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How to Open Firefox’s Downloaded PDFs with Edge PDF Reader Everything to know about opening PDFs with the default reader




Microsoft Edge PDF Reader is the default app for opening PDFs in Windows 10.

Firefox has a feature that lets you open downloaded PDFs with the default (system) PDF viewer.

There is also a built-in PDF Reader on Firefox and the browser allows you to download extensions for the purpose.

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Firefox, being one of the best browsers for all devices, has many endearing features. One of them is a built-in PDF Reader that allows you to open PDF files on the browser easily.

However, Microsoft Edge PDF Reader is the default app for opening PDFs in Windows 10. So, sometimes when you open a PDF file on Firefox with the system viewer, you might be using the Edge PDF Reader.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about the feature and how to use it.

Does Firefox have a PDF Reader?

However, Firefox allows you to download and change your PDF viewer and use the Windows default option.

Quick Tip:

If you work with lots of PDFs and need easy access to view and read them, we recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader for this job.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free app that gets you the best viewing experience for all types of PDFs. Also, it comes with fill and sign options for important documents.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Simple and fast PDF viewer lets you access files from any device.

Free Visit Website

How can I open Firefox’s downloaded PDFs using Edge PDF Reader? Use Open in System Viewer or Always Open in System Viewer 

Gone are the days when you required Acrobat Reader to open PDFs. With common browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox offering built-in PDF readers, you no longer have to deal with the troubles of installing or troubleshooting Acrobat Reader.

But each browser’s PDF reader has unique features, shortcomings, and strengths. Well, Firefox lets you use Open in System Viewer or Always Open in System Viewer to read downloaded PDFs.

Of course, you can set the default PDF viewer to another app instead of Microsoft Edge PDF Reader in Windows. In that case, the other app you select will launch your PDF documents if you choose any of the Open in System options in Firefox.

The Edge PDF Reader itself received new enhancements recently, including the ability to highlight words or sentences when reading a PDF.

Why won’t Firefox open a PDF?

Have you figured out how to use the Edge PDF-reading tool yet? Try this guide we prepared for you!

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How To Easily Create Fillable Pdf Forms On Your Mac With Pdfelement 6

Creating and Editing PDF Files in PDFelement 6

PDFelement 6 is a very powerful tool that you can use to not only create new PDFs, but even edit existing PDFs by adding pages, merging multiple files into a PDF file, or creating PDF files from clipboard, selection, and a lot more. We’ll cover three of the most common use cases in this how-to:

Using Automatic Field Recognition to Create Fillable PDF Forms Instantly

Create a Fillable PDF Form from an Existing PDF

Creating a fillable form from a blank PDF

While there are other methods of creating PDF files in PDFelement 6, we’ll stick with these two methods to demonstrate this how to, because they will cover the most common use-cases of creating fillable forms on a PDF file, and the other methods are almost identical in the steps you’ll have to take.

1.Using Automatic Field Recognition to Create Fillable PDF Forms Instantly

With Automatic Form Field Recognition, you never have to take print outs of PDF forms and fill them up by hand, and if someone in your team has made a non-interactive PDF form, you don’t have to redo all of the work, either. PDFelement can automatically recognise PDF files with form fields (hence the name Automatic Form Field Recognition), and convert them into interactive fields that you can then save to create a fillable PDF form.

If you have a PDF file with a non-interactive form inside, you can easily convert it into a fillable PDF in PDFelement 6. Just follow the steps below:

As soon as PDFelement 6 opens the file, you’ll see that the form automatically becomes fillable.

You can then export the PDF file as a fillable PDF form, and save people the trouble of having to print the file, fill it up, and then scan it to send it back.

I tried out the Automatic Form Field Recognition feature on a passport application form, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that PDFelement 6 was easily able to instantly convert the entire passport application into a fillable PDF form. That’s not all, the name field in the PDF form was divided into little boxes for each letter of the applicant’s name, and PDFelement easily handled that as well. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect that to happen, but it did and it just goes to show how powerful this software is.

