater to the sticky piston.

How Chiseled BookShelf Secret Door Works (Explained)

Mathematically, we can assign the following strength values to each slot of the bookshelf (going L to R and T to B):

Slot A: 2

Slot B: 3

Slot C: 4

Slot D: 5

Slot E: 6

Slot F: 7

With that in mind, it’s always best to use the corner slots to activate or deactivate a secret door. Otherwise, the invader will have more than one way to trigger the Redstone system.

How to Open and Close Chiseled Bookshelf Secret Door

Follow these steps to learn how to use the secret door:

1. First, go to the empty chiseled bookshelf and place a book in the top left slot. This will immediately trigger the Redstone mechanic and open the secret door. Removing the book from that slot while the door is closed also triggers it.

2. Then fill up the rest of the chiseled bookshelf as per your preferences. Interacting with any of the other slots will close the secret door. Moreover, while the door is closed, interacting with the other slots does nothing.

Make a Chiseled Bookshelf Secret Door in Minecraft Today

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 1.18.1

Whether it’s the new Minecraft 1.18 update or any earlier version, diamonds are the most sought-after ores in the game. You can use them to create reliable weapons, tools, and armors in the game. Not to forget, diamonds are important to help you progress in the survival world too. Moreover, you need diamonds even if you want Netherite tools, which are the strongest in Minecraft. , Now, as much as we love them, diamonds are not as easy to find in Minecraft as you might think. Because of that, we have today covered the best and easiest ways to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18.1 update. These methods work on both Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions. In addition to covering the heights and biomes to find diamonds, we will also share a few mining tricks to find them easily. With that out of the gate, let’s figure out where to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18.1.

How and Where to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18.1: A Definitive Guide (2024)

Thanks to the revamped world generation, all the in-game ores have a new generation and distribution in place. If you are looking for cheap thrills like iron or copper, refer to our in-depth guide on Minecraft 1.18.1 ore distribution. As for the diamond ore, use the table below to find everything you need to know.

At Which Level are Diamonds Found in Minecraft 1.18.1?

One of the biggest changes in Minecraft 1.18.1 is the expanded world generation to adapt to the new biomes. With this update, the highest point in Minecraft is located at 320 blocks, and the deepest point is at -64 blocks. Thanks to that, you can expect more ore blocks throughout the area in the game. But you will also have to go a little deeper to find rare ores like lapis, redstone, and of course, diamonds. Though, once you master the vertical distance to find diamonds, the rest is all about the technique.

via the developer Henrik Kniberg

If we refer to the official notes released by the developers, diamond ores only generate below Y=16 world height. Here, “Y” refers to the world height, and its value stands for in-game blocks. And it goes all the way down to level Y=-64, which is better known as the bedrock layer. Here, you can find diamond deep slate ores that function similar to regular diamond ores but are darker in color.

Locations to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18.1

Now that you know the level at which diamonds spawn in Minecraft 1.18.1, let’s go over key locations to look for. And no, not all of them involve digging straight down.

Underwater Ravines: Usually, the regular Minecraft ravines generate with lava pool at the bottom or at least take a while for you to climb down. But underwater ravines are a great and safe place to look for diamonds in the game. All you need is to know how to make a Potion of Water Breathing and sharp eyes to locate some exposed diamond ores.

Caves: If going underwater seems like too much work, try these new dripstone caves seeds in Minecraft 1.18.1. They sometimes generate with exposed diamond ores at a deeper level. You might find them in lush caves seeds too, but they are typically surrounded with moss or plants, so some digging will definitely be required.

Underground Mining: This is the simplest way to reach diamonds. You need to start mining till you reach the diamond level. Then, you can look for diamond in every direction until you get lucky. But you might fall into a cave in the new update while doing so. Thus, do make sure that the surface below you isn’t hollow.

How to Mine Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18.1

Once you have figured out how to reach the diamonds level in Minecraft 1.18.1, it’s time to mine them. All you need to do is focus on the ore block and mine it using an iron pickaxe. You can’t use any other beginner pickaxe from a lower level, including wooden or stone pickaxe. Mining diamond ores using these pickaxes will lead you to lose the ore as well as the diamonds.