2. Create Fillable PDF Form From Existing PDF File

If you have a PDF file in which you want to add a fillable PDF form, you can do it easily with PDFelement 6. Just follow the steps below:

Opening an Existing File and Setting Up for The Fillable PDF Form

In the sidebar, select where you want the page to be added. In my case, I’ll be adding it after the last page of the PDF.

Creating the Fillable PDF Form

Let’s move on to adding some form elements to the page. For the trip registration form, I’ll be using four text fields for “Name”, “Email”, “Phone Number”, and “Address”. I’ll also include a drop down field with the places we can visit for the trip. Doing this is incredibly easy and you can just follow the steps given below:

Once all that is done, your fillable PDF form is basically ready. All you need to do is save the PDF file you were editing, and you can check out your form. Simply press “command+S” to save the PDF file. If you don’t wish to overwrite the original file, use “command+shift+S” instead. You can then open up the PDF file, and try filling up the form.

3. Creating a Fillable PDF Form in a Blank PDF File

If you want to create a standalone fillable PDF form, you can do so with PDFelement as well. Simply follow the steps given below to create a fillable PDF form in a blank PDF File.

Let’s create a form for reporting bugs in an app. We’ll use three text fields for “Name“, “Email“, and “Bug Description“. The method to create a form is exactly the same as it was for creating a form in an existing PDF file. Just go to “Form”, and add the fields you want to. You can resize the Text Field for the “Bug Description” so that it looks better.

Use PDFelement 6 to Easily Create Fillable PDF Forms

PDFelement 6 (Free trial, paid licenses start from $59.95) is definitely a great app to easily make fillable PDF forms. The app comes loaded with every feature that you may need to create a PDF form. You can add Text Fields, Dropdown Menus, Lists, Radio Buttons, and a lot more. Plus, you can add background to the PDF, so your form looks even more amazing, and you can perform a lot of other customisation to make your form unique. PDFelement is definitely worth its salt, and is worth every penny of the price it comes at. So, if you find yourself working with PDFs quite a bit, you can definitely try PDFelement to make your life easy.

How To Sign A Pdf Document On Mac

The next time you need to sign a PDF on your Mac, do not reach for your printer and a pen. You can use the Preview app that is built in to every Mac to fill out and sign just about any PDF document using a few simple steps. Best of all, there is a digital signature workflow that is effective for everyone, whether you would like to use pen and paper, your Mac’s built-in trackpad, or your iPad with Apple Pencil.

Adding your signature to a document using Preview is just one of the more than 10 ways that you can improve your Mac experience with macOS Ventura.

How to Sign a PDF Using the Trackpad

Every Mac ships with macOS, and every version of macOS includes the Preview app. You can use Preview to create and import signatures, sign PDFs, and export PDF documents. Use the following steps to open a PDF in Preview.

Tip: if your Mac has a Force Touch trackpad, you can press more firmly with your finger to sign your name with a bolder stroke.

If you prefer to write out your signature using a traditional pen and paper you can use your Mac’s built-in webcam to scan and import your signature directly into any document in Preview.

Good to know: do you get irritated with that floating screenshot window in the corner of your Mac? You can get rid of it by following this guide.

How to Sign a PDF Using the FaceTime Camera

Following step #3 above, simply select “Camera” from the list of signature options.

How To Sign a PDF Using Your iPhone or iPad

If you prefer to use your iPhone or iPad to sign a PDF document on your Mac, you can do so very easily. Just be sure that you have your iPhone or iPad nearby. For even greater accuracy, you can use an Apple Pencil to sign your signature on your iPad before transferring it to your Mac.

Following the same step #3 above, select “iPhone or iPad” from the list of signature options.

Print your signature on your iPhone using your finger or on an iPad using an Apple Pencil. Your signature will be automatically transcribed to your Mac.

How to Export a Signed PDF From Preview

After you are finished signing your PDF, you can export a signed copy for your records or to share using Preview.

Tip: if you are looking to protect any sensitive documents that you have signed from prying eyes, you can follow our guide to discover how to hide files, folders, and desktop icons on Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions I cannot find the Preview app on my Mac. Did I accidentally delete it?

Don’t worry, it’s not possible to accidentally delete the Preview app. If you are having trouble finding Preview it may be hiding in the “Other” app folder that is accessible via the Launchpad. If you still cannot find Preview, try activating Spotlight by pressing the space bar and the command key at the same time, then type in “Preview” and hit the return key to immediately launch Preview.

What else can I do with PDF documents using the Preview app?

You can use Preview to rotate, markup, print, and even quickly fill out forms using the “Form Filling” button in the toolbar. You can even use the built-in search bar to search for keywords in a document. Read on if you’re looking to combine a couple of scanned documents together into one PDF,

Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots by Brahm Shank.

Brahm Shank

Self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and tech enthusiast Brahm Shank is captivated by the impact of consumer tech: “It’s profoundly moving when people discover that the phone in their pocket or the tiny computer on their wrist has the power to enrich their lives in ways they never imagined.” Apple, Inc. and its unique position at the intersection of technology and the creative arts, resonates deeply with Brahm and his passion for helping people unleash their potential using technology. Over the years, Brahm has held various podcasts – including famed technologist David Pogue of The New York Times on topics such as Big Tech and digital wellness.

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How To Use Open Assistant?

Open Assistant is an open-source AI model that dynamically retrieves data from third-party systems to help in human-like conversations.

Open Assistant is the new open-source AI Chatbot that is very easy to use and the new AI  model, which could be better than ChatGPT.

Many open-source AI models have been released day by day. However, most of them have trained their model using data retrieved from ChatGPT.

Although many AI Chatbots claim to be open source, the features of this AI model are quite impressive.

Continue reading the article to learn how to use Open Assistant properly and how the model is trained.

How Is Open Assitant Trained?

Open Assistant is a Chatbot that uses API and third-party plugins similar to GPT-4 and can be personalized to your needs.

To train their AI model, the team instructed GPT, a paper from Open AI. It uses reinforcement learning with human feedback.

Additionally, the model is not trained from ChatGPT data but from human-generated data.

You can also check the data generation statistics on their website.

Furthermore, it is funded by LAION, a non-profit organization focusing on machine learning research.

How To Use Open Assistant?

Open Assistant is a chat-based Assistant that understands tasks and can communicate with third-party systems. Follow the steps below to use Open Assistant properly.

Go to the Open Assistant Website. The next step is to sign up.

You use either your email or your Discord account to sign up.

After logging in, you can see the dashboard. You can create a new chat and ask away your new AI Assistant.

 You can also help the AI to improve by completing different tasks and replying as an Assistant.

The answers that you get from this AI model are very human-like because of its human-generated databases.

Here’s an example of the Assistant writing an email for an international IT student scholarship.

You can also personalize your Chatbot by enabling third-party plugins and choosing the chat model. Open Assistant can be your new GPT-4.

One of the biggest concerns with people while being a part of the artificial intelligence community is the use of discriminative words or rude behavior.

However, with the guidelines of Open Assistant, you will not have to worry about offensive behavior and replies.

They strive to improve and block out rude content through user feedback.

Moreover, other discussions have been on how this AI model and ChatGPT are similar. In fact, people claim that this model is much better than ChatGPT.

GPT-4, which has new third-party plugins, is not available to the general public, and the Chrome extensions do not do much justice to the GPT-4 plugin.

Therefore, if you do not want to pay for the premium subscription for ChatGPT, this might be one of the best alternatives.

The Bottom Line

Open Assistant is a global community effort with over 13000 volunteers from all around the world.

This new AI Assistant could very well take over all the other chat AIs.