You can craft an iron pickaxe by placing 3 iron ingots in the top row of a Crafting table in Minecraft. And then, place 2 wooden sticks in the middle cells of the remaining two rows. The final recipe would look like the image above. Lastly, select the iron pickaxe and place it in your inventory.

Best Diamond Mining Techniques and Tips in Minecraft

Before the 1.18.1 update, players would have to dig down with a variety of mining techniques to find diamonds. But now, things have changed significantly, so here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Torches Deep Slate Caves

Unlike previous versions, cave hunting is the best method to find diamonds in the 1.18.1 update and not mining. If you look for large caves that go in negative Y levels, you can find diamond ores easily. Even among these caves, those that focus more on deep slate blocks and not the biomes are more useful.

Water Bucket

Follow the Lava

If you are a veteran player, you might know that diamonds spawn in higher concentrations near the lava. That remains true even with the diamond ore in Minecraft 1.18.1 update. When inside a deep slate cave, follow lava to locate diamond ores in the game.

Branch Mining

As the name sounds, this mining technique involves creating multiple tunnels at negative or diamond levels. You just need to start breaking blocks in particular branches from an origin point. Then, you need to find and mark diamond sources with torches. Though, we suggest you skip making sub-branches to avoid confusion and not stray from your path.

Strip Mining Easily Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18.1

How To Vote In Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

The most exciting time of the year for Minecraft fans is here, and we can’t keep calm. All the new mobs for the much-anticipated Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 have been revealed, and they are astonishing, to say the least. All three mobs bring new mechanics to the game, and one of them aims to change the flowers and crops system in Minecraft forever. But none of that matters if you don’t know how to vote for the new mobs to pick the winner during Minecraft Live 2023. That’s why we are stepping in with all the methods you can use to vote in Minecraft’s Mob Vote 2023, including an option to vote in-game for your favorite new mob. With that said, there is no time to waste. Let’s dive in and get ready to vote!

How to Vote for New Minecraft Mobs (2024) New Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 Options

This year’s choices for new mobs that you can choose to bring to Minecraft are:

Sniffer: A dinosaur-like mob that digs out plantable seeds which grow into unique plants.

Rascal: Exclusive to the caves of the overworld, this mob plays hide-and-seek with players and drops rare items as a reward.

Tuff Golem: Part of the golem family, Tuff Golem is a decorative mob that picks up items and strolls around randomly.

If you want to dig deeper and learn more details about the new upcoming mobs, use our dedicated guide to Minecraft Mob Vote 2023.

The polling for Minecraft’s Mob Vote 2023 will start on October 14 at 12 PM ET (11:00 AM CT, 9:00 AM PST, or 9:30 PM IST), a day before the official Minecraft Live 2023 stream. You will be able to vote for your favorite new mob for 24 hours.

During this time, you can change your vote an unlimited number of times. Nothing is final until 12 PM ET (11:00 AM CT, 9:00 AM PST, or 9:30 PM IST) on October 15, when the mob vote closes.

Mob Vote: Round 2 (Expected)

As you can figure out, the initial poll takes place between three mobs. But, if it’s anything like previous community votes, the top two mobs in the first round will compete again for the final position. For now, the developers haven’t revealed any details for a second round.

Though, we expect to see the poll to re-open during the Minecraft Live event. But even if the vote ends in only one round, the live event will reveal the final winner only on October 15, 2023.

How to Vote for New Mobs in Minecraft Live 2023

An Exclusive Bedrock Edition Server

Java Edition section of the Minecraft launcher Official Website

Since all of these options are going to be connected to your Microsoft + Mojang account, you can only cast one vote for your mob. Though, beware of any unofficial polls on Twitter or any other website. Voting on only the official sources will impact the final results.

Note: The described options will only be available and active starting October 14 at 12 PM ET. That said, let’s go over the steps to cast your vote in Minecraft Mob Vote 2023.

Cast Mob Vote on Special Bedrock Server

Follow these steps to vote for the new mob on the official Minecraft Bedrock vote server set up for this occasion:

The game will display the message of acceptance of your vote. Then, you can leave the server or stick around to play some mini-games.

Use Minecraft Launcher to Vote for New Mob

As soon as the voting goes live, the Minecraft Launcher will show a new option to vote for one of the three new mobs. You can select your favorite mob and cast your vote. Here’s what the process looks like:

1. Open the Minecraft launcher and select the “Minecraft Live” option from the left sidebar.

3. Then, a pop-up will show up, and you need to select the “Vote In Launcher” option if you don’t wish to join the server, as shown in the above section.