Although the replies of the Assistant are not flawless, and you could encounter problems with spelling or bugs in your code, its features are very impressive.

If you are interested in artificial intelligence and its developments, you should check it out and help them improve.

Microsoft Edge Bar, Edge Sidebar And Edge Office Bar Explained

In this post, we will explain the difference between the Edge Bar, Edge Sidebar, and Edge Office Bar, their features, and their usage in the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 11. We will also show you how to turn them on or off.

Microsoft is constantly trying to push users to use the Edge browser. And in this regard, it’s adding a lot of features to Edge. Recently, Microsoft has added 3 different types of utility bars in Edge. While they are primarily focused on helping you to multitask, they may appear to be overwhelming or confusing if you don’t know their basic purpose or the difference between these bars. In this post, we will explain the differences between these 3 bars, known as the Edge Bar, Edge Sidebar, and Edge Office Bar.

To access these bars, make sure you have updated your Edge browser to the latest version.

What is Microsoft Edge Bar?

Microsoft Edge Bar is a standalone bar that allows you to search the web, check emails, check the weather, read news, etc., without opening the full browser window. It acts like a mini browser for you. It remains open not just when you switch between the browser tabs, but also when you switch between applications on your Windows 11/ 10 PC.

Key Features of Edge Bar

Acts as a mini browser and enables you to browse the web while you work with some other app on your PC.

Pinned Layout simulates the Snap Assist feature in Windows. When you pin the Edge bar, it takes up space on your desktop by resizing the other app that’s being opened simultaneously.

A Floating button that you may use to quickly access the Edge bar in its vertical layout when you have the other app opened.

Quickly access your Outlook or LinkedIn account.

Add more websites to the Edge bar for quick access.

What is Microsoft Edge Sidebar?

Microsoft Edge Sidebar gives you access to some of the important tools that help you multitask while you use the Edge browser. When enabled, it appears on the right side of your browser window.

For example, if you’re reading an article and you don’t know the meaning of a word, you will probably open a new tab, Google its meaning, and return to the main tab. Similarly, if you need to do some math (such as unit conversion or basic addition/ subtraction) while you’re already in the middle of something, you will have to open a new tab. So anyways, you will be switching between tabs to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Edge Sidebar removes this limitation by giving you ‘side-by-side’ access to a mini browser that lets you access some useful tools, such as the search tool, the calculator tool, the translator tool, and the unit conversion tool.

Key Features of Microsoft Edge Sidebar

Features a list of tools that help you multitask without having to leave the current browser tab.

Stays open while you switch between tabs.

Search the web using the Bing Search engine.

Discover more about the webpage you’ve opened.

Get free access to a range of casual and arcade games.

Get access to the world clock, calculator, translator, dictionary, and other useful tools.

Get access to your Microsoft Office apps (works similar to the Microsoft Office Edge Bar as explained in the next section).

Get quick access to your Outlook emails.

If you have the Enterprise edition of Windows or your computer runs under company policies, you may face an issue where the sidebar keeps reappearing while you’ve already disabled it. In that case, you may use these fixes to stop Edge Bar from opening.

Read: How to add or remove Sidebar Search Panel in Microsoft Edge.

What is Microsoft Edge Office Bar?

Microsoft Edge Office Bar is a tab-specific feature that enables you to quickly launch the Microsoft 365 apps within your Edge browser. As the name suggests, it gives you access to the web versions of the Office productivity apps, including Office Home, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, To Do, Calendar, and Skype.

Key Features of Microsoft Edge Office Bar

Gives access to many Microsoft 365 apps and services within your Edge browser.

App shortcuts appear in a ribbon that sticks on the left of the browser window.

On top of the ribbon, there’s an app launcher icon that expands the ribbon to show the names of visible apps.

At the bottom of the ribbon, there’s a menu icon that shows the option to hide the Edge Office bar.

An app shortcut launches the web version of the app in the browser tab and gives you access to your saved documents on OneDrive.