4. Finally, select the new mob you wish to vote for during Minecraft Live 2023. The community seems to be inclined towards the Sniffer for what it might bring to the table in terms of new lore, new plants, and flowers to Minecraft.

Cast Mob Vote on the Minecraft Website

As per our testing, the most reliable way to vote for your favorite mob is by using the official website. It doesn’t have to face the stress of multiple players present on a server and can be accessed on all platforms. Follow the steps below to vote on the official Minecraft site:

Beebom Opinion Poll: What New Mob Do You Pick?

Now that you know how to cast your vote in Minecraft Mob Vote 2023, it’s time to deal with the dreadful waiting period. The results won’t be revealed until the later segment of the Minecraft Live event. However, to counter the wait, we are conducting an UNOFFICIAL public opinion poll. You can use it to share your opinion.

Note: Your vote on our website doesn’t count towards the official new mob for Minecraft 1.20. It’s only a testament to public opinion for estimating the final results.

Cast Your Vote in Minecraft Live’s Mob Vote 2023

How To Fix Abandoned Connection Closed Error In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that allows players to create and explore a virtual world made of blocks.

However, sometimes players may encounter network errors that prevent them from joining or accessing Minecraft servers.

One of these errors is the “abandoned connection closed” error in Minecraft, which means that the connection between your PC and the server was interrupted or terminated by the server or another device on the network. This error can also arise from network, server and installation issues.

This article will explore the causes and solutions to this issue in Minecraft.

What Causes Abandoned Connection Closed Issue In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that allows players to create and explore a virtual world made of blocks.

Players can build structures, craft items, fight enemies, and collaborate with other players in different game modes.

However, players sometimes encounter abandoned connection closed errors when connecting in Minecraft.

Here are some causes of the “abandoned connection closed” error in Minecraft.

Firewall Settings

Error in DNS Address

Installation Issues

Network Issues

Server Issues

Sometimes, the error can arise if the server view distance is set too high, which can overload the server and cause it to disconnect clients.

In addition, if Java is not updated, corrupted, or incompatible with your system, it can also give rise to this error.

How To Fix Abandoned Connection Closed Issue In Minecraft?

The “abandoned connection closed” error in Minecraft is a network error that occurs when you try to join or access a Minecraft server.

It means that the connection between your PC and the server was interrupted or terminated by the server or another device on the network.

Furthermore, this error can prevent you from playing Minecraft with friends or on online servers.

However, you can try some fixes below to solve this error in Minecraft.

1. Check Your Internet

You should check your internet connection before going into any fixes below.

Sometimes, slow internet connectivity can cause the abandoned connection closed issue in Minecraft.

Furthermore, if your system is experiencing a slow internet connection, try restarting your router.

Read on to learn how to work from home with slow internet.

2. Disable Windows Firewall

Your firewall can block the outbound connection from your PC to the Minecraft server.

Therefore, you must disable your firewall to connect with the Minecraft server correctly.

Furthermore, you can disable Firewall from Firewall & network protection settings and toggle off the option under Windows Defender Firewall.

3. Use Public DNS Server

If the DNS address of your internet service provider is not working correctly or is outdated, this error can arise.

You can try to change your DNS address to a public one, such as Google’s and

Furthermore, if the DNS address is causing an abandoned connection closed issue in Minecraft, this will fix the issue.

4. Reinstall Minecraft

If Minecraft is not updated, corrupted, or incompatible with your system, it can cause an abandoned connection closed issue in Minecraft.

You should try reinstalling Minecraft or updating it to the latest version to see if the issue persists.

Sometimes, outdated network drivers and issues with your network connection can cause this issue in Minecraft.

You can try to restart your network, check your network speed, or use a wired connection instead of wireless.

Moreover, you can also update your network driver from the device manager.

The Bottom Line

This error can be frustrating and annoying, especially if you want to play with your friends or on online servers.

Fortunately, some solutions can help you fix this error and enjoy Minecraft without problems.

Hopefully, these methods can help you resolve the issue and connect to your Minecraft server.

Read on to know if skeleton horses despawn in Minecraft and how to swim down in Minecraft.

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