This is a tab-exclusive feature. So you may have to enable it for each new tab in your Edge browser.

Supports dark mode and adjusts with your browser theme.

What is Microsoft Edge sidebar? What is Microsoft Edge Bar? How do you get the Edge sidebar?

Read Next: How to enable or disable Visual Search in Microsoft Edge.

How To Customize The Toolbar In Microsoft Edge

The new Microsoft Edge Chromium browser is gaining popularity among internet surfers. it is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. The enhanced features, speedy performance, have made it best compatible with websites & extensions. Also, it provides build-in high security which prevents user’s data loss or data hacking. The Microsoft edge has an option of browser appearance customization which has become another reason for the user’s attraction. In this post, we will see how to customize and create our desired browser.

Microsoft Edge also allows the user to shift the title tabs to vertical locations. It has a provision to keep or remove the history and favorite button. The font size can also be adjusted as per the requirement. the smart copy option enables you to copy-paste as perfectly as you want in a quick setting.

Customize the appearance of Microsoft Edge Toolbar

This post will illustrate the different appearance options available in the new Microsoft Edge Chromium and about using it at the browser display window. There are various features that can be shown or hide from the toolbar.

Favorite Button

History Button

Web Capture Button

Collection Button

Feedback Button

Vertical Tab Button

Show Share Button

Home Button

Let’s now see how you can use the above-listed buttons.

Add or remove buttons to Edge toolbar

Launch Microsoft Edge

Open Edge Settings

Select Appearance

Under Customize toolbar section, you will see all these settings.

1] Favorite Button

Read: How to add Cast icon to Microsoft Edge Toolbar.

2] History Button

The History button in the Microsoft Edge browser keeps the records of the last surfed web pages and can be pinned to the browser window. The user can access the previous activity. It also allows the user to clear the previous browsing records. The history button can be added or removed simply by press Ctrl+H together.

3] Web Capture Button

The Web Capture Button is a professional way to taking screenshots of the computer using Microsoft Edge. This feature allows the user to crop the screenshot, now it is possible to take a shot of only the required content leaving the unnecessary part. This feature button can be added in the toolbar simply using the Ctrl+Shift+S keyboard shortcut.

4] Collection Button

Organize your ideas by using the Collection Button in Edge browser via a shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+Y. It keeps track of your activities and ideas for future reference. Like planning a trip, preparing for a competitive exam, keeping notes track of shopping records, and other important things.

5] Feedback Button

Microsoft always encourages user’s feedback to bring a new and improved version every time to the users. Hence, the Feedback Button in Edge browser gives the opportunity to put light on the views of common people using Microsoft browser.

6] Vertical Tab Button

The Vertical Tab in Edge browser is the most exciting featured incorporated by the Microsoft company. This option helps to shift the title bar from the top to the side panel. The user may or may not remove the title bar at the top. The vertical side panel is easy to use and can work along with the title bar.

7] Show Share Button

In addition to the above great options, you will get a Show Share Button in the latest version of the Edge browser. This option allows you to share a web page URL link through the Microsoft Store app. Additionally, you can copy the link to your clipboard and use it to share.

8] Home Button

The latest version of the Edge browser comes with a Home button that you can add or remove from the Microsoft toolbar. It allows you to enter the URL of a site you want to open directly using the Alt+Home shortcut keyboard.

Customize the appearance of Microsoft Edge browser

Other than shortcuts the customization can be done using Three dots available on the top right end of the browser window.

The same functions can be accessed via the Settings menu. This way provides many other personalization options like changing Font size, Theme of appearance, Share button, home tab options, etc. To use these service, follow the below suggestion:

Open the Microsoft Edge Browser first, then go to the top right corner of the screen and select the three dots.

Now head to the Settings area and then select Appearance. You will find all the options available on the Appearance page. You can simply enable the features of your choice and it’s done.

Hope this helps.

